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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Humanvegetableonline

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ######  ##  ##  ####    ####  ######  ##########  ####    ####
    ######  ##  ##  ####    ####  ######  ##########  ####    ####
      ##    ##  ##  ##      ##      ##    ##  ##  ##  ##        ##
      ##    ##  ##  ##      ##      ##    ##  ##  ##  ##        ##
      ##    ######  ####    ####    ##    ##  ##  ##  ####     ##
      ##    ######  ####    ####    ##    ##  ##  ##  ####     ##
      ##    ##  ##  ##        ##    ##    ##  ##  ##    ##    ##
      ##    ##  ##  ##        ##    ##    ##  ##  ##    ##    ##
      ##    ##  ##  ####    ####  ######  ##  ##  ##  ####    ####
      ##    ##  ##  ####    ####  ######  ##  ##  ##  ####    ####
    If you have any problems, email me.
    If you need skill points, refer to Freyashawk's guide.
    The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS
    Email : Humanvegetableonline2002@yahoo.com
    Aim: Humanvegetable02
    Website : geocities.com/humanvegetableonline2002
    Forums : Http://s4.invisionfree.com/humanvegetable
    Copyright 2004 Humanvegetableonline
    Version 0.3 - 6/22/06
    Version 1.0 - 6/23/06
    Version 1.1 - 6/25/06
    This guide dedicated to no one.
    This guide is very basic and will help you get to the end.
    About this game
    This game bores the crap out of me. I did not buy this game.
    Copyright Stuff
    Do not use this guide unless you ask me. If you wish use it then you 
    know what to do. My Email and AIM are up there. These websites are
    allowed to use this guide.
    - http://Neoseeker.com
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    - http://wogaming.com
    - http://cheats.de
    - http://faqs.ign.com
    Version 0.3
    A short walkthrough.
    Version 1.0
    A guide that should help you get to the end.
    Version 1.1
    Changed the credits. Added a question to the FAQ section.
    Table of Contents
    1.0 - Basic Stuff
     1.1 - More Stuff
      1.2 - Mini Games
    2.0 - Walkthrough
     2.1 - Beginning
      2.2 - Frankie Fusilli
       2.3 - Ava Cadavra
        2.4 - Optimus Alfred
         2.5 - The End
    3.0 - Skill Points
    4.0 - Items
    5.0 - Secrets
    6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
    7.0 - Credits
    1.0 - Basic Stuff
    D-Pad = Move
    X = Zoom Out
    Y = Zoom In
    B = Toggle Run/Walk
    A = Interact
    L = Turn Camera
    R = Turn Camera
    Touch Screen = Pick choices
    Start = Pause
    Select = Nothing
    Your Screens
    |          |
    |    D     |
    |          |
    |          |
    A - Time. It goes by real time.
    B - Simoleans
    C - Sanity
    D - You
    |A        F|
    |B         |
    |C         |
    |D         |
    A - Interaction menu
    B - Pockets/Inventory
    C - Goals
    D - Relationships
    E - Options
    F - Cellphone
    1.1 - More Stuff
    Sanity can be controlled by interacting with objects such as a bed,
    bench, chair, shower, toilet, food, etc. If there's an icon above your
    head, then you need to do the icon's action immediately or else your
    sanity meter drains faster than it should.
    In time, your sanity will be upgraded. There are four levels with its 
    own color. You can upgrade your sanity by talking to a lot of people.
    You can have up to six objects in your pocket. You can hold a lot of 
    nuclear fuel rods, license plates, gourds and spaceship parts.
    Here you can activate your vacuum cleaner, water squirter or metal 
    detector. Just select it and then select the hand.
    To use the vacuum cleaner, activate it in the hotel. Move the vacuum 
    cleaner by using the d-pad. Drag it over a dust pile. Now you can see the 
    stuff that the vacuum cleaner has picked up. Using the touch screen, 
    select and drag items of interest into the hole on the bottom of the 
    screen for money. If you select a dust ball, blow on the microphone to 
    clear the screen.
    To use the water squirter, activate it. Go in front of a person, pump up 
    the gun using the red slider and then press the bottom-right button. If 
    you can't shoot, you need water. Go to a near-by source of water (toilet, 
    sink, well, pool, etc) and then press the lower-left button.
    To use the metal detector, activate it in the desert. Walk around until 
    you hear a beeping sound. Find the object and adjust the slider on to the 
    right of the touch screen to get a clear visual. Now pick it up if it is 
    of interest.
    Copper - Metal Bar with star
    Silver - Metal Bar with Half a star
    Nuclear Rod - Glowing Rod
    Lead Rock - A rock.
    Space Ship Part - Angular Rock
    Mummified Alien - Looks like a Mummy.
    In time you will get goals. Mostly stupid ones.
    Simoleans can be gained by a lot of things. Here's a list of some things 
    if not all.
    1. Casino (Good way of making money in the beginning)
    2. Selling Furniture
    3. Selling Fuel Rods, Gourds, License Plates and Space Ship parts.
    4. Selling Metal Bars found in the desert with the metal detector
    5. Picking out objects in pile of dust using the vacuum.
    6. People buying your art.
    7. People staying at your hotel.
    8. Cheering people up.
    9. Alien Operation (Get organs from metal detecting)
    The thing about painting art is that the rating you receive is random. 
    My museum is filled with adult paintings that take 2 seconds to create 
    yet they are masterpieces. Just paint, select done and then scrap and 
    repaint if it's not a masterpiece. I'm not sure if there's a price 
    difference or higher odds of getting a painting sold but I just knowthat 
    it's good luck. I think.
    You can get more money out of customers if you put expensive stuff in 
    For alien operations, refer to the "Mini Games" section.
    For casino stuff, refer to the "Mini Games" section.
    You can't make much money cheering people up.
    Dealing with People
    You can use your cellphone to call your maid or locate people.
    One Arm extended - Yell Back
    Hands in a fighting position - Beg
    Both Hands raised with hands open - Calm down
    One arm stretched down - Stop
    Both arms out and turning - Steady
    One hand on stomach - Stern Yell
    Crying - Console
    Hands Rubbing - Pep Talk
    Arms out - Hug
    One arm out - Laugh
    Both arms out - Dance
    One hand elevated - High Five
    Both arms together and extended down - Kiss
    One hand below waist - Show Off Bod
    One hand next to ear - Serenade
    1.2 - Mini Games
    During the course of this game, you have to do a lot of mindless crap.
    Alien Mummy Surgery
    You trace the outer edge of those funny shapes with the laser until 
    the red line connects all the way. Then you put it in the bin. You have 
    to remove those balls with the tweezers quickly. Otherwise, they damage 
    your organs.
    Krapin' Keelogger. Something like that. Cards at the Casino
    You'll get a certain amount of cards. On your card, you draw a card from 
    the discard pile or the card pile. If you see an arrow on the stairs, you 
    can put something down. Select 3 or more of the same card type and you 
    can drag it up and place it on the stairs for 30 points and 10 bonus 
    points added to the chest. The pale cards can only be used when a certain 
    card type has been sent to die for the round. The round ends when a 
    player discards his/her last card. You receive the bonus points if you 
    have won that round. These games usually last 2 rounds. The winner of the 
    game is the first to reach 200 points. Cannons reduce the enemy's score 
    and the jug gives you two cards.
    Fighting Goons
    To fight the goons, you need the rat cave. Go to the rat cave and dress 
    up as the ratinator. Go near a goon and press the button where the 
    cellphone should be. Sneak up to a goon by walking near him. The top 
    button should start flashing. So then press it. Quickly press and hold 
    the second button. Target the goon and release. Then run up to the goon 
    and press the third button to send him to jail.
    Alien Fighting
    Aliens can be drenched with water. They will found in various locations
    at times. Such as the basement, atrium, outside, lobby, etc.
    2.0 - Walkthrough
    A simple guide for a simple game.
    Here's are maps.
    |          D###C#####B   | A - Shop
    |E                      #| B - Saloon
    |           ##          #| C - City Hall
    |           ##          #| D - Police Station
    |           ######F##   A| E - Desert
    |           ##  ##G##    | F - Hotel
    |           ##           | G - Back Entrance of Hotel
    Hotel - First Floor
    |      A      | A - Outside
    |             | B - Manager's Room
    |             | C - Basement
    |B           C| D - Atrium
    |             | E - Elevator
    |      D      |
    Hotel - Basement
               -----          ----
              |  B  |        |  F |
              |    C|        |E   |
     ---------       --------      ----
    |A                                 |
    |          D                G     H|
    A - Hotel First Floor
    B - Freezer
    C - Rat Cave
    D - Bovine Shrine
    E - Government Lab
    F - Secret Warehouse
    G - Vault
    H - Furnace
    Hotel - Second Floor
    |      A    B|
    |            |
    |E          C|
    |      D     |
    A - Elevator
    B - Small Guest Room
    C - Jungle Guest Room
    D - Deluxe Guest Room
    E - Modern Guest Room
    Hotel - Atrium
    |H           B|
    |             |
    |G           C|
    |             |
    |F     E     D|
    A - Hotel First Floor
    B - Sax Lounge
    C - Art Gallery
    D - Asian Emporium
    E - Outside
    F - Casino
    G - Gym & Spa
    H - Lion's Lounge
    |#####      A  ##|
    |#####         #B|
    |    D   #   #   |
    |        # C #   |
    A - Town
    B - UFO
    C - Oasis
    D - Space Equipment
    Hotel Rooms
    Some rooms are not available in the beginning. You need to buy a permit 
    to build a room. Permits are sold at the city hall.
    Art Gallery - $1000
    Make art and in time, people will buy some.
    To make a masterpiece, keep painting anything. If it's garbage, scrap it 
    and paint something again. Repeat until it is a masterpiece.
    Deluxe Guest Room - $1500
    A big room that looks like Mickey Mouse ears.
    Spa & Gym - $2500
    Includes sun tanning station.
    Jungle Guest Room - $1000
    A room that looks like a jungle.
    Lion Lounge - $1500
    Buy some food here or make music.
    Modern Guest Room - $1000
    A medium sized guest room.
    Rat Cave - $3500
    Dress up as the Ratinator and fight enemies.
    Sax Lounge - $1000
    Make music or buy food.
    Sercet Warehouse - $2000
    Meet Bigfoot.
    Asian Emporium - $2500
    Buy sushi or play an arcade game.
    Vault - $3000
    Make money. It is illegal and you could get caught.
    Bovine Shrine - $2500
    Feed gourds to the Egyptian statue or else Horus gets it.
    Casino - $1500
    Gamble for money. Play slots or cards.
    2.1 - Beginning
    Your car has broken down and Jebediah Jerky greets you. He says to check 
    out the hotel. So go to the hotel. It's the building with the bed sign 
    in front of it.
    Concierge tells you to put some fuel rods in the furnace. Behind you are 
    fuel rods. Go pick them up while following the fuel rod trail. At the 
    end, enter the door and go down to the furnace and refuel to the max. Go 
    back to Concierge.
    The vacuum is near you. Pick it up and select the vacuum in the pockets 
    *Restrain Honest Jackson
    Go to Honest Jackson and restrain him. Check the "More Stuff" section of 
    my guide.
    *Find Tristan Legend in the Desert
    Go outside and follow the stone road outside the city.
    *Cheer up Tristan Legend
    Now go up to Tristan Legend and cheer him up. Check the "More Stuff" 
    section of my guide.
    *Build a permit for a casino from city hall.
    Go to city hall and buy a permit from the man behind the counter. If you 
    need money, go pick up the junk off the streets and sell it.
    *Return to the hotel and check out the new casino
    Go to the atrium.
    *Get a Super Drencher from Giuseppi Mezzoalto
    Talk to Giuseppi Mezzoalto outside. Pay $250 for the super drencher.
    *Drench Emperor Xizzle with the Super Drencher. Active the super 
    drencher from the pockets menu
    Go inside the hotel and active your super drencher. Go in front of 
    Emperor Xizzle, pump up the gun and press A to shoot.
    Walk outside until you get a call from Frankie Fusilli. Go into the 
    hotel to meet him. Go upstairs and take the elevator to the penthouse. 
    Talk to Frankie Fusilli.
    2.2 - Frankie Fusilli
    *Give Frankie Fusilli $1,000
    Give him a $1,000. If you need money, go play cards at the casino.
    Go to the sundeck and then back to Frankie.
    *Deliver the package to Honest Jackson
    Go to city hall and give the cow head to Honest Jackson as a gift. Go 
    back to Frankie and talk to him.
    *Extinguish the fire and calm down Honest Jackson
    Go to city hall, equip the water gun and soak out the fire. Talk to 
    Honest. Calm him down. Go outisde until you get a call from Frankie. Go 
    to Frankie and talk to him
    *Achieve Hotel Score - 20%
    Raise money and buy permits from city hall. After 8 hours, you should 
    have more rooms. When those rooms are complete, your rating will go up. 
    The easiest way to get money is by playing cards at the casino. I bought 
    the art gallery, jungle guest room, sax lounge and modern guest room and 
    it's gotten me 37% which is more than enough. Now go talk to Frankie.
    Go to the sun deck and then go talk to Frankie.
    *Build the Vault
    You need $3000. Go raise money. I prefer gambling. When you have enough 
    money, go buy the permit at city hall. Now wait 8 hours. After 8 hours, 
    go talk to Frankie.
    Go to the sundeck and then go talk to Frankie.
    *Buy the Metal Dectector and find 3 Metal Bars.
    Go to the shop and buy a metal detector for $800. Now go to the desert 
    and activate the metal detector. Move around until you hear a beep. When 
    you hear a beep, move a little bit forward or turn around until you see 
    an object. When you see an object, you can adjust the frequency to get a 
    better view of the object. Now dig up three of any objects that look like 
    the gold bars in Fort Knox. There are no gold bars in this game. If you 
    need to recharge the metal detector, go to the furnace. You should have 
    three copper/silver bars. Now go talk to Frankie.
    Go to the sundeck and then go talk to Frankie.
    *Bury the wiggling chest in the Desert at night.
    Go to the store and buy a shovel for $100. Go to the desert. Now go talk 
    to Frankie.
    Now go outside and talk to Penelope Redd.
    *Calm down Frankie Fusilli while wearing a wire.
    Go to Frankie and calm him down.
    Now go to the main lobby to meet Ava Cadavra. Now go to the penthouse and 
    go talk to her.
    2.3 - Ava Cadavra
    *Excavate the Bovine Shrine for Ava.
    The Bovine Shrine costs $2,500. Go buy the permit and then wait 8 hours.
    Then go talk to Ava.
    Now go to the basement and turn right.
    *Find the Mystic Cowbell and bring it to Ava.
    Go find the cows outside and take the cowbell from one of them. Now go 
    talk to Ava.
    Exit the room and then go talk to Ava.
    *Replace Ava's lipstrick
    Go to the shop and buy the Rotten Eggplant Lipstick for $10. Go talk to 
    Exit the room and then go talk to Ava. Then go outside and you'll get a 
    cellphone call.
    *Find the Pyramid in the Desert after dark.
    After 7pm, go to the desert and examine the pyramid in the middle of the 
    desert. Now talk to the mummy next to the pyramid.
    *Dig up the Sarcophagus with the metal detector near the back of the 
    Go to the back of the oasis and use the metal detector to dig up the 
    sarcophagus. Now talk to the mummy again. Now go put the sarcophagus in 
    your room.
    Exit the room and then go back and talk to the mummy.
    *Ask around town about the branding iron.
    Go to the police station and pick up the branding iron under the desk. Go 
    talk to the mummy.
    *Shatter the Prime Heifer with the branding iron.
    Go to the Bovine Shrine and use the brand on the Prime Heifer statue.
    2.4 - Optimus Alfred
    *Buy the Power Recharger for Optimum Alfred
    Go to the shop and buy the Galvatronic Power Recharge for $1000. Go talk 
    to Alfred in the penthouse.
    Go to the sun deck and then talk to Alfred.
    *Collect 20 nuclear fuel rods for Optimum Alfred.
    If you have 20 fuel rods already, you can't give it to him immediately. 
    Go to the sun deck and then talk to him. If you don't have 20 fuel rods, 
    go get 20 fuel rods. You can find them lying around or you can use the 
    metal detector to find them in the desert. Now go talk to Alfred.
    Go to the sun deck and then talk to Alfred. Now go talk to him in a 
    couple of minutes.
    *Convince Lord Mole to Stop gnawing at the power lines
    Go to the sun deck and spray water at Lord Mole with the water gun. Go 
    talk to Alfred.
    Go to the main lobby.
    *Defeat 3 Robots as the Ratticator.
    You should get the rat cave for free from Tristan at this point. But if 
    you didn't, go buy it. Go to the rat cave in the basement and wear the 
    rat suit. Now go outside and fith 3 robots. Now go back to the rat cave 
    and wear your normal clothes. Talk to Ms.Hogg in the lobby.
    *Earn Mechanical 5, break into the Penthouse, and steal the Blueprints.
    Get 5 mechanical points......
    If you need skill points, refer to Freyashawk's guide.
    Then hack into the penthouse between 6pm and 10pm. Go get the blueprints 
    on the middle of the floor and go talk to Emperor Xizzle. Go outside and 
    then back into the lobby.
    *Drink Xizzle's potion near the Satellite Dish and destroy it.
    Go to the sun deck and drink the potion near the satellite dish. Now go 
    back and talk to Xizzle.
    *Defeat Optimum Alfred
    Wear your rat suit. Go to the sun deck. He is at the opposite side. Do 
    not go near him, he will hit you. Go scare him, ratarang him and kick 
    him. We will fly off. Nearby should be 4 more robots. Go take care of all 
    of them. Now Alfred should be back. Go fight him. He will run off and 
    there will be four more robots. Beat them. Then Alfred should be back. 
    Fight him and that's it. This fight isn't hard at all. I was surrounded 
    by 3 of the robots and they cornered me and the camera was real close. It 
    looked scary as hell. Three smiling robots kicking the crap out of you at 
    Alfred blows up. You stand on the top of the roof like an idiot. Then the 
    credits roll. Thats it.
    2.5 - The End
    I suggest you stop playing now. But you want to keep playing, you can 
    find out people's secrets by constantly talking to them or you can meet 
    the friendly ghost.
    3.0 - Skill Points
    These points appear at certain points at certain times. Not sure if the
    day counts. I don't think it does but here it is anyways.
    Freyashawk's Walkthrough has more info.
    Mechanical Points
    Basement Next to the Stairs
    Found at Thursday 4:48pm
    Atrium (By LoveMina37)
    Saturday 12:00pm
    Govt. Lab (By LoveMina37)
    Monday 8:00am & Saturday 4:00pm
    Warehouse (By LoveMina37)
    Tuesday 12:00pm
    Vault (By LoveMina37)
    Wednesday 4:00pm
    Freezer (By LoveMina37)
    Friday 12:00pm
    Creativity Points
    Ratcave Next to Shower
    Found at Friday 12am
    4.0 - Items
    Most of these items can be bought from the store.
    Each month, a special item will be featured.
    Sky Diving Machine - $2,800
    The store's special item during June
    Shovel - $100
    Bought at Store at a certain time.
    Black Couch - $150
    Red Shower - $130
    Off-White Toilet - $224
    Porcelain Sink - $100
    White Fridge - $350
    Camel/Burgundy Delux Couch - $300
    Deluxe Crimson Toilet - $250
    Modern Maple Dresser - $500
    Small Plant - $300
    Lord Mole Potrait - $500
    Gold Deluxe Shower - $230
    *I'm too lazy to add more.*
    5.0 - Secrets
    Time Traveling (By LoveMina37)
    To make things go faster I do the time cheat. The trick of it is to 
    remove the game before changing the time. Start your DS without the card 
    and change the date or time, save the changes and turn off the power. 
    You now can insert the game and turn it on. It works every time with no 
    alien invasion. Do NOT change anything while the game is still inside 
    your DS or it will sense that you are a cheater... its a smart little 
    For this do not go back in time but forward. If you are caught time 
    traveling, you begin with the wobbly condition and aliens everywhere.
    Free Rat Cave
    Tristan will give you the rat cave eventually for free. Not sure if this 
    is a sure thing.
    Fast Insanity Recover
    Punching the meat in the freezer will recover your sanity quickly.
    People's Secrets
    Talk to people until they tell you their secret.
    6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
    Email me at Humanvegetableonline2002@yahoo.com for a question.
    Q : How do I raise my hotel rating?
    A : You buy permits to build more rooms and you wait until those rooms 
    are done.
    Q : How come I can't get the metal detector?
    A : You have to wait until you are asked to get it.
    Q : How do I get a skill point?
    A : They appear in certain locations at certain times. Freyashawk's 
    Walkthrough has more info.
    Q : I lost this item. Where is it?
    A : It's usually in the desert. Usually.
    Q : I move really slowly. Why?
    A : You've been probed by aliens. Go to bed until your sanity goes up. 
    The other solution is equipping the water gun. You can run even though 
    you are in this condition.
    Q : How do you do perform surgery on the mummified aliens?
    A : You trace the outer edge of those funny shapes with the laser until 
    the red line connects all the way. Then you put it in the bin. You have 
    to remove those balls with the tweezers quickly. Otherwise, they damage 
    your organs.
    Q : How do you charge the metal detector?
    A : Go to the furnace.
    Q : The Water gun doesn't work. Why?
    A : You have to pump it up using the red slider. Then you fire.
    Q : I can't find those three metal bars! Where are they?
    A : By metal, they mean copper or silver. Not "metal bars" exactly.
    Q : How do you get rid of the rats?
    A : You vacuum them up. They appear as dust piles or you can call the 
    Q : How do I get rid of the tumbleweeds?
    A : You don't.
    Q : The store has the same crap. Why?
    A : It will change monthly.
    Q : Where is Honest Jackson? My cellphone says he's at city hall but he's 
    not there.
    A : Beat the game.
    7.0 - Credits
    Credits to...
    CjayC for Gamefaqs.
    LoveMina37 for information on mechanical skill points.
    Freyashawk for letting me link to her guide.
    And you people for the supporting my guide.
    "Now let me tell you something. If you hit a man, in time his wounds 
    will heal. And if you steal from a man, you can replace what you steal. 
    And always cross in the green and never in between. Because the 
    honorable Mohammad Elijah Ali floats like a butterfly and stings like a 
    bee! And always remember my brotha! One fish, two fish, red fish, blue 
    fish! Knick-Knack, patty-whack, get-a-dog-a-bone! Thousand zero zero 
    party oops! Outta time! My bacon's smellin' fine!"
    -A convict giving the main character advice. From the movie Don't Be A 
    Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood which 
    holds the record for longest movie title. It's a like the "Scary Movie" 
    of gangster movies-
    |HH| |HH|    __
    |HH|_|H\V\  /V/      
    |HHHHHHH\V\/V/   <- O_o
    |HH| |HH|\VV/
    |HH| |HH| \/

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