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    Game Script by memnarch6

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    +MegaMan Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan Script+
    Copyright 2005 Raymond Cheung (memnarch6 on the GameFAQs boards,
    This document can only be used for private purposes only. It may not be
    distributed publicly without my permission.
    Note: All characters and trademarks of Megaman BN 5 Team ProtoMan belong to
    Version 1.0
    A FRIENDLY REMINDER: This script was written in order to tell the storyline of
    the game and everything of the like. There are spoilers in just about every
    part of this script, so if you don't want to be spoiled, I advise you now to
    stop and hit the Back button. Either that or press Alt+F4.
    1. Version History
    2. Battle Network Five Background
    3. The Game Script
    4. Post-Game Script Information
    5. Errors
    6. Credits and Thanks
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |1. Version History|
    v1.0 | 8/17/2005 | Basic skeleton script, will edit when I have more time.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |2. Battle Network Five Background|
    This is the fifth (well, sixth if you count Battle Network 4.5) installment in
    the Battle Network series. This game connects from the last one, where evil
    mastermind Dr. Regal "commits suicide" by falling off the NAXA RedSun/BlueMoon
    Laser. Duo's asteroid has been stopped. Peace has once more returned to the
    world, and our hero Lan Hikari and his Navi MegaMan are taking a well-deserved
    break after showing Duo that mankind can control their DarkSoul.
    The game starts back in ACDC Town, during the summer break. However, before we
    even go there, we get a cutscene from what seems to be the past. Let's proceed
    with the script!
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |3. The Game Script|
    Here is the CONTINUOUS storyline. There will be brief breaks to show the end of
    one scene and the commencement of the next:
    Scene 1:
    Narrator: The year was 19xx. Cyber society was almost completed.
    *Scientists in an old SciLab from BN3*
    Sci 1: We've done what we can. Now it's up to the next generation to finish
    the research.
    Sci 2: Yes?
    Sci 1: Our offspring will certainly complete what we've started.
    Sci 2: Yes, let us hope so...
    Scene 2:
    Narrator: Years later, in the 21st century...a network keeps society safe
    from all cyber threats.
    MegaMan: ...ke up Lan! ...ome on, wake up! Lan!!!
    Lan: Mmnn...I'm trying to sleep...
    MegaMan: Lan, you can't fall asleep now! You haven't finished your homework!
    *Lan stretches out and awakens*
    Lan: *Yawn!!!* Oh, morning, MegaMan.
    MegaMan: Don't "morning" me! Lan! Every time you start your homework, you
    fall asleep!
    Lan: C'mon, MegaMan, it's better than falling asleep during class!
    (The actual BN5 guide I wrote will contain details between scenes. This script
    is just for the people who want to get the gist of the story without buying the
    game. And I don't blame you. Quality in the Battle Network games are declining
    and BN4 was probably the worst they could have done.)
    Scene 3:
    Lan: Hey, how about we jump on the Net?  That'll rev me up!
    MegaMan: Er, OK...But just for a bit!  Once we jack out, it's homework time,
    Lan: Yeah, sure, sure! Jack i...
    *Lan readies to jack in*
    Haruka: Lan! Could you come here for a second?
    Lan: It's Mom! Wonder what's up? Coming, Mom!
    Scene 4:
    Haruka: Lan, could you run an errand for me? I'm tied up at the moment.
    Lan: Sure, Mom!
    Haruka: Really? Thank you! Could you please deliver this to my friend's
    *Lan gets StewRec (StewRecipe).*
    Lan: Where's your friend's Navi?
    Haruka: She's in the KitchenComp.  You can access the KitchenComp from ACDC
    Lan: Gotcha! Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK! Press the R Button in front of your computer to send me to
    Lan: You got it! Time to jack in!
    Haruka: Thank you, dear!
    Scene 5:
    MegaMan: ...Uh-oh!
    *Camera pans to three Mettaurs, MegaMan comes up to them.*
    MegaMan: Lan, viruses are invading your web page!
    Lan: OK, MegaMan! Let's warm up with some virus busting!
    MegaMan: Right! You operate, I bust! Er, you're not too sleepy to bust
    viruses, are you?
    Lan: Are you kidding? Let's roll!
    MegaMan: Really? OK, then, let's do it!
    Lan: Battle routine set!
    MegaMan: Execute!
    (I won't bother to write the scripting during the Tutorial, that's menial labor
    and I don't like menial labor. :p Oh yeah, any errors in the script will remain
    there; I will have a compilation of errors at the end.)
    [Complete the third battle...]
    Lan: All right!
    MegaMan: Excellent! Nice work, Lan!
    Lan: Nice work, MegaMan! OK, now let's run that errand for Mom! She said the
    KitchenComp is in ACDC Area2! Let's head out!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 6:
    MegaMan: Excuse me, Navi. Do you belong to Mom's friend?
    Navi: Oh, you must be MegaMan, Lan's Navi. I've heard lots of good things about
    you from Lan's Mom!
    MegaMan: Mom asked me to give this to you.
    *Megaman gives: StewRec*
    Navi: Heavens, you brought this all this way? I'd heard Lan's Mom cooks a
    wonderful stew! So, my operator asked her for the StewRec.! Thank you so much!
    I can't wait to try out the StewRec.! Say hello to Lan's Mom, will you?
    *Navi jacks out*
    MegaMan: OK, Lan, we finished Mom's errand...Now let's get back to your
    Lan: Are you kidding, MegaMan? That was Mom's errand! Now it's MY time to play
    on the Net!
    MegaMan: But, Lan!
    *mail alert*
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! Hm? It's from Dad. I'll read it.
    "Lan, please round up everybody and bring them to my lab at Scilab. I have
    something to show you." Wow! Wonder what Dad wants to show us?
    Lan: I guess "everybody" would be Mayl, Dex, and Yai. OK! Let's jack out and
    go round up the crew! Jack out, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 7/8/9:
    Lan: Hey, Mayl!
    Mayl: Something up, Lan?
    Lan: Dad wants to show everybody something at SciLab. Let's go!
    Mayl: Sure! But I have to get ready before I go.
    Lan: OK, let's meet in 30 minutes in front of the Metroline Station!
    Mayl: OK, see you then!
    Lan: Hey, Dex!
    Dex: What's up, Lan!
    Lan: Dad wants to show everybody something at SciLab. Let's go!
    Dex: Hey, that sounds totally cool!
    Lan: OK, let's meet in 30 minutes in front of the Metroline Station!
    Dex: You betcha!
    Lan: See you then!
    Lan: Hey, Yai!
    Yai: Oh, if it isn't Lan! What brings you here?
    Lan: Dad wants to show everybody something at SciLab. Let's go!
    Yai: Sounds fascinating. But I need time to get ready. A lady can't just rush
    off without getting prepared!
    Lan: OK, let's meet in 30 minutes in front of the Metroline Station!
    Yai: 30 minutes? Very well!
    Lan: See you then!
    Scene 10:
    Narrator: 30 minutes later...
    Lan: It's almost time.
    Mayl: Lan! Sorry to keep you waiting!
    *Mayl and Yai come up the street*
    Yai: Hey, where's Dex?
    Lan: Not here yet.
    Yai: Well, he's got a lot of nerve! I don't have time to wait around for
    Mayl: Don't worry, Yai, he'll be here any second. I wonder why your Dad would
    ask all of us to come?
    Lan: You know, I actually have no idea. But when Dad wants to show something
    to "everybody"...You can bet that it's something far out!
    Dex: Whoa!
    *Dex speeds around the corner, surprising the three of them*
    Dex: *wheeze wheeze* Sorry, dudes! I was having so much fun doing GutsMan's
    maintenance...I forgot to leave on time!
    Yai: You need to download a personal planner, Dex!
    Mayl: Now, now, we're all here, so let's go see the big surprise!
    Dex: Yeah, Mayl's right! Follow me, everybody!
    *everyone enters the station*
    Scene 11:
    Lan: This is SciLab! Should we go inside, then?
    *everyone enters, camera pans to a black car on the street*
    Voice: ...The hour is upon us. Begin the operation...
    Scene 12:
    *cutscene, elevator bell rings*
    Lan: Dad!
    *Lan runs to his father*
    Dr. Hikari: Ah, you're here, Lan. Did you bring everybody along with you?
    Lan: Yup! Alright everybody, come on inside!
    *everyone else joins Lan*
    Mayl: Hello!
    Dex: SciLab, whoopee!
    Yai: Hello, Dr. Hikari!
    Dr. Hikari: Great! You're all here! The reason why I've asked you all here
    today...Is to show you something very special.
    Lan: Something very special?
    Dr. Hikari: A program I found when going through some old documents.
    *Dr Hikari turns to his computer*
    Dr. Hikari: ...whoops...I forgot my ID Card. Oh, boy. Gotta love these
    secure SciLab computers. I can't do a thing without my ID Card anymore. Lan,
    could you please get my ID? It's in my desk drawer.
    Lan: OK, I'll be right back.
    *Lan runs to the desk*
    Lan: Dad, which drawer is it?
    Dr. Hikari: The big one, in the middle.
    Lan: Thanks, Dad! Let's see, which one is it?
    Dr. Hikari: ...hm? The Confirm ID screen isn't coming up...It worked fine
    *alarms go off*
    Loudspeaker Voice: Emergency! Emergency! A group of Navis has infiltrated
    the Net...and has occupied several Areas! ...H...Hey! Who are you?! Rgg!
    Hrggraah!!! *Zhk! Zhk! Zh-zh-zh, Zhrrack!*
    Dr. Hikari: The Net's been occupied?! What's happening?!
    *A small device rolls toward the group's feet*
    Yai: Hm? What's this?
    Dex: Mm?
    Mayl: What?
    Dr. Hikari: ...Hrg!!! Everybody, stand back from th...
    *The thing sprays gas around, knocking out everyone*
    Yai: Um...sure...
    Dr. Hikari: Agh! Sleeping gas...! What in blazes...Is going on h...*Thunk*
    *camera pans to Lan, on the ground*
    MegaMan: Lan! Wake up, Lan!!!
    Lan: D...Dad...Everybody...
    *Three guards come through the elevator in gasmasks and approach the four
    fallen figures, not seeing Lan*
    Guard 1: ...Confirmed: Dr. Hikari. Gas concentration: 0.03%. It is now safe
    to enter.
    *The guards turn to the elevator, and Dr. Regal comes through*
    Dr. Regal: ...Well, well, Dr. Hikari...Take him away.
    Guard 1: Yessir!
    *Guard hauls off Dr. Hikari's body*
    Guard 2: Master Regal, what about his friends?
    Dr. Regal: Confiscate their PETs. Without them, they'll be helpless anyway.
    Guard 2: Yessir!
    *The guards confiscate the PETs from Yai, Dex, and Mayl*
    Guard 2: All PETs were claimed.
    Dr. Regal: . . .But I wonder...why Lan isn't here...No matter...Our job is
    done. We've no time to waste. Let us be gone.
    Guard 2: Yessir!
    *Regal and his cronies flee*
    Lan: Dad...Dad...*Thunk*
    MegaMan: Lan, Lan!!!
    *fade into darkness*
    Scene 13:
    Lan: Dad...Dad...Dad!!! *Lan wakes up*
    *Lan is in his bedroom, watched by Haruka*
    Haruka: Lan, thank goodness you've come to. I was worried sick. You've been
    asleep for three days.
    Lan: ...Three days? Right, the last thing I remember was the sleeping gas.
    ...Wait! What about Dad!!! Is he alright?!
    Haruka: Um...
    Lan: Dad, kidnapped by Regal...? So, that wasn't a bad dream. I've got to
    rescue him!
    Haruka: Lan, you must stay in bed.
    Lan: But, Mom...
    Haruka: Now, Lan, you do as I tell you!
    Lan: ...Aw, Mom...
    Haruka: Lan, you need to stay in bed. Am I making myself clear?
    *Haruka exits*
    MegaMan: I was very worried about you. Not to mention Dad......
    Lan: I know...I know, but...I've got to go rescue Dad!
    MegaMan: But with Mom all worried...I'll have to stay here for now. From
    here in my room let's see what info I can gather!
    Lan: ...Right. By the way, what happened to Mayl and the others?
    MegaMan: Everybody woke up before you, Lan. They're at home recovering.
    Everyone's upset about losing the PET.
    Lan: Right...For everybody's sake...I've got to search for data!
    *Lan gets out of bed, fully dressed*
    Lan: I heard a message about some group taking over the Net. What was that
    all about?
    MegaMan: Yeah, I'm worried about that, too. Let's check the Net. We might be
    able to find some clues that could lead to Dad.
    Lan: OK, let's do it! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *Enter the Net*
    MegaMan: What...?
    *Camera shifts around ACDC Area1*
    MegaMan: Things have really changed. Just what's going on?
    Lan: MegaMan, let's forge ahead. If we're lucky, we'll find some clues.
    Anything could happen here. Stay on guard!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 14:
    HeelNavi: Whatcha want, kid? Nebula's in charge of this area now. You know
    what we do with navis who waltz into our areas? Delete them!
    *Battle Viruses*
    HeelNavi: Hmph! It seems I've underestimated you! I thought all the Navis of
    your caliber were gone. Enough fooling around! I'll show you my true power!
    *bzzt! bzzt!*
    HeelNavi: Hmph! Fine time for headquarters to recall me! What, the scientist
    kidnapped from SciLab has awakened?
    MegaMan: The "scientist kidnapped from SciLab"?!
    Lan: You mean my Dad!!! Where have you taken him?!
    HeelNavi: Ah, you're the son of that scientist? Well, don't expect to be
    seeing him anytime soon. We'll be "borrowing" him until our plan comes to
    fruition! Keh heh heh! So long, kid!
    *The HeelNavi escapes into ACDC Area3, the door letting him through.
    MegaMan: Wait!!!
    *MegaMan tries to give chase, but is blocked by the door*
    MegaMan: Hrk! If only this door would open!
    Lan: Can't you break it with the MegaBstr?
    MegaMan: This door is laced with a terrible DarkPower. The Buster is
    powerless against it.
    Lan: Right. Shoot! We'll have to think of something else. Yeah. At least we
    know that Dad is being held somewhere.
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's from SciLab! I'll read it!
    "News flash. SciLab main system was infiltrated. The invaders must be
    stopped immediately, before SciLab is taken over!" Wow! Could this be the
    work of Nebula?
    Lan: They're always up to no good! MegaMan, let's go!
    MegaMan: But we have to leave without Mom knowing why we're going...
    Lan: Right. We don't need to worry Mom any further. We'll have to think of a
    good excuse!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Scene 15:
    Haruka: Lan, you must take things easy for a while.
    Lan: I'm fine, Mom! Um, Mom? Dex invited me to play, which sounded kinda
    fun...Can I go?
    Haruka: Lan, just promise me one thing. That you absolutely will not go
    anywhere dangerous.
    Lan: . . .Of course, Mom...(Forgive me, Mom) Goodbye!
    *Run outside and go to the Metroline Station. Mayl is standing there...*
    Mayl: Lan! Thank goodness you've come to.
    Lan: Mayl, What am I doing here?
    Mayl: When I stay inside, it just makes me sad. I cam out for a walk to get
    my mind off things. Lan, just in case something happens, please keep this
    with you as an amulet.
    *Receive Roll R*
    Mayl: Oh, and use this, OK?
    *Receive MaylCode*
    Mayl: Take care of yourself, Lan.
    Scene 16:
    Lan: ......It sure is quiet.
    Voice: We're finished!
    *camera pans to the forbidden elevator, an official comes out*
    Official: The main system controls are completely out! What do we do now?!
    *the man zooms by you and out of SciLab*
    Lan: The main system is up those stairs! From what that guy was saying, it
    sounds like big trouble. Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK!
    *Get up the stairs and to the elevator...*
    MegaMan: It's locked! It would open with a signature of a SciLab staff
    *Go to Dad's office and find his main computer (not the supercomputer he was
    standing by before)*
    Lan: Let's see, Dad said...There it is!
    [Receive Dad's ID]
    MegaMan: Right! With Dad's ID, we can get past all the SciLab security!
    Lan: Yup! We should be able to open that door!
    MegaMan: Yup! Let's go, Lan!
    Lan: You bet, MegaMan!
    *Return to the forbidden elevator, and go upstairs*
    Lan: This is where the main system is! But, why is it deserted?
    MegaMan: You're right, that is strange...But we've gotta find whoever
    infiltrated the main system! Lan, send me into the main system!
    Lan: Yeah, you got it!
    Scene 17:
    Lan: MegaMan, find the Navis that invaded the main system!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    *In MainComp1, go forward, following the path. Talk to the Mr. Prog...*
    [No problem!]
    ENNY". GOT IT?
    *The right Mr. Prog says:*
    * * * * *
    *Talk to the other Mr. Prog:*
    * * * * *
    * * * * *
    Mr. Prog: OH, MY! MY OH MY! WHAT AM I TO DO?
    MegaMan: What's wrong?
    *The Prog stops panicking*
    *returns to panicking* OH, MY! MY OH MY! WHAT AM I TO DO?
    MegaMan: He's right, Lan. What should we do? We can't proceed.
    Lan: Leave it to me! I'll find the person who gave the order!
    MegaMan: Lan, are you forgetting? Nobody is at SciLab now.
    Lan: Shoot! You're right!
    MegaMan: You get that, Lan?
    Lan: Sure did. I'll have your memo in no time! Sit tight, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Thanks, Lan!
    *Regain control of Lan, and search for the guy. Go to your father's office
    and check the coffee table. You get WorkMemo.*
    Lan: There it is! I found it, MegaMan! The data order is "5 3 2 1 4."
    MegaMan: Roger. Thanks, Lan! Now, come back and operate, please! If you
    forget the order of the memo, view it under "Key Item" on the PET screen!
    Lan: Roger! Here I come, MegaMan!
    Scene 18:
    MegaMan: Lan, the control panel for the main system...is this way!
    Lan: And I think the infiltrator will be there, too! Be careful, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: I will! Here goes nothing!
    *MegaMan comes up to the main processor*
    MegaMan: Nobody home?!
    Lan: You don't know what kind of enemy you're up against! Don't let your
    guard down, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK!
    *MegaMan looks around*
    Voice: ...Nice work, MegaMan. You, too, Lan.
    MegaMan: Who's that?! Show yourself!!!
    *Someone jacks in*
    MegaMan: Y...You can't be...
    *ProtoMan appears*
    MegaMan: What are you doing here, ProtoMan?! Oh, you must be here on an
    Official mission!
    ProtoMan: Unfortunately, you're wrong. I'm here to fight you!
    MegaMan: ProtoMan, wait!!!
    ProtoMan: That I cannot do!
    MegaMan: Here he comes, Lan!
    Lan: Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    ProtoMan: You're mine!
    Scene 19:
    MegaMan: ProtoMan, enough! What are you after, anyway?!
    ProtoMan: ...Heh. Congratulations, MegaMan. You've passed.
    MegaMan: Passed? What's going on?! And where's the Navi that infiltrated
    ProtoMan: Chaud will give you the full story. Jack out and proceed to the
    innermost room.
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! What in blazes is going on here? I guess we should find
    out. Lan, jack me out!
    Scene 20:
    Lan: ......
    Voice: What are you standing around for? Come with me.
    *Lan moves up to Chaud*
    Lan: Oh? Chaud...What are you doing here? The Navi that broke into the main
    system...was that...?
    Chaud: Heh...Looks like you're a bit confused. Let me explain just what's
    going on. You know what's happening on the Net, right?
    Lan: Yeah...
    Chaud: In response, we're forming a team of Net Navis to defeat the evil
    organization that's occupying the Net and free cyber space from its grasp.
    To keep the enemy from catching on to our plan...We're scouting for team
    members in secrecy.
    Lan: So, you mean...This whole thing was just...
    Chaud: That's right. The infiltration of the main system was a test to
    determine whether you were fit for the team.
    Lan: A test?
    Chaud: Correct. And...You've passed. Lan, MegaMan, join our team.
    Lan: What?! Er, this is all, so sudden...I...
    Chaud: You don't want to save your father?
    Lan: Dad? Do you know what's happened to my Dad?!
    Chaud: Lan...I'll say it again. Join our team! Together, we can defeat
    Nebula, the DarkChip Syndicate...which kidnapped your father!
    Lan: Nebula! So the person who kidnapped Dad is...
    Chaud: ...Dr. Regal, the mad scientist and leader of Nebula. With him
    involved, you can bet a nasty plot is brewing.
    Lan: I...I'm in! I'll join the team! I'll make sure my Dad is safe!
    Chaud: Good, then it's settled. From this moment, you are officially a
    member of ProtoMan's Anti-Nebula Corps! But there is little time for
    formalities...You will join a liberation mission tomorrow.
    Lan: Liberation mission?
    Chaud: Yes. We must liberate an area held by Nebula. Free it from its
    suffocating grasp. Tomorrow we're liberating ACDC Area3. Got it?
    Lan: Got it!
    Chaud: Good. I'll contact you tomorrow with the mission time.
    Lan: Understood.
    Chaud: And Lan, the team is top-secret. Understand?
    Lan: *nod*
    Chaud: Very well. You are excused.
    Lan: Uh...Chaud?
    Chaud: Yes, what is it?
    Lan: Think...Think my Dad is OK?
    Chaud: That is undetermined. The only thing we know is that defeating Nebula
    is the one chance we have at saving me (supposed to be 'him'). You
    Lan: Yeah...MegaMan, let's head home!
    *Lan runs off*
    Scene 21:
    Narrator: The next day.
    Lan: Wow, today we fight Nebula...Hope I can handle it. I wonder why he
    hasn't contacted me yet?
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Chaud: Lan, the ACDC Area3 liberation mission begins now. You must free the
    area from Nebula's grip. This time you're in charge of Navi operation.
    Lan: Navi operation? Chaud, you're not going to fight with me?
    Chaud: Nebula has blocked standard access to the area slated for liberation.
    Only one person can operate Navis in an occupied area. I would operate them
    myself...But I have to command Officials at the national level.
    Lan: Wait, you mean I have to complete this mission alone?
    Chaud: That is correct. I have also sent ProtoMan into ACDC Area2. ProtoMan
    will guide you on the mission.
    Lan: . . .So, you mean...I'll be operating ProtoMan as well?
    Chaud: That is correct.
    Lan: But, I'm not even sure if I can handle that...I...
    Chaud: If you're having second thoughts, get off the team now. We have no
    time for doubt. But Lan...I know that not just anybody can handle ProtoMan.
    But you defeated the mad scientist Wily and his WWW, destroyed the netmafia
    Gospel, and defeated Regal before. You are not "just anybody."
    Lan: Chaud...OK, I'll give it my best shot. Besides, I've never run away
    from a NetBattle before!
    Chaud: That's the spirit. It's almost time. Jack in and head to ACDC Area2.
    Lan: OK, gotcha!
    Chaud: It's in your hands, Lan.
    Lan: Leave it to me, Chaud!
    Chaud: That's what I like to hear.
    *kchnk* *bweep**bweep**bweep...*
    Lan: MegaMan, are you ready?
    MegaMan: Yeah, let's go, Lan!
    Lan: First, let's find ProtoMan in ACDC Area2! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    Scene 22:
    ProtoMan: There you are. This mission will be carried out by the two of us.
    We'll be liberating ACDC Area3 which lies past here.
    MegaMan: Roger!
    ProtoMan: Lan, you tuned in?
    Lan: Yeah.
    ProtoMan: Just like Chaud told you on the phone, the success of this mission
    depends on your operation. I'm in your hands.
    Lan: No probs, leave it to me! Let's get this party started!
    ProtoMan: Very well! I'll show you how yo proceed on this liberation
    mission. You'll learn the ropes after a couple of battles!
    Lan: Roger!
    ProtoMan: Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: But how can I open that door...?
    *ProtoMan slashes the door open*
    ProtoMan: It's open now! Now, go!
    MegaMan: Talk about slice and dice!
    *ProtoMan runs into ACDC Area3*
    Scene 23:
    *Camera pans around ACDC Area3*
    ProtoMan: Let's begin a "liberation mission"! This area is controlled by
    BlizzardMan. Defeating him will free the area but...take a look!
    *gestures to DarkPanels*
    ProtoMan: That's a DarkPanel. It's tainted by DarkPower. You must "liberate"
    those panels to get to BlizzardMan.
    MegaMan: "Liberate"?
    ProtoMan: Stand by a panel and press A Button. Select the command
    "Liberation." A virus will pop out from under the panel. Deleting these
    viruses is called "liberation."
    MegaMan: So I've got to delete viruses as I move ahead.
    ProtoMan: Each navi also has its own unique Liberation command. WideSword
    for me. LongSword for you. These let you liberate a big area all at once.
    Take a look at a gauge at the upper right. Those are "Order Points." You use
    1 pt every time you use your special command. Some DarkPanels contain Order
    Pts so you'll be able to replenish them along the way.
    MegaMan: I'll go and give this liberation thing a try.
    ProtoMan: All right. Good luck. Lan, you're the operator so stay sharp!
    Lan: Leave it to me!
    ProtoMan: Press R Button if you want to operate a different Navi. Except for
    MegaMan, each Navi lets you use their special chip just once on the Custom
    Screen. My special chip is "StepSword." Press L Button to check the area
    map. Press START if you want to cancel the mission.
    Lan: Roger!
    ProtoMan: One more thing.
    Lan: Yes?
    *camera pans to DarkPanels*
    ProtoMan: Don't liberate if you're in a situation like this.
    *points to the middle square*
    Lan: Why? What's the difference?
    ProtoMan: The more DarkPanels surrounding a Navi, the harder the battle
    becomes. Get it? I recommend starting this battle from the lower right.
    Lan: Gotcha. Understood! Ready, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: You got it!
    ProtoMan: Your mission is to liberate within 7 phases. If you manage to pull
    it off, an Official will give you a rare chip as a reward. Good luck!
    (I'm purposely ignoring the Tutorial text, I'm a lazy bastard.)
    Scene 24:
    ProtoMan: Liberation complete. ACDC Area is now safe.
    MegaMan: Yup!
    ProtoMan: But we can hardly let our guard down. We've only freed one part of
    the Nebla controlled Net. Many fierce battles still lie ahead.
    MegaMan: Right...
    ProtoMan: I'll contact you as soon as the next mission is planned.
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: Let's jack out, Lan!
    Lan: Roger! Nice work, MegaMan!
    *jack out*
    *cut to Regal's Base*
    Dr. Regal: So, they've put the Official hounds on the hunt? Little do they
    know the Net occupation is just one piece...of the grand plan. Just try and
    stop us! Keh heh heh...
    *Crony runs in*
    Guard: Master Regal, preparations are complete.
    Dr. Regal: Very well. I'll be right there.
    Guard: Please excuse me.
    *Crony exits*
    Dr. Regal: ...Keh heh heh. It's all going according to plan!
    *Regal exits*
    Scene 25:
    Narrator: Several days passed since Nebula claimed the Net. In this age, the
    Net represents the seams of cyber society, and it's occupation was a very
    real threat.
    *cut to park with the gang*
    Yai: First, our PETs were stolen, then a few days later, the Net gets
    occupied, school gets cancelled...
    Dex: Yeah, there's nuthin' to do anymore. I can't believe I can't do
    anything to help Roll. THe more I think about it, the more worried I get. I
    wonder if Roll is alright?
    Lan: Poor Mayl...
    Dex: They'll be OK, Mayl! GutsMan is there! He'll protect Roll for you!
    Yai: Yeah, and Glide is with her, too!!!
    Mayl: Yeah...I guess you're right.
    Yai: How about we go somewhere to get our minds off this?
    Dex; Hey, that sounds like fun! But I only have my SubPET so let's go
    somewhere unrelated to Cyberworld!
    yai: Good idea. Let's go swim in the ocean! I know a deserted island. We
    could go splash up a storm all by ourselves! Sound like fun, Mayl?
    Mayl: ...Yeah!
    Yai: Lan, you'll come too, right? We're depending on you and MegaMan if
    something happens!
    Lan: Of course! Leave it to me!
    yai: Great! Then it's on! Gotta make hay while the sun shines! Let's get
    Dex: What?! We're going right NOW?!
    Yai: That's right we are! It's not like we have anything to do here in town!
    Dex: Well, that's true, but...
    Yai: OK, everybody. Go back to your homes, and once your (you're) ready,
    meet in front of the station! And step on it!
    *Yai exits*
    Dex: Yeah!!! I'll be ready in a flash!
    *Dex exits*
    Mayl: Yeah, I guess I'll go get ready, too...
    *Mayl exits, but stops-*
    Lan: Mayl!!!
    *-Mayl turns around*
    Lan: Mayl...Try to cheer up, OK?
    Mayl: Yeah...thanks...Yai must be worried about Glide, and Dex about
    GutsMan...But they're really trying to keep their spirits up. I've got to do
    my part and try harder. Right, Lan?
    Lan: Yeah!
    Mayl: Lan, you'd better get ready quick, too, or Yai will get upset!
    Lan: Hah hah, too true! See you in a bit!
    Mayl: OK!
    *Mayl walks off*
    Lan: This is a tough time for everybody. They lost their PETs, and I have
    Dad to worry about. MegaMan, we've gotta get Nebula...To save Dad and get
    everybody's PETs back!
    MegaMan: We can do it, Lan!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone! I'll get it!
    Chaud: It's me. Good work on the last liberation mission.
    Lan: What's up, Chaud? Another mission?
    Chaud: No, not a regular mission. ACDC Area was freed from Nebula's grasp,
    allowing private Navi's to visit the area at will. Patrol ACDC Area and make
    sure all Nebula agents are gone.
    Lan: A patrol? OK! Leave it to me!
    Chaud: Also, we're restoring the network deep inside ACDC Area3. I want you
    to report on the status of that project. Talk to the programs working on the
    restoration to determine the progress of their task.
    Lan: OK, OK! I'll leave right away!
    Chaud: It's in your hands.
    Lan: OK, MegaMan! Let's go to ACDC Area!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 26:
    MegaMan: Hello there! Are you the Mr. Prog that's here to restore the
    Mr. Prog: CORRECT!
    MegaMan: Is the job coming along smoothly?
    MegaMan: I see. Glad to hear it's going well! OK, let's contact Chaud.
    Lan: Right. I'll call him.
    Chaud: Chaud here.
    Lan: Hello, Chaud? It's me. I checked the Net! I didn't see any Nebula
    agents, and the ACDC Area3 network restoration is going smoothly!
    Chaud: I see. Very well. You may return. Good work.
    Lan: That's all he has to say? Sheesh, he sure is a man of few words! Well,
    that finishes my report. Time to get ready to swim!
    MegaMan: Yeah, we wouldn't want to make them wait! Let's do it!
    Scene 27:
    Lan: Mom! Where's my swimming suit?
    Haruka: In the second drawer, honey!
    Lan: MegaMan, where're my goggles?
    MegaMan: In the closet!
    Lan: Shoot! I'm running late! Let's get a move on, MegaMan!
    Lan: Sorry, guys!
    Yai: *Ahem!* Lan! I've told you before not to make a lady wait!
    Lan: I'm sorry, really! I didn't mean it!
    Yai: Well, okay...I'll let you off this time.
    Lan: So, where are we going?
    *everyone looks to Yai*
    Dex: Right, I was wondering the same thing.
    Mayl: Yeah, where to, Yai?
    Yai: Today we're heading to the deserted island of Oran! A long time ago,
    Oran Isle prospered...as a source of coal. But with the demand for coal
    gone, the mines closed, and the island became deserted. With nobody to
    bother us...we can have all the fun we ever wanted!
    Dex: A deserted island! That sounds like a real adventure!
    Yai: Time to cast sail!
    All: Hooray!
    *everyone enters the station*
    Scene 28:
    Narrator: 2 hours from ACDC Town, Lan and friends arrived at the tiny island
    of Oran in the Pacific Ocean
    Yai: We're here!
    Dex: Wow! Time to go crazy!
    Yai: Shoot, Dex! Not just yet!
    *Everyone disembarks*
    Yai: Welcome to Oran Isle!
    *Mayl looks around*
    Mayl: Wow, it's beautiful! The waters are clear, and the air is crisp!
    Yai: Heh heh, what'd I tell ya? And we're the only ones here...So, all this
    bounty is ours for the pickin'!
    Dex: Look over there! The beach!
    *camera pans to the beach and back*
    Lan: Yahoo! Let's take a dip!
    Dex: Lan, I bet I can swim faster than you!
    Lan: I bet you can't!
    Dex: OK! Last one to hit the beach is a rotten egg!
    *Dex runs off*
    Lan: Hey! No fair, Dex!
    *Lan gives chase, then looks behind him*
    Lan: Mayl, Yai, let's go!
    Yai: My! Boys never stop goofing off, do they? You go ahead by yourself!
    We'll catch up to you after we change on the ship. Now, go have your silly
    Lan: There's nothing silly about it!
    Yai: Sure, sure! Better run along! Dex is waiting! Mayl, let's go inside the
    Mayl: OK!
    Yai: Lan, what're you standing there for? Can't stand to part from us
    beautiful ladies?
    Lan: What! Are you kidding! See you guys later, then!
    Mayl: Tee hee hee!
    *Lan runs off*
    Yai: Let's go, Mayl.
    *Both of them go back inside to change*
    Scene 29 (the first part is one of the most BS-ly translated scenes IMO):
    Lan: Yipee! Can you feel this wind?
    Dex: Lan, my man! Over here! Get a move on!
    Lan: Gotcha, Dex! Coming your way!
    *Lan meets Dex on the beach*
    Dex: Where's Yai and Mayl?
    Lan: They're changing on the ship. Let's suit up and start swimming! Let's
    see...Where's a good place to change?
    Dex: Heh heh...I know just the thing for changing into a suit...
    Lan: Oh, no, you can't possibly...
    Dex: Yup! The forbidden art of suit-changing...Houdini of the Beach!
    MegaMan: Lan, what's he talking about? Houdini?
    Lan: It's a forbidden art passed down from father to son...Remove pants,
    then wear your suit over your underpants. Then, remove underpants out from
    under suit...This way, you can change into your suit...Without once getting
    MegaMan: Er, what makes that a "forbidden art"?
    Dex: Allow me to explain...On the one hand you can safely change into your
    suit...But not without paying a dear price. When you remove your suit from
    beneath your underpants, you're forced to stretch your underpants out, and
    pull them over each leg, one at a time. Now take it from me! That can be a
    lot of stretching! More stretching, in fact, than most underpants can stand
    with each use, your underpants take a beating...Before you know it, your
    overworked underpants will let out a terrible sound and rip in two. What's
    worse...Oh I can't bear to say it!
    Lan: Aieek! Quit it, Dex!
    Yai: What are you two babbling about?
    *Camera pans to Yai and Mayl, who have changed*
    Yai: Ta-dah! OK, guys, we're going to have a swimming race! So hurry up and
    get changed!
    Mayl: Lan, Dex, we're going to get in the water.
    Lan; Dex, let'sget changed!
    Dex: ...Yeah, time for Houdini of the Beach!
    *fade out*
    Dex: Aieeeee!
    *fade back in*
    Dex: Yai said we're gonna have a swimming race, didn't she?
    Lan: Yeah, she did...Hey, what's that?
    *Camera pans to a rapid moving swimmer*
    Mayl: Wow, Yai, awesome!
    Yai: How's this, guys? My very own jet-powered inner tube!
    *fade out and back in*
    *Yai whacking blindly at Dex*
    Dex: Hey! Hit the WATERMELON, not ME!
    Yai: Go, Yai, go!
    Lan: Right! Left! Let him have it, Yai!
    Dex: I'll get you for this, Lan!
    Mayl: Tee hee hee!
    *fade out and back in, everyone redressed*
    Mayl: *phew!* That sure was fun!
    Yai: Don't talk like it's over, Mayl! The fun has just begun!
    Yai: But first, we've gotta get something to eat!
    Dex: Hmm...I know! We'll catch some fish for ya! Lan, are you up for a
    fishing battle?
    Lan: But how're we going to fish without equipment?
    Dex: Are you kidding? All you need to fish is Bamboo, FishLine and Worm! We
    can find that much lying around somewhere! Whoever catches the most fish
    wins! yai, Mayl--you wait here. I'm gonna get a head start!
    *Dex runs off*
    Lan: Sheesh, that Dex never runs out of steam!
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's an order from Chaud. Let's step away and
    read it out of sight of mayl and Yai...
    Lan: Right, sure...Hmm, maybe I'll go find some stuff to fish with...
    Yai: We're NOT counting on you but good luck anyway.
    Mayl: Be careful!
    Lan: OK, catch you later, then.
    Scene 30:
    ProtoMan: The area this way is the next area slated for liberation.
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: But Nebula's not likely to roll out a red carpet for us...
    *Camera pans to three guns*
    ProtoMan: But there's no way through except on this path. MegaMan, let's
    MegaMan: *nod!*
    ProtoMan: Let's roll!
    *They approach the guns, which fire a brutal beating on them*
    MegaMan: What firepower! We can't get through that.
    *They are pushed back*
    ProtoMan: To get through here, we'll have to block that barrage of fire but
    how can we do that with our present shields? We'll have to pull out and
    rethink our strategy this time. Jacking out.
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: We can't begin this mission without a way to handle that barrage of
    fire. Let's jack out, Lan. We've got to fish with Dex, anyway.
    Lan: Yeah, no sense in wasting our energy here. Let's jack out and get back
    to fishing! Hopefully we'll think of a strategy in the meantime.
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Lan: OK, time to search for fishing supplies!
    Scene 31:
    Dex: Looks like you managed to find some fishing supplies! Now you need to
    find a good fishing spot and cast away! May the best man win! (That's me!)
    *Run to the dead end far to the left.*
    Lan: This looks like a good spot. I'm gonna catch a real whopper!
    MegaMan: Good luck, Lan!
    Narrator: 10 minutes later...
    Lan: Shoot! Not even a nibble!
    MegaMan: Don't get down, Lan, fishing takes patience! Just relax! They'll
    come eventually.
    Lan: Shoot, this really does take a lot of patience...And I don't know how
    much more patience I have!
    Dex: Wow! Another one! I've got five already!
    Lan: Dang that Dex! He's yelling like that on purpose! I won't lose to him!
    MegaMan: That's the spirit, Lan!
    Narrator: 30 minutes later...
    Lan: Dang! Still not a nibble!
    Dex: Yipee! I got a dozen already!
    Lan: Shoot, can't just a single fish come my way?
    MegaMan: Don't worry, Lan, your number'll come up soon enough!
    Lan: I dunno, I'm beginning to lose hope. Hm? Hey! What's this?!
    *line is tugged hard*
    Lan: Wh-wh-wh-whoa! It's a big one!
    MegaMan: Lan, reel it in!
    Lan: Whoooah! It's strong as heck!
    MegaMan: You can do it, Lan!
    Lan: Hrrggraah!
    *Line snaps, big fish*
    Lan: Oh, boy...
    MegaMan: You tried your best, Lan...
    Lan: Aw, shucks...
    Scene 32:
    *flash back to the beach*
    Lan: It's true! It was practically a whale!
    Dex: Heh, you sure it wasn't a chunk of driftwood? Anyway, you LOSE! And now
    it's time to eat my fish, so it's your job to start the fire!
    Lan: Aw, man!
    Dex: Don't complain! You lost! you can't complain to me, the WINNER! I have
    a lighter, so you get some firewood. Go find some DryGrass, Twig and Board!
    Lan: Hmph! Yeah, OK, your Majesty, Dex...
    Lan: Whoa! Was that an earthquake?
    Yai: The gods are telling you to hurry up and get firewood!
    Mayl: Good luck, Lan!
    Dex: Hah hah hah! Now, off with you, Lan!
    Lan: Hmph!
    Scene 33:
    Lan: OK, guys, here it is.
    Dex: Wow! Not bad, not bad! Now let's cook up some fish!
    *fades out, back in after they've eaten, a small fire burning*
    Dex: *phew!* THat was delicious! Food is twice as good when you work for it!
    Right, guys?
    Mayl: It was great, even without seasoning! I guess you can't go wrong when
    the fish is this fresh!
    Yai: Most of my meals are cooked by world-class chefs. I never knew such
    primitive food could taste so great!
    Lan: Dang! I sure wish I'd caught that fish...
    Dex: Well, know that our stomachs are full, it's time for an island trek!
    And guess what? I found a path that leads into the forest!
    Yai: Really? I must say, that's intriguing!
    Mayl: And a bit spooky, but it sounds like fun!
    MegaMan: A trek? That does sound like fun, right Lan?
    Lan: Yeah! Anything to get my mind off that silly fishing!
    Dex: OK, everybody, follow me! And we're off!
    *Dex sets off*
    Yai: Mayl, let's go!
    Mayl: OK! Lan, let's go!
    Lan: OK!
    Yai: Oh, yeah, Lan? Make sure the fire's out. Got to be safe!
    Lan: Huh?! Why me?!
    Yai: You've already forgot who lost the fishing contest?
    Mayl: She has a point, Lan!
    Lan: Wait, Mayl?!
    MegaMan: Let's just get it done, Lan!
    Lan: If you say so, MegaMan...
    Yai: We'll run ahead, so hurry up!
    Mayl: See you soon, Lan!
    *Both Mayl and Yai set off*
    Scene 34:
    Lan: Dex! Hold up, willya...Whoa!
    *Camera pans to an abandoned mine*
    Dex: Incredible, ain't it?
    Mayl: Is this the OldMine Yai was talking about?
    Yai: It sure is! Once an active OldMine, now it's entirely abandoned. The
    tunnels dug long ago form a vast maze.
    Dex: I know! This'll be the Dex Expedition Team's next conquest!
    Yai: Yipee!
    Mayl: Yay!
    Lan: I don't remember joining any Dex Expedition Team...But it sounds like
    Dex: Alright, everybody, be ready for anything! Next stop, the dark reaches
    of the cavernous maze!
    All: Yaaaay!!!
    Dex: Fellow explorers, onward march!
    *All proceed to the mine, but stop*
    Dex: ...Huh?
    *Trap hole appears under everyone but Lan, drops them*
    Lan: Yikes!
    *Lan moves to the hole*
    Lan: Are you OK?!
    Dex: Hellooooo!!!
    Lan: Dex! Is everybody OK?
    Dex: Yeah, we're fine! This hole is connected to the OldMine. We'll look for
    an exit!
    Lan: OK! I'll come looking for you! We'll need to stay in contact with each
    other! Is your SubPET working?
    Dex: It's working! I'll contact you if anything happens! See ya sooN!
    Lan: Be careful!
    MegaMan: Lan, then you're going into the OldMine?
    Lan: Sure am, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK! Be careful!
    Scene 35/36/37/38:
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Lan: Dex?! Where are you?!
    Dex: We're still in the OldMine! We're heading in the direction of a breeze.
    Lan: Gotcha. Be careful in there!
    Dex: You bet! We'll contact you later!
    Lan: MegaMan, time to jack out! Let's find Dex!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Lan: What's that sound?!
    *gigantic quaking*
    Lan: Yikes! It's an earthquake!
    Lan: Phew! It stopped. Wait! I wonder if everybody's alright?
    *lays in a call*
    Lan: Dex! Dex! Are you OK?
    Dex: Yeah, we're still in one piece, dude!
    Lan: Really? Good! We'd be in big trouble if this place caved in.
    Dex: That's for sure. Be careful, Lan!
    Lan: Yeah, you too!
    Lan: Alright! Let's get moving!
    Lan: Whoa! Another earthquake! But why so many?
    Lan: Phew, it finally stopped. But doesn't their frequency seem strange to
    MegaMan: It sure does, Lan...
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Dex: Lan, do you read?! Something's wrong with...SubPET...not
    just...OldMine, even May...d Yai's...not too...
    bleep bleep bleep...
    Lan: Dex! Dex!!! Disconnected? MegaMan, let's hurry and find them! Hold out
    just a little longer, guys!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone! It's Dex! The connection's been restored!
    Lan: Dex! Dex!!! Are you alright?
    Dex: Yeah, we're OK. But not for long!
    Lan: Not for long?! What do you mean?!
    Dex: During that last quake the door shut and trapped us in. It's shut tight
    with an electronic lock.
    Lan: Gotcha. Sit tight! I'll be there before you know it!
    Dex: Cool, Lan! Don't keep us waiting!
    Lan: You bet!
    *more quakes*
    Dex: Yikes!
    Lan: Dex, what happened?!
    Dex: A...A drill just busted through the ceiling! Yeowch, it's raining
    rocks! At this rate, the ceiling will cave in on us!
    Lan: A drill came through the ceiling? So, that's what all those "quakes"
    MegaMan: The question is, who's controlling the drill! If we knew that, we
    could shut it off!
    Lan: You're right! Dex, hold out just a little longer!
    Dex: OK, Lan! Ball's in your court!
    Lan: Leave it to me! Let's go, MegaMan!
    *quakes subside*
    Scene 39:
    Voice: Aieeek! That CEO just makes me downright mad! What a lousy fool!
    Lan: Who goes there?!
    *camera pans to the drill and an angry woman, Lan moves up and confronts
    Lan: Hey you!!! Stop that drill!
    (Angry woman is Tesla Magnus)
    Tesla: ......
    Lan: Stop that drill right now!
    Tesla: ......
    Lan: Stop that drill, PLEASE!
    *Tesla turns to Lan*
    Tesla: Now, that's better! I'm 29 years old! Maybe twice your age so do pay
    a little respect! Besides...What are you doing here? I have stress to work
    off! Just leave me alone!
    Lan: Wait, listen to me! Er, please! My friends are below that drill!
    Tesla: Why should I care! Your friends had no business wandering in here
    Lan: You're right but they're in danger! PLEASE!
    Tesla: If you're that set on stopping this electro-drill, then do it
    yourself! See those control boxes?
    *Camera pans to each of the four control boxes*
    Tesla: If you jack in and press the control switches inside...you'll
    activate the manual shutdown. There are 4 boxes. To stop the drill, you have
    to press all 4 switches!
    Lan: Shoot! This could be trouble. Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Roger. Jack me in!
    Tesla: Think of it as punishment...For interrupting my de-stress
    session...and for not saying "please"!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Dex: L...Lan! Help us!!!
    *Camera pans to the chamber underneath, where the rest of them are panicking
    from falling rocks*
    Dex: Aieegh!
    Mayl: Eeek!
    Yai: HEEELP!!!
    *Camera pans back up to Lan*
    Lan: Just a little longer! I'll have you out in no time! MegaMan, look for
    the control switches! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    MegaMan: The drill's control system...
    Narrator: MegaMan pressed the control switch!!! The drill slowed down!!!
    *phase to Lan, the thing moves out of the way*
    Lan: OK, we've activated one of the control switches! Any better, Dex?
    *phase to the others*
    Dex: The drill's slowed down a bit, but we're still in big trouble!
    *phase back to Lan*
    Lan: Don't worry, Dex, Mayl, Yai! We'll get through this! MegaMan, jack out!
    MegaMan: Roger! Jack me in to the next control box!
    Lan: You bet!
    MegaMan: Stopping the drill!
    Narrator: MegaMan pressed the control switch!!! The drill slowed down!!!
    *phase to Lan, the thing moves out of the way*
    Lan: OK, we've activated another control switch! Are you OK, Dex?
    *phase to the others*
    Dex: We're dancin' for dear life! But we won't hold out for long!
    *phase back to Lan*
    Lan: Just a little more, guys! MegaMan, jack out!
    MegaMan: Roger! Jack me in to the next control box!
    Lan: Let's move it!
    MegaMan: Stopping the drill!
    Narrator: MegaMan pressed the control switch!!! The drill slowed down!!!
    *phase to Lan, the thing moves out of the way*
    Lan: OK, we've activated another control switch! Any better, Dex?
    *phase to the others*
    Dex: The drill's slowed down quite a bit, but I can see cracks running
    across the ceiling! We'll be buried in rubble in no time!
    *phase back to Lan*
    Lan: MegaMan, jack out! We've gotta stop the drill before our friends are
    MegaMan: Roger! Jack me in to the last control box!
    Lan: Let's do it!
    Scene 40:
    MegaMan: Stop this drill!
    *MagnetMan turns to you*
    MagnetMan: Who are you?
    MegaMan: MagnetMan!
    Lan: MagnetMan? That's Gauss' Navi! Gauss is the netmafia operator we beat
    Tesla: Then it was you! You defeated my father!
    Lan: What?
    Tesla: I'm Gauss' only daughter, Tesla!
    Lan: No way!
    Tesla: It's your fault! You'll pay for what you did!
    Lan: OUR fault? But Gauss was the one stirring up trouble?!
    Tesla: Don't get me wrong! I couldn't care less...about you getting Dad
    arrested! That was his own fault! It's what you did AFTER he was arrested! I
    was supposed to succeed my father...running his corporation. I managed to
    get some work done thanks to MagnetMan, but I was so busy my hair nearly
    fell out from all the stress! And it's just ruined my beautiful skin!
    Lan: That sounds a lot like a big excuse to me!
    Tesla: MagnetMan! Trash taht little blue man! Hee hee! Finally a chance to
    burn some stress off!
    MagnetMan: Anything for you, Tesla.
    MegaMan: Lan, here comes!
    Lan: Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    MagnetMan: Max magnet power!
    Scene 41:
    MagnetMan: Hrgg...!
    MegaMan: MagnetMan, press the switch!
    MagnetMan: Why you...! You don't have me yet!
    Tesla: MagnetMan, stop right there!
    MagnetMan: But, Tesla!
    Tesla: That was an incredible fight, MagnetMan. I must've worked off a
    decade of stress! Now, go ahead and push that shutdown switch!
    MagnetMan: If Tesla so desires...But, MegaMan, don't go thinking you've seen
    the last of me!
    *MagnetMan presses the shutdown switch*
    MagnetMan: Shutdown switch...activated...
    MagnetMan: The drill was shut down.
    Tesla: MagnetMan, jack out.
    MagnetMan: Yes'm!
    *MagnetMan jacks out*
    Tesla: You're name's Lan, right? You'd better hurry and rescue your friends!
    That nearby path will take you down below!
    Lan: Right! I've gotta bust them out! MegaMan, jack out!
    MegaMan: Roger! *jacks out*
    *Take the path to an elevator down to another area and up to a door.*
    Lan: Dex! Mayl! Yai! Are you guys OK? I'll get you outta there!
    Dex: Lan! I knew you;d come through for us!
    Mayl: Lan!!!
    Yai: I thought we were done for!
    MegaMan: Lan, jack me in! I'll disable the electronic lock!
    Lan: OK, MegaMan! There's gotta be a switch somewhere inside! Jack in!
    MegaMan, Execute!!!
    Scene 42:
    MegaMan: This must be the release switch. Pressing the switch now!
    *gigantic earthquake*
    MegaMan: What?!
    (Rock barrage moves in, MagnetMan jacks in and shouts "MagnetBarrier!!!")
    MegaMan: MagnetMan!!! But, why?!
    MagnetMan: Tesla's orders. You think I'd help you otherwise?
    *rock slide subsides*
    MagnetMan: The security system is off.
    MegaMan: Thank you, MagnetMan!
    MagnetMan: Hmph! Thank Tesla, not me. By the way, the electronic lock was
    *MagnetMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: Lan, jack me out!
    Lan: Roger!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Lan: Thanks a lot!
    Tesla: Don't mention it! Hurry and save your friends!
    Lan: Hey!
    *door opens*
    Lan: Everybody!
    Dex: Oh! Lan! I knew you could do it!
    Mayl: Lan...Thank you.
    Yai: Sheesh, I thought we were in for it! I don't want to stay here another
    Lan: Wow, I'm sure glad everybody's OK!
    Tesla: You kids had better get a move on! The whole thing could cave in at
    any moment!
    Yai: Hey, that's the missus of Gauss, Inc.! I saw here (her) before at a
    party...Why in the world is she here?
    Lan: I'll explain later! For now, let's jet outta here!
    *Everyone leaves, Tesla stepping aside*
    Tesla: Let's go, too, then.
    Lan: Oh!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Chaud: It's me, The Nebula agents occupying Oran Area, are planning another
    attack on ACDC Area.
    Lan: No way!!!
    Chaud: We must nip Nebula's plans in the bud. We still don't have a strategy
    for the gun battery...on Oran Area1 but we have no choice except to proceed.
    Begin mission immediately. Head to Oran Area1 now. It's in your hands.
    Lan: But how in the world are we going to guard against...that incredible
    Nebula gun battery? ...Guard...I know! Tesla, could I ask you a favor?
    Tesla: A favor? What on earth is it?
    Lan: The Net's occupied by a group called Nebula. I belong to a team whose
    job...is to free areas under Nebula control. I'm going into a battle with
    Nebula forces...But I can't succeed without MagnetMan's help!
    Tesla: Wow, a team? That explains why you're so strong! Very well. I'll have
    MagentMan lend you his power. Besides, Nebula has given our company its
    share of trouble.
    MagnetMan: But, little missus!
    Tesla: MagnetMan, pray tell you're not about to disobey me?
    MagnetMan: ...Why! I would never!
    Tesla: Well, there you have it, Lan! MagnetMan is all yours!
    Lan: I owe you one! OK, we're going to Oran Area1!
    Tesla: OK! My MagnetMan won't fail you!
    MegaMan: Lan, let's hurry to the Net!
    Lan: Yeah!
    *fade out*
    Scene 43:
    ProtoMan: There you are.
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! I think I know a way we can beat the gun battery!
    ProtoMan: Is that so?
    *MagnetMan jacks in*
    MagnetMan: Ah, so you want me to block that gun battery? Well, if it isn't
    the Official Navi, ProtoMan. I wouldn't normally be willing to help
    you...But I have orders from Tesla...
    MegaMan: This is MagnetMan. His defense is incredible!
    ProtoMan: MagnetMan...The ex-Gospel Navi. Quite a surprise! Let's see what
    you've got, then!
    MagnetMan: Very well. I'll give you something to talk about!
    ProtoMan: MegaMan, let's go!
    MegaMan: Yeah!
    *the three approach the guns*
    ProtoMan: MagnetMan, proceed on my signal! I'll destroy the gun battery
    while you're absorbing hits!
    MagnetMan: Don't order me! I only listen to Tesla's orders.
    ProtoMan: Sheesh! Here goes! 3, 2, 1...Go!!!
    *The three move in*
    MagnetMan: MagnetBarrier!
    *MagnetMan absorbs the gun blasts*
    ProtoMan: Now! StepSwrd!
    *ProtoMan slices the guns to shreds*
    ProtoMan: Quite impressive.
    MagnetMan: That was nothing!
    ProtoMan: Heh! Let's go! Begin mission!
    MagnetMan: This'll be fun!
    *ProtoMan and MagnetMan go*
    Lan: MegaMan, let's go, too!
    MegaMan: Yup!
    Scene 44:
    ProtoMan: This area is controlled by the Darkloids. That guy!
    *Camera pans to ShadeMan*
    MegaMan: ShadeMan!
    ShadeMan: Long time no see, MegaMan. Heh heh! The DarkPower has resurrected
    ProtoMan: He's the one who spread DarkChips! Get him! Watch out for his
    flying capability! It lets him attack from any direction during the
    Darkloids' phase.
    MegaMan: So we'll be getting hit all the time?
    ProtoMan: Don't forget. One of us is really strong at defense!
    MagnetMan: My MagnetBarrier is strong enough to shield the whole team during
    that phase!
    ProtoMan: Did you all hear that? Complete the liberation within 9 phases!
    Good luck!
    Scene 45:
    ProtoMan: We managed to free the Net from Nebula this time but many fierce
    Navis continue to fight on their side. MagnetMan, won't you take up the good
    fight and join us? Your defensive powers would be a great asset to us.
    MagnetMan: You must be joking. I would never willingly fight at your side.
    Even this time, if it weren't for Tesla's orders...
    Tesla: I think it sounds great, Magnetman. Nebula's given us plenty of
    trouble. In fact, the prime cause of my stress these days. If it would help
    punish Nebula, I say, join up! MagnetMan.please.pretty.please?
    MagnetMan: Y...Yes'm...
    ProtoMan: Heh. Then it's settled.
    MagnetMan: Er...Ergg...Very well.
    MegaMan: Hee hee!
    MagnetMan: Hmph!
    ProtoMan: Well, you may not care to hear me say this, but welcome to the
    MegaMan: Good to have you with us, MagnetMan! My soul resonates with your
    staunch defensive power!
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul resonated with MagnetMan!
    MagnetMan: Hmph!
    ProtoMan: Heh. I shall be contacting you again. *jacks out*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's jack out, too. Our friends must be waiting for us. You
    too, MagnetMan!
    MagnetMan: Just my luck...*jacks out*
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Scene 46:
    Tesla: I regret what I did. When I get irked, I just can't control myself.
    I'm really sorry.
    Dex: Yeah, I thought we were done for! But now, that I think about it, we
    were partly to blame for wandering into the OldMine in the first place!
    Mayl: At least nobody got hurt!
    Yai: And I heard that you lent your power to Lan...so he could come and save
    us. It was all good fun, now that we're safe and sound!
    Tesla: Well, thanks for being so kind. You'd better get going soon before
    the seas get rough.
    Lan: Let's get going!
    Dex: OK! See ya around!
    Mayl: Goodbye!
    Yai: Farewell!
    Tesla: Hope to see you soon!
    *Everyone but Lan boards the boat*
    Lan: Until our next mission!
    Tesla: Indeed!
    Lan: OK, see you! *Lan boards boat*
    *flash to a dark screen*
    Regal: There's a band of petty resisters puttering around and liberating the
    Net areas we've secured.
    Dr. Hikari: Rrgh...
    Regal: The research must be completed before we're interrupted. Dr. Hikari,
    perhaps it's about time you'll tell us?
    Dr. Hikari: I...I know nothing!
    Regal: I'm a bit short on time. I'd rather not show you my bad side. Where
    is the prize that was entrusted to you?
    Dr. Hikari: I told you, I don't know!
    Regal: Yes, of course, it's possible that you've forgotten...after all, it
    has been a while. Will this help you jog your memory?
    *click* *zzzhhkt! zzzhhkt!*
    *Dr. Hikari is shocked*
    Dr. Hikari: Aieeghh!
    Regal: Impressive resolve. But it could be your downfall!
    Dr. Hikari: Rrgh...
    Regal: I'll ask again in 1 hour. For your sake, I hope you remember.
    CloudMan: Yes, Master!
    Regal: That pesky team of resisters will breach your area soon.
    CloudMan: I understand, Master.
    Regal: Concentrate your forces on the blue Navi.
    CloudMan: Yes, master, I swear my memory banks on it.
    Regal: MegaMan...A pity that we must delete you...
    Scene 47:
    *flash to in front of Yai's house, with the group*
    Yai: Goodbye!
    Dex: That ultra triple scoop sundae was great!
    Mayl: It sure was! Thanks Yai!
    Lan: Sure is nice to have such generous friends!
    Yai: Hee hee! You're welcome anytime!
    Dex: See you around!
    Mayl: Goodbye!
    Lan: Later!
    *They depart, Lan with Mayl*
    Mayl: Yai's doing her best to stay chipper...But deep down inside I know
    it's hard for her.
    Lan: Yeah...Same to you, Mayl...Don't overdo it.
    Mayl: Lan...Lan, thanks. We're gonna to be fine, I know it. See ya later!
    Lan: See ya.
    *Mayl walks home*
    Lan: Dad...
    Voice: Lan the NetBattler...
    *Lan turns toward the voice*
    Lan: Who's that?!
    *The man walks up to Lan, revealing himself to be Charlie.*
    Charlie: You're Lan, right?
    Lan: Who are you! Are you a Nebula operator?
    Charlie: Nebula? Shoot, do I really look that evil?
    Lan: What do you want?!
    Charlie: Now, now, just calm down. Let's go somewhere we can talk.
    Lan: *nod*
    *flashes to the park*
    Lan: What are we doing here?
    Charlie: Now, just calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. I just have a
    certain interest in you...the both of you.
    Lan: The two of us? YOu mean MegaMan and me?
    Charlie: Exactly! I wish to see your technique in action.
    Lan: And what makes you think we'll show you?
    Charlie: Hmm...Tell me, would you have the same attitude...if I told you I
    had some information on your father?
    Lan: What?!
    Charlie: Not that you'd choose to believe me.
    Lan: What do you want us to do?
    Charlie: Not much. Jack in to this squirrel and find my navi. He's all the
    way in the back of the SquirrelCmp. Are you ready to go?
    Lan: Fine. I'll jack in to your squirrel if that's what it takes. LEt's go,
    MegaMan: Yeah. We don't know what he's after but he could tell us something
    about Dad. Gotta try our luck. Lan, let's do it!
    *Lan goes to the squirrel*
    Lan: Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan logs in and gets an e-mail alert.*
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's from Chaud.
    Lan: Shoot, just as things were getting started.
    MegaMan: Yeah, I know, Lan! Just let me read it! "At the end of the last
    liberation mission, a resonance betwen MegaMan and MagnetMan occurred,
    allowing MegaMan to gain a new ability. According to Dr. Hikari's files,
    when MegaMan's soul resonates with that of another Navi's, the synchronicity
    of the souls that is achieved temporarily, gives MegaMan that Navi's
    abilities. It is called DublSoul, and should be very useful in your battles.
    I've attached a practice program. Master this new technique immediately!"
    Wow! I'll open the attachment!
    Lan: DublSoul? I'm in a rush but this I can't put off for later! Let's do
    it, MegaMan!
    (Soul Unison Tutorial. I'm lazy. You know. Good. I hope so.)
    Scene 47:
    GyroMan: Ah, there you are!
    MegaMan: So you're his Navi...
    GyroMan: Yep! You got here pretty quickly. I'll have to give you credit.
    MegaMan: What do you guys want?!
    GyroMan: Heh, wouldn't you like to know!
    *fade out to real world*
    Charlie: Hah hah hah hah! Well done, well done!
    Lan: Are you satisfied? Now, tell us what you know about Dad.
    Charlie: Yes, I almost forgot! What I found out is...Nebula kidnapped your
    father...in order to capture a certain "thing" that he has.
    Lan: Something my Dad has? But what?
    Charlie: Couldn't tell you. This is all I know.
    Lan: That's it?!
    Charlie: Yes, that's it! Hey, come on home!
    GyroMan: Roger!
    Charlie: Lan, you have quite some technique. But you rely too much on your
    Navi's abilities.
    Lan: Rrgg! Not even! I'd do just as well, even without MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Lan, what kind of a thing is that to say? Our strength lies in our
    Lan: MegaMan, you're the best Navi I could have but did you hear what he
    said? Who wouldn't get mad!
    Charlie: Well, it wasn't hard to cause a rift between you. It only goes to
    show just how far you are...from being strong enough to defeat Nebula. Until
    we meet again! Adios!
    *Charlie runs off*
    Lan: W...Wait! Who was that, anyway? And what is this "thing" that Dad has?
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's from Chaud. I'll read it! "Nebula agents
    still remain in Oran Area. Immediately make your way to Oran Area. However,
    Oran Area network is unstable. You will not be able to jack in from Oran
    Isle. Go there by way of ACDC Area." Wow! Nebula's come to occupy Oran Area
    again! We must hurry, Lan!
    Lan: Just when I thought we'd finished with that stranger, Nebula agents
    strike again! This is too much!
    Scene 48:
    MegaMan: Lan, it's your phone!
    Chaud: I see you've arrived in Oran Area. There are 6 remaining Nebula
    agents. They're hidden in Oran Areas 1, 2, and 3. Find all 6 and delete
    them, then contact me. Good luck.
    Lan: MegaMan, let's go find the remaining Nebula agents!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 49:
    MegaMan: Lan, we've taken care of all the remaining Nebula agents. Let's
    contact Chaud. I'll call with the phone!
    Chaud: I see you've finished. Now go restore the network...in the deep
    reaches of Oran Area3. We need it to gain access to SciLab Area. On the next
    mission, you'll be liberating SciLab3. Lan, I want you to check the route to
    Lan: I understand. But Chaud, can't we just enter SciLab area from SciLab?
    Chaud: Yes, there is a route to SciLab area in SciLab. However, if we
    liberate that access route...We'll be inviting agents in SciLab area into
    SciLab. That's why we're blocking net access from SciLab. We'll have to use
    the Net to liberate SciLab area.
    Lan: I see. OK, so I'm to restore the network in Oran Area3 and check the
    route to SciLab3 for the next mission?
    Chaud: That is correct. *kchnk*
    Lan: MegaMan, we're gonna restore the network in Oran Area3!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 50:
    MegaMan: This way leads to SciLab Area. Like he said, the network is
    blocked. OK, let's restore it!
    Voice: Fat chance!
    *MegaMan looks toward the source of the voice*
    MegaMan: Who's that?!
    *A HeelNavi jacks in in front of him*
    MegaMan: Nebula!
    HeelNavi: Keh heh! And you know what Nebula does best? Deletes pesky Navis!
    MegaMan: Lan, here comes!
    Lan: Leave it to me! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    HeelNavi: You're regret that you ever stepped foot into this area!
    Battle: 2 BattyEX, MettEX.  Win...
    HeelNavi: Tsk! Why you! I'll get you for this! *jacks out*
    MegaMan: Who would've thought we'd encounter more Nebula agents?
    Lan: I guess you have to stay on guard when you're on the Net. We have to
    keep forging ahead! MegaMan, restore the network!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    *phases out then in again*
    MegaMan: Lan, network restoration complete!
    Lan: OK! Time to enter SciLab Area!
    MegaMan: Roger! *enters link*
    *A navi, later revealed to be GyroMan, jacks in*
    GyroMan: ...... *jacks out*
    Scene 51:
    MegaMan: This leads to the next area slated for liberation.
    Lan: What's that cloud-like thing? Can we make it through?
    MegaMan: I'll try. Here goes!
    *He charges in, pushing the first cloud back, but it rebounds and shoves him
    Lan: MegaMan! Are you OK?!
    MegaMan: Yeah, I'm fine...But this cloud's DarkPower is blocking the way!
    Lan: It's phone!
    Chaud: I see you've arrived at your destination. Describe the surroundings
    to me.
    Lan: The route to SciLan3 is blocked by a dark cloud.
    Chaud: A dark cloud...I see. That could be some trouble. The DarkPower is
    spilling over...Very well. Lan, head back for now.
    Lan: Roger.
    Lan: MegaMan, jack out!
    MegaMan: OK!
    *jacks out*
    *GyroMan flies up to where MegaMan was*
    GyroMan: That was enough to keep them out? Just pitiful. ......Charlie, what
    do you think?
    Charlie: Well, no need to rush to a decision. Let's continue observing them.
    Scene 52:
    *Next day...*
    Lan: We restored the network that leads to SciLab Area but we couldn't make
    it to the occupied area.
    MegaMan: Yeah. I guess we'll just have to see how things develop.
    Lan: I just can't stand knowing that our enemies...Are right around the
    corner but we're not able to act!
    MegaMan: I know what you mean.
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's from Tesla. I'll read it! "Lan, I'm
    afraid I'm in a bit of trouble. A helicopter Navi came and challenged me to
    a battle, saying he wanted to test my abilities. But he stole some vital
    MagnetMan programs! Please come to the drill in the OldMine!" Wow! A
    helicopter Navi? That's the Navi we met in SquirrelCmp!
    Lan: First us, then Tesla? Just what is he up to? At any rate, we've got to
    help MagnetMan. She said they were at the drill, right? Let's head for Oran
    Scene 53:
    Lan: Tesla! Is MagnetMan OK?
    Tesla: Lan, thank goodness you're here! Like I said in the mail, he really
    got me good! That helicopter jerk stole MagnetMan's programs for thought,
    speech, movement, and attack. He scattered them inside the DrillComp! Now
    MagnetMan can't speak, think, move or attack! It's just awful, Lan!
    Lan: I see...
    MegaMan: But he chose not to delete MagnetMan, which proves he's not an
    agent of Nebula.
    Tesla: Did that Navi visit you, too?
    Lan: Yeah. Just what are they plotting?
    MegaMan: I don't know but for now, let's find MagnetMan's program!
    Lan: Yeah, we can figure out this mystery later. OK, Tesla, we're off!
    Tesla: Lan, thank you so much!
    Lan: We'll get those programs back, Tesla! Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK!
    Scene 54:
    Lan: Tesla, we found all 4 programs! Hurry and reinstall them into
    Tesla: Yes, of course!
    *phases in and out*
    Tesla: MagnetMan, reboot! . . .MagnetMan, MagnetMan! . . . . . . . . .
    MagnetMan: Tesla...I am terribly sorry. I have failed to perform my duty!
    Tesla: You don't have to apologize, MagnetMan. But you should thank Lan and
    MegaMan! They're the ones who found your stolen programs.
    MagnetMan: Ngg...Ergg...I never imagined this day would come...Er...Thank You.
    Lan: Don't mention it! We could do for a teammate! Right, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: Yup! But shoot, that Navi must be something else, to be able to
    slip past MagnetMan's tough defenses!
    MagnetMan: It was all over before I knew what was happening. His incredible
    speed and agility...he's no ordinary Navi.
    Voice: Well, what a pleasure to hear such kind words!
    *Camera pans to the entrance, Charlie enters*
    Charlie: Hello! How is everyone? Your team has power and technique but is a
    bit lacking in speed. The only one on your team who passes on speed is the
    Lan: You went to Chaud, too?!
    Charlie: And a very capable leader he is. We almost got in to a bit of
    trouble but we managed to run!
    Lan: Just what are you trying to pull, spying on us every chance you get!
    Charlie: Keh. We're just bored, Lan, just bored! Tah tah! *Charlie exits*
    Lan: Wait! *pursues, returns* He sure knows how to beat a quick retreat!
    MegaMan: Lan, we'd better report this to Chaud?
    Lan: You're right. Chaud might know something about them. See you, Tesla.
    We're going to get going.
    Tesla: OK. Be careful. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of him.
    Lan: Right.
    Scene 55:
    *Lan runs up to Chaud*
    Lan: Chaud! Did a helicopter Navi come here?
    Chaud: Yes. He made it all the way here. Then he slipped away in a flash. I
    take it he paid you a visit as well, then.
    Lan: Wow, he got through the security of this place? Do you know who they
    Chaud: The operator is Charlie, an ex-ace copter pilot...who once belonged
    to the Netopia team, the Red Thunders. He's now a freelance pilot who drifts
    between countries. His Navi, GyroMan, is one of the best in Netopia when it
    comes to speed and agility.
    Lan: A helicopter pilot? What reason would he have to bother us?
    Chaud: Only he would know the answer to that. This is all that we know at
    this time. Without more data, we'll just have to stay alert.
    Lan: I'll be careful.
    *alarms go off*
    Scientist: This is ObservRm 7. Chaud, do you read? Nebula is on the move!
    SciLab Area net corruption will be upon Oran Area!
    Chaud: Understood. Lan, head for the Net. Nebula is contaminating the Net.
    The Oran Area net has likely taken a big hit. You'll have trouble jacking in
    from Oran Isle. Take the route from ACDC Area.
    Lan: Gotcha! We're right on it!
    Chaud: Do not underestimate your foe.
    Lan: *nod*
    Scene 56:
    *MegaMan enters Oran Area1 to find GyroMan waiting*
    GyroMan: I knew you'd come, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: GyroMan!
    GyroMan: Well, well! You've checked up on me, have you? I suppose you know
    about Charlie, as well?
    Lan: We sure do! Charlie the ex-ace copter pilot!
    Charlie: Well, well! Word certainly gets around these days! Well, shoot, now
    you know my ordinary background, you can just call me Charlie, I suppose!
    Lan: Charlie! What are you after?
    Charlie: Hmm...I'll tell you if you can catch GyroMan! GyroMan! Go!
    GyroMan: Roger! GyroForm!
    *GyroMan transforms into a copter*
    GyroMan: Catch me if you can!
    *The copter flies off*
    MegaMan: Lan, time for a chase!
    Lan: Yeah, I've had enough of their games!
    GyroMan: Faster than I expected! Next, this way! That is, if you can keep
    *GyroMan flies off*
    MegaMan: Wait! Lan, let's keep after GyroMan!
    Lan: You bet!
    GyroMan: I was beginning to wonder if you were coming! Next stop, SciLab
    *GyroMan transforms*
    MegaMan: Wait, GyroMan!
    GyroMan: Why should I?
    *GyroMan flies off*
    Lan: Shoot! He slips away like a snake!
    MegaMan: And he's as fast as a cheetah!
    Lan: No time to stand in awe! We've gotta go after him!
    MegaMan: Oh, right!!!
    MegaMan: *pant pant* How long are you going to avoid facing us?
    GyroMan: I'm not avoiding anything. I could take you on right now if I...
    Charlie: GyroMan, stop. I'm enjoying this game of tag!
    GyroMan: Yes, I understand. Like master said, time for more tag!
    *GyroMan flies off*
    Lan: Why you...! MegaMan, we're gonna nab GyroMan once and for all!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    GyroMan: You've come far!
    MegaMan: No more running away for you!
    GyroMan: Charlie, are you getting this? What's the word?
    Charlie: Hmm, yes, enough playing around! Let's show them how much more you
    can do than run!
    GyroMan: Roger!
    Lan: MegaMan, is coming! Prepare yourself!
    MegaMan: OK!
    GyroMan: This'll be great fun!
    Lan: Ready, MegaMan! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!
    Scene 57:
    MegaMan: Had enough yet?
    GyroMan: Yes, impressive in fact. More than we expected, right Charlie?
    Lan: What are you two talking about?
    Charlie: Now, do calm down, Lan. You have won. GyroMan, I think they make
    the grade.
    GyroMan: OK. That's what I thought you'd say.
    MegaMan: Make the grade? What grade?
    GyroMan: We'll become your allies.
    Lan: Huh?
    Charlie: He means we're willing to join your team!
    Lan: No way?!
    Charlie: Yes way! I came all the way from Netopia to fight Nebula at Chaud's
    *ProtoMan jacks in*
    ProtoMan: We didn't want to withhold information from you but Charlie
    insisted that he be allowed to test you.
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: Well, GyroMan, Charlie--did they meet expectations?
    GyroMan: Over and above! Right, Charlie?
    Charlie: Yes. A fine operator and an excellent Navi. Hope you welcome us
    onto the team!
    Lan: You've got to be kidding me, guys! We're just getting tested all
    around...Ah, well! Welcome to the team!
    GyroMan: Shall we go ahead and do our first job?
    MegaMan: First job?
    GyroMan: I'll open the route to the next area to be liberated. It's the path
    that you couldn't get through.
    MegaMan: You were watching?!
    GyroMan: Yeah, it really sent you flying! That kind of thing is right up my
    alley. Let's head out!
    *ProtoMan and GyroMan run off*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's go, too!
    Lan: Yeah!
    Scene 58:
    ProtoMan: GyroMan, can you handle it?
    GyroMan: Leave it to me. There's a key point that'll take the whole thing
    *camera pans to a DarkChip at the end and back*
    GyroMan: Here goes nothing. GyroForm!
    *GyroMan transforms into a copter*
    GyroMan: 3, 2, 1, GO! *The copter proceeds and stops above the chip* Target
    located! It's a DarkChip. Be gone! Fire! *bombs it, clouds dissipate,
    GyroMan reforms* All done!
    *camera pans back to ProtoMan and MegaMan, MagnetMan jacks in*
    MagnetMan: Am I late for the party?
    ProtoMan: Not at all! Let's go!
    *ProtoMan and MagnetMan proceed*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's go!
    Lan: Yeah!
    Scene 59:
    ProtoMan: This area is tightly guarded. Check it out! *camera pans to a new
    type of panel*
    MegaMan: What's that?
    ProtoMan: A BarrierPanel.
    MegaMan: Barrier...? We can't walk over it?
    ProtoMan: That's right. We can't liberate it either. And if we  go around
    it, there will be too many DarkPanels to hit. We've got to find a key to
    unlock the barrier...
    *back to the group*
    GyroMan: That would be my job!
    MegaMan: Huh?
    GyroMan; The key must be hidden somewhere deep inside the area. I can jump
    the DarkPanels and sneak in there!
    ProtoMan: Good call. The key should be hidden in a remote panel. Good luck!
    GyorMan: It'll be a piece of cake! No sweat! Use bomb liberation to liberate
    DarkPanels directly!
    ProtoMan: Complete the liberation within 9 phases! Good luck!
    Scene 60:
    ProtoMan: The team did an excellent job. The recapturing of SciLab Area
    marks much progress toward our goal. And the addition of our newest member,
    GyroMan, has greatly strengthened the team. I'm confident that you can
    handle future missions.
    MegaMan: GyroMan, my soul resonates with your spirit of flight!
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul resonated with GyroMan!
    Lan: Alright! With a team like this, the Net'll be freed in no time!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's not as easy as you think!
    Lan: I'm just getting excited, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK, Lan! May our next mission be even more successful!
    Lan: Yeah!
    *Something overshadowes MegaMan*
    ProtoMan: What?! MegaMan, step aside!
    MegaMan: What?
    *A dark cloud lands on him*
    MegaMan: Yikes!
    *The other three run to try and free him*
    ProtoMan: No! It's engulfed him!
    MagnetMan: It's no use. He's immobilized.
    GyroMan: A dark cloud!
    Lan: MegaMan!!!
    *The cloud lifts off, abducting MegaMan*
    ProtoMan: Blast! How could this happen!
    Lan: MegaMan! MegaMaaaaan!!!
    *phases out*
    HeelNavi: Bring him this way! Now! It's all set! Call the doc!
    *phase back into a computer area, MegaMan is set on a table. HeelNavi walks
    to GutsMan, Glide, and Roll, trapped.*
    HeelNavi: Surprise, surprise! I think we caught somebody you may know!
    GutsMan: Who?
    *They turn to look*
    Roll: MegaMan!
    Glide: MegaMan!
    GutsMan: C'mon, c'mon! Wake up! Wake up!
    Roll: MegaMan!!!
    HeelNavi: Scream all you want, he can't hear you. A sleep program has him
    knocked out cold. You couldn't wake him with a sledgehammer.
    GutsMan: What're you gonna do with MegaMan!!!
    HeelNavi: Oh, we're just going to enslave him, that's all! Now, sit back and
    watch how we make new friends! Gyah hah hah hah hah!
    *HeelNavi returns*
    Roll: Nooooo! MegaMan!!!
    *Master HeelNavi jacks in*
    M HeelNavi: I take it today's guinea pig is this kid? Regal tells me, he is
    a Navi of the highest caliber and was built based on human DNA data. What a
    pity that we'll be tainting such perfection! Hee hee hee!
    HeelNavi: Doc, this time it'll work, I'm sure of it!
    M HeelNavi: Oh, either way! Let the operation begin! Use this DarkChip...
    *DarkChip appears above MegaMan* and implant the DarkPower into this boy!
    *the DarkChip settles in*
    MegaMan: Eeyaaaahh! Hrggh...Rggghh...Arrgggrrrahh!
    HeelNavi: That was one of the most powerful sleep programs but the intense
    pain has cracked it.
    M HeelNavi: The agony is beyond comprehension, I'm sure! The DarkPower of
    the DarkChip implanted in him, is seeping into every pore in his body. Any
    other Navi, and he would've self-deleted by now.
    MegaMan: Hrrggraaah! Aieeeee!!!
    HeelNavi: I get goose bumps just thinking about it! Hee hee!
    Regal: Doctor, how is our MegaMan coming along?
    M HeelNavi: Ah, Master Regal! Very well, indeed! He is all that you hoped
    for, Regal! His soul will soon be soaked with DarkPower!
    Regal: Yes, I see. Once the DarkPower stabilized, boot him up.
    M HeelNavi: As you say. O DarkPower, seep deeper! Cling stronger!
    MegaMan: Aieeeeegggh! LAAAAAAN!!!
    M HeelNavi: Savor the pain! Feel the anguish! And once it finally subsides,
    you shall be reborn, as the dark warrior, DarkMega! Gyah hah hah hah hah!
    *phases out*
    Scene 61:
    Voice: Mmn...Mmnph...M...MegaMan...MegaMan!!! Aieegh! *thmp*
    *Lan wakes up*
    Lan: *pant pant*...A nightmare? ...MegaMan.
    Lan: The phone...I'd better answer it. MegaMan usually tells me "It's your
    phone!." RRRRING*click* Oops. Wonder who it was?
    *Lan gets out of bed*
    Lan: There's a message on the answering machine.
    Chaud: Chaud here. I have something to speak to you about. Meet me at the
    harbor near SciLab.
    Lan: Time to head out, I guess.
    Scene 62:
    Chaud: You look terrible. No surprise, with MegaMan kidnapped.
    Lan: What'd you ask me here for?
    Chaud: The next mission...
    Lan: Next mission? I've lost MegaMan, and you're talking about a mission?! I
    don't even know why you brought me out here!
    Chaud: I have another Navi ready to go. You can use that one.
    Lan: You expect me to replace MegaMan with some Navi?!
    Chaud: Yes. We have no time. Without MegaMan, you have a duty. If you
    refuse, then you're off the team!
    Lan: Why you...!
    *screen phases out, *pow!* *
    Chaud: Hrggh!
    *phases back in*
    Lan: If only I'd never joined this team, MegaMan would've never been
    kidnapped! Keep your team to yourself! I'm through!
    Chaud: Hmm...What do you think MegaMan would say to you now?
    Lan: ......
    Chaud: I'll be in the SciLab MissionCtrl. You're free to leave the team. If
    you change your mind, come to the MissionCtrl and I'll give you your new
    Navi. Think it over, okay.
    *Chaud walks off*
    Lan: If MegaMan were only here...He'd tell me what I should do...
    (hypothetical advice) MegaMan: Lan, you've gotta be strong! You can do it!!!
    Lan: ......MegaMan...I don't know what kind of Navi Chaud found for me but
    I'll use it to save you, MegaMan!
    Scene 63:
    *Lan walks up to Chaud*
    Chaud: You've come.
    Lan: Chaud, I'm sorry I hit you.
    Chaud: Heh. So then, you've realized what you need to do?
    Lan: I'm determined to save MegaMan! Please let me use the Navi you said was
    ready for me!
    Chaud: Certainly. Lan, hand over your PET.
    *Lan hands over his PET*
    Chaud: Hold on a moment. Begin Navi program installation.
    . . . . . . *PLING!*
    Chaud: Installation done. Lan, that Navi is very special to me. Once you get
    MegaMan back, be sure and return him to me.
    Lan: OK!
    *Lan gets his PET back, checks it*
    Lan: ...Wait?! Could this be? Er, Chaud?!
    Chaud: *nod*
    Lan: W...Wow! This really is a special Navi! Hope we can get along, . . .
    ProtoMan: We'll have to work hard to make up for MegaMan's absence.
    Lan: Chaud, thanks for believing in me!
    Chaud: Heh. Now, let me explain the next mission...
    Lan: OK!
    Chaud: The next area we're liberating is End Area2. End Area is on the west
    side of DenCity. It's the Net for the town of End City. You can get to End
    Area from Oran Area2. Begin by paying a visit to check on things.
    Lan: Roger!
    Chaud: Best of luck.
    Scene 64:
    Lan: Do you think we can open it, ProtoMan?
    ProtoMan: Not likely... We'll need the right key before we can do that. The
    door is under SciLab control...Maybe we should head over to SciLab Area?
    Lan; What is it, ProtoMan?
    ProtoMan: Someone is near! Here comes!!!
    *ProtoMan readies himself*
    Voice: Ah, ProtoMan. Nothing gets past you, does it?
    ProtoMan: Show yourself!
    *A DarkRift opens up in front of him and DarkMegaMan appears*
    ProtoMan: M...MegaMan?!
    DarkMega: I am DarkMega, and master Regal has placed me in charge of
    security here!
    Lan: You're...kidding, right? MegaMan, this is no time to joke, pal?!
    DarkMega: Ah, is that Lan? A joke this is not. My allegiance is with master
    Regal. I am a loyal Nebula Navi! And thus I shall not allow the likes of you
    to pass!
    ProtoMan: So, you've gone completely over to the other side?
    DarkMega: How observant of you!
    ProtoMan: Very well. Then I won't have any qualms destroying you..
    Lan: Wait, ProtoMan!!!
    ProtoMan: Lan, I know this must be hard but...He's a Nebula agent now!
    DarkMega: He's right, Lan. You can't be soft when you're up against Nebula!
    *DarkMega starts flashing*
    MegaMan: ...Proto...Man...d...destroy me...hurry! ..before the....the
    DarkPower they put inside...me takes...over...hrrggh!
    DarkMega: ...Hyaah! I...I thought I'd already flushed him out! But his
    will...still remains?! Blast, stay out of my way!!!
    ProtoMan: Lan! Now's our chance!
    Lan: I...I can't! ProtoMan, you saw that too, right?! MegaMan hasn't turned
    Nebula completely!
    ProtoMan: But!!!
    *Three HeelNavis jack in*
    HeelNavi: Master DarkMega, leave this to us.
    DarkMega: Yeah, take care of them.
    *DarkMega jacks out*
    ProtoMan: Wait!!!
    HeelNavi: Hey there! It's our turn now.
    ProtoMan: Hmph! You think 3 Navis of your level stand a chance against me?
    HeelNavi: Keh heh heh heh! Who said there are only 3 of us?
    ProtoMan: What?!
    *Nine more HeelNavis jack in*
    HeelNavi: Heh heh heh...The individual is weak but the collective is strong!
    Wanna try us?
    ProtoMan: Shoot, if we had MegaMan with us, then we'd have a chance!
    Lan: ProtoMan! Let's retreat for now! Even if we fought and won it could
    damage you badly! We can't be on a liberation mission in this condition!
    ProtoMan: Shoot! If only we had an ally strong enough...to fill MegaMan's
    HeelNavi: What's wrong? Ready or not, here we come!
    Lan: Jack out, ProtoMan! Let's go devise a strategy with Chaud!
    ProtoMan: Shoot!
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    Scene 65:
    Chaud: Nebula got MegaMan...I see...
    Lan: I'm sorry...I shouldn't have stopped ProtoMan. Now it'll be even harder
    to liberate End Area.
    Chaud: It's OK. Even if ProtoMan had shut down MegaMan, it wouldn't have
    stopped the Nebula backup coming. But with the Nebula forces in End Area
    having overcome MegaMan, we've lost a lot of ground. It's a serious
    Lan: Yeah. Well how about taking in MagnetMan or GyroMan then?
    Chaud: They're both great Navis, that's for sure...But we're up against too
    many. Even if we had MegaMan, we couldn't beat them without
    casualties...What we need right now is an ally with serious power who can
    take out a bunch of enemies in a single blow.
    Lan: Yeah...but who...?
    Chaud: Anyway, we can't just go into End Area without a plan...For now I
    need you to work on another task, Lan.
    Lan: Another task?
    Chaud: Right now the luxury passenger liner, Queen Bohemia, is in port
    behind SciLab. I've got wind of a party that's going to be held on board the
    ship tomorrow by a certain company from Electopia...The guest list is full
    of the world's top business-people and royals.
    Lan: ...Sounds pretty important. What's it all about?
    Chaud: Ubercorp, the company hosting the party, is going to present a
    booster sytstem it has developed. Apparently it can multiply the power of
    any program. You should go to the presenta...I mean, auction.
    Lan: Auction? So they're going to sell this booster system?
    Chaud: Yes...and we've reason to believe Nebula is after it.
    Lan: And it's a system that can power up programs, right? If Nebula got hold
    of something like that...
    Chaud: That's your task, to stop that happening.
    Lan: Ok. I'm on it. So I'll have to get on the Queen Bohemia tomorrow then,
    Chaud: Yes. Except you'll need an Invite to board the ship...
    Lan: Well your Dad's the boss of that big PET-making firm...IPC, isn't it?
    You must be on the guest list already. Haven't you got an Invite?
    Chaud: ...Unfortunately not. Ubercorp's long been a competitor of
    IPC...We're not invited. You'll have to get in yourself somehow.
    Lan: What?! How? I don't know any bigshot business people...No, wait...I do
    know a bigshot business person! I'll go ask right now. See ya, Chaud!
    *Lan turns*
    Chaud: Lan!
    Lan: What is it?
    Chaud: It's about MegaMan...You know we might come up against him...as an
    enemy. If we do...Would you be able to take him out?
    Lan: ...If MegaMan's soul has been completely overrun by darkness, then
    yes...I'll take him out. I'll have to...
    Chaud: Really...?
    Lan: ...Really.
    *Lan exits*
    Scene 66:
    *Go back to Yai's house and talk to her.*
    Yai: An invite to the party on the Queen Bohemia? Silly you! Why would I
    have one? Only the most elite CEOs of the world's corporations, and a few
    princesses are invited to that one!
    *Head to Oran Isle and talk to Tesla.*
    Scene 53:
    Tesla: Ah, Lan! What are you doing here?
    Lan: Well, actually...I was wondering if you'd got an invite to the party
    being held on the Queen Bohemia, Tesla?
    Tesla: An invite? ...Yes, I did get something.
    Lan: If you don't mind, I was wondering if I could have it...?
    Tesla: ...Sure. No problem. But why do you want to go to the party? Have you
    got a date?
    Lan: No! This is work, okay! Just work!
    Tesla: Oh, work...Pretty busy, huh? Well, have gun! The food should be good!
    *Obtain the Invite.*
    Lan: Thanks! But...are you sure you don't mind? Didn't you want to go?
    Tesla: No! Parties like this come up all the time! I just hope it makes your
    work a bit more interesting.
    Lan: Thanks. OKay, I'll be on my way then!
    Scene 67:
    Lan: What a ship! These rich guys know how to throw a party!
    Loudspeaker Voice: Ding dong, ding dong. This is a passenger annoucement. We
    are now departing. A further announcement will be made when the party is
    about to begin. We wish you all a pleasant voyage. The vessel is now leaving
    port. Buuuuuuuuuh!
    Lan: Oh, looks like we're away! Wow! You can't feel it roll at all. Okay,
    ProtoMan, what's the plan?
    ProtoMan: First we check if there's anyone suspicious on board.
    Lan: Roger...
    Voice: Ah, I see...It'll be done before the part startsss...Yesss, of
    courssse. Thank you.
    *Camera pans to a foreign man, a guy comes through the door*
    Man: How are you enjoying the cruise? Sorry, but the Engine Room's out of
    bounds for passengers.
    Foreigner: Oh, sssorry. Which way is it to the Deck then?
    Man: You need to go back along this corridor the other way.
    Foreigner: Oh, right...Thanksss.
    *Camera pans to Lan*
    Lan: A-Already?! He's suspicious! Uh-oh! He's coming this way!
    *Foreigner rushes down the hallway*
    Lan: He's gone! What now, ProtoMan?
    ProtoMan: Let's just tread water for a while...
    Lan: "Tread water"? So, there's a pool on board? Or d'you mean diving in the
    sea? That's dangerous!
    ProtoMan: I mean, let's let him carry on doing what he wants for a bit.
    We'll wait and see if he does anything unusual.
    Lan: Oh, right! Special crime-busting talk, huh...I'll remember that. Guess
    I'll just be treading in water, then!
    ProtoMan: N-No, not in! Oh, never mind!
    Scene 68:
    Man: Ah, you've collected all the stamps! Here's your prize then...1000
    Zennys. Congratulations!
    Man 2: No way! I'm beat?!
    *Camera pans to the NetBattle Machine*
    Man 2: I-It's not possible! It cost me 10 million Zennys to customize my
    Navi. How can I be so outclassed?!
    Tough Guy: Tsk! NetBattles have to be fought from the gut! Spending money to
    make your Navi look tough on the outside doesn't mean it's got guts.\!
    Man 2: W-What did you say?! Who let this lowlife on the ship?!
    *Man 2 runs off*
    Tough Guy: Typical! All rich people are pathetic! Let's see someone with a
    bit more nerve!
    Man: I invited him to spice up the battle challenge a bit. His name's
    Fyrefox. No one's ever been able to defeat him. Why don't you give it a go?
    Lan: Never defeated?! I'll teach him a thing or two!
    *Lan runs off to battle*
    Lan: I'm Lan! You want a challenge? Take me on!
    Fyrefox: Someone with some guts at last! Mind you don't over-stretch
    Lan: If you think you can, bring it on!
    *sudden shake*
    Lan: W-What was that?!
    ProtoMan: Lan! Nebula's on the move!
    Lan: What?!
    ProtoMan: That shaking must mean the Engine Room's been hit...!
    Lan: Okay! On my way! Sorry! This'll have to wait!
    Fyrefox: Whatever! Do what you've gotta do!
    Scene 69:
    Lan: Well?
    Lan: Okay! It's open!
    ProtoMan: Careful! Anything could be in there!
    Lan: Okay!
    *Continue through and down into the Engine Room*
    Lan: So...this is the Engine Room...First I better find a place to jack in.
    *Run down to the last machine and jack in.*
    *ProtoMan jacks in*
    ProtoMan: A Nebula Navi?!
    HeelNavi: P-ProtoMan?! But Chaud shouldn't be on board the ship!
    ProtoMan: You won't get the booster system!
    *ProtoMan takes a battle stance*
    HeelNavi: Hah! You think you can stop me?!
    *The HeelNavi runs*
    Lan: ProtoMan, get after him!
    ProtoMan: *Click!*
    Scene 70:
    HeelNavi: Tsk! I've had enough of you!
    ProtoMan: Get ready...
    *ProtoMan takes a battle stance*
    Foreigner: Change of tactics! I'm jacking out!
    HeelNavi: You're lucky! This isn't over!
    *HeelNavi jacks out*
    Lan: ProtoMan, I'm jacking out too!
    ProtoMan: *Click!*
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    Lan: What's that?!
    *Camera pans over to the Foreigner*
    Lan: Ah!
    Foreigner: Uh-oh!
    *Foreigner flees*
    Lan: Wait!
    *Lan starts to give chase*
    ProtoMan: Hold on, Lan!
    Lan: What, ProtoMan?! He's getting away!
    ProtoMan: We mustn't rush. The criminal's still on board. And we know what
    he's after. It could be dangerous to act on impulse. He'll turn up at the
    party for sure. We'll take our time and make sure we catch him there.
    Lan: I guess you're right...
    Loudspeaker Voice: Ding dong, ding dong. This is a passenger announcement.
    The party preparations are complete. Please make your way to the Fiesta
    Room. Ding dong, ding dong.
    Lan: At last the party's going to start! Now we'll get that Nebula guy!
    Scene 71:
    Voice: Ladies & Gentlemen!
    Announcer: I would like to thank you all for attending this party today,
    where we at Ubercorp are proud to unveil our new booster system! When added
    to any existing program, this booster system radically enhances the
    program's performance. Construction work, software R&D...It can be used with
    anything, including of course, NetNavis! We're offering it for just 300
    million Zennys!!!
    Lan: 300 million?! That's...one, ten, a hunred, a thousand, ten thousand, a
    hundred thousand, a million, ten million, 100 million, 8 zeros! No way!
    Man: 300 million...? What a bargain! Let's see the device then!
    *Lan turns to the man*
    Lan: Huh?! D-Did you just say it was a bargain?!
    Announcer: So! Without further delay...The booster system is currently
    inside this ViewComp. If everyone would care to take a look...Here it is!
    *flashes into the comp*
    Announcer: This is the booster system our company has developed! Surrounding
    it are GuardNavis, reinforced with the booster system! They are 10 times
    more powerful than normal Navis!
    All: Ooooo!
    Announcer: And now you will all witness the power of the booster system!
    *Power cuts out*
    Announcer: A-A power cut?! What's going on?!
    Navi: Gwarrr! Uwarrr!
    Announcer: W-What's happening?! Is...is the booster system safe?! Turn the
    lights on! Quickly!
    *Lights are restored, the guard navis are lying on the ground, the booster
    program gone*
    Announcer: Ah!!! It's gone!!! The booster system!
    Lan: What the...?!
    *Flashes to the Room*
    Announcer: The booster system's been stolen!
    Lan: This is Nebula's doing! Where's that guy?! . . .Wait a minute!
    *Camera pans to doorman, Lan runs up to him*
    Lan: Hey mister. When the power cut out, did anyone go in or out of this
    Guard: No way! I was guarding this exit the whole time. A mouse couldn't
    have got past me!
    Lan: Then the thief is still in this room...
    Man: Hey! This guy was hiding under the table!
    *Camera pans to the Foreigner*
    Man: What do you think you're doing?!
    Foreigner: I-I don't know anything about this...
    Lan: Quit playing the innocent!
    *Lan approaches the stage*
    Lan: Everyone, this guy's with Nebula!
    Announcer: What?!!!
    *Announcer jumps off stage and confronts the Foreigner*
    Announcer: Hey! Where's the booster system?! Give it back! Now! Grrrgh!
    Foreigner: I-It w-wasn't me!
    Announcer: Oh, come on! Do you expect us to believe that?! You're hiding it
    under your clothes!
    Foreigner: Ah! Aaaaah!
    *He is searched*
    Foreigner: Oh, nooooo!
    Announcer: It's not in his PET...not in his clothes...Where is it?!
    Foreigner: I already told you, I don't know! I was just about to take it
    when the lights went down!
    Lan: What?! S-So...there's another thief at work here?!
    Foreigner: Yeah! I'm not the only one!
    Announcer: What?! So we've got another criminal to find amongst these
    ProtoMan: Lan...it seems to me that everyone in the room is innocent. The
    thief must have somehow jacked in to the ViewComp, defeated the 8 GuardNavis
    and taken the booster system.
    Lan: It would have been real hard to operate a Navi in that dark...and near
    impossible to beat those beefed up GuardNavis. So...it must've been some
    kind of trick! Let's look for clues!
    Scene 72:
    Lan: I think I've figured it out. I know how it was done!
    ProtoMan: ...Well?
    Lan: Well...
    *It's the mirror!*
    Lan: It's the mirror! The mirror's rigged somehow!
    *phases out, in, Lan at the mirror*
    ProtoMan: The mirror...? How?
    Lan: Well...It's...
    *The reflection!*
    Lan: Mirrors reflect things, correct? So when this mirror reflects light, it
    goes like this...
    *Camera pans to the three mirrors and the path of light*
    ProtoMan: Navis travel over infrared rays when you jack in...That's it!
    Using a mirror to reflect the rays, you could jack in even from a way off!
    So if we work back from the ViewComp, we can figure out where the thief is!
    Lan: E-Exactly! (I-I hadn't quite figured it out that far yet...) So we'll
    trace the light path back and hunt out the thief!
    *Run to the engine room and find the ladder near the jack in point.*
    Lan: Hm...There's a draft...Ah, it's a ventilation shaft...Maybe the thief
    goe out that way! Let's take a look!
    *Lan climbs the ladder onto the deck and notices a guy face down.*
    Lan: Are you okay?!
    Guy: I-I'm...OK... ...... Qu-quick! The Bridge is up ahead...They've
    hijacked...the ship...Thud!
    Lan: What?!
    Scene 73:
    *Lan enters and turns towards the bridge*
    Lan: Hand over the booster system! Hah?! I-It's you!
    *Camera pans to Fyrefox*
    Fyrefox: Aren't you the guy from before?!
    Lan: Fyrefox...what are you doing?!
    Fyrefox: What am I doing?! With the booster system, my fireworks will be
    bigger and more spectacular than anyone else's!
    Lan: ...What fireworks?
    Fyrefox: I make cyber fireworks. I'll do whatever it takes to make OldMine
    bigger! Got it?! If you really want the booster system back, jack in there
    and take out my navi in the ShipComp!
    Lan: Doesn't look like talking's going to get me anywhere! If that's how
    it's got to be!
    *Lan jacks in*
    Scene 74:
    NapalmMan: So you've come...I am NapalmMan. You'll have to beat me if you
    want the booster system back.
    ProtoMan: Then prepare to be defeated! I will get the booster system!
    Lan: Let's go, ProtoMan! Battle routine, set!
    ProtoMan: Execute!!!
    NapalmMan: I'll tear you apart!
    Scene 75:
    ProtoMan: NapalmMan. The booster system's mine now!
    NapalmMan: Wha...?! How?!
    ProtoMan: I took it back during the battle...There are too many bad losers
    around to take any chances.
    Fyrefox: You...! You stole my fireworks dream!
    Lan: Fyrefox...you'll never impress people with new fireworks if they were
    made from something you stole. You have to put in the effort yourself.
    That's how to make fireworks people really enjoy.
    Fyrefox: ......You're right. I've been so fixated on making the best
    fireworks...I forgot what should be most important to a craftsman.
    Lan: ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: What?
    Lan: Can't we overlook what's happened here? The booster system's unharmed,
    and Fyrefox seems genuinely sorry for what he did.
    ProtoMan: ...Hah! You really are soft...NapalmMan...This time we'll pretend
    nothing happened. But try anything like this again and I won't hesitate to
    wipe you out!
    Fyrefox: ...Lan, isn't it?
    Lan: That's right.
    Fyrefox: You're fighting Nebula, aren't you? Would you mind if we fight with
    Lan: Huh?!
    Fyrefox: I still have a lot to learn. But in the fireworks of battle, I
    could improve. Then one day my fireworks will be the best! Right,
    NapalmMan: Battle Nebula...? Give a bunch of bad guys a good pounding...?
    Sound good to me!
    Lan: We'd be happy to have you, Fyrefox! Right, ProtoMan?
    ProtoMan: NapalmMan's power would be useful to the team...
    Lan: Yeah! With NapalmMan on our side, we can kick those Nebula Navis out of
    End Area1! Fyrefox! NapalmMan! Welcome to the team! OK! We'll head into the
    Net as soon as we get back to port.
    *phases out*
    Scene 76:
    *as ProtoMan runs up* HeelNavi: You never learn, do you...? You can't pass
    *ProtoMan takes a battle stance*
    ProtoMan: Lan, this is it!
    *12 HeelNavis jack in, one steps forward*
    HeelNavi: Ha ha ha! Fool! Coming alone again! Don't think we'll go easy on
    you because you're alone!
    ProtoMan: Hmph! NapalmMan! You're up!
    *NapalmMan jacks in*
    NapalmMan: Tsk! Don't start bossing me around!
    HeelNavi: You can't win on your own so you brought backup?! So there's one
    more at the part! You'll still lose!
    Lan: Hah! We'll see! NapalmMan! Blast him away!
    NapalmMan: I said stop bossing me around! I know what to do! He's history!
    Prepare to be blown away!
    *NapalmMan "nukes" the navis*
    HeelNavi: Gaaargh!
    *The 12 HeelNavis are stunned*
    HeelNavi: D-Dr. Regal...forgive me...! Nrrrgh!
    *The 12 navis blow up spectacularly*
    NapalmMan: That's it?! Talk about weak! There'll be some more challenging
    bad guys later, right?
    ProtoMan: For sure...
    NapalmMan: It felt like a fire was lit in my heart with that strike. I wanna
    fire off a few more rounds! I'll be up ahead!
    *NapalmMan runs ahead*
    ProtoMan: Lan, we haven't got time to sit around! Let's go!
    Lan: Right!
    Scene 77:
    NapalmMan: What happened to our other teammate?
    ProtoMan: He'll be here any minute...
    *GyroMan and MagnetMan jack in*
    GyroMan: Sorry I'm late! There was a little turbulence!
    ProtoMan: Everyone! This is NapalmMan! He's in charge of offense.
    NapalmMan: Carerful, I'm playin' with fire, baby!
    GyroMan: Whoa, dangerous! Nice to meet ya! Anyway, fill us in about the
    ProtoMan: He's strong. No question about that.
    GyroMan: If you're saying that, he must be...
    *Camera pans to DarkMega*
    DarkMega: Ready to enter a world of pain, are we? Hee-hee!
    GyroMan: Huh? What the...He looks so different now! MegaMan?!
    ProtoMan: We must delete him or we can't liberate the area! Keep yourself
    calm! We must keep the operation running!
    GyroMan: I g-got it...
    ProtoMan: One more thing. Look over there.
    *Camera pans to middle of the field*
    ProtoMan: Too many DarkPanels. Too few ItemPanels.
    MagnetMan: We'll run out of Order Points!
    ProtoMan: We've got to liberate as wide of an area at once to preserve our
    Order Points.
    NapalmMan: A wide-range attack? How about Napalm? Napalm will also destroy
    any items...But the barrier key should be sturdy. I think it'll be okay.
    ProtoMan: Hear that, Lan?
    Lan: Y-Yeah...
    ProtoMan: Don't worry. We'll try to recover MegaMan without deleting him.
    But you've got to prepare for the worst.
    Lan: OK...Let's do it, ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: OK! Complete the liberation within 10 phases. Good luck!
    Scene 78:
    *DarkMega faces the four navis*
    DarkMega: Ngwoar...! The likes of you...can't defeat me!
    Lan: MegaMan, snap out of it! You can't let the DarkPower control you!
    DarkMega: Gwaaar! W-What is this?! I can feel it welling up
    inside...M-MegaMan?! No...! You should be firmly sealed in the dark!
    Lan: MegaMan!
    MegaMan: L-Lan...
    DarkMega: Silence! I will make the darkness swallow you again! Nnnnnaaaar!
    *DarkMega convulses briefly and seems to embrace the darkness*
    ProtoMan: The DarkPower has increased...He's at his limit!
    Lan: MegaMan's soul will never be beaten by the DarkPower! Come on, MegaMan!
    Snap out of it!
    DarkMega: Gwaaar...Whoarrr!
    *flash out and in, DarKMega seems to have been the superior force*
    DarkMega: Hah hah...Ha ha ha haah...The dark has him now! Completely! ...You
    fools! You'd have won if you'd finished me before! You won't get another
    ProtoMan: S-Such power...! He's in a different league to before! Time to get
    out! But...!
    DarkMega: A reward for pursuing me this far...I'll try to make this as
    painless as possible!
    Lan: Stop! MegaMan! Can't you hear me?! Are you lost in the DarkPower
    forever? Come back! Come back, MegaMan! Come back and...give me an earful
    like you used to! ...MegaMaaaan!
    DarkMega: Hwa ha ha! Lan! MegaMan can't hear you now! This...is the end!
    *DarkMega pulls out a DarkCannon, and is stopped*
    DarkMega: Arrgh! MegaMan?! You're a persistent pest...!
    MegaMan: L-Lan...I-I won't...give in...As long...as I can hear...your
    voice...I won't give in...to the DarkPower...!
    Lan: MegaMan!!! You can overcome it! MegaMan!!!
    MegaMan: ...L-Lan's come to help me...And everyone's here rooting for me...
    DarkMega: ...Tsk! Stay down where you belong!
    MegaMan: ...I-I will not...give in!
    DarkMega: Th-This body belongs to me!
    MegaMan: Uwaaargh!
    Lan: MegaMaaaan!
    *flash out and in, MegaMan reappears*
    Lan: ...MegaMan?
    MegaMan: ...I'm back, Lan! It was hearing your voice...That...let me...come
    Voice: Haaaah...
    *MegaMan collapses, the four check him*
    ProtoMan: ...He's fallen asleep. Well he seems to be back to his old
    self...He sure is high maintenance! Now MegaMan's back, Lan, he can take
    over. Transfer him in.
    Lan: You've been a real help, ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: Just doing my job! MegaMan, transfer!
    *MegaMan jacks out, phases out and back in*
    ProtoMan: I owe you all an apology. As soon as MegaMan lost his self will, I
    should have shut him down...If MegaMan hadn't managed to fight his way back
    before, you'd all have been in real danger...As leader, I should have been
    GyroMan: Well, no harm done. We liberated this area and got MegaMan back
    NapalmMan: All's well that ends well. MegaMan's real tough for beating the
    DarkPower like that...
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul has communed with NapalmMan's!
    MagnetMan: Gee, you're a soft touch too!
    ProtoMan: You guys...!
    GyroMan: Okay, time to jack out, I guess. I'm bushed! You get some rest at
    Chaud's place too, ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: ...Rest?! Yeah, I guess it could do with some shut-eye...
    *phases out*
    MegaMan: ...Lan...MUMBLE, MUMBLE...
    Lan: ...Hi, MegaMan.
    *phases in at Regal's HQ*
    Regal: Dang MegaMan and his friends! . . .It seems I've underestimated
    them...To have overcome such deep-rooted DarkPower...It'll be a problem if
    MegaMan can command DarkPower. Tsk! I'll have to get Hikari to talk someho
    and complete the research. If I can just get his report...Then my ambitions
    will be realized!
    Voice: Dr. Regal...
    Regal: ...Oh, it's you, CosmoMan.
    CosmoMan: Yes.
    Regal: Now they've taken MegaMan back, all the Net areas we had captured are
    being liberated! I'm not happy about it!
    CosmoMan: I have an idea, Doctor. A way to destroy that meddling Navi team
    from within!
    Regal: Interesting...Let it be so...Those fools who try to spoil our
    righteous plan! Let's see how they like the iron fist of rage!
    CosmoMan: Ha hah!
    Regal: Where is that report...?
    *phases out, back in*
    Scene 79:
    Narrator: Several days have passed since MegaMan came back...Having received
    a call from Chaud, Lan arrives at SciLab MissionCtrl...
    *phase in with all the team navis' operators standing one next to each
    Chaud: MegaMan's operator, Lan...MagnetMan's operator, Tesla...GyroMan's
    operator, Charlie...NapalmMan's operator, Fyrefox...Good. Everyone's here.
    Lan: What's going on, Chaud? Don't keep us in suspense!
    Chaud: There are three reasons I've got you all here today. Firstly, so you
    can all meet each other. The Navis know one another already but this is the
    first time all us operators have met. I thought it'd be a good idea for us
    all to get acquainted.
    Lan: Okay. So what's the second reason?
    Chaud: I suppose it'spart of getting to know each other...There's someone
    new I'd like you to meet. ...Come on in.
    *Raika enters*
    Charlie: Hah?! You...?!
    Chaud: Commander of the 13th Net Unit of the Sharo Army...
    Raika: That's me! Raika!
    Charlie: I-I knew it!
    Tesla: You know this guy? He's pretty cute! Come on, introduce us!
    Charlie: I don't think this is a good idea...When I was going around the
    world by helicopter, I just skimmed inside Sharo airspace once. That's when
    I met this guy on fighter training. He chased me down and had me deported.
    I'd never been got by any country's army before then!
    Raika: The way you fly I could take on 100 of you at once!
    Charlie: Hmph! He's just a snobby kid!
    Tesla: Well he hasn't got a bad face for a snob!
    Raika: Sorry, but I prefer girls with a bit less make-up. So put a sock in
    it, grandma!
    Tesla: G-Grandma?! H-H-How dare you be so rude?! I'm only 29! I'm still in
    my prime!
    Raika: ...Chaud, isn't it? Just tell us the mission. I haven't got all day!
    Chaud: ...Fine. The third reason I got you all here today...is to brief you
    for our next mission...
    *phases out, in*
    Chaud: Our next task is to liberate End Area5. If we succeed, we'll have
    liberated the entire Net. After liberating End Area, we'll force the
    leftover Nebula agents into the Undernet and round them up!
    Tesla: Actually...exactly what Net is End Area part of anyway?
    Chaud: ...Lan explained it to me briefly once like this...End Area is the
    Net in End City, a city with a castle that's famous for its giant Gargoyle.
    Tesla: ...Gargoyle?
    Chaud: It's a huge fish statue on the castle roof. A charm to protect the
    castle from fires apparently.
    Tesla: Oh...right...
    Lan: So Chaud, are we starting the mission right now? We're not doing a
    recon mission first?
    Raika: We don't need any recon. Just leave it to me and SerchMan...
    Fyrefox: A guy with guts, huh? The big boys just square up and go straight
    in, right?!
    Chaud: Exactly...Everyone get ready and send your Navis into End Area4.
    That's all...And, Lan...I've got something for you, so come by later, okay?
    Lan: Got it!
    Scene 80:
    MegaMan: The area we're liberating is behind here...
    Lan: Does that door look like it'll open, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: ...It's got a really sophisticated electronic lock...
    SearchMan: You won't be able to unlock that.
    *SearchMan jacks in*
    SearchMan: This is my area, MegaMan. Stand aside!
    MegaMan: SearchMan! Yes! Your analysis abilities can hack the electronic
    lock...But let's wait until the rest of the crew have got here!
    SearchMan: That's nothing to do with me...I might be on the team but I've
    got my own game to play...
    ProtoMan: We need your skills but I don't want you making decisions.
    *The two turn to face the voice of ProtoMan*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    *phases out, all the team navis reappear at the doorway*
    ProtoMan: So, is it going to open?
    SearchMan: It'll take a bit of time but it'll open.
    ProtoMan: Okay then. Get started!
    Raika: Wait, SearchMan!
    SearchMan: Raika!
    Raika: News just in from Sharo...They've picked up the trail of our usual
    suspect and what seems like a Navi. Head over now!
    SearchMan: Understood.
    ProtoMan: SearchMan! What's going on?!
    SearchMan: Sharo's located a Nebula Navi. We have to capture it now! Sorry
    but opening this door will have wait for a day.
    ProtoMan: ...Very well. We knew that was the deal with you. Go on! Today's
    mission will be postponed until tomorrow! We'll assemble again then. That is
    all! Dismissed!
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    SearchMan: I'm on my way, Raika.
    *SearchMan jacks out*
    MagnetMan: We come all this way only to have the mission postponed?! I've
    got other things to be doing, you know!
    GyroMan: SearchMan and his operator are totally inflexible.
    NapalmMan: What?! I won't be pounding anyone today?! Oh well...I'll just
    have to go virus busting instead!
    *the three of them jack out*
    MegaMan: Everyone's gone. What are we going to do?
    Lan: Well...There's somewhere I'd like to go, MegaMan.
    MegaMan: Where?
    Lan: Dad's Lab! The day he was taken away he was going to show us something.
    Maybe that'll give us an idea of what Regal's after. It might be a clue!
    MegaMan: Good idea! Okay, let's get over to the lab then! Jack out!
    Scene 81:
    Lan: I hope we can get into Dad's computer...
    MegaMan: Yes. Well you've got your Dad's ID. It'll be fine. Hey, Lan...
    Lan: Hm, what is it?
    MegaMan: Isn't that Raika over there?
    Lan: Huh?
    *camera pans to Raika at the coffee counter*
    Lan: What's he doing here?
    *Raika hurries off*
    Lan: ...Hey, er...He's gone! Oh well, never mind! Let's go to the lab then!
    *Head on up and access your father's comp.*
    Lan: Hmm...The power's on and I have Dad's ID. Why won't it work?
    MegaMan: There must be a powerful security feature.
    Lan: I'll have to circumvent it...
    MegaMan: ...To get to the data.
    Lan: But what are my chances of doing that? What should I do...
    MegaMan: Seems I'll need help from someone skilled at analyzing data.
    Lan: But who... . . .I know!!! I hope he's still close by!!!
    *Catch up with Raika next to the Subchip Scientist outside.*
    Raika: What's that?
    Lan: SearchMan is great at analyzing data!
    Raika: Of course. There's no data that SearchMan can't analyze!
    Lan: Aren't you kind of on-edge today?
    Raika: Nah, not really. I'm always like this in Sharo.
    Lan: You don't say. OK...I have a job for SearchMan and his powers!!! *yada
    yada yada*
    Raika: OK, I'll help you ouy. Go on over to the research lab and I'll meet
    you there. I have to take care of something first!
    Lan: OK, I'll be waiting for you!
    Scene 82:
    *elevator bell rings*
    Lan: Ah, look! Raika! In here!
    *Raika walks up to Lan*
    Lan: Raika, it's about this computer...
    Raika: First I just want to check something. This is your Dad's Lab. In
    other words, it's one of the most highly secret places in Electopia. Surely
    letting in a foreign serviceman will be a problem.
    Lan: Don't be daft! We're team mates. We want the same thing! Forget about
    that. Can you just bypass the security?
    Raika: Team mates?! He he he! Okay, then. I'll turn off the security.
    *both turn to the comp*
    Raika: SearchMan, disable the security!
    SearchMan: Roger...Commencing data analysis... ..................Analysis
    complete. Starting security hack program... ................. ...Done!
    Lan: H-He's done it...!
    SearchMan: All that's left is one item of TextData...
    Raika: Read it.
    SearchMan: "To my son, Yuichiro...Don't go neglecting Gow! You shouldn't get
    his fur wet. He's grouchy wet, so if rainy be a nice kid and let him in"
    *coded text* That's all it says.
    Lan: I-It's a letter from Grandpa to Dad! Do you know anything about this
    "Gow", MegaMan?
    MegaMan: No...It's the first time I've heard the name. But something's not
    right about that letter...
    Lan: Definitely...It needs closer examination...We went to all this trouble
    to bypass the security...But there's nothing here that Nebula would be
    Raika: Never mind. It was a great experience for me! I got to look inside
    the computer of a top world scientist!
    Lan: Sorry to have used up your time. You're chasing that Nebula Navi right
    now, aren't you? Shouldn't you be getting back quick?
    Raika: ...Er...Oh, yes! I'll be on my way then...See you!
    *Raika hurries off*
    Lan: I'll copy the letter into my PET just in case. ...Okay, all done!
    (Get GpsLetter)
    Lan: But just to show eveyone a letter from Grandpa...Dad wouldn't have got
    us all together for that..I better take a closer look at the letter!
    MegaMan: I agree!
    Scene 83:
    Haruka: Gow? Your Grandpa did mention some dog by that name...That was quite
    a long time ago, though.
    *Check the spare doghouse in the backyard.*
    Lan: This doghouse. . .There's some writing! "Gow is... ...cleans the air at
    the island coal mine... ...something in corner of floor..." It was written
    long ago and is difficult to read. Gow again...Wonder what this means?
    *Head to Oran Isle. Find the AirFilterComp and talk to the Mr. Prog inside.*
    *Check the eastern most corner panel*
    MegaMan: Lan, this panel looks different. Someone's been moving it.
    Lan: That's it, MegaMan! Take a closer look!
    MegaMan: Roger! ...Ah! Something's flashing!
    *An orb pops up*
    MegaMan: It's...some kind of MemData. I'll analyze it! Let's see...Gow loves
    fish...He can't let big fish out of his sight...That's all it says...
    Lan: Big fish...It's got to be a hint of some kind...Hm, big fish... . . .
    Maybe it's the Gargoyle!
    MegaMan: That's it, Lan! The big fish is the Gargoyle.
    Lan: And that means. . .
    MegaMan: GargCastle in End City!
    Lan: Exactly! Let's get that data and jack out. We've got to go to End City!
    MegaMan: Right!
    (Receive MemData)
    MegaMan: Okay, jack out!
    *MegaMan jacks out, flashes out and back in, Lan at the mine entrance*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's go to End City!
    Scene 84:
    Lan: Ah, Raika! We're bumping into each other a lot today!
    Raika: I'm working...You can't just come and talk to me.
    Lan: What? You didn't mind talking before!
    Raika: ...I don't know what you're on about. Quit bugging me!
    *Raika hurries off*
    Lan: What a grouch! I shouldn't have bothered! Come on, MegaMan. Let's go!
    MegaMan: O-Okay...But, that was a bit weird...
    Scene 85:
    Man: Sorry, but you can't come in now.
    Lan: Why, you ask?
    Man: Someone has illegally accessed the castle's control system.
    Lan: Illegal access...
    Man: Apparently the communications system in End Area3 was hacked. The
    security is pretty solid. It must be Nebula.
    Lan: Nebula?! I'll go check it out, sir.
    Man: You?
    Lan: In return, let me into the castle when sysems are normal.
    Man: That's easy enough. Jack in to that bronze statue down the slope, and
    you'll be in End Area2. Are you sure you'll be all right?
    Lan: Leave it to me! I know I don't look like much but I know NetBattling!
    Man: OK, but don't do anything crazy.
    Lan: Don't worry!
    Scene 86:
    MegaMan: Somebody's there, Lan! ...I-It's...
    *camera pans to SearchMan, MegaMan comes down*
    MegaMan: SearchMan!
    SearchMan: .........
    *SearchMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: SearchMan! .........What's going on?!
    Lan: Check the system, MegaMan! It's been illegally accessed!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    *MegaMan observes the tower*
    MegaMan: It's a comms system. But it's completely fine...
    Lan: Maybe SearchMan was fixing it? He could at least have said hello.
    Instead of jacking out like he was running away...Oh, well. No harm done.
    Let's get back to the castle!
    MegaMan: Right. Let's go!
    Scene 87:
    Lan: Can't let big fish...out of his sight...maybe it means it eyes come
    Narrator: The Gargoyle's eyes open with a click, revealing something!
    Lan: This looks like a DataDisk...Check it out, MegaMan.
    MegaMan: It's a key to something...
    Lan: A key...? For what?
    MegaMan: Ah, wait a minute! There's TextData in here too! I'll read it...
    "3rd ACDC, 4th square. There find the way to Oran. Open its center!"
    Lan: I've heard a lot of those words before...We need to figure out what it
    (Get OldKey and TextData)
    MegaMan: We'll have to read it over and figure out where to go!
    Lan: Right!
    Scene 88:
    Navi: Looking for something?
    (say yes)
    Navi: A code? Hmm..."The 3rd ACDC" must refer to ACDC Area3... This is the
    4th square from ACDC Area2. I think we're standing near your destination.
    The entrance for Oran Area is right over there, too..I hope you find what
    you're looking for!
    MegaMan: "3rd ACDC, 4th square. There find the way to Oran. Open its
    center!" In ACDC Area3...go to the 4th square counting from the
    entrance...There find the way to Oran.
    *camera pans to the ACDC Area3-Oran Area1 link, then back*
    MegaMan: Then open up its center...I guess this must be the place.
    Lan: I don't know if this is right or not but let's try the key.
    MegaMan: Okay!
    *MegaMan took out: "Old Key"!!!
    *A door flickers and appears*
    MegaMan: Lan!!!
    Lan: The door appeared because of the "OldKey"! Maybe...
    MegaMan: Let's try opening it then!
    *MegaMan inserted "OldKey" into the lock!!! *...Clang!* *
    MegaMan: ...It's unlocked it! Are we going in?
    Lan: If we go in without thinking, anyting could happen...But we've come
    this far. We've got to...
    MegaMan: You're right. But we should make sure we're as prepared as possible
    before we go in.
    Lan: Yeah. They say providing is preventing! We'll go in as soon as we've
    finished getting ready!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    Scene 89:
    MegaMan: W-What's this...this space? ...Ah, the exit!
    *phases back out with MegaMan in the real world*
    MegaMan: ......... W-Where am I?
    Lan: M-MegaMan! Look behind you!
    MegaMan: ...W-What? *MegaMan turns around* It's...my house...
    Lan: Y-You can't have come into the real world...can you?
    MegaMan: M-Maybe...It's ACDC Town, but there's something funny about it...
    Lan: Yeah. It looks like the Cyberworld...
    MegaMan: Like a digitized version of ACDC Town...
    Lan: This must be what Dad wanted to show us all!
    MegaMan: I guess so. ...Ah! Someone's coming!
    *A woman strides up the street*
    MegaMan: Er...Excuse me! Could you tell me...
    Lady: Dr. Hikari's just become the father of twin boys! I heard they're
    called Hub and Lan! Everyone says how cute they are! It's wonderful!
    MegaMan: Huh?!
    *The woman hurries off*
    Lan: D-Did she just say...Hub...and Lan...?! Then this is ACDC Town...in the
    year we were born?!
    MegaMan: ...It looks that way.
    Lan: But I can't see anything here that Regal would want.
    MegaMan: I'd say we need to have a real good look around.
    Lan: I agree. We'd better scout around a bit. It's down to you, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    Scene 90:
    MegaMan: I've had a brief look around but all I've figured out is that our
    family kept a dog.
    Lan: At least we've seen ACDC Town as it was when we were born. That's
    pretty cool.
    MegaMan: True. So, should we head back into the Net?
    Lan: Yeah. Let's go back to the house.
    MegaMan: Okay.
    *MegaMan walks back to the house*
    MegaMan: Hah?!
    *MegaMan hides*
    MegaMan: Someone just came in from the Net!
    Lan: What?!
    *Three HeelNavis stand in front of Lan's house, three more pour out*
    HeelNavi: How could a place like this have been hidden in the Net?! Search
    everywhere! Leave no stone unturned! Whatever it takes! If you have to break
    things, do it! The thing Dr. Regal is looking for could be hidden anywhere!
    HeelNavi 2: Right away!
    HeelNavi: I'll stand by here for when the boss comes. Report immediately if
    you find anything! Dismissed!
    *The navis split up and search, camera pans back to MegaMan*
    MegaMan: What are we going to do, Lan?! Those Nebula guys will tear tis
    place apart!
    Lan: Even if it's before my time, this is still my home town! I'm not going
    to let Nebula rip it apart! We've got to protect it, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: We will!
    Scene 91:
    Lan: So that's taken care of all the Nebula Navis in this area.
    MegaMan: Yeah. Time to head back to ACDC Area3 for a while!
    *phase out and back in, MegaMan in front of Lan's house*
    Lan: I can't believe that my house leads to this place, though. It's just so
    MegaMan: Hm, it was a shock to me at first too... . . .Someone's coming from
    behind the door!
    Lan: Nebula?!
    MegaMan: It might be the boss of that Navi group we just defeated!
    ...They're coming!
    *SearchMan bursts in*
    SearchMan: .........
    MegaMan: SearchMan!
    SearchMan: Who'd have thought this area would be hidden here...So it was
    worth following you after all.
    MegaMan: You...followed me?
    SearchMan: Dr. Regal asked me to keep an eye on what you were up to. And
    that's how I managed to find this hidden area.
    MegaMan: ...D-Dr. Regal?
    SearchMan: That's right! Raika and I are part of Nebula!
    MegaMan: N-No way...!
    SearchMan: Ha ha ha, it's so easy to deceive the likes of you...
    MegaMan: B-but...Why?! Why Nebula...?!
    SearchMan: ...Power. DarkChips give me even more of it...They're the
    best...They fill me with strength...
    MegaMan: Open your eyes, SearchMan!
    SearchMan: Hey, calm down...I wasn't planning on fighting you now. I haven't
    completed my mission yet...And I'm sure I'll be able to fight you again
    before long...
    *SearchMan runs off*
    MegaMan: Hey, wait! ......... ...I can't believe SearchMan and Raika are in
    Nebula...And I wonder what mission it is he was talking about...We'd better
    report back to Chaud.
    Lan: Yeah, you're right...
    Scene 92:
    *phase into SciLab3, SearchMan having cornered a HeelNavi*
    SearchMan: There's no way out...You were a tough one to catch. But the fun's
    over now.
    HeelNavi: N-No...
    SearchMan: Say your prayers...!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    SearchMan: MegaMan?! Get out of the way!
    MegaMan: ...Hah! *fires on SearchMan*
    SearchMan: Hurgh!
    MegaMan: Heh heh heh...
    *Both the HeelNavi and MegaMan jack out*
    SearchMan: Wait!
    Raika: MegaMan...!
    *phase out*
    *Beep beep!*
    MegaMan: Wake up, Lan! You've got mail!
    Lan: Huuh...
    *phase in*
    MegaMan: Lan, you've just got some mail news! I'll read it! "Currently, the
    Net is experiencing widespread errors. The communications system in End
    Area3 may be the cause. Your Navi may be subjected to an evil influence when
    jacked in so please avoid this even in liberated areas." Wow! I'll bet this
    is Nebula's doing...
    Lan: Yeah, I know. End Area3 then! Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Sure! Jack me in!
    Scene 93:
    MegaMan: This should be the comms system...I don't know if it'll work but
    I'll see what I can do to fix it!
    Lan: Good luck!
    MegaMan: ...No, it's no good. I can't get it to take any input!
    *A navi jacks in*
    Navi: Hey, what are you doing?!
    MegaMan: I'm trying to fix the comms system..
    Navi: There's no point in fumbling around there. You'll have to fix the main
    server at the GargoylComp at GargCastle first. This thing's just an antenna.
    MegaMan: Oh, right! Then I'd better get to Gargcastle!
    Navi: You should stay away from there right now, though. It's been attacked
    by Nebula Navis. It's not safe.
    MegaMan: Nebula Navis...Not SearchMan?!
    Navi: Well, go if you must. But be careful.
    MegaMan: Lan, jack me out! Let's go to GargCastle!
    Lan: Sure thing!
    (I felt lazy so I didn't do scriptwork for the 100 foes minigame)
    Scene 94:
    Man: Argh, this is way out of my league!
    *man comes running down the roof*
    Man: Hey! What do you think you're doing here?! The GargoylComp server is
    going crazy! The whole castle's going to explode at this rate! Take my
    advice and get out of here!
    *The man flees*
    Lan: It seems like things are really getting out of hand...MegaMan, stop the
    GargoylComp before it's too late!
    MegaMan: Got it!
    Scene 95:
    MegaMan: I guess this is the server.
    Lan: Right, better start fixing it!
    SearchMan: Stop right there!
    *SearchMan jacks in, both take battle stances*
    MegaMan: SearchMan! So this was your doing! I knew it!
    SearchMan: I could say the same to you! Who'd have thought you'd surrender
    to Nebula...
    Lan: What are you talking about?! It's you who's with Nebula!
    Raika: Don't waste your breath! Get him, SearchMan!
    SearchMan: Target MegaMan! Lockon!
    MegaMan: This is it, Lan!
    Lan: Leave it to me! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    SearchMan: Prepare yourself, MegaMan!
    Scene 96:
    MegaMan: Ha ha...Why on earth did you join Nebula?!
    SearchMan: Ha ha...I don't know what you mean. I don't remember doing that!
    Anyway, why did you get in the way of my mission..
    *Another SearchMan and MegaMan jack in*
    SearchMan 2: I didn't think you'd fall for our plan so easily!
    MegaMan 2: You're already a mess after that last battle! This'll be a cinch
    for us! What a great present for Dr. Regal!
    MegaMan: So, the SearchMan I saw back in ACDC Town...
    SearchMan 2: Kya ha hah! That was me!
    SearchMan: And the one who got in the way of my mission...
    MegaMan 2: Yep! Yours truly! Kya ha ha hah! And we took care of the
    Gargcastle server too! If you defeated us, that would put it all to a stop!
    Not that you could! Kya ha ha ha hah!
    SearchMan: MegaMan, it looks like I owe you an apology...
    MegaMan: Yeah, same here.
    SearchMan 2: What are you two jabbering on about?! We won't let you get
    away, you know!
    MegaMan 2: You'll be deleted before you know what's hit you!
    Lan: Raika, I've got an idea...It was just a misunderstanding and now
    they've made up...Why don't we fight these guys off together?
    Raika: What a coincidence...I was just thinking the same thing.
    MegaMan: I guess it's time...
    SearchMan: For you to pay!
    MegaMan 2: Pay?! You don't stand a chance! I'll delete you in a second! Here
    *phase out, back in, two HeelNavis being deleted*
    HeelNavi: Gwaaah!
    SearchMan: So now we see your true colors...You two are just fakes. You
    could never beat the real thing!
    HeelNavi 2: Kurgh...You'll be sorry! The great CosmoMan of End Area5...will
    be sure...to take revenge...for this...Gwaaaargh!
    SearchMan: CosmoMan's at End Area5...?
    MegaMan: Do you know him, SearchMan?
    SearchMan: CosmoMan is Nebula's Sharo leader. I joined the team to defeat
    him. I'm going to open up the door to End Area4!
    *SearchMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: SearchMan! Lan, let's go after him!
    Lan: Okay!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Scene 97:
    ProtoMan: So we're all here. How's it looking, SearchMan?
    SearchMan: Nearly there... ...... ...That's it!
    *The door is deactivated*
    SearchMan: It's open...
    Protoman: Okay! Let's go! We're about to begin the liberation of End Area5!
    I want you to stay back here, GyroMan. Keep a lookout in case the enemy
    sends reinforcements.
    GyroMan: What?! Why do I have to stay back?! We don't really need a lookout,
    ProtoMan: We can't be too careful from now on. If you see anything, let us
    know right away.
    GyroMan: Okay. I won't disobey an order. But I bet you'll end up regretting
    not taking me with you!
    Protoman: Huh, don't say that...I asked you because you're the best man on
    the team. We're counting on you.
    GyroMan: Leave it to me! I won't even let a kitten go by! Not that there are
    any in Cyberworld, mind you! Anyway, you go ahead and I'll take care of
    things here!
    ProtoMan: Okay, let's go!
    *Everyone heads off, GyroMan stands watch*
    MegaMan: Come on, Lan, let's go!
    Scene 98:
    SearchMan: Something's wrong with this DarkPanel.
    ProtoMan: Good eye, SearchMan!
    *camera pans to center BonusPanel*
    ProtoMan: I've heard that some DarkPanels are booby trapped. We can't just
    liberate panels haphazardly.
    SearchMan: Something's coming!
    Voice: Hee-hee-hee...
    *camera pans to CosmoMan*
    CosmoMan: Welcome to End Area5, Team ProtoMan!
    NapalmMan: Who the heck are you?
    CosmoMan: I'm CosmoMan. I control the world of darkness. Let's see how you
    managed to make it this far!
    *pans back*
    MagnetMan: Why did he bother telling us his skill beforehand? He talks tough
    but I think he's justa bit brainless!
    ProtoMan: Take it as a sign of his confidence. He's a strong one, no doubt
    about it.
    MegaMan: This place seems to be full of BarrierPanels. Keep an eye out for
    traps as we look for the key.
    ProtoMan: Definitely...SearchMan?
    SeachMan: I'm an expert at finding items. I can even liberate panels from a
    ProtoMan: Your search power is something else! Okay, let's do it! Get ready,
    Lan! Complete the liberation within 9 phases!
    Lan: Roger!
    Scene 99:
    ProtoMan: The team did an excellent job. Now that this area is liberated,
    the Net is ours again. All that's left now is the Undernet.
    MegaMan: The undernet...
    GyroMan: It feels like we're getting close. So, shall we go in right away? I
    could go scout about if you want.
    MagnetMan: I'm ready when you are...
    NapalmMan: I'm happy to go now too.
    SearchMan: We mustn't be gung-ho about this. We should be cautious...
    NapalmMan: You're just scared at the mention of the Undernet, huh?
    ProtoMan: ...No, SearchMan's right.
    NapalmMan: Huh...
    ProtoMan: Nebula is like a wounded beast now. There's no telling what they
    might do. And we've taken our fair share of damage too.
    SearchMan: ...Anyway, the door that's blocking the path to the Undernet
    probably won't be easy to open...They won't just let us go through on the
    nod, you know.
    ProtoMan: So that's it...Time to jack out. We'll assemble again when it's
    time to start the mission.
    MagnetMan: Hang on! Are you sure we can't get that door open now? Let me
    ProtoMan: ...Huh, if you must.
    *ProtoMan moves aside*
    MagnetMan: Okay, I'm going in! Waaaargh!
    *MagnetMan is stopped and can't get through*
    MagnetMan: Yaooooow!
    *MagnetMan stops*
    MagnetMan: Hu hu...Dang!
    *MagnetMan tries again*
    MagnetMan: Aaargggh!
    *MagnetMan stops*
    MagnetMan: Hu hu...
    ProtoMan: Come on, MagnetMan, that's enough. Let's jack out.
    MagnetMan: ...Huh!
    *MagnetMan pulls back and jacks out*
    Protoman: We should jack out too. I'll be in touch when plans are in place.
    That will be all...
    *Everyone but SearchMan and MegaMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: Thanks again, SearchMan. I'm impressed by your ice-cool way of
    keeping calm!
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul has communed with SearchMan's!
    SearchMan: We all make a pretty good team. Things gel together nicely. I
    think we stand a good chance with the Undernet too...I'm a commander in the
    Sharo Army but this time I'll just leave the leading to ProtoMan and fight
    as a normal soldier. We'd better rest for the next battle.
    *SearchMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: SearchMan...This team just gets better all the time!
    Lan: Yeah! We'd better jack out too, MegaMan.
    MegaMan: Okay!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    *phases out and back to Regal's secret HQ*
    Regal: So the Net has all been liberated...Huh, never mind...Our possession
    of the Net was just a way to buy time...And now I have some clues about the
    report...The Hikari Report that I've been searching for. If I can just get
    hold of that, my ideal world...a world of true evil, will be complete. Ku hu
    hu...Wah ha ha haah!
    *phases out, back to Lan and Mayl in ACDC Park*
    Mayl: Erm, Lan...I want you to be honest with me...I heard this rumor about
    a Navi team going around...They free areas of the Net that Nebula took
    over...I was wondering if maybe you were involved?
    Lan: W-What?! That's a funny thing to say all of a sudden...
    Mayl: Don't play around. Answer me properly...
    Lan: ...Um, well...Err...Sorry I didn't tell you about it...But I didn't
    want to get you and the others involved...
    *Mayl turns away*
    Mayl: ...That's foolish. You're foolish, Lan...Always going to bad places on
    your own...And I never get to know about it...You're off fighting and
    there's nothing I can do...It feel so...argh...
    *Lan comes up to her*
    Lan: Mayl...Thank you. I appreciate you caring so much. I'll bring Roll back
    for sure, okay? And GutsMan, and Glide and Dad too. Leave it all to me. Just
    hang in there a little bit longer...
    *Mayl turns back*
    Mayl: ...Hm. But...
    Lan: It'sokay. I'll bring everyone back safe, and that includes myself too!
    Mayl: ...Okay!
    Lan: Good! So now stop looking so sad and give me a smile!
    Mayl: Sure!
    Lan: And don't tell Dex or Yai about this, okay? There's no way those guys
    would stay out of it if they knew.
    Voice: I'm afraid it's too late.
    *Dex and Yai come out from Higsby's*
    Lan: Dex! And Yai too!
    Dex: What's with all the secrets, Lan?!
    Yai: I guess it's pretty typical of you, huh!
    Dex: You're right that we can't just stand by and do nothing...
    Yai: It's tough that we can't really get involved right now. But we want to
    do whatever we can to help out, okay? Just say the word!
    Dex: That's right! Now's no time to be shy, you know!
    Lan: Dex, Yai...
    Voice: Hah! I heard every word!
    *A girl strides towards the four of them*
    Girl: Have you been fighting Nebula?!
    Lan: Er, erm...Who are you anyway?
    Jasmine: I'm Jasmine! I came to Electopia to study medicine! Do you know all
    about the Undernet?!
    Lan: The Undernet?! Why do you want to know about that?
    Jasmine: Well, I'm looking for this secret medical book that's supposed to
    be hidden there! I need it to cure my grandpa's illness, you see. You'll
    tell me where it is, right?!
    Lan: ...Sorry but I can't do that.
    Jasmine: Why not?!
    Lan: The Undernet's full of bad people and it's not safe. It's more
    dangerous than ever now with Nebula around. It's better to avoid going if
    you can.
    Jasmine: Oh, go on! Tell me!
    Lan: No! I can't tell you!
    Jasmine: Pretty please! I need to know!
    Lan: I said no, didn't I?!
    *Jasmine jumps up and down*
    Jasmine: Huuuurgh! Then forget it! I won't ask again! I'll find the Undernet
    *Jasmine runs off*
    Lan: Hey, wait!
    Dex: Forget it. Just leave her be. She won't go there on her own. Even I'd
    think twice about going and I'm not a girl!
    Lan: Well, if you think so...
    MegaMan: Lan, it's a phone call!
    Chaud: It's Chaud...We need to talk. Come to the SciLab right away!
    Lan: That's weird...Sounds like Chaud's in quite a hurry.
    Dex: It looks like you'd better go. Good luck!
    Yai: Don't get hurt, okay?
    Mayl: Take care.
    Lan: Okay, see ya later!
    Scene 100:
    Lan: What's up, Chaud? Is it time for the next mission?
    Chaud: No, this isn't about the mission...I've been looking into a few
    things and I've come across something odd...I want you to look into it for
    Lan: Oh yeah...What is it?
    Chaud: ...It's at the heart of this latest incident...The reason why Regal
    took your father...The Hikari Report.
    Lan: The Hikari Report? You mean...Hikari as in my name, Hikari? So does
    that mean Dad wrote this report...?
    Chaud: Actually, no. It's a research report that your grandfather wrote.
    It's my guess that your father has the report or at least knows where it's
    Lan: A research report of my grandfather's...So, what was this report about?
    Chaud: I'm still looking into that...All I know right now is that when he
    was studying network theory 30 years ago, he was also doing some research
    with another scientist. They produced a report on different network
    Lan: Different network technology? What's that?
    Chaud: I'd say it's totally unlike the network we use now but I don't know
    any more than that...
    Lan: I don't get it. It's all too vague!
    Chaud: It can't be helped...This all happened 30 years ago. And the research
    was never made public. We don't know for sure if the Hikari Report even
    exists. I don't know what Regal's planning on doing with your grandfather's
    network technology but we must get our hands on that report before he does.
    Did your grandfather give anything to your father?
    Lan: Hmm, I don't know...
    MegaMan: Lan! I wonder if it says in that letter your Dad got from him...
    Lan: But that's just a clue to ACDC Town when we were born.
    Chaud: ACDC Town in the year you were born?
    Lan: It's an area you can get to from the Net's ACDC Area. ACDC Town's there
    just like it was 11 years ago!
    Chaud: ...Ah, the VisionBurst.
    Lan: The VisionBurst?
    Chaud: It saves moments in time as data in Cyberworld...I never imagined it
    was hidden in the ACDC Area...That letter you were talking about...What did
    it say?
    Lan: Hang on a second...Let's see..."To my son, Yuichiro...Don't go
    neglecting Gow! You shouldn't get his fur wet. He's grouchy wet, so if rainy
    be a nice kid and let him in" That's all it says. Gow was that dog that
    lived with us 11 years ago...
    Chaud: Find that dog, lan. It could lead us to the Hikari Report. You must
    head for the VisionBurst right away!
    Lan: Sure! I'll go check it out!
    Chaud: Good luck.
    Scene 101:
    MegaMan: This is weird, Lan...That dog that was here before has gone!
    Lan: What?! He must be around here somewhere!
    *MegaMan peers around*
    MegaMan: No, he's nowhere to be seen.
    *ProtoMan enters into the VisionBurst Area and runs up to MegaMan*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: ...Is it here?
    MegaMan: It was when we came before, but not now...
    ProtoMan: What?! But the VisionBurst is the data of a set moment in
    time...It's inhabitants can't just move about willy-nilly...
    MegaMan: Then...I guess that means Nebula beat us to it...
    ProtoMan: ...Maybe, but there could be one other explanation...
    MegaMan: What's that?
    ProtoMan: Hm, you find out as much about that dog as you can. Meanwhile,
    I'll see if Nebula has been up to anything...There should be some clues if
    they've got hold of the dog.
    MegaMan: Okay, got it!
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    Lan: Right, MegaMan, we'd better go find out about this dog!
    MegaMan: Sure!
    Scene 102:
    Lan: Mom, can I ask you something?
    Haruka: What is it?
    Lan: When I was born, we had a dog, right?
    Haruka: When you were born? No, we didn't have a dog back then.
    Lan: What?!
    Haruka: Hold on a minute.
    *Haruka runs off for a bit*
    Narrator: 10 minutes later...
    Haruka: Here it is. This picture was taken decades ago now.
    *Mom showed Lan "GowPic."
    Lan: That's him! You said before that we didn't have a dog when I was born.
    Are you sure?
    Haruka: Yes, I'm positive.
    Lan: Hmm...Um, can I keep this picture, Mom?
    Haruka: Yes, if you want.
    (Take the pic)
    Lan: Do you know anything about this dog, Mom? You know, like where it used
    hang out and stuff.
    Haruka: Hmmm...That dog was around before I got married so I'm not sure. Oh,
    I know...The picture. It was taken where your grandpa often used to take
    Gow. I don't know where they used to go but apparently they used to come
    back from there both covered in dust.
    Lan: Covered in dust...That could be a good clue...I need to think! Thanks
    Haruka: You're welcome.
    Scene 103:
    Old Man: What's your business on this deserted island?
    Lan: Never mind me, what about you?
    Old Man: Me? I used to work here, long ago. It pains me to see this island
    fall apart like this. That's why I come and clean it from time to time.
    Lan: You worked here a long time ago?! So, have you seen this person adn
    this dog?
    (Lan shows the picture to the old man)
    Old Man: Yeah...I know 'em! This is a SciLab scientist that used to come
    here a lot. He helped me out.
    Lan: You knew my grandpa?!
    Old Man: What, you're that scientist's grandson? Actually, he left me
    something. My Navi has it. He's in Oran on the Net, which you enter from
    OldMine. I never thought I'd meet the scientist's grandson. Must be
    *Go through the lower entrance and head up to the loudspeaker. Jack in and
    get to the navi*
    Navi: my operator told me you'd come. Here, take this.
    (Receive OldPCode)
    Navi: I'm not sure which Security Cube that P-Code is for. It might be
    related to SciLab. I've always wondered about that.
    Scene 104:
    Navi: I'm Dr. Hikari Sr.'s Navi. You must be Dr. Hikari Jr.'s Navi.
    MegaMan: Um, actually, I'm the Navi of his son, Lan.
    Navi: Then you are the one carrying out Dr. Hikari Sr.'s wishes. I was told
    to give this to you.
    (Receive PastKey)
    Navi: It is yours now.
    MegaMan: I wonder if this is a key to the VisionBurst?
    Navi: I also have a message from the Dr. The 4th rock-crusher machine. A box
    that blocks the rocks marks the spot...My work is done.
    MegaMan: Um...Whoa! That Navi...
    Scene 105:
    [Say yes.]
    MegaMan: "Look for the box that blocks the rocks." ...I wonder if it's here?
    (Use PastKey)
    MegaMan: Something's happening!
    *A Secret Door appears in front of MegaMan*
    MegaMan: There it is! The door to the VisionBurst of ACDC Town 11 years ago.
    Lan: ...Okay, MegaMan, when you're ready, let's go in!
    MegaMan: Let's go!
    Scene 106:
    *VisionBurst of Oran Isle*
    MegaMan: This is...
    *Camera pans around*
    MegaMan: This is Oran Isle how it used to be...
    Lan: A VisionBurst of Oran Isle...? Start exploring, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    Scene 107:
    MegaMan: I haven't seen any sign of the dog yet.
    Lan: Hmm...Where should we look next...?
    Voice: GowGow!
    MegaMan: It's a dog barking!
    *MegaMan runs up the stairs*
    Voice: GowGow! GowGow!
    Voice 2: Shut up,you noisy hound! Be quiet!
    *Camera pans to a HeelNavi and Gow*
    HeelNavi: MegaMan'll find us if you make that much of a racket!
    MegaMan: I already have!
    *The HeelNavi turns around, MegaMan corners him*
    HeelNavi: Kurgh, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: A Nebula Navi?! You're here too...Give me that dog...Let Gow go!
    HeelNavi: Huh, do you expect me to just hand him over to you?! No way! And
    I'm going to delete you too! If I take him the dog and tell him I defeated
    MegaMan, Master Regal will be mighty pleased with me!
    MegaMan: He's attacking, Lan!
    HeelNavi: Groooargh!
    *Battle Viruses*
    HeelNavi: Aaaargh! I heard you were strong but...Guurrrr!
    *HeelNavi blows up*
    MegaMan: It's okay, Gow!
    Gow: Grrr...
    MegaMan: He looks angry. It seems a bit strange. Hmm...Oh well...Better get
    hold of him, MegaMan.
    Megaman: Okay!
    *MegaMan gets closer to to Gow*
    Gow: Grrr...!
    MegaMan: There's no need to be scared, Gow...Shhhh...
    Gow: .........
    MegaMan: That's it, stay right there...
    *MegaMan gets closer*
    MegaMan: That's it...
    Gow: Gow!
    *The dog knocks Megaman down and runs*
    MegaMan: Wah! Gow! Sorry, Lan! He got away!
    Lan: He can't have got that far yet! Go after him!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    Voice: RuffRuff!
    MegaMan: Hey! What was that...?
    *MegaMan goes closer*
    Voice: Gow!
    MegaMan: Wargh!
    *Gow bursts out and runs off*
    MegaMan: He got me again...
    Lan: Come on, MegaMan! Get with it!
    MegaMan: I'm sorry. I'll make sure I catch him next time!
    Voice: WoofWoof!
    MegaMan: That's Gow barking! Ah, unbelievable!
    *Camera pans to BlizzardMan, who has caught Gow*
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh! Got you! Now let's get out of this oven! I wonder what
    Dr. Regal wants with you anyway?
    Gow: Gow! Gow! Gow!
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh! You're a noisy one!
    Voice: Let Gow go!
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh?!
    *MegaMan runs down to meet with him*
    MegaMan: BlizzardMan! B-But, I thought I defeated you in the liberation...
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh! You think that was enough to defeat me?! A Darkloid can
    keep on reviving as long as there's darkness! Whoooosh!
    Lan: Then we'll just have to keep on defeating you! MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Hm!
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh! I don't have time to mess around with you now! Whoosh,
    *BlizzardMan takes the dog and jacks out*
    MegaMan: Wait! I'm sorry, Lan...I really messed that up...
    Lan: Never mind. Let's report back to the SciLab!
    MegaMan: Lan, it's a phone call! ...Better get it!
    Official: Ah, good! I reached you!
    Lan: ...Who are you?
    Official: I work at the SciLab. Our HP are being attacked by Nebula
    Darkloids! We really need your help here! Come to the SciLab as quick as you
    Lan: Huh! Okay! I'm coming right away! MegaMan,let's jack out and get to the
    MegaMan: Okay!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Scene 108:
    *MegaMan runs in*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    *Megaman runs up to ProtoMan, who is combatting four HeelNavis and ShadeMan*
    ShadeMan: W-Wheee! MegaMan...Waht a nuisance.
    MegaMan: I don't believe it! ShadeMan's revived too!
    ShadeMan: W-W-Wheee...I suppose that means you've seen BlizzardMan...Which
    means he must have got it...Wh-wh-wheeeee! now there's no need to buy time
    *MegaMan readily takes a combat stance*
    MegaMan: I'll help you out!
    ShadeMan: You people that try to stand in the way of Nebula...The time has
    come...For our master, Dr. Regal's ideal world...The world of true evil will
    be born!
    ProtoMan: What did you say?!
    ShadeMan: W-W-Wheee! It'd be nice to have a bit more fun with you but I'm
    afraid it's time to go!
    MegaMan: Wait!
    ShadeMan: Delete them, loyal servants!
    *ShadeMan jacks out*
    MegaMan: ShadeMan!
    HeelNavi: Forget about him! We're the ones you have to fight!
    *Three more HeelNavis jack in behind them*
    MegaMan: Kuh, I'm surrounded!
    Protoman: MegaMan, you take care of them!
    Megaman: Sure!
    HeelNavi: Your tactics count for nothing! You'll never beat us!
    Megaman: This is it, Lan!
    HeelNavi: Roaargh!
    *Battle Viruses*
    HeelNavi: Gaarrrgh!
    *The HeelNavis blow up*
    Protoman: I didn't expect the SciLab to be attacked...We can't use it as
    Mission Control from now on...
    MegaMan: ...ProtoMan. Nebula's got hold of Gow.
    ProtoMan: ...I got the idea from what they said that the dog's not a
    VisionBurst inhabitant after all.
    MegaMan: Really? Gow's not from a VisionBurst?
    ProtoMan: That's right. A VisionBurst is saved data from past moments in the
    real world. In other words, things that happened in the past...keep on
    repeating themselves forever...Things don't happen in real time. So I
    thought it was odd when I heard the dog had disappeared...
    MegaMan: So...Does Gow have something to do with Hikari Report then...?
    ProtoMan: ...I should think so. Anyway, we should jack out. Nebula could be
    MegaMan: ...Hm.
    ProtoMan: Can you jack out, Lan? Chaud needs to talk.
    *ProtoMan jacks out*
    Lan: No problem! Let's jack out, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    *phases out and back into MissionCtrl*
    Lan: It's my fault that they got Gow...I'm so sorry!
    Chaud: It's no use crying over spilt milk. The important thing is what we do
    next. I don't know what Nebula are trying to do but I'm sure that now
    they've got Gow, they'll be moving into the final stage of their plan.
    Lan: What can we do to stop them...?
    Chaud: First we have to hit Nebula's territory in the Undernet. We'll find
    their base and put a stop to Regal's plans.
    Lan: ...Hmm. But the Undernet's more dangerous than ever now. A liberation
    mission would be almost impossible...
    Chaud: It's not like you to lose your nerve.
    Lan: ...There was nothng I could do to stop them getting Gow...Even if we
    delete the Nebula Darkloids they'll probably just regenerate like they did
    this time...To be honest, I'm not sure that I'm up to the task...
    Chaud: Huh, I never expected to hear that from you...You may be the team
    operator, but you're not the team leader. Just leave the team command to
    ProtoMan, and concentrate on operating as best as you can.
    Lan: ...Yeah, you're right. We've got a great leader to see us through!
    Chaud: Yep! We're a team. You're not fighting this alone...Don't forget
    Lan: ...Okay!
    Chaud: Right, I want to plan the next mission...But I can't. Now that Nebula
    has got into the SciLab, we can't use this place as Mission Control...And
    that's why I need you...I want you to find us a new place.
    Lan: ...Somewhere quite big and hard for the enemy to find, right? ...I
    wonder if there is anywhere like that?
    Chaud: Do whatever you can to find it. Just be as quick as you can.
    Lan: ...Got it. I'll find us a great secret base!
    Chaud: ...Hm, I'm counting on you to find somewhere.
    Scene 109:
    Lan: Higsby!
    Higsby: Oh Lan, there you are, huh. Welcome to Higsby's! What's wrong, huh?
    Lan: Actually. . .
    Higsby: You're looking for a big space, huh? I know a place, huh. Of course
    you'll have to help me out with something. If you do that for me, I'll let
    you use the place, huh!
    Lan: Help?
    Higsby: Yep! Everything is give and take in this world, huh. Whatever you
    want, you'll need to pay the price, huh.
    Lan: All right. So what do I have to do?
    Higsby: Actually, NumberMan was suddenly attacked by viruses while
    delivering products to End Area3. He dropped a file with custome info in it,
    Lan: No! That's the worst possible situation!
    Higsby: Indeed, huh...If this gets out, it will destroy my shop's
    reputation. Please help me!!! Please go find that DataFile NumberMan
    dropped, huh!!!
    Lan: OK. I'll need a little more information than that. End Area3 is a
    pretty big area to search.
    Higsby: True...He said they hit him while he was looking at something cool.
    Lan: Something really cool...Let's go check it out!
    Higsby: Thanks, huh.
    Scene 110:
    Higsby: WOOHOO!!! This is it, huh! Thanks, huh! You helped prevent my worst
    scandal ever, huh!
    *phases out, back in*
    Higsby: Okay then, I'll show you your secret base like I promised, huh...But
    first of all...Attention all customers! Sorry, but I'm afraid the shop's
    closed! Make your way out of here right now, huh!
    *The patrons look and jump in surprise*
    Boy: Hey, no way!
    Boy 2: I was just thinking of starting a NetBattle!
    Girl: That's not fair!
    Higsby: Whatever! Just get out of here, huh?!
    Boy: I'm bored! Let's go!
    Boy 2: Yeah, let's go!
    Girl: I'm going home too!
    *The kids leave*
    Higsby: Call again soon, huh! Sorry about that. Okay then, follow me, huh.
    *Higsby walks up to the NumberMan sign*
    Higsby: Here it is, huh...Abra Cadabra!
    *A door opens up*
    Higsby: It's in here...Follow me, huh.
    *Higsby enters*
    Lan: ...Gulp.
    *Lan goes in, phases out and back in*
    Lan: Wow...I never knew there was a room back here...
    Higsby: It's my warehouse. It's an office too. This way, huh.
    *Higsby runs off, Lan follows him*
    Lan: Wow!
    *Camera pans around the scattered room*
    Higsby: Well? A lot of cash has gone on the equipment here, so it should be
    fine for pretty much anything, huh.
    *Lan rushes up to him*
    Lan: This is amazing, Higsby! Just what I was looking for!
    Higsby: Hu hu hu...Well, I'm glad you like it, huh. As of today, it's all
    yours, huh!
    Lan: Thanks, Higsby! Um, and us using this place...
    Higsby: Chill out, huh! It's a secret base, right? I won't tell anyone! A
    secret base has to be kept secret, huh! I'm not the kind of guy to give away
    something like that! ...Huh, Lan?!
    Lan: Sure! Okay, I'd better get in touch with Chaud!
    *phases out and back in, Chaud behind the desk, adressing Lan*
    Chaud: This is an ideal Mission Control...
    Lan: Right, I'd better get straight on with the next mission plan...
    Chaud: ?! It's the surveillance alarm!
    Lan: The surveillance alarm?!
    Chaud: Protoman set it up on the door to the Undernet. Someone or something
    must be trying to get through.
    Lan: ...Oh no!
    Chaud: Have you got some idea who it is?
    Lan: Well, there was this girl who kept pestering me to tell her how to get
    to the Undernet!
    Chaud: No, not a civilian! Lan, go to End Area5 right away. I'll bring
    ProtoMan there soon!
    Lan: Got it!
    Scene 111:
    MegaMan: Stay where you are!
    *Camera pans to another Navi, MegaMan approaches*
    MegaMan: Don't go any closer!
    Medi: Who are you? I have to get past here. Let me go!
    Jasmine: What's going on, Medi?
    Medi: Jasmine, this guy won't let me into the Undernet!
    Lan: So it is you! Didn't I tell you to stay away from the Undernet?!
    Jasmine: You're that horrible boy I met before!
    Lan: Hey! I'm saying this because I'm nice, not horrible!
    Jasmine: I don't have to listen to you! You can get that door open, Medi!
    Medi: Okay!
    MegaMan: No, Medi! Get over here! Hurry!
    Medi: Huh! I don't have to take orders from you!
    *Medi readies to charge into the curtain*
    Medi: ......Waaargh!
    *Medi runs and hides behind MegaMan*
    voice: It's been a while...
    MegaMan: ......!
    *A cloud floats over, and destroys the door*
    Lan: N-no way...!
    *CloudMan hovers over and blocks the path*
    CloudMan: I came back from the bowels of Hades to defeat you both!
    Lan: Huh! How can I fight and keep Medi safe...?!
    Voice: You Darkloids just don;t know when to give up, huh...
    *ProtoMan jacks in*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    ProtoMan: Leave this to me, MegaMan.
    CloudMan: Huh! I can take care of you, no problem! Electric Storm...
    ProtoMan: Too late!
    *ProtoMan deletes CloudMan*
    Protoman: It won't work on me because I've already seen it!
    CloudMan: Ugggh...You...
    *CloudMan retreats*
    Protoman: He's gone...
    *phases out and back in*
    ProtoMan: I don't know why you wanted to get in the Undernet but it's not a
    place for civilians. Let this be a lesson to you. Now jack out and don't
    come back!
    Medi: .........
    ProtoMan: I'm jacking out for now so I can plan the next mission...
    Medi: ...!
    *Medi bursts past them and stands at the threshold*
    MegaMan: Medi!
    Medi: Kyargh!
    *camera pans to a damaged CloudMan*
    CloudMan: ProtoMaaaan...I can't let you live...Wraaarrrgh!
    MegaMan: You won't blow yourself up!
    Medi: Kyaaarrrgh!
    CloudMan: I'll smash yooou...!
    ProtoMan: Ugh!
    *ProtoMan leaps in the way, and a flash engulfs the screen, then disappears,
    ProtoMan nowhere in sight*
    Medi: ...Ah, argh...
    Megaman: ...P-ProtoMan!
    Lan: N-No...It can't be...
    MegaMan: .........ProtoMaaaaan!!!
    *phases out, back into the secret Higsby warehouse HQ*
    Tesla: What do you mean, Protoman's been deleted?!
    Fyrefox: And what are we supposed to do now without a leader?! We're all
    just a bunch of amateurs, right?! Sure, we've been through a few things but
    I've only gone ahead with missions because we had a pro on the team! Without
    a leader, we're nothing!
    Jasmine: ......... *turns to the rest* I'm sorry, everyone...This is my
    fault. It's because of me that ProtoMan...
    Chaud: No, ProtoMan was deleted in the line of duty...Protecting civilians
    is an Official NetBattlers job...
    Jasmine: ...How can I apologize enough...?
    ProtoMan: You don't need to...He...ProtoMan followed the path he believed in
    to the end...
    Jasmine: .........
    Chaud: Of course, Protoman is a huge loss to us. But Nebula is still going
    ahead with its plans even now. We can't just stand around here doing
    Charlie: So we're doing the next mission without a leader?!
    Chaud: ...No, we have a leader. ...Lan and MegaMan, I want you two to head
    the next mission.
    Lan: ...What?!
    Charlie: Yeah, they've got the experience and the skills too.
    Lan: W-Wait a minute! I can't be leader! We couldn't do anything to save
    ProtoMan...We're not capable of leading the team...
    Chaud: Lan, I believe in you which is why I'm asking.
    Lan: But...I'm scared...What if it goes like that again...
    Chaud: One day...Think about it for just one day. If you still say no then,
    I'll choose another leader.
    Lan: .........
    Chaud: That's all for today. Lan, think it over properly, okay...
    Jasmine: .........
    Scene 112:
    *Ding dong.Ding dong.*
    Lan: Aaah...Who's that so early in the morning...? ...Coming!
    *phase in, Jasmine revealed to have rang the doorbell*
    Jasmine: ...Hey!
    Lan: Jasmine...What are you doing here?
    Jasmine: I've come to ask a favor.
    Lan: A favor?
    Jasmine: I want you to put me on your team. You're leader, so you can do
    that, right?
    Lan: ...Forget it. I'm no leader, okay...
    Jasmine: Don't you feel bad that you lost one of your friends?!
    Lan: ...Of course I do! ...But I can't be leader.
    Jasmine: ...You coward! Haven't you thought about why Chaud asked you to be
    Lan: ......
    Jasmine: Fine! I won't ask you again! I'll get revenge for ProtoMan by
    *Jasmine runs off*
    Lan: Jasmine, wait! You can't go on your own!
    MegaMan: She's serious, Lan! Let's go to the Undernet!
    Lan: ......Okay!
    Scene 113:
    *A NormalNavi runs towards MegaMan*
    NormalNavi: Ah! Sorry, sorry!
    *The navi tries to escape*
    MegaMan: Erm, did you...
    NormalNavi: What? What is it?! I'm in a hurry.
    MegaMan: Did you see a girl Navi on your way?
    NormalNavi: A girl Navi. . .Ah! That Navi! I didn't talk to her but I did
    see her running inside. She looked like she was in a real hurry.
    Lan: So Medi did go to the Undernet...Hurry, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Okay!
    NormalNavi: Wait a second! You're not planning on going up there are you?!
    MegaMan: Hm? That was the plan.
    NormalNavi: You can't be serious! I can't believe you don't know...They come
    out up there!
    MegaMan: Come out? Who?!
    NormalNavi: Well, isn't it obvious?! Ghosts! G.h.o.s.t.s!
    MegaMan: Ghosts?!
    NormalNavi: Yes! Ghosts of dead people! They're all over the place and they
    come after you too! If they catch you, they possess you...
    MegaMan: ...Huh.
    NormalNavi: And if you have a virus-battle when you're possessed, it's
    really weird. I can't explain it but it's all wrong. It's like you can't
    move your body properly...And you use a lot more energy than normal...You
    get irritated for no real reason too...B-Basically, it's like some kind of
    curse! ...... ...You're listening but do you understand?!
    [Say yes]
    NormalNavi: ...You do but you're still not going to turn back, right?
    MegaMan: Huh!
    NormalNavi: Fine. You can't say I didn't warn you if you come a cropper.
    Well, goodbye then!
    *The NormalNavi runs off*
    Lan: If the place is that scary, then we can't leave Medi there.
    MegaMan: You're right. Let's hurry, Lan!
    Lan: Uh-huh!
    Scene 114:
    MegaMan: Medi!
    Medi: I knew you'd come, MegaMan! Let's get everyone together and fight the
    Nebula Navis!
    MegaMan: .........
    Medi: What are you waiting for?!
    Lan: ...We just came in here to bring you back. Time to go home, Medi!
    Jasmine: That's crazy! I can't understand why you've been chosne as leader!
    Medi, get rid of this loser so we can go avenge ProtoMan!
    Medi: Good idea! Spineless kids like him deserve what they get!
    *Both take a battle stance*
    MegaMan: What are you going to do?!
    Medi: I'm going to open your eyes!
    MegaMan: W-Wait...
    Medi: Don't waste your breath!
    Scene 115:
    Medi: Ha ha...That's more like it...Still think you're not up to it?!
    MegaMan: Medi...
    Voice: Look at how far this delicate girl has gone for you. You have to
    accept now, leader!
    *GyroMan jacks in*
    GyroMan: This kid certainly put us in our place. She told us to come here
    because she could change your mind. The others should be along soon, right?
    *MagnetMan, SearchMan, and NapalmMan jack in*
    MagnetMan: Most Navis would be too scared to even come to the Undernet but
    this kid had the courage to do that and take you on too!
    SearchMan: An unusual tactic, but it seems like it might have worked.
    NapalmMan: You can't beat a bit of action!
    GyroMan: This kid and her operator have been  desperate to do all they can
    to make up for what happened. You can't turn your back on them now! Or Chaud
    Lan: ...Medi, Jasmine. You've really opened my eyes! I was too weak and all
    I could think of was running away. But now I see that the only way forward
    is to keep fighting! Let's get this mission started!
    MegaMan: Yeah!
    Jasmine: Hu hu! Medi, now that's decided, you'd better deal with that door!
    Medi: No problem!
    *Medi turns, NapalmMan steps forward*
    NapalmMan: Hold it, girl! Leave this to me. I can break through here in no
    time. Move over!
    *Medi steps aside, NapalmMan stands in front of the door*
    NapalmMan: Here goes! Raarrrgh!
    *NapalmMan fires at the door*
    NapalmMan: Kurh! It didn't budge an inch! What's going on?!
    Medi: You can't open that door with force. How can I put this? That door's
    made out of anger and hatred. If you try to open it with violence, it won't
    work at all. Honestly, boys are silly sometimes! There is another way. Watch
    *NapalmMan moves aside, Medi steps in front*
    Medi: Here goes...HealingPulse! Yaaaah!
    *Medi fires a weird shockwave at the door, which then falls*
    Medi: See!
    NapalmMan: A-Amazing...
    Medi: Okay, leader, we're ready to go! You can start the mission any time.
    Obviously I'll be coming with you, right?!
    MegaMan: Medi...Yes, of course! Right, everyone, it's time to start our
    liberation of Undernet4! First things first, MagnetMan, I'd like you to stay
    back here and look out for the enemy. ...Is that okay?
    MagnetMan: Hm! Is that you asking a favor? Or is it an order?
    MegaMan: ...It's an order.
    MagnetMan: Then you don't need to ask if it's okay! Give proper orders,
    MegaMan: MagnetMan...You stay here and look out for enemy reinforcements!
    MagnetMan: Sure, leave it to me!
    MegaMan: Lan, when you'r ready, let's start the mission!
    Lan: Sure!
    Scene 116:
    *The five navis run in*
    MegaMan: What the...? It can't be!
    SearchMan: What's wrong?
    *Camera pans to DarkProtoMan*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! You're alive!
    DarkProtoMan: ...
    Medi: Wait! He's acting funny!
    MegaMan: ProtoMan?
    DarkProtoMan: So, you're the enemy of the Officials, huh?
    NapalmMan: HUH?! What are you talking about?!
    Lan: ProtoMan! It's us! Your friends!
    DarkProtoMan: Master Regal saved my life. I pledged my loyalty to him.
    Protecting this area is my task.
    Lan: Oh, no...!
    MegaMan: Did the Darkloids modify him like they did me...?
    GyroMan: Looks like it. That means we have to fight through all the panels
    to get to him...
    *Camera passes across the screen in many places*
    GyroMan: Wow! DarkPanels are EVERYWHERE!
    NapalmMan: This'll be tough to handle even with my firepower.
    Medi: I guess it's my turn, then!
    GyroMan: What, you've got a plan?
    Medi: Yeah, I do! With TwinLiberation...I can liberate a row of panels just
    by hitting the ends!
    GyroMan: That's great! That'll work better than my jumping over DarkPanels.
    Lan: It's a plan! Now, let's free ProtoMan from the Nebula forces!
    MegaMan: Yessir! The mission is to liberate within 10 phases! Go!
    Scene 117:
    DarkProtoMan: Gaargh...
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    CosmoMan: So the DarkPower hasn't quite taken its hold yet! Pah!
    MegaMan: That's CosmoMan!
    DarkProtoMan: ...Uurgh.
    CosmoMan: Let's go, ProtoMan!
    *A rift engulfs ProtoMan*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!
    *The rift disappears*
    CosmoMan: You may have won this fight! But you can only savor your victory
    for a few days now! Wa ha ha hah!
    MegaMan: Just a few days...
    Medi: We didn't manage to get ProtoMan back...
    MegaMan: No...But at least we know he's still alive. We'll make sure we get
    him back somehow!
    Medi: ...Yeah! I'll do what I can!
    MegaMan: Medi, you're such a kind person. I'm really impressed by how nice
    you are!
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul has communed with Medi's!
    MegaMan: Everyone, the final battle with Nebula is drawing near! But before
    that we must get ProtoMan back! Then we can all take on Nebula together!
    ...That's all! Dismissed!
    *fades out, back into Regal's HQ, Dr. Hikari on the ground tied*
    Regal: Hikari...You were tight-lipped to the end, I'll give you that.
    However, your efforts have all been in vain.
    Dr. Hikari: ...It c-can't be!!!
    Regal: Your father was a great scientist...Even I didn't realize he had
    disguised the "Hikari Report" as a dog...
    Dr. Hikari: ...R-Regal...What are you gonna do with Gow?
    Regal: I'm gonna complete...SoulNet!
    Dr. Hikari: Soul...Net...But if you did that, the world would...!
    Regal: Yes! My utopia, an utterly evil world, shall be complete...
    Dr. Hikari: I never imagined SoulNet would turn out like this...Father,
    forgive me...
    Regal: Behold, Hikari...Electopia stained in evil...
    *turns to comp*
    Regal: It's Regal...Move NebulaGray to the 3rd ExpServ. ...And transmit at
    max speed to the microservers we planted in Electopia. You may halt DarkChip
    production!. ...Yes, that's right.
    *Dr. Regal turns back*
    Regal: Everything's ready...Now, Hikari...Behold the fruits of my
    Dr. Hikari: Your evil plan will fail.
    Regal: Heh heh heh...Your hope soon will turn to despair...And you'll once
    again see just how weak people are! I must tell the nation it has bgun! Get
    the camera.
    Crony: Yes, Dr.!!!
    *phases out*
    Dr. Hikari: Lan...MegaMan...
    * * * * *
    Haruka: Lan, Lan!!!
    Lan: What's wrong, Mom!!!
    Haruka: Your Dad...
    *phases back into Lan's house, both are at the TV, Regal on it*
    Lan: R-Regal!!!
    Haruka: I just saw your Dad behind him...
    Lan: What?!
    Regal: I am Dr. Regal...ruler of the new world. You, the people of
    Electopia, are the lucky subjects of my grand experiment. Don't be alarmed.
    It won't hurt a bit...Rather, you'll feel the joy of being freed from
    bondage. Your time has come...Just do whatever you want...In a few minutes,
    you shall be free.
    *TV cuts out*
    Lan: Regal...He's putting his plan in motion!
    *Lan walks off*
    Haruka: Lan, wait!!!
    *Haruka comes up to him*
    Lan: Sorry, Mom. I know it's dangerous but I have to go!
    Haruka: ...Take this Amulet. Gramps always kept it with him. I'm sure it
    will protect you, too.
    Lan: Thanks, Mom!
    (Get the Amulet)
    Lan: Bye, Mom.
    Haruka: Be careful.
    Lan: Don't worry, I have Gramps's Amulet now. Let's go, MegaMan!!!
    MegaMan: Roger!!!
    Scene 118:
    Voice: Hold it right there!
    Voice 2: Shaddup! Shut yer trap!!!
    *Two people run up the street*
    Woman: Hey! Gimme back my PET!
    Man: No way! It's mine!!! Besides, you stole it from someone else, didn't
    Woman: I can get away with anything! We're nothing alike.
    Man: I said shaddup! It's mine I tell ya!
    *The man runs off*
    Woman: NOOO!!! Wait!!!
    *The woman gives chase*
    Lan: Huh?
    MegaMan: Lan, over there!
    Lan: Over there?
    *camera pans to two kids down the block*
    Kid 1: You know, I really never did like you!
    Kid 2: Well, I can't stand your face...You're so annoying!
    *camera pans back*
    Lan: Why's everyone fighting?
    MegaMan: This isn't right...It might be part of Regal's experiment.
    Lan: Something's gone wrong in the real world this time! There's trouble in
    this peaceful city. It'll get messy if it goes nationwide!
    *Beep beep beep!*
    MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! Wonder who it's from? There's no sender
    Lan: What does it say?
    MegaMan: Here goes: "This mail is for all Anti-Nebula Core members. Nebula
    is placing microservers in Cyberworld all over Electopia. Destroying those
    servers might possibly stop Nebula's attack. The closer you get to one, the
    more it will affect you. Be very careful." ...That's all of it!
    Lan: Who sent that? They sure know a lot about Nebula's plan...Based on this
    mail, I bet other members are spreading out to look for the servers right
    now...Or it could be one of Nebula's traps...
    MegaMan: Lan, we can worry about that later. If what that mail says is true,
    the microservers are hidden somewhere in ACDC Town!
    Lan: Right! We gotta set things straight in ACDC Town first! MegaMan, let's
    go find these microservers.
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 119:
    MegaMan: Lan, I think I found a server!
    Lan: MegaMan, you must destroy it!
    MegaMan: Roger!!!
    *SearchMan jacks in*
    MegaMan: SearchMan! You here to destroy this server, too?
    SearchMan: Nope...My target is...you, MegaMan!!!
    MegaMan: What?! SearchMan, is the server affecting you, too?
    Lan: Raika! What gives?!
    Raika: Lan...I hate your power...SearchMan, delete MegaMan.
    Lan: Raika! Do you even know what you're saying?! Snap out of it!!!
    SearchMan: Target, MegaMan...Locked in...
    *Each takes a battle stance*
    MegaMan: Here he comes, Lan!!!
    Lan: We've got no choice. Get him, MegaMan!!! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    SearchMan: I'm gonna delete ya!
    Scene 120:
    SearchMan: Aaahhh!!!
    *SearchMan jacks out*
    Lan: Now, MegaMan! The server!!!
    Megaman: I'm on it!!!
    *MegaMan destroys the server*
    MegaMan: We did it, Lan!!!
    Raika: Uhhh, ahhh...
    Lan: Raika!!!
    Raika: ...Lan, what did I...
    Lan: You OK now? Phew! You had me worried there. Is SearchMan OK, too?
    Raika: ...SearchMan's fine. Sorry for all the trouble...I felt this dark
    feeling weling up inside me, and then...I suddenly lost consciousness. I
    apologize...for what I've done.
    Lan: Don't be sorry! I'm just happy that you and SearchMan are OK! Good
    work, MegaMan. Jack out!!! ACDC Town should be OK now. Now to Chaud's to
    think up a plan!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    Scene 121:
    Chaud: Unnng...
    Lan: Chaud! Are you OK?
    Chaud: Don't worry. Go check the other areas for damage!
    Lan: I will. By the way, you sent that mail to everyone, right?
    Chaud: Mail...? What are you talking about?
    Lan: What?! That mail must be...We'd better go check it out! Let's go,
    MegaMan: Yeah!
    Scene 122:
    MagnetMan: Look who's here...
    MegaMan: MagnetMan, get outta my way!
    MagnetMan: Not so fast...Yer gonna have to go through me to get to this
    MegaMan: Huh?! Aren't we on the same side?!
    MagnetMan: Same side...? I was just helping out because Ms. Tesla told me
    to. How humiliating it was losing to you. I'm gonna get my revenge right
    here, right now!!!
    MegaMan: Here he comes, Lan!!!
    Lan: We've got no choice! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    MagnetMan: Aaahhh!!!
    Scene 123:
    MagnetMan: Gaaahhh!!!
    *MagnetMan jacks out*
    Lan: Quick, the server!
    MegaMan: Roger!!!
    *MegaMan destroys the microserver*
    MegaMan: We did it, Lan!
    Lan: That's that! ...Oh, Tesla!
    Tesla: Lan...Oww, my head...What are you doing here?
    Lan: You OK, Tesla?!
    Tesla: Yeah. I came after that mail about the servers but then I started
    feeling all weird. I'm okay now, though.
    Lan: I see...Well, it's all clear now. We destroyed the server Nebula
    Tesla: ...Oh, nice work!
    MegaMan: Tesla! Is MagnetMan OK?
    Tesla: ...Yeah! Just out cold! What did he do?
    Lan: Uhhh...Never mind! OK, MegaMan! Let's go find the next server!!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Scene 124:
    Megaman: Here it is, Lan!
    Lan: Use your MegaBuster!
    MegaMan: Roger!!! ...Hm? This server...
    Voice: Hold it right there!
    *GyroMan jacks in*
    MegaMan: GyroMan!
    Lan: I know...We have to battle you first...
    GyroMan: Rawrrr! Don't you know its rude to say someone else's lines?! But
    we can leave that for later...We're gonna go at it right now!!!
    Lan: Yikes! Megaman, we've got no choice!
    MegaMan: B-But...
    GyroMan: Weak, MegaMan, weak!
    MegaMan: Aaargh!!!
    Scene 125:
    GyroMan: *tsk*, I thought I could win but...
    MegaMan: GyroMan...?
    GyroMan: GyroForm!!!
    *GyroMan turns into a helicopter and bombs the microserver*
    MegaMan: GyroMan, you used to be a sensible Navi. You already shutdown a
    server...What's got into you?
    GyroMan: I couldn't stand always losing!
    Charlie: I wanted to challenge you guys one more time. The final battle with
    Nebula lies ahead, right? That means I won't have another chance to fight
    Lan: Charlie...
    GyroMan: Charlie, they beat our pants off.
    Charlie: ...Yep! Lan, sorry for the sudden challenge! Now I can stand up to
    Nebula without a care in the world. I'm looking forward to the battle ahead!
    Lan: ...Me too!!!
    Charlie: GyroMan, jack out!
    GyroMan: Roger!
    *GyroMan jacks out*
    Lan: MegaMan, let's jack out, too!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 126:
    Fyrefox: Heya, Lan! You here to destroy Nebula's server? This server's
    inside this NetBattle machine!
    Lan: Well then, no time to lose. Let's find it!
    Fyrefox: You know...I wanted to battle you here awhile back...
    Lan: This is no time to bring that up!
    Fyrefox: I was not able to battle you then...
    Lan: Wait a sec, Fyrefox!
    Fyrefox: I get a wild urge to battle here...I can't control this feeling...I
    gotta battle someone right now!!! Lan, battle me and NapalmMan right now!
    Lan: Looks like we have to take 'em on. They're gonna jack in no matter
    Fyrefox: Heh, heh...So ya do wanna take us on! You're going down...
    Lan: Let's go, MegaMan! Battle routine, set!
    Megaman: Execute!!!
    NapalmMan: I'll blow 'em away!
    Scene 127:
    Fyrefox: What the?! Lan... You...!!! But how...?!!
    Lan: Yikes! This doesn't look good. Megaman, jack in!!! Destroy the server
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Lan: Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    MegaMan: There's the server!
    *MegaMan runs up to it*
    MegaMan: Lan, I found it!!!
    Lan: Hurry! Destroy it quick!
    NapalmMan: Hey! Not so fast! This time we're gonna duke it out!!!
    Lan: MEGAMAN!!!
    MegaMan: Lan!!!
    *Megaman destroys the microserver*
    MegaMan: Lan, are you OK?!
    Lan: Huff, puff...That was close...
    Fyrefox: Huff, puff...Hm? Why do I have my fists raised? Hey, what are you
    doing here Lan?
    Lan: Whaddaya mean me?! You were the one trying to slug me!!
    Fyrefox: Hmmm...I don't remember a thing. Oh yeah! What about that server
    Nebula planted?!
    Lan: Already smashed it!
    Fyrefox: Huh?! When?!
    Lan: Never mind! Megaman, jack out!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    *MegaMan jacks out, phase out*
    MegaMan: Lan, phone call! I'm picking up!!!
    Lan: Hello...
    Chaud: It's Chaud...We destroyed all the servers that Nebula planted. A scan
    of the affected areas reveals that the damage is subsiding.
    Lan: Great news...
    Chaud: Not so fast. The real problem awaits.
    Lan: Real problem?
    Chaud: That's right. Nebula used the servers to transmit a signal that
    planted evil feelings in people's souls. We now know the source lies on the
    Lan: The Undernet, eh...? I'll check it out.
    Chaud: ...Lan, we detected ProtoMan near the signal source...He's fallen
    completely into Nebula's hands. If it comes to a fight, do not hesitate to
    delete him.
    Lan: Chaud...If I find him, I'm gonna drag him back by the scruff of his
    Chaud: ...Heh, I appreciate your enthusiasm but destroying the signal source
    is the prime objective. Understand?
    Lan: ...Got it. I'll contact you once we're done. Bye!
    Lan: OK, MegaMan, off to the Undernet!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    Scene 128:
    MegaMan: I found the signal transmitter, Lan!
    Lan: OK, let's get this over with quick!
    MegaMan: Roger!!!
    *MegaMan fires at it, but the armor blocks the shots*
    MegaMan: No good!!! It's immune to my MegaBuster...
    Lan: Don't give up. Try again!
    MegaMan: OK!!!
    Voice: Seems a little rat has wandered in...
    MegaMan: T-that voice...!!!
    *A rift opens up, DarkProtoMan comes out*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!!!
    DarkProtoMan: You found the server somehow but it was a waste of time...
    MegaMan: Waste of time...?
    DarkProtoMan: That's right. We got enough data from the recent experiment.
    *DarkProtoMan turns to destroy the transmitter*
    DarkProtoMan: It's now complete, and we no longer need this server.
    *DarkProtoMan destroys the server*
    MegaMan: My MegaBuster didn't even make a scratch...
    DarkProtoMan: It's the DarkPower...Even YOU want its power, don't you?
    MegaMan: No, you're wrong! Snap out of it, ProtoMan! Let's go back and see
    DarkProtoMan: Chaud...? ...Who's he? The only place I belong is with Dr.
    MegaMan: ProtoMan, I'm not leaving without you!
    DarkProtoMan: Heh heh heh...And just how do you plan on doing that? Hah!!!
    *DarkProtoMan pushes MegaMan to the ground*
    MegaMan: Uuh!!!
    DarkProtoMan: Is that all ya got? How do expect to defeat me like that? I'm
    gonna end this...
    *DarkProtoMan moves in*
    Voice: HealingPulse!!!
    *A sudden blast of light engulfs the area, and DarkProtoMan is stunned*
    DarkProtoMan: Guraaah!!!
    MegaMan: What was that?!
    *Medi runs up and stands in between MegaMan and DarkProtoMan and attacks him
    with waves*
    MegaMan: Medi!
    Medi: Can you get up?
    MegaMan: Uh, I think so!
    *Megaman gets up*
    MegaMan: What are you doing here, Medi?
    Voice: She's here because she is the one who can free ProtoMan from the
    DarkPower that rules him.
    MegaMan: !!!
    *Colonel jacks in*
    Colonel: After suffering the Darkloid's self-destruct attack, ProtoMan was
    taken to Nebula HQ. There his wounds were treated with the DarkPower, which
    took over his body.
    DarkProtoMan: Show yourself!!!
    Colonel: I am Colonel...Regal's bane...
    MegaMan: C-Colonel...
    Colonel: Listen, you two...Medi's power is trying to break the DarkPower
    that is ruling ProtoMan.
    MegaMan: That means there's hope for ProtoMan!
    Colonel: It's not that easy. The DarkPower has gnawed deep into his
    personality, memory, and other key data. Destroying the DarkPower may take
    such key data with it. If that happens, Protoman will be an empty shell...
    MegaMan: Oh no! What should we do?!
    Colonel: Listen, you two, here's the plan... .................. Got it?
    Medi: Yep!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    Colonel: Let's roll!!!
    Medi: HealingPulse, full power!!!
    DarkProtoMan: Graaahhh!!!
    *The DarkPower rises out of ProtoMan*
    Colonel: The DarkPower left ProtoMan!!! Now!!!
    *Colonel flashes through, knocking down ProtoMan and moving Medi aside*
    Colonel: MegaMan, fire!!!
    MegaMan: PROTOMAN!!!
    *MegaMan destroys the DarkPower with his buster*
    *phase out*
    Voice: ...Who...? What...? ...Where...?
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! ProtoMan!!!
    ProtoMan: That voice...
    Medi: I gave him the best treatment I could. I think his physical wounds
    will be OK now but...
    Colonel: Now it's a matter of his soul...
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! Snap out of it!
    ProtoMan: M-M-MegaMan...
    *phase back in, ProtoMan purified of the darkness*
    MegaMan: ProtoMan! You're back!!!
    ProtoMan: I heard your...Your voice...It spoke to me...Deep down into my
    MegaMan: ...I believed in you, ProtoMan. I never doubted you'd be back.
    Narrator: MegaMan's soul has communed with ProtoMan's!!!
    MegaMan: I'll take you back to Chaud, ProtoMan.
    ProtoMan: ...OK.
    *MegaMan turns to Colonel*
    MegaMan: Thanks, Colonel! We saved ProtoMan thanks to you. ...Um, who are
    you, anyway?
    Colonel: Let's just say I want the same thing as you guys. but I think my
    work's done here. I'm sure you guys can defeat Regal.
    *Colonel jacks out*
    MegaMan: Colonel!!! ...Thank you!!!
    *Medi turns to Megaman*
    Medi: Well,let's jack out, too. We got a seriously injured Navi here.
    *MegaMan turns back to Medi*
    MegaMan: Roger!
    *screen brightens then returns to the new MissionControl*
    Chaud: You probably already know this, but ProtoMan is back...That means our
    whole team is here.
    Fyrefox: So can we go strike Nebula's home base?!
    Raika: How can we do that without knowing where it is?
    Fyrefox: Um...Errr...
    Chaud: We have a general fix on their base.
    Raika: Really?!
    Chaud: ProtoMan's access log contains its probable location.
    Fyrefox: Well, what are we waitin' for!!!
    Charlie: How's ProtoMan, anyway?
    Chaud: He's lucid now. He should be fully recovered tomorrow.
    Jasmine: That's a relief...
    Megaman: That means we head for Nebula's home base tomorrow! After all, we
    gotta have our leader!
    Tesla;Um, uhhh, Chaud? Are we going to Nebula's base, too?
    Chaud: You don't have to go if you're scared...
    Tesla: ...We've come this far with you guys so we're gonna stick around till
    the end. Whenever I'm scared, I just put one foot forward. That somehow
    makes it easier to go on.
    Chaud: Hm...Ok then...Be at the park in front of Higsby's at 10AM tomorrow.
    You don't have to come if you don't want to. You've all done more than
    enough already. This one's shaping up to be one heck of a battle. I won't
    say a word if you stay home. That's all. Meeting's over!
    Scene 129:
    Lan: Mom, I'm home.
    Haruka: Welcome back, Lan. I found something while clearing out Gramps desk.
    Lan: What?
    Haruka: I'm not sure but I thought you might know.
    (Get a DataDisk)
    Lan: Wonder what it contains...MegaMan, analyze it please!
    MegaMan: It contains TextData that reads: "Net, SciLab, 3, center, straight
    27, turn and go 4. Turn again, go 4 and then check...Hikari data,
    Lan: A memo from Gramps...Might come in handy.
    Haruka: ......Lan.
    Lan: ......
    Haruka: Lan...You're gonna go...
    Lan: ...Yeah. ...We set off tomorrow morning. ...How did you know?
    Haruka: After raising you for 10 years, I could just tell. You're face gave
    it away.
    Lan: Don't worry, Mom. I'm gonna bring Dad back no matter what...
    Haruka: ...OK.
    Lan: ...Well, I'm gonna go check out the info on this DataDisk.
    *Lan runs off to his room*
    Haruka: ...Gramps, please watch over Lan and Hub...
    Scene 130:
    MegaMan: Was the DataDisk referring to here?
    Lan: Was that a VisionBurst again?
    MegaMan: Whoa!
    Lan: What is it, MegaMan?!
    MegaMan: The mark on my chest is glowing...What the?!
    *flash, reappear, the door appears*
    MegaMan: A doorway to the VisionBurst...
    Lan: A reaction to your program, perhaps?
    MegaMan: Lan...Let's go.
    Lan: OK!
    Scene 131:
    Lan: Well, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: Lan! Someone else's here...
    *camera phases to two men*
    Man: The basic theory of SoulNet is complete.
    Man 2: As is the design for SoulServer...
    Man: If we complete our joint research on SoulNet, we'll be able to build a
    strife-free world where people trust each other.
    Man 2: Still, there's a major problem that must be solved...
    Man: Right. We've done what we can. Now it's up to the next generation to
    finish this research.
    Man 2: Yes? Our offspring will certainly complete what we've started.
    Man: They won't fail us...The "Hikari Report" records all my son, Yuichiro,
    Man 2: And I will pass my design on to Regal...So, we've reached the final
    day of our research...I feel a bit sad...
    Man: Ha ha ha...That's not the Wily I know.
    Man 2: Heh heh...Well, frankly, I was shocked when you began talking about
    converting people's souls into data and linking them via SoulServer to
    create SoulNet. But sure enough, you did it Hikari. You did it...
    Man: I couldn't have done it without your robotics technology.
    Voice: Dr. Hikari, you have a visitor. Please come to the 3rd F. meeting
    Man: They're calling me. Well, I should go. See you later, Wily.
    Man 2: Bye.
    *The Man exits the room*
    MegaMan: That was Gramps when he was young...And he was speaking with a
    young Wily...
    Lan: So the scientist Chaud said Gramps conducted the joint research with
    was Wily?! And to think Regal is really Wily's son...
    MegaMan: Gramps mentioned the "Hikari Report," right? And Regal must have
    the SoulNet design handed down from Wily.
    Lan: So if Regal is after the "Hikari Report," does that mean he intends to
    complete SoulNet, Gramps and Wily's research?!
    But weren't they developing SoulNet to interlink people and build a world
    where they could trust each other? What is Regal up to?
    MegaMan: Lan, let's go talk to Wily. Maybe he can tell us something.
    Lan: Wily?! I'm not sure that's a good idea...Be careful.
    MegaMan: Don't worry. That's the old Wily over there. I'm gonna try.
    *MegaMan runs over*
    MegaMan: Um, excuse me...
    Man 2: I hope a time will come when SoulNet will be possible. But it's
    really a double-edged sword...We must think about the worst scenario...I
    should be going.
    *Man 2 exits*
    MegaMan: Ah, he's gone...SoulNet's a double-edged sword...? The worst
    scenario...? What did he mean...?
    Lan: At any rate, it seems Regal is up to whatever it was Wily
    feared...Regal...He's ruining Gramps's dream. MegaMan, jack out. Let's go
    prepare for the final battle tomorrow.
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    Scene 132:
    MegaMan: Sleep well? Today's the final battle!
    Lan: Yeah, like a log. Let's go meet the others. They'll be in front of
    Higsby's, right?
    MegaMan: Right! Let's not forget to say bye to Mom before we go!
    Lan: And when it's over, we'll say, "We're home" with Dad!
    MegaMan: Yep!
    *Visit your mom.*
    Lan: I'm leaving, Mom!
    Haruka: Lan...take care of your father...
    Lan: Leave it to me! I promise I'll bring him back!
    Haruka: ...OK.
    Scene 133:
    Chaud: There you are...
    Lan: Hey! I'm gonna clobber Regal and save my Dad. Where's Nebula's home
    base, anyway?
    Chaud: It's at the highest point in Electopia.
    Lan: The highest point in Electopia...Not Mt. Belenus?!
    Chaud: Bingo...At 12,389 ft., it's the highest point in Electopia. Nebula's
    base is within its crater.
    Lan: How we gonna get all the way up there? We're not gonna climb, are we?!
    Chaud: No, of course we're not going to climb. I've arranged for a chopper.
    *A chopper prepares to land in the middle of the park*
    Lan: I see you've thought of everything. ...Let's get going.
    Chaud: ...OK.
    *phase out, back in with Lan and Chaud*
    Lan: Let's get in.
    Chaud: You got company, Lan...I'll go ahead. Make it quick.
    *Chaud waits as Mayl, Dex, and Yai approach Lan*
    Lan: Hey guys...
    Dex: Why didn't you tell us you're leaving!?
    Yai: I know we couldn't really be of much use to you guys but...we can
    handle the worrying department!
    Mayl: ...Lan, You better come back in one piece...
    Lan: Guys...I'll bring GutsMan, Roll, and Glide back with me, you'll see. I
    won't be gone long! Well, I better get going now.
    *Lan walks off, and Mayl steps forward*
    Mayl: Lan!!! Promise you'll be careful...
    Dex: Let's NetBattle when you get back!
    Yai: Make us proud...
    Lan: ...OK, guys...I'm off!!!
    *Lan runs up to Chaud*
    Chaud: You ready?
    Lan: Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's go!
    Chaud: Right!
    *phase out, back in with the three of them looking*
    Mayl: ......Lan.
    *phase out*
    Narrator: Several hours after leaving ACDC Town, they reached the top of Mt.
    Belenus, site of Nebula's base, and a dormant volcano...
    *phase in, the seven of them*
    Chaud: This is Nebula's base, home of the DarkChip Syndicate.
    *camera pans to the insignia and back*
    Fyrefox: Chaud! We've come this far! Now let's get in there and finish it!
    I'm point man!!!
    Charlie: You're clueless Fyrefox.
    Fyrefox: What's that supposed to mean, Charlie?!
    Charlie: This is the enemy's home base. Who knows what traps await? Only a
    fool would rush in without thinking. I'm gonna lead this one. Right, leader?
    Lemme go ahead and check things out!
    Chaud: ...Fine. But stay on your toes.
    Charlie: Roger! Stay here until I send word.
    Lan: Charlie! Be careful...
    Charlie: I could do this sorta thing with my eyes closed. Don't ya worry!
    I'll be back in a flash!
    *Charlie heads off, phase out*
    Narrator: 10 minutes after Charlie set out...
    Chaud: Chaud here...Charlie? The back entrance...OK, got it. ...!? What was
    that?! Answer me, Charlie! Charlie!!!
    *phase back in*
    Lan: Chaud, what happened to Charlie?!
    Chaud: ...Dunno. I lost the signal.
    Fyrefox: That fool. Now look what happened to him for showing off! We can't
    just sit here now. Let's go, leader!
    Chaud: ...Right. To the back entrance! Let's go, people!!!
    Scene 134:
    *the team is waiting in the hall, camera pans to two doors then back*
    Chaud: Two doors...
    *Chaud returns to brief the team*
    Lan: Well, Chaud?
    Chaud: The front entrance lies ahead. There are two doors we can use. Listen
    up. Form two groups: one to check out each door. Once Regal is found,
    contact the other group, got it?
    Lan: So is it me and you, Chaud?
    Chaud: No, we're splitting up. Lan, Tesla, Fyrefox and Raika...You guys
    check out the near door. You may end up facing the enemy's frontal assault.
    But I know you guys are the right people for the job.
    Jasmine: W-What about me?
    Chaud: Jasmine, come with me. I need your ability to counter the DarkPower.
    Jasmine: Y-yes sir!
    *Jasmine comes up to Chaud*
    Chaud: Fall back if things get too hairy. Don't be reckless. Oh, and Lan...
    *Chaud comes closer to Lan*
    Chaud: Take this. You'll be able to master it.
    (Get DeltaRay Z)
    Lan: Thanks, Chaud. I'll use it wisely. Be careful.
    Chaud: You guys, too...
    Lan: Got it!
    *Chaud returns to Jasmine*
    Chaud: Let's go, Jasmine.
    Jasmine: Alright!!!
    *Chaud and Jasmine go ahead*
    Scene 135:
    *camera starts on some dark reactor, phases to many conveyors with
    Lan: What the...?!
    Raika: ...It's a plant for producing DarkChips!
    Tesla: So this is where they make them...
    Fyrefox: Lan, let's hurry ahead! I'm gonna pulverize this plant after I
    finish off Regal.
    *Lan turns to them*
    Lan: OK, guys, let's go!!!
    Scene 136:
    Tesla: This looks like the only way forward...But we'll have to disable this
    electro-barrier first.
    Fyrefox: Tesla, how are we gonna disable it?
    Tesla: We should jack into this control panel and shut down the control
    *Tesla takes one side, Lan the other*
    Lan: Tesla,I'm ready to jack in. Just say the word.
    Tesla: It appears we need two Navis to get anywhere this time.
    Fyrefox: I'm on it...
    Tesla: Sorry but...Let me handle this one.
    Fyrefox: Huh?!
    Tesla: This is the enemy's home base. We've no idea what awaits. MagnetMan
    should go. He has excellent defensive ability. Right, Raika?
    Raika: ...Fine by me.
    Fyrefox: How 'bout the other...
    Tesla: Let's move, Lan!!!
    Lan: OK!!!
    Fyrefox: When's my chance...
    Lan: Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    Lan: MegaMan, you gotta disable the door's electronic lock!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    *MagnetMan jacks in*
    Tesla: MagnetMan, give it all you got!
    MagnetMan: Yes, Ms. Tesla!
    MegaMan: Let's go for it, MagnetMan!
    MagnetMan: Hmph! Don't get the wrong idea. I'm doing this for Ms. Tesla!
    Lan: In battle, it's crucial to work with your teammate! Press Select to
    switch Navis. Let's go full blast!!!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 137:
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh!!! Never thought you'd get this far!!!
    MegaMan: BlizzardMan!!!
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh!!! You're not gonna ruin our plan! Whoosh!!!
    MegaMan: Lan!
    Lan: We gotta defeat BlizzardMan to continue! Let's do it, MegaMan! Battle
    routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!
    BlizzardMan: I'm gonna freeze ya! Whoosh!!!
    Scene 138:
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh...Why you...! It's not over yet! Whoosh!!!
    *A DarkRift pulls MegaMan closer*
    MegaMan: I'm being pulled in! What is it?!
    BlizzardMan: It's a black hole to the DarkGalaxy.
    MegaMan: D-Dark...Galaxy?!
    BlizzardMan: A dark universe created by Dr. Regal! Wander its darkness
    forever!!! Whoosh!!!
    *BlizzardMan is drawn in*
    Fyrefox: The electro-barrier has been disabled!
    Lan: MegaMan, jack out!
    MegaMan: I can't, Lan! It's pulling me in with a tremendous force!!! Aaah!!!
    *MegaMan is slowly pulled in*
    Lan: MegaMan!!!
    *phases out*
    MagnetMan: ...Hold on!!!
    *phases in, MagnetMan in front of MegaMan*
    MegaMan: MagnetMan!!!
    MagnetMan: Argh! It's so powerful...MegaMan, jack out now while I'm blocking
    it. You should be able to now!
    MegaMan: But...MagnetMan!
    MagnetMan: Don't get the wrong idea...I'm doing this because Ms. Tesla would
    scold me if I didn't help.
    *MagnetMan is pulled closer*
    MagnetMan: Go, now!!!
    MegaMan: MagnetMan...
    MagnetMan: MegaMan...You must defeat Nebula.
    MegaMan: MagnetMan!!!
    *MegaMan jacks out*
    Tesla: MagnetMan, hurry up and jack out, too!!!
    MagnetMan: Ms. T-Tesla, forgive me...
    Tesla: Don't say that!!! Now get back here before I get angry!
    MagnetMan: Please forgive me. I won't be around to be scolded...
    *MagnetMan is devoured by the DarkRift*
    Tesla: Noooooo!!!
    *flashs back out*
    [Talk to Tesla]
    Lan: Tesla...
    Tesla: Lan. Go. MagnetMan just did what he had to do! There's no time for
    crying now!
    Lan: Tesla...I'll go. I'll go take Regal out!
    Tesla: Make him pay for MagnetMan!
    Scene 139:
    Lan: Another barrier...Let's jack in and disable it!
    *Lan goes up to it*
    Lan: There's another port for jacking in here.
    Fyrefox: Now it's my turn...
    Voice: Hold it right there!
    *A Nebula soldier stands at a higher position*
    Raika: A Nebula soldier!
    Soldier: The other port for disabling it is right here. Too bad! You're
    Fyrefox: We're in trouble...
    Lan: Gulp!!!
    Voice: So all I have to do is jack in there... Thanks for the info!
    Soldier: Who's there?!
    *Charlie ambushes him, screen goes dark*
    Charlie: Spinning kick!!! Take that!!!
    Soldier: Uwaaah!!!
    *phase back in, Charlie standing above the fallen soldier*
    Lan: Charlie!!!
    Charlie: Maybe that was a bit too flashy! Too bad there's no chicks
    here...But never mind that I got this one!
    Lan: OK!!! Let's go, MegaMan!
    *Lan returns to the point*
    Lan: Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    Lan: MegaMan, there may be more Darkloids lurking up ahead! Be careful!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    *GyroMan jacks in at a higher point*
    GyroMan: Whoa, this is one creepy part of Cyberworld...
    MegaMan: GyroMan! Glad you're here!!! Let's go for it!
    GyroMan: I don't wanna stay in this creepy place very long. Let's get this
    over with quick!!!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 140:
    ShadeMan: I'll give you credit for getting this far but I can't allow you to
    go any further. Your adventure stops here. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
    MegaMan: The DarkPower's stronger in you, than the last time...
    ShadeMan: Let's dispense with the pleasantries...Shall we?
    MegaMan: Here he comes, Lan!!!
    Voice: Stop!!!
    *GyroMan appears from behind in GyroForm and lands*
    MegaMan: GyroMan!!!
    GyroMan: MegaMan, weren't we gonna eradicate bat brain together?
    ShadeMan: It's not polie to come between 2 men in a duel...Eternal darkness
    awaits the one who is wounded this day!
    *A DarkRift appears, pulling GyroMan in*
    GyroMan: W-what the heck?!!
    MegaMan: GyroMan, run!!!
    GyroMan: I'm not gonna let anything ruin my cool entrance! GyroForm!!!
    *GyroMan turns into a copter and moves off, but is pulled back in*
    GyroMan: Dang it! I'm being pulled in!!!
    *GyroMan is devoured by the DarkRift*
    MegaMan: GyroMan!!!
    ShadeMan: Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Now that we're free of that pest, we can battle
    all we want.
    MegaMan: ...I can't forgive you...Lan!!!
    Lan: OK! Let's go, MegaMan!!! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    ShadeMan: Rest easy! You'll be among your comrades shortly!!!
    Scene 141:
    ShadeMan: Dr.Regal...I'm going back to the dark...There, I'll become a vile
    spirit, and NebulaGray will give me new power...
    MegaMan: NebulaGray?!
    ShadeMan: It is what gives darkness form...I'll drift in the dark vortex,
    becoming a new part of it...As will all trapped in the DarkGalaxy! Heh heh
    heh heh...A-ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    *ShadeMan blows up*
    MegaMan: Charlie, there was nothing I could do...
    Charlie: ...No, it was my fault. Don't let it bother you.
    Lan: Charlie...
    Charlie: ...Keep going. You must keep going. And then you must defeat that
    Regal!!! Don't worry about me. GyroMan's soul lives on within you and
    MegaMan: OK!!! By GyroMan's soul, I vow to defeat Regal!
    Charlie: That's the spirit!!!
    MegaMan: Lan, let's jack out!
    Lan: OK!
    Scene 142:
    Lan: No good...It's locked.
    Fyrefox: The door's locked. And the control panel wants us to jack in.
    N-n-now's my chance!
    Raika: Calm down, will ya? As you can see here, this is a mission for 3 to
    jack in.
    Fyrefox: I knew that! Keep cool, keep cool...
    *phase out, back in with each manning a post*
    Lan: Stay alert, you two!
    Fyrefox: Of course!!!
    Raika: I will...
    Lan: Well, here goes. Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    Lan: MegaMan, disable the electro-barrier!
    MegaMan: Roger!
    *SearchMan jacks in*
    SearchMan: I'm ready to go anytime...
    *NapalmMan jacks in*
    NapalmMan: Heh heh heh!!! I'll blow 'em away!!!
    Lan: Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK!!!
    Scene 143:
    CloudMan: Hmmm...So you defeated ShadeMan? That means he'll sleep awhile in
    the dark vortex, while NebulaGray creates his new form...
    MegaMan: NebulaGray...?! CloudMan, what's NebulaGray?!
    CloudMan: It's what give the shapeless form...It's a dark star at the center
    of the DarkGalaxy!!!
    MegaMan: Dark...Nebula...?
    CloudMan: See it for yourself, if you really want...But only if yu can
    defeat me first!
    MegaMan: Lan!!!
    Lan: OK! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    CloudMan: Sleep, MegaMan! Sleep in the great dark vortex, forever!
    Scene 144:
    CloudMan: Heh heh heh...
    MegaMan: What's so funny?!
    CloudMan: It's not over yet...You shall see how powerless you are!
    MegaMan: Ack!!!
    CloudMan: Rawrrr!!!
    *flash of light*
    NapalmMan: Whoa!!!
    SearchMan: Ack!!!
    CloudMan: ...Heh heh heh.
    MegaMan: Yah!!!
    *SearchMan has been devoured by the DarkRift*
    MegaMan: S-SearchMan...
    *NapalmMan has been devoured by the DarkRift*
    MegaMan: N-NapalmMan...
    CloudMan: Heh heh heh...Though you defeated me, you couldn't save your
    MegaMan: CloudMan!!!
    CloudMan: Blame your own powerlessness, if anything...Muwahahahaha!!!
    *CloudMan explodes*
    MegaMan: I lost my teammates again...I'm powerless, just like CloudMan said.
    Raika: No time for that, MegaMan! Keep going!
    Fyrefox: I wanted to smack that Regal good...Do it for NapalmMan, too,
    MegaMan: OK, guys...Let's go, Lan!
    Lan: All we can do now is move forward!
    MegaMan: Right!!!
    Scene 145:
    Lan: If only we could disable this electro-barrier. I bet it leads to the
    way out...
    *Camera pans to both jack in points*
    Lan: Looks like 3 people have to jack in...Our teammates risked their lives
    to get us this far...All we can do is keep moving forward, whatever the
    *Lan moves to the machine*
    Lan: MegaMan, let's go as far as we can!
    MegaMan: ...OK. I guess this is the only way left...
    Voice: Wait!!!
    Lan: That voice!!!
    *Jasmine runs up to the right server*
    Jasmine: Jack in here, right?!
    Lan: Jasmine!!!
    Voice: Well then, I'm going in through here...
    *Camera pans back to Lan*
    Lan: Huh?!
    *Chaud proceeds to the left server*
    Lan: Chaud!!! You're both safe! What a relief!
    Chaud: Leave it to us. Jasmine, you ready?
    Jasmine: Whenever you are!
    Lan: OK...Let's go! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    *MegaMan jacks in*
    *camera moves to ProtoMan's jack in point, ProtoMan jacks in*
    ProtoMan: Regal must be near. I sense a strong DarkPower here...
    *camera pans to Medi's jack in point, Medi jacks in*
    Medi: Whoever crosses my path will be sorry!
    *camera pans back to MegaMan*
    MegaMan: The final battle's near! Let's go!!!
    Lan: MegaMan, keep an eye out!!!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 146:
    CosmoMan: So the little rats made it this far...
    ProtoMan: MegaMan, I'm heading over there now! Medi, you wait here!
    Medi: I wanna fight, too! MegaMan, hold on!
    CosmoMan: Don't these guys ever shut up?! Shut yer traps! Arise, DarkGalaxy!
    *A DarkRift opens up near Medi and sucks her slowly in*
    Medi: W-what the heck?! It's drawing me in!
    MegaMan: Medi, run!!!
    Medi: I c-can't escape!
    ProtoMan: Oh no!!!
    *ProtoMan tries to swipe at CosmoMan, but fails*
    CosmoMan: Too late!!!
    *A DarkRift opens up between CosmoMan and ProtoMan*
    Protoman: Huh?!
    *Protoman is devoured by the DarkRift*
    Medi: Eeeeeek!!!
    *Medi tries to run from the DarkRift*
    MegaMan: MEDI!!!
    Medi: MegaMan!!!
    *Medi is devoured by the DarkRift*
    MegaMan: CosmoMan!!!
    CosmoMan: Heh heh heh...What a fine look. So full of hate...Give into to
    your anger. Hate me more! Your hate will make us Darkloids even sronger!!!
    MegaMan: Lan...Tell me what to do!!!
    *CosmoMan moves in*
    CosmoMan: I wonder what your anger tastes like? Let me taste that angry soul
    of yours! Bring it on!!!
    Lan: Let's go, MegaMan! Battle routine, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    CosmoMan: I'm going to get my fill of your anger!!!
    Scene 147:
    CosmoMan: Rawrrr!!! Your angry emotions...How magnificent...Anger and
    hate...These are what bear the greatest power in the world. And they're the
    very root of the DarkPower you despise...!
    MegaMan: ......
    CosmoMan: The time has come...Dr. Regal's research is nearly complete...And
    once SoulNet is complete, the world will be shrouded in anger and hate.
    MegaMan: S-SoulNet?! It can't be...
    *CosmoMan explodes*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's jack out! We gotta stop Regal, quick!
    Lan: OK!
    *phases out to Dr. Regal*
    Regal: At last, SoulServer is complete...All that is left is to transfer
    NebulaGray to the server. Heh heh heh...Our time has come.
    *Regal turns around*
    Regal: Well,Hikari...The research of our fathers will be complete at last,
    after so many decades. No doubt they, too, would be delighted.
    *Camera pans to Dr. Hikari on the ground*
    Dr. Hikari: You're wrong...This is not what our fathers wanted!
    *Regal comes down to Dr. Hikari*
    Regal: Heh heh heh...Yes, it's true there's a slight difference from what
    they hoped for...But that's a trivial matter. SoulNet was meant to link the
    souls of all humankind, and that is what I will do. Then our theory will be
    proven correct. What more could a scientist want?
    Dr. Hikari: No scientist would delight in finishing defective research!
    Regal: ...Defective? You know nothing. The theory behind SoulNet is solid.
    Is it not humankind, the medium of SoulNet, the one that's defective?
    Dr. Hikari: .........
    Regal: Heh heh heh heh heh...I shall link people's souls through
    SoulServer...And if a soul-damaging program somehow found it's way onto the
    Dr. Hikari: ...You fiend...
    Regal: There's no firewall protecting the human soul...It's full of security
    Dr. Hikari: I should have seen this coming...Why didn't I destroy the Hikari
    Report?! ...Forgive me, Lan...
    Regal: It's not your fault...No scientist would ever throw away such superb
    research...After all, humans really are such weak creatures...Your guilt
    will be gone once you're tainted by evil. Then together we can watch...Watch
    as the world's tainted by evil.
    *Regal goes back up*
    Dr. Hikari: ...Lan, I've failed you...
    *phase back to Lan*
    Chaud: Lan, hurry! We'll follow behind with the others. You must stop Regal!
    Lan: Got it! Let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: OK!!!
    Jasmine: Lan, MegaMan, you can do it!!!
    Scene 148:
    Lan: Regal!!!
    *Lan walks up to the comp*
    Lan: Where is he?!
    *Earthquake, Lan looks around*
    Lan: What was that?! Hey, there's a sound coming from above! What's up there?
    MegaMan: Lan, maybe there's a secret passage to the floor above!
    Lan: Maybe! Let's check it out!
    MegaMan: This Navi isn't one of Nebula's Navis! Are you OK?!
    Navi: Who-who are you? Did you come to rescue me...?
    MegaMan: Did any other Navis get caught?
    Navi: A big-yellow one, a girl, and one who is really polite!
    MegaMan: It's GutsMan! Where are they?
    Navi: No idea! Suddenly a black hole just opened in the air! It sucked all
    of them inside!
    MegaMan: Regal...
    Navi: Did you come here to take him out?
    MegaMan: You got it!
    Navi: Will you promise me something...?
    MegaMan: Like what?
    Navi: Look at me. I'm not going to make it. Promise you'll win. Defeat Regal
    for me. He's...He's in...the room above us. Operator! Please check out the
    middle chip case! The red chip in the second row opens a hidden path. I hid
    your friend's PET...It's on the other side of the case. And
    p-promise...Take...Regal...down... ...
    MegaMan: We'd better go, Lan. Let's do it!
    Lan: Yeah!
    Scene 149:
    Lan: Hmmm...That chip on the second shelf of that chip case...Hey look, it's
    really a switch! ...Here goes!!!
    Narrator: Lan pressed the switch!!! *CLUNK!!!*
    *Lan jumps*
    Lan: What was that sound?
    *Lan turns*
    Lan: Oh!!!
    *A hidden staircase is revealed, Lan runs up to it*
    Lan: That's what is was! I bet Regal and my Dad are in here somewhere! Ready
    for the final battle, MegaMan?! We owe it to ourselves and the rest to
    defeat Regal!!!
    MegaMan: Roger!!! Let's go, Lan!
    Voice: Lan!
    *Lan turns around, the team is there, Lan returns to them*
    Lan: Hey, guys!
    Tesla: Lan, you're gonna crush Nebula, right?!
    Charlie: You get the coolest assignment...I'm counting on ya!
    Fyrefox: Go full blast! Don't hold back!!!
    Raika: Get that Regal...
    Jasmine: Go for it, Lan!
    Lan: ...Thanks, guys.
    Chaud: As your leader, I order you to crush Regal and Nebula. And as your
    rival, I say to you this: Only you and MegaMan are as good as ProtoMan and
    me...Without ProtoMan, you guys are the only hope left...Lan, don't fail me.
    Lan: Chaud...Guys...When my Dad was first kidnapped, I intended to rescue
    him and crush Nebula myself...But I wouldn't have made it without you...I've
    gotten this far thanks to your help. ...MegaMan and I can't lose now! After
    all, I have you guys on my side! I'll take your spirit with me...
    Chaud: Time's wasting...
    Lan: OK!!! MegaMan, let's move!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!
    Scene 150:
    *Lan runs in*
    Lan: Dad!!!
    *Lan runs up to his father*
    Lan: Dad!!! It's me, Lan!!!
    Dr. Hikari: L-Lan? You must stop...Regal...He's going to use SoulNet to
    taint the world with evil.
    Voice: ...Yes. I'm installing NebulaGray on SoulServer.
    *Lan turns to see Regal behind a panel*
    Lan: Regal!!!
    Regal: Hikari, you raised quite a fine boy. But soon you won't even
    recognize your dearest child...
    *flash back to Lan*
    Dr. Hikari: Lan, Get him...You must stop Regal and his evil plan...
    Lan: B-but Dad, you're hurt!
    Voice: We'll take care of your Dad.
    *The team appears before Lan*
    Lan: Guys!!!
    Chaud: Leave him with us. You deal with Regal!
    Lan: Got it!
    *Lan runs up to a small panel*
    Lan: Regal! MegaMan and I are here to stop your evil plan!!!
    *flash to Regal*
    Regal: Heh heh heh...Your struggle has been in vain...SoulNet, activate!
    *a cyber net appears over the area*
    Regal: Welcome to the world of SoulNet!
    *flashes to Lan*
    Lan: ...This is SoulNet?
    Voice: Aaaaaaaaah!!!
    *Lan turns around, flashes to the team*
    Tesla: No...Oh no...The horror...What's this feeling? I can feel something
    gushing into me...
    Charlie: Oh man! What's going on?! Anger...I feel anger boiling up within...
    Fyrefox: What's this sadness? I feel like crying...
    Chaud: Arrgh!!!
    *flashes back to Lan*
    Lan: What've you done!!!
    *flashes back to Regal*
    Regal: Hmmm? SoulNet hasn't affected you? You're not wearing MagnoMetal, are
    Lan: Dunno what that is but I do have Gramps's Amulet!
    Regal: I should've known...He made an amulet out of MagnoMetal, the only
    material able to block SoulServer's signal. Hmph, no matter. My plan is
    almost complete. All that's left is to install NebulaGray on SoulServer.
    *Regal holds something out*
    Regal: Lan, do you know what this is? This contains NebulaGray, the dark
    program I developed. People around the globe are now linked to this
    SoulServer over SoulNet. What do think will happen if I install NebulaGray?
    It has the power to amplify negative energy in souls already full of
    Lan: But if you do that...!
    Regal: I will have tainted the world with evil! Aha ha ha ha!!! NebulaGray,
    *Regal inserts the object in, flash back to Lan*
    MegaMan: Lan, let's jack in! We must stop Regal and his evil plan!
    Regal: Yes, come to me, Lan and MegaMan!!!
    Lan: Regal, you won't get away with this!!! MegaMan, you must delete
    NebulaGray! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    Scene 151:
    Lan: What is it, MegaMan?!
    MegaMan: I feel funny...
    *Four dark flames appear around him*
    MegaMan: I'm on fire!
    Voice: Whoosh...Those are the flames of our malice...
    *Camera pans to BlizzardMan*
    MegaMan: BlizzardMan!
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh! This is a far as you go!
    Voice: MegaMan... We're gonna consume you in our flames of
    *Camera pans to ShadeMan*
    ShadeMan: We've come back 3 times just to try and defeat you. Right,
    *Camera pans to CloudMan*
    CloudMan: That's right...MegaMan, we won't rest until we defeat you...
    *Camera pans to CosmoMan*
    CosmoMan: MegaMan, it ends right here...
    MegaMan: Ack!
    Voice: DeltaRay!!!
    *Flash, ProtoMan and MagnetMan appear out of a DarkRift*
    ProtoMan: We suddenly heard your voice as we wandered the dark reaches of
    MegaMan: ProtoMan!!! And MagnetMan!
    ProtoMan: We'll take care of this. Your voice has drawn everyone from the
    MegaMan: ...Everyone?
    *Camera pans around to show two navis combatting each of the other Darkloids
    besides BlizzardMan*
    BlizzardMan: Whoosh!!! I'm gonna make MegaMan pay for... ......
    Voice: GutsPunch!!!
    *flash, Gutsman, Roll, and Glide appear in front of them*
    MegaMan: GutsMan, Roll, Glide!
    GutsMan: ProtoMan told us what was going on!
    Roll: MegaMan, you guys already risked it all to get this far. We had to do
    our part, too!
    Glide: We can handle this. You keep going!!!
    MegaMan: I'm so relieved you guys are OK!
    *Camera pans back to MegaMan, the flames disappear*
    MegaMan: The flames died out! Thanks, everyone!!!
    Lan: MegaMan! Let's go!!!
    MegaMan: Gotcha!!!
    Scene 152:
    *MegaMan runs up to a blue flame in front of a gigantic DarkRift*
    MegaMan: This is NebulaGray?
    Regal: That's right...Several years ago, I successfully digitized man's evil
    soul...I then amplified that data and built a system that converts it into
    various forms. That's NebulaGray. DarkChips are made in the Plant below by
    grafting NebulaGray-amplified evil souls on chip data.
    Lan: So you're saying the power of DarkChips was once human?
    Regal: Exactly! The DarkPower will endure while humans walk this Earth. And
    as long as it endures, the DarkGalaxy will continue to grow. Just try and
    stop it!!!
    Lan: MegaMan, this is it! Destroy NebulaGray!
    MegaMan: Roger!!!
    Regal: Heh heh heh...Humans are their own worst enemy...Hate breeds hate,
    which in turn breeds DarkPower for all eternity...Like the universe!!!
    Behold, NebulaGray, man's evil soul!
    *The blue flame glows*
    MegaMan: What the?!
    *The DarkRift spits out many flames and the blue flame uses the flames to
    manifest its final form*
    MegaMan: W-what's that...!!!
    Regal: It's an evil soul in material form...Can you match its power? Go,
    NebulaGray! Spread your evil!
    MegaMan: Lan!!!
    Lan: OK, this is it!!! Last operation, set!
    MegaMan: Execute!!!
    Scene 153:
    *NebulaGray explodes, a singular ball of fire remains*
    Lan: Is it over?!
    Regal: Do not underestimate the DarkPower!
    *the ball of fire goes crazy*
    Lan: MegaMan!!!
    *Dark flames engulf MegaMan*
    MegaMan: Aaaaaaaaah!!!
    Lan: MegaMan!!!
    Regal: Aha ha ha ha ha!!! If I can't beat you in battle, then I'll taint you
    with evil. And make you my servant!!!
    MegaMan: Aaaaaaaaah!!!
    Lan: Don't give in to the evil soul!!! Fight, MegaMan!
    Regal: It's futile!!! MegaMan may resist but he'll still be tainted by
    MegaMan: Gaaaaaah!!!
    Regal: Take in the evil, MegaMan!!! BEcome my Navi, and together we'll rule
    this evil world!
    MegaMan: L-Lan...For...give...me I...can't...
    Lan: ...MegaMan, don't give up!
    Regal: Muwahaha!!! You've taken off the MagnoMetal Amulet! So you are
    prepared to accept SoulNet and its evil?!
    Lan: Uuuuh!!! M-MegaMan. Hear the voice of my soul...
    Regal: I see...You're trying to use SoulNet to speak directly with MegaMan's
    soul! Well, it's futile! All the world's souls are gathering! MegaMan
    hearing you here would be like finding a pebble lost in a vast desert!!!
    Lan: Uuh...Uuuuh...MegaMan...I mean, Hub...Why can't I get through to you?!
    Voice: Lan . . .
    Lan: T-That voice . . . Gramps?!
    Voice: Lan, you and MegaMan are always linked...It is just difficult to see
    right now...I repeat...You two are always linked...
    Lan: Gramps . . . Of course we are, MegaMan...We're always linked! We don't
    need SoulNet!!! Right, MegaMan!!!
    *three flashes*
    Regal: This can't be!!! Hikari's Dad is helping his grandson?!
    *flash of light*
    Lan: M-MegaMan...What's going on...
    *flash out, a young flashing boy standing there*
    Lan: H-Hub...
    Hub: Thanks, Lan... It'sjust like you said, Lan. We're always linked. Even
    without SoulNet!!!
    Lan: Hub...
    Regal: I'm not done yet!!!
    *More Dark Flames come out of the rift*
    Hub: We know a power much stronger than the evil soul!!!
    Regal: Nothing's more powerful than evil! Be gone!!!
    Hub: Regal, your evil plan ends here!!!
    *flash of light, the rift is closed, a small device remains*
    Lan: It's gone...
    Regal: The DarkPower vanished?! No...This cannot be...
    Hub: It's over...
    *Hub flashes back into MegaMan*
    Lan: Thank you...Hub. ...Oh no!!!
    *MegaMan falls, the device comes back into a blue ball of flame*
    Regal: Aha ha ha ha ha!!! You can't destroy it permanently!!! It is the
    DarkPower! You're history, this time, MegaMan!!!
    Lan: MegaMan!!!
    MegaMan: ...Ack!!!
    *The blue flame moves in, a flash of light*
    Lan: MEGAMAN!!!
    *flash out, Colonel in the way*
    MegaMan: C-Colonel...
    Colonel: Arrgh!!! MegaMan, finish off NebulaGray quick! I won't last long...
    MegaMan: OK...
    *MegaMan tries to get up, but falls*
    Colonel: Hurry!!!
    MegaMan: Ack...My MegaBuster won't fire...
    Colonel: If he's that exhausted then...Is this the end?!
    Voice: Everyone, help MegaMan!!!
    *flash, all nine navis appear behind them*
    ProtoMan: Transmit your power to MegaMan!!! We're all linked by our souls!
    We can do it!!! Focus your power into your souls!
    *The nine navis begin to glash*
    MegaMan: Their power is poring into me!!!
    *MegaMan gets up and is flashing*
    Colonel: Now, MegaMan! ...Fire!!!
    *MegaMan charges up, Colonel gets out of the way*
    MegaMan: It's over this time! MegaBuster!!!
    *MegaMan fires and destroys the ball of fire, phase out to the real world,
    explosions, faltering of SoulNet*
    Regal: SoulServer...And the world I dreamed of...
    *SoulNet disappears*
    Regal: It's all gone...
    Voice: It's over, Regal.
    *flash to Lan, Barrel runs up*
    Lan: W-who are you...?
    Barrel: I am Barrel...AKA, Colonel's operator.
    *flash to Regal*
    Regal: Barrel...?! Supreme Commander of Netopia's Network Corps?! What are
    you doing...
    Barrel: A certain someone asked me to destroy SoulServer...But it seems the
    job's already done...The annihilation of NebulaGray is making the plant
    destruct. And the explosions are bringing the volcan to life...SoulSerer
    will be inundated by lava in about 10 minutes.
    Regal: Heh heh heh...So my grand plan have come to this...
    *flash back to the two of them*
    Barrel: It's dangerous here. Get out as fast as you can.
    *extreme quaking*
    Lan: Yikes!!!
    *quaking subsides*
    Barrel" The volcano's closer to erupting than I thought...
    Lan: ...Yeah!!!
    *The two of them come down to Dr. Hikari and the team*
    Lan: dad!
    Dr. Hikari: Great work, Lan, MegaMan.
    Lan: Thanks! Now let's get out, quick!
    Dr. Hikari: Lan, I'm sorry but, you go ahead. I promise I'll be right
    Lan: What?! No!!!
    Dr. Hikari: As a scientist and my Dad's son, I must speak with Regal.
    Lan: ...OK. But I better see you soon!!!
    Dr. Hikari: Yes, I promise.
    Dr. hikari: Time's short, go!!!
    Lan: Roger!!!
    *Everyone but Dr. Hikari flees, Dr. Hikari goes up to the jack in point*
    Dr. Hikari: Regal!!!
    *camera pans to Regal, who comes down*
    Regal: Hikari...Did you come to laugh in my face? Ha ha ha ha...Well, have
    your fill!
    Dr. Hikari: Your failed plan has opened my eyes to what SoulNet is...It's
    hope passed to us from our fathers and in turn, from us to the next
    generation. It's also a message telling us to build a world where people
    have strong souls that can conquer evil.
    Regal: Hahahahahahaha!!! You stayed behind and risked your life just to say
    that?! Fool! Such a day will never come!! My father, Dr. Wily, sold his soul
    to evil and tried to destroy the world!
    Dr. Hikari: It's true Wily fell into evil ways...But he never tried to
    complete SoulNet and use it for evil. Who knows? Maybe he still had hope for
    Regal: Bah, nothing but idle speculation!
    Dr. Hikari: It may be speculation...but I'dlike to believe in Wily...And in
    you, Regal...I want to pass that hope on to the next generation if we
    succeed. Who knows how long it will take...But as long a this hope survives,
    our fathers' wish should come true...It is our duty to convey the hope of
    our predecessors to the next generation. Come with me, Regal. Face judgment
    for what you have done. We must convey our fathers' hopes! ..Ohhh!!!
    *Dr. Hikari collapses*
    Regal: ...Believe in me? He sacrificed himself just to tell me that...
    Regal: The tremors are getting closer together. The end is near...The next
    generation...If only I had realized sooner. .........No, what am saying...I
    have shrouded my soul in evil...There's no going back now...
    Voice: It's not too late...
    Regal: .........Why? Why are you...?
    Voice: SoulNet, restart...
    *SoulNet reforms*
    Regal: What are you doing! SoulNet won't affect me! I have MagnoMetal!
    Voice: ...... ...... SoulServer, overload!!!
    Regal: Ah...Aaaaaaah!!!
    *Things explode, phase out*
    Scene 154:
    Narrator: Three days after the battle with Regal...The eruption on Mt.
    Belenus destroyed the DrkChpFactry without a trace. I thought Dad had been
    lost with it...But he had actually been rescued and taken to a hospital.
    He's now recovering at home. Of course, Dad and I said together, "We're
    home" to Mom! Mom freaked out when she saw Dad all covered in bruises. But
    she was so happy to see him, especially now that he was home all day! I'm
    happy, too, of course. The ceremony for disbanding Team ProtoMan is today.
    My Dad and I came together.
    *phase back in at the original MissionControl at SciLab*
    Chaud: Good job defeating Nebula, people. Nebula's no more, and we're
    recovering the DarkChips. Team ProtoMan's work is complete.
    Charlie: Hey, Chaud, what exactly happened to Regal?
    Chaud: I'm not sure...But I do know that Nebula's leader, Dr. Regal, no
    longer walks this earth.
    Jasmine: ......Well, it's better off without him!
    Chaud: ...Heh. Before I retire our team, let's hear a few words from Dr.
    Hikari. If you would, Dr. ...
    Dr. Hikari: The world's been saved thanks to you. Well done, everyone. On a
    separate note...I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the
    new scientist hired by SciLab.
    Tesla: Who could it be...If it's some dreamy guy, I'd sure like his E-Mail
    Dr. Hikari: Introducing...
    *Regal walks in*
    Fyrefox: Huh?! But Chaud... Didn't you just say that Regal no longer walked
    this earth?
    Chaud: But I said "Nebula's leader," first.
    Raika; That must mean...
    *Regal steps forward*
    Dr. Hikari: SciLab's newest addition is Dr. Regal.
    Regal: Hello everyone...I am Regal.
    Dr. Hikari: The past 10 or so years of his memory are gone. But he still
    retains his skills. He's beginning a new life as a law-abiding scientist.
    Lan: You sure about this?
    Chaud: ...Heh, it's all good.
    Lan: ...Yeah, you're right!
    Chaud: Team Protoman is now officialy retired!
    Tesla: It was dangerous, yet thrilling work. I guess it's back to the daily
    grind tomorrow.
    Charlie: Well, my work's done here. The wild blue yonder awaits!
    Fyrefox: With this under out belts, our next one's gonna be huge!!!
    Raika: It was a risky mission but...Let's just say it ended alrigh.
    Jasmine: I'm heading back to my hometown. I'm going to miss everyone.
    *...Sniffle sniffle*
    *phase out*
    Narrator: Our team disbanded, and it's members returned to their daily
    lives. Each one had a unique spirit and was fun to be with...I'm a bit sad
    to see them go. No, I shouldn't be sad. After all...
    Chaud: What's wrong, lan? You look sad.
    *phase in at SciLab, the team gone*
    Lan: I'm not sad. After all, we're always interlinked!
    *camera pans to the door, Dex, Mayl, and Yai come in*
    Lan: Hey, guys!!!
    *They approach each other*
    Dex: Lan!!! Yer a rough 'n tough hero!!!
    Yai: I just knew you could do it!!!
    Mayl: Welcome back, Lan!!!
    *They talk about*
    Dr. Hikari: I love to see smiles on kids' faces. Let's build a future where
    all kids can smile like that.
    Regal: Yes, for that is our life's work.
    *Lan looks at the threem of them*
    Lan: Huh? Is vacation over already?!
    Yai: It is now that Nebula's threat is gone. It's back to class for us
    elementary schoolkids!
    Lan: Really?! I didn't have any time to play! Hey, let's go on the Net! I
    found this place called a VisionBurst!
    Dex: Man, who'd have thought you'd just saved the world.
    Mayl: That's Lan for ya!
    MegaMan: Hey, Lan, I need a vacation too!
    Lan: Don't be a party pooper! We haven't played with GutsMan in a long time,
    have we?
    MegaMan: Yeah, but...
    Lan: Right? well then what are we waiting for?! Jack in! MegaMan, Execute!!!
    Scene 155:
    *The four of them are in the first VisionBurst*
    GutsMan: GUTS GUTS! The Net's sure fullof surprises!
    MegaMan: Welcome to ACDC Town the year Mayl and Dex were born.
    Glide: That would be 11 years ago...So Ms. Yai hasn't even been born yet...
    Roll: It feels strange to be standing here in ACDC Town.
    GutsMan: Let's go explore old ACDC Town, yee-haw!
    Roll: I'm in!
    Glide: Me too.
    MegaMan: Yeah, let's go!!!
    *pahse out*
    Narrator: After enjoying ACDC Town 11 years in the past . . .
    *phase back in*
    Glide: Well, shall we head back?
    MegaMan: Who could that be...
    Roll: Maybe it's leftover Nebula agents...
    MegaMan: On your toes, everyone...Gulp.
    MegaMan: Here it comes!!! . . . Huh?
    *Gow comes in*
    Gow: Ruff!!!
    MegaMan: What the?! *Gow knocks him down, he gets back up* Gow! You're
    Gow: Ruff!Ruff!
    *phase out, back in*
    GutsMan: So that's it! MegaMan's weakness is dogs!!!
    MegaMan: No it's not!!!
    GutsMan: Then why did you flip over when Gow barked at ya?!
    MegaMan: It's just...
    Gow: Ruff!!! *GutsMan jumps*
    GutsMan: Whoa!
    MegaMan: See. Gow startled you, too, GutsMan.
    GutsMan: You just jumped, too, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: No I didn't!
    Gow: RuffRuffRuff!! *Everyone jumps*
    MegaMan: ...Whoa. Ha ha ha ha!
    All: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Dr. Hikari: Lan, MegaMan...I want to tell you and your friends something. We
    adults are trying hard to build a world of mutual understanding...But there
    will be many difficulties along the way. I think it will take a really long
    time before we achieve what we seek.
    Lan: We know! No matter how hard it is or how long it takes, our generation
    and the next will carry on the hoped of our forefathers, until the day the
    ideal world is a reality! Right, guys?!
    Mayl: Right!
    Yai: Of course!
    Dex: Same here!!!
    Dr. Hikari: (Father...The hope of an ideal world has taken root in the new
    generation. One day it will surely come to blossom . . .) We're having a
    party at our house and you're all invited. There's lot of good eats waiting!
    Lan: A party! Well, we better hurry and jack out then!!! Right! Let's go 
    *Everyone jacks out*
    Gow: Ruff!!!
    *Phases out*
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |4. Post-Game Script Information|
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |5. Errors|
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    |6. Credits and Thanks|
    I would like to thank GameFaqs for putting my FAQ up, you, the reader, and
    all of the other MegaMan BN5 Team ProtoMan writers who inspired me to do this.
    Also I thank my brothers for helping me record this data as I went along.
    Written by: Raymond Cheung
    E-mail: cyndaquill6@hotmail.com
    Seriously, there's no more.
    What, are you expecting something?
    Really, press Back now.
    There's no more. Begone!

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