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"A definite success of a great PC game's transition to the handheld"

Not too long ago, I was able to finally obtain a DS. Knowing I was way behind the times, I decided heck, lets ask my friend to see if he'll lend me some games. Lo and behold he had a whole library from which he let me choose. This game was choice number 1. And a top choice it was. Even though I'm not finished this game has kept me truly satisfied like no other game has in recent months.

First off, the graphics arent much. I nvr really expected it to be much better than what Advance Wars had.But hey this is the DS, where gameplay delivers. But more on that later. For starters, atleast I could tell WHAT most units were. Other than a couple mistakes on horse archers and scouts looking much the same, I had little complaint. The big thing that really erked me though was the health bars. Their great and all for telling health, but when you cant even tell whose life bar is whose because everyone is jumbled up in one hack and slash party, then yea we got problems. Constantly I'd heal the wrong unit, thus allowing the other unit who needed to heal die. Overall though, the graphics are quite ok. (8/10)

The gameplay is where this game really took off. Granted I'd have liked to see this game become an RTS on the DS (It truly is possible. The touch screen has so much potential) but a TBS was the perfect system for the game's transition. The units were well rounded, with few to no broken units. Each had atleast some kind of weakness. Unit cap, the max amount units ur allowed, is annoying but well handled. By having the unit cap go up by obtaining more resources, this forces you to quickly go out and lay claim to as many resources as possible. The maps are well designed and are hardly ever repititive. AI here was probably one of the best I've seen. The AI fights for resources, gathers his troops in army formations, and uses siege weapons much more often that I expect. This is gameplay tactics at its finest. (10/10)

There are 5 different storylines in this game. And if u have any experiece with the PC version, u know all storylines have missions with goals in mind. The storylines are also very well constructed, each being very in sync with actual history. The thing I liked the most though was the epilogue mission they tacked onto the end of each campaign. For example, having the mongols actually succeed in invading Japan is like incredible. To see what would of happened had nature nvr intervened. These stories are what help raise this game up to what it truly is. (10/10)

Overall, a very solid turn based game. If u dont like turn based, avoid this. For anyone else, this is a must have game. Borrow it from a friend if u must. I'm still hooked, playing it straight for like 12 hours a day for the past week. I mean its just that good. If u dont believe try it. :D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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