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    FAQ/Walkthrough by obiwankenobi246

    Version: 1.40 | Updated: 12/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    T   H   E       A   G   E       O   F       K   I   N   G   S
    ----------Nintendo DS----------
    A walkthrough/FAQ by obiwankenobi246
    |           |
    | i. INTRO. |
    |           |
    This game is very addictive, and after playing it for awhile, I got to the
    point where I was pretty good. But, I couldn’t beat Saladin Mission 5. I beat
    all the over levels, but couldn’t beat that one. I went on the internet to try
    to find a walkthrough for this game, but had a terrible time finding one.
    After about 30 minutes of searching, I found one. I owe quite a bit to the guy
    who made that one (see "special thanks" at the end of this walkthrough), and
    his walkthrough helped me beat Saladin Mission 5. I quickly breezed through
    Saladin Mission 6. After beating the game, I decided to make a walkthrough of
    my own. I hope this helps all who read it.
    This guide is for you if:
    1) you are stuck on one of the levels and can't figure out a way to beat it.
    2) you just can't seem to get that last star or those last 2 stars or get any
    stars. This walkthrough demonstrates a way to get at least 2 stars on every
    level, and 3 stars on most.
    3) you have your own way of beating the level, but want to try a different
    way. Sometimes (actually a lot) there is only one good way to beat the level.
    But other times there are many ways to beat a level. Maybe this walkthrough
    will give you a new way to beat a level (and then again, maybe not).
    |                     |
    |                     |
    Version 1.40 (12/28/09): Lots more added. Tweaked a few random things, changed
       the the title to look cooler. Walkthrough is now complete up to Richard.
       Includes my all new strategy for Reclaiming Jerusalem, and boy is it long.
    Version 1.27 (7/11/09): It's been awhile since the last update, but I got a
       lot more done. Walkthrough complete through Saladin mission 4. Messed with
       the table of contents a little more. It might be awhile until the next
       update. I plan to be done with Saladin by the next one, and mission 5 will
       take me awhile.
    Version 1.15 (7/1/09): I kinda screwed up my last update. This is what it
       should be: Walkthrough complete up to Saladin. Finally done with Genghis
       Khan!!!. Redid Joan mission 5, now shows how to get 3 stars instead of two.
       Changed the copyright info. a little bit, and the special thanks section.
       Updated the table of contents.
    Version 1.00 (6/29/08): First version!!! Includes some strategies and tips;
       walkthrough complete through Genghis Khan mission 2.
    |                   |
    |                   |
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    If it doesn't, try clicking "Next" in the "Find" window. If that fails, do it
    all over again and see if it works.
    Note: If you have an Apple keyboard, use the "Command" key instead of the
          "Control" key.
    i. INTRO.
    2. JOAN OF ARC
    2a. Mission 1: Escort to Chinon
    2b. Mission 2: Sword of the Saint
    2c. Mission 3: From Peasant to General
    2d. Mission 4: Breakthrough to Orleans
    2e. Mission 5: Lifting the Siege of Orleans
    2f. Mission 6: Crowning of King Charles
    3a. Mission 1: Battle of the River Crossings
    3b. Mission 2: Taira Conquest
    3c. Mission 3: The Battle of Ichi no Tani
    3d. Mission 4: Yashima
    3e. Mission 5: Mongol Invasion
    4a. Mission 1: The Tatars
    4b. Mission 2: Uniting the Tribes
    4c. Mission 3: Supreme Ruler
    4d. Mission 4: Empire Expansion
    4e. Mission 5: Japan Invasion
    5. SALADIN [incomplete]
    5a. Mission 1: Rising to Power, Part 1
    5b. Mission 2: Rising to Power, Part 2
    5c. Mission 3: Reynald's Raiders
    5d. Mission 4: The Horns of Hattin
    5e. Mission 5: Reclaiming Jerusalem
    5f. Mission 5: Reclaiming Jerusalem (part 2)
    5g. Mission 6: The Battle of Arsuf
    6. RICHARD THE LIONHEARTED [incomplete]
    6a. Mission 1: All in the Family, Part 1 [incomplete]
    6b. Mission 2: All in the Family, Part 2 [incomplete]
    6c. Mission 3: Cyprus [incomplete]
    6d. Mission 4: The Siege of Acre [incomplete]
    6e. Mission 5: The Battle of Arsuf [incomplete]
    6f. Mission 6: The Taking of Jerusalem [incomplete]
    7a. Special Thanks
    7b. Copyright Info.
    7c. Contact Info.
    |                        |
    |                        |
    AOE (Age of Empires) is pretty much all strategy. Some of it involves chance,
    but the foundation is strategy. Here are some strategies that I used. 
    A) Where to build TC (Town Center)
    On some levels, the TC has already been built for you when you start. But on
    others, you are given a villager, militia, and hero, and must choose where to
    build your TC. The best place to build your TC is where a newly trained
    villager can get to a place where you can build a mill or mine in 1 turn.
    This helps boost your economy.
    For example:
    *=plains(costs 2 move pts)
    M=place to build a mill
    m=place to build a mine
    r=road (costs 1 move pt)
    h=hill (costs 3 move pts)
    T=town center
    On all levels that you must build a TC on, you start on Age 2 or greater
    (except for Genghis mission 4, Joan of Arc mission 3, and Richard mission 1).
    This means that your villager has 8 move pts. Look at the map above: the T
    would be a good place to build a TC because a villager can then build either a
    mill or mine on the next turn. Always keep in mind that a place to build a
    mill is always on plains (2 move pts) and mines are always on hills or
    mountains (hills=3 move pts, mountains=4 move pts). 
    B) Take out mills and mines first 
    This is probably the most obvious of these strategies and tips but sometimes
    you get caught up in destroying the town that you can forget that taking out
    their economy can ease your task a lot.
    C) Kill the Monks
    This is just common sense but sometimes you want to take out the enemy units
    that are hurting your men. Always remember that those stupid monks are your
    real problem because they keep healing the enemy units and converting yours.
    When attacking a TC that has a church, make sure that you demolish that church
    before the enemy trains the stupid monks. The monks also have way too much
    defense which makes it that much harder to kill them.
    D) Realize the importance of archers
    Archers, though easily killed by enemy cav. units, are invaluable to your army
    when used correctly. For that matter, without archers, your army is missing a
    very valuable component, and is incapable and not able to reach its full
    potential. Protect your archers with pikemen or spearmen or some kind of
    cavalry. Remember that by putting and ranged unit on a hill or mountain, their
    range, as well as their defense increases. Oh, and WELSH BOWMEN RULE!! These
    upgrades of regular archers cost only 100 empire points. When playing as the
    Britons, the longbowmen that you can train from the castle are totally
    awesome! Research the archer upgrades, put at least 3 archers in your army,
    and victory will be yours (most of the time).
    E) Learn all the AI tricks and strategies
    By playing this game enough (which, if you're reading this, you probably do),
    you may start to recognize some of the things the AI does on a regular basis.
    One of the things that I notice about the AI is that they have an undying love
    for spearmen, pikemen, etc. They train so many pike units that you must take
    advantage of this and train lots of men-at-arms, longswordsmen, etc. They also
    build more than one barracks and market most of the time.
    F) Use the terrain and Unit Specialties to your advantage
    The most skilled AOE players have mastered that art. There are gazillions of
    examples, but I will only name a few. Probably the simplest of these would be
    the advantage of pikemen vs. cavalry. Pikemen have an anti-cav. specialty
    which gives them +83% attack and defense, not to mention "First Strike." That
    is an example of a unit specialty. An example of using terrain to your
    advantage would be putting ranged units on hills and mountains to increase
    their range and defense, as well as putting camels on desert terrain or other
    cavalry on plains. On page 18 of the instruction booklet there's a list of all
    the special abilities, and what they do for you. Use these to your advantage,
    as this will greatly improve your chances of winning.
    |                |
    | 2. JOAN OF ARC |
    |                |
    2a. Mission 1: Escort to Chinon
    If you can't get three stars, or much less pass this level, you should not be
    playing this game.
    2b. Mission 2: Sword of the Saint
    This is the level that Joan's sidekick whats-his-face instructs you in combat.
    Again, getting three stars is a cinch. I don't have any advice on this one; I
    think (and hope) you can figure it out on your own.
    2c. Mission 3: From Peasant to General
    If you have trouble on this level, it will probably be not having enough gold.
    Make sure to get a market so that you can trade all that extra food for gold
    at a discount price. Once you advance to Age 2, keep the English town under
    siege; you can rout Earl Talbot with Joan and some welsh bowmen pretty easily.
    You can destroy the town, too, but make sure that you don't capture it until
    you have claimed all the resources on the map. You should always have at least
    3 villagers on hand all the time. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to
    build farms around the mills to claim all the resources. Once you have gotten
    all the resources, send a villager quickly to the English place and capture
    it. Do all this and do it quickly, and you have 3 stars.
    2d. Mission 4: Breakthrough to Orleans
    Really easy to beat, but maybe a little difficult to get 3 stars on. The Lost
    Relic and destroying the battering rams were the bonus goals that I had
    trouble with.
    Since there is no bonus goal that says "finish by the end of day 10" or
    something, you can take as long as you want to heal when you reach Blois (the
    town that you get the trade cart from). You'll meet some enemy troops on your
    way, but you should be able to annihilate them without much trouble. Heal all
    of you troops at Blois, get the trade cart, and continue down the road leading
    north to Orleans.
    Just over the bridge that is a few squares away from Blois, there are two
    monks that are both at 50 health. Joan's advisor will try to convince you into
    merging them into one unit. Don't do this. Bring both of the monks back to
    Blois, get them back to 100 health, then continue your journey.
    Meanwhile, run the rest of you troops on down the road until the
    road splits. Take the route that keeps going east. A few squares later, you
    will run into the lost hunting party and some fairly strong resistance: two
    well-placed archers, a men-at-arms, and some light cav. units. Mop up these
    guys and return your army to where the road splits.
    Next, the relic is in the middle of some swamps in the NW corner of the map.
    Take your monk and a longswordsman or pike and go get it. There might be an
    English monk already there; just kill him.
    Anyway, after you get all your troops together at the crossroads, use Joan's
    Inspiration power and your monks' healing power to get all of your units back
    to full health. Once your units are all in a mob and all are at full health,
    take some ranged units to the edge of the river that is southeast of Orléans
    and pick off any enemy units that they have near that river. They will never
    go across the ford that is even further southeast so you're safe to zap those
    units while they helplessly run away (sometimes they are stupid enough to just
    linger and be killed).
    Take the rest of your force cautiously across the actual bridge that is west
    of the town. Be ready to encounter quite a few enemy units, but luckily they
    don't fight much; they just run and try to protect their battering rams. Once
    you have cleared a path for the trade cart to enter Orléans, take it right in.
    Do not bring Joan in because this will end the mission and then you can't get
    all three stars. The English will have somewhere around eight troops that can
    attack you. Remember that this isn't counting the battering rams. You will
    have about ten to twelve troops if you played this right up to here. Use your
    troops wisely and you will have everyone killed soon. My advice is to kill all
    of the units that can hurt you first. Don't concentrate on the battering rams
    until all the other English troops are dead. Since the battering rams can't
    hurt you, it's a cinch from here to finish and get all three stars.
    2e. Mission 5: Lifting the Siege of Orleans
    This one is tricky for a tutorial. I now know how to get three stars, thanks
    to an informative e-mail (special thanks section).
    The beginning is the hardest part, as the English suddenly decide to throw
    half of their entire army at you. Lots of knights will help here, along with
    typical welsh bowmen. Make sure to train at least one villager, but no more
    than two. Onagers can help, too, and they are very useful later on in the
    Ignore Joan's advisor when he tells you to take out Bastille St Loup. Instead,
    go west and capture the farms. Head south over the bridge leading to Olivet
    Castle. Take out the gaurds, then rout Talbot. Start burning Olivet Castle,
    but don't completely destroy it. Get it so that you can destroy it in one
    turn. Also, take an archer to go shoot at the English in the island castle,
    Bastille des Tourelles.
    Meanwhile, take a few units to go destroy the remaining enemy mills. Take the
    rest to go fight Bastille des Tourelles. This could involve the sacrifice of
    2 or 3 units, as the longbowmen are the deadliest archer unit in the game.
    Again, take down the castle health to where it can be destroyed in one turn.
    Do the same with Bastille St Loup. Wait until you have claimed all the
    resources on the map, then burn all the castles in one day. Don't worry about
    killing the units that will come when you destroy the castles. When they have
    all been burned, you will be done. If you did this right, you should have
    3 stars.
    2f. Mission 6: Crowning of King Charles
    It looks kinda easy and you're excited to almost be done with Joan, but they
    have to throw one more tutorial that's maybe a little easier than the last one
    but can still be difficult at you. Getting three stars is definitely possible,
    but for some reason I still haven't done it. I'm probably making it harder
    than it really is but who knows. Anyway, back to the guide.
    You need to know where the relic is to get all three stars, or at least one or
    two. The relic is in a swamp in the SE corner of the map. Make sure to take a
    sword guy or something to take care of the archer that will harass your monk.
    Meanwhile train 2 more villagers and build mills, mines, and farms like
    there's no tomorrow. This is kind of like the last mission in the sense that
    you always have to be on guard for random archers, knights, and who knows what
    else. They will pop out of nowhere and kill your villagers, which is really
    annoying. Your economy is a key factor again in this level. Build it up as
    quickly as you can so that you can build the wonder by the end of day 12.
    Build a market or stable (I prefer market) when you have some spare cash, but
    don't train anything from it. If you do you will not have enough cash to build
    the wonder once you age up. DO NOT BUILD A BLACKSMITH!!! You don't need one to
    age up, and you NEED the units that you can get out of a market/stable more
    than you need a blacksmith.
    Once you get the relic returned and you have enough resources to build the
    wonder, build it close to the bridge that is south and a little west of your
    town. Once you have done that, train units like mad, especially cav and archer
    units whenever you can. Leave the Dauphin alone in the corner for a little
    while until you have a good sized force ready to go out and escort him. When
    you have enough, escort him over the bridge where it is safe but not into the
    wonder yet. Be careful along the way as lots of English troops suddenly decide
    that it's time to attack and they come out of nowhere and start attacking your
    town and maybe burning your fields. Don't worry though, because they only
    attack with about three or four men each time. Earl Talbot should be over that
    bridge that I talked about earlier near the mountains a little further south
    of the bridge. With Joan and lots of cav and archers, you should take care of
    him without much trouble. Take the Dauphin the rest of the way to the wonder
    and you're finished with Joan. Hallelujah.
    |                       |
    |                       |
    3a. Mission 1: Battle of the River Crossings
    Now we get to tackle a historic hero's story that...uh...none of you have
    probably ever heard about. Oh, well. Now you get some (gasp) education. Wow.
    Never though video games were educational, did you? Well, this one kinda sorta
    is. OK, back to the walkthrough.
    This mission isn't too bad if you do it correctly. For some reason, I can't
    seem to get 3 stars on this one. It shouldn't really be that hard, but I guess
    I'm too lazy to do it. Don't be lazy like me. Wow I can't seem to stay on
    topic here.
    Take all your forces to the bridge on the right. Yoshikana will still take his
    units from the left bridge and attack you, though. Get your archer units on
    the mountains, and use Minamoto, a cav, and a samurai or two along with those
    archers and hold that force off. Meanwhile, use the rest of your units to try
    and destroy the force on the right bridge. If you are getting killed from the
    left bridge force, postpone the right bridge attack and kill the rest of the
    left bridge units. Does your head hurt yet? Bear with me. Once the left bridge
    force is gone, you shouldn't have any trouble with the right bridge force. I
    don't think your scouts are much use to you in this level. If they haven't
    been destroyed, put one on each of the first two bridges. If you beat the
    level, you will get a star for doing this.
    Afterword, take all your units over the right bridge, but not over the next
    one. Heal them with Minamoto's Inspiring General power. After all your units
    are at full health, get an archer on the mountains, and run toward their
    archer. Once you kill him, Yoshikana will gather the rest of his units and
    fight till the bitter end...well, bitter end for him. You might have some
    difficulty with him, because he is a Minamoto-like unit with 4 samurai on his
    side. My strategy for him is to get all archers in range, and let your hearty
    samurai, cavs, or pikemen take the brunt of his attack, while sniping them to
    death with your deadly archers (and yes, I am obsessed with them). Kill all
    the samurai and the lone archer first. Then get one unit on every bridge.
    After all this, you can kill Yoshikana. By the way, if you want to try for 3
    stars, totally disregard this last paragraph and run pell-mell into the rest
    of his army without healing your almost-dead units. I advise against this,
    though, because I suspect that it is very hard to win this way. If you do
    succeed though, (that last star that I can't get is winning by the end of day
    12) don't forget to do put a unit on every bridge before you kill Yoshikana.
    Bingo, your first Minamoto mission is complete.
    3b. Mission 2: Taira Conquest
    Time to launch the conquest of the Taira. This level is kind of like an empire
    map level. You build up units and you conquer. Not that hard. Seriously,
    though, this shouldn't even be all that hard to get three stars on. They're a
    little bit challenging but if you're very experienced (and if you read my
    strategies and tips) you're probably not reading this part. Oh well, I have to
    do it so I might as well get on with it.
    As always, you want to start building your economy as fast as possible. The
    food part isn't hard but you have to search a little to find some safe gold.
    It's smart to research the gold-increasing technologies on this level. Well,
    that’s actually smart on any level. Anyways, get that economy going quickly.
    Use your scout to search out relics. As usual, the relics are around the
    corners, sides, and mountains on the map.
    As for attacking, you might want to skirmish a little with the Taira beyond
    the mountains in the middle of the map a little, but don’t get in over your
    head because they will get ticked off after a while and start sending in lots
    of units to get you out of the mountains. There is some gold there, but don't
    push too hard to get it. If you're not big on ticking off the Taira, don't
    attack at all. When you have built up a good sized army (with lots of Welsh
    bowmen), follow the road up North and to the West to find the first Taira TC.
    Build a TC of your own there to reinforce your troops. If you're at the Castle
    age with enough food and gold, build a castle a few spaces away from your new
    TC to protect it.
    By now, you should have a pretty big army. It's not too much trouble from here
    to finish the level. You might encounter some problems with the Taira being at
    the Imperial age and you only at the Castle age. Don't age up, no matter how
    much you want to. With a big enough army, it won't matter what age you're on.
    You might also find trouble at the island castle. It will probably get bloody
    here. My advice is to take a samurai and back him up with Welsh bowmen. You
    might go through 2 or 3 samurai and quite a few bowmen by the time it's over.
    Like I said, it will get bloody but keep pushing on and the castle will fall.
    When you get to the final stages, don't kill off the Taira yet. Make sure you
    have all the relics in either a monk's hands or in a church. Then annihilate
    3c. Mission 3: The Battle of Ichi no Tani
    You have to destroy the Castle north of you. I actually didn't beat this level
    on my first try, but now I think it's kinda easy. Keeping all your siege units
    intact is a little difficult, as is killing all the Taira. The good thing
    about the level is that there is not a turn limit goal. Makes it a lot easier
    to get 3 stars.
    The hermit monk is in the northeast corner of the map. Go right from the
    beginning until you find the path. The advisor guy will say something.
    Follow that path but beware of random Taira units along the way. Keep Minamoto
    at the middle/back of your formation. When your units get too close to death,
    bring them back so that he can heal them. About midway through your journey,
    you will run into a swamp with some Taira guarding the way. Take some samurai
    and your pike or skirmisher, whichever you prefer (or whichever is left) and
    kill these dudes. Keep to the far right side of the map and follow until you
    find the monk. Bring him back to start healing your units.
    While this is happening, it is very possible that you're fighting a horde of
    Taira that see you and get ticked off. Hold them off with good strategy until
    your newly-found monk arrives and starts healing your guys. Along with
    Minamoto, he should revive your army quickly. After killing the Taira horde
    that was harassing you, get back on the main path. In the thick of the
    mountains, more Taira will begin attacking from the west. These can be hard to
    destroy, because you probably lost some units in the other onslaught. My
    advice is to take one unit that you don't think is very useful and run him
    pell-mell into the Taira. They will concentrate on him while you take out the
    others. Also, get whatever ranged units you have left and put them on
    mountains/hills to pick away at all those samurais' health. This will greatly
    decrease the number of casualties/injuries to your army.
    Get a scout and a few other random units of your choice and head towards the
    western path on the left side of the map. Be ready for more random Taira units
    to pop up and kill you, so get your scout on a mountain where he can see
    forever and spot those Taira before you unexpectedly get your mini-army ripped
    to shreds.
    After those 2 main onslaughts, the going is easy if you have enough troops. Hunt
    down the rest of the Taira, then burn the castle. Bottom line for this
    mission, like Minamoto mission 1, is to keep your archers alive. Without them,
    you will take a lot more deadly hits since you don't have anyone to pick apart
    their army with. All in all, this mission should not cause you trouble. Good
    thing, too, because the next one is a beast. Ugh.
    3d. Mission 4: Yashima
    I'm at a loss for words. There isn't a nice word to describe this one. It's
    WAY to difficult for an "easy" campaign. The way that I do it probably isn't
    the *easiest* way to do it, but I make it work. This way involves MASSIVE
    slaughter, as I usually just try to bludgeon my way through that first
    bridge. I've heard of a way that involves building another TC on the south
    side of the map, and that's probably easier, but we are gonna do it my way.
    As in every massive conquest-type map, economy is your number one focus at the
    beginning. Leave one of the two villagers you have to keep building farms by
    those two mills you start out with. Send the other to build a mine on the gold
    place in the mountains just west of your TC. On the way, have him make a
    blacksmith for your TC. After he is finished with this, send him out to the
    islands north of those mountains and have him build the mine and the mill and
    farms there. Once your other villager is finished building farms on those
    mills, send him off to the west end of the map and get him to build mills,
    mines, and farms down there. Don't go very far east, though, because the Taira
    will get mad and kill him, or they might have already built stuff there.
    Now for the tough part: defending your TC from the crazed Taira. These guys
    seem to have unlimited resources, and they don't quit. First, get Minamoto on
    the bridge to hold off the Taira charge. His defense is about 590 on a bridge
    without any research or experience to begin with, which is insane. His healing
    power will keep him on there for a while without taking much damage. Get your
    lone archer on that hill and start sniping. When Minamoto finally gets low on
    HP, take him to a farm to heal and put your light cav or men-at-arms or a pike
    on the bridge for a little while until Minamoto is ready to fight again. I
    guess the main idea here is to hold the bridge and try to stay as healthy as
    possible. Keep doing this until you have a high, constant resource income.
    Then comes the hard part (as if this wasn't hard enough).
    Here is where I differ in how I do this mission compared to some others. Once
    you have achieved that "high, constant resource income" that I talked about
    earlier, we get to enter the stage of MASSIVE slaughter. First, have some
    archers clear out a path in front of you one or two spaces from the bridge.
    Take any random unit (except Minamoto or an archer) and charge him into the
    fray. This may take a while and will involve more than one sacrifice, but your
    objective here is to clear a path for some swords/pikes to start nibbling away
    at the Taira town. Give yourself some breathing room and try to push the Taira
    back to the mountain pass. This will also take some good strategy. Another
    good idea is to give a villager some room to build a castle just east of the
    bridge. This will give you access to the greatest sword unit in the game:
    samurai. Build the castle soon enough, and the samurai will give you a huge
    boost in burning the town. One other thing: DO NOT ADVANCE TO THE FOURTH AGE!!
    When you do advance, the emperor's army will begin annihilating you. Don't
    provoke them into fighting, either, by attacking one of his units. I'm pretty
    sure that they will attack you anyway once you're getting close to destroying
    the Taira, but I haven't confirmed this yet.
    Anyways, once the Taira TC is gone, capture it and remake the buildings. It is
    a good idea to have a market here, as some of the units they produce will be
    priceless to you later. The rest of the buildings are up to you. Burn and
    capture the mills, mines, and farms north of your new town. I think you should
    be about ready to age up now, as you have two TC's and a castle. The hardest
    part of this is the first part. The turn after you have aged up, the four
    elite samurai that the emperor has will come in and wreak havoc on your army.
    (it's even worse if they do it randomly, as you have no idea what is going on)
    When they are finally dead, it gets much easier. Keep some ground units and at
    least one archer there to hold back the rest of their meager attack. They also
    start to go monk-crazy near the end, which is super-annoying. Do whatever you
    want to counter this. I never was a big fan of monks; they are too
    unpredictable with their "convert" powers.
    With the Taira, keep slowly pushing them back toward their final TC. They will
    probably have built random castles in the mountains, and this makes them
    excessively strong. They still seem to have unlimited resources, with which
    they completely plug up the mountain pass. This part will probably involve
    more sacrifice, but you should have enough resources to survive. After they
    are out of the mountains, things should get a ton easier. Burn whatever
    buildings they have west of their final TC. That TC should fall fairly easily.
    Here is where you want to have a market. The emperor is more monk-crazed than
    ever, and a good way to counter this is with Templars. Their zeal ability
    allows them to stay healthy for a while, which is very useful when fighting
    monks that have really high defense. Take them over to where the last Taira TC
    used to be and gradually work your way toward the Emperor's town.
    I think you should be able to take it from here. The rest is just about
    mopping up the rest of the emperor's army. Here's some things to remember at
    the end:
    1) Don't forget to build any mines that you can. There is a mine
    right by the enemy town. Just plow through those buildings (without destroying
    the TC) and take it out, then build your own mine. If you had built every
    other mine, you should have already gotten the "build 8 mines" bonus goal, but
    you still need to destroy it to get the "destroy all enemy mills, mines, and
    farms" goal.
    2) For the "Dispose emperor what's-his-face" goal, burn 2 or 3
    of the emperor's TC buildings so that you can get to the path where a ship
    will pick him up in the northeast corner of the map. Put a samurai or cav unit
    at the end of the path to trap him, and then kill him with your other units.
    He should start running when his "palace" is under 50 health.
    Wow that was a tough mission. Congratulate yourself for completing it, then
    it is time to move on and forget about this one.
    3e. Mission 5: Mongol Invasion
    Not too bad, but will probably give you trouble somewhere along the way. I
    don't have much advice on this one because the mongol invasion path differs
    ever time you play it. Here's a few things that will help though.
    TRAIN SAMURAI LIKE MAD!!! If you don't have samurai, you don't have victory.
    It's that simple. Also, make sure you have about 4 villagers at all times.
    The mongols are smart and will focus on hurting your economy. If you don't
    know what to expect, they will do this and you won't have a chance because you
    won't have any resources.
    Bonus goal advice: For the "defeat Khan" goal, surround Khan with some samurai
    or whatever, then snipe at him a little. You should be able to take him out
    once his health is too low to do any damage with his "First strike" ability.
    For the other 2 goals, go ahead and start fortifying and building farms, but
    you might not get far. Once victory is near, finish up those goals before
    completely destroying the mongols.
    Other than that, have fun and be glad that Minamoto is something you don't
    have to think about ever again. Unless I update this and put more info into
    these missions, you are done with Minamoto.
    |                 |
    | 4. GENGHIS KHAN |
    |                 |
    4a. Mission 1: The Tatars
    Now it's time to start the campaign of the man with the largest empire ever:
    Genghis Khan. This first mission allies you with the Kerait Tribe, which
    stinks. These guys are wimps who care more about personal progress than
    defeating the enemy. They do distract the Tatars, though, and they can sort of
    take care of themselves.
    It can be easy to screw up this mission and only get two stars. The Northern
    Tatars will attack you immediately. It is easy to get annoyed and go destroy
    them. Don't do this; deal with the minor attack and then focus your units
    elsewhere: on the Southern Tatars.
    Make sure to get all the resources in your section of the map, then start
    building town buildings. Get an army and go take out the Southern Tatars.
    Then hurry over to the Northern Tatars and take them out. This is an easy
    mission to win.
    Some advice on the bonus goals. Three TC's is easy; just build one on the
    captured Southern Tatar town, and then one in some other random place. Same
    with the castle. Build it where you need it. Probably the two easiest stars
    in this game. Winning by the end of day 30 is harder. Do everything as fast
    as possible. Also, I was playing through once and I had a TC and one villager
    left to destroy. It was day 30, so it was my last turn. I discovered that I 
    wouldn't be able to get to the villager, and I thought I wouldn't be able to
    win by that day. I went ahead and destroyed the TC, and it said I had won.
    I looked at the goals more closely and saw that it said to destroy all enemy
    TC's to win. Remember that and it might help you with that goal.
    4b. Mission 2: Uniting the Tribes
    You can consider this mission very annoying, but in truth it is one of the
    better missions in the game. For me, "skirmish" missions where you have no TC
    are the hardest. These missions teach you a lot about how to defeat your enemy
    using good tactics rather than brute force. This mission also encourages you
    to win as efficiently as possible, as one of the bonus goals is to win with
    greater than 9 units.
    Go for the tribe in the SW area of the map first. Every time I do this level,
    these guys are converted to your side easily. As your first move, use Khan's
    power "Nomadic Travel" right where he is to begin with. Then move a unit of
    your choice (with the exception of a monk) on to one of the mountains by the
    SW tribe so that you know where their units are. Next, go try to convert the
    chieftain with a monk. If it doesn't work the first time, try, try again. He
    should surrender by the second attempt. Use your third monk to try to convert
    some other random unit.
    Next, bring in your military guys and surround your monks, or protect them in
    some way. You can even inflict some damage if you want, but don't kill anyone.
    By the next day your army will have 4 or 5 new units in it, plus an onager.
    Now it gets tricky. We are gonna go for the NW tribe. This tribe obviously
    hates you with every fiber of being within them. It is time to put your
    skirmishing skills into action. You can try to run your monks up there to try
    for a conversion, but it probably won't work even on the third try. I think
    you should just keep your monks back and take advantage of their healing
    powers so you don't lose as many guys.
    The objective here is to kill or nearly kill pretty much every unit they have.
    An idea here is to try to get your onager into the middle of the fray and
    protect him with some pikes while the onager destroys enemy cavalry. This has
    quite a few drawbacks, though. The stupid manguadai will hurt him badly, and
    their "first strike" capabilities are very painful when you try to attack
    them. Also, you will need your pikes to kill all those camels they have.
    Good luck on that part. When you think it is safe, run your three monks over
    to the chieftain and try to convert him. This usually takes two turns. Like I
    mentioned earlier, don't completely kill all their units. Once the chieftain
    is converted, spend as many turns as you like healing your army up.
    Go for the NE guys next. They have about 4 units guarding the ford, so take
    the bridge. There is only one or two other units other than those guarding the
    ford. Kill the other guys.
    A good strategy here is to kill the units not by the ford, then run your monks
    over to the chieftain. He may take two turns to convert, but you will live.
    Keep the ford units occupied, but try not to kill. Once the chieftain is
    converted, your army should have 3 or 4 more units.
    The last part might get bloody, too. They hold the ford leading to their area
    viciously. I think the best option is again to take the bridge. If you have
    13+ units left, you could just kill all their guys except for the chieftain.
    I don't know how hard it is to convert this chieftain. If you have made it
    this far without losing any monks, though, you will make it through the last
    part and win with 3 stars.
    4c. Mission 3: Supreme Ruler
    I have no idea how I got three stars on this one. Sure, building the wonder is
    easy, but how I managed to explore the enemy territory, build 4 mines, and
    hold off the horde that massacres you at the end is a mystery. I'll walk you
    through this as well as i can...
    Without the massive bonus in research that you start out with, this mission
    might very well be impossible. But if you made it through all the levels up to
    this one, you know that it is possible. Anyway, build your TC about 2 squares
    south of the road that leads north. Let Khan and your junky militia hold off
    any zealous invaders that enter your territory. Build mines as soon as
    possible, because you will probably be low on gold throughout the game.
    Here's a few things that will help you along the way: Don't get sidetracked
    with trying to kill the Uighurs (orange). This is more harmful than helpful,
    as it soaks up resources that you need for holding off random assaults. At the
    end, make sure you have an army ready to hold off a horde before you build
    your wonder. Also, try to put it between a town and a castle or something.
    This is all just common sense, though.
    For the 4 mines goal, I guess you could put together a task force to attack
    the two mines not in your area. The Uighurs will hopefully be too distracted
    with trying to save their city to bother you much. The Merkits (blue) will
    probably put up more resistance. Get a good ranged unit and some random units
    of your choice to hold them off. Don't bring your whole army, though.
    With the exploring enemy territory goal, get a scout cav. or two to run around
    the edges of the map. You might go through one or two before it says you have
    completed the task. Again, the Uighurs might be distracted, but be careful
    with the Merkits. Good luck!!!
    4d. Mission 4: Empire Expansion
    This one can be kinda fun. I think it's really easy for a medium campaign, but
    "conquest" style missions like this are my favorite. Getting three stars on
    this is easy, too.
    At the beginning just run around exploring, build up your economy, and
    research. About the time you reach the Castle Age, build another town by the
    bridge over the river in the middle of the map. This part could get tricky,
    but if you have a high income rate, which you should, you will be able to pull
    through. Pour troops through the bridge into no-man's-land west of the bridge.
    Khwarazm Shah (purple) and Prince of Kiev (blue) will be waging a major battle
    here. Slowly push the Shah back to their town, while keeping the Kiev at
    bay. A castle smack dab in the middle would do you good here, too. When the
    Shah are gone, the battle becomes much easier. Any good general knows that
    fighting a two-front war can be devastating. Take the Axis powers in WWII for
    example. Sorry about the history lesson.
    All along the way you should have been researching, looking for ruins, and
    looking for relics. If you didn't do the last two, you can still get three
    stars. Reaching the Imperial Age first is something you should do in all maps;
    do it today!!! Anyway, bottle up the Kiev, but don't kill them. Wait until
    all the ruins have been explored and all the relics captured. Keep in mind
    that you don't need to bring the relics to a church, just get them in the
    hands of a monk.
    When this is done, kill the Kiev, and we finally get to fight the Japanese!!!
    4e. Mission 5: Japan Invasion
    Another fun one. This is almost the exact same thing as the last Minamoto
    mission, except you are the mongols this time. I think it's easier being
    the Mongols than being the Japanese on this one.
    No matter where your first boat puts you, head west. This end is much easier
    to clean out. Destroy all the resources west of you, then advance on Dazaifu
    (great name!!!) with everything you have. This should not be too hard to burn.
    Spend some time healing troops with your monks, then push east. All along the
    way you will keep getting (literally) boatloads of troops. Always join them
    with your other massive mob of troops until you have a horde of at least 30
    units. This will make you next to completely unstoppable.
    Anyway continue going east while burning mills, mines, and farms along the
    way. The Japanese won't like this, so they send in Samurai to slice you to 
    pieces. Kill them. Once you get to the wonder, take out all enemy troops in
    and around it. Then take a break and heal up again.
    Your monks should not be trying to convert at all. Just let them heal. Samurai
    can't be converted anyway. Try to keep your champions and heavy camels as
    healthy as possible, as they are the best for zapping samurai and crossbowmen.
    Finally, begin your advance on Hakata and Fukuoka Castle. No doubt there will
    be heavy losses, but monks and more boatloads of reinforcements will save the
    day. Destroy all traces of the Japanese. When Hakata and Fukuoka Castle are
    ashes blowing in the wind, go destroy the temple. You should now have 3 stars
    on all the Genghis Khan missions.
    |            |
    | 5. SALADIN |
    |            |
    5a. Mission 1: Rising to Power, Part 1
    Saladin could be my favorite hero of them all. I'm not sure why, I just like
    him. His powers are not bad, but the one thing I don't like about him is that
    he doesn't have a power that hurts an enemy unit in any way. This can get him
    into some tight situations, such as facing a ton of pikes. His benefactor
    power is one of my favorites, though.
    I had trouble with this one my first time through. I'm not sure why, because
    once you find the right way to do it, this is not a hard mission. Getting
    three stars isn't really that hard, either.
    Probably the most important thing to know on this mission is where the relics
    are. You can see two at the beginning, but this is very deceptive. The relic
    in the swamp is NOT a relic you want to go for. Get the relic on the hill that
    you can see. Also, there is a relic in the unoccupied southwest corner of the
    map. This area is also home to lots of gold!!! You will need this very much.
    The other two relics that you want to chase after are in corners of the map.
    There is one in the northeast corner, just east of the town of Damietta. The
    other one is in the northwest corner, just north of the town of Alexandria.
    Whether or not you get three stars is determined in the first 10 or so turns
    of the game. On your first turn, you want to move your army out to protect
    your mine and your northern mill. Have your villager go build more farms on
    your southern mill. Train a monk.
    An army from Bilbeis will charge you early. You know what to do. After this,
    move Saladin back to your TC and have him use Benefactor until you have enough
    mines to produce enough gold for daily use. He will probably be at your TC for
    a while. As soon as your unit cap goes up, train another villager. Your monk
    that you trained earlier should have gotten the relic in the southwest corner.
    You can also have him explore the landscape in that area, because no one will
    attack unless you enter their territory.
    You need to be researching every turn you can so that you can age up before
    day 18 and get the bonus goal. You should research every turn you can in any
    other map for that matter. Anyway, after you have your second villager, you
    can start crankin' out units to battle Bilbeis. When you have enough troops,
    go burn the city. Bilbeis usually exhausts all their troops in mad dashes
    toward you. If you counterattack them right after one of their mad dashes,
    your job might be easier.
    Take a scout and a monk to the northeast corner of the map. The Damietta
    people shouldn't attack you, as long as you don't attack them. Get the
    relic there, and you should have three now.
    You should have trained 2 monks. I should have mentioned that earlier. We all
    make mistakes. Anyway take a villager, the second monk that you should have
    trained, Saladin, and whatever military units you can spare to the southern
    edge of Alexandria territory. Build a castle and destroy the town. Get the
    relic behind the town, and run it back to a mosque as fast as possible. If you
    are running really short on time, use Saladin's hit-n-run power to give your
    monk some extra speed. You should be able to use it on the monk every turn,
    and he should be able to get it back to the mosque in 3 turns. Good luck.
    5b. Mission 2: Rising to Power, Part 2
    This mission can be harder than it first appears to be. But again, if you do it
    right, three stars isn't that hard.
    You shouldn't have much trouble at all with resources. There is lots of food
    and gold near you, enough to supply you with a force big enough to destroy
    Nur ad-Din's castle. You might go through some fierce resistance when trying
    to destroy it. Once you do destroy it, build a castle of your own in its place
    when you are at the castle age.
    The part after this can be a little difficult. Get a force to follow the
    southernmost path to the town of Bastra. Destroy all in your path. When this
    is done, build a TC a few spaces north of your castle, just over the bridge.
    Make sure you put a church there. Get about 3 monks to go retrieve relics.
    Begin to push Nur ad-Din's army out of the area and back to Damascus. This
    might also be a little difficult, but Mameluke hordes should do the trick. You
    will also want some swords and archers, too, to fight the pikes they send at
    you. Overall, you shouldn't have much trouble after Bastra is down.
    Remember that to complete the relics bonus goal, you do not need to bring the
    relics to a church. You just need to have them in the hands of a monk. Then go
    burn Damascus.
    5c. Mission 3: Reynald's Raiders
    This is a fun mission. I played it quite a bit when I was stuck on Saladin
    mission 5. The goals are kind of dumb on this one. There are only 4 overall,
    and by keeping all your caravans safe, you finish the mission and get 2 stars.
    Destroying the castle is easy, too.
    The first couple of turns will determine how easy this mission will be for you.
    If you efficiently kill all of Reynald's first forces quickly, this will be
    really easy. If you take too long to kill them all and you take heavy losses,
    you might have a little more trouble here.
    It's kinda hard to do a walkthrough on this mission. I do have a tad bit of
    advice, though. First of all, take out the templars first. They are the most
    annoying thing in this mission. That is all just common sense, though. Some
    advice for killing templars: do NOT use horse archers. They do practically
    nothing against them. Have your horse archers either die or annoy other units.
    That's about it for this one. Have fun and don't let the raiders bite!!!
    5d. Mission 4: The Horns of Hattin
    Oh, yay, we get to fight a historical battle against a "weak" crusader army.
    Blarg. This is one mission where if you lose your camels and Mamelukes*, you
    might as well call it a day and start over. But I shouldn't be complaining
    because the next one...well...yeah... 
    You should start out by running a camel/Mameluke to each side of the map, with
    a light cav there to help out. If that doesn't work for you, try 2 camel/
    Mamelukes to each side, then try to wait out the next part. These troops
    will run down the templars, Reynald, and all the bonus goals that try to sneak
    You will have trouble with this next part, especially if you used all your
    camels and Mamelukes to chase down the crusader deserters. Try to hold out
    until your camels and Mamelukes have returned. Then move in and crush the
    Crusaders. That's it to this one.
    *I have had a weird glitch or something happen to me. At the beginning of the
    mission, it will bring up the "goals" page and check off the Mamelukes goal.
    I think I even lost a Mameluke once and I still got credit for completeing
    that goal. If something like this has happened or still happens to you,
    contact me...
    5e. Mission 5: Reclaiming Jerusalem
    Hehe, yeah. Wow. I think every person who has ever tried this mission knows
    that it is the hardest mission in the game. By about four billion miles. It
    took me sooooooooo long to find a way to consistently beat this mission. I
    will say that the first time I beat this one was by using wolfman's method.
    But, in my opinion, that method is not bug-free. I found that the AI does not
    do the same thing every time you play this mission. Sometimes they are more
    passive, and they don't train many units at first. Other times they will train
    units ASAP. This is the killer. Wolfman's method worked for me when I drew a
    passive AI, but I got destroyed when I drew an agressive AI. So here is a
    method that, while causing insane amounts of frustration at times, should do
    the trick every time when played correctly.
    Just so no one tries to sue me, I will say that while this method does get the
    job done, it is not guaranteed to get you three stars. If you are good at this
    game, you will probably get three stars, two at least. If you are just average
    at this game, you might get only one star. I had to put that in because I said
    at the beginning that this walkthrough provides a way to get at least two
    stars on each level.
    This is very complex, so I will go turn-by-turn for a while. Sometimes it will
    get a tad bit general, though, so you will need to rely on your own skill to
    get past a few parts. Here goes...
    Ascalon - Use Saladin's Hit and Run power on your two villagers. Use one to
    build a mill just north of the town, and use the other to build a mine to the
    east of the town. Move your men-at-arms guy to one of the road spaces right by
    the pile of bones, which is by mine you just built. This will be where you
    move all of the units you train at Ascalon until AI forces attack.
    Jaffa - Build an archery range with one villager. Build a mill to the south of
    the town with the other. Welsh Bowmen will counter all the throwing axemen the
    AI will hurl at you (pun optional). You can choose to either harass the enemy
    town with your men-at-arms (highly recommended), or use him to scout a little.
    If you harass the town, go for the mine just north of the town. Just like
    wolfman said, economical damage is key. 
    Ascalon - Build either a market or an archery range at your town with the
    villager that just built the mine (BIG TIP!!!!: if you can't find the
    unit you want at your market, save the game, quit, and reload it. You will
    find a different selection of units at your market. Do this as many times as
    you want to get the unit you desire...). Start building farms with the other.
    Either use Saladin's Benefactor power or run him up with the men-at-arms. I
    suggest using the power for one turn; this will give you an extra economical
    boost. Don't really move your men-at-arms much.
    Jaffa - Build two farms with your villagers. Make sure that you build on the
    farm space that is east of the mill. This ensures that you can build a mine
    next turn. Continue to either hike toward the enemy mine, or randomly run
    around with your men-at-arms. 
    Ascalon - Build farms with your two villagers. Again, either bring Saladin up
    to the intersection with your men-at-arms, or do another Benefactor. This
    should probably be his last benefactor, if you haven't moved him up already.
    Like before, don't move the men-at-arms much.
    Jaffa - Go build a mine on the gold with that one villager, and build on the
    last farm space with the other. If possible, get a Welshy (unit cap might
    prevent you from doing this). Start hackin' away at the mine with the
    men-at-arms if you chose this.
    Ascalon - Your unit cap should finally be up now, so train something from your
    archery range/market. Remember to use the "BIG TIP!!!!" if you have a market.
    Move Saladin if you haven't already. Finish up the farms on the north mill
    with one villager, and build a mine on the gold to the north with the other.
    Jaffa - Get a Welshy if possible. Continue with whatever you chose to do with
    your men-at-arms. Move your villager (the one that just built the mine) south
    across the river toward the food place. Don't do much with the other.
    Ascalon - Jerusalem will attack any turn now, so now is the time to really
    buff up your army. Train something from your archery range/market. Move the
    villager that just finished up building farms around the mill back to Ascalon
    and build either an archery range or a market, whichever you don't already
    have. They might have just attacked you, so do whatever you can to hold them
    off for a while. Also, take the other villager to the food place that the
    villager from Jaffa is heading to. If he can get there, build a mill on it.
    Jaffa - If your men-at-arms is still alive, keep doing whatever with him. Grab
    another Welshy. There's not much you can do with your villagers, so don't move
    them. That's about it. Oh, and good luck if you are already getting attacked
    by people from Jerusalem. They might be massacreing (did I spell that right?)
    you now, but not for too much longer.
    Ascalon - Move the villager that just built the town building toward the wheat
    in the corner of the map. Build a farm with the villager by the river. Kill
    units if they are attacking you. Train something.
    Jaffa - Get another Welshy if possible. Battle at the town. If your
    men-at-arms is still alive, he should be able to finally destroy the mine.
    Build a farm with the villager across the river.
    Continued in Reclaiming Jerusalem part two. Which is right below this.
    5f. Reclaiming Jerusalem (part two)
    Those beginning six turns are vital to your success on this mission. Following
    those instructions to the letter is a must.
    It may look like I have left you in a pickle. You are probably now either
    seeing powerful armies on the march toward you, or powerful armies decimating
    your puny armies. Or possible both. YOU MUST PUSH THROUGH THIS!!! Remember
    that they do not have unlimited resources (though it may now seem like it),
    and that you have more commanding prowess (you're a better commander).
    Train units every turn. Expand to get more resources.
    This next section is divided into two parts: Jaffa's next 20 (or so) turns
    and Ascalon's next 20 (or so) turns. When playing, remember to follow both
    sections at the same time, so one town doesn't get ahead of another.
    Build a castle about midway between Jaffa and Ramla (their town in the north)
    sometime within the next three turns. This will give you access to Mamelukes
    and longswordsmen, and a fortress to defend your mills, mines, and farms. If
    you have the resources, get a market and probably a barracks. The other space
    for a town building could be used for a church, blacksmith, or whatever. I
    would advise against a stable, though, because Mamelukes from the castle take
    care of that.
    The fighting in this area will go one of three ways:
    -Way number 1: you are overwhelmed and massacred. Three words: Deal with it.
    This is like drinking seawater, but you will be able to push them out in 10 to
    15 turns if you are persistant. You might not be able to push them back much
    farther than your castle, but that is perfectly fine here.
    -Way number 2: there is a steady resistance. You might take a few hard blows
    at the beginning, but pushing and keeping them back behind your castle should
    not be hard. If just keeping them at bay by your castle doesn't satisfy you
    here, pushing them all the way back to Ramla is a good idea. Try to get rid of
    mills, mines, and farms in the area, and maybe take a potshot or two at a town
    building. Try not to go overboard and really provoke them, though.
    -Way number 3: you think the area is deserted. This is a fun situation. Nearly
    no resistance is put up, and you are free to burn mills, mines, and farms in
    the area. You could even claim a few for yourself. Avoid sending little
    entourages to Jerusalem, though, because they will either limp back home or
    not come home at all.
    Destroying the town:
    -If the game threw a "way number 1" at you, you will need some amazing skills
    to be able to finish this town off by day 25. Do not hold back when you get an
    opportunity to attack the town. The enemy also usually builds a castle by the
    river in the middle of the map. Focus on this first, while keeping troops from
    the town at bay. When you finally overwhelm the town, beware that destroying
    the TC building will trigger some Knights Templar pop up on the end of the map
    at the road just north of Jaffa. Have some Mamelukes there to dispose of them.
    -If you got a "way number 2" you won't have nearly as much trouble. Again,
    destroy the castle if it's there, and beware of the Knights Templar. Don't
    burn the TC until you are ready to burn the TC in the south (Lachish).
    -If you got a "way number 3" you will pretty much want to do the same thing
    you did with way number 2. If you want to, go ahead and destroy all the other
    buildings except the town center. This might not be smart, though, because if
    you want to capture the town, you will want some buildings left so you don't
    need to completely rebuild the town. On the other hand, if you don't want one
    of the buildings currently at the town, destroy them so you don't need to take
    the extra turn to demolish a building once you do capture the town. Don't
    forget about the templars that attack you.
    That should do it for Jaffa. On to Ascalon.
    Continue to build farms and mines, as there should still be some resources in
    your area that you have not yet claimed. Around the time you build a castle in
    the Jaffa area, build one for Ascalon 2 or 3 squares south and 2 or three
    squares west of the skeleton by the road nearest to Lachish. As for town
    buildings, you are free to choose. If you didn't get a blacksmith at Jaffa,
    I advise you get one at Ascalon. Again, a stable is not recommended because
    of Mamelukes at the castle. A barracks would again be a good option because of
    all the onagers and pikes that Jerusalem makes. Monks can be helpful if there
    seems to be heavy fighting in the area (and because Saladin doesn't have a
    healing power). But, whatever. Just choose what you like.
    The fighting will again go one of the three possible ways. Interestingly, if
    you get a way number one for Ascalon, you will usually get a way number three
    for Jaffa. And vice versa. If you get a way number two in one area, anything
    is possible in the other area. Maybe I'm just obsessive compulsive, but I like
    it this way. It makes it easier to predict the fighting in one area if you
    know what the other area is like. But anyway...
    Here's how to handle the situations:
    -Way number one is, as you would expect, tough. You will have trouble keeping
    your farms and mill by the river alive. Just dive into the massacre and push
    back as much as possible. Once you get your castle built, things will be
    somewhat easier. Keep a villager in the area to repair what gets damaged (or
    destroyed). If you need to, send some troops from Jaffa over to help.
    -Way number two is much easier. Pretty much do the same thing you do with
    Jaffa: push back until you reach the town; maybe poke or jab the town a few
    times. You can also be more agressive in getting resources.
    -Way number three is cool. Not much to say here, except don't go overboard
    and demolish the town until you are ready in the north. Send some spare troops
    from Ascalon to Jaffa if Jaffa is struggling with a way one situation.
    Destroying the town:
    -Way number one will again give you a lot of trouble and make it very
    difficult to destroy the town by day 25. Don't hold back, and beware of
    massive onager armies coming from Jerusalem. This is one instance where you
    will want to take out the town before taking out the mills, mines, and farms
    in the area. It's okay to hit them a few times, but don't devote many troops
    at all to them. This time, when you destroy the town, the templars will come
    from the south edge of the map on a road.
    -Way number two gives you more freedom to attack mills, mines, and farms. If
    you have a few days before day 25, try to get rid of most them. Don't forget
    about the templars when the town is gone.
    -Way number three gives you the most freedom. Not much to say here, because
    it's not very hard. For the last time, remember the templars.
    If you made it this far, you deserve a medal for perseverance. You just
    finished the hardest part, and you should be home free. You should have enough
    troops, economic power, and troop-producing buildings now. Here's a few things
    to take note of when taking Jerusalem:
    -You will encounter some tough units at Jerusalem---throwing axemen, siege
    weaponry, hand cannoneers, etc. Getting some siege engines of your own
    (particularly trebuchets and war wolves) will help out quite a bit. They also
    free up your other units so they can attack the buildings.
    -You do not need to destroy the Dome of the Rock (the wonder) behind Jerusalem
    to complete the "Destroy both Jerusalem Citadels" goal. You only need to take
    out the castles on both sides of Jerusalem.
    Gain economic superiority ASAP. This is the hidden key to beating this
    Technology can wait. Jerusalem and company will probably be on age 4 by the
    time you have researched 6 technologies. This is necessary for assuring that
    you have enough resources to train units and build war-related buildings.
    Build the two castles ASAP. They help out sooo much when trying to take Ramla
    and Lachish. Mamelukes are arguably the best cavalry unit in the game, and
    they do very well versus throwing axemen.
    Try to take out the two support towns (Ramla and Lachish) on the same day.
    You will be able to coordinate your final assult on Jerusalem much better.
    If you were able to destroy the support towns by day 20 or so, you will have
    some time to toy with Jerusalem for a while. You can go around destroying
    the rest of their mills, mines, and farms, and you can take out a few more
    buildings. But if you destroyed the support towns on day 25 or so, you will
    have time to destroy the two castles (maybe) and to destroy the TC.
    HAVE FUN!!!
    5g. Mission 6: The Battle of Arsuf
    This is one of the most deceiving missions. It appears that, with a motley
    force of horse archers, a few pikes, and a blend of good and bad cavalry
    units, you have no chance. It is the opposite, though. In reality, it is
    almost difficult to lose. The AI is so insanely stupid here that, even with a
    force tailormade to counter yours, they can be utterly destoryed.
    Begin by pulling your scouts back out of range of any attacks by Richard's
    men. With Saladin acting as a divinding line, take all the units that are
    south of him---except the pike and one horse archer---down to the southwest
    desert and hill area. But, stay out of range of the templars.
    Do pretty much the same with the units north of Saladin. Take everyone north
    of Saladin, except for one horse archer, to the northwest corner of the map.
    Again, stay out of range of the templars.
    You should now have a nice little ambush set up. Saladin may seem a little
    short-handed, as he only has a pike and two horse archers accompanying him,
    but that's all he needs.
    At the beginning of Richard's first day, he will smell a trap and send out
    some pikes to investigate. This is a great tactical move, because you have a
    ton of cavalry that would be badly hurt by these pikes.
    Your southwest force is in charge of taking out the pike that heads toward the
    southwest corner of the map. Hit it with each of your horse archers, and let
    him take a shot at maybe your scout cav, and finish it off next turn. Your
    middle force is in charge of the pike that goes to the south-central area of
    the map. Two horse archer shots and your own pike attack will finish him off.
    Your northwest force has to take out the remaining two pikes. You will get hit
    more here, but after a turn or two, they should both be gone. Don't charge
    these pikes unless you have a good chance of defeating them. Let them come to
    Next, the templars will come. In the southwest area, stay out of range until
    you can get the first attack. Have a camel attack one, and a Mameluke attack
    the other. The Mameluke should completely destroy one, and the Camel should
    get the other down to 30-40ish health. Attack that one with your light cav. If
    it still isn't dead, use a horse archer to finish it off.
    Do pretty much the exact same thing in the northwest. You might have a little
    more trouble because more units are injured, but you will make it through.
    The middle area doesn't have to deal with any templars.
    Go crazy once the templars and pikes are all gone. You will be able to win
    with no sweat now.
    The best way to defeat Richard is to have Saladin charge him, and then finish
    him off with a camel or horse archers or whatever. You could charge him with a
    Mameluke first off, but I like the idea of Saladin and Richard face to face.
    It should be a piece of cake to kill the rest of Richard's army. Of course,
    you don't have to, but I think it's fun to anyway. Your main strategy for
    defeating the rest of them is to take a Mameluke or camel and hurt them, then
    finish them off with horse archers or other weaker units.
    This mission is easily winnable by day 6. If you have at least some skill and
    you used this method, you won't have trouble winning by day 8.
    I have wanted to say this for a while now, so here goes.
    Horse archers are a good concept. You hear a lot about Genghis Khan using them
    to wreak havoc on his enemies by attacking then quickly pulling back so they
    wouldn't get hurt. And in reality, this is probably very true.
    But in a turn-based game, horse archers don't work very well. Sure, they have
    lots of move points, but once they attack, they have low defense and are sure
    to get killed by enemy units. The only way to fix this would be to give them
    the ability to move after they attack. But doing this would give them too much
    power and make them invulnerable, thus making the game too easy.
    Mangudai are an improvement, but still fall short of what they need to be.
    |                |
    | 7. FINAL WORDS |
    |                |
    7a. Special Thanks
    Special thanks goes to...
    ...my best friend Chad, who helped me on quite a few of the missions. He also
    kept me working on this when I got really tired of it...thanks Chad!!!
    ...wolfmanphd. Your guide was very helpful to me. Saladin mission 5...thanks 
    a ton.
    ...Eric Berg. He informed me of how he got three stars on Joan mission 5, and
    his method is now in the walkthrough. Thanks again man.
    ...my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him I wouldn't be alive...thank
    you Jesus!
    7b. Copyright Info.
    Copyright 2009 Grant Fruechting
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any site
    other than those posted below as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    This guide is allowed on these sites:
    7c. Contact Info.
    Please e-mail me at gfruech@sbcglobal.net. I would be happy to answer any
    questions about this guide. Also, any ideas about how to get a bonus goal that
    I don't know how to get would be greatly appreciated, and you could count on
    your name being added to my "Special Thanks" list.
    Thank you very much for reading my guide; I hope it helped you.
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