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    FAQ/Walkthrough by baubeta

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 03/03/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario and Luigi Partners in Time FAQ/Walkthrough
    Nintendo DS
    Version 0.8
    Copyright Matthew Culkin
    Contact me at bobeta5@gmail.com 
    This guide is allowed to be posted on Gamefaq.com, and Gamespot.com
    Hello and welcome to my second FAQ, the Mario and Luigi, Partners in Time FAQ!
    This guide should cover all major and minor aspects of the game including item
    lists, and many other things that absolutely no one ever reads...ever. I enjoy
    writing what happens during cut scenes and such as it entertains me, so be wary
    of some hardcore spoilers. Finally, I never like to take these guides too
    seriously, and thus they are everything but strait to the point. While I tend
    to scatter my dark humor throughout the guide, I have tried very hard to only
    use it when dissecting the story. These paragraphs can be identified by a (S)
    in front of them. If you aren’t into that, then feel free to skip those and
    jump to where the next (G) is. And with that, thank you for choosing me over
    the other available guides and I hope you enjoy yourself...and I am terrible at
    using commas, you should get used to that.
    Table of Contents
    Non walkthrough, guide stuff
    In this section, I will discuss all the main characters in the game.
    The Italian Plummer who has become the trademark character for Nintendo. Mario
    has done everything from playing golf, to throwing parties. In this game, Mario
    is the obvious leader of the group. Although he pretty much has inferior stats
    to Luigi. He is the default leader, and can’t be changed like SSS which is kind
    of a bummer (Luigi leader FTW). This adventure finds him searching for princess
    Peach (again). And defeat the baddies that captured her (Again).
    /Baby Mario\
    From whining co star in Yoshi’s Island...to whining co star in a Mario RPG,
    Baby Mario inherits many characteristics from himself. Like his adult self Baby
    Mario is fearless, and never shy to attack bad enemies. His actions get the
    bros a bit more then they should throughout the game.
    In a word, freaking awesome. Once a true equal to his brother Mario, Luigi
    quickly fell hard to second fiddle, and wasn’t even included in the very
    popular Mario 64. But thanks to the excellent sails of the demy terrible
    Gamecube launch title Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi is quickly roaring back into the
    /Baby Luigi\
    The obvious former self of Luigi, and along with Birdo, my favorite character
    for Mario Kart. Like Luigi, Baby Luigi is very shy, and is scared easily. While
    not as brave as baby Mario, he is much more cunning...and is just soooo 
    Not seen until moderately late in the game. He’s a spoiler warning so I won’t
    go further. You actually shouldn’t have read this actually.
    /Baby Bowser\
    The reacurring villian in the game and not even half as cool as adult Bowser.
    Instead of being a true threat like his adult self, Bowser instead relies on
    his friend Kammy Koopa, and his many henchmen to defeat the heroes instead.
    /Kammy Koopa\
    Baby Bowser’s partner in crime if you will. Mainly appears in the Yoshi’s
    island area, but is present throughout the entire game. Not a whole lot smarter
    then Baby Bowser, but is very loyal. Therefore it makes sense why Bowser still
    has her employed once he is much older.
    /Queen Shroob\
    A silent and mysterious villian who is the weakest final boss of all time.
    Besides that, Queen Shroob has the lucky ability of rupping off the guy from T2
    and therefore can shape to look like anyone she pleases. In this game Princess
    Peach. The only problem is that she is still looks like an alien and looks
    nothing like the person who she is copying. Oops. Guess the shadow queen is
    only person who can do it right...or Boo’s...or evil versions of the people who
    are people being copied.
    Princess Peaches servant, first appearing in Super Mario Sunshine. Bootler
    loves to worry about the princess, but instead of growing a pair and going with
    her on all her adventures, he instead just lets her go and get taken by Bowser,
    or the guy from T2.
    A constant form of “help” throughout the game. Always seems to take it upon him
    self to pop out and make me write a boring and lame paragraph about what he
    says to you. At least he doesn’t say HEY! LISTEN!
    /Princess Peach\
    The lovely captive in this story and one of my favorite people you have to save
    ever. Zelda may be a tranny, and the sleeping time princess you have to awaken
    in every RPG may be super hot. But I’ll take Peach any day.
    /Baby Princess\
    Really doesn’t hold an intense role in the game. She can usually be found in
    the Kingdome garden trying to be cheered up by the two Bootlers. That’s about 
    /Kylie Koopa\
    While she is pretty much a minor character in this game, for some reason I
    really like her so she gets in. First met in chapter three, Kylie makes
    constant appearances throughout the entire game. She often reminds you of what
    you should do. I guess you could consider her a mini strategy guide...except
    her guide isn’t half as good as this one.
    Battle Basic
    When starting attack, there are five different things you can choose. I will go
    through all of them.
    /Jump Attack\
    (Adult only) The most basic attack move, and one I highly recommend over hammer
    attacks. The bro you choose this option with will hop upwards, and come down on
    the enemy you chose. Just before you hit the enemies’ head (The timing will
    become second nature eventually.) you will crouch up upon impact, and deal a
    much higher amount of damage. When not using a bros item, this should be your
    attack option of choice.
    (Baby only) Almost identical to when using the adult. The only difference is
    that the baby you choose will do significantly less damage then their adult
    counterpart. If you are using a babies attack however, you would probably be
    better off using their turn to use a 1-Up Shroom.
    (Both bros) This attack should become your bread and butter when attacking. To
    start it, press the babies’ respected button. This will cause the babies to
    deal a moderate amount of damage, and then the adult will bounce back up. Now
    hit the adult’s button to deal even more damage. By doing this, a pretty good
    amount of damage can be done.
    /Hammer Attack\
    (Adults only) Considering the adults don’t get hammers, this isn’t possible. 
    (Babies only) I highly advise against using the hammer, unless your enemy has
    spikes and it is required. The trick to dealing the most damage with your
    hammer is to wait a bit longer then you think you have to, and let the hammers
    go all the way back. If you are too early or late, then the hammer will break
    on you and you will do very little damage. This happens even after you have
    played three run through the game which sucks.
    (Adults and Babies) I actually kind of recommend just pressing the babies
    button here, and dealing a set amount of damage. The second step of this attack
    is moderately hard to do, and can be missed easily. To do the attack here, wait
    for the babies to put back their hammers, and then press the adult’s button to
    raise the baby up. Now wait for them to pull back again and press the babies’
    button to deal the damage.
    /Bros. Items\
    These items are all very powerful, and should be used in excess against all
    boss battles. For a list of all the items, and their use in battle, look below.
    Cause the bros to run from battle. It is almost impossible to escape without
    falling down, so expect to lose 100 coins or so every time you attempt to run.
    Use one of several available items. Healing shroom items will likely be your
    most used.
    Bro Items
    These items replace the bro moves of the last game. I liked the last games
    moves more, but these are way more overpowered so that’s good. All of them are
    very powerful, but some are better then others. Here they are with my personal
    super awesome ranking. (Note, rankings are based on several different technical
    factors, none of which I plan to share. This is of course because there so
    super technical and hard to comprehend...yup.
    /Green Shell\
    These are the first items you will receive, and thus you will have about 70 of
    them near then end. This item is very simple, but becomes way harder and pretty
    much not worth your time when adding in the babies. The basics are like this.
    Whoever you pick the item with will kick the item off first. The item will deal
    a moderate amount of damage, and head to the other bro for them to hit again.
    After every successful hit, the shell will speed up. This continues until a
    bros misses an attack, or the maximum number of hits are completed. By only
    using the adults, this is very easy and a very efficient way of dealing damage.
    If you feel like making things a bit more difficult, you can also include using
    one of the babies. When the shell is just about to hit the enemy, press the
    corresponding baby button (Y if you started with Luigi, X if you started with
    Mario). If done correctly, a moderate more damage will be dealt. This requires
    you to use three buttons instead of two, thus making all this much more
    difficult. I don’t recommend it.
    /Bro Flowers\
    This is probably the easiest to use bro item. But knowing me, I’m sure I’ll
    spend 200 words making this sound much more complex then it is. While using
    this item, I recommend you turn your sound volume all the way up. Once
    selected, jam the button of who chose the item with until you hear a “Bwoop”
    sound. Quickly switch buttons to the other bros and begin wailing on that. By
    doing this, you should deal a constant flurry of fire balls at your enemies,
    dealing a moderate amount of damage to all of them. If you are looking to deal
    damage an Ariel enemy(s) then do the same thing, but with the babies instead.
    The babies aren’t quite as fast as the adults, but they will hit all enemies,
    flying or not. At the end, these things probably won’t get a ton of use out of
    you because they just don’t deal that much damage. 164 words, pretty close.
    /Ice Flowers\
    Almost exactly the same as Bro Flowers. Only difference is that these deal
    slightly more damage, and have a chance of dealing power down. That’s why it
    gets one more point.
    Your best bet for this item, is to deal damage to Ariel ememies.
    (Scene) The game starts with a silly rendition of a story of evil aliens coming
    to Earth. You are told about the beings that are without a doubt creepy. The
    scene ends with the aliens finding their new home, the Mushroom Kingdome. BUM
    Mushroom Kingdome (past)
    (S) Next scene shows Baby Mario and Baby Luigi talking to Princess Peach’s
    assistant (Sporting the old school mustache) he tells you (From now on you
    applies to whoever your controlling) that the Princess has been throwing a fit
    waiting for you to arrive. He tells you to press up on the D pad to enter her 
    (Game-play) There isn’t a ton you can do here. Press Y to make Baby Luigi jump,
    and X to make Baby Mario Jump. When your ready head into the room at the top of
    the screen, once there, keep moving up to start the next scene.
    (S) Mario and Luigi find three toads passed out on the floor (This scene WAS
    set in the 70’s...) Princess Peach however can not be found! Instead a evil
    cackle is heard off stage and Baby Bowser appears, holding her Mother Princess
    Peach. (Anyone who can tell me how Baby Bowser is already alive while the
    Princess is like 5, when he claims to be her son in Sunshine, please E-Mail
    me). Bowser tells everyone that he is taking the Princess, and that they should
    scram. Bootler says that enough and charges Baby Bowser. He was 23. Baby Bowser
    then turns to Mario and tells him that he is next. 
    /Baby Bowser\ 
    12 HP
    Nothing more then a quick training session here, start by pressing X once to
    land a jump attack. This will prompt Bootler (I know that’s not his name, but
    I’m spacing hard) to offer to teach you about action commands. If you have
    played Mario and Luigi one, or have even played the Paper Mario games you
    should already know about action commands. Still, if your new or need a freshen
    upper, press yes to learn about them. Likewise, check further up the guide for
    my own handy dandy action command tips. As you are shown, press X right before
    contact to crush Baby Bowser’s scull. Likewise Press X immediately after the
    fireball comes out of Bowser’s mouth to dodge it.
    (S) After the fight, Bowser claims he is a prince, and couldn’t have lost to AN
    INFERIOR BEING! Mario and Luigi celebrate as flashing light comes from the
    windows. The castle is under attack! A couple UFO are shown attacking the
    building, this few become thousands as the clouds lift. 
    The Mushroom Kingdome (present)
    (S) The next scene shows the awesome E. Gadd waving in front of his newest
    invention. It seems Gadd has developed a time machine. The star is powered by
    the Cobalt Star, which seemingly allows you to break the speed of light while
    keeping your DNA from exploding, awesome! Mario and Luigi are then shown
    outside the castle. Princess Peach is said to be so exited about the machine
    that she chose to be its first vict... err voyager. 
    (S) Bootler is now shown obviously worried about the princess. (Why didn’t you
    go with her champ?). E. Gadd tries to assure Bootler that the princess will be
    safe. In fact he says there is a 99.999999999% chance of her safety! This
    really doesn’t calm Bootler off as he passes out. A toad notes that he KO’d
    himself (LOL Newb). The same toad tells you that there is refreshment in
    Bootler’s room, and that you should go get it. Suddenly, camera Lakitu shows up
    with a map for you. The map shows the current room you are in and all the saves
    around you, pretty darn nifty I think.  After you are told a map the Toad asks
    Mario to see how is jump’s coming. (Bootler passed out on the floor obviously
    isn’t that important to this guy.) Press A to show him your mad Italian Plummer
    hops. You are then finally released to walk around.
    (G) While you are free to explore the castle, there is little or nothing to do
    so I don’t really recommend it. First go south and save your game. You should
    also see a red heart box here. Normally this will completely refill your
    health, but since you don’t really have health yet it’s useless. Continue
    walking towards the room with the green mushroom on it. Jump onto the wooden
    thing, then jump again to hit the yellow block. After you get the shroom, head
    back to where you originally where, or one room above the middle save point.
    (S) Toads worth is shown on his death bed as you re enter the room. The same
    toad who was asking you to jump just minutes ago is now begging Bootler for his
    stuff. (It all makes sense now). The doctor says that Bootler’s chances are
    slim. He has developed shroomshock (Also a name for a hallucinogenic overdose).
    Without a mushroom it seems he’s doomed for. Luckily you give him one and he is
    fine. And with that the time machine has returned! It is however really banged
    up. The door opens. But the princess does not exit. Instead it’s a generic
    early game green monster!
    /Junior Shrooboid\
    0 Coins
    (B) Pretty much just as difficult if not a tad bit harder then Baby Bowser. Use
    the action moves you learned earlier to dodge the monsters spin attack (Jump
    when he first touches the blue mushroom on the carpet.) After the first round
    of attack, Bootler will ask you if you want to learn about action commands
    again. Since you have already learned these feel free to skip them, or learn
    them again if you want. Keep the jump attacks coming and you should have him in
    no time. Mario will level up after this match. You will auto get a set amount
    for each stat. You can however, choose one stat to get even more in. Choose HP
    this time and hope for a 3. From now make a note to mainly upgrade Attack and
    HP, with something else now and then if you want.
    (S) After the match, E. Gadd pulls out his time radar and sees that Peach is
    still in the past. He says that with the machine broken as it is, no one can go
    find Peach. Luigi comes running from below and states that a giant hole has
    appeared in the garden outside the castle. (Why he was there I have no idea.)
    Gadd says that it is possible that the time machine may be making holes in the
    world (Why hello there Futurama). Toad asks Luigi to stand guard and protect
    the garden but he denies. The toad then asks to see Luigi’s jumps. (This guy
    has got to get out more.) Luigi’s hop is pathetic, and he is mocked by the toad
    for it. Mario’s jump is then shown which destroys Luigi’s. The toad tells Luigi
    to try again, but with some intensity this time. Luigi then jumps just as hi as
    Mario. The toad runs off to ask more people how high they can jump, and you are
    back on your way.
    (G) You can just go strait down to find the hole, but there are a lot of cool
    items to get so feel free to go get them if you like. There is also a shop but
    it is busy restocking at the time. When you’re done exploring, go to the room
    with the professor on it.
    (S) Mario and Luigi enter the garden to see a swirly red and yellow hole. E.
    Gadd exclaims that it is indeed a time hole. Luigi hope up next to it to take a
    better look (I wonder where this is going?) He says the hole will take you
    somewhere to the mushroom Kingdome in the past. He also wonders if someone who
    jumped in could make it back out. At this, Bootler rides into the hole thingy
    with his bed, knocking Luigi in and shredding his DNA...err I mean causes him
    to disappear in a flash of light. Mario fearlessly jumps in, going for his
    brother. A trippy load screen is now shown with Mario falling. Mario and Luigi
    are now shown in some forest area with a suitcase on top of Luigi. The suitcase
    says he was told there would be a Luigi here too but he can’t find him (He’s
    standing on him.) Luigi throws the suitcase off him and is visibly angry. Mario
    calms Luigi down. The suitcase explains he is an assistant sent by E. Gadd in
    order to help Mario and Luigi out. He claims he does much more then just holds
    stuff. He says to start things by opening him up. (Hot). 
    (G) This is game play, sort of. The suitcase claims that he can do many things
    like holding your items and equipment. You can also check your stats. You can
    also see your time, and you coin count, along with your current HP. Press B to
    close the suitcase....BACK TO ADVENTURE! With this the hole disappears and
    Luigi is sad because of it.
    Outside Hollijolli Village 
    (G) There is a save point here that you will probably want to use. There’s
    nothing to do in the first area so head right one, the suitcase will jump out
    and talk to you again. (Does he ever shut up?) He wishes to teach you some
    basic jump technique. You are told to press A to make Mario jump, and B to make
    Luigi jump. Practice jumping by hopping around and acquiring all the stuff.
    When you are ready, walk to the top right screen until you see a gap, this will
    prompt the suitcase to teach you how to double jump. There’s nothing if you
    fall through the gaps so don’t worry about it. After this you will see a bunch
    of green and red boxes. As you probably can guess, use Mario to hit the red
    blocks, and Luigi to hit the green. Hitting all the blocks will cause a series
    of steps to come down, allowing you to proceed. 
    (S) While walking, Luigi will be donked by a Toad. A series of spaceships
    unlike the ones seen earlier will pass them by. They will continue up to the
    snowy area above you and mass carrier the entire town.  The told is left
    mumbling about purple mushrooms. Mario and Luigi make a run for it while the
    Toad is sucked up by a UFO.
    (G) You should now be on a giant mushroom. Walk forward a bit and you should
    see a blue DR. Mario looking thing. The suitcase encourages you to jump on the
    shroom to initiate battle. Do so and cue sweet battle music.
    /Shrooblet (2)\
    7HP (Each)
    3 Coins (Each)
    (B)Remember to use action commands in this battle to make it a lot easier. Even
    without them this match is very easy and should be no concern. After the match,
    jump on the other two shrooms and defeat them both.
    (G) Continue making your way up the area, fighting all the monsters you find.
    (S) About half way through the area, Luigi gets donked on the head by a
    monster. Apparently this monk really hurt as Luigi loses 16 HP because of it!
    This prompts the suitcase to teach you how to use items. Press the mushroom
    option like prompted and heal Luigi.
    (G) Keep moving up, remembering to fight every opponent you see. This should
    always be true, as it will keep you at the necessary level for the current boss
    fight. Just keep moving and you will reach the village soon enough
    Hollijolli Village
    (S) You enter the city to find those same UFO’s destroying everything. Breaking
    buildings, and killing toads. The UFO’s then leave, Allowing Mario and Luigi to
    (G) There really isn’t a whole lot to see here. You are free to walk around and
    explore, but you won’t find much. Make sure to enter the first house you see so
    you can save. And then enter the second house to continue the story. You should
    enter the house to see an elf thing stuck in the chimney. Apparently he is the
    mayor and is stuck. Walk underneath him and jump to get him out. 
    (S) Mario and Luigi hear a scream and rush outside. There they find the same
    mayor being taken by the aliens. Meanwhile, three aliens confront the two with
    their evil alien language. So begins the battle.
    You can’t win this match, so don’t worry about it. You should probably notice a
    huge UFO thing floating over you, impending your doom. Just get some more
    practice with action commands. To dodge their attacks, jump just as the gun is
    fired. After three rounds, a giant flash ball will come down from the UFO, thus
    ending the game. OR DOES IT!?!
    Koopa Cruiser
    (S) The game now cuts back to the baby Mario and Luigi, running around with
    each on top of the Bowser cruiser. The ship is attacked by those same damn
    UFO’s and the boys begin to cry. Toadsorth crawls in and is overjoyed to 
    Finally find the princess. He wheels her out of the ship, leaving the Bros
    alone. Bowser is heard from the speakers, alerting everyone to meet on the
    deck. Mario pushes Luigi out to the deck.
    (G)You are taught to jump again in this room. Simply follow the koopa’s command
    and jump over all the boxes, collecting all the items along the way.
    (S)You enter the captain facility to find Baby Bowser ordering the launch of
    the Koop Cannon. He is obviously proud of himself as his followers boost his
    ego. Adult Mario and Luigi are then spotted, still lying on the ground. Bowser
    denies the request of saving the two, this causes baby Peach to throw a
    tantrum. Bowser decides to help them, and launches cannon shot to fend off the
    attackers. The babies are then told to go get the people they saved. 
    Hollijolli Village
    (G)Make sure to save, and then go to where Mario and Luigi are downed. You
    should find some shroobs still there, thus initiating a battle. 
    /Shroob (2)\  
    10HP (Each)
    5 Coins (Each)
    Nothing too hard here as long as you keep the action commands coming. Remember
    that Baby Mario is X and Baby Luigi is Y. You will also be taught about Bros 
    Items here. Follow the example, and defeat the monsters with Koopa shells.
    (S) After the battle, Bootler comments that more aliens may come soon. He says
    it would be a good idea to take Mario and Luigi back to the ship. Bootler later
    comments that the alien’s presence was like a bad dream, there is now a scene
    of happy toads walking around, until they are attacked by those same damn dirty
    UFO’s. Suddenly, the UFO’s are seen destroying the castle! The babies are told
    to flee the area before it is destroyed. A UFO makes it inside and abducts a
    toad. Luckily, Bowser is able to call in an attack on the UFO before it can
    harm anyone else. Bootler then finishes his story of what happened. I now must
    apologize for typing this at 4 A.M. I had no idea this was a story or anything
    else...so ya. On with the game. As you approach the Mushroom palace which is
    now the Shroom castle. You comment that Princess Peach must be there. Bootler
    says that’s impossible because Peach is right there. This cause him to think
    Mario and Luigi has lost it. Either way a transmission is received form
    princess Shroom who looks very similar to Princess Peach. She sends an
    obviously evil message, however it is in alien language and no one can
    understand it. Suddenly a report is heard. A shroom missile is heading strait
    for the ship! Bowser yells for a counter attack, but the ship is out of ammo.
    The missile hits your craft and it slowly crashes into the castle. Mario and
    Luigi are now seen alone, when suddenly that suitcase pops out. He says that
    there is no one else in the area. He also says that another time portal has
    been detected. Thus ends the longest cut scene of all time.
    Shroom Castle (Lava Moat)
    (G) Start out by saving then heading right. Grab the shrooms and shells there
    then engage battle with a new enemy.
    10 HP
    3 Coins
    A very basic enemy. Goes down pretty easy, and has an easily dodged attack.
    It’s one and only attack has it charging either bro simply jump when the time
    is right to either jump on, or over it. There are quite a few of these so get
    used to them.
    (G) Go down at the first fork and grab the mushroom. Then head to the right,
    then up and onward to the door. In the next room, first clean the entire floor.
    Here you should find a new enemy.
    4 Coins
    Not a whole lot different from Goombas. Will disappear then re appear behind
    Mario and Luigi. The hand they put out beforehand is the direction they plan to
    go. Jump when they first appear. 
    (G) Once you have cleaned house hop up the stairs to the walking beam above.
    Walk slowly on the beam. If you go to fast you are sure to fall of. If you do
    fall head back to the stair and do it again. Also you may notice weird X
    markings on the ground. These are unimportant for now so don’t worry about 
    (S) It is now you see Baby Mario and Baby Luigi on the high beams above. Baby
    Mario makes it down safely, but Bably Luigi is much more hesitent. The suitcase
    then pops out and recommends you use him as a cushioning device. Luigi hops ON
    TOP of the suitcase. The suitcase likely has some sort of metal exterior so the
    fact that a small child fell 20 feet onto it can’t be good. Either way, BACK TO
    (G) Attempt to leave the area and the babies will begin to cry. Everyones
    favorite suitcase will then pop up and offer you advice on walking with a group
    of four. Mario and Luigi then do their absolute best to cheer up the babies.
    You are then told you can move. This acquisition of movement should be huge for
    you so savor it. When you’re done talk to the suitcase. Now press X to switch
    to the babies. Now walk to the babies to pick them up like a piggy back. To
    open the door, have all four Bros step on the switch.
    Next, toss the babies onto the ledge and have them press the blue and green
    switch to allow the older Bros up as well. 
    In the next room, have the babies go alone inside the tiny door, and grab the
    items from the blocks. Now walk around and pick up all the items in the area.  
    Same thing in the next room, throw the babies onto the ledge and have them hit
    the blue and green switch. After thatm throw them up onto another ledge and
    have them hit the pink switch. This should lower the platform allowing Big
    Mario and Luigi to get up. Jump on the switch and proceeed.
    (S) In the next room you find a staple of Mario RPG’s, Kammy Koopa. She is
    looking for prince Bowser when she spots the four. She claims that she
    remembers kidnapping the little Bros. But now they’re much bigger, And hairier
    for that matter. She says that if you are bothering her, then she will bother
    you up!
    This battle is nothing more then a way for you to learn about piggyback moves.
    These moves are essential to learn and pull off, as the more damage you can
    deal the better. Like the suitcase teaches, press either X for Baby Mario, or Y
    for Baby Luigi. And then A for Mario, or B for Luigi. After you defeat the Boo
    you will be taught about Bros items for four people. Read the instructions and
    try it out. The Koopa shell is pretty hard to do with four people, so it may
    take a while for you to get the hang of it. After the battle, continue moving
    until you meet a new enemy
    /Boom Guy\ 
    8 Coins
    This thing is really annoying until you get his attacks down and then he isn’t
    so hard. His attacks have him walking up to. Now one of two things will happen,
    wither he will fire right at you. Or have a shoot out smoke, and then fire. If
    he holds his gun loosely with one hand, it will be a miss fire. A two handed
    fire however will be immediate. Once he is down to only a few HP, he will lose
    his cannon and spend a turn calling in a new one. Because he often gives you a
    free turn to attack, these guys give you a lot of opportunities to beat them. 
    (G) Spend the rest of this area getting a lot of XP and practicing Bros
    Attacks. By the time I exited this area I had everyone at level four. And I
    killed all the monsters I saw.
    The final area is nothing more then a large pipe with a four person mark on it.
    Have all the bros jump on it to get to the next level.
    Nice save point in the next level (Writing this guide has me at 4:12 at this
    point). Head up and out to the next area
    In this level, walk to the end of the walkway, now turn upwards and you should
    see a ledge, Toss the babies onto it and have them walk into then next room. In
    there they should find a purple block for them to press. A bridge will appear.
    Reunite the Bros and head across. Jump on the four person switch to get to the
    next area.
    Another very similar puzzle here, except the babies can go to the right once in
    the chamber to find several enemies and goodies for them, defeat all the
    goombas, and grab the items before switching back to the older Bros. Have Mario
    and Luigi cross the bridge. Once crossed the bridge, the suitcase will pop out
    and teach you about the new multicolored block you see. Follow the instructions
    to raise the platform and then switch back to the babies. With the babies,
    climb the platform that was created, and press the blocks in a similar fashion.
    This will lower the platform below. Now have the Bros reunite and destroy all
    the enemies on the floor before continuing. Have all four Bros hop up the
    platforms. Defeat the Boom Guy above and again throw the babies onto the ledge.
    Have them go to the left and press the blocks to make a bridge to cross. Knock
    down the door and move on to the next area.
    First head to the right and grab the 20 coin block. Next head left and throw
    the babies onto the ledge. You should enter a darkened room with white things.
    This is actually a platform you must walk on, surrounded by spikes. Falling
    will illuminate the room showing you where to go. While you can just guess and
    check it by remembering where to turn each time you die. (Which I did). A much
    easier way to do it that I learned on my third play through is to have Adult
    Mario and Luigi use the Bros bloc to illuminate the room. Have Mario hit the
    red block, and Luigi hit the green one. The result should be an illumination
    block for the babies to use. If you have the wrong bros hit it however a
    fireball will hit the babies, causing them to restart. After making it the
    whole way, the babies should reappear inside the cage area. Hit the big
    treasure box with them and watch the crystal thing fly out. The suitcase
    recommends you keep it so you acquire crystal shard. The gate will now oopen
    allowing everyone to make it to the next area.
    Hit the pipe switch here and save/heal everyone. Your almost out of the area
    and that usually means it’s boss time. Hit the last four man switch and exit
    the level.
    (S)Bootler asks if you are all OK before the suitcase pops out again. He says
    that the thing in front of everyone is the new time hole and that everyone
    should jump in. Bootler tries to say it is a bad idea but the suitcase tells
    him off. Everyone hops into the warp, thus ending the level.
    The Mushroom Kingdome (present)
    (G) There are tons of things for you to do once you return to the castle. The
    suitcase recommends talking to the professor; you can spend this time walking
    around looking for items. But there isn’t anything incredibly noteworthy at the
    time so just go ahead and walk to the room marked with E. Gadd.
    (S) You enter E Gadd’s room to find the generic green monster in a tube. E.
    Gadd is astonished with Mario and Luigi bringing back the baby versions of
    them. He says he is tickled to see the big and little bros side by side. The
    suitcase then pops out and alerts E. Gadd that the castle of the past is under
    attack. The suitcase then brings out the crystal you found earlier and shows it
    to the professor taking all the credit for it. The piece is identified as a
    Cobalt Star Shard which is the time machine’s fuel source. (Complete guess
    here, we are going to need to collect 5-7 more). The star piece causes the
    monster to get very angry and scream thus making poor baby Luigi cry. The toad
    then tells you to collect more shards to rescue Princess Peach (Oh called it!).
    Suddenly, a new time portal opens up. You are of course told to go to the time
    warp to make find the next shards. Before you go however, E. Gadd keeps you to
    learn about badges. 
    (G) Follow the instuction to learn all about badge use. Choose whoever you like
    to get the badge, as it really won’t help anyone most. I gave it to Luigi since
    he’s the man. Once everything is set up, Gadd tells you he is going to continue
    watching over the monster. He also tells you that the shroom shoom shop has
    opened up. Guess where you should go next? 
    Shroom Shop
    (You see what I did there? I used money symbols for the header...I’m so clever)
    Useable Items
    Mushroom 10
    1-Up Mushroom 60
    Refreshing Herb 15
    Bros Items
    Cannonballer 40
    Bro Shell 20
    Green Shell 10
    Patched Slacks 120
    Starchy Jeans 90
    Wallet Badge 200
    Salvage Badge 140
    Easy Badge 100
    Pep Badge 100
    Training Badge 80
    Buy two pairs of Patched slacks, and two pairs of Starchy Jeans. The extra DEF
    should come in handy. This should pretty much bankrupt you, but money is pretty
    easy to get in this game so it’s not much of a problem. When you’re all set
    head to the new warp hole to the right of the map. Once you jump in, old
    Bootler will meet new Bootler and they will fight over the young princess Peach.
    Toad Wood Forest
    Upon arrival, save and head right to the next area
    Immediately grab the six fire flowers from the Mario box. These items are very
    useful, so always go for them. In this area, toss the babies into all three of
    the stumps. Going left to right they should find 11 coins, 10 coins and a
    mushroom drop, and a new enemy!
    18 HP
    4 Coibs
    When the Koopeleon attacks you he will turn invisible. However if you look hard
    enough you should still be able to see an outline of where he is. His attack is
    an invisible rush attack. To dodge, watch for the white bubbles that signify
    him moving. As soon as you see these dots, jump. You should land on their head.
    All in all, this is a pretty easy enemy that shouldn’t be too much trouble for
    you. After you have gotten those three things, move on to the top.
    (S) Upon entering you here a faint voice calling out your name. It is a pink
    Toad trapped in a tree. She says her name is Toadiko and that she was on the
    time machine with peach. She says that as soon as she arrived that they were
    attacked by Shroobs. (A scene is now shown of Peach arriving only to be
    attacked by those blue shroomy things, lead by princess shroom.) The Toad says
    that the princess was in fact taken by the shroobs. She tells you (With an
    incredible amount of insight and detail, more then anyone who was just
    kidnapped should know.) All about the tree life sucking system. Apparently
    mushroom power is used as fuel, but is very possibly used for something else as
    well. (OMG Foreshadowing!?!?!) She tells you to leave her there (No complaints
    from me). Suddenly, the aliens attack! Frying that poor toad. Mario and Luigi
    have a quick mumbled conversation and where back on our way.
    (G) Toss the babies into the tree nearby and collect the mushroom and 10 coins.
    Now head right.
    Hit the Luigi block, and defeat the enemy. Now going from the bottom left
    corner, toss the babies into the stump and find yourselves a new enemy.
    5 Coins
    The Pirannha is a very easy enemy to defeat, with a very easy to dodge attack.
    To kill it simply do jump attacks, or use Bros items on it. It’s one and only
    attack consist of it growing very tall onto the second screen, and firing a
    fire ball at one of the Bros. To dodge, jump when the fireball is less then a
    second away from making contact, although there is a lot of time before and
    after that you will be O.K.  
    Now throw the Bros in the other stumps, and you should find three shells and 10
    coins. Also, there are some monsters for you to defeat in the area. One is new!
    /Boo Guy\
    17 HP
    4 Coins
    Now this guy is a pain. He is probably the most difficult enemy to dodge thus
    far. His attack goes like this, he will point one hand out. This is the
    direction he is heading, jump when he begins to spin like a bullet. Luckily, he
    will only do four or so damage to you if he hits so it isn’t that bad.
    Once that is all taken care of, head to the bottom right corner to exit.
    The Vim factory should be up ahead, but the entrance is blocked (OH NOES!)
    Instead defeat all the enemies in the area. Also grab the 1-Up shroom from the
    Luigi Block. Now head left to exit the area.
    Several empty boxes are seen now. (I wonder if this is a puzzle?) Head to the
    bottom right corner, and throw the babies with them. Now switch to them and
    begin navigating the area. You should soon see a box with a fire thing in it.
    Jump up to knock it up and out. Go straight at the fork, and defeat the enemy.
    Continue along with the Bros, defeating all then enemies and defeating all the
    baddies until all the blocks are filled. Now run back to the launch bad and
    reunite the Bros. Now as a group, jump and knock each filled block, so its
    contents fly into the big block. When the middle block is filled. Hit that one
    and watch as a completely unstable ball of fire, somehow hits a target 
    Head back up and through the now open passage.
    There is nothing here to do, head up the stairs.
    Throw the babies in the trees here for a 100 coin, a pain of unarmed jeans,
    (Give them to whichever baby has lower power), and a fight against an enemy.
    Defeat the additional monster (I got six chameleons!). And the other additional
    monster (I got two ghosts and a pipe thing!) Then exit the area to the top 
    You should see some flying saucers fly ahead of you. Now note that you can’t
    get into the space ship (You didn’t think it would be that easy did
    you?)Instead head right to begin the puzzle.
    Start this area by defeating then enemy and grabbing the three coins. Now throw
    the babies inside the tree and have the big guys walk on to the magic carpet
    thing. As the babies, hit the switch as it faces to the right. The carpet
    should begin moving in that direction. Now let it go until it is aligned with a
    ledge. Now jump with the babies again to stop it. Hop onto the land with the
    big guys. Head up to the top and grab the wallet badge with Luigi. (Just give
    it to one of the babies for now.) Walk the bros back onto the platform, then
    restart it still going right with the babies. Have them stop it again at the
    next platform, where you should again move the big bros off. Defeat the enemies
    and move across the bridge.
    Hit the Blue block here to have the little guys pop back up next to you. (So
    that’s what it does!) Now toss the babies into the tree to the left of you for
    a 100 coin, and two green shells. Now throw them onto the ledge for three fire
    flowers. Finally, jump and then toss the babies so they hit the multicolored
    block in the middle. This will begin a sequence in which you will have to jump
    in the order of Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Luigi, and then Mario. This will (for
    no apparent reason) cause one of the statues to light up and shock one of the
    ships claws. Therefore obviously getting the other claw will open the door...
    Exit to the top left area.
    Start the area by defeating both groups of enemies. All four bros leveled up to
    level 7 after the second group, in case you’re keeping score at home. Throw
    your babies into the tree and walk the big bros down to another carpet (Yes I
    know it’s a platform...stop E-Mailing me.) Have the little bros hit the switch
    when the arrow is pointed to the right. Switch back to the big bros, and hop
    over the yellow baracade when it comes. Hit the purple switch and then jump
    into the spikes to get back. Rejoin big and small and hop up the newly formed
    In the top right corner here, jump to collect a few coins and a 1-Up Shroom.
    Then toss the babies in to collect another 100 coin, and a mushroom. Now jump
    throw the babies into the colored block in the middle, just like you did a few
    areas ago. The same puzzle will go. (How bout some originality Alpha.) Another
    bolt will sound, thus opening the space craft. Now head out of the area, and
    through the bottom right corner and prepare for a not so fun last challenge.
    By this time I hope you know to throw the babies into the tree stump. Now walk
    onto the platform. Start by going strait down until you crash into a platform.
    From here, navigate to the right so you make it to the island with the boxes on
    it. Collect the coin and green shell and hop back on. From here go strait left,
    or a little down and then left so you miss the island. Go until you hit the
    wall and then head down. Go for a little bit until you hit another island with
    a box on it. Inside is another coin (AWESOME!). Keep heading down and very soon
    you should spot a green Luigi box on top of a yellow platform. Inside are some
    wild trousers (kinky much?) These pants raise attack, while obliterating
    defense. Give them to whichever Bro has a lower attack (likely Luigi). Move to
    the other three yellow masses as well to collect a 10 coin, two coins, and
    three bro flowers. After all this, head left until the wall, and then down to
    reach the end. Also note that you will likely have fallen 5-10 times by now,
    making this area a whole lot less fun.
    Now head up to the space craft area and hit the blue block to reunite the bros.
    Now head back to the landing site to save. Make a note to heal Baby Mario, and
    Luigi to the max as they will have a tough fight coming up. Now head to the Air
    Craft’s door which should open up for you. Step inside to find...
    A PIPE SWITCH!...erm I mean
    A SAVE POINT!...erm I mean
    THE KOOPA BROS! Ahh, there we go.
    The Koopa’s will talk about there 1337  |-|4<>0^ $k1||$!!!!!111eleven11!! In a
    scene that I can only imagine how it sounded in the Japanese version. Long
    story short, they pwn teh n00bs which is the Mario bros. And nothing says 1337
    like a giant mechanical nose M I RITE?!?! Either way the big bros are sucked
    away, leaving only the little guys to pwn teh tru noobs.
    /Hammer Bros\
    100HP (Each)
    70 Coins
    80 XP
    I promise never to type like that again “i swer” Either way the Koopa’s despite
    their pompus attitude, are much more bark then they are bite considering they
    are the first true bosses. (With a game time of over eight hours it’s about
    time.) Your main concern should be defeating one Koopa as quickly as possible
    as the Koopa’s team attack is much more powerful and difficult to dodge then
    there solo attack. The Bros have two team attacks. Both involve one launching
    the other as a projectile and dealing huge damage. There is actually an easy
    way to counter this however. Watch the Koopa as his mallet swing backward. If a
    normal contact is made, then the hit Koopa will bounce normally. In this case,
    time your jump so you land on in. The other attack happens when the Koopa’s
    hammer head goes flying to the side. This will result in the Koopa going air
    born, and missing you completely. Just stay still here and let him launch over
    you. The Koopa’s solo attack is much less impressive. The lone Koopa will
    launch hammers into the air. Jump with the necessary baby just as the hammers
    hit the ground. Also note that all items, regular and Bro can be used by the
    babies as well. And by this time you should have at least 6-10 life shrooms, so
    there is no need to worry if a baby goes down. Also by this time you should
    have hopefully become more skilled with the bro items. I was dealing 64 damage
    a turn using two shells which made this fight way easier. Either way, no scope
    these noobs move on.
    (S) After the battle, the Koopa’s antennas are found to be broken. Thus there
    mind control powers are defeated. Also gone are the mad hax Koopa’s that we
    will all miss. As a thank you (For beating them up.) You are given hammers! Now
    smile as infant children are given incredibly powerful tools of damage and
    destruction. But before you can use them it’s intro time.
    (G) Follow the super fun examples told you by the Koop’s. Follow the guide just
    like you are taught, hammering all the boxes in your way. At the next test,
    double press Y to burrow into the ground. Now head under the gate like
    prompted. Pop back up and keep moving while destroying the boxes. Hit the pink
    Switch to end the training. You will now be told about X Marks and beans. I
    swear I will do my best to tell you all of these I can find. But my tendency to
    do these guides at 4 A.M. While loaded up on caffeine always makes things like
    that difficult. And with that, head back to save, and welcome to
    Vim Factory
    (G) Well actually you’ve been here for like twenty minutes now. But I didn’t
    want to ruin my joke so I say you only just arrived. Start by having the babies
    jump on the yellow, two dot switch to open the first door.
    Next, use Baby Luigi’s tornado moves to walk under the gate before popping out.
    Now destroy all the crates with the hammer. After a bit of that you will reach
    the exit.
    Walk into the middle right passage of this area and will see a gate for you to
    move under. Now hop over the boxes and onto the crossing beam. Head straight
    right, then down until you hit the wall. Drop into the area and collect a
    couple coins, and three green shells. Also note the giant flashing read button
    in the corner of the room. Hammer it, and a block should pop up in the top left
    corner. Head to the same room again, but instead walk to the left side of the
    beam. Now jump onto the beam to the left of you. Fall into the room and hit the
    second red dot. A blue brick should now pop out. Now head back to the beginning
    of the area which is the bottom left corner, and tunnel under that floor as
    well. (I know you’re supposed to go through this one first, I missed it and
    didn’t feel like rewriting it, so there.)Here. Hit the block and collect the
    three mushrooms. Once you’re all set, walk to the newly formed steps and walk
    into the tube to the left.
    Start the next room by going down initially and collecting the two refreshing
    herbs. Now continue down the path until you meat a new enemy.
    Note: The Koopa bros will teach you about hammer attacks in this battle. Simply
    follow instruction on attacking. Then completely disregarding as using hammers
    is was too hard and confusing in this game.
    /Spiny Shroopa\
    I really, really hate these things. Considering the only way to normally attack
    them is with hammer attack, which I am not a big fan of. These things seem to
    take forever. Even worse is their incredibly lousy XP and Coin give. Luckily,
    Shroopas only have one attack. They will hop twice, striking you for some
    serious damage on the second strike. Your best bet is to begin holding your
    weapon on the first hop, and then unleashing just before the second hop is
    finished. Another excellent tip for these things is to use your Bro Flower bro
    item. I had 20 at the time and they are crazy effective. One solid attack with
    one can defeat 2-3 enemies. Either way these things show up a lot in this area
    so best be getting used to them.
    (G) After the battle, remember to heal the babies before moving on. You must
    remember that one of the babies can be knocked out after only a few hits. Keep
    moving for a little bit until you find more spiky things to kill. Head left at
    the fork and grab the mushroom drop. Then keep going until (another) spiky
    thing. Soon after that you will reach the door.
    Fall down the ledge and go through the door on the left, defeat the spiky
    (sensing a pattern here?) and head through the door.
    A spiky will attack you immediately upon entry, defeat him and walk down
    further to find Unarmed Jeans, a Refreshing Herd, and 10 coins. Now head back 
    Room two this time.
    You will now see a giant tree with Mario and Luigi in it. On the tree’s roots
    you should see flashing bulb things. Go hammer time on the bulbs, breaking each
    one. This will cause the tree to sneeze out the big bros. Reuniting the group.
    You will also be attacked by spiky things...hooray. During the battle, you will
    be taugh how to do a four person hammer attack. These are way harder then they
    should be (I miss the Paper Mario hammer attack). Either way, defeat the
    enemies. Now throw the baies onto the ledge in the top right corner and have
    them hammer the button. Now regroup and exit the area. 
    I highly recommend heading one area back and saving before jumping on the four
    person block to continue.
    In the next room, hit the Mario block and grab the four cannonball bro items
    before a new enemy attacks.
    /Dr. Shroob\
    A incredibly easy monster that tends to attack alone. Dr. Shroob has three
    attacks. The first it its default attack, it will run up a few feat and fire a
    laser ball at the bros. simply have both bros jump to avoid being hit. It will
    usually fire twice so stay on your toes. After its attack it will pull out
    either a healthy or poisonous mushroom. If you do any sort of damage to the
    shroob on your turn, it will bounce away and he will do his same laser attack.
    If you don’t however he will eat the mushroom and therefore do one of two
    moves. If he eats a regular shroom, he will grow to a supersize and slowly
    waddle too you. Set up your hammer and do your best to get a hit because he
    will do major damage if you miss. If he eats the purple shroom he will shrink
    and run at you. He won’t do a ton of damage but is very hard to block so be
    warned. To defeat these guys just jump on them. Nothing too difficult here.
    Defeat the spikys in this room, until you reach the end where you will find yet
    another enemy.
    If you watch Lakitufo out of battle, he will constantly drop spiky things. This
    is bad because spiky things are really hard to kill. Instead walk under his
    flashy yellow light and let him attack you. In a battle with this guy he will
    likely have a wall of defense protecting him. Do your best to ignore these guys
    and go straight for the Lakitu. Lakitufo only has one real attack, with two
    variations. The first of those you must defend with your hammer. He will swirl
    around a bit before pausing in front of one of the bros and quickly unleashing
    an attack. You must hit the shell before it hits you. This attack is a huge
    pain to dodge and you will likely need a lot of practice to dodge it. The other
    you must counter with a well timed jump. Instead of throwing a shell at you,
    Lakitufo will instead throw himself at you. This is a bit easier to counter but
    is still very difficult. For attack, I highly recommend using the bro item
    cannonballer. If you connect with all four bros it should be a one hit kill.
    Either way, make sure you don’t drop below three CB as you will need them for
    the boss fight.
    Finish off the enemies and grab the bean in the top right corner and proceed.
    Grab the bean and go down the tube.
    Head through the door
    Start by heading left and grabbing the two refreshing herbs. Now throw the
    babies and have them tunneled under the gate. Now go ahead and hit the red
    button with their hammer. Now tunnel back out and exit through the opened door.
    Go ahead and destroy the Lakitufo here, those things really bug me. Now toss
    the babies onto the ledge and walk through the door. Defeat then enemy here,
    and then hit the red switch with the babies hammer. Switch back to the big Bros
    and continue and defeat the Doctor and then use the colored blocks. Back to
    babies, cross the bridge and grab the bean. Now tunnel again and go under the
    fence and hit the button. Now tunnel back out and do the colored block with
    them as well. Now back to big bros and do yet another colored block. (Come on
    people, show me something cool.) Back to little guys, hop up the newly formed
    platform and exit the area. Head left, breaking all the boxes in your way. At
    the end of the walkway are two red buttons. “Press the button” “Who wouldn’t?”
    Now drop down and hit the pipe block and reunite the bros. Now head through
    door number one, or the one to the left.
    Not much to see here, defeat the Doctor and exit to the left.
    O.K, read this out so you know what’s going on. If done correctly you can BANK
    here. Start by jump throwing the babies into the coin box. All four of the bros
    will now go to their respective corners. The box will now hover over one of the
    bros head. Press the correct button and have the right bro hit it. Each hit is
    worth 10 coins. The block will speed up very quickly so keep it together. I got
    72 hits here landing me 720 coins. Cha-Ching! Head on out after you lose.
    Head on back out.
    Into door number two we go!
    Grab the cannonballers and take out the enemies in the area. Grab the bro
    flowers near the exit and then grab the bean before exiting to the right.
    Defeats the doctors here and then throw the babies onto the ledge. Now have
    them go inside the door while the big bros walk onto the platform. This is the
    same type of puzzle that we already saw an hour ago (like three hours for me.)
    First off grab the bean inside the room. Now start the switch once it is facing
    right. Maneuver to the platform with the pink switch and have the bros hit it.
    This will create a bridge for the babies, but don’t cross it yet. Instead, move
    the bros past the platform. Make a note to grab the 1-up Shroom, the 3 Green
    Shrooms, the two Mushrooms, and the three coins. Now ride the Bros to the end
    of the electric field, and do the colored block here. Now get to moving again
    with the babies. Defeat the spikies (I’m going to assume you hate these things
    by now.) Once you reach then end, head down the ledge and rejoin the bros. Have
    the big happy family jump on the switch. And prepare for the boss.
    There is a save marker here. I kind of recommend you use it. Heal everyone up
    to full health and head through the door.
    (S) The bros enter to find a weird bug thing, drinking soda and apparently
    fueling up spaceships. Now, if someone can tell me what the hell this system
    has to do with sapping the energy from toads by strapping them to
    trees...please, tell me. Either way, Baby Mario takes it upon himself to knock
    over the bug’s soda. This really makes him mad, causing him to turn red.
    Ya...you’re going to have to fight this thing.
    250 HP
    196 XP
    140 Coins
    Let me start by explaining what those Doctor Shrooms are doing here. You can’t
    defeat them so don’t bother. Their real purpose comes from their mushrooms. If
    a doctor isn’t holding anything, just ignore him. But if a doctor has a healthy
    mushroom, do NOT hit him. If you do, the mushroom will fly into the Swiggler’s
    cup, and he will drink it. This will completely heal him...and that’s bad.
    Simply let the Doctor eat those shrooms and defend them with your hammer. On
    the other side, if either Doctor pulls out a purple mushroom. Do everything in
    your power to land an attack on them, and knock the poison shroom in Swiggler’s
    glass. He will drink it and become sick. This is how you win this battle. Don’t
    bother hitting Swiggler until he is sick. If he is red, then you will do little
    damage and counter attack with a sound wave attack. Jump over these with both
    bros to avoid damage. Just wait until he is sick and then whip out one, or two
    cannonballer bro items. A perfect hit with one of these will usually hit for 84
    damage, meaning only three of these will take him down. If you’re fresh out,
    then Green Shells and finally plain old jump attacks will serve you as well.
    Just a note on Swiggler’s other attacks. The first is a cloud attack. Swiggler
    will fire between one and five clouds at you. This is super easy to counter by
    just swinging your hammer.  Also, if Swiggler drinks his drink without any
    mushroom in it, he will effectively fuel up several UFO’S. These same UFO’s
    that damn near killed both bros will only do minimal damage from the exact same
    attack. Simply jump over each attack, not a very difficult attack. But
    seriously, as soon as you know how to take this guy he is little or no
    challenge at all. 
    (S) Afterwards, Swiggler explodes, revealing the second Cobalt Star Piece!
    Suddenly Baby Bowser shows up and starts circling the bros. When suddenly, Baby
    Bowser snipes both pieces (OH NOES!). Baby Bowser discusses and clever he is,
    completely forgetting that he just totally ripped Doctor Robotnic from Sonic
    Adventure.  With that, Bowser escapes. Always being one to demand attention
    during crisis, the suitcase pops out tells everyone that they must rethink
    their strategy (You think?). And with that, everyone heads on back to the
    present. Bout time I say.
    Mushroom Kingdome 
    Because this game is linear as hell, and has no side quests to do ever... head
    on over to the shop!
    Start by avoiding talking to anyone and heading over to the Shroom Shop.
    Shroom Shop
    (Yup, still clever)
    Useable Items
    Mushroom 10
    Super Mushroom 20
    Mushroom Drop
    1-Up Mushroom 60
    Refreshing Herb 15
    Bros Items
    Smash Egg 40
    Ice Flower 20
    Cannonballer 40
    Bro Shell 20
    Green Shell 10
    Branded Slacks 350
    Preferred Pants 280
    Patched Slacks 120
    Starchy Jeans 90
    Shroom Badge 400
    EXP Badge 350
    Coin Badge 300
    Wallet Badge 200
    Salvage Badge 140
    Easy Badge 100
    Pep Badge 100
    Training Badge 80
    You should be rolling in cash about now, so go all spending. Buy two pairs of
    Branded Slacks for the adult bros, and two pairs of Preferred Pants for the
    little guys. I still had 500 coins left over, so you should too. Go ahead and
    buy some more shroom drops, and a couple of the new bro items...just because
    they’re new and they’re there. After this, head on up to where Gadd is working.
    (S) You meet Gadd, and the suitcase immediately take is upon himself to tell
    all about your skrew up. Gadd says this is no problem because more time holes
    are opening up. Obviously Gadd does not understand that no star pieces equal
    eternal doom. And that there is no reason for Baby Bowser not to put the pieces
    under heavy security so they can never be reclaimed...but this is Mario so I’ll
    let it slide. At this, several more time holes appear. Before you are set off
    once again, Gadd tells you that the Bootlers are causing a ruckus in the field.
    Go there now.
    You enter to find the too Bootlers trying to “pleasure” the Princess. Adult
    Bootler notes that he is “spent”...Suddenly, the bros come to the rescue and
    see what is wrong. Apparently baby Peach is having a tantrum and won’t stop
    crying. The Bootlers try a fancy spin attack, but to no avail. This does
    however greatly please baby Mario and Luigi, fantastic. The adult bros are
    amazed by this, and ask for instructions on it. Bootler complies and you head
    into a tutorial immediately.
    (G) In this tutorial, you will learn of the very useful adult bros mobe called
    the Spin Jump. Follow the tutorial by pressing R to go into spin mode. And
    flying across the spikes. Then the other spikes. Then the other spikes. Then
    the other spikes. Once you reach the Bootlers, they will commend your efforts,
    and you will learn the move. Before you go, please note that the adult have to
    be alone to spin jump. The babies have to be thrown to the side first. Now go
    save and head to the stairs, on the left side of the map. They should be
    signaled as a weird grey shape on the map.
    Now head strait right to enter the library.
    Start by hopping up to the nearest platform, and then throwing the babies to
    the side. Now spin jump to the left and grab the training badge from the Luigi
    block. Now head back onto the original bridge. Now spin jump to the right onto
    next panel. Grab the coin, and soon jump to the right again. Now spin jump to
    the left again. Grab the Super Mushroom here. You can’t get back to your
    original platform here, so head back to the starting platform. Spin jump left
    until you reach the platform with the up arrow on it. Spin jump upwards from
    the symbol, and land on a solid platform. First head right and grab the 1-Up
    Super. Now head left until you reach the blue block. Reunite the bros and hop
    into the portal. 
    Yoshi’s Island
    Welcome to my least favorite level, Yoshi’s island. This place isn’t
    necessarily bad, it’s just that most if not all the enemies here are broken DS
    from being thrown at the wall inducing. Either way, head right upon arrival
    across the bridge.
    Head into the first house you see here, save and grab the shroom badge. How
    head up, and enter the open house to the left side. 
    (S)Here you will meet The Mushroom Kingdoms hottest reporter, Kylie Koopa. She
    talks about a giant egg that has just appeared. She also notes that is must
    have something to do with the Shroobs (No, you think?). She mentions that she
    thought she would hear from the locals, but all of them are gone. She then
    tells you about the two person platform that is shrouded in mystery. Mario then
    says the cutest “babies” I have ever heard and it’s go time once again. As the
    babies, hop onto the platform, you will now find four Yoshi’s, two cowering in
    fear. And two not so much. They tell the babies not to make any noise because
    the Na...I mean Shroobs are coming. A loud roar is heard and the Yoshis make a
    run for it. Kylie then celebrates that she has a front page story. Upon exiting
    the building, a GIANT Yoshi is seen. That same Yoshi begins causing tons of
    trouble, eating smaller Yoshi’s and Kylie alike. Of course, Kylie is a reporter
    and is therefore bad taste (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). The alpha green Yoshi demands that
    the big guy releases all his friends, and then he is eaten...duh. Big Yoshi
    lets out a roar and tries to eat the bros. Once their panic ends, you are once
    again given control of Mario and Luigi. Once you exit the house, Kylie runs by
    again. She says she saw an evil Magikoopa flying around (Kammy). She then
    leaves and you can get to the meat of this level.
    Head back down to the first house and save, you should now notice that the door
    on the right side has been opened. Head inside. Here you will find Kammy closet
    eating Scooby snack. He asks if you want the Colbalt Shards back. (No, we were
    actually getting sick of them, you can just have them.) Kammy says the Bowser
    is on the top of the cliff and that he is collecting food for the little
    tubbber. With that he runs away. You should see another yellow switch here,
    switch to the babies and hop on it. Grab the smash eggs and 20 coins before
    leaving. But once you exit, OH NOES! The giant Yoshi’s back! Luckily he just
    eats Kammy and leaves. She obviously doesn’t taste very good however as she is
    quickly spat out. Kammy is not pleased with not being slowly killed by stomach
    acid and swears her revenge. She then opens up yet another house for you to
    enter. But before you do that, hop on top of the house to the left, and spin
    jump to the house on the right to grab the coins, I just missed that.
    In the house you will find a save point, and two smash eggs. Save and exit
    through the top of the house. Now head across the bride to exit the area.
    Start the area by having the babies hop onto the yellow switch here. Switch to
    hammers, and knock the item block down. With the big bros, hit it to reveal a
    100 coin block. Now head across the bridge. 
    Grab the bean to the left side. (If I don’t note these anywhere, just get them
    when you see them. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Now head into the
    building. In here you will find those delicious Scooby Snacks. Suitcase will
    pop out and tell you that they are Yoshi snacks, but he’s lying. The Marios
    will exit, while the Luigis hang behind to grab some stacks. Luigi will pocket
    three, while giving the last one to Baby Luigi, AWWW. Head up a bit more to 
    Hop on the tube here to begin the real part of this level.
    Save and head right.
    The bros will size up Kammy Koopa, before he shows you how powerful he is
    by...LIGHTING A COUPLE FIRES! Never mind putting some in places that would
    permanently stop the bros but whatever. She flies away and there we go. Toss
    the babies, and walk baby Mario over to the fountain. The suitcase pops out and
    notes that baby Mario knows how to chug. He will actually swell up with water.
    You can now release it by hammering him with baby Luigi’s hammer. Now walk the
    babies over to the bottom right bridge and have Mario put out the fire. Now
    empty out the rest of the water and reunite the bros before leaving.
    Grab the Smash Eggs and the coins before walking around and fighting some new
    enemies...I guess I’ll have to describe them now won’t I?
    I hate these things. Defeating them is really quite simple. Four or so jump
    attacks should be enough. The real difficulty comes in their attack. While they
    only have one actual attack. There are four different variations of the move,
    all of which are very difficult to dodge. All of the attacks involve the Pidgit
    dive bombing you from above. They will either do this from in front of you, or
    from behind you. The second variation is that they will either head strait
    down, or they will stall about half way down. I’m yet to figure out how you can
    figure out which move they are doing, so if anyone knows please E-Mail me. The
    timing for these things is really for you to get the feel of which is
    good...because there’s like 500 of these things. Even more annoying are these
    things run away all the time too...I just learned that.
    Once you defeat both of these things, hop the babies on the yellow platform.
    Grab the Bros items and yet another enemy.
    /Gnartula\ (Say that 10 times fast.)
    These things really aren’t so bad. First off, most of these have spikes
    underneath their cloud fir, just play it safe and use all hammer attacks. Once
    the cloud is lifted, if the shell is shown to be flat, feel free to use jump
    attacks to your hearts content. These things on and only attack involves them
    hopping twice, the second one deals a pretty good amount of damage. To counter,
    load your hammer on the first jump, and release just before contact is made.
    Luckily, these things are pretty slow, and you should be able to counter pretty
    easily with a little practice. All in all, hardly something you should worry 
    Grab the bean up here now head left and grab the 20 coin, and a 1-Up Super.
    Also grab another bean before heading back. Reunite the bros and head up the
    slop above and exit.
    Head to the right in this area.
    March the bros to the end. Now have the babies hop up to the clouds again.
    There are quite a few enemies up here, as there are many goodies to collect.
    Beat all the baddies and collect the coins, and the Heart Pants. (Give them to
    the baby with the lower HP) Also grab the two beans before heading over to the
    fountain and filling Mario up. Now waddle over to the weird pipe thing and spit
    some water into the pipe. Because of this, a fire should be put out, thus
    opening up a red block. Head back down and hook up the bros. Now hit the red
    block, thus filling in a block on the map. I guess we should head there now.
    Head left, onto the red block, and across the bridge. 
    Head up and grab the bean above you, now head on down and hit the block and
    grab the two Mushrooms. Near here is a bean for you to collect. Even further to
    the right are 50 coins for you to enjoy. Now head up to find yet another bean.
    Now hop onto the edge with the two holes on it. Throw the babies, and have them
    tunnel under the metal gate. In here, grab the eggs and defeat the enemies.
    Also grab the five coins, before filling Baby Mario up at the tap. Now have him
    waddle down to a lower ledge and spit water into the stump thing. This should
    set one of the fires out. Now waddle down and to the left to set out the second
    one. Now exit the way you came and hook the bros back up. Now head back to
    where you entered the area. Toss the babies and spin jump across to the
    platform previously ablaze. Make your way all across the platforms and hit the
    green block. After all that fun stuff. Exit back across the bridge.
    Take care of the rest of the ememies here while hopping up the green block and
    on to the right.
    Move along while collecting the ten coins. The complete lack of anything to do
    here has a very Shadow of the Colossus feel don’t it?
    Start this next area by having the babies hop onto the yellow platform. Now
    switch to the adults and proceed to hit the blocks so the make a connection
    that will set out the fire at the bottom. I know this sounds confusing but it
    should make sense when you do it. For it, I will attempt my first (and probably
    last) ASCII (note, [] are the squares, and the lines are where the pipes should
    be, and ^^ is the fire
     []-   -[]
      []-  -[]
    And there we go!... Once everything is set up ASwitch back the old guys and hit
    the blue block. Now hook everyone back up and head on out.
    Head left and up, onto the blue block. Grab the green shells and prepare for a
    new enemy.
    Another pretty simple baddie. As far as attacks go, jump attacks are good until
    they begin thrusting their spear upward, when this happens change to hammer
    attack. While attacking you, Cocos have three attacks. The first involves them
    walking behind a bros, and pointing their spear at you for a little bit before
    striking. To dodge this, jump just as the spear moves forward. The other has
    them throwing their spears off stage which of course causes them to magically
    pop up behind the bros. This attack is kind of rare so it may catch you off
    guard. The third attack causes the rain gods to show up, thus curing the
    enemies a random amount of HP. additionally, they will occasionally just move
    their spears to a different place. These things are harder then cloud bugs, but
    easier then the magic carpet birds.
    Once that’s all taken care of, head on forward.
    A blue pipe! Enter and celebrate!
    I highly recommend you save here, then move on forward.
    Toss the babies to the side immediately and hop up the platform with the
    adults. Now spin jump into the twister thing, and then again to the the
    platform to the right. You will sneak up on Kammy, thus causing her to run. Now
    switch to the babies, walk to the left until the 10 coin block. Continue to the
    next area. Now switch to the adults and have them exit as well.
    Hop down the bridge with the adults and regroup the bros so some team butt
    kicking can down. Please note that it was about here that I realized that those
    coconut things were REALLY hard. Please disregard by initial difficulty
    assessment of them. Either way, get the green shells and go to work on all the
    enemies you can find. Now head to the left and toss the babies onto the yellow
    panel. Grab the Smash Eggs and the coin and then head on down. Now go walk the
    babies into the corner so they aren’t attack, and switch back to the adult
    bros. Now head back to the previous screen, and spin jump across the tornado
    again, once your back to this area, tornado spin jump again, now rejoin the
    bros and kill that nasty little birds that been stalking the babies.
    There are a couple more coconut guys to take care of so do so. Now grab the
    Green Shells before hopping up the ledge on the left side of the screen. Now
    toss the babies off to the side and tornado spin jump to the opposite ledge.
    Hit the Purple switch here. This should create a new platform for the babies.
    Now defeat the carpet bird, and grab the 1-Up Shroom before switching back to
    the babies. With them, head to the new formed ledge and tunnel underneath the
    gate. Grab the 10 coins, and N-GAGE the enemy here. Now head left until the
    yellow platform which you should use for your daring escape. Fill up baby Mario
    and hop down the ledge. Now listen close to this part, walk to the far edge of
    the firs pit, but do NOT go into it. If you do that you won’t be able to reach
    the water and you’ll have to spit it all out and go get more. After all this,
    hook the bros back up and exit through then newly opened path.
    Lots of good stuff to kill here so get to doing that. Once your all set, toss
    the babies onto the yellow spring to the left to send them skyward. Grab the
    Super Mushrooms, and the bean, along with the coarse of some enemies up here.
    Also grab the Shells, and the additional bean. But wait! There’s more! Grab the
    Cannonball and yet another bean before finally exiting through another hole.
    Now switch back to the adults, you should now notice a flying tornado that is
    going back and forth. Your job here is to start flying just before the tormado
    heads back into your line of vision. If you are too late then you won’t make it
    across, but if your early you will probably miss it. Once you make it, reunite
    the bros and hop on the four man panel and head through the newly opened door.
    Save here and make sure to fully heal all the bros as a boss can be seen
    sitting like ten feet away. Once your ready, walk a few feat forward to engage
    Kammy Koopa. 
    (S)You will walk upon Bowser pigging out on Scooby snacks. He will over do
    himself and begin to choke (Come on Bowser...swallow). Kammy will quickely come
    to Bowser’s aide with some evil milk for him to drink. The two have a little
    small chat, completely ignoring the bros. How very rude of them. They will
    finally notice the bros, and walk to yell at you. The babies, being the clever
    kids they are, will go and eat Bowser’s stash. The adults demand their star
    shards back. Of course Bowser denies this request. Bowser, being the genius he
    is now pulls the shards for everyone to see. Instead of hiding it an
    impenetrable door or something, he just has it...Brilliant. By the time this
    entire altercation is finished, the babies will have finished off the snacks.
    Bowser becomes obviously angry about this. Kammy tries to calm him down, but to
    little avail. Kammy tells Bowser to go take a walk while she takes care of the
    bros. Bowser agrees and it’s time to RUMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEE!
    While Kammy seems pretty easy on paper, and it won’t ever seem like she is
    getting the upper hand, she is a pretty formidable foe that you shouldn’t take
    as for too easy. This battle will start with Kammy throwing three attacks at
    you. Each attack will either consist of a rock, or a mushroom. If it is a rock,
    then counter it by releasing your hammer about a half second before it hits
    you. If it is a mushroom, then don’t do anything and let it hit you. It will
    heal the bro 8 or so HP. After that, Kammy will do some magic and make four
    replica Kammies. To defeat this trick use a bro flower, but remember to press X
    and Y so the Ariel balls hit the Kammies. Not only will this delete all the
    clones, it will also deal a pretty good amount of damage to Kamek. After this,
    whip out a Cannonballer bros item, because those deal a crazy amount of damage.
    This may knock Kamek off his broom, or it may not. If it doesn’t use another
    Fireflower and Cannonballer and that will probably do it. Once he is down, not
    a whole lot changes. Continue destroying Kamek with a Cannonballer, or if you
    run out use a green shell. Kamek’s main attack on the ground is a fire ball
    attack. The fireball will make a loop around the bros. Jump at the correct time
    with each bros to dodge the fire. After it makes it all the way around it will
    hit Kamek, thus causing him to freak out and run at you. Arm your hammers, and
    release just before he hits you. His other attack will have him respawn his
    broom, and do the rock multiply combo on you. This battle shouldn’t be too bad
    as long as you keep a tight watch on the bros HP, and heal whenever necessary.
    After the battle, Kammy will lie defeated. No walk back and save before heading
    Move right again.
    (S) You will corner Baby Bowser here, who couldn’t find a way to escape during
    the ten odd minutes you just spent in battle. Bowser says that since you ate
    his cookies, he’s going to eat you star shards. Despite the fact that they are
    a way for you to travel in time, they seemingly make a great snack as well. You
    attempt to stomp the shards out of Bowser when suddenly a couple UFO’s zap the
    giant Yoshi, thus making him even bigger! Mega-Yoshi will try to eat the bros,
    and will eat Baby Bowser. The bros are eaten soon after, causing you to fall
    into Mega Yoshi’s belly. Welcome to the most comfortable looking giant stomache
    I have ever seen. 
    Mega Yoshi’s Belly
    Suitcase pops out and alerts the bros that they are currently in Mega Yoshi’s
    belly, which looks amazingly like a hotel lobby. He notes that Bowser and the
    star shards must be here as well, and you should go looking for them. Start by
    tossing the babies, and have them hop on the two man switch.
    Upon hopping up, you will see a green Yoshi trying to push a very heavy boulder
    into a whole. For some reason, the Yoshi thinks that pushing a heavy stone into
    the Yoshi’s small intestine will create an exit...sure thing. Before we do
    anything lets go collect all those lovely beans in the area. There is not one,
    not two, not three, not ten, but fifteen, count them fifteen beans. Go ahead
    and dig up all of them. Once you have all of them, save your game and hit the
    blue block to call up the big bros. Head up and heal all the bros, now go throw
    the babies into the three holes in the areas. In one you will find a 100 coin,
    and a 1-Up Super. In the other you will find a fruit. And in the third you will
    find a new enemy.
    Despite their horn looking things, feel free to jump attack these. There one
    and only attack consists of them charging a bros, and then charging again from
    behind. This attack is pretty slow, and easily countered. However, every time
    you attack them, the bullies will get angry, and counter attack a bros while
    going much faster. These things may be a little tough at the beginning, but
    shouldn’t be a huge problem once you get their on attack down. 
    Once this is all taken care of, head into the door on the far left. Or door
    number 1 as I’ll call it.
    In here you will see a red Yoshi cowering in fear from a robot looking thing.
    The robot will notice you, thus initiating a battle.
    /RC Shroober\
    This thing has two moves. Both are pretty easy to counter. The first will have
    his robot thing run at you. Just like Kammy’s fireball, have each bro hop over
    the robot, for a couple time. The robot moves pretty slow, and doesn’t do that
    much damage if it hits so don’t be too worried. The other match has him sending
    out two antennas from his head and calling in a UFO. This UFO will come in and
    suck up one of the bros. release the hammer attack as soon as the UFO is in
    range. As far as attacking it goes, normal hammer attacks or even green shells
    should take this thing down with little difficulty.
    After the battle, the red Yoshi will thank you and run to join in pushing the
    boulder. Now collect the 10 coins and exit. 
    Save and heal at the heart block before entering door number two, or the
    closest one to the one you were just in.
    First head up and grab the two Super Mushrooms. Now head left and defeat the
    enemies. One of these enemies happens to be new.
    /Dry Bones\
    Like many enemies, Dry Bones have only one move, with two different variations
    to it. The first is a ground attack. The Dry Bone will throw his bone, it will
     bounce once, and then hit a bro for pretty good damage. To dodge this, jump
    just as the first bounce is made. The second variation is signaled by the Dry
    Bone doing a little hop before throwing his bone. This bone will bounce over
    the bros, and will only hurt you if you jump into it. Obviously, once you get
    used to knowing which move is coming, these things become a lot easier. Sadly,
    there Dry Bones don’t shrivel when you jump on them. This bummed me out more
    then it probably should have. 
    After taking care of the enemies, grab the coin, and then throw the babies.
    With the babies walk over to where you previously found the mushrooms, and hit
    the two buttons on the wall with their hammers, until the left one is blue, and
    the right is yellow. This should create a metal gate for the babies to tunnel
    under. In this room, you will see several buttons. These buttons need to be hit
    so the colors are all correct. This order can be seen by the adults on the wall
    above the sealed gate. Or you can use my second terrible ASCII (R = Red, B =
    Blue, Y = Yellow,)
     B B Y Y R B R Y
     \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
      Y  R B R Y Y B B
    ...I think you get the point. Open the door and release the Yoshi inside. Now
    switch back to the babies and grab the bean inside the cell also. Now leave.
    Save, heal, do whatever you need to do. Afterwards head into door number three.
    There are tons of things to destroy here. Remember that you can simply head
    outside and heal if necessary. Once you’re done painting the walls red, walk
    around and collect a bunch of goodies. This includes 40 coins, a coin, Puffy
    Trousers (These own and should be equipped immediately.), 3 Ice Flowers, and
    another 3 flowers. There’s also a bean here, so grab that as well. There aren’t
    any Yoshi’s to save here, so exit when you’re done.
    Before entering door number four, you should probably notice a Yoshi passed out
    on the floor. Talk to him and feed him the fruit you found a while ago to have
    him join the group. Now enter the door.
    Nothing to kill here. Heads strait to the left and throw the babies onto the
    platform. There are however, plenty of things to kill up here. Take care of the
    wannabe cows up here, also grab the 20 coins and the Ice Flowers. After this,
    hop down the middle whole, or the third one from either side. You should land
    on a platform with a pink Yoshi. You should also notice a button on the wall.
    Hit it once, and a platform will be created allowing both you and the Yoshi to
    escape. First you “Reunite the Bros” and then “You get outta there!”
    There is only one door, and one Yoshi left. Head into the door on the far right.
    Toss the babies, and have them tunnel underneath the gate to the top. Now fill
    baby Mario up, and squirt through the large hole in the wall until you hit the
    UFO. Once this happens, the UFO will speed up drastically but will freeze up in
    the same spot every rotation. Spit at that spot until you connect again. Again
    the UFO will speed up, make one last contact to crash the UFO, thus making a
    hole in the wall for the adult bros to pass. Reunite the bros before entering
    the area and fighting the enemy. Grab the bean inside, and then exit.
    You will now see a cut scene of the Yoshis pushing the boulder into the whole.
    Never mind the fact that all four Mario bros could have pushed the boulders
    into the hole themselves, but that’s not important now. Once you’re ready, save
    and hop into the hole.
    Grab the Canonballers, and the Eggs while defeating all the enemies here.
    Ignore the red button on the wall, as I don’t think it serves a purpose.
    Instead keep on moving, destroying everything in your path. Along the way you
    should find a 1-Up Shroom. This place seemingly never ends so be strong.
    Eventually you will reach the exit.
    Four man tube, anything I forget?
    Save here and exit to the south, good times.
    Upon entering, you will see a Yoshi apparently taking a bath. But OH NOES! It
    seems that bath tub is turning Yoshis into eggs...wait, what? Why is there a
    mass egg making company inside a moving animal? And why are they turning Yoshis
    into eggs anyway. *Sigh* Mario game, I know. The suitcase says that we must
    continue, I agree. There are a couple things to defeat here, and some items to
    collect. Grab the Cannonballers, the Mushroom Drops, the coin, and the Green
    Shells before exiting to the south.
    Start by going and grabbing the 50 coins, and the Mushrooms in the bottom right
    corner. Now throw the babies onto the yellow spring. Fill up Mario, and walk
    the adults over to where two eggs are held in cases. Now switch back to the
    babies and waddle to the edge on the right side. Now switch back to the adults
    and knock one of the eggs upwards. Now quickly switch back to the babies and
    hit the egg with a spray of water. Like many of my explanations, this probably
    doesn’t any sense but once you see it it should. Hit both eggs, and the boulder
    in front of the door will move. Go ahead and exit through that door.
    Defeat the enemies, and collect all the items. (Your getting sick of that line,
    aren’t you?). These items include a coin, three Cannonballers, and three Ice
    Flowers. After all of that is taken care of, toss the babies into each of the
    three pipes. Inside they will find an enemy, and two Super Drops. Now head
    through the Southern exit.
    Head south a bit, and you will see a flashing item block. This is another
    moving block minigame. Jump, and then toss the babies to start the game. You
    should also grab the bean below it before you go, so it doesn’t bug you. After
    that, walk to the left while talking to all the Yoshis. You should be given a
    1-Up Super, a Drain Badge (Equip whoever you like), and four Smash Eggs. Also
    grab the bean near they yellow Yoshi before exiting the same door you entered.
    Head straight up onto the four man switch.
    (S) Here you will find a Toad named Toadbert. He somehow has made it passed all
    then enemies and is only two screens away from a huge egg monster. This guy is
    a lot tougher then he seems. He says that he can’t remember anything that has
    has happened in the past (Don’t do drugs kids, you could end up like poor
    Toadbert.)He suddenly remembers that he has a picture that he drew. It shows
    the princess and some evil monster in a Cowboy hat. Oh, That’s REAL useful. You
    are given the map, for you to never use or look at ever again. When addressing
    him about the eggs he’s by, he casually says they are his Yoshi friends. He
    then assumes that the Yoshis are going to be reborn as monsters. Being Mario
    and all, you tell Toadbert that you are going to go take the big mean monster
    out. Now the bros jump and spin around in circles...to look tough. After all
    this is taken care of, head upwards through the door.
    Collect the bean and save. There’s a boss one screen ahead so you should
    probably heal every one up. Once your set, it’s boss time.
    The bros will enter to find a giant egg thing, seemingly hoarding a bunch of
    eggs. Let me take this moment to wonder why exactly there is a creature that is
    probably 12 feet tall, living in another creature. Yes Mario game, I know, but
    this game’s story makes no sense. Anyways, Toadbert runs in and tries to call
    off the giant monster, he was nineteen. Suddenly, Baby Bowser of all people
    will pop out of one of the eggs and it’s fight time.
    The battle will start with Sunnycide sucking one of the bros into his stomach.
    Release the hammer not when you think you should, but instead a half second or
    so before then. The egg’s air current will suck the bro in a little bit more
    before you attack him, thus you should release earlier. His other attack
    consists of Sunnycide throwing three of his available eggs at the bros. He will
    do a seemingly powerful looking zoom attack before hand, but it really dosn’t
    do much. This attack is easily avoidable. Simply jump when you think you
    should, and the eggs don’t do a ton of damage any ways so don’t worry about it.
    Sunnycide’s third attack will only happen after you have knocked him on his
    back. He will pull a rope of sorts, and a warp will appear under one of the
    bros. Have your sound on during this move, and jump as soon as you head the
    “ping” sound. This move is kinda hard to follow with your eyes, so hearing is
    much easier. His final move also only happens when Sunny is on his back. The
    screen will go dark, and a Boo will show up out of nowhere. You have like a
    five second window to hammer the Boo. Really not very hard at all. While
    attacking Sunny, you should soon notice that your regular attacks do little or
    no damage to this guy. To deal some damage you must get Sunnycide on his back.
    To do this, you must break five of the eggs so five Yoshis can escape, and join
    in rolling a giant block onto Sunnycide. To break these eggs, a simple jump
    attack should do. Likewise, two Fireflowers in a row work very well also. Once
    Sunnycide goes down, lay on a full on slery of offense. This should consists of
    (what else?) Cannonballers. I landed five 100 damage Cannonballers on
    Sunnycide, and he went down real nice. This guy also has a funny way of nocking
    off tons of HP without you noticing. Heal early and heal often.
    After the battle, Sunnycide will explode. (of course.) This makes a nice big
    whole for the eggs, and for the bros to exit out of. All the Yoshis will run
    out, and you should too. The bros will fall at least a quarter mile. A fall
    that would likely kill any man who fell that far, doesn’t even phase our
    heroes. At this time, Giant Yoshi will fall asleep, and everyone will escape.
    Suitcase recommends you head back to town. I do too. 
    Upon entering the town, Baby Bowser will be seen scarfing down Scooby snacks,
    and telling all the ignorant Yoshis how he was in fact the one who saved them.
    They’ll all thank him, despite the fact that they all helped you defeat
    Sunnycide...morons. The bros alert Bowser that they in fact where the ones who
    saved the Yoshis. Instead of playing it cool and just lying some more, Bowser
    freaks out and eats all the cookies. He again chokes (Come on
    Bowser...swallow). And for some unknown reason coughs up the star shards. Those
    same shards now blast Bowser far away, because apparently they have a mind of
    their own now, and can exhibit free will. Did you know that? I didn’t. The
    babies will go ahead and grab the shards and again they are yours! Nevermind
    the fact that Sunnycide didn’t actually drop a shard for you, and thus you just
    spent the last three or so hours chasing after absolutely nothing. Either way
    that handsome blue toad shows up and vouches that the bros are in fact the real
    heroes. The chapter ends with the Yoshis freaking out in celebration for no
    good reason. Back to the future part three.
    Mushroom Kingdome 
    Welcome back to the present! Little has changed since you left, because it
    would just be too hard for what you do in the past to some how affect the
    future. Any way, there is a nice flashy Mushroom and pants bubble. Guess we
    should go check it out.
    Shroom Shop
    Useable Items
    Mushroom 10
    Super Mushroom 20
    Mushroom Drop 20
    1-Up Mushroom 60
    Refreshing Herb 15
    Red Pepper 80
    Green Pepper 40
    Blue Pepper 20
    Bros Items
    Pocket Chomp 70
    Trampoline 120
    Smash Egg 40
    Ice Flower 20
    Cannonballer 40
    Bro Shell 20
    Green Shell 10
    Shell Slacks 560
    Egg Plant 450
    Branded Slacks 350
    Preferred Pants 280
    Patched Slacks 120
    Starchy Jeans 90
    Cure Badge 500
    Big-POW Badge 450
    Shroom Badge 400
    Big-DEF Badge 400
    EXP Badge 350
    Coin Badge 300
    Wallet Badge 200
    Salvage Badge 140
    Easy Badge 100
    Pep Badge 100
    Training Badge 80
    I kind of forgot to buy the things I recommended last time we were here, and
    thus I had 3,406 coins here. You should have 2K or so. Load up on Super
    Mushrooms here, I recommend 30 or so. These are dirt cheap and heal a good
    amount of HP. Also grab enough 1-Up shrooms so that your total number is 10.
    This should guarantee there aren’t any unexpected game overs. Now get 5
    Trampolines, because they’re awesome. Now buy a pair of Shell Slacks for the
    adult with the Wild Trousers, keep the babies pants the same. Now spend the
    rest of your coins buying cure badges for whoever you like, or a couple Big-POW
    badges if you are a fan of bro items. Once this is all taken care of, head back
    to E. Gadd. He must get lonely being all alone all the time.
    (S) You show E. Gadd your not so newly found Star Shards and he sort of cares.
    But whip out your random map that some drugged out Toad showed you and he goes
    nuts. He somehow thinks that the picture is of Princess Shroom Attacking the
    princess, with the Star Shards trying to protect her. Gadd now notes that a
    brand new time portal has opened at the top of the castle. Unfortuanetaly, said
    castle is currently guarded by goombas and such, and therefore can’t be
    entered. Funny considering that Mario has Rambo’d places under much higher
    security. Either way you are now released back into the world. You should now
    see both Bootlers back in the garden, head there now.
    You enter to find the Bottlers trying their hardest to cheer up the still
    crying Princess Peach. The two do a ball attack, and one Bootler notes that is
    the strangest thing he has ever done...cough...Anyway, baby Mario hits the two
    and off they go. Once they stop, the bros ask them to teach them about their
    sweet rolling move. And being the grand ole chaps they are, the two agree to
    help you.
    The two deem their move “The Bro Ball” Why you ask? Because it is done by the
    bros, and you make a ball. Brilliant! The two begin to show you the move, while
    asking for everyone to hold their jokes. Do as the two say, and roll across the
    platform. Interestingly enough, you don’t actually have to bro roll to complete
    most of the course. Roll under the cavern like they tell you, and that should
    be it. The Bootlers will now tell you about a wheel thing up above. This isn’t
    important now so don’t worry about it. If you must know, it leads to the Toad
    Town sewers and leads to ye olde Toad Town that you can’t enter because there’s
    a gate. Instead, head to the room with the weird shape, one room below the room
    with the question mark.
    Head to the top of the stairs, and enter the door.
    Head strait upward into the right door.
    Enter the middle door here. It is the one that should lead into the long
    staircase room.
    Head left, and throw the babies to the side. Hit the switch with the adults and
    quickly switch into bro ball mode. Roll up the staircase as quickly as you can
    until you reach the switch at the top. Now de-roll and hit it before the timer
    expires. You have 25 seconds, and I finished with 4 to go, so no sweat. Once
    the gate opens, head right inside.
    Hit the blue pipe. Now switch to the babies and grab the two beans before
    getting everyone together and hop into the swirly void.
    Gritzy Desert
    Hello and welcome to Gritzy desert! There is a puzzle here, but before we do
    that I think we should head through all the levels, defeat all the enemies and
    get all the items. If you want to do both at once then that’s fine. But having
    everything dead will make the actual map puzzle much easier. Start by heading
    Go save, and then throw the babies onto the ledge and grab the Ultra Mushroom
    from the Mario block. You should notice that all the exits are blocked off, so
    go ahead and hop on the four man switch in front of the castle.
    (S) But because there’s a giant desert full of stuff on the map, of course you
    are denied entry to the castle. A solid thirty shroobs begin chasing the bros.
    Although an initial stealth dodge works, the babies get bored and shoot at a
    tree branch which for some completely unknown reason tells off a guard on the
    other side of the map and causes him to call back up and despite your best
    efforts, get cornered and get put on red alert. Thus ending your no save, no
    alert speed run on European hard...ya...After the babies run off, the always
    lovable Kylie Koopa pops up to tell you about the newest scoop. He says that
    the story she is working on is huge, and will dwarf Yoshi’s island in general.
    She says that a super secret evil convention is set to randomly take place in a
    giant sand temple in the middle of the desert. Why they couldn’t have it on a
    nice big Shroob air ship or something, I have no idea. He also mentions that
    the princess will be here as well. That good news! Now Mario will charade the
    entire last eight hours of adventure to Kylie. To end, Kylie states that there
    is a supposed secret entrance to get into the castle. He says that the secret
    has to do with the four statues on the map. And just like that, let’s get to 
    (G) Lets start by picking up some goods in this level. Walk up the slope on the
    right side of the screen for the 2 1-Up Shrooms. Now spin jump to the left, and
    then again and collect the 50 coins. Now hop down and collect the Refreshing
    Herbs before exiting on the left screen.
    There are tons of enemies in this level, as there are in all the areas here.
    And guess what? A couple are new!
    A staple of every Mario game, RPG or not. Unlike most Pokeys, this type has a
    nice fluffy flower on its head, thus feel free to jump on it till your hearts
    content. This is good as hammer attacks will do nothing more then knock off one
    of Pokey’s bulbs. To take these down, a series of jump attacks will usually
    take these down moderately easily. As far as attacks go, Pokeys are very
    dangerous. Its first attack will have it waddle up to the bros, and begin to
    throw its excess bulbs at the bros. And after those are gone, it will throw its
    own head. Instead of jumping over these, you must counter with the bros
    hammers. This makes this attack very hard to counter and thus very dangerous.
    His second attack shouldn’t cause you as much trouble. Pokey will spin around a
    little bit, and thus looks seriously like a Bay blade. It will then fire three
    needles for every bulb on it. Jump as soon as the first needle hits the ground
    as only the third one will make contact with the bros. Basically these things
    will be a huge pain until you learn to counter their first attack, then they’re
    really not that bad.
    And another one!
    /Shrooba Diver\
    I seriously bet these guys used to get beaten up all the time in school. Their
    name is Shrooba Diver for lords sakes...Like most Shroobs, these things look
    more powerful then they actually are. Obviously their attacks are ground based,
    but none are particularly damaging or hard to counter. Their first is countered
    by hammer. The Shrooba will tunnel underground, and waddle toward one of the
    bros. To counter, simply hammer down as soon as the reemerge dirt whole is
    formed in front of the bros. The second attack you must jump over with both
    bros as the Shrooba quickly swims in a circle pattern, hitting both bros in the
    process. Your best off jumping with both bros twice here, because it is easy to
    confuse the buttons and get both bros hit. This is another easily avoided
    attack that only does 12 or so damage anyways. The third attack is an Ariel
    attack with two variations. The variation depends on what item the Shrooba
    pulls up. If he pulls up a spiky shell, then you must jump over the shell. If
    they pull out a Cheep Cheep, then the fish will bounce over the bros
    harmlessly. Simply see the item quickly, and coordinate to what you need to do.
    Past that, lay on the jump attacks and send these Scoobas back to the castle.
    Why are they the ones missing the convention?  
    Once everything is taken care of here, let’s go collect some items. Please note
    that the tall pillars can not be accessed at this time. The things you can get
    here are; 4 Ice Flowers, an Ultra Drop, a coin, and 10 Coins. Also grab the
    bean and then throw the babies into the tube for 2 Super Drops, and 100 coins.
    Once that is all set exit to the north.
    There are a few more bothersome enemies here, so take it upon yourself to take
    care of all of them. There are only a few items here. Grab the initial bean and
    then head to the top of the very steep slope. Now spin jump across the gap and
    collect the Max Mushroom. There is also another bean in the top left corner,
    along with a 10 coin. In the top right corner you will find another bean, and 8
    coins. After you collect all that, head over to the right side of the map and
    throw the babies inside the tube. Inside you will find Secret Jeans, and a 100
    coin. Give the pants to the baby that isn’t wearing the Heart Pants. Now exit
    to the top right corner.
    Initially ignore the gopher and the purple box here, and begin to walk along
    the course. After a little walking you should find a bean, a 20 coin, a Max
    Shroom, and a Pocket Chomp X 4. Now walk back up and talk to that gopher. The
    gopher will tell you the basics of what you have to do. Now throw the babies
    off to the side and hit the block. A timer will begin and your goal is to
    navigate the maze, much like you did in the castle. To make this possible,
    immediately switch into bro ball mode, and do everything you can not to hit any
    walls. If you do crash after half the course, forget about going back into ball
    and just make a run for the switch. This is slightly more difficult then the
    office version, but I still finished with a few seconds to go so it is
    definitely doable. If you are successful, the gopher will open the steel gate,
    allowing you to pass. Now walk the babies to the adults, and grab the 2 Super
    Drops and coin. Now exit through the newly opened gate.
    New enemy here, and it’s a true favorite.
    These things have three attacks. The first is a basic tackle attack. This is
    one of the easiest to counter moves in the game. A well timed jump will easily
    dodge and counter this move. Their second attack is triggered whenever you
    cause damage to one of them without fully defeating them. They will flash red,
    and tackle rush you unlike its other attack. The only difference is that at the
    end of the attack, the Bob-omb will explode. This explosion does a ton of
    damage, and is very difficult to counter. The third attack is every bit as
    difficult to counter as the second. The Bob-omb will walk in front of the bros,
    you can only counter here with the bros hammer. Instead of trying to use both
    bros to counter, concentrate on only one and hope you get lucky. To avoid these
    attacks, do everything in your power to defeat these things in one hit. A good
    suggestion here is to use bro items like green shells that are cheap, and can
    do a hefty amount of damage. Likewise, because I was pretty high leveled here,
    I could defeat these things with a successful jump attack. It is very likely
    that if your bros are above lever 14 or so, you should be able to take them as
    well. Luckily, these things are pretty rare and you should only have to face
    like 20 of these guys so don’t worry too much.
    Same old, same old here. Defeat the numerous enemies and go collect items. To
    list them grab the 4 Pocket Chomps, the coin, a bean, 6 coins, and a 10 coin.
    Now head to the bottom left corner and toss the babies into the pipe. Inside is
    a Big-POW badge, and a 100 coin. Exit to the south.
    More items, more enemies, exact same guide write-up. The items here are; a
    bean, 4 Ice Flowers, a 10 coin, 2 Super Shrooms, 3 Pocket Chomps, you can also
    grab an Ultra Drop by spin jumping onto the tall platform. Also, in the tube
    you will find a 100 coin. Before you exit, toss the babies. Now with the
    babies, head back up one screen, and have them stand underneath the two
    multicolored blocks. Now with the adults, head left.
    Head up and grab the 3 Ice Flowers, and the 7 Pocket Chomps. Now walk to the
    tornado and super spin jump across the spikies. Grab the 3 Green Shells once
    you fly across. You should also notice a huge cannon above you. Thanks to my
    “different” way of completing this level, this cannon is not necessary. There
    are quite a few enemies here, feel free to defeat these guys if you prefer, or
    just run away like a little sissy girl. Your choice. Exit to the top left
    corner. And don’t worry about that pipe. There aren’t any items in there.
    Head to near the top of this area, and hit the two colored blocks hovering over
    the metal platform. This should cause a blue star to fly across the map, and a
    timer to start. Now switch to the babies, and hit the switches before the timer
    runs out. With this, a giant blue beam should center on the ice rock in the
    middle. And thats a good thing. Now head down one area with the babies, and one
    up with the adults. 
    Like before, put both pairs so they are in position to hit their switches. Hop
    and hit them with the adult bros, and then switch to the babies and hit it as
    well. Once this is all taken care of, all the beams will join together and melt
    the block in the central area. Head there with the adult bros now.
    Walk to the side and hit the blue block and save. Throw the babies onto the
    ledge, and hit the purple block. And what happens after all this? After you
    melt a frozen desert switch by melting it with the solar beams of four mystical
    statues? A ledge is lowered a bit, thus allowing you to hop up onto the
    building. Before you enter the building, grab the coin, 2 Super Mushrooms, 50
    Coins, and 2 Red Peppers. Once your all set, leave the desert, and enter the
    super secret baddie convention.
    Last chance here. This convention is really super secret and baddie. You have
    been warned.
    Koopaseum (The super secret bad guy convention)
    This place is mostly story, so those looking forward to my over excessive lame
    jokes should get their full fix here. Start by saving, and hopping on the four
    bro switch.
    (S) And with that, Kylie comes in and is quickly amazed that the bros
    discovered the secret entrance. How Kylie got in is never explained. Kylie says
    that the Shroob Queen should be arriving at any minute, and that several
    thousand Shroobs are waiting for her. She then offers for you all to look
    through four incredibly convenient flashing windows. Two Shroobs appear on
    stage, and seemingly announce the arrival of the queen. The queen floats from
    the rafters, and alerts the masses to thunderous cheers. The queen says a bunch
    of random garbage until a lovely shrooba gives her a nice 151/Jack Daniels
    shooter. All is fun and good until suddenly princess Peach is shown captured in
    a contraption, and is floated to the stage. You now cut back to the bros where
    Kylie is suddenly carried off by a couple shroobs. Why they kidnap a harmless
    reporter, but not the guys who are single handily taking down their entire army
    is beyond me. With that, the control is given back to you, the user. Now head
    down one and save. And then back up and to the right.
    Inside you will find yet another four bros coin block. These things really
    aren’t very fun and need to stop. Now toss the babies and tunnel under the
    gate. Inside you will find a coin, a 1-Up Super, a Hit-POW badge, a 20 Coin, a
    10 coin, and a Super Drop. After you collect everything, exit back out.
    Head all the way across the hallway to the door on the left side.
    Hop up onto the ledge, and spin jump across the gap. Hit the purple block.
    Suddenly, the ledge will lower, allowing you to hop up. Switch to bros ball
    mode at the top, and roll through.
    Exit ball mode upon entering and spin jump across the spikes. Bro Ball under
    the gate, and roll all the way down and out of the room.
    De-ball and hit the blue switch. Now hop up onto the platform, and spin jump to
    the next platform and grab the 50 coins. Exit tp the bottom right corner.
    Grab the Cannonballers and Refreshing herbs. Now toss the babies onto the ledge
    and have them enter the darkened chamber. Please note the huge Mario block on
    the adult’s side. This will light up the babies’ area, making this much easier.
    Head left at the first fork and grab the 20 coin. Head right, and over the gap
    at the second fork for the Pep Badge. Hop over the gap and grab the Adult
    Trousers, and the Ultra Shroom. Eventually, you will reach the exit. Make sure
    to hit the red button once you exit (You don’t want to do all this again do
    you?) Exit through the newly opened door. 
    Hop up all the doors and remember to save. Heal everyone because a some what
    difficult boss is coming up. Also, please note how high up the current platform
    we are on. The bros will soon be falling down this chamber, just keep that in 
    (S) You will appear right in the middle of princess’ Shrooms celebration. The
    typical Mario and Luigi pre boss shenanigans will happen, and a giant Shroom
    will a lollipop will appear. Yup, we got to kill that thing.
    /Shrooboid Brat\
    As you can, this thing has a crazy amount of health. Luckily, this boss really
    doesn’t have any gimmicks, and a continuous assault of Cannonballer attacks
    will bring him to his knees quickly. Braties’ first attack will have him poll
    the audience on who they want him to attack with his lollipop. Whoever gets the
    most votes, jump with the right timing to dodge. Once he is in more damage, two
    and then three rounds of lollipops will be thrown. Note that it isn’t the color
    of the signs that decides who gets hit, but what letter is on those signs. His
    second attack is defended with hammers. A series of items will have a sort of
    race across the top. These same items will then be eaten by the brat and spit
    at the bros. If the item is a fire ball, or a poison shroom then hit it back
    just before it hits the bro. Let regular shrooms hit you howeverm as they will
    heal you. If a bros is poisoned by a purple shroom, then heal them immediettaly
    with a Refrshing Herb. Through a constant flurry of Cannonballers and Smash
    Eggs, I brought this thing down without needing to heal even once.
    (S) After the brat is destroyed, the princess will throw a tantrum. She will
    then call on her assistants and has them destroy the ground below you, thus
    causing you to fall to the underground. Note that the bros will fall a solid
    half mile here, with no death to represent it. Also note that the possibility
    of there being a stable underground cave, underneath a rainless desert is
    pretty much impossible.
    Gritzy Cave
    (S) A silly scene here, Luigi gets bopped on the head and is obviously angry at
    those babies because of it. He makes a tiny little death threat and Mario gets
    mad. He chases Luigi around a bit, and time for action.
    (G)You should see a fire, and a giant water fountain on the wall. I think you
    know where I’m going with this. Fill Baby Mario up, and then walk to the edge
    of the platform, parallel to the fire. Do not in fact fall in the pit however.
    If you do that you will miss the fire, and have to spit all the water out and
    try again. Once the fire is our, hook the bros back up and head inside, using
    the babies hammers to break down the wall.
    Inside here you will find, believe it or not an item shop. Considering this
    shop is located underneath an abandoned castle, and is guarded by a fire
    wall...I can’t imagine they get too much business. Because it’s like three free
    KB, here’s the list of their stuff.
    Mole Shop
    Useable Items
    Mushroom 10
    Super Mushroom 20
    Mushroom Drop 20
    1-Up Mushroom 60
    Refreshing Herb 15
    Red Pepper 80
    Green Pepper 40
    Blue Pepper 20
    Bros Items
    Pocket Chomp 70
    Trampoline 120
    Smash Egg 40
    Ice Flower 20
    Cannonballer 40
    Bro Shell 20
    Green Shell 10
    Muscle Pants 470
    Svelte Slacks 420
    Thrilling Pants 420
    Tissue Pants 380
    POW-Peak Badge 800
    DEF-Peak Badge 700
    Dire-POW Badge 600
    Dire-Free Badge 500
    I didn’t buy anything here, mostly because I’m cheap. If you want something
    like mushrooms or a badge at all be my guest however. Money never seems to be a
    problem in this game, no matter how much you buy. Once your all set, exit from
    where you came.
    There isn’t much of anything else for you to do here. Exit to the Eastern side
    (Yes I’m using NESW directions now. Deal with it.)
    Hop up and grab the Trampoliners, then its enemy time yet again.
    /Dark Boo\
    These things follow the RPG same enemy rule so closely it’s crazy. They of
    course follow the most important rule, they are the exact same art design on;y
    painted a different color. They also follow the rule of having the exact same
    attack as the previous enemy, only faster and with a pointless added factor
    (stealing a bro item.) These things have one, and only one attack. Just like
    the boo’s we fought so long ago, these things will vanish, and then reapear
    behind a random bro. The trick here is to jump as soon as the boo opens its
    mouth. While you will not counter attack the boo, if you try to counter you
    will miss a lot and this attack deals a pretty heavy amount of damage. For
    attack, jump attacks and bro items is all you need...Lazy game developers.
    Now that all that battle junk is taken care of, there are a few useless items
    that you probably won’t want or use. Three smash eggs...err that’s actually it.
    Once you’re set, you should notice a purple box on top of a huge slope. Walk on
    up and hit it. Now throw the babies, and have them tunnel underneath the spike
    gate. Inside you will find fifty coins, 2 Red Peppers, and 2 Green Peppers. Now
    tunnel back out, and hop up the platforms you made a little bit ago. Switch to
    Bro Ball mode, and roll across the diamond platforms. Exit once you make it 
    (S) Upon entering, the bros are stunned (stunned I tell you!) to find a huge
    Petey Piranha pop out of the ground. And hanging above the Petey is our old
    friend Kylie Koopa. Luckily, the Shroom has a severe inner ear infection and
    continually misses the rope that is hanging Kylie. But on the third chance,
    Kylie gets dropped, dying because she got eaten by a huge, evil flower...only
    in Mario. 
    (G) Hit the blue block to get the team back together, and walk around and grab
    the coin, and the Ultra Drop. Also get the bean on the floor and exit to the
    South East corner.
    Hop down and get the bean, Now walk where the game makes you walk, after a
    while of walking we find ourselves a new enemy.
    These things got two attacks. The first has it flying in a huge loop, and going
    for one of the bros, the initial relex is to jump early here, so give it
    another half second before you hop. The other will have it head right up to one
    of the bros. Watch very closely to see what mouth opens up. If it is the
    bottom, jump and then stay still, if it is the top, stay still then jump.
    That’s about it. These things really don’t have a whole lot up their sleeves,
    so just take them down like any other boring genetic enemy that I force myself
    to write 150 words for.
    Head under the ground gate, and grab the 2 Trampoliners, and the 20 coin. Now
    head up the slant and get the Bro Flowers X 2, and the 10 coin. Continue on
    through the gate.
    Bean and four bro coin block. Does this room really need to be here? Once
    you’ve got everything head back out.
    Hop back to the floor, and exit through the western wall.
    Head up north a bit, and you should see a wheel machine, and a baby gate. Send
    the babies under the gate and power up the machine with the adults. Talk to the
    mole with the babies, and he’ll give you the scoop. Fill up baby Mario and walk
    him over to the edge. The first point should come easily as all you have to do
    is hit the target. The second gets a tad more difficult, a note is that the
    lower item dosn’t have to be on the screen for it to count. It only has to be
    the last item that passed the screen. Once you get all three, wish the Mole
    goodbye (He works at a lame mini game in an underground cave, he must get
    pretty lonely.) Now head south and over the newly formed bridge and out.
    Hit the Purple block, grab the 20 coin, and hop into the pit. Defeat the
    several trillion enemies down here, before going for the 3 Trampoliners. Dig
    the babies underneath the gate and grab the 20 coin, and the Dire-Freeze Badge.
    You should also see a bomb-omb in here. For some reason, this is the only area
    in the entire game with a repeat enemy...I have no idea why they did that. Kill
    them, grab the bean and head back out. Now head to the top of the ledge on the
    north west side, grab the bean, and bro ball across the bridge andout through
    the southern door. Yes, we just did all that for 20 coins, a little experience,
    and a Dire-Freeze badge. You people and your “Bobeta! You need to tell us how
    to get everything in excruciating detail!” You brought this upon
    yourselves...Or something like that. 
    Hit the blue box and reunite the bros (Haven’t used that line in a while, have
    I?)Hop on to the pipe, and head into the next area.
    Walk forward a bit, and throw the babies on to the ledge. Head inside and
    proceed to kill the Bomb-Omb inside. Get the two Pocket Chomps, and the coins
    while taking care of another enemy. Exit once you make it to the end.
    Talk to the mole, and he will tell you the rules for yet another bro ball race.
    Switch to the adults and switch to bro ball mode, then switch to the babies and
    hit the switch. The gate will lower below, and a timer will start. Switch to
    the adults, and begin rolling across the course. Ignore the two item boxes on
    the platform, but come back and get them once your done. Once your at the
    platform, de ball and hop up onto it and hit the switch. Now head back and grab
    the badge, and the 20 coins. Now head below and exit.
    Hit the blue switch. Take care of the several varied baddies here. Get the 10
    coin, and the two beans. Now throw the babies into the green tubes. In one tube
    you will find a 100 coin, and a 100 coin in the other. Once your set, exit
    through the south west corner.
    Oh Snap! New enemy!
    /Elite Boom Guy\
    Another lame enemy copy. I don’t feal like doing a write up here, so I’ll just
    repost my write up for the other Boom Guy which I thought was pretty good.
    This thing is really annoying until you get his attacks down and then he isn’t
    so hard. His attacks have him walking up to. Now one of two things will happen,
    wither he will fire right at you. Or have a shoot out smoke, and then fire. If
    he holds his gun loosely with one hand, it will be a miss fire. A two handed
    fire however will be immediate. Once he is down to only a few HP, he will lose
    his cannon and spend a turn calling in a new one. Because he often gives you a
    free turn to attack, these guys give you a lot of opportunities to beat them. 
    Walk down the entire lower path here, defeating all the enemies in your way.
    Along the way you should find 3 Cannonballers, a coin, and a 10 coin. At the
    end of the road you should find a red switch. Hop up the newly formed platform
    and bro spin to the left. grab the 20 coin, and the two Ultra Mushrooms. Toss
    the babies next to the exit, and walk all the way back across the floor with
    the adults. Hop up the platform, and bro ball across the several diamond
    platforms. Here is a Big-POW Badge, a Red Pepper, and a 50 coin. Now hook the
    bros back up and exit to the western exit.
    A typical big room with nothing interesting in it. Defeast the many bad guys
    here, and head around for the items. There is a 3 Green Shell, a 10 coin, a
    bean, and another bean. Now toss the babies into the green tubes for a 100
    coin, and an enemy. Exit to the South East corner.
    Toss the babies onto the ledge, and head inside. Grab the bean and walk the
    babies onto the platform. Now switch to the adults, and bro ball into the
    machine. Hop from moving platform to platform with the babies, hit the Luigi
    block and some numbers will show up, I don’t know what it is for. If you fall,
    head back to the start and try again. At then end is a Mario block, another
    number. Hop all the way up the pillars for one more block. This will cause a
    platform to lower below, switch to them and spin across. Hit the blue switch to
    hook everyone back up.
    Another no frills room. Kill a few things here, and get the Bro Flowers, the
    coins, the coin, and the bean. Exit to the Eastern side. 
    Get the two Super Drops in the corner. Next toss the babies onto the ledge and
    get the third Ultra Drop. Now exit...That was easy.
    Head strait and exit to the southwest corner.
    Down the tube!
    Through the door!
    Use the save! Heal all the bros! Hit the switch!
    You will enter to find a solo item box in the middle of the room. It’s safe,
    trust me.
    (S) LOL JK! That same huge piranha pops out and he is not happy. Some Benny
    Hill music plays an the bros begin running around. Petey almost gets baby Luig
    but the adults make the save. Boss time.
    /Petey Piranha\
    250 Coins
    The difficulty of this thing HIGHLY depends on the bros current level. All my
    bros were level 18 and this guy wasn’t too bad. I have heard stories of people
    needing like an hour to beat this guy which sucks for them. Anyway here is this
    thing’s attack. The first attack Petey will start the battle with. He will
    float upward and do a dive bomb for the ground. Two rocks will pop out of the
    ground and fly at the bros. Your best bet here is to just hop with both bros at
    the same time and hope that the rocks hit at the same time. These rocks move
    quickly so trying to time it will usually end up with you both bros getting
    hit. After taking two turns worth of damage, Petey will dive underground and
    proceed to suck the bros inward. This is super easy to not get hit by, just
    jump alot. After taking even more damage, Petey will do a vine move that you
    will have to defend with several successfully timed hammer shots. This move
    takes like ten or so hits to dodge so if you have one weak bro, consider
    letting it hit the stronger bro. Also note that at this point jump attacks will
    be ineffective...so don’t. Instead, attack with a steady flurry of bro items
    like Cannonballers and Smash eggs. A final note about attacks, as Petey begins
    to weaken; he will do his attacks in sets of two and then three. That sucks but
    there isn’t much you can do. In closing, this thing really didn’t give me much
    trouble. I used seven Cannon bro items which did 100+ damage each. Just make
    sure to heal any bro that falls below 40HP and you should be fine.
    (S)Petey will explode, and out pops a Cobalt shard and Kammy Koopa. Yes, that’s
    right. A random plant is holding a super powerful star item. Jee, goodthing we
    got boobey trapped down here, and the only way out was to kill this thing huh?
    The lovely Kylie Koopa will pop out and talk some smack. Kylie will look at the
    precious and fall in love with it. She will say a few more unimportant things
    and pull out a huge, random key. Some more nonsense between the two of you that
    I didn’t read because It’s five A.M. and I’m out of caffeine. After just a bit
    more pointless banter, you are released on your way. 
    (G) Head on down and save.
    Head to the top of the cave, and hit the crack in the wall with the bros hammer.
    Toss the babies, and tunnel underneath the gate. Hit the red button with their
    hammers. Before you can you will hear someone call out to you from the gate.
    Hit the button. Enter the opened area.
    (S) Everyone enters to find princess Peach. HOORAY WE FOUND HER! And credits in
    3.2.1 But wait! The princess has a huge mushroom where her face should be.
    Everyone will head back to the present, despite there being no warp portal
    anywhere near the princess. The Bootler’s are afraid for the princess, and try
    to talk to her. Baby princess begins to cry...AWWW. Everyone wanders off, and
    it’s go time once again. 
    Mushroom Kingdome 
    Exit the area, and you should see that the Bootlers are back in the park. We
    will visit them, but lets go to the shop first.
    Shroom Shop
    Useable Items
    Mushroom 10
    Super Mushroom 20
    Ultra Mushroom 40
    Mushroom Drop 20
    Super Drop 40
    1-Up Mushroom 60
    Refreshing Herb 15
    Red Pepper 80
    Green Pepper 40
    Blue Pepper 20
    Bros Items
    Copy Flower 160
    Pocket Chomp 70
    Trampoline 120
    Smash Egg 40
    Ice Flower 20
    Cannonballer 40
    Bro Shell 20
    Green Shell 10
    Shell Slacks 560
    Egg Plant 450
    Branded Slacks 350
    Preferred Pants 280
    Patched Slacks 120
    Starchy Jeans 90
    Cash-Back Badge 800
    Lucky Badge 700
    Counter Badge 680
    Drain Badge 600
    Cure Badge 500
    Big-POW Badge 450
    Shroom Badge 400
    Big-DEF Badge 400
    EXP Badge 350
    Coin Badge 300
    Wallet Badge 200
    Salvage Badge 140
    Easy Badge 100
    Pep Badge 100
    Training Badge 80
    I had 38 Super Shrooms here, so buying healing items wasn’t too important. Copy
    Badges pretty much own, but you will get quite a few in this level, and they
    cost a lot so only get them if you want. For badges, have a Drain badge for
    each adult, and a Cure Badge for each baby. That should be all you need...god
    you get too much money in this game. Now head to the park and the Bootlers.
    (S) You enter to find those crazy Bootlers trying to cheer up the Princess yet
    again. They attempt a bro spin but to no avail. Suddeny, they catch a wind and
    fly away. Then, in one of the creepier things ever, baby Peach begins to
    imitate the adults. You beg to learn the Bootlers move, but they say there is
    nothing to teach you. They also say some stuff that basically means no.
    Luckily, the younger Bootler tells older Bootler off and it’s learning time.
    (G) This training session isn’t very hard. Toss the bros near the ledge, now
    spin jump into them so they fly onto the ledge.
    (S) Afterwards, the Bootlers go into Bro Ball mode. Soon a struggle for life
    and death commences between the two Bootlers. The younger Bootler prevails and
    squishes princess. She then lies there dead...which apparently means she
    enjoyed it. The adults wish to learn this move as well, so here we go.
    (G) This little skill makes for some interesting puzzles in the rest of the
    game. Toss the babies near the ledge, then Bro ball over them. Switch to the
    and hop into the crevice. Now waddle through there and talk to the adults. Ya
    know, I find it interesting that the Bootlers have random, custom made areas
    for move they teach you. Just thought that was odd.
    (S) Still more story... The wind picks up peach, and floats her away. Both the
    Bootlers freak out. The Bootler will then make a joke about the princess not
    being in another castle and about ten million nerds all think there the only
    ones who got the reference. You are then released to save the princess!
    (G) This isn’t very hard. Toss the babies near the wall on the east side of the
    area. Now spinjump into them and fly them over the wall. Hit the red button to
    lower the gate. Now walk the adults into the area and spin jump the babies
    again. This time land on the northern ledge and walk into the small hole in the
    wall. Get the 60 coins and walk to the right. Traverse the platforms until you
    reach the princess. Talk to her and you will save her. All that ends and were
    ready to get to the next map...or ARE WE?!?!?!?!? Head up north.
    (S) Upon entering, a scared toad will run by. The toad screems some nonsense
    about “he” being back. Poor crazy toad. 
    (G) You can’t get to the next portal (North-West corner) because a couple toads
    tell you to check the princess’ room. To get there, walk up either set of
    stairs. On the second floor you should see a giant hand pointing to a room. Go
    (S) OH SNAP! IT’S BOWSER! Why didn’t that stupid toad warn us!? Bowser does his
    usual victory shtick until the two bros come to the Princess’ aide. Bowser will
    be close to victory when Peachs’ face will attack. Bowser will foolishly eat
    the poison shroom and will begin to up chuck it, poisoning the bros. Bowser
    then takes Peach and makes a dash for the exit. Luckily, Bootler comes to the
    aide yet again and knocks Bowser into a warp. Guess where we need to go? 
    (G) For some very strange reason, the bros can’t fall down the ten foot hole
    that Bowser did. So we’ll need to go around. Head back down the stairs. You
    should see another white glove pointing to a spot. That’s where you want to go. 
    Hop to the top of the western ledge, and walk the babies to the edge of it. Now
    spin jump into them and float them to the other side. Hop inside the warp and
    it’s go time yet again.
    Thwomp Volcano
    (G) Well, this place is pretty fun...That’s about all I got. Exit to the north.
    Save, and grab the bean in the South-West corner. Now talk to the awesome
    looking Black and red toad. The view will show a item block and a purple action
    block. To grab these, squash down the babies and have them hop into the lower
    crevice. Then hop to the top to grab an Ultra Shroom on one side. To get to the
    purple block, spin jump into the babies and fly them into the crevice. Thus,
    the blocks will move open. Leave.
    Cross the pretty bridge and get the ____ now prepare to fight the weirdest darn
    thing ever.
    God these things are weird.
    Coming (not so) soon!
    Ending Stuff
    Here is pretty much all the stuff that isn’t much about the game. Stuff like my
    contact info, and guide history is here...good stuff.
    Guide Progress
    12/28/05 Started guide and got to generic green monster battle. End of day
    Totals: Pages 4, 1,482 words, 8,347 characters (With Spaces), 60 paragraphs,
    176 lines.
    12/29/05 Up to Shroom Castle Moat. End Of Day Totals: 8 Pages , 3,518 Words,
    20,749 Characters (With Spaces), 136 paragraphs, 413 lines. 
    12/30/05 Slowly breaking off the walkthrough, piece by piece. End of day
    totals: 10 pages, 5,023 words, 28,595 characters (With Spaces), 165 paragraphs,
    558 Lines.
    12/31/05 Happy New Years everyone! Did some more walkthrough: End of day
    totals: 12 Pages, 5,672 words, 32,203 characters (With Spaces), 192 paragraphs,
    677 Lines.
    1/6/05 I uh...took a break. End of day totals: 19 Pages, 9,307 words, 51,483
    characters, 262 paragraphs, 1,022 lines.
    1/14/05 Much, much work done today. End of day totals: 26 pages, 12,500 words,
    69,519, 424 paragraphs, 1,449 lines.
    1/15/05 Break time is OVERRR!!! End of day totals: 30 pages, 15,559 words,
    85,818 Characters (With Spaces), 472 Paragraphs, and 1,697 Lines.
    1/16/05 5,000 Characters done today exactly. Man I’m good. End of day totals:
    34 pages, 17,218 words, 94,875 Characters (With spaces), 537 Paragraphs, 1,876
    1/18/05 I’d really like to get this thing out before the 28th. Don’t know if I
    can. 38 Pages, 19,577 Words, 107,376 Characters (With Spaces), 584 Paragraphs,
    2,111 Lines.
    1/19/05 I decided to submit the guide. Mostly because I felt like it. I will do
    all the pre guide stuff (level up advice, bro item, etc. It’s also very
    possible that this will be rejected. In that case you probably aren’t reading
    this right now.
    1/31/05 O.K. I’m working again. For the 80 views a day I hope to get this puppy
    out by March first. I am also working a San Andreas guide, and I like that game
    more. So don’t be too anxious.
    2/6/05 Hey End of day totals: 45 Pages, 24,314 words, 132,598 characters (With
    spaces), 736 Paragraphs, 2,534 lines.
    Contact me
    If you have any question, concerns, comments, anything at all. Please feel free
    to E-Mail them to me at bobeta5@gmail.com. Things I will appreciate the most 
    Any thing with correct spelling. I’m not asking you to make it perfect. But
    please have respect for me by typing in a way I won’t have to squint to read
    and understand.
    Constructive Criticism, This is my first walkthrough, and therefore I don’t
    really know what people really want to see. If there is anything you dislike or
    would like see change PLEASE tell me. And don’t just flat out insult the guide.
    Please tell me why you dislike it.
    Compliments. I’ll admit it. This guide has taken over fifty or sixty hours
    to make and I really want people to like it. If you enjoyed the guide and want
    to thank me. Just send me an E-Mail saying thanks. I know It’s cheesy but I
    really will appreciate it more then you think.
    Any questions you have. Seriously, if there’s something I don’t talk about, or
    leave to vague in the FAQ tell me. I’ll make sure to answer your question
    directly, and then update my guide with some more info as to answer your
    question here as well. I’ll also add a real FAQ section soon enough, if I get
    enough similar questions.
    Pretty much anything you want. As long as what you have to say in any way
    involves the guide, and hell even if it dosn’t Feel free to send me a note. 
    Thank Yous
    You, the reader. Without you reading this, then this whole thing is a failure.
    Oh, and if you want to thank me, just exit out of this FAQ then go back in like
    twenty times to raise my hits...Or E-mail me at bobeta5@gmail.com
    The Wrestle rant Pod cast. Found at http://www.wrestlerant.com/main/ is one of
    most interesting, and entertaining Podcast I know. I highly recommend everyone
    to check it out.
    Board 8, because Board 8 is awesome.
    Alpha Dream for making a darn fine (If not flawed) video game
    PWB for a couple jokes and fads in the guide.
    SoncLink15 Why? Because I can 
    The Nintendo Power guide because most of my enemy data is stolen from here.
    Legal Junk
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