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    Bros. Item FAQ by Kratos_42

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       -----~===  P a r t n e r s   i n   T i m e  ===~-------------- |___/   
                                  Bros. Items FAQ
                         Author: Daniel Anderson (Kratos_42)
                               Updated: July 25, 2007
    ----------------------------=== INTRODUCTION ===-----------------------------
    Welcome to Kratos's Bros. Items FAQ for Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time!
    This FAQ covers everything from descriptions and ratings of usefulness, to
    prices of the Bros. Items and the badges that influence them. 
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission by the author. If you wish to 
    use this document on your website, you may do so under one condition - you 
    must e-mail me first for permission. Should I choose to grant permission, 
    you are not permitted to change a single character of this document without 
    further consideration.
            Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Daniel Anderson. All rights reserved.
    --------------------------=== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===--------------------------
     1) FAQ................................................................01.00
     2) BROS. ITEMS........................................................02.00
        - Checklist........................................................02.01
        - Prices...........................................................02.02
        - Descriptions.....................................................02.03
        - How To Use.......................................................02.04
        - Badges...........................................................02.05
     3) VERSION HISTORY....................................................03.00
     4) CONTACT INFO.......................................................04.00
    ---------------------------------=== FAQ ===---------------------------------
    Section 01: FAQ (01.00)
    Q. Hey, I think you messed up. Isn't it Bros. Attacks?
    A. Nope, you have your games messed up. Bros. attacks were featured in Mario 
       and Luigi: Superstar Saga. Bros. Items are it's replacement for Mario and 
       Luigi: Partners In Time.
    Q. What's the point of this FAQ?
    A. To show new players how to use each Bros. Items and which will be most 
    Q. Why should I use Bros. Items?
    A. Simply enough, because they are the weapons that are the bane of every 
       enemy you come across. Instant kills against normal enemies, incredible 
       damage against bosses. They are described at length in the section below.
    Q. How do I contact you?
    A. My e-mail address is located at the end of the FAQ.
    -----------------------------=== BROS. ITEMS ===-----------------------------
    Section 02: Bros. Items (02.00)
    A Bros. Item is your alternative to jumping on and hammering your enemies. 
    They are Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time's version of Final Fantasy VIII's 
    Guardian Forces, or Xenosaga's Ether attack. They are very strong, deadly, 
    and useful, requiring only a bit more skill to use then the other attacking
    options. Most Bros. Items only require one set of brothers, but some require 
    both, and those are the strongest ones. 
    When using a Bros. Item, you do a series of action commands using the A, B, 
    X, or Y buttons. They quickly rid you of normal enemies. Bosses are taken 
    down through the use of Bros. Items, so don't think you can skate through the
    game without using them, unless you've gone through multiple times and you're
    looking for a huge challenge. 
    CHECKLIST                   02.01
    NOTE: Items requiring both sets of brothers are marked with an asterisk.
    [ ] Green Shell
    [ ] Red Shell
    [ ] Bro Flower
    [ ] Ice Flower
    [ ] Copy Flower
    [ ] Mix Flower *
    [ ] Smash Egg
    [ ] Cannonballer *
    [ ] Trampoline *
    [ ] Pocket Chomp
    PRICES                      02.02
    NOTE: Prices listed are accurate before Stache effect.
    1. Green Shell.............10 coins
    2. Red Shell...............80 coins
    3. Bro Flower..............20 coins
    4. Ice Flower..............20 coins
    5. Copy Flower.............160 coins
    6. Mix Flower..............180 coins
    7. Smash Egg...............40 coins
    8. Cannonballer............40 coins
    9. Trampoline..............120 coins
    10. Pocket Chomp...........70 coins
    DESCRIPTIONS                02.03
    1. GREEN SHELL (Rating: 6/10)
    The Green Shell is the first Bros. Item you get, and a pretty good one at 
    that. It's targets one enemy, and delivers no status effect. After a certain
    amount of kicks, the Green Shell will stop. Simply enough, after kicking it, 
    wait for it to hit the enemy, then kick it with the brother it's coming to 
    and repeat. (Mario-A, Luigi-B, Baby Mario-X, Baby Luigi-Y) It's really quite 
    useful, even through most of the game. Since it's incredibly cheap, you can 
    use it with abandon for normal enemies, instead of bosses. Only the fact that
    it's useless against flying enemies and that it will eventually stop, even if
    you don't miss a kick limits it. Also, once you have both sets of brothers, 
    you can use an extra attack with the baby riding the shell when the shell 
    hits the enemy.
    2. RED SHELL (Rating: 5/10) 
    The Red Shell is, as you guessed it, is an improved version of the Green 
    Shell. It's almost exactly the same, except for one major difference. It 
    doesn't run out until you miss a kick. for those with quick reflexes, this 
    justifies the large price raise. For most though, the speeding-up of the 
    shell's movement will make you miss a kick anyway. 
    3. BRO FLOWER (Rating: 6/10)
    The Bro Flower is the fire flower of yore. It, as I hinted to, is a fireball 
    throwing attack. Quickly tap the button of the brother with the large 
    fireball in his hand to throw fireballs. Something many people don't notice
    is that sometimes the large fireball is held by the babies. This attack 
    targets all, can inflict burn, and each fireball hits only one person, but 
    the person hit is random. Personally, I prefer the Green Shell, but both are 
    cheap and this can hit flying enemies, a plus.
    4. ICE FLOWER (Rating: 7/10)
    The Ice Flower is the Green Shell's Red Shell. Here, the difference is that 
    instead of the effect burn, the effect is random down. Otherwise, it's close
    to the same thing. Price is the same too. It's one point more since the 
    effect is more useful, especially on bosses.
    5. COPY FLOWER (Rating: 8/10)
    The Copy Flower is widely acclaimed because those with good timing and 
    reflexes can do amazing amounts of damage. Essentially, the brothers attack 
    through jumping one at a time on enemies in sequence. The sequence is random,
    and how fast they will fall is increased slowly. Once you miss an action 
    command though, the attack stops. Concentration is a must. It may be very 
    expensive, but it might just be worth it.
    6. MIX FLOWER (Rating: 10/10)
    The Mix Flower is my favorite Bros. Item. It has the potential for amazing 
    damage, is simple to use, and hits all enemies. There is a reason it is the 
    most expensive item. Reminiscent of the Bro Flower, just quickly tap the
    button of the brother carrying the large fireball. If you tap quickly enough,
    the fireball on the tap screen will go up, instead of down, giving yet more 
    time to add to it's size and might. Almost every battle in the game can be 
    quickly won with the Mix Flower. Price may be important, but the Mix Flower's
    sheer strength and versitility is astounding. 
    7. SMASH EGG (Rating 5/10)
    The Smash Egg is in my opinion the worst Bros. Item. It costs the same as a 
    Cannonballer, inflicts dizzyness, and targets all (but only hits one at a 
    time). Two main problems, though. One, dizzyness is rarely inflicted, and 
    two, the action command to pull it off is far too hard. Headbutting with the 
    babies buttons to get higher air and kicking with the Mario and Luigi is
    annoyingly hard, and not worth it. Another effect it has is getting you 
    items, it's only true redeeming feature. 
    8. CANNONBALLER (Rating: 9/10)
    The Cannonballer was my favorite Bros. Item until the Mix Flower was 
    recieved. As you may have guessed, your shot out of a cannon and then you 
    must press the button of the brother hitting the enemy to reach full effect. 
    High damage at a small cost and little effort ensues. Look on the top screen 
    to see the order in which the Bros. are falling. It is only limited by it's 
    targeting of just one.
    9. TRAMPOLINE (Rating: 8/10)
    The Trampoline is yet another improved version of another Bros. Item, this
    time the Cannonballer. It's continuing jumping, instead of the Cannonballer's
    four jumps, is a nice improvement. Also it targets all enemies, hitting them 
    one at a time. It costs three times the Cannonballer though, which is far too
    much for just these two improvements. Thus, it gets a lower score then the 
    10. POCKET CHOMP (Rating: 6/10)
    The Pocket Chomp is another Bros. Item that isn't that special. Mario or 
    Luigi jumps on enemy, babies on Pocket Chomp pass through, hitting enemy. The
    babies can also do a spin-hammer attack while passing the enemy to do extra 
    damage. No status effects, targets all but only hits one at a time. I didn't 
    use this one all too much, personally.
    HOW TO USE                 02.04
    NOTE: Instructions taken directly from the game's help window.
    a) Press the button to kick the shell, then keep kicking!
    b) Press the baby's button as the shell hits the enemy for extra power!
    2. RED SHELL
    a) Press the button to kick the shell, then keep kicking!
    b) Press the baby's button as the shell hits the enemy for extra power!
    a) Quickly press the button of the bro with the big fireball to chuck fire!
    b) Use the baby's button to throw high fireballs and hit flying enemies!
    a) Quickly press the button of the bro with the big iceball to chuck ice!
    b) Use the baby's button to throw high iceballs and hit flying enemies!
    a) Press the button of the jumping bro as he lands on the enemy!
    b) Pressing the button just before landing is the way to go!
    a) Quickly press the button of the bro with the big fireball!
    b) Keep the fireball on the Top Screen. The bigger it is, the stronger it is!
    7. SMASH EGG
    a) Press and release the button to kick falling eggs into the enemy!
    b) Toss them higher with the baby buttons, then kick them for more power!
    a) Press each bro's button as they land on their foe!
    b) Watch the Top Screen and remember the order of Bros.!
    a) Press each bro's button as they land on their foe!
    b) Watch the Top Screen and focus on who's falling!
    a) Press the button of the jumping bro as he lands on the enemy!
    b) Press the baby's button when passing by to do Spin-Hammer damage!
    BADGES                      02.05
    NOTE: The following are badges that affect Bros. Items. Descripitions are
    transcribed from in-game.
       - Simplify attack item commands. 
    You get this early in the game, and I had it equipped the whole time through.
    This will make your life a whole lot easier, thus it's name. I strongly 
    suggest equipping it to one of the babies.
       - No matter how many attack items you use, your stock stays the same.
    The most expensive badge in the game is also the best badge in the game, with
    a ridiculously awesome effect. Essentially, unlimited use of Bros. Items with
    that character. Think of bosses where you're using Bros. Items every turn 
    with both brothers, expensive ones. This is your way of cutting the number 
    used in half, yet still be attacking with two Bros. Items every turn. This 
    will save you untold coins. How do you get this? You know those beans you can
    get with the babies's Spin-Hammer technique? Go to the underground area of 
    Peach's Castle, where the timehole to Toad Town is. Using the Spin-Hammer 
    technique to go through a pipe in the room to that's upper-right of the time 
    hole, go up, left, up, left, up, right, and up to get to a familiar 
    character's bean shop. Who, you ask? Why it's Fawful, the lovable comedic 
    enemy of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga! He still has rage issues, tellable 
    by his story you can get from him, but now instead of fighting you, he's 
    selling to you badges. The price? Beans! 90 to be exact. There are also other
    beans that you can get, but I suggest saving until you have 90 and buying 
    this badge. This badge alone will get you through the final battle. 
       - Get a "GREAT" when using an attack item and temporarily power up.
    Though I wasn't impressed by the "Big" set of badges, I must admit that they 
    could be very useful to those with good timing. If you do have good enough 
    timing to get "Greats" quite often, then it will be very much so worth it to 
    wear this badge.
       - Get a "Great" when using an attack item and temporarily boost defense.
    This is the exact same as the other badge, but substituting a POW increase 
    for a DEF increase. To be honest, to choose between these two badges is a 
    personal choice, whether you favor strength or defense is your decision. But
    I've found in most circumstances that a power boost will come in handy more 
    then a defense boost, especially in the latter parts of the game.
       - Use as many attack items as you like, but lose a lot of power. For 
    This is just as the game said, this is for those who want to learn how to 
    effectively use Bros. Items. This is very nice, but be very vigilant when 
    using this badge, because if you run into an enemy that is powerful while 
    still wearing this badge you will be in for a world of hurt. Essentially, 
    this is the Ulti-Free Badge's little brother. Same effect, but much, much 
    weaker outcome.
    6. EXP BADGE
       - Increase EXP recieved when you defeat enemies with attack items.
    This is pretty straightforward, to be honest. If you beat an enemy with Bros.
    Items, then you get more EXP. I also had this equipped throughout most of the
    game, since I like to use Bros. Items. Even if you don't use Bros. Items on 
    normal enemies, you should always equip this before a boss battle, since you 
    usually have to use Bros. Items to even have the smallest chance of beating 
    most of the games bosses.
       - Boost attack-item power, but use two items per attack.
    This badge is a truly good balance between higher attack power and the number
    of Bros. Items used. This badge is good for Bros. Items like Green Shells and
    other cheap and common Bros. Items, but the more expensive and already 
    powerful Bros. Items like Copy and Mix Flower shouldn't be used with this 
    badge. That is considering though, that you don't have on the Ulti-Free badge
    with the other brother. If you do, equipping this badge is like negating the 
    other, but with a large power boost remaining. Though I usually had my other 
    badge filled with Cure Badge A, (Heals 10 every turn, very good badge) I 
    found that this combo is also excellent.
       - Massively boost attack-item power, but use four items per attack.
    This badge is very limited in usefulness. While there is a HUGE power 
    increase, your Bros. Items will be sucked up like never before, even with the
    Ulti-Free badge equipped on the other brother. Only wear this badge if you're
    using a Bros. Items with which you have more then 50 with, which is likely to
    be only the Green Shell and your favorite Bros. Items.   
    ---------------------------=== VERSION HISTORY ===---------------------------
    Section 03: Version History (03.00)
    Version 1.5 - July 25, 2007
     - Complete formatting overhaul
    Version 1.4 - July 15, 2006
     - Newer, cleaner format
    Version 1.3 - January 17, 2006
     - Minor rating and thanks changes
    Version 1.2 - January 4, 2006
     - ASCII art added
    Version 1.0 - December 21, 2005
     - Bros. Items section and Contact Info finished
    Version 0.2 - December 20, 2005
     - Legal, Introduction, and FAQ finished
    -----------------------------=== CONTACT INFO ===----------------------------
    Section 04: Contact Info (04.00)
    If you have any questions, comments, or errors you'd like to point out, my
    e-mail is Kratos_42(at)hotmail(dot)com. I will always respond, unless I've
    already addressed the issue or your grammar is incomprehensible. Thank you
    for reading.
    Special Thanks: surf rock, CO_Yasha, SirSpiff, & Nintendo. 

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