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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CruxisBLADE

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   By CruxisBLADE
           *version 0.6*
    Opening Statements <intro>
    DS and GBA differences <DSGBA>
    The way things work <controls>
    Navi Abilities      <skills>
         Dad's surprise <pt1>
         Intruder alert <pt2>
         Mission one    <pt3>
         Isle of disaster <pt4>
         Rock Crusher   <pt5>
         Mission two    <pt6>
         The clouds of DOOM! <pt7>
         Mission three  <pt8>
         New Navi       <pt9>
         Ship chaos!!!  <pt10>
         Mission four   <pt11>
    Extra               <xtra>
         Bonus Folders  <fldr>
    Legal Stuff         <legal>
    ---<intro>---Opening Statements---<intro>---
    Greetings! I am CruxisBLADE, a MASSIVE Battle Network fan, and this is my
    first FAQ! A few things to note about this guide:
    1) My guide is not here to show you where everything in the game is, nor for 
    providing you with unbeatable folders.
    2) I love accepting CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and alerts of spelling errors, 
    just so long as they aren't worded like this. "OMG liek yur FAQ suxxorz it 
    mispellz liek, a buncha wirdz!!1!!!shift+1!!" Or stuff like that.
    3) My guide is MINE and I say it cannot be on any site other than 
    www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com, www.Supercheats.com, and
    www.1up.com as of now.
    ---<DSGBA>---DS and GBA differences---<DSGBA>---
    Why is Double Team any different then the other versions of Battle Network 5? 
    Well, for starters, it's on a different system. =P. 
    Besides that obvious one...
    + You can have two save files
    + Common lines are voiced over, and main Navis have battle voices
    + You can use the touch screen to:
       Jack in and out
       Retreat Liberation missions
       Access the menu and navigate the menu
       View a map of your current area
    + A group of minigames using the touch screen. 
    Not too impressive in my opinion
    + When your Navi is low on health, speak through the mic to give it a boost
    + New "Transport Chips" allow you to customize your team in Liberations
    + Can take other Navis with Megaman through the net
    + Can perform Double Team Attacks with those Navis
    + New Number Trader codes for chips such as Leader's Raid and Lord of Chaos!
    + Remixed versions of BN5 music
    + Putting other BN games in the GBA slot changes battle music and powers up 
    certain navis' special chips.
    + Putting a GBA Battle Network 5 in allows you to use whatever folder is
    equipped on the GBA in Double Team.
    + Saving takes a good while longer. (Bad thing)
    ---<controls>---The way things work---<controls>---
     Jack in- R button or Touch Screen (TS for now on)
     Talk to Megaman- L button or TS
     Access menu- Start button or TS
     Move- Control Pad
     Talk/Examine- A button
     Jack out- R button or TS
     Talk to Lan- L button or TS
     Access menu- Start button or TS
     Move- Control Pad
     Talk/Examine- A button
     Select chips- A button
     Deselect chips- B button
     Navigate menu- Control Pad
     Run- L button
     Change Navis- X,Y, or TS
     Use chips- A button
     Fire buster- B button (can be held for a stronger attack)
     Move Megaman- Control Pad
     Change Navis- X,Y, or TS
    ---<skills>---Navi Abilities---<skills>---
    Team Protoman:
     Protoman: Chargeshot= WideSword, hit the column in front of Protoman
               Chip: StepSword, move two panels forward and use a WideSword
               Support: Attacks the nearest enemy with a WideSword 
               Lib. Ability: WideSword (He seems to like those...)
               Special stuff: Press <- + B to activate a shield
     Magnetman: Chargeshot= MagnetMissle, a magnet slowly homes in on an enemy
                Chip: NSTackle, Charges across a row to slam enemies
                Support: Gives you a Barrier when low on HP
               Lib. Ability: MagnetBarrier, protects allies from non-battle damage
     Gyroman:   Chargeshot= GyroStorm, wind shoots three panels ahead
                Chip: AirForce, Gyroman bombs the row
                Support: brings enemies to the front row with a fan
                Lib. Ability: BombLiberate, move above a panel to liberate
                Special stuff: Can walk over DarkPanels, Airshoes in battle
     Napalmman: Chargeshot= none! Napalmman continuously fires when B is held
                Chip: Napalm, fires a bomb 4 panels ahead to explode 3x3 area
               *Support: Fires repeated shots from his vulcan arm
                Lib. Ability: Napalm, liberates in a cross-shape
                Special stuff: Superarmor
     Searchman: Chargeshot= ScopeGun, targets nearest enemy and fires five times
                Chip: Satelitey, Press A to shoot a laser to hit in a + shape
                Support: Locates enemies using Invisible?
                Lib. Ability: PanelSearch, seach for items and traps in a line
     Meddi:     Chargeshot: PillToss, throw a pill 3 panels ahead to hit a column
                Chip: Whitepills, tosses a paralyzing pill three panels ahead
               *Support: Heals you 5% HP each turn
               *Lib. Ability: Twin Liberate, after Meddi liberates with this, have
    another ally liberate the glowing green panel to liberate all in between.
    Team Colonel:
     Colonel:   Chargeshot= ScreenDivide, shoot a > shaped laser from sword
                Chip: C-Cannon, launches a cannon down the row, exploding back row
                Support: Uses C-Cannon on nearest enemy
                Lib. Ability: ScreenDivide, liberates like a WideSword
     Knightman: Chargeshot= Breaker, swings cannonball in a circle
                Chip: KingdomCrusher, fires cannonball along the row
                Support: steps in front of you to block one attack
                Lib. Ability: takes no damage outside of battle, can guard allies
                Special stuff: Superarmor
     Shadowman: Chargeshot= Shuriken, throws a shuriken at closest enemy
                Chip: SplitUp, creates a clone to Longsword nearest enemy
                Support: blinds and paralyzes enemy when low on HP
                Lib.Ability: SneakAttack, deals damage to an enemy two panels ahead
                Special stuff: walk over DarkPanels, Airshoes, Flotshoes
     Tomahawkman: Chargeshot= Tomahawk throw, tosses axe like a boomerang
                  Chip: TomahawkSwing, cuts axe in a 2x3 area
                 *Support: Appears randomly to use Tomahawk Swing
                  Lib. Ability: TomahawkSwing, liberates in a 2x3 area
                  Special stuff: Slow recovery on grass panels, Superarmor
     Numberman:   Chargeshot= Numberdice, throws die 3 ahead, dealing number x10
                  Chip: NumberTrap, places trap 2 ahead, falling 2x2 when activated
                  Support: rolls a die, increasing the atk of next chip by the roll
                  Lib. Ability: NumberSearch, get items and disable traps in 2x3
     Toadman:     Chargeshot= ToadSlap, pops up in front on an enemy and slaps
                  Chip: ToadSong?, a music note is fired, paralyzing an enemy
                 *Support: Revives you if you are reduced to 0 HP
                  Lib. Ability: Life Melody, allow and ally to liberate 5 panels
    in a straight row. Goes through barriers and Dark holes.
                  Special stuff: hides underneath water panels
    * Thanks to Hello Light for giving me this info!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~(   WALKTHROUGH   )~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Dad's surprise <pt1>
     As per usual, we find Lan oversleeping and Megaman waking him up. 
    You will get a few emails, but they aren't important. Head into the main room 
    and talk to your Mom. She'll ask you to deliver a StewRecipe to 
    her friend's Navi in KitchenComp in ACDC Area 2. Head back to Lan's room 
    and stand near the computer and either press R or the "Jack In" command on the
    touch screen to Jack In. Move forward to find that Lan's Homepage is being 
    plagued by viruses! Time to do some busting!
    This is easy. Just load up the cannons the game makes you, for one can 
    eliminate the weak Mettaurs easily. These viruses only attack in a 
    straight line, and the shot moves slowly at that.
    A bit easier actually. Again, go through the tutorial and select AreaGrab and 
    WideSword. Use AreaGrab first then stand in the center-front panel and use the 
    WideSword. Eliminate the last virus by charging up your buster. (hold B)
    Tricky without knowing what to do sorta. You start out Full Synchro, which 
    doubles damge dealt by the next chip. Select the chips in this order- 
    AirShot, Cannon, Airshot.
    Launch your first Airshot at the nearest Mettaur to kill it via 
    Full Synchro's x2 effect. Unleash the cannon JUST as the next virus raises 
    his pickaxe to counter kill it and return to Full Synchro. 
    Fire another Airshot and you're done.
    Continue onward into the portal to reach ACDC 1.
    Follow the green path up tothe third intersection, then turn left onto 
    the blue path to grab the Mystery data for a MiniEnergy Subchip.
    Return to the green road and pass by Roll, the pink Navi 
    in the middle of the path. Turn right after passing her and follow the 
    blue path to a Mystery Data conatining 800z. Nice. Now follow the green road 
    to the arrow to end up in ACDC 2.
    This virus is easier than the Mettaur! It tries to lock on to you if
    you stand in the same row as it, and will fire a cannon at you if you're caught
    by its sensor. The catch is: The thing can't move! Treat this as a stationary 
    Mettaur with 20 more HP.
    Once again, stay along the green trail to see a Mystery Data glaring at 
    you saying "come get me." Do so and return to Mr. Greenie. 
    When you reach the big, blue square, turn right and follow the path there, 
    stop by the merhcant and buy an HP Memory if you have enough Zenny. 
    Continue on to the KitchenComp where you talk to the Navi in front of you. 
    Mega will jack out.
    Go talk to your mom, then go next door to tell Mayl to come with you. Go back 
    over to Lan's and Jack In to the doghouse outside and grab the Data for a 
    RegUp2. Jack out and continue to the right and head into the big house 
    on the side to get Yai. Head across the street to the lone house behind 
    Lan's to round up Dex. Head down from Dex's and Jack In to the tree behind 
    Mayl's house. (Weird spot...) Collect the data in there for an HP Memory! 
    Now that everyone has agreed to meet with you, head to the station behind 
    Mayl's to head to SciLab. 
    Head up both fleets of stairs and turn left to see three statues of
    Jack In to the top one and collect the data for an HPMemory! yay! Now Jack out
    and head inside SciLab's...lab. 
    Jack In to the flashing monitor to the left for a Bugfrag. 
    Jack out and go up two more staircases and enter the elevator. 
    Wow! Now what was that all about? Sleep bombs and Masked men? 
    Whatever, it seems Lan's father has been kidnapped and Lan's friends' navi's 
    were stolen. Ah, well. We still have Megaman, right? Lan will Jack In, 
    so head out of Lan's HP into the net. Notice how the area is flashing red? 
    That means that the area is in need of Liberating, but more on that later. 
    Head onward to the big square in ACDC 2 to find a purple Navi there. 
    Talk to the guy to be thrust into a...
    Deal with the annoying Mets first. This new virus, Bugtank, 
    launches a bomb into the air that, when it lands, hits the panel it lands 
    on AND the ones above and below it! Dangerous? Not at all. Just move forward 
    or backward to avoid the attack. Essentially, this guy is a higher HP Mettaur 
    that attacks columns instead of rows. Dispatch these morons and Lan will 
    Jack out. Oh boy, it looks like SciLab's mainframe was infiltrated. 
    Just imagine what a crook could do in an area with such important information! 
    Say bye to mommy and hurry over to the station. Talk to Mayl to get a 
    Roll R chip. Head over to SciLab and get inside.
    ---<pt2>---Intruder Alert---<pt2>---
    Head up one fleet of steps to learn that you need and ID to pass. Head up to 
    Lan's dad's room and check the cabinet next to his computer. 
    While you're there, Jack In to get a RegUp2 from the blue data. 
    The purple data in there cannot be opened yet, to do so you must spend 4000z 
    on an Unlocker subchip. Let's not do that right now. Head back downstairs and 
    use the ID to open the door. Jack In to the blue box in the middle of the 
    room to enter your first real level. The MainComp. 
    Another stationary virus. Champy attacks once you enter its row, just like
    a CanGard. However, Champy moves into your area and punches. To avoid,
    simply move up, down, or backwards.
    A non-stationary virus! Yay! Powie will hop onto a random panel twice, and
    after the second time, will transform into a giant rock thing and try 
    to crush you. To dodge it, move in ANY direction.
    Walk along the white path 
    and get any data on the way until you come to three numbers and a Program. 
    Talk to him and move toward the 7 and press A. Drop the 7 where the 2 is and 
    place the 2 by the 6. Move the 6 into the empty slot and you can pass.
    Continue forward at the fork to get a Thunder P chip. Return to the fork and 
    turn to get to the next puzzle. THIS TIME WITH LETTERS!! Rearrange the letters
    so they spell "NAP" to lower the gate and pass on. Take the first turn, 
    then go up until you hit a 3-way split. Go left and get the HP Memory, 
    then go to the other path for the Map data for Main Comp1! This next puzzle
    has you running between sets of letters. Get the O and exchange it with T. 
    Swap T for A and A for L. Trade L for R and place R in the empty spot. 
    Go past "OWL" and press the switchto open the gate near "RAT". 
    Move on to Main Comp2.
    Yet ANOTHER stationary virus, except this living cactus is suicidal.
    It tosses its head onto the ground, causing it to bounce on each panel in
    the row. The head is still vulnerable while bouncing, so whack it with
    something to kill it.
    A twin set puzzle with four letters each? Ouch. Security gets more annoying as 
    we go. Grab H and take her to C, then go and get L. Exchange L for D and 
    place D in A's seat. A belongs in the open area. Pass "HALL" and press the 
    buttong to drop the barrier and proceed. 
    OH MY GOD A THREE-SET PUZZLE! Relax yourself and snatch A. Swap A for H and 
    H for E. Trade E for M and pick up T. Exchange T for I and place I where it 
    can fit to complete the riddle. The switches lie behind "HIP" and "ARM" and 
    the gate is after "TOE." 
    Don't hit the arrows yet, and continue up for a FullEnergy Subchip. 
    Travel along the paths of arrows and grab the data containing Spreader E
    after them. Run along and go down at the split for this place's map. 
    Go back up to the last puzzle.The idiot 
    Program forgot the passcode Dr. Hikari gave it. Control Lan and examine 
    the table and chairs in his dad's office for the code: 53214. Back yo Mega,
    Pick up 5 and trade it for 1. 
    Put 1 where 4 is and drop 4 in the empty hole. 
    Swap 2 and 3 and you are done at last!
    I reccomend you save here before heading up any further. Mega is about to find 
    the one responsible for the intrusion. Depending on what version you are 
    playing, it's Protoman/Colonel! Boss time!
    BATTLE: PROTOMAN (Team Protoman)
    HP 300
    Protoman moves randomly around the screen and has two attacks. He'll either use
    a WideSword or a HeroSword, which hit either across one column or one row 
    ahead respectively. As his HP drops, he may start to move into your field 
    before slashing. This is a little harder to dodge, especially with WideSword.
    He isn't too much trouble, so just make sure you try not to get hit and 
    aim well, and Proto will give in. 
    BATTLE: COLONEL (Team Colonel)
    HP 300
    Colonel is a new Navi to the series and packs some new attacks as well. 
    His Colonel Cannon is easily seen, Colonel pulls a huge gun over his shoulder 
    and fires it across the row. When the shot hits the end of the screen, the 
    back row will explode as well, so move forward when this attack is used. 
    Colonel's other move is his Screen Divide, a < shaped laser that quickly 
    slashes into your territory. This is used more commonly and is a bit trickier 
    to avoid, but nonetheless, this is an easy fight.
    After dispatching the Navi, you will Jack out. The door to the right is 
    now open, so go on in and meet Chaud/Baryl, who will ask you to join 
    Team Protoman/Colonel, a team of navis that will resist the dark syndicate 
    Nebula. Lan doesn't want to until he is told that Nebula kidnapped his father, 
    upon which he becomes eager to help out. Head back home and go to bed.
    ---<pt3>---Mission one---<pt3>---
    You will wake up and get a call from your leader, telling you to meet 
    them in ACDC2. Head over there to where you fought the purple Navi earlier. 
    Proto/Colo will cut the gate open and urge you inside. Before you enter, 
    stop by the Merchant from before to buy any HP Memories you have enough for, 
    then go into the newly opened ACDC3. Welcome to the Liberation field. 
    As Proto/Colo will explain, things work differently here. 
    Basically, your goal is to destroy the dark panels that block the way and 
    hurry to the boss in as few turns as possible. Also, you only have 
    three rounds to finish battles, so hurry up and delete! These are aggrivating 
    at times, but luckily for you, I have a step-by-step guide of how to 
    beat the missions in the shortest times.
    This virus is exactly what the name implies: A box that blows wind.
    Being a box, it can't exactly move. Or attack. But while it is alive,
    the wind it blows keeps you caught in your back row. No avoiding it folks.
    This is your first Guardian. Notice the high amount of HP? This is
    sort of a mini-boss.
    	Megaman should move onto the playing field to the left-most 
    dark panel. LIBERATION! A path should be open for Colo/Proto to run 
    through to the item panel. LIBERATE it for 500z.
    	Have Megaman follow the trail and rush to the Guardian in 
    front of Colo/Proto. LIBERATE! If you get a 1-turn liberate here, 
    collect 3 OP. Move Colo/Proto to the Dark Hole and LIBERATE!
    	Move Megaman through the new path until he hits a duo of Dark Panels 
    he should LONGSWORD to gain a recovery heart. Move Colo/Proto past him and 
    keep straight at the split road. Stand next to the Item Panel in the corner 
    and SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD facing the Guardian to find a Buster Up * chip, 
    and 3 OP if you 1-turn.
    	Take Megaman up and LIBERATE the Guardian. Then, have Colo/Proto 
    LIBERATE the Dark Hole. Simple plan this phase.
    	Press X to change to Colo/Proto and have him collect the goodies 
    from the Bonus Panel. Then, move him so he is lined up with BlizzardMan and 
    facing him. SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD! Now, this is tricky. Make sure your 
    skills are ripe, because you must have Megaman LIBERATE BlizzardMan.
    HP: 400
    This guy is much harder than the previous boss, he has 100 more HP and 
    3 attacks to deal with. The most common attack is Blizzardman rolling two 
    snowballs across two rows. Pretty much the same effect as two Mettaurs 
    attacking one after the other. The other move he can use anytime is Ice Breath.
    Two panels ahead of Blizzardman will be hit, so avoid it like a LondSword.
    Move up or down out of the way. When you lower his HP enough, Blizzardman rolls
    himself up into a ball and quickly rolls across the row. When he hits the back 
    row, two piles of snow fall from the sky into your area. They will stay
    after they land, so don't step on them or you'll get hurt. If you need to 
    wait until next phase so Protoman can help you, don't worry. Just beat him 
    as soon as you're capable.
    Good Luck and LIBERATION SUCCESS! 
    ---<pt4>---Isle of disaster---<pt4>---
    You will Jack out and, after a scene with Regal, decide to go with your friends
    to a deserted island to swim. Before you leave, you get a call from you leader,
    telling you to go to Mission Control at SciLab. That is the place where
    they first asked you to join the team. Head over there and Chaud/Baryl
    will install the Party Battle System into your PET. Test it out!
    Easy viruses, this is just to test the PBS. Switch to Colo/Proto to get 
    the hang of it. Now you can take Colo/Proto with you on the net!
    Head back over to ACDC3. At the entry, the data with ACDC3's map 
    glares at you. Check with the Program at the end to assure
    that everything is okay. Jack out to get an E-mail. Inside is Dex's Code, so
    open it up and go meet everyone at the station to head to Oran Isle. After Dex 
    goofs off and Mayl and Yai arrive in their swimsuits, everyone heads into
    the water. Dex wants you to get material for a fishing rod, but before you can
    set off, Chaud/Baryl E-mail ya. 
    Step over to the rusty old pole near Dex and Jack In. Welcome to Oran Area.
    The place is deep red, so it will be Liberated...but not now.
    This thing is a bat that flies up, then down in one panel the whole time.
    You cannot hit it while it is high in the air, so strike when it comes down.
    Pulsbat's attack is tricky, it fires a green pulse quickly across the row.
    BUT, if the pulse hit an object, (rock, timebomb, cube, etc.) the blast will
    expand to every panel near the object.
    To avoid getting
    lost, follow the green road and go up the blue stairs. Follow the green again
    to reach Proto/Colo. The situation is: the Mission is in the area in front of 
    you, but cannons are blocking the way and you cannot pass! Jack out.
    Okay now. We need a hook, line, bait, and rod. Examine the forest of 
    bamboo foryour rod, then head down the stairs and press A near the corner 
    for some fishing line. Head down to the beach and go left. 
    Examine the waterfall for bait. Talk to Dex, then head back up and go left. 
    heh, poor Lan. After Dex wins the contest, you need to get firewood. 
    Get the driftwood on the beach, then grab some bark from the dead tree 
    near the jack-in. Head near where you were fishing from and take some 
    dry grass from the yellow pile, then return to Dex. 
    NOW they want to go exploring. Never satisfied, I swear. 
    Check the new E-Mail for your Navi Customizer and a second folder. Go through
    the tutorial and head up near the Bamboo trees and follow the tracks. 
    Dex, Mayl and Yai have fallen down a hole!
    If the music doesn't annoy you enough, the maze of tunnels in this place will.
    Enter the door past the hole and hang straight. Head left at the three-way 
    split and turn on the elevator. Examine the door to find it locked. Head
    back down the elevator and go up the hill at the bottom left. Jack in to the
    pole. Talk to the brown Navi dead ahead. Pay 1000z to get the key. 
    Go back up and open the door. Go left to be outside again and enter the
    other door. Go down one hill, then up the next and examine the door.
    Just deal with these guys as any other viruses, just with higher HP.
    Use Colo/Proto to make short work of these guys. Outside again, head up
    the stairs and in. Take the first right for another door.
    Easier than before actually. A thing that should be noted; hit the rock with
    Airshot to push it to the back row, doing 200 damage to any virus
    it collides with. Watch out though. The Mettaur's shot goes through the rock.
    You'll be outside AGAIN. Head past the door and go up into the next door. More 
    viruses again. Don't worry, we're almost done with this repetitive cycle.
    These guys can be a hassle. The box is constantly blowing you to the back, and
    that makes you have to struggle to avoid the tanks' bombs. Just hold 
    forward and hope that you don't miss often.
    FINALLY, head down the elevator and head into the room to find either 
    Tesla (Team Protoman) or Pride (Team Colonel). Their 
    navis refuse to stop the drill, so you know what to do. 
    Jack In! Megaman, Execute!
    ---<pt5>---Rock Crusher---<pt5>---
    This is your next stage, and a frustrating one at that. First off, your 
    Party Battle System won't work here, so it's all up to Megaman. Talk
    to the Program to gain the ability to break rocks by mashing A. 
    A living drill. Can only move up and down, and once you enter the same row
    as it, it charges and goes off screen, then spins down whatever column you
    are in. To avoid, move up/down, then left/right.
    Head around to the conveyor belt and smash the rocks in your way. Jump off
    the belt and head down. Grab the blue data for an Invisible *. PUT IT
    IN YOUR FOLDER. NOW! Head up and break the gray rock to move on. Take a right 
    and grab the HP Memory in the blue data. Head back onto the path and dash
    at the right time to pass through the conveyor. I reccomend running through 
    just as the shadow of a rock appears on the belt. Pass both belts and destroy
    the green rock in the way, then head up and crack the brown rocks. Head up the 
    conveyor belt and bust the gray rocks on it as you pass onto land. Take the
    upper path for the map data, then continue downward. Break the gray rock and
    disable the drill.
    Head to the next box and Jack in. This is Drillcomp2. Follow the path to
    the conveyor and walk up it, demolishing rocks to get past. Head down now
    and crack the brown rock. Grab the blue data for a Charge+1 program.
    Go into the Navi customizer and insert it. Move up a shatter the gray rock.
    Dash past the short belt in between rocks and take a right. Dash through this
    belt too and crush the rocks above you. Ride the belt down and continue
    downward. Run up the next conveyor, breaking all rocks and grabbing the data
    for a RockCube *. Move up and step on the conveyor belt, taking a pit stop
    to grab this place's map data. Ride down the belt, facing right. Break the
    rock as you approach and hop off the belt. Move along the path to disable this
    drill operation system.
    Move to the next box and Jack in... Drillcomp3. Start by moving up the belt
    and breaking the rock at the top. Grab the data behind it for an HP+100!
    Go into Navicust and program it. NOW!. Look at your max HP now, hehe. Move
    down the belt a little ways and unboard to the first landing on the right.
    Follow the path down and get on the conveyor. Move down it and carefully break
    the gray stone. Move down and crack the green rock and the brown rock.
    Grab the data behind them for a FullEnergy subchip. Save it for later and
    continue on. Purposely let the rocks push you down. From where you land, climb
    the belt and talk to the program for the StopKey. Move back down and around to
    where you fell and dash across the many intersections, avoiding the green rocks
    from the machine. This is rather difficult, so don't feel bad if you don't
    make it on the first try. Once you make it up the winding road, grab the
    map data and move on up. Break the green rock and examine the machine to stop
    the rocks. Move back to the winding road and again, let yourself fall.
    Move up the belt to your right and then cross the belt you just stopped.
    Hit the switch to stop the engine. Only one left!
    Jack in to the final box and lets roll! Move onward and cross the plethora
    of conveyor belts, then move upward and cross that one. Go up the next belt
    for an HP Memory, then follow it down to the path, knocking the brown rock 
    out of the way. Travel up the next belt, hiding in the alcove to avoid any 
    green rocks, then running up onto the path. Dash across the short belts,
    then ride the long belt down. Follow the path to another winding road. Great.
    Cross its many annoying mini-belts, noting that there is data containing
    Longsword S after the second crossing. Put it in your folder. Now, if in
    battle, your three sword types appear together, select them in this order:
    This creates a LifeSword. Anyway, continue on and grab the data for the map,
    then examine the machine to stop the rocks. Run up the newly opened belt, 
    and once you reach the other side, SAVE and use a FullEnergy. Approach the
    Navi to enter a...
    BATTLE: KNIGHTMAN (Team Colonel)
    HP: 500
    Knightman spends most of his time in his hard, stone armor. The way you
    are now, only your Drillarm chips can pierce his armor. The only time you can
    hit him with normal chips is right before he attacks. Knightman will either
    fire his Kingdom Crusher in a straight line or into the sky, causing rocks to
    fall. Dodge the rocks. Eventually, Knightman will jump forward, 
    this allows shorter ranged chips to hit him. Watch out though, if he gets
    far enough, he'll steal your panels to progress. After a hard-fought match,
    Knightman will shut off the drill.
    BATTLE: MAGNETMAN (Team Protoman)
    HP: 500
    Magnetman will start by placing Magnet panels all over. These irritating
    things shove you off whenever you step on them, placing you in any random 
    direction. Magnetman can cause a black panel to appear under you, making you
    unable to move if you stay on it too long. His most common attacks involve a
    magnetic ball of thunder slowly homing in on you, or a magnet quickly homing
    in on you.As his HP drops, he will 
    produce a blue clone of himself to repeatedly try to ram you. Dodge this by
    moving up and down. Magnetman is relatively easy, so you shouldn't have
    much trouble getting him to stop the drill for good.
    Move past where the fourth box was and follow the path to the elevator. Enter
    the room to find a locked door. And what's worse, the mine key won't open it!
    Megaman will jack in. Run forward and hit the switch. The security system will
    activate, causing an avalanche of rocks to fall towards Megaman! Just as you
    seem to be done for, Magnetman/Knightman comes in to save you. Wow! With
    defensive abilities like that, he can withstand anything...like those cannons!
    After asking Magnet/Knight to join the team, Jack in to the post from before
    to enter Oran area. Head back over to the cannons and watch the team break 
    through! Enter the next area to begin your second Liberation.
    ---<pt6>---Mission two---<pt6>---
    Shademan has returned from Battle Network 4, and this time he's even easier.
    You have three Navis to control now, and this field is pretty straight forward.
    Just follow my directions and you're good.
    	Move Knight/Magnet in between the two Dark Panels right in front of
    you and LIBERATE the one on the right. Colo/Proto should stand one panel 
    in front of KnightMan and SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD for 2 OP. 
    Have Megaman one panel in front of Colo/Proto, move right once, 
    then up 1, then right 1, then up 1, then LONG SWORD to reach the item panel,
    it contains a Hi-Cannon D.
    	See the bird Guardian that moved over to Megaman? 
    Have Knight/Magnet LIBERATE it from the panel in front of Mega. BUT WAIT!  
    When you enter the battle, select your Kingdom Crusher 
    (NS Tackle for Protoman players) only. IMMEDIATELY after you start, 
    move one step right. When the bird lands, nail it with your chip. 
    Move forward and charge your buster, move back as it attacks and fire. 
    Easy plan, so remember it well. With that thing gone, move Megaman to the 
    Bonus Panel and collect it. Then take him to the 
    Guardian near the Hole and LIBERATE it. The Dark Hole should 
    now be fair game, so run Colo/Proto over to it and LIBERATE! 
    Oh boy, a Tin Hawk...do the same thing you did with Knight/Magnet, 
    but this timemove left (use C-cannon on Colonel, charge-up on Protoman.)
    Worry about the viruses once the hawk is done in.
            Move Colo/Proto to the Item Panel dead ahead and LIBERATE for a 
    recovery heart. Take Knight/Magnet to the Hawk and LIBERATE it like you did 
    the other. Finally, have Megaman LIBERATE the lone dark panel on the 
    upper wall of the path. A 1-turn nets you 3 OP.
    	Drag Knight/Magnet over to the pile of Dark Panels that block 
    your progress and LIBERATE the left-hand panel of the two front ones. 
    Place Colo/Proto on the Panel Knight/Magnet just liberated and use 
    SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD. Using Megaman, LIBERATE the Dark Hole.
    	Take Knight/Magnet over to the Hawk that just moved to the corner 
    and do the usual plan to LIBERATE it. 
    (NOTE: a 1-turn is expected and required here.) Have Colo/Proto
    collect the bonus panel and then LIBERATE the Dark Hole. 
    The Hawk in here may give you a little grief, but the dodge-and-hit plan 
    still applies. Eliminate the Hawk first and proceed to having 
    Megaman LIBERATE either of the two panels above you that block the path.
    	Position Knight/Manet in the corner made by the L shaped formation of 
    Dark Panels and LIBERATE the panel that is lined up with Shademan. 
    A 1-turn will open the item panel containing a recovery heart. Have Colo/Proto
    line up with Shademan and SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD. You now have the chance to
    delete Shademan with Megaman, but if you fail, you can use all of your team 
    against him next turn and still get the special chip. LIBERATION SUCCESS!
    Shademan shouldn't really put up too much of a fight. He has three attacks,
    the most common being Shademan summoning bat to slowly follow you.
    Occasionally, Shademan swoops to the front row and slashes at you with
    a claw swipe with the range of a Wide Sword. The last attack he knows is
    semi-common. Shademan will emit a sonic wave that shoots two squares ahead,
    then extends across the column, like a "T" tilted to the left.
    ---<pt7>---The clouds of DOOM!---<pt7>---
    After the mission, Knightman/Magnetman officially join the team. You get a
    little message saying that Megaman's soul communed with theirs, but more
    on that later. After a scene with Regal, a man will approach and ask you to
    Jack In to the squirrel. As you do so, Chaud/Baryl will E-mail you about
    the unison of Mega and Magnet/Knight's souls, ironically named, Soul Unison.
    Go through the annoying tutorial we seem to get all the time and proceed to 
    the maze of comps that is the SquirrelComp. Well, take the portals in this 
    Right (then follow the path)
    Right (Then follow the path)
    You should meet up with Shadowman/Gyroman! Mega will jack out and Charlie/Dusk
    will reveal that Nebula wants Dr.Hikari for something his has...
    Chaud/Baryl E-mail you AGAIN. He had Colo/Proto lock down your HP. Lan says
    that they've crossed the line. Seriously, if the surprise is secret enough
    for them to close off something like that it must be good. Run over to Lan's
    and Jack In. Look at the shiny new portal! Inside is the NCMachine comp. The
    machine in here (oddly shaped like a DS) lets you change your party around.
    Unfortunately, we have no choices, so upload the new Knight/Magnet data and 
    look arund for a P.Sppt PCust piece. Put it in Magnet/Knight's system and head
    via ACDC3 to Oran.
    Once again, you get an E-Mail from your leader. Apparently, six nebula agents
    didn't get enough thrashing during the mission. Now, we've gotta find 'em all.
    1) Go left from where you start and follow the green road. Can't miss him.
    More of the Bugtank/Windbox plan. Just treat this as a normal battle and don't
    get stressed by the boss music playing.
    2) In Oran2, follow the green path (pitstopping for a Vulcan2 C) and confront
    the purple navi halfway through.
    Protoman users are advised to avoid using Magnetman/Soul here. If you get an
    AirShot, load it up and shove the rock in Mettaur's face. Just treat the EX
    Viruses like the older version with more HP.
    3) Continue on the green road and go up the stairs. Across the arrows is 
    the purple Navi we've been looking for.
    Essentially, this is the same a the Bugtankx2+Windbox from Oran, but now,
    you are being pulled to the front row, good news for Protoman players. 
    4) Follow the long road back to Oran1, then through to the newly liberated
    Oran3. Head forward for the map data and the next purple Navi.
    No comment. This should be no problem since you have TWO rocks to shove around.
    5) Take the next right and follow the thind trail to the next purple Navi.
    Well, you'll be doing some dodging in here, for all rows are open to attack! 
    Shove the rock into the Mettaur when you get AirShot as he is the only
    one that can move. After one is gone, you won't get hit much.
    6) Go to where Shademan once stood. This guy guards the exit to the next area.
    Can I say use the rock carefully? If a pulsbat's beam hits an object, try
    not to get caught in the explosion.
    YOU will call Chaud/Baryl for once and they will tell you to check the access
    to Scilab3. Now, head on to the next area to be stopped by ANOTHER Nebula
    Agent that wants you deleted.
    The same as before, with no rock to aid/annoy you. Pretty simple.
    After that ordeal, Mega will proceed to the next area as Shadow/Gyro watch.
    This virus moves forward one panel, then fires a shot that hits the row and the
    back column. Eventually, his onward movement has Catack intruding your area.
    Handis will lay a time bomb in your area that explode unavoidably after three
    seconds. Luckily the bombs will be destroyed after 3 damage and the Handi will
    be left vulnerable for precious moments before laying another bomb.
    The area is red, but no liberating yet. Head through the mazes of Scilab1 and
    don't forget to grab the Map Data in the upper-right corner. You'll want it.
    Continue on through Scilab area 2's paths and head toward the map's center
    to find a stream of clouds blocking the way to area 3. Mega will jack out
    and Gyro/Shadow will again be found watching you. Go over to Lan's bed and 
    go to sleep. The next day, Tesla/Pride will E-mail you for the first time!
    Apparently, Gyro/Shadow shattered their Navi! Get to Oran and climb the 
    mountain, and along the way, you'll spot Mr. Famous! He's loaded with a new 
    Navi, Gridman and is eager for a rumble! Get ready for some football!
    BATTLE: Gridman
    HP: 700
    This guys has an odd football theme going on. His attacks are varied, but all
    involve football...Gridman can charge across your row trying to tackle you,
    kick his football to explode in a 2x2 area, or call up some clones that will
    also try to tackle you. The next attack he has is odd, Gridman grabs his 
    football and throws it, making it bounce randomly around your area. Just be 
    carefull to dodge it.
    With that done, head over to where the DrillCompswere and head through each 
    one of them to the end, collecting Knight/Magnet's thought, speech, movement,
    and attack programs. Luckily for us, the rocks exist no more, and the belts are
    stopped! Further to our advantage, the Party System works here now! This is
    a piece of cake now that we have the map datas for here as well.
    Once Knight/Magnet has been reprogrammed, Charlie/Dusk will come in and comment
    on how Colo/Proto is the only one on the team who is fast enough. He will slip
    away and Lan decides to ask Chaud/Baryl about the menace. Head over to base at
    Scilab to learn more about Charlie/Dusk. Just then, the alarm sounds. Nebula
    has contaminated Oran Area! And you can't jack in directly from Oran! AND the
    Party System won't work! AND- well you'll see after you get to Oran via ACDC3.
    Gyro/Shadow wants to play tag with you! Follow them down the stairs to notice
    that Oran has been filled with clouds! Talk to the program to obtain the
    VacuProg. The storage loses 1 unit every white cloud, 3 for a gray, and 5 units
    to absorb a thundercloud. Gold clouds also take 1 unit, but have an item in 
    them...or a virus...figures. Now for a guide!
    Go right and suck up the numorous whites along the green path until you find
    Gyro/Shadow. They race off to Oran2, so follow them! Suck up the cloud on the
    left, then follow the path, absorbing another duo of clouds. Take a right and
    nab the cloud, then follow the road, absorbing all up until you see a gray.
    Then suck up the white that goes off-road to the left and talk to the program
    to empty the Vacuprog. Head back onto the main path and suck up the cloud. DO
    NOT TALK TO THE PROG BEHIND THE CLOUD! Immediately take a right and absorb the 
    white clouds to catch Gyroman or Shadowman again, who will then take off to
    SciLab area. Catch the cloud trio below you and continue past the gray cloud.
    Suck up the white cloud beyond it, and then the white on the right side of the
    dead end. Follow the arrow trail back to the entry, then rush to Oran3. 
    Once there, open your map and head to the waffle-like area in the center, start
    by heading right at the beginning, then up to the waffle.
    Suck up the white cloud the program is facing, then head straight and suck the
    gray, then go up. Absorb the white cloud behind the thunder one, then head down
    and eliminate the cloud in front of the program to get your tank emptied a bit.
    From the program, head left, and then down as soon as you can. Then go right
    and suck the gray cloud. Then suck your first thunder cloud up. Take the long
    walk back to the entry and talk to the program there to have your tank emptied.
    Head back to where the thunder cloud was and absorb the upmost thunder cloud.
    You don't need an empty, so head up and take in the white cloud to catch up
    with Gyroman/Shadowman. They run off again, so get rid of the last three clouds
    and enter area 2, thankfully, the last cloud-infested area.
    As you head up, get the gray cloud then the thunder cloud, then head right to
    a white cloud guarding a program. Absorb it and get your partial refill.
    Absorb the solo gray cloud near where the thundercloud was, then head left and
    absorb the white cloud, then the gold cloud in front of the program. Go back
    right until you see a solo thundercloud. Suck it up and then head right more to
    a gold cloud guarding a program. Yay! This guy actually gives a full empty!
    Head left and around to where a thundercloud lies near the previous program.
    Absorb it and the gray cloud behind it to pass over the little orange road.
    From there, go left and empty yourself at the program. Head up across another
    orange bridge and absorb the thundercloud on the left followed by the white one
    above it. Absorb the gray cloud and return to the program for a refill. Go
    back to where the gray cloud was and absorb the gray cloud near where it stood.
    Grab the last gray cloud to finally leave Gyro/Shadow nowhere to run.
    BATTLE: Gyroman (Team Protoman)
    HP: 600
    My god this guy's quick! Gyroman can toss his propeller at you, it hits in a 
    range like a boomerang. He can breath a cyclone of air that hits three panels
    ahead of him. His most noteworthy attack is when he turns into his copter form
    and flies across the screen dropping bombs. This really has no trick to dodge,
    so try and get lucky. Any other time he goes into copter form, he just shoots
    three weak shots at one panel, so just keep moving and that won't bug you.
    BATTLE: Shadowman (Team Colonel)
    This guy's move get rather stale. He will try to always keep clones on the 
    field, and this can be really bad when he has each clone on a seperate row, as
    Shadowman's most common attack is a firey shot traveling across a row. If all
    rows are covered by clones, the attack is hard to avoid. If you try attacking
    the real Shadowman while he is performing the above attack, you will be 
    instantly hammered by three shurikens. The last thing Shadowman does is 
    sneak up behind you and use a LongSword. Not to tough to avoid.
    Follow your team to the line of dark clouds. Gyro/Shadow will get over it and
    destroy the darkchip at the end, allowing you to pass to area3!
    It is now time for the next Liberation Mission everyone!
    ---<pt8>---Mission three---<pt8>---
    This map is really simple, but the boss may give a challenge. I highly
    reccomend Boomers and TankCans for this guy. Take good note of Gyro/Shadow's
    ability to go over Dark Panels.
    	Begin with Knight/Magnet and LIBERATE the panel in front of where 
    Colo/Proto starts out. Switch back to Megaman and LONG SWORD the line of 
    panels in front of Knight/Magnet. With the Guardian now reachable, have 
    Colo/Proto make quick work of him. LIBERATE! Now to give some action 
    to the newbie. Move into the left corner of the starting rectangle and 
    pass through the Dark Panels to grab the Bonus Panel. Go back across and 
    LIBERATE the Hole.
    	Get ready to see Shadow/Gyro in action! Switch to him and move down the
    path on the right until you came to a rectangle filled with Dark Panels and a 
    lone Item Panel. LIBERATE it to get the Barrier Key inside. Now, race along 
    the newly opened path as Megaman and LIBERATE the panel at the end. 
    Run up the path with Knight/Magnet and LIBERATE the panel to Megaman’s right 
    that is lined up with the Hawk. Notice the small opening that made. 
    Take Colo/Proto through it until he is caught between two columns of
    Dark Panels, each with its own Dark Hole.  SAVE HERE! 
    Stand at the farthest panel you can reach and LIBERATE the panel on 
    AND R AND RELOAD YOUR FILE. You will collect a recovery heart.
    	Looks like a mess over by Colo/Proto... take Megaman near him to 
    where the item panel with the heart once was. Have him LONG SWORD here. 
    Have Colo/Proto LIBERATE on of the available Dark Holes and have Knight/Magnet
    take care of the other. Move Shadow/Gyro down the path behind Megaman, 
    stand on either side of the Guardian and SAVE. LIBERATE the Guardian: 
    A 1-turn is required. See above if you fail.
    	The bird we ignored at the beginning is getting awfully close...we’ll 
    deal with it later. Have Shadow/Gyro LIBERATE the Item panel on the edge of 
    the rectangle for the last Barrier key. See the thin barricade of Panels 
    preventing you from reaching the new portion of the map? Have Knight/Magnet 
    LIBERATE one of the two panels in your way. Have Colo/Proto proceed and 
    LIBERATE the only panel he can reach down the newly unlocked path. 
    A 1-turn recovers you 3 OP. Let Megaman collect the Bonus Panel if Colo/Proto
    got a 1-turn, but either way, end up by attacking the Guardian.
    	Make Knight/Magnet LIBERATE the Dark Hole, releasing the blockade 
    around Cloudman. Line Colo/Proto up with Cloudman, and use 
    SCREEN DIVIDE/WIDE SWORD. Now, pummel this hell of a Darkloid with Shadow/Gyro 
    and Megaman, and if you finish him the phase, you would have cleared 
    SciLab 3’s liberation 4 phases early! LIBERATION SUCCESS! 
    BATTLE: Cloudman
    HP: 700
    A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G. This guy hides in his back row the whole time, allowing his 
    clouds to do the work. The clouds shoot balls of electricity out that stun you.
    Cloudman will summon a metallic orb that tries to poke you in a + shape. After
    a while, Cloudman will disappear into a cloud, and a giant tornado starts to
    slowly follow you around. Shoot the clouds with your buster to uncover the
    hiding Navi and continue the irritating process of deleting him.
    ---<pt9>---New Navi---<pt9>---
    After the liberation, Cloudman seeks revenge and kidnaps MegaMan! A group of 
    Regal's navis has infected MegaMan with a Dark Chip! Back to us, Lan wakes up
    to the ringing of his phone, missing the call believing that Mega would get it
    for him. It was Chaud/Baryl telling Lan to meet them at the harbour near
    Scilab. Head over there via metro and go up the stairs, then right to enter
    the area that was previously closed off. Go down the stairway and find your
    leader. After Lan gets a little ticked off, you are told to report back to
    Mission Control. Go there and have a new navi installed into your PET.
    It's Protoman/Colonel! Jack in to SciLabHP on the left side of the room, be 
    sure to grab the map data for SciLab2 past the portal at the end.
    Head over to Oran2 and rush around the the long stairway and find that the door
    that leads to End Area is, well, locked. Head to SciLab, and go to where Cloud
    once stood. Go through the arrow there to end up in SciLab4. Talk to the Navi
    in orange and silver near the top of the area for the key to the door. Return
    there and head to End Area. As you near the entrance to the area in need of
    liberating, you are stopped by...Megaman??? He mocks you and sends in an army
    of Nebula agent to stop you. Since you cannot proceed, Proto/Colo will 
    jack out on their own. There must be some way to save Mega! Head back to 
    mission control and Chaud/Baryl will tell you to forget Megaman for a bit and 
    explain your next job. A party is being held on the Queen Bohemia and they
    weren't invited. Ubercorp is auctioning off a program that increases the 
    power of any program ten fold! And Nebula is trying to get it... so in
    order to stop them you need an invite. 
    Go to Oran and talk to Tesla/Pride, who is standing in the center of the
    first area. Now that you're allowed on board, go home and sleep- the party's
    the next morning! Head back over to SciLab and get to the ship docked in the 
    port. Quite a fancy little place ain't it? It doesn't take long for Lan to
    spot a suspicious person, so we just ignore him...wow. Head off after the man
    to end up on the deck. Talk to the guy in blue to begin a stamp collecting
    game. The first stamp is just below you, at the very front of the ship. Next,
    go up the stairs and into the captain's room.  Examine the steering wheel for
    a stamp. Now go back to where you entered the ship and examine the table on
    the left for stamp #3. Return to the blue guy and collect 1000z. Sweet! The
    rich man just got beat in a netbattle after spending a million on customizing.
    Seeing as Lan is Lan, he challenges the victor, Dingo/Fyrefox. Just before they
    can start, however, the engine room gets broken into! Rush to where you first
    spotted the suspicious guy, and enter the code "11922911" to proceed. Jack in
    to the fourth box to confront a nebula navi. Go along the path to a virus.
    It's been a good while since our last required battle. They've all been pretty
    easy so far...and this is no exception. These viruses aren't new, so just treat
    this a normal match.
    Continue on through the next few areas for more virus battles, none of which
    are really necessary to have BATTLE sections for. After that ordeal, head to 
    the previously off-limits room near the chip trader. After talking to everyone
    in there, a cutscene will trigger. Someone stole the booster system! But how?
    Looks like this is a job for Sherlock Hikari!
    ---<pt10>---Ship Chaos!!!--<pt10>---
    Examine everything: the tables, the mirrors, the food. On a random note, you
    can jack in to the wine vase for a RegUp3. Oh boy, Lan has an idea...or so he
    says. Actually, we have to select the right answers. In this order, choose:
    It's the Mirror! The reflection! Well well, and I thought Lan was dumb.
    Head to the engine room and examine the ladder at the end. Wow! A secret path
    to the deck, no one would have seen a getaway that perfect! Go near the bridge
    and find that Dingo/FyreFox has hijacked the ship! He's got a message to spread
    and nothing will stop him! Except you and Proto/Colo. Welcome to ShipComp, or 
    as I call it, hell on the net. This place is easily the most annoying area in
    the game. Go onward until you must go underwater.
    Take the first left, then the left bridge. Make sure to stand on the bubble to
    refill air! Run through as the whirlpool disappears and grab the ship key!
    Teleport back to the surface and use the key to open the lock. Damn, another
    locked door...get back in the water and turn right. Carefully dodge the
    whirlpools in a row to grab the key and return to the land. Open the door and
    continue to yet ANOTHER underwater segment. Go right, then across the left
    bridge. The key is on the right path from here, so grab it and escape area 1!
    Time to dash into the sea again...this area introduces a new feature, though.
    Tides are blowing down the path, but to prevent being swept back, hold the 
    exact opposite direction as the tide flows to stand. Do this to the tide 
    blocking your way and refill air on the left. Go back to the right and after
    passing the first tide, let the second one blow you to the square area.
    Refill your air and avoid whirlpools to get the key! Open the door and go back
    underwater at the next ladder. Follow the rightward path and take a left to
    restore your air. Move on and get the holy MapData! Get blown back by the tide
    to be near another tide. Let it blow you to wind up un a center path, careful 
    not to get blown back to start, proceed on the straightforward trail to get the
    RegUp3. lol, I bet you were expecting a key. Go across the other bridge
    to get the key you knew was nearby. Teleport back up and open the gate.
    Welcome the the ShipComp3. You are probably running low on HP from battles and
    the occasional drowning situation, so you might wanna jack out then back in.
    Either way, there are three keys needed to unlock this one. Geez, I'm sick
    of this level...good thing we're almost done with it! Moving on...
    Head into the depths once more and take a left turn. Avoid the whirlpools and 
    go up. Let the current blow you back to grab something invaluable; the map data
    of this hell-hole! Keep going for a submemory and a place to restore air. Let 
    the next current take you. Stealthily dodge the two sets of whirlpools to the
    right, then take another right and exit the water Key C. Go back down and enter
    the portal. Head back down under and begin with a left (again). Go beyond the
    current from before a head down past the two whirlpools. Stand against the line
    of currents and run when they stop. At the end, grab Key A and warp back to 
    land. Go underwater again and keep the straight path. Defend against the curent
    and sneak by. After the long path, grab Key B and warp home. Open that door and
    ...WHAT'S THIS??? ANOTHER AREA??? Oh, it just needs one key? I was expecting at
    least five or some evil thing like that...
    Dive down and turn right. Let this and the next current blow you, then keep
    on and stand against the next one. Let yourself be hit by the one at the
    dead end and continue up past the whirlpools for a refill spot. Go back down
    and be blown by the current. Avoid the twisters and head left. Be blown by
    the last current. Grab the unneeded map and the final key and warp up. This is
    a good time to jack out to restore HP, so do so and return for your next...
    BOSS: NAPALMMAN (Team Protoman)
    HP: 800
    He...is easy! Most of the time he'll move around slowly, and machine guns will
    pop up from the ground, shooting the panel you were at last. Just keep moving
    and you should be fine. His next move is a small bit trickier. He fires a pair
    of bombs, usually in a diagonal fashion. Stay in the corner opposite these
    and you will dodge the impact and the wierd explosion. *He had another attack,
    but I killed him while he STOOD STILL using it, so I don't know what it was.
    Any info would be great.*
    BOSS: TOMAHAWKMAN (Team Colonel)
    HP: 800
    One of my favorite navis here, Tomahawkman has a good few moves of his own.
    He'll throw his axe across a row, sometimes going around like a boomer.
    He can chop at you in the same range as a LifeSword. (you HAVE seen it, right?)
    At low HP, he'll roll into a ball Sonic style and crash down. DO NOT STAND IN
    THE FRONT ROW AS HE DOES THIS!!! He will crash down, sending shockwaves in a
    WideSword range, one row after another. If you were in the front row, the move
    would become unavoidable. Now the tricky part: his totem pole. When the top
    head is awake, meteors will crash down on the field randomly. With the middle
    head, Tomahawkman will be temporarily invincble. When the bottom head activates
    try to deactivate it ASAP. It constantly heals Toma!! Well, carrying on...
    ---<pt11>---Mission four---<pt11>---
    Head over to End 1, more accurately, where you found DarkMega before. Napa/Toma
    will come in and destroy the mass army, letting you enter the nest Liberation
    Area, where the boss is none other than DarkMega himself!
    NOTICE: Protoman players should begin by using that TP chip on Napalmman to get
    Tomahawkman on the job. We will get use out of Napalman too though.
    Player phase 01-
       Move Colo/Proto to the far right, face the darkhole and SCREEN DIVIDE! Then,
    position Tomahawkman near Colo/Proto so that TomahawkSwing would give access to
    both that Darkhole and the Guardian in front of it. TOMAHAWK SWING! *noticing
    that I put you in a surrounded position? Try out Toma's T-Swing chip!* Have
    Shad/Gyro destroy the hole. Line Knight/Mag up with the next hole and LIBERATE!
    Player phase 02-
       That is a crowd of Guardians if I ever saw one! Have Colo/Proto take the one 
    beside the BonusPanel first, Knight/Mag check out (lol knight...check)the bird,
    and have Tomahawkman eliminate the last one. *be careful! Toma take 2x from the
    flames!* Move Shado/Gyro over the panels to the right and onto the huge diamond
    sticking out the side of the field. Liberate the item nearest the far-right 
    corner for a refilling 3 OP.
    Player phase 03-
       Wow! Guardians again? Ignore them and drag Colo/Proto between them and 
    SCREEN DIVIDE/ WIDE SWORD the panels, allowing both holes to be attacked.
    Have Knight/Mag and Toma each take out a hole, and return to Shado/Gyro. Save 
    here, and move down to the next item panel. Face either way, but BE SURE TO GET
    A 1-TURN LIBERATE! If not, reset and try again. Collect Key2. 
    Player phase 04-
       Move Colo/Proto onto the same diamond as Shado/Gyro as far as possible. Face 
    the Item panel near the Guardian and SCREEN! Have Knightman collect the heart,
    and have Shad/Gyro kill the Guardian in front of the hole. Tomahawkman should 
    now destroy the hole. 
    Player phase 05-
       First off, Knight/Mag should approach the last item panel in sight, SAVE,and
    attempt a 1-turn. The Barrierkey1 is yours! Move Tomahawk beyond the newly open
    gate, and use T-SWING so that it can hit the item near the Guardian. Colo/Proto
    should liberate the panel behind the Guardian and in front of the hole, which
    Shadow/Gyro should destroy on his turn.
    Player phase 06-
       Grab the bonuspanel with Shadow/Gyro, then switch to Knight/Mag, who should 
    line up with DarkMega and liberate. Switch to Toma, who should stand where
    Knightman just liberated and use T-SWING! *Why could'nt we have used Colo/Proto
    for this you ask? Becuase Tomahawkman's T-swing leaves the boss with only two
    columns to move in, and you know how annoying that is!* Have Colo/Proto and
    Shadow/Gyro each attack DarkMega; if you don't win, don't worry! You can beat
    him next turn and still get the highest level (yet still crappy) chip.
    BOSS: Megaman
    HP: 800
    Wow! This guy's so easy, this section shouldn't even exist! He rarely moves,
    and is almost constantly firing the weak buster. The only special things are-
    he uses cannons (weak), minibombs, (inaccurate), swords, (weak AND inaccurate),
    and...oh yeah! He can use any thing you've ever used! (weak, inaccurate and-
    WHAT!!!) Relax. The worst he can do to you now is Roll. Come back later though.
    Congrats on that easy mission! Your reward is...1 crappy chip and TWO 
    NEW SOULS! WOOHOO! For Team Colonel, Shadow and Toma soul, and Gyro and Napalm
    for Team Protoman.
        Bonus Folders: <fldr>
    Mr.Folder (SciLab, room before mission control)
    M-Cannon F x2
    M-Cannon G
    M-Cannon H
    Tankcan1 E x3
    Thunder * x2
    Grasseed *
    Iceseed *
    Seaseed *
    Moonblade E x3
    YoYo D
    YoYo E
    YoYo F
    Hotbody1 F x3
    Cusvolt2 G x3
    Lance C
    Fanfare *
    Blinder *
    SuprVulcan S
    Meteors R
    NumbrBl N
    XFolder (Female scientist in End City's tower)
    HiCannon D x2
    HiCannon E
    HiCannon F
    Airshot * x2
    Vulcan2 A
    Vulcan2 B
    Vulcan2 C
    Spreader C
    Spreader D
    Spreader E
    MrkCan1 S x3
    Pulsar1 F x3
    Widesht1 L
    Widesht1 M
    Widesht1 N
    Cactbal11 H
    Cactbal1 I
    Cactbal1 J
    CusVolt1 A x3
    SuprVulc S
    Guardian O
    Roll R
    DuelFolder (Nebula navi in Undernet4, BN game must be in GBA slot)
    Thunder *
    Resetbom O
    Sword S
    WideSwrd S
    LongSwrd S
    MoonBld2 O
    DrillArm2 S x2
    Airhock Q
    Skully S x2
    AqWhirl2 O x2
    Voltz1 O x2
    Magnum O
    Boybomb1 S x2
    Fan *
    Timpani *
    Areagrab S x2
    AntiElec * x2
    AntiSwrd O
    AntiNavi M
    Guardian O
    Jealousy J
    DjangoSP D
    BadFolder (Nebula Navi in Oran3)
    Pulsar1 P x4
    Static N x3
    Bugbomb T x3
    MonnbBld1 N x4
    DrilArm1 J x3
    Invisibl * x2
    VDoll Z
    AntiDmg M
    AntiSwrd R
    AntiNavi T
    AntiRecv J
    BlizmanDS B
    ShademanDS S
    CloudmanDS C
    DrkSword Z
    DarkThnd M
    DarkInvs I
    Thanks to Hello Light for locating these folders!
    ---<legal>---Legal Stuff---<legal>---
    This guide is Copyright 2006 Sean Morrissey. Any reccomendations to the guide, 
    ideas, or error fixes can be sent to me at SJGamer@verizon.net. I will only 
    permit my guide to be posted on www.Gamefaqs.com and select other sites who 
    want my permission and I grant it. 
    'Till next guide, CruxisBLADE, Jacking Out.

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