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    Enemy/Boss FAQ by Betabomber

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    Mario and Luigi:Partners in Time
    Enemy/Boss FAQ
    This document is copyright(c) 2006 Gizoid3000.
    Version 2.50
    DoC: 4/23/06
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    0. Revision History
    2.Battle Review
       a.Battling as Mario and Luigi
       b.Battling as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
       c.Battling as a Team of Four
    3.Strategies and Hints
    5.Bros. Items
    8.A Few Last Words...
    0. Revision History
    12/25/05 0.01
    Started the FAQ. I had nothing better to do at the time. Only got done the
    "Intro". I'm not ready to think about what to write about though. >.<
    12/28/05 0.05
    Added the "Strategies" section, and revised the "Intro" section.
    1/2/06 1.00
    I've decided to make a FAQ about the enemies and bosses. So, that's what I'm
    typing about. I decided to add in the "Bros. Items" section, since you'd
    probably use them for most of the game. ;)
    2/5/06 1.10
    Well, I'm still working on the guide, but it's still getting better. What else
    can I do to improve?
    2/16/06 1.15
    I'm not goin' good now. I'm having too many things to do, so I may stall time
    to catch up with personal affairs. Anyways, I'm half done on the "Enemies"
    section, and should be done by the 24th, which by that time I should have
    started on the "Bosses" section.
    2/18/06 1.20
    I'm done listing the enemies, and I'll have at least half of them explained.
    2/20/06 1.30
    Too much happened to me this week. I've been slacking off and trying to
    rearrange my schedule to get back on top of things. More enemies done.
    2/26/06 1.40
    Man, I slacked off a bit too much, so I'm behind schedule. Oh God, and we have
    to do testing all week in school.
    3/3/06 1.50
    My big break....I'm sorry again. I'm tackling on a lot, so don't except it to
    be done on time soon. Anyway, almost done with the enemies.
    3/23/06 1.60
    I may work overnight to get most of the FAQ done...... O_o Still need some
    enemies done, and revised some enemy strategies.
    3/24/06 1.70
    WOOT! Finally done with enemies! Now starting on bosses.
    3/28/06 1.80
    Spring Break is coming up in about two weeks! I'll take advantage of this time
    to get this done. More time to relax then... \^0^/ Also updated some info about
    the Snifaro.
    3/30/06 1.90
    Bosses almost done. Now I have to do this stupid project for school.... and
    just when I'm getting done... -_-;
    The good thing about it is that it's due on the 21st of April.  And, another
    thing is that thanks to that Animal Crossing Money Trick, I'm tryin' to get
    rich! That's takin' some time as well...
    4/5/06  2.00
    A rare moment in history. Line up the time 1:23 with the date 4/5/06 and it'll
    be in numeric order. ^_^
    In other news, the 'Bosses' section is goin' slow, and the internet crashes!
    GEEZ, what else can go wrong?!??
    4/15/06 2.10
    Today I'm trying to constantly work, but things are getting in the way of my
    work. Didn't get much done..... -_-*
    But, the good news is that I'll get some time away from Animal Crossing: Wild
    World, which I'll be using to get this done. Almost done with the "Bosses"
    4/23/06 2.50
    FINALLY DONE! Now I need a taker! Also updated the story a bit.
    1. Intro
    Hey, how you doin'? It's been a while since I last typed up an FAQ/Game Guide.
    So, you're probably wondering, "What's in this FAQ?" Well, just look at the
    contents right above. Or, if'd like a more detailed answer, then.....
    This RPG is the wacky and zane sequel to Mario and Luigi's GBA adventure. But
    this time, there's some weird creepy aliens called Shroobs(they do have a
    certain charm about them...) invading the Mushroom Kingdom's past! But, the
    Mario Bros. are not alone. This time they encounter their baby selves, who will
    help them to save Princess Peach, and the past.
    Thanks to the time holes that appear around the castle shortly after Princess
    Peach doesn't return in the Time Machine(created by the one and only Professor
    E. Gadd), Mario and Luigi(and their baby selves)can travel back and forth in
    time to battle the Shroobs and set things right once again.
    Well, that I feel that was more of a story than an intro, but, it was more
    detailed, right? Well, that's a basic overivew of what you'll be doing as you
    play the game. So, that's all I have to say here.... at least until I update.
    2.Battle Review
    So, if you've played Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi's GBA game(Mario and
    Luigi:Superstar Saga), you'd know about the 'Action Commands'. What are these
    Action Commands? When you're in a battle, you can at first jump on enemies, and
    use hammers(when fighting as a group of four or as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi).
    So I'll explain how to use Action Commands(although the game explains this in
    the beginning).
    a. Battling as Mario and Luigi
    When you choose to jump on an enemy, you use A for Mario and B for Luigi. As
    soon as you get ready to land on your foe, press the corresponding button to
    deal some additional damage. You'll also use the same buttons to avoid attacks
    by enemies(and maybe if you've got timimg, you can counter). When you DO get
    hammers, only the babies will be able to use them, so the 'Hammer' block will
    not be availible for selection when it's your attack turn.
    So basically, when the adults fight by themselves, they'll only be able to jump
    on their foes.
    b. Battling as Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
    When you battle as the babies, you use the X button for Baby Mario, and the Y
    button for Baby Luigi. So if you jump on an enemy, press the babies' attack
    button as you land on your foe to dish out some extra damage. The same is true
    when dodging enemy attacks. When you get hammers later, you'd use the same
    buttons for the corresponding baby, except there's a hitch:when the babies'
    hammer shakes, press the corresponding button. So if Baby Mario uses his
    hammer, when it shakes, press the X button. The same is true for Baby Luigi,
    except you'd use Y instead. When defending with the hammer, try to wait for
    your enemy to attack, and then press and hold  the button of the baby who is
    being attacked. If the hammer starts to shake, your baby you're trying to
    protect will drop his hammer. He'll hold it for a good amount of time, so time
    your defense carefully. So in short, when you attack with a hammer, when the
    babies' hammer shakes, press his attack button. When that baby is being
    attacked, press and hold his attack button until you feel you should let go. If
    you hold it for too long, your baby will drop it and may take damage.
    c.Battling as a Team of Four
    So, we've reviewed how to fight alone, now we'll talk about how to fight
    united! When the adults and the babies are together, A is Mario's attack
    button, B is Luigi's, X is Baby Mario's, and Y is Baby Luigi's.
    Okay, got all that? Now I'll explain how to fight. I'll use an example. Let's
    say it's the Mario pair's turn. So you choose to jump on an enemy. As soon as
    Mario is about to land on the enemy, press the babies' attack button. Yes, you
    heard me. PRESS THE BABIES' ATTACK BUTTON. You'll deal Baby Mario's attack
    power on the foe, then when Mario is about to land on the enemy, press his
    attack button. You'll also deal Mario's attack power on the enemy. So you're
    landing two blows in one turn! Cool, huh? The same is true for the Luigi duo,
    when you're about to land on your selected enemy, press the babies' attack
    button(Y, in this case), then when the older bro is about to drop on his foe,
    press his attack button(B, in this case). You could just press the adult's
    button to just jump on your foe, but what good is that?
    Alright, one more detail. About the hammer, in case you forgot. It's like with
    jumping. You choose the hammer command, choose an enemy, and when your bro pair
    is in front of the enemy, press the adults' button to raise up the lil' tyke,
    then press the babies' button to crash down on your foe! Ha! Now you're dealing
    damage! You could also just press the babies' button to deal quick damage, but
    then again, what's the point?
    3.Strategies and Hints
    *Watch the defense icons. Just so you know how to defend your bros. This will
    prevent them from taking damage.
    *Timing is everything. Time your attacks well to be successful!
    *Watch your enemy: enemies signal with their bodies' in order to attack. Like,
    for example, if a Goomba attacks, it'll use its left foot to attack Mario, and
    its right foot to attack Luigi. Most enemies will do this, while other enemies
    will use the bros intinal to attack, or the color of the bros' attire. Like, if
    a Shroid attacks, it'll either use a flag game, in which it'll raise a red or
    green flag, and when it raises the red, Mario must jump, green, Luigi will have
    to jump. Some enemies will use these types of attacks, will others will use
    sneakier ways. So know your foes. You will know them well in the "Enemies" and
    "Bosses" sections.
    *Try different tactics: If a jump attack doesn't work, use your hammer or a
    Bros Item(more on those in a moment).
    *When the adult bro is KOed, the baby version will take his place. However, if
    the battle is over, the KOed bro won't get any Experience Points, so keep your
    team up and running.
    *If a baby is KOed when the team of four is together, it'll be harder to defend
    yourself, so keep a steady supply of 1-UP Mushrooms. 1-UP Supers will work too.
    *Don't be afraid to run. If you're being KOed too many times, or the enemy is
    stronger than you thought, flee! You'll drop a few coins in the process though.
    A high speed level will also mean you'll be able to escape faster.
    *If a statistic is low, level it up! The chances are that one will receive a
    high level up.
    *Be sure to be equipped with the best gear you have so far. Especially before a
    boss battle.
    *Heal up before a boss battle. This will increase your chances of winning by a
    long shot!
    These items I speak of will greatly benefit your adventure. Here's a list of
    items you'll find throughout the game.
    Mushroom Drops
    1-Up Mushrooms
    Refreshing Herbs
    Cobalt Star Shard
    Mushrooms have been a Mario icon and a constant standby in the Mario games.
    Well, in Paper Mario and GBA game, M&L:SS. These 'shrooms will restore HP(or
    Heart Points) for one character only. Regular Mushrooms restore 20 HP, Super
    Mushrooms restore 40 HP, Ultra Mushrooms restore 80 HP, and MAX Mushrooms
    restore all HP to one character.
    Mushroom Drops
    These 'shrooms are like regular Mushrooms, but they heal your entire team.
    Helpful if your team needs HP. Regular Drops restore 15 HP, Super Drops restore
    30 HP, and the Ultra Drops restore 60 HP.
    1-Up Mushrooms
    If a member of the quartlet falls in battle, you can revive him with this. 1-Up
    Mushrooms revive half of the defeated character's HP, and 1-Up Supers revive
    with all HP.
    These first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They, in that game,
    boosted POWER and DEFENSE. They do the same here, except there's a Blue Pepper
    thrown in the mix. Red Peppers boost POWER, Green Peppers boost DEFENSE, and
    Blue Peppers, they boost SPEED. Each effect lasts momentarily, about three
    turns, so take advantage of these effects! The most likely to be useless, is
    the Blue Pepper; still, it MIGHT work.
    Refreshing Herbs
    If your characters take damage, they may be inflicted with BRN, or Burned,
    which will deal constant damage each turn and make the inflicted character
    unable to move. There are also other status effects, like PSN, Poisoned, which
    will deal ongoing damage, or DZY, Dizzy, which will make the character effected
    unable to move. So, instead of waiting for the effect to wear off, use one of
    these to cure the effected one. Only the non-effected characters can use these.
    These aren't used in battle, or in your adventure, but you'll use them to buy
    badges at a secret badge shop. So, I guess you'll use them only in the
    adventure. :P You can dig them out of the ground beneath the Xs you'll see in
    your adventure, and you'll win more in a minigame in Thwomp's Volcano. You can
    only dig beans up after you learn Baby Drill(a new technique) from the Hammer
    Cobalt Star Shard
    Well, these you'll get after beating a certain boss grunt. When the Shroobs
    attacked, the Cobalt Star was shattered to six pieces. These are only found in
    the past, where most of your adventure will take place. They're essential to
    getting into Princess Shroob's Castle(past), and something will happen when all
    six come together....
    5. Bros. Items
    Bros. Items are your friends, they'll help vanquish your foes faster. There are
    a variety of items, including some some reconizable items. They can be acquired
    as you progress, and will be availible at the shops over time. Here's a list of
    Bros. Items you'll get:
    Bro Flower
    Copy Flower
    Green Shell
    Ice Flower
    Mix Flower
    Pocket Chomp
    Red Shell
    Smash Egg
    Total Types of Bros. Items:10
    Bro Flower
    The Mario Bros. have beem using the power of fire to roast their foes, and now,
    thanks to this, they can do it as a group. The bro who commences the attack
    will hold a large fireball, the other bro will hold a small fireball. To have
    Mario use it, use his attack button, for Luigi to use it, his button, and the
    babies', their attack buttons. When the other bro gets the large flame, mash
    his button instead. By the way, you can inflict BRN(Burn) on your enemies if
    you're successful. One more thing, to damage on-ground enemies, press the
    adult's attack button, and to damage airborne enemies, press the babies' attack
    This super-powerful Bros. Item can inflict 4 times the damage on an enemy. When
    you use it, all four bros. will jump into the cannon and trounce their foe.
    Watch the order they come down in and time your button presses to ensure of a
    powerful finish. This is useful on bosses. Here's a strategy: Use an Ice Flower
    to lower your enemies' stats(hopefully, defense), and then use a Cannonballer
    or Trampoline! Ultra damage!
    *Copy Flower
    This is one of the best Bros. Items: This will copy all of the bros and create
    an army!!! When you use it, watch the order the bros run across the screen.
    When the bros are about to land on the enemy, press his corresponding attack
    button. This attack focuses on one enemy at a time, and when enemy is defeated,
    the bros will continue the attack on another enemy. Like with any other item,
    the attack will continue until you press the wrong button. These Copy Flowers
    are useful towards the end of the game, especially on Princess Shroob(see
    "Bosses" section).
    Green Shell
    This is the first Bros. Item you'll acquire. When you use it, the bro who
    commenced the attack will kick it at the enemy you selected, it'll hit the
    enemy, then head for the other bro. When it does, press the other bros' attack
    button(you DID memorize the attack buttons for the bros, right?). If you're
    fighting as a team of four, the younger version of the bro who started the
    attack will hop on. When the shell is about the enemy, press the babies' button
    to dish out some extra damage. Green Shells are the easiest of all the Bros.
    Items to get, so stock up!
    Ice Flower
    Ice Flowers are like Bro Flowers, but instead you're chuckin' ice at enemies.
    When you use it, press the attack button of the bro who commenced the attack,
    and when the other bro gets the bigger iceball, mash on his button instead.
    Also, like Bro Flowers, if you're successful, you can inflict your enemies with
    POW DWN(power down), DEF DWN(defense down), or SPEED DWN(speed down).  These,
    like Bro Flowers and Green Shells, are cheap in shops, so stock up!
    *Mix Flower
    This is the BEST Bros. Item ever. This is also the most expensive(next to the
    Copy Flower) in the shops. Okay, so you're probably thinking, "This works like
    the Bro and Ice Flowers, right?" Well, YOU'RE WRONG! It works totally
    different. The bro who starts the attack will hold a fireball, the others will
    hold iceballs. The bro who has the fireball, mash his attack button to power up
    the fireball on the top screen. When the fireball switches to another bro,
    press his attack button. The switch will be random, as well as who it will
    switch to. If you hit the button of a bro who has an iceball, this will weaken
    the fireball. It'll also make it fall faster. Besides that, the more you power
    the fireball up, well, the stronger it'll be when it lands on all of your foes.
    Since it's so expensive, either earn a lot of coins(the Coin Badge A will be a
    great help), or get your Stache points up.
    Pocket Chomp
    Well, this is yet another item similar to the Cannonballer and Trampoline. But,
    it's different in a way. So, when you start the attack, a Chain Chomp will
    chase the bros across the screen. While fleeing the loose beast, the bros will
    stomp on the enemies. The main objective is to escape the chomp, otherwise the
    attack will end. The older bro will flee and jump on his enemy, so when he's
    about to land on the enemy, press his attack button to deal damage and to jump
    far. The key is to time your button press so that the bro lands far away from
    the chomp. Also, sometimes the other bro will be pursued instead, so do the
    same thing with him. If you're doing this attack as a quartlet(team of four),
    the younger bro of the fleeing adult will ride the chomp's tail. When he's
    about to run into the enemy, press his attack button(X or Y) to deal extra
    damage. Like with other Bros. Items, the chomp's speed will increase as the
    attack goes on, and if the chomp gets you the attack will stop. Sometimes a
    female chomp will come out of the ball when you start the attack, but there's
    no difference about what you have to do.
    Red Shell
    Basically, this is like the Green Shell, but more expensive, and it hones in on
    another enemy after the first is defeated, allowing you to defeat more enemies,
    thus shortening the battle. I'm not going into explanation, because you do the
    same thing as if you were using a Green Shell. *whew, thank goodness*
    Smash Egg
    This is like the Shells, but you can inflict DZY on foes(if successful), and
    you can get a random item(except Beans)
    sometimes. But, I'll explain how to use it, because I'm so kind. When you start
    the attack, the bro who first used it will kick it into a random enemy. If it
    goes to the other bro, hold his attack button down(best to do it when the egg
    is about to fall on the bottom screen), when the egg is about to fall on him,
    release the button and he'll kick it into another enemy. If it comes back to
    the same bro, do the process again. To add power to your attack, press the
    babies' attack button(if, once again, fighting as a team of four) as the egg
    falls. This will also make the egg fall faster, meaning you'll have to react
    faster. However, if the bro the egg is falling on doesn't hit it, the attack
    will stop. Note that the attack will automatically end when you get the
    "GREAT!" rating.
    This is similar to the Cannonballer, except you'll stomp on random enemies.
    This attack is continuous until you miss or all of the enemies are defeated.
    If you press the wrong button in the middle of the attack, it'll stop. If
    that's the case, press the remaining falling bros' attack buttons to deal
    last-ditch effort damage. This might save you in a boss battle.
    Items with a * next to them can only be used when your entire team is together.
    6. Enemies
    Finally, at the main source of this FAQ! Well, the enemies I've listed are in
    alphabetical order, just so I(and you)can keep track.  Well, here we are! First
    I'll post the list of enemies(bosses excluded, otherwise there wouldn't be a
    "Bosses" section.), then I'll get into discussion about the enemies themselves,
    how much HP they have, how they attack, etc. All two-worded enemies will come
    first, then one-worded will come after, like in the S section.
    Blazing Shroob
    Boom Guy
    Boo Guy
    Dark Boo
    Dr. Shroob
    Dry Bones
    Elite Boom Guy
    Fly Guy
    Ghoul Guy
    Gold Koopeleon
    Guardian Shroob
    Intern Shroob
    Lethal Bob-omb
    Love Bubble
    Piranha Planet
    RC Shroober
    Red Coconutter
    Shrooba Diver
    Shroob Rex
    Spiny Shroopa
    Soul Bubble
    Thwack Totem
    Wonder Thwack
    Total Enemies: 44
    Blazing Shroob
    HP: 90
    These Shroobs are burning up in the volcano, but they've gotten use to the
    temperature. These guys will attack by using a UFO to use the flames to shoot
    at the bros. Watch the color of the cannon that fires; red cannons will shoot
    Mario and green ones will aim for Luigi. So, dodge the shots they blast. After
    the UFO is done, the Shroobs themselves will toss fireballs at the bros. If it
    uses its left hand it'll chuck one at Mario, and if it uses its right one,
    it'll toss one at Luigi. So jump over them, or risk getting burned. Use hammers
    or Bros. Items to defeat them, but the good way to beat them is to jump on
    them. YES, jump on them. Sure, the jumping bro will get a hot foot, but he'll
    also knock away the UFO, decrasing the Shroob's offensive abilities. When his
    flames' out, he'll use a laser gun to attack. If its hand(claw?) shines, it'll
    give Mario a shot, and if it spins it'll aim for Luigi. Jump to dodge.
    HP: 35
    These walking bombs never give up, do they? These will attack by charging, so
    jump to dodge, and hopefully, counterattack. They may also change their target
    by switching sides, so jump with the pair being charged. When it flashes, it
    will explode on its next turn, in which case it'll waddle up to one bro pair,
    and hop, then charge to explode in their faces, so time it right to jump and
    dodge the explosion. In other cases of exploding on someone, it'll change
    targets, so defend with the hammer.
    Boom Guy
    HP: 18
    Basically a Shy Guy with a cannon mounted on his head. When it walks up to a
    bro duo, watch its hands when it fires. When it uses one hand, there'll be a
    puff, then the shot, otherwise it'll fire a standard shot, so time your jump to
    dodge, or, most likely, land on the bullet. After damaging the head piece,
    it'll fall off, leaving Boom Guy offensiveless. Without their cannons, they
    can't attack. But, on their attack turn, after calling for assistance, a team
    of Fly Guys will replace the cannon. Repeat the process until Boom Guy is done.
    Shouldn't be too hard.
    Boo Guy
    When this ghastly ghost of a Shy Guy attacks, it uses its hand to signalfy who
    it's attacking. It tries to fake you out but spliting in two. Whoever it points
    to will be attacked from behind. If you time your jump, you can counterattack,
    but it's sorta tricky.
    HP: 15
    This classic enemy is easy to beat. The eye it exposes determines who it'll
    attack. Its left eye you see, it'll go for Luigi, and the right eye will signal
    Mario. You can easily counter with a jump. There's a dark version of it, which
    is a sort of a different story...
    HP: 46
    This weird carnation of a bull will charge at one bro, then cycle back around
    the other, so you'll jump with both bros. When you attack it, it'll grow angry
    and its  power and speed will increase, making it difficult to counter.
    So,  proceed with caution, because it could KO you with one hit if your HP
    isn't at a high level. With each turn you attack it, its power goes up until
    you beat it or it beats you.
    HP: 43
    These weird guys will throw their spears at one of the bros. If the small eye
    twinkles, it'll throw the spear at Mario, and if the small one does, Luigi will
    get hit unless you jump. If it appears behind a bro duo, it'll fire a poisoned
    dart, so be ready to jump. Sometimes, it'll summon a rain cloud that will
    restore HP to all of the enemies you're fighting. When a Coconutter's spear is
    pointing up, it'd be a good idea not to jump, so use your hammer or Bros.
    Items. It shouldn't be a long battle if you plan strategies. There is a red
    version of it, which will be explained much later.
    Dark Boo
    HP: 63
    Like a regular Boo, it uses its' eyes to signal who it'll attack, but these
    ghosts move faster, have more attack power, and can steal items from you if
    they hit you. You can reclaim your stolen goods if you defeat the Boo that
    stole it, otherwise it'll fly off with your stolen item!
    Dr. Shroob
    HP: 29
    These are like the Shroobs you encountered in the beginning of the game, but
    these crazed Shroobs use mushrooms to increase(or decrease) his attack power. A
    red mushroom will make him grow, but a grey 'shroom will shrink him and
    decrease his attack power, and it'll make him speedy, but he shouldn't be hard
    to hit with a counter strike. The red mushroom will slow him down and increase
    his power; he shouldn't be hard to hit with a counter. You can knock the
    mushrooms out of their hands with jumps and hammers, but they wouldn't be safe
    to eat(not that you can keep them if you knock them out of the Shroob's
    possession). They use their standard laser weapons to attack. When you see the
    shining claw, it'll fire at Mario, and the spin will attack Luigi.  So, these
    Shroobs aren't too hard to beat.
    Dry Bones
    HP: 53
    These skellotons of Koopas are easy, since they just throw bones at the bros.
    If they jump when attacking, stand your ground; the bone will sail overhead.
    Use anything you got to beat them! They are fairly easy, so practice using
    Bros. Items on them if needed be.
    HP: 27
    These piranha plants hide in pipes to fool the bros on the adventure screen,
    but the Mario team aren't fooled one bit!  It attacks by stretching itself up
    to the top screen, and spitting fireballs. Watch the shadow of the fireball so
    you know who is being attacked and jump to avoid. You won't be able to see the
    shadow until the fireball is on the bottom screen, so time your jump
    accordingly. Hammers or Bros. Items like Green Shells and Bro Flowers won't
    work well, so use the Cannonballer or a  jump.
    Elite Boom Guy
    HP: 50
    The stronger version of the Boom Guy, and more powerful. If it uses one hand,
    it'll fire a slow bullet, so time your jump, otherwise he'll fire a fast shot,
    so jump to dodge! When you knock his cannon off, he'll soon call for a
    replacement cannon, although he won't always get it. =P
    Fly Guy
    HP: 80
    Fly Guys use bombs to attack, and there are two ways they use them. If they
    roll them along the ground, an even number of swings will roll toward Mario,
    and an odd number will roll toward Luigi. If a Fly Guy heads to the top screen,
    it'll drop the bomb. If it flies to the highest part of the top screen, it'll
    drop it on Mario, if it flies to the middle of the top screen, it'll drop it on
    Luigi. Hammer to bomb back! If you don't, and the number on the bomb is 1,
    you'll not only get hit by the bomb, but you'll get an explosion in your face!!
    But, if you hammer it back, the bomb will explode on the Fly Guy. If it's a
    number 2 or 3, the Fly Guy will catch it back, and use it again on his next
    turn, but the number will go down by 1(duh).
    Ghoul Guy
    HP: 112
    Much like a Boo Guy, the Ghoul Guy will point to his target to show who he's
    attacking.  But they move much faster, which makes countering a bit harder.
    Ghoul Guy can also fuse with other enemy comrades to boost their POW, DEF, and
    SPEED, so beat them quickly before they do that, because the enemies get harder
    to beat. Each enemy can be powered-up once, so if there's one enemy and three
    Ghoul Guys, then only one will fuse with the enemy. So, be ready  for that.
    Gold Koopeleon
    HP: 8
    Sure, a Gold Koopeleon may look easy to beat, which is true, but their DEF is
    so high, your attacks will only one or two points of damage. The Gold
    Koopeleons are like the original, they use their tongues sometimes, and they
    vanish when they attack, which can be hard to avoid, so jump  to avoid. If they
    battle, most of the time they'll run away, so defeat them with Green or Red
    Shells, or you could use a Pocket Chomp. If you do beat one, you get a big EXP
    bonus, which will work well with the EXP Badge A! Good luck!
    HP: 10
    After being trounced and bounced on for centuries, you'd think they'd learn a
    lession of two from the Mario Bros. But no, they're back for more! These guys
    will charge at a bro duo, which should be easy to avoid and counter. Refresh
    their memory by jumping on their heads. These guys should go down without a
    problem, and they're the perfect target to practice using Bros. Items. Ha!
    HP: 30
    These really wacky spiders are covered in clouds, which aren't hard to knock
    off, just a jump will do. But, there's a catch:one may be covered in spines!
    So, if you start the battle with a jump, you'll uncover the Gnarantulas' shell
    top. If it's orange, it's a normal Gnarantula, but if it's green, it's
    spiny-coated(duh), so use hammers to be safe. These guys will attack with a
    hopping attack, they'll hop once, then on the next hop they'll come crashing
    down, so be ready with the hammer. They should be easy to beat.
    Guardian Shroob
    HP: 81
    Much like a normal Shroob, but faster, and attack in pairs. When they get ready
    to fire, get ready to jump. Occasionally they attack solo, but that's only on
    occasion. The shining claw means that Mario is being fired at, and the spin
    will signalify Luigi. Either way, be ready to jump. Also, on a side note, when
    the Guardian Shroob attacks in a pair, the timing of the shot will vary, so
    time it accordingly. Also, they only show up in the Mother Ship, after you beat
    the Bowser duo.
    HP: 117
    The handfake uses signs to attack. It'll wield four different signs: Bob-omb,
    Goomba, Paratroopa, and Bowser. Each sign has a different attack, so be ready.
    You can break the signs to prevent the Handfake from using it, but it'll bring
    up a new sign on its next turn.
    Bob-omb: If a Handfake uses a Bob-omb sign, it'll toss it at one of the bros. A
    right-side up one will fall on Mario, and the upside-down one will bombard on
    Luigi. Hammer the cardboard bomb back. If it bounces back up, it may change
    targets, so hammer it to destroy it.
    Goomba: Why would they want to use this?! Of all Mario enemies! Well, when a
    Handfake uses this sign, it'll toss it offscreen, possibly hitting one of the
    Mario bros from behind, unless you can jump it in time.
    Paratroopa: When a Handfake uses this, it'll spin it around a few times; this
    will signalify how many times it'll pull it back before attacking(assuming they
    do this to fake you out). When it spins it for the last time when it attacks,
    be ready to jump. If you counter, you'll break the sign, but not directly
    counterattack the Handfake itself.
    Bowser: This sign will attack with a cardboard flame. Watch the enemy on the
    top screen who drags it across(you didn't really think the cardboard flame
    would actually fly itself, did you?); if it's a Boo, it'll drag it towards
    Mario, can if it's a Fly Guy, it'll drag it towards Luigi. Jump to avoid.
    So, know you know what to do when Handfakes attack! Be ready for any attack.
    But, I should add that the strongest attack is the Bowser sign, possibly KOing
    you if your HP or DEF isn't high.
    Intern Shroob
    HP: 110
    This lil' shroob is like one of the baby bros: it helps its caretaker,
    Shroobsworth(search below)by assisting with attacks and reviving Shroobsworth
    after he's knocked out. Defeat it before it gets its chance to revive the elder
    Shroob. On his own, he has no offensive capabilities.
    HP: 18
    These strange koopas can vanish when they attack, so be ready to jump when they
    charge. They are easy to beat when the adults and babies are together, so be
    sure of short battle when the team is together.
    HP: 26
    These weirdo Lakitus will drop Spiny Shroopas on the adventure to attack for
    them, but if you encounter them directly, it's a whole different story. Most of
    the time it'll be dropping Spiny Shroopas, so hammer 'em away or get poisoned.
    When it dives, time your jump to avoid, but countering is a heck of a lot
    harder to do.
    Lethal Bob-omb
    HP: 60
    These are like regular Bob-ombs, but are ready to explode on you. When it's
    picking its target, it'll switch between the bros, so be ready to defend with
    the hammer. Easy, ain't it?
    Love Bubble
    HP: 95
    Like Shrooblets, Love Bubbles give their target with their feet. If they rise a
    bit, the targeted bro will have to jump, however the other bro won't get hit
    unless you jump. When it descends a bit, jump first with the targeted pair,
    then with the other pair. If a Love Bubble ascends to the top screen, it'll
    give away its target, then come dive bomb on him, so be ready to jump with the
    corresponding bro pair. If it curls up into a ball, it'll do a spinning attack
    either clockwise or counterclockwise. Either way, end the attack by striking
    with your hammer. Oh, I should mention, if you attack them and an "!" appears,
    they'll revive some of one of their allies' HP. So, it's best to focus on them
    first so they don't revive HP.
    HP: 24
    These guys were in Super Mario Bros. 2. These annoying little crows ride
    carpets and attack by diving. Watch it closely. If it stops on the left, it'll
    dive in on Mario, and if it stops on the bros' right side, it'll swoop in on
    Luigi. If it hops a bit before it dives, it'll delay its attack, so time your
    jump. Sometimes Pidgits carry item bags. If you defeat it, you'll get an item.
    It doesn't happen all the time though.
    Piranha Planet
    HP: 120
    These piranha plants have an arsenal of attacks, including laser weapons and
    warping technology. But, needless to say, it's easy to pre-determine which
    attack they'll use. They'll use laser guns all the time; if a plant pops out of
    the top of the pipes, it'll fire at Mario, and if it pops out of the bottom,
    it'll fire at Luigi. Sometimes, it'll sweep from one bro pair to the other, so
    jump to dodge(I'm sayin' this a little too much). Another attack consists of
    Piranha Plants diving at the bros. Watch the order they pop out, red ones will
    dive at Mario(obviously), and green ones will dive at Luigi. When it starts to
    spin, jump in the order the plants popped out to avoid damage. When the planet
    of pipes warps to the top screen, it'll crash down on a bro duo. Watch the
    Piranha Plant that pops out before it drops; if one pops out at the top, it'll
    fall on Mario, and if one pops out from the bottom, it'll fall on Luigi. So,
    hammer it back. Sometimes it'll come back down on who it was attempting to
    crush, so hammer it back until its had enough.
    HP: 55
    Ah, an classic enemy.... but anyway, this cactus has thorns in its side, so
    jump on it instead. You can also hammer it to knock out the lower segments, but
    they'll cause no damage. So, only the head is its weak point. Use Green Shells
    to take it out quickly. They fire their spines at the bros, and they'll use a
    ramming move, which you should have both bros jump to dodge. There's a skull
    version of it too(called Skellokey), which is coming up soon.
    RC Shroober
    HP: 58
    A weirdo Shroob that uses UFOs and Bomb Karts to attack. When it uses a UFO,
    hammer it away as if lifts a bro off the ground. Oh, I should mention that an
    RC Shroober will face you when it attacks Mario, and it'll have its back face
    you when it attacks Luigi. And it uses the Bomb Kart robots to attack. Jump to
    avoid them, or if you hop on it, it'll go explode on its master. A good
    strategy to wither its health down. Occasionally it'll uses its trademark move,
    the laser gun. You should know what the signals are for that.
    Red Coconutter
    HP: 85
    Tougher than a regular Coconutter, but easy to beat. It uses its spear and dart
    attack to well, attack! But, the rain cloud recovers more HP for the enemies,
    and the darts may poison you if you're not careful. It'll just basically
    sometimes fire more than one dart, so be ready for that.
    Shrooba Diver
    HP: 70
    This Shroob likes to dive under the sand to perform more sneakier attacks.
    It'll do a charging attack, which will head for one bro pair, then circle back
    around the other bro pair, so jump to avoid. It'll also dive under, then pop
    back up in front of a bro pair, and when they do, hammer him away. They also
    toss trash, jump to dodge the spiked balls, but when they toss fish(those fish
    look familiar...), don't jump, they'll sail overhead.
    Shroob Rex
    HP:  119
    A shroobified Rex, which makes it harder to beat. If you start the battle the
    battle with jumping, they'll become one level squater(if that is even a word).
    If you don't jump on 'em, that makes it tougher to avoid their charging attack,
    which will be at one bro, then back around the other bro, except it'll go off
    screen, so when the scene shakes, be ready to jump. It also does a shockwave
    attack. If it stops in front of a bro pair, jump with the pair it was in front
    of, then with the other pair. If it just stomps the ground, jump with both bros
    at the same time. It also spits fireballs, if it brings its head back, it'll
    spit one at Mario, and if it brings it head down, it'll spit one at Luigi.
    Either way, hammer it with one bro, and then hammer it to pieces with the other
    bro. If it keeps its head straight, it'll spit fireballs at both, so hammer
    both to pieces. Or, risk a BRN effect.
    Spiny Shroopa
    HP: 18
    A shroobified Spiny, I'm guessing. The spikes obviously point out you can't
    jump on them, so when you fight as the babies, you have to use your newly
    acquired hammers, or Bros. Items.  There are two attack patterns Spiny Shroopas
    use, one when fighting as the babies, and one when fighting as the adults.
    Babies: When the Spiny Shoopas hop forward, draw your hammer, then release the
    button(depending on who's being attacked), when they hop again. They may attack
    again, so be ready to strike again.
    Adults: They roll up into a ball, then charge, so jump to avoid. The hammers
    belong to the babies, so the adults have to use Bros. Items, or retreat. Bro
    Flowers work well against them.
    When they fight together as a quartlet, the babies' attack pattern applies to
    this case.
    HP: 110
    Prepare for a long explanation. *okay, here we go.* When Shroids toss blue
    crystals to inmobilize you, jump repeatedly to destroy them. If a Shroid stops
    in front of a pair, jump to avoid their devastating laser fire. If they pull
    out flags, get ready for a flag game. If they raise the red flag,  jump with
    you-who-know, and when it raises the green,  jump with yours truly. When they
    raise both, jump with both bros. It'll start to get faster, so have quick
    reflexes or get whacked. When a Shroid summons a UFO, it'll drop a HUGE spiked
    ball on the bro whose initial is marked on it. So, hammer it back. But, there's
    a catch: its targeting is reversed when you damage it. So, if it drops a spiked
    ball with an M on it, it's aiming to attack Luigi in actuallity. The same goes
    for the flag game. If it raises the red flag, Luigi must jump or both bros get
    whacked.*that wasn't very long :P*
    HP: 150
    Toadsworth has been shroobified and cloned, which makes him even more powerful.
    To make matters worse, he has a cohort who does most of his attacks(all except
    one). When he tosses the younger upwards, the lackey may fire on the bros.
    Watch his position: a right-side up means he'll fire at Mario, and a
    upside-down position will fire at Luigi. So, you must jump. If the younger goes
    off screen, however, watch the way he flips before he gets offscreen, a
    frontflip and Shroobsworth will whack Mario, then Luigi, a backflip, Luigi,
    then Mario. They also have a volleymeteor contest. Watch who whacks at the
    bros: Shroobsworth whacks at Luigi, and the lackey tosses it at Mario. Hammer
    it back until they get hit. When Shroobsworth is KO'ed, the Intern
    Shroob(search above) will take over. However, he won't attack. So, take him out
    too before he revives his caretaker.
    HP: 7
    Pretty much like a Goomba, weak and sickly. They give their target with their
    feet, so that shouldn't take too long to figure out.Give 'em a good
    HP: 96
    The "Dry Bones" of a Pokey, but this one has spikes on its head, which would
    point out the fact that you can't jump on it. So, use your hammer or Bros.
    Items, like Green Shells. Like with the original, you have to knock out the
    body pieces before you can attack the head directly. When the boney Pokey
    attacks, it may fire its body parts(if it has any) at you, watch the way they
    rotate so you can tell who they'll come at. Or I could tell you.... when they
    rotate left, they'll head for Mario, and a right rotation will spin at Luigi.
    They also spit fireballs, which you should jump over. Although, they'll spit
    the fireballs if they have no body parts.
    Soul Bubble
    HP: 100
    Like a Love Bubble, they give their target with their feet, they do a dive bomb
    attack, and a rotary attack. Also, they can heal wounded companions, but if one
    is defeated, they'll revive them. So, a good idea would to defeat the Soul
    Bubble first, since they can only revive if one enemy is attacked or defeated.
    HP: 66
    This is a Snifit, with a mummy's casket. There is also a Snifit inside it,
    which would explain why it fires two bullets instead of one. The lower one
    you'll have to jump, the higher one will sail harmlessly overhead. If it rides
    the casket, watch the way it turns when it loops. If it does a turn, it'll
    speed at Luigi, otherwise it'll come at Mario. Countering is hard, though. Oh,
    here's an update: If you attack it enough with Bro Flowers, the casket will
    burn up and the Shy Guys inside them will flee! That means you'll have to deal
    with only one shot to dodge.
    HP: 110
    These big..."things" will remain sleeping until you attack them. A good idea to
    beat them would be to use Trampolines or Mix Flowers. Anyways, if they wake up,
    they'll fire a laser that doesn't tell who its aiming at, or if it hit the
    ground or sail overhead, which is hard to dodge, so jump to dodge when the eyes
    flash. The Snoozorb will also roll into its ball and ram at the bros. So hammer
    it back until its had enough. Oh, also when its HP drops below half, it'll fire
    two shots, one you'll have to jump, and the other will sail overhead.
    HP: 69
    This classic enemy has the body of a Goomba, yet the power of the Tanooki,
    which means it can transform into enemies(although you have to wonder how Mario
    could just turn into a statue). Well, three. When it attacks, it'll either
    jump(attacking Mario) or do a backflip(attacking Luigi). There are three things
    it can transform into: a balloon, a Spiny, or a Thwomp.
    Balloon: It'll jump high onto the top screen and slowly makes its descent onto
    a bros' head, so be ready with the hammer.
    Spiny: It'll circle the bros constantly, so keep jumping until it stops.
    Thwomp: It'll jump high on the top screen, so when it starts to crash down, be
    ready to hammer it away.
    HP: 125
    The same thing as a Tanoomba, except its been once again, shroobified. Its
    attacks are faster, the Thwomp attack descends faster, as well for the balloon
    attack. So draw your hammer early when the Tashrooba is on the top screen.
    Thwack Totem
    HP: 152
    A set of Thwacks on top of each other. It fires its body parts, starting with
    the lowest one, at the bros, so be ready to jump. If it rockets offscreen,
    it'll create shockwaves when it lands. Pink pieces will aim at Mario, and the
    green pieces will aim at Luigi. If two pieces fall together, shockwaves will
    come at both bros.
    HP: 54 (each)
    The color indicates who the Thwack will attack, pink for Mario, green for
    Luigi. Sometimes, they'll change color before they attack, which will change
    their targeting. If they raise high, use your hammer to defend as they come
    down. If they approach low, jump on 'em as they charge. Most of the time,
    they'll call backup Thwacks in, which will make the battle even longer, so use
    Pocket Chomps to shorten it. If the battle goes on, they'll destroy themselves,
    the pink ones will head for Mario, and green ones will head for Luigi. The
    occasional yellow pieces will head for both bros.
    Wonder Thwack
    HP: 60 (each)
    A stronger version of the Thwack. Red ones attack Mario, and blue ones attack
    Luigi. As a note, they may change color, thus changing targets, so be ready for
    that. It has the same attacks as a regular Thwack, crushing you, calling in
    backup, destroying themselves, those things.
    Finally done with those!! :D
    7. Bosses
    Okay, finally done with those foes. Now, some boss tactics. Bosses usually have
    at least over 500 HP (well, after you beat Sunnycide). So, expect a loooonng
    battle. Here's a good strategy-use Ice Flowers. If you're lucky, your
    opposition's DEF will drop, making it easier for you to score more damage.
    Then, use Trampolines, Cannonballers, Mix Flowers, Copy Flowers, or whatever
    suits you best. You also could use Red Peppers after you lower your foes' DEF.
    Only three will do. This tactic makes the boss fight so much easier. Another
    tactic: keep on fighting! Even if the adults are KO'ed, you've still got baby
    power! Use the babies to do the fighting, and if things get tough, revive our
    adult heroes. Not a good idea if you don't carry many 1-Up Mushrooms on
    you(which I suspect you do). Anyway, let's get it on!
    Like the enemy section layout, the bosses will be labeled in the order that you
    encounter them. Then their HP will be listed(after I get the list complete and
    ACTUALLY get to the bosses). So, basically, this section has the same layout as
    the last. Alright? Enjoy the refreshing information! *grabs a cup of coffee and
    a pillow*
    Baby Bowser
    HP: 12(?)
    When you begin the game, you'll start in the past, where the younger Mario and
    Luigi are headed for Baby Peach's room, because she's very irrititable right
    now.... Anyway, when the bros get there, Baby Bowser is up to no good. So, Baby
    Mario engages in your first battle. Just give the prince a good ol' head
    smashin'! When he spits fireballs, press X to jump and dodge. Younger
    Toadsworth will also give you tips on battling. You can't lose! I'm gonna put
    on a guess that was a warmup. Heh....
    Junior Shrooboid
    HP: 15
    After discovering the wicked Shroob race, the time machine returns to the
    castle, with a VERY worried Toadsworth waiting for the princess to return.
    Instead, a weird Shroob creature emerges from it! Luigi has wimped out, so
    Mario fights alone. Just like with Baby Bowser, jump on the Shrooboid's head,
    and when it does its spinning move, press A to jump and dodge, and if you're
    lucky, counter. Like with the first battle, you can't lose!
    HP: 15 (each)
    After traveling to the past in the time hole that recently popped up in the
    castle, the elder Mario Bros head out to Hollijolli Village's past to
    investigate the whereabouts of Princess Peach. In the process of knocking the
    mayor out of his situation, he is captured by a group of waiting Shroobs. The
    bros get outside just in time to see the mayor... GET KIDNAPPED!!!! Anyway, the
    Shroobs now attempt to capture the bros too. In this battle, you fight the
    alien race that is responisble for all that has happened. Jump on their heads,
    and jump to avoid their laser fire. You DO remember the signals for when they
    attack, don't you? Well, I'll refresh your memory-when you see the sparkle in
    the claw, Mario is under fire, and when the Shroob spins, it'll aim at Luigi.
    Needless to say, no matter how much progress your making, that UFO on the top
    will instantly defeat the Mario Bros when the number hits zero.
    What I don't understand is why don't they capture them after they defeat
    Shroobs (rematch)
    HP: 15 (each)
    After the younger princess demands that someone assist our older heroes, the
    baby bros head out to find the defeated Mario and Luigi. Head to the site where
    they were defeated, and you'll encounter the same Shroobs from the last battle.
    They'll fight the younger bros, so you'll be in the same spot you were 4
    minutes ago. But Toadsworth(younger) will introduce a Bros. Item: Green Shells.
    You'll learn how to use them, and to make better use of them. The UFO from
    before is gone, so you don't have to worry about being beaten. Jump and use the
    newly acquired Green Shells, and avoid the Shroobs' fire by jumping.
    Hammer Bros.
    HP: 100 (each)
    After the older Mario Bros. get  captured by the "l33t" Hammer Bros., who were
    brainwashed by those weird helmets, they try to "pwn" the baby bros next. Give
    'em a lession and destroy their helmets(you'll do that by defeating them).
    You'll use the Bro Flowers and Green Shells to beat them. When they're
    together, the Hammer Bros. will whack each other at you. Jump to avoid and
    maybe counter. Sometimes the hammerhead will break, and that means you have to
    stand your ground to avoid taking damage. When you've taken out one bro, the
    remaining bro will chuck hammers at you. Jump to avoid and finish the battle.
    HP: 250
    After the Mario team reach the source of the Vim Factory, which is being used
    to power the UFOs, they'll encounter a Swigger, which is [I'm guessing] a
    Wigger with an attachment on its behind. It's using this to suck the vim out of
    the forest and transferring it to the UFOs. After Baby Mario knocks its green
    beverage away, you'll have angered it, and have to battle it. Defeat it to shut
    down the factory! The Swigger will be accompanied by two Dr. Shroobs. The
    Shroobs will use their usual laser attacks and pull out mushrooms. If they pull
    out a grey one, hammer that Shroob; the mushroom will fall into the Swigger's
    drink, poisoning it. If Swigger takes a gulp of that, it'll turn green and be
    vulnerable to attacks. Use Cannonballers on it to beat it faster. BUT, avoid
    attacking a Shroob that has a red 'shroom. If this gets into Swigger's drink,
    it'll recover its HP, making the battle drag on. May I also note that attacking
    Swigger while he's red will make him enraged(not to mention doing little
    damage), and he'll pound shockwaves at the bros. So jump those! The Swigger
    will also blow purple poison clouds at the bros, hammer those into pieces, and
    be ready if it blows two clouds in a row. Finally, if the Swigger takes a drink
    of the original vim(green), it'll use that to power up two UFOs on the top
    screen. The upper one will fire at Mario, and the lower one will fire at Luigi.
    Sometimes they'll switch positions, but still target the bro they originally
    targeting, so jump over the shots as they come down. If you finish this battle
    successfully, you'll retrieve the Cobalt Star Shard it possessed! WOOHOO!
    HP: 450
    When the Mario team give Baby Bowser some trouble on the mountain top, Kamek
    will take over and try to give the quartlet a magic show they'll never forget!
    At the start, he'll clone himself, making it harder to spot the real deal. Use
    Bro Flowers or Ice Flowers to spot the real Kamek easily. If you can knock his
    defense down, you can trounce on him with Cannonballers. It's best not to use
    this when he's cloned, because obviously there's a 1/5 chance you'll damage the
    real one. When Kamek makes spiked balls drop from the top screen, hammer 'em
    back at Kamek or his clones. If you fail to hit it back, however, you'll wind
    up getting DZY for a couple turns. If mushrooms fall, don't hammer those!
    You'll heal your opposition if you do. The trickest attack Kamek has is the
    ability to summon a fireball that circles the bros at random. When the fireball
    hits his creator, Kamek will be on fire(literally), and charge at one of the
    bros, so hammer him away. Finish him off if you can overcome his magic attacks.
    HP: 300
    This is NOT referring to the way you may like your eggs, THIS is referring to
    the savage beast that's responsible for the egg-manufacturing that's been going
    on inside the giant Yoob. Those eggs, they contain Yoshis. If you can break the
    eggs, you can use them against the egg fiend. The Sunnycide enjoys chucking his
    eggs at the bros, and it's easy to determine who he'll chuck 'em at. Jump over
    'em. When you destroy an egg, a Yoshi will be free, and on top of that weird
    green intestine thing, he'll push a stone chomp over to the edge, but not
    nessessarily over the edge.... It'll take 5 Yoshis for it the boulder to fall
    over and smash Sunnycide in the head. That'll expose the weak point, which you
    should use a Cannonballer or Pocket Chomp on. After a few turns, it'll get back
    up, and if out of eggs, stomp to summon more. While on its feet, it'll try to
    suck one of the bro pairs into its nasty mouth to absorb HP from 'em and add it
    to his own, so hammer his waek spot as you get sucked near it. When he's on his
    back, he'll pull a chain that'll either create a quick hole over one of the
    bros, so jump that quickly, OR, turn out the light and summon a Boo to attack.
    If that ghost hits you, it'll steal an item, which unlike a Dark Boo, you'll
    lose it for good. Defeat the Sunnycide to escape from Yoob's belly!
    Shrooboid Brat
    After getting into the Koopaseum, and apparently running into the Shroobs at
    the end, now the quartlet has to battle this wierdo Shrooboid that has a LOT of
    lollies in its mouth. That's gonna leave a big gap between the teeth. But,
    that's besides the point; the Shroob crowd votes to determine who the Shrooboid
    should attack. Ms obviously point to Mario, and Ls will point out Luigi. The
    bro who gets the most votes will be attacked. The crowd may vote several times,
    so watch the top screen carefully. Watch the order. For example, the crowd
    votes three times. The first time they vote for Mario, the second they vote for
    Mario, and the third they vote for Luigi. The Shrooboid will attack Mario
    twice, and then attack Luigi. So jump those sweets, because they're not so
    sweet after they hit you. Sometimes the crowd will swap the colors, the Ms are
    green, and the Ls will be red, but the same rule applies.
    Sometimes the crowd will pass down mushrooms to the Shrooboid, a mushroom will
    be(when the Shrooboid spits it at you) a poison mushroom, and vice versa.
    They'll also pass down Fire Flowers, which will turn into fireballs, which you
    hammer away. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, if an item passes through the M,
    it'll be hurled at Mario, and if passed through the L, it'll be aimed at Luigi.
    Don't hammer away the mushrooms, just their poisonous counterparts. Defeat it
    by using Ice Flowers to lower the defense, and then use Cannonballers to deal
    loads of damage.
    Petey Piranha
    HP: 960
    The return of an old enemy....*flashback to Super Mario Sunshine* Anyway, this
    big bellied piranha has eaten both the princess and Kylie, so the bros will
    have to defeat it if they want to see Peach again. The piranha's main attack is
    to "fly" up to the top screen, and come crashing down into the sands, which
    will unravel blocks that will come at the bros. Watch the direction that Petey
    falls in, a forward position, and a block will first come at Mario, then Luigi.
    The opposite direction will hurl a block at Luigi first, then Mario. If he
    comes down in the "cannonball!" position, be ready to jump with both bros. This
    attack may repeat itself multiple times, so use Blue Peppers to increase SPEED
    and make this attack much shorter. Again, you can use the Ice Flower power to
    lower DEF, and then crash down on his head multiple times with Trampolines. If
    Petey sinks into the ground, either he'll suck you in from the bottom, so jump
    constantly to avoid being eaten; or he'll spit up a block with a bros' inital
    on it, and the pendulum will swing at the bro whose inital is on the block.
    Hammer that away and alternate between both bros to knock the piranha plant out
    of the game. This attack will be used more often when Petey is in the ground,
    so use Blue Peppers again if you wish. Take note of the mouth that sticks up:
    Unless you WANT to be next on the menu, use shells or hammers to attack. If you
    can make it out of this battle alive, you'll have uncovered another Star Shard!
    Hoo-rah! But after the battle, you'd have to wonder what that thing is on
    Peach's face....or how it even got there!
    Mrs. Thwomp
    HP: 600
    Impersonator Mrs. Thwomp: 50 HP each
    The volcano is out, but not all is well. At the top of the summit, the two
    Thwomps, who were enjoying the lava eruption(which occurs annually, I might
    add), have been enraged, and the couple is ANNNGGRRYY!!!! In fact, the wife
    decides to have a new type of fun, if that includes crushing a pasta-loving
    plumber, his brother, and two young versions of them(...). But anyways, the
    battle begins here!
    The most attack used by Mrs. Thwomp is to spit rocks at the bros, which you
    should hammer to pieces. Who knew that a hammer was that powerful? But keep
    smashing them. Sometimes she'll stay in one spot, which will be either in front
    of a bro pair, or the middle(which the rocks will pass right through), so don't
    worry if she stays spittin' rocks at you. Sometimes the rocks will reveal Bros
    Items that you'll be able to use. Another attack(and this one is tricky) that
    she uses is one where she'll rocket onto the top screen, spin a few times, and
    then crash down in front the bros. She'll either come down in front of a bro
    pair or the middle; the middle will crate shockwaves you both should jump, or
    if in front of one bro pair, the duo who she was in front of should jump first,
    then the other duo should jump.
    The easiest of all of Mrs. Thwomp's attacks is when she splits into four. A
    four-on-four battle! Only one of the Thwomps is the real one, and will only
    take actual damage to the boss herself. You can tell which one is the real deal
    by looking at their appearance. The Mrs. Thwomps will attack by raising their
    eyebrow: when it raises the left one, it'll attack Mario and if it raises the
    right, it'll go for Luigi. Ready to counter with the hammer. If you can take
    out the fakes, you can lower the offensive abilites of your foes. A good idea
    would be to attack the real Mrs. Thwomp to shorten the battle a bit, since
    you'll expose her when you counter the other fakes. After a few turns, if there
    are fakes still on the field, the real Mrs. Thwomp will crush them and return
    to her original size. If you can defeat her, you'll have admission to the
    inside of the volcano, where Bowser has escaped off to...
    Bowser Duo
    Bowser: 1200
    Baby Bowser: 1000
    Ah, an equal opportunity massacre.... but that's besides the point. Now that
    Bowser has found the true evil(which exists in his younger self), that means
    double trouble for the Mario team. But still, a four-on-two shouldn't be a hard
    battle. Long, but not hard. LET'S GET IT ON!!! The match of the century! *ding!*
    The most attack to use against the duo is to use Ice Flowers to lower DEF, and
    then use the Trampoline. That'll be useful, so I'm sure you stocked up on
    those. Anyway, the most attack used by this team is the tactic of Bowser
    creating a shockwave. Jump it with both bros, and be ready to jump again,
    because Thwacks will rain from the ceiling(which should be really high,
    considering you're in the bottom of a volcano), the pink pieces will come at
    Mario, green at Luigi, and yellow for both. Another attack is the koopa king's
    trademark: spitting fire. This obviously you can't counter. But be careful: a
    quick grin from Bowser signalifys that the attack will be delayed, so time it
    right.... That's no good! But anyway, moving on... if you're hit, you may be
    BRNed, or stunned, so you should be ready to cure these afflictions with
    Refreshing Herbs. Another attack is that the prince will smash his elder self
    in the head, causing a fireball to be spurted out out of Bowser's mouth. Sounds
    like a plan....*reminds you of Baby Mario's spitting technique* But anyway, if
    Baby Bowser spins foward, a fireball will be aimed at Mario, and a backspin
    will be aimed at Luigi. On some occasions he'll spin into space(or offscreen to
    be properly put) and come once again crashing down, but it wont' matter which
    direction the spin he's spinnin: Bowser will spit fireballs at both bros, so be
    ready to jump. At some point, if the battle is dragging on, Baby Bowser will
    pull out a Mushroom(where'd he get that?)and use it to restore some HP either
    to himself or his elder counterpart, but most of the time it'll be for Bowser,
    since he'll take most of the damage(I think...). Okay, here's where you get a
    chance to score damage the young prince: Bowser will get into his shell, while
    Baby Bowser pulls out a hammer(from the Hammer Bros, or what?), the position he
    holds it will determine who he'll smack Bowser at, an upward hold will signal
    Mario, and holding it downward will signalify Luigi. When he smacks Bowser, be
    ready to counter with your hammer. The attack may drag on for a couple seconds,
    until you or Baby Bowser gives in. If you can knock Bowser out for a few turns,
    then that's your chance! Attack Baby Bowser with no mercy! Use the Ice Flower
    Technique to beat him quicker. When Baby Bowser attacks, he'll spit a few
    fireballs into the air, the more, the powerful. Then watch the position he
    holds the hammer so you've gotten ready to defend against the attack. If you're
    lucky, you can KO Baby Bowser before Bowser gets back. Without his younger
    self, all Bowser can do is create shockwaves and spit fire at you, which
    shouldn't be much of a problem. If you're running out of Trampolines, take a
    few turns to consume some Red Peppers to increase POW, and maybe some Green
    Peppers to increase your defenses. If you can defeat the Bowser duo, you should
    have a feeling of mass accomplishment! HUZZAH! But wait... what's happening...?
    Is that the mother ship?
    Commander Shroob
    HP: 1300
    Support Shroobs: 88 HP(each)
    And you thought the Bowsers had a lot of HP? Wait till you fight the Commander
    Shroob! This army of Shroobs was just about to claim Star Hill for themselves
    when the Mario Bros. show up for a rude awaking! So, he sends his army to take
    care of the quartlet. He stays off-screen while the army carries a
    Shroob-omb(GOD, THAT THING IS HUGE!). They'll use this big bomb to attack
    sometimes. You can't damage the Shroob-omb, but you must defeat the Support
    Shroobs to bring out the commander himself.
    Then the battle starts, three of the Support Shroobs will take the Shroob-omb
    and hold it for turns to come. Before you begin, use a few turns to power up
    with Red and Green Peppers. In the meantime, when the enemies attack, watch the
    Shroob-omb's eye: if the left winks, the Support Shroob will toss it at Mario,
    and if the right eye winks, the Shroobs will toss it Luigi. Hammer it away
    repeatedly until the Shroobs fail to catch it and it detonates on them. A UFO
    will come by and drop another Shroob-omb to use. How many of those do they
    have? But anyway, you have to defeat the RIGHT and CENTER Shroobs to knock the
    commander into battle. If you defeat LEFT and CENTER Shroobs, Mario and Luigi
    will be bombed instead. When the commander is knocked into the field, he'll
    still send his Support Shroobs to attack. If he kicks them, a right-side up
    Shroob will bop Mario in the head, and an upside-down will smack Luigi. Hammer
    'em away. If he uses his claws, if you can see them on the screen, he'll send a
    Shroob at Luigi, and if his claws are behind his back, he'll send one at Mario.
    Hammer them away. Occasionally he'll also use the ray gun. Jump to avoid the
    shots. If he goes back offscreen, he'll send out the Support Shroobs with the
    Shroob-omb. Repeat the process until the commander is no longer in command.
    Elder Shrooboid
    First Form:1750
    Enhanced Form: 1200
    The Mario team is just about to get the final Cobalt Star Shard from Toadbert,
    who apparently ran off in a worried huff. When the team catches up to him, they
    find him and Kylie, who both has fainted because of a gruesome terror....
    Anyway, Toadbert is able to provide some information about his old picture(the
    one he gave you back in Yoob's Belly), but before he can tell you more, the
    Elder Shrooboid turns both Toadbert and Kylie into Shroob Shrooms! And now, are
    the Mario Bros next?
    Take 2 turns to power up with Red and Green Peppers. Much like the Junior
    Shrooboid in the beginning of the game, but is it the relative of it or what?
    It now has spikes on its head, which means jumping isn't an option. You'll only
    be able to jump on it after it falls onto its back. The Elder Shrooboid likes
    to immobilze its foes in gold crystals(like the Shroid), and then as you're
    trying to get free, notice the initial on the ball as the Shrooboid spins. When
    it smashes the ball into whosever initial was on it, jump with that bro, and
    then the Shrooboid trips and slides, jump with the other bro pair. Sometimes
    the Shrooboid will chuck fireballs at the bros. If it uses its left claw, it'll
    chuck one at Luigi, and if it uses its right one, it'll chuck one at Mario.
    When it uses both, jump with both bros. If it charges at one bro, hammer the
    Shrooboid repeatedly before it attacks. This is TOUGH to do if you don't know
    how to time it. When it finally falls over at some point, trounce it with Copy
    Flowers, or if you want, use Mix Flowers(they should be availible at this
    point). When it finally takes 1750 points of damage, it'll increase in size and
    it'll produce a UFO(similar to the one in the beginning of the game, when you
    first faced the Shroobs) that'll count down after each turn. If it reaches
    zero, you'll be defeated in an instant. The only way to reset the number is to
    hammer the huge spiked ball at it. Mario hammers it upwards to the right, and
    if Luigi hits it it'll go upwards.
    The Elder Shrooboid still uses it fireballs(though they'll be harder to dodge),
    and it's charging attack. Oh, by the way, when you hit the UFO with the ball,
    the Shrooboid will fall over, allowing you to jump on it without mercy! Be sure
    to keep your POW and DEF up with Red and Green Peppers. If you defeat it,
    you'll finally have the final Cobalt Star Shard!! HOO-RAH! But, poor Toadbert
    and Kylie... There will be a way to restore them at the end of the game...
    The next three battles are the final fights with the evil that's been in your
    adventure: The one and only Princess Shroob! You'll need to be at a high level,
    like Level 35-50; That's good. The best enemies for leveling up quicker are the
    Gold Koopaleons, and the enemies in Princess Shroob's castle, especially the
    Shroobsworths, the Shroob Rexes, and Ghoul Guys. On occasions the Shroobworths
    may drop Supreme Slacks for the adults, and these things will raise all stats,
    but not all receive the same level-ups. And Shroob Rexes will drop 100-Point
    Pants for the babies, which are like the Supreme Slacks. Be sure to keep a
    well-stocked supply of Mushrooms, 1-Up Supers, and a wide array of Bros. Items,
    especially Copy Flowers and Mix Flowers. Some Ice Flowers wouldn't hurt either.
    Even those work well against the shroob princess, a little too well... And keep
    some Red and Green Peppers too, about 20-30 of each. Some Blue Peppers will
    work too. And keep your status up and recovering with Refreshing Herbs, about
    25 of those. Since you get not much of a break between battles, be ready.
    You're gonna need all of these! Good luck! MOVE ON WITH THE FAQ!!!
    Princess Shroob
    HP: 2500
    Finally, the final battle(well, not quite)! The evil Princess Shroob has an
    assortment of attacks, two including her shroobie throne thing. The estimated
    time this battle should take is about 15 minutes. When you start, the wicked
    princess will be protected by an absorb shield that won't break unless you do
    some huge damage to it. Your first move should be to power up with a Red
    Pepper, then use a Copy Flower to knock out the shield with multiple jumps; if
    you can make the attack last for about 20-30 seconds, you'll have knocked the
    shield out. If you fail to knock it out, the princess will use her throne to
    shoot with energy rings. You can tell who she'll fire at by looking at the
    shadow of the walker-thing, try to see who it's under. Jump as the rings sink
    into the ground. After that attack, she'll try to crush the brother who she
    shootin' at. If she laughs before the descent, delayed attack, so time your
    hammer swing accordingly. The throne also has two laser guns, the above one
    fires at Mario and the lower one fires at Luigi. Watch the positions of the
    cannons; if they point up, don't jump because the shot will pass overhead.
    Otherwise, jump if the cannon points down. The attack may last for a bit, and
    the timing is tricky.
    After you knock out the force shield, the princess will use energy balls to
    attack. If she appears in front of a bro, jump with the corresponding bro to
    avoid being hit. If she appears in the middle, she'll fire a wave, which will
    require both brothers to jump it. If she uses her left hand, jump with mario
    first, then Luigi, and the reverse is true when she uses her right hand. If she
    appears above on the top screen, she'll fire and overhead shot. The same rules
    in the previous attack apply: left hand indicates Mario, and right hand
    indicates Luigi. Hammer the shot back up at her. Also she has a shooting star
    attack, and whoever she points at, that's where the star will go. The attack
    will continue until you get hit or if you jump on the star. If you manage to
    defeat Princess Shroob, you will saved the castle of the past! Huzzah! But
    wait.... that's that?!
    Note: You will NOT receive any EXP from this, or any of these battles.
    Elder Princess Shroob
    HP: 3000
    Princess Shroob has a sister?! Whoa, talk about a plot twist! Anyway, were
    wayyy above the castle, and there's more to it than that! Now, there's UFOs to
    contend with. But never fear, the princess is here! Princess Peach will supply
    you with stars to knock out the UFOs. When the star is the spot where you want
    it, press the button. If you timed it right, you will knock a UFO out of the
    sky. If you have accuracy, you can knock out multiple UFOs with one star.
    Sometimes they drop Bros. Items to assist you. Also, if you're having trouble,
    Peach will also give you Mushrooms if in need of HP. Besides, you'd need them
    Moving on.... The new princess has an even wider array of attacks, most
    afflicting status, so keep your strength up with the Refreshing Herbs. One of
    her attacks consist of a UFO guiding a shroobified Chain Chomp to take a bite
    of the bros, so jump it as the UFO comes by. If you time it, you can knock the
    Chomp out of submission. Another attack is a charging attack, so hammer the
    princess as shes nears the bros. If she stops in the middle, there's a delay,
    but still hold your hammer so don't get a dose of STN(stunned). And even more
    attacks than that! If Princess Shroob jumps on the UFOs, she'll fly into the
    air and fire a dazzling burst of fury! Her right arm signals Mario, and the
    left targets Luigi. Some may pass overhead, so don't worry unless you jump.
    After that, be ready to jump some shockwaves. This last attack is similar to
    the one the Elder Shrooboid used: Elder Princess Shroob has this HUGE meteor,
    and she isn't afraid to use it! If you hammer her enough times, you can knock
    iy out of here grasp. When you start to get her HP down to about 1000, she'll
    call in a UFO with a healing drink. This means the battle is almost over! Do
    more damage than she can recover to ensure your finish! Another battle, another
    shroob taken down! But wait, what's happening...!??! She's transforming!!!!
    Elder Princess Shroob Transformed
    HP: 3000
    Crown: 350
    Arm Tentacle: 250
    Foot Tentacle: 500
    She's transformed! Now Peach is useless(because she fainted, as you can see),
    and the brothers have their hands(literally!) full, and there's no end to the
    Shroob Empire yet! Even more attacks, each with an easy way to defend. You'll
    be jumping most of this battle, so be ready for the last phase!
    Now, thanks to that crown, the princess's head is invulnerable to your attacks,
    so you'll have to focus on that or the tentacles. Using Mix Flowers will knock
    out all of the tentacles, as well as turn the orb in the crown grey, so now you
    can attack the head. Remember to use Red Peppers to boost your POW, and use
    Green Peppers to up your DEF if you're having trouble. Use the Copy Flowers to
    pounce on the princess without mercy! If you've got the timing down, you should
    be able to afflict from 600 to 1200 points of damage.
    After a few turns, the tentacles will remerge, and the princess will use them
    right away. If she uses the arm tentacles, watch the ones that have a lil'
    spark on the end: her left ones will pinch Mario, and the right will pinch
    Luigi, so jump to avoid them as they near. The ones that pinch Mario are
    especially hard to dodge, so try to predict which will attack who. If the foot
    tentacles are in tact, the hideous fiend will spin them, so jump with both bros
    as they(the tentacles)circle. Elder Princess Shroob will also spit up toxic
    clouds, so jump those as they come toward whoever is in front of them. This
    attack may repeat several times.
    If Elder Princess Shroob summons UFOs, she'll use them to attack. Watch the
    order she attacks them in, and watch which one has the fire; that'll head for
    Mario, and ones with the electric charge will hail on Luigi. If you hammer them
    back, they'll blow up in the princess' face. Also, if the tentacles are out,
    the princess will also attack with an orb blast; watch the red and green orbs
    that power it up, the orbs (red or green) that powered it up the most, it'll
    fall on that corresponding bro. Hammer it back up, then use the other brother
    to hammer it into the creator's face. This battle will be a long one, but if
    you manage, you'll have saved the castle of the past! Congratulations! Time to
    head back to the present!
    After putting out all evidence of the Shroobs' existance in the past, with
    that, Mario, Luigi, the baby versions, and Peach return to the castle of the
    present time, where the Mario Bros are warmly welcomed back by all the castle
    Toads, as well as the Toadsworths. After that, head to the main room. You'll
    find E. Gadd, and some other familar faces there. Apparently, there's something
    wrong with this scene.... How'd Bowser end up here? But then, that old Shroob
    Shroom(it's the Elder Princess Shroob), it floats... but why into Bowser's
    belly? Oh boy, this never ends does it...? Time for the final battle!!
    HP: 10 Shroob icons at the top
    After being "reborn" with that hideous shroom, the Elder Princess Shroob's
    spirit takes over. Now, for this particular battle, you can't attack or heal,
    only defend. The spirit takes over most of Showser's attacks, so watch who she
    points to during the attacks. There are only three attacks you must avoid, the
    first one being the main one. When Showser pulls back, watch one the spirit
    points to to avoid a barrage of energy shots. They'll fly right into the
    spirit's face(if she has one....). Also, there's a similar attack this, except
    you must hammer the shots at Showser, who will deflect them upwards into the
    spirit. The final attack is an energy orb attack, which is similar to the last
    one, except it'll do more damage to whoever it hits(the Mario Bros., or the
    Elder Princess Spirit?). Sorry, no chance to attack, at all. The main course
    attack is those energy shots, which will wither down the HP icons at the top. I
    think the energy shots deplete a half of a icon, and the orb blast depletes 1
    whole. Either way, dodge, dodge, dodge, to become victorious! Okay, this is the
    true congrats, so.....
    Finally, done with these bosses! If there's a error on any strategy, e-mail me
    and I'll check it out to confirm it.
    9. A Few Last Words....
    Well, I enjoyed the game, and I hope you did to! Anyways, my work on this piece
    of work is done. I'd like to thank:
    Nintendo: For being the best and creating a sequel to my favorite GBA game.
    Nintendo Power: For suppling the info for me to benefit from
    My Father: For buying me the game
    Me: For finding something to do over Spring Break
    Bowser: For being persistent and creating a humorous plot throughout the game.
    Oh, and for being my new favorite Nintendo character(next to Luigi, that is. :P)
    You: For reading and possibly notifying me if there is a mistake.
    All that was said in the beginning of the FAQ still applies up to this point,
    but you probably don't know what it is, so I'll repeat myself:
    This document may NOT be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and is a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright owners.
    You can't take this document and post it on a site without my approval. So let
    me know beforehand to clear up some things. Don't steal my work and sell it for
    false profit. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a blessed day.
    End of the Line

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