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"Better then everyone of those games you need to try and stick with."

Okm I first bought this game thinking, "Sweet! Another Need for Speed Game! I wonder what awaits!" I was though wary of how good or what it would be like on the DS. I gave it a try so here is my review.

You know, Ds graphics. I know they spent a lot more time on the console versions, this game would get a 10/10 on the 360, but they are a little better then average for the DS. The cars almost look shiny but get pix-elated at times. The backgrounds look detailed with very colorful backgrounds. Some bad parts are that the cars don't always transition well through the changes. Another problem is there is no smoke or crash effects or anything. This could have been done a lot better.

This would get a 5 if it didn't have the nice little hip hop sound tracks. They make it feel like you're in the twenty-first century city scenes of America. The sound effects have some problems. The crashes screech a little too much, the cops sirens are annoying and will drive you a little insane after a while. I do like the swerving sounds as you turn a corner, and the engines and brakes of the different cars made me feel like I was really driving in them.

Game play-8/10
Definitely one of the strong points in the game. The nice career mode lets you try many different things. From circuit races, lap knock outs, point to point races,
barricade races and more there is a nice variety. Cops chase you and stop you with spike strips, road blocks, and they hit you and block you. Also it is a nice challenge. IF any game were too easy, you'd beat it in a few hours and never touch it again. Some races, especially rhe boss ones require a lot of practice but are beatable. I would have like to have seen a little more variety in the challenges, more persistent cop chases, and smarter AI. The frame rate also gets a little frustrating sometimes as it slows down or moves too fast.

This is where a lot of fun comes from. You can race your friends with cars you have required on different tracks. Another sweet thing, it's single pack multi-player, so you can do it with only one game pack. No need to buy the same game just to play with your friend.

Replay value-6.5
Like I said the career mode starts you off. You play to unlock respect points and upgrade points. Respect points move you up the blacklist and earn you more challenges. Upgrade points let you buy new cars, upgrade your own vehicles performance, and give your car a sweet look. Also multi-player keeps it fun afterward, or you can race against the cpu by yourself.

Depends on who your are. If you want a nice racer that is portable and will keep you satisfied for an while, this is for you. Its not the same as the other need for speeds, but it still supplies for its title. If you are optimistic, then maybe try it from a friend or something. You never know, you might just love it. It's no Mario Cart, but it earns the right to be called a quality portable racer.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/06

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