Review by XMonkeySniperX

"A crappy mobile port of a great game"

I bought this game thinking I was going to get good graphics (for DS), free roaming and plenty of tricked out cars. What I got was a piece of digital crap. On to the review.

Graphics: 6/10
I can't even start to say how crappy these graphics are. The cars are extremely blocky, and look like cardboard boxes painted with wheels and windows. The environments are even worse than the cars; everything is in 2D!!! Plus, when you put a body kit on a car, it makes the car look even crappier. It's especially bad when you're going at "high" speeds and bump into a wall or another car because you can't tell what's a wall and what's a shortcut. I guess that's what the map is for, though. Hell, even Gran Turismo 1 on the PS1 looks better than this!

Sound: 5/10
I thought that the sound would be at least better than the graphics, but they're not. Sure, tires screeching and cars honking don't sound bad, but the music just made me sick. I don't even know if I can call that music, it's more like a bunch of little beeps put together and repeated. Fifty-billion times.

Playability: 7/10
The game doesn't play that bad, surprisingly. There were some collision issues, and yeah, the cars drove almost the same, but it's pretty solid racing. The controls are responsive, and drifting isn't that hard. Something I noticed was that whenever you hit a wall, you lose almost all of your speed. When you hit a car though, the car just pushes you back... and back and back. Something I noticed was missing though was the cop chases. I guess it's just that the developers can't pull off getting a lot of cops on your ass and expect you to even be able to come close to evading.

Overview: 6/10
DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT buy this game unless you're pulling a prank on someone. You could also buy it if you have a lot of money to throw around, and just want any racer for the DS. Also, the car customization is a little deeper than expected, and you can even make your own decal. I don't know why you would buy this though, if Mario Kart is already on the system.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/11/06

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