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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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             ,--'.'''''',    ,-'''',,-'.      ,,,,,,,,
              \ /        '.'       ,'   ',   ,' ',    ''',    ,-''''-,
             / |          /|   ,,  ',     ','     ; ,,    ',''        ',
              \|     ,, ./ |  \  |   ',         ,'  | ;    )            \
              /_\    \     |   ''     .',     ,'    ''    /      ,,      \
                 \    ',   |         .' /   ,' |        ,',    .'  '     |
             ,    \     \  |    _,,,'  /    |  |       ',|     \   /     /
             \',,   \    \ |    \      /    |  |    ,     ''.   '''      /
              \  .',,'    \|    \     /     |  |    |',    /            /
               \,'       / |__,,,     /   ,'   ',,  |  ', / ',        /
                  ',    ,             ''''        ''     '    ''',,,''
                    ''''  _/.~      .~        
                         (_ |_  _  _| _      |   _ _  _  _   
                        \__)| )(_|(_|(_)\)/  |__(-(_)(_|(_ \/
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              |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
              |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
              |      1 - Introduction.........................[010100]  |
              |      2 - Controls.............................[010200]  |
              |      3 - Miniporiums..........................[010300]  |
              |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
              |      i - Dragon Realms........................[020100]  |
              |          1 - Dragon Shores....................[020101]  |
              |          2 - Dragon Dojo......................[020102]  |
              |          3 - Dragon Village...................[020103]  |
              |          4 - Dragon Shores....................[020104]  |
              |          5 - Bear Forest......................[020105]  |
              |          6 - Wizard Peak......................[020106]  |
              |          7 - Cliff Town.......................[020107]  |
              |          8 - Boss: Ice Minion.................[020108]  |
              |      ii - Avalar..............................[020200]  |
              |          1 - Savannah.........................[020201]  |
              |          2 - Treetops.........................[020202]  |
              |          3 - Skelos Badlands..................[020203]  |
              |          4 - Boss: Fire Minion................[020204]  |
              |      iii - Forgotten Worlds...................[020300]  |
              |          1 - Lost Fleet.......................[020301]  |
              |          2 - Moleville........................[020302]  |
              |          3 - Sorcerer's Land..................[020303]  |
              |          4 - Boss: The Sorcerer...............[020304]  |
              |  3 - Dragon Eggs..............................[030000]  |
              |  4 - Relics...................................[040000]  |
              |  5 - Crystals.................................[050000]  |
              |  6 - Items....................................[060000]  |
              |  7 - Bestiary.................................[070000]  |
              |      i - Real World...........................[070100]  |
              |      ii - Shadow Realm........................[070200]  |
              |      iii - Bosses.............................[070300]  |
              |  8 - Updates..................................[080000]  |
              |  9 - Contact..................................[090000]  |
              |  10 - Copyright...............................[100000]  |
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                   | Author: dark52                     |
                   | Version: 1.01                      |
                   | Start Date: 07/09/06               |
                   | Last Updated: 11/09/06             |
                   | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
                   | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |
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    Alright? Welcome to my complete and full walkthrough to the 2005 Nintendo DS 
    game Spyro: Shadow Legacy. You should be able to stumble your way through the 
    game by yourself but just in case you need some help everything you'll ever 
    need to know is in here. Probably.
                                |                    |
                                |                    |
    Here are all of the controls for all of the moves in the game, most of which 
    you will need to earn by levelling up or just moving on with the adventure.
                   | Button                      | Action          |
                   | R (hold) + Dpad             | Charge          |
                   | X                           | Horn Jab/Action |
                   | X + Up                      | Horn Flip       |
                   | X (hold until sound)        | Horn Slide      |
                   | Y                           | Fire Breath     |
                   | R + Y                       | Ice Breath      |
                   | A                           | Tail Hammer     |
                   | A + A                       | Tail Swipe      |
                   | A + Right                   | Tail Stab       |
                   | A + Down                    | Tail Thunder    |
                   | B                           | Jump            |
                   | B + B                       | Double Jump     |
                   | B + B (hold) + Dpad         | Glide           |
                   | L                           | Shield          |
                   | D-Pad                       | Move            |
                   | X (hold) + A (hold) + Right | Chi Wngs        |
                   | X (hold) + A (hold) + Up    | Chi Punch       |
                   | X (hold) + A (hold) + Left  | Chi Roar        |
    This game also uses the Nintendo DS's most unique feature, the touchscreen, to 
    cast spells and such.
                            | Shape      | Spell          |
                            |     /      |  Shock         |
                            |    /__     |                |
                            |      /     |                |
                            |     /      |                |
                            |    /       |                |
                            |  --------  |  Move          |
                            |            |                |
                            |  --------  |                |
                            |     /\     |  Teleport      |
                            |    /  \    |                |
                            |   /    \   |                |
                            |  /______\  |                |
                            |    \  /    |  Banish        |
                            |     \/     |                |
                            |     /\     |                |
                            |    /  \    |                |
                            |  \      /  |  Cyclone       |
                            |   \    /   |                |
                            |    \  /    |                |
                            |     \/     |                |
                            |    ____    |  Secret (Egg)  |
                            |   /    \   |                |
                            |  (      )  |                |
                            |   \____/   |                |
                               |                       |
                               |                       |
    Once you've unlocked them by saving the bears you can purchase things from four 
    shops around the world. Along with the basics such as keys, butteflies and 
    mushrooms they each sell a different selection of more advanced items and 
    you'll need to visit them all to get everything.
    The keychains, wallets, bottles and bags will not stack their totals as they 
    replace each other as you upgrade them.
       o--------------------------o                 o-------------------------o
       | MARSHALL - DRAGON SHORES |                 | MAXWELL - DRAGON REALMS |
    o--------------------------------o           o--------------------------------o
    | Item                    | Gems |           | Item                    | Gems |
    o-------------------------+------o           o-------------------------+------o
    | Key                     | 150  |           | Key                     | 150  |
    | Butterfly               | 50   |           | Butterfly               | 50   |
    | Mushroom                | 50   |           | Mushroom                | 50   |
    | Small Keychain          | 300  |           | Large Keychain          | 1400 |
    | Crystal of Ferocity     | 4400 |           | Boll Weevil Juice       | 500  |
    | Small Butterfly Bottle  | 500  |           | Small Mushroom Bag      | 500  |
    | Crystal of Duckfeathers | 2500 |           | Medium Butterfly Bottle | 1400 |
    | Crystal of Luck         | 2500 |           | Crystal of Intelligence | 2800 |
    | Small Wallet            | 500  |           | Crystal of Strength     | 2900 |
    o--------------------------------o           o--------------------------------o
           o-----------------o                     o---------------------------o
           | MARVIN - AVALAR |                     | MERTON - FORGOTTEN REALMS |
    o--------------------------------o           o--------------------------------o
    | Item                    | Gems |           | Item                    | Gems |
    o-------------------------+------o           o-------------------------+------o
    | Key                     | 150  |           | Key                     | 150  |
    | Butterfly               | 50   |           | Butterfly               | 50   |
    | Mushroom                | 50   |           | Mushroom                | 50   |
    | Large Butterfly Bottle  | 2500 |           | Large Butterfly Bag     | 2600 |
    | Crystal of Fortuity     | 3500 |           | Crystal of Shadow       | 4500 |
    | Crystal of Power        | 3500 |           | Crystal of Dragonskin   | 4500 |
    | Crystal of Elusiveness  | 2700 |           | Large Wallet            | 2400 |
    | Large Mushroom Bag      | 1200 |           | Ice Cream               | 800  |
    | Kerfuffle Leaf          | 1000 |           o--------------------------------o
                              |                         |
                    [020100]~-|~-~-~[DRAGON REALMS]~-~-~|-~[020100]
                              |                         |
            [020101]~|-[DRAGON SHORES]-|~[020101]
    The game begins with Hunter waking Spyro from his sleep. Once he has gone
    downstairs you gain control of the little dragon.
        [Meet Hunter at the dock]
    Unfortunately you're currently locked into your room, a room which contains a
    few items to familiarise yourself with. On the right of the bed is a book
    called 'And Along Came Ripto', you'll find many books dotted around the world
    but they're a completely optional extra so you can read it if you want to but
    it's not really necessary.
    In the bottom right corner of the room you can find a chest, to break it open
    either breath on it using your flame breath or charge into it. Inside this one
    are some gems though other chests can contain items, crystals, keys or even
    eggs but they usually contain some gems as well.
    Jump up onto the shelving on the right and follow the gems up there to the
    other end. Jump over the small gap to land on the ledge above your bed where
    you'll find the key you need to escape. Pick it up, drop down to the floor and
    go over and unlock the door. Keys are a one time use item so you can't get into
    the other two locked rooms up here at the moment, instead head down the stairs
    on the right.
    Upon walking a little further, Artigan will ask you to help him relight the
    fire of his stove and Hunter will wander off to the docks all ready for you to
    meet him in a bit. The room north of the stairs has a couple of chests in, the
    first on the floor contains a key but the second just has some gems, you'll
    need to jump up on the bookcases to reach it though. On the far side of the
    building you'll find a locked chest with which to use your new-found key,
    inside of which is a random crystal. Just above that is the first dimension
    portal which at the moment does not work.
    Head over to Artigan and light the stove, it might take a few attempts to get
    it right as the game seems to have a little bit of a strange sense of needing
    perfection for lighting things like the stove. For doing so you'll get a 50XP
    reward. All done? Exit the Dragon's Arms Inn via the door in the bottom
    lefthand corner.
    Head right towards the docks, kill any crabs you might see on the way, and talk
    to Hunter who is standing on a boat destined for Avalar along with Blink. He'll
    ask you to find Bianca and you'll a 100XP reward for finding him.
        [Find Bianca]
    If you speak to Hunter again he'll give you a clue as to where Bianca is, she's
    up on the hill north of the inn of course. Go back to the inn and go north a
    bit but go right at the rock faces. You should be able to see Bianca up above
    so just walk around and go up the steps behind her and talk to her. She'll ask
    you to meet her by the docks. The chest here has a key inside so smash it to
    get it before heading back to the docks.
    Once there, talk to Bianca and they'll eventually set sail leaving poor Spyro
    behind. You'll then appear next to Artigan on the beach where Spyro falls
    asleep once again. The game begins proper.
    Once you regain control run away from the Shadow creatures going north as you
    don't yet have any powers that can even hurt them. Tomas will contact you
    telepathically and tell you to find a portal to the Dragon Dojo. Head north-
    west to a point north of the Dragon's Arms Inn and walk into the swirly purple
    portal there.
            [020102]~|-[DRAGON DOJO]-|~[020102]
        [Help Tomas]
    Safe in the normal world, go north-west a little to find Tomas trapped under a
    wooden beam, use your fire breath on it to free him. Follow him to the Dojo and
    then inside. Tomas will give you the Shadowstone, an amulet that will sharpen
    and focus Spyro's magic. He will also introduce you to Dimension Portals. Phase
    into the Shadow Realm and Tomas will again speak to you from the real world.
    He'll inform you that your fire breath is useless in the Shadow Realm and that
    you cannot open doors or chests there either though some doors or solid objects
    you will be able to walk right through (though this information isn't entirely
    accurate as you can indeed smash chests that are in the Shadow Realm and the
    barrier issue is a little weird in concerns to the real world). Return to the
    real world once he's done.
        [Rescue Sensei]
    Tomas will now send you on your first rescue mission, to save Ragnar or Sensei
    as he prefers to be called. There are a few chests and baskets around the Dojo
    building but they're all just full of gems. Once outside, go over the bridge on
    the right, then north over a second bridge and then north-west a little to get
    to the front of the Dragon Mouth Cave. Use the stepped platforms on each side
    of the dragon's head and light the torches in its eyes, the door will then fall
    Inside the cave you'll find a Yeti just up some steps, use your flame attack to
    kill it and move on past. Jump over the small gap and pick up the egg by the
    dimension portal though there's no need to use the portal itself. Go back a
    little bit and jump over to the right a couple of times where you'll need to
    kill another Yeti.
    Jump up a couple of platforms to the north to smash a chest with an egg inside.
    Jump back down and continue on through the cave. Another Yeti to kill, go to
    the right and charge through the small boulders blocking the way to another
    Yeti, the third Dimension Portal and a third egg. Retreat back out and instead
    of going right, go left and exit the cave.
    Go south and smash the chest there for a few gems before jumping to the right
    to grab an egg. Jump back and walk towards Sensei's house. Use the Dimension
    Portal as instructed and then head inside. Walk to the far end of the room
    where Sensei is trapped behind a barrier. He'll then teach you some dragon
    kata, Horn Jab, and once you've successfully practiced it three Long Legs will
    teleport in. What timing. Attack them using Horn Jab repeatedly until they
    explode into an assortment of gems and a blue mushroom which will restore MP
    which is used by spells and Chi moves.
    Once all three Long Legs have been slaughtered the cage around Sensei will
    vanish and he'll be free to teleport back to the real world once you touch him.
    He'll teach you a tail move, Tail Hammer, before he teleports off though which
    is a move that can destroy armour.
    Exit the house and go back through into the cave. To the right you'll find some
    more Long Legs and a chest with a crystal inside. Use the dimension portal and
    carry on back through the cave to the next dimension portal. Switch back to the
    Shadow Realm and go through the barrier on the right, kill the three Long Legs
    in here to get to a chest with some gems in, your fire breath won't work here
    so use one of your other moves.
    Stay in the Shadow Realm and work your way over the next two gaps to where yet
    another Long Legs is found along with a chest next to the dimension portal,
    inside of which is a key. Now run all the way back out of the cave.
        [Rescue 4 Elders]
    Tomas will speak to you again and you'll then briefly see the locations of the
    four Elders that you are required to set free. You only get the one chance at
    seeing their locations but it's generally not too difficult to find them by
    wandering around aimlessly.
    Anyway, first up, Magnus. Head right and over the non-wooden bridge towards a
    Dimension Portal. Carry on past the house (it's Cho Lei's but the sign doesn't
    appear in the Shadow Dimension) and follow the path along to the end where
    you'll need to jump over the water a few times to reach where Magnus is being
    guarded by three Long Legs. Defeat them then walk over to him to send him on
    his way.
    Head back towards the Dragon Mouth Cave and go over the south wooden bridge,
    then west to the Dojo. Go around the Dojo and over the bridge, kill the two
    Long Legs right away and then cross the bridge to reach the third in order to
    free Astor. Go south along the path until you reach a place with several
    buildings around a well. Enter the one with the open door. Inside you'll find
    three more Long Legs and the Dragon Elder Cho Lei.
    Go out of the house again and head east, past the bridge out of the area and to
    another small gathering of buildings. Go inside the open one to find Titan
    guarded by yet another trio of Long Legs. Once Titan is free use the Dimension
    Portal and head back into the real world where you'll want to now head on over
    to the Dojo to talk with Tomas and the rest of the elders.
    After the rather long conversation you'll be given the ability to teleport to
    locations with a teleport pad that are within range and that you have activated
    already. You'll probably have levelled up shortly before finishing the rescue
    of the four elders so go talk to Titan who will teach you how to Double Jump.
    With that and the teleport ability you're done getting abilities for this
    Head out of the Dojo and go south over the small wooden bridge and then over
    the much larger stone bridge which leads to a small piece of Wilderness before
    reaching the Dragon Village. Kill the Yetis and Goats along the path to the
    south-east exit.
            [020103]~|-[DRAGON VILLAGE]-|~[020103]
        [Rescue 6 Dragons]
    Even if you're in the real world you will still be treated to a glance at where
    the six dragons are to be found in the village. As you wander forwards a bit
    you'll be trapped by a barrier and sent to the Shadow Realm. Tomas will teach
    you about how to destroy the new type of creature, hereafter known as a Shelly,
    you need to flip it and then attack its weak point for massive damage. That's a
    horn attack then tail attack. The barrier will then vanish again but carry on
    the same way as you were going before.
    As you reach the southern gate you'll see a pair of Long Legs which are the
    guards of Old One Horn who is on the roof of the building on the left of the
    stairs. There's also another shadow creature (Lookout) on the roof to the left
    of Old One Horn which isn't essential to kill.
    Stay on the lowest level and continue right all the way along until you reach
    the end of the stone path where you'll see a Shelly and Long Legs guarding
    Kaitlin. Kill them of course. Go back to the stairs, go up them to the next
    sector of Village.
    Walk over the teleport pad for later use and head right, go inside the end
    building with a Lookout on the roof. Inside you'll find a pair of Long Legs and
    a Lookout on the table, you can ignore these if you wish as the three you
    actually need to kill are in the far right of the building, it's a pair of Long
    Legs and a Shelly over there. Free Conan.
    Back outside again head to the far left of this level and enter the far house
    there. Inside you'll find four unnecessary creatures (three Shellys and a
    Lookout) but on the right you'll find four Long Legs that need killing to free
    Ember and send her back to the real world.
    And outside again. Go a little to the right and use the stone block to jump up
    onto the roof of the building, kill the Lookout (or run past it) and then use
    the two stone blocks to get up to the top level. Kill the two Long Legs and
    Shelly and free Flame. Go to the right and kill the three Long Legs + one
    Shelly to free little Zinc. Return to the real world using the Dimension Portal
    in the centre.
    If you've levelled up go back to the Dragon Dojo first to learn Move, a spell
    which allows you to move solid objects. You will need this to move on through
    the game and it's another forced choice. I'd suggest getting Battering Ram
    Charge from Titan next as it will allow you to complete a quest in the village.
    Head down to the lower level of the village and talk to Old One Horn.
        [Open gate for One Horn]
    He'll ask you to throw all of the switches in order to open the gate to Dragon
    Shores. The first is over to the left by the western gate.
        [Open western gate]
    Tomas will tell you to open the gate using your new Move spell which you might
    as well do now though you don't want to be going that way just yet.
    Turn back and go towards the far right of this lower level, talk to Flame on
    the way.
        [Break boulders for Flame]
    He'll set you on a task to break the boulders that have blocked off parts of
    the village. If you did indeed choose to upgrade your charge then this will be
    no problem. Move on a little further right to talk to Kaitlin.
        [Find dragon eggs for Kaitlin]
    If you've managed to pick up any eggs already then she'll take one off your
    hands and then ask you to bring her 30 more. Just beyond her is the second
    switch to throw. The boulder here is not necessary for Flame's quest as it
    covers a tiny hole which you can't even access right now. Head up to the next
    level of the village.
    Grab the egg on the right of the stairs if you want, then go to the right. Talk
    to Conan and Zinc.
        [Find Zinc's Octopus]
    Conan will ask you to find little Zinc's Stuffed Octopus for him. Move on to
    the left past Ember (she doesn't have a quest for you) and you'll meet
    Stranger. After that conversation jump up onto the roof on the right using the
    stone block. Jump to the left and pick up the Plush Octopus Toy and a pair of
    Jump off the roof and go up the steps on the left, charge into the boulders to
    smash them with the upgraded charge. Press the two buttons in the middle of the
    next layer up and charge the boulders blocking the middle steps. Go to the far
    right and smash the final boulders.
    Walk down the stairs and hand the octopus into Conan to recieve a free crystal.
    Next, go down another layer and talk to Old One Horn who will then open the
    gate. He will also give you your first Relic. Talk to the nearby Flame now and
    he'll give you some gems and XP as a reward.
    With all of the quests finished in Dragon Village you should now move on down
    to where you first started, Dragon Shores. Go through the newly opened south
            [020104]~|-[DRAGON SHORES]-|~[020104]
        [Rescue 6 dragons]
    First things first, get into the Shadow Realm again using the portal just south
    of the entrance. You'll be surrounded by Long Legs so kill the one on the
    right, kill the Shelly behind the building and then advance up the stairs
    towards the trapped dragon, killing the Long Legs and Lookout. Fonsworthy is
    Drop down and go left and into the inn. Kill the two Long Legs, Shelly and
    Lookout dotted around the room where Artigan is being held captive. Once you've
    killed all four he'll be free again.
    Outside again, go left just past the inn and to a group of shadow creatures.
    Kill the two Long Legs and two Shellys to free Laird. Go over to the righthand
    side of Dragon Shores now and enter the righthand house north-east of the
    fountain. Kill the Shelly and two Long Legs followed by the other two Long Legs
    just above them. Mrs Funderlic is free.
    As you exit the house, go to the right and jump over the islands leading off-
    screen. You'll then see the dragon you need to free here. Advance along the
    platforms to the Lookout, kill it and move on to the larger island here. Kill
    the next Lookout and two Shellys and then finally one more Shelly and two Long
    Legs up right next to the cage to free Brigid.
    Return to the main part of Dragon Shores and go to the shop just below where
    you went off just now. Kill the Long Legs, Shelly and Lookout and you'll free
    Mr Funderlic, the last of the dragons. You'll then be teleported to a meeting
    between them by the fountain.
    Go get some new moves from the Elders (you have levelled up, right?) but you'll
    probably need to walk to Dragon Village to get into range of the Dojo for
    teleporting. You'll be forced into Titan giving you the ability to Glide and
    then the Shock Spell off Cho Lei.
    Head back to Dragon Shores and talk to Brigid over to the left of the fountain.
        [Deliver invite to Mrs Funderlic from Brigid]
    She'll ask you to deliver the invite to Mrs Funderlic who will be found on the
    east island. Go into the inn and talk to Artigan.
        [Clean up inn for Artigan]
    Wander around the lower level of the inn and flame all of the debris of which
    there are six pieces. Back outside again go south to where Laird is.
        [Retrieve lotion from Laird's room]
    He'll ask you to get his suntan lotion from his room in the inn. Go right and
    talk to Fonsworthy.
        [Find fountain talisman for Fonsworthy]
    He wants you to find the missing talisman for the fountain. Continue on right
    and jump over to the eastern island off from the main part of Dragon Shores.
    Talk to Mrs Funderlic on the large island to deliver the invite. Now go all the
    way back to Dragon Shores again. Go left past the two houses north-east of the
    fountain and jump up to the cave above them, pick up the Dragon Egg if you
    Walk upwards until you reach a Dimension Portal then switch to the Shadow
    Realm. Go down again and kill the new enemy, a Knight. To do this you need to
    first destroy his armour by using your tail attack and then just kill him any
    which way you like. Walk through the barrier on the right and go north.
    Jump over the gap and transfer to the real world again. Go through the now less
    than solid barrier down to the right and jump up onto the platform with a
    missing bridge, or just use a key on the locked chest here. Otherwise glide
    upwards to a chest, smash it and you get a key. Glide back and open the chest
    to find the missing talisman.
    Head back out of the cave and transfer back into the real world again. Talk to
    Brigid to finish her quest and then to Fonsworthy to finish his. He'll give you
    another talisman in return. If you still have a key on you then you can finish
    Laird's quest, getting the suntan lotion from his room in the inn, otherwise
    it's time to move on. Go back through to the Dragon Village and exit via the
    western gate.
    You'll see a short story advancement then just move on left. Along this short
    bit of wilderness you'll see your first Goat. A strange creature that requires
    flaming before you can actually harm it (later on this'll change). You'll also
    see a huge boulder that will require another upgrade to your charge to smash.
    Once you reach a point where five roads meet, take the south road into Big
    Forest which is basically a maze.
            [020105]~|-[BEAR FOREST]-|~[020105]
    Just follow the blue mushrooms through the maze until you reach the exit and
    into the bear area which I'll call Bear Forest.
        [Rescue 6 bears]
    Transfer into the Shadow Realm and go down to the right. You'll see Moneybags
    all trapped and a brand new enemy, the Tail Whack. To kill this thing you need
    to keep hitting it but jumping out of the way of its tail when it whacks it at
    you. Kill the two Tail Whacks and one Long Legs to free Moneybags. Once that's
    done continue down the path to the right until you get to  a place with five
    stone pillars (make sure to activate the teleport pad). Keep using the move
    spell until the path is clear, just make sure not to be standing in the way of
    what you're moving.
    Kill the two Long Legs and Tail Whack and free Marshall, Marvin and Merton. Go
    back down and head over to the left side of Bear Forest now where you'll see
    Maxwell infront of the house. Jump up on the tree trunk to the left of the
    house and get onto the roof. Kill the Long Legs and advance to the left towards
    Mrs Moneybags who is herself guarded by two Long Legs and a Shelly. Free her
    and then go free Maxwell by killing the Lookout at the other end of the roof.
    With Maxwell free, go back to the real world via the portal to the right.
    Talk to Mrs Moneybags who is just on your left now.
        [Clean Mrs. Moneybags' garden]
    Starting from end with the tree trunk you'll find two weeds just to the leff of
    it, three to the right and five in the central part (and a Delicious Boll
    Weevil you'll want to be picking up). Talk to Mrs Moneybags again to get your
    reward of a free crystal. Next, head up to the right a bit and talk to Maxwell.
        [Find bolweevils for Maxwell]
    Transfer to the Shadow Realm up to the right and jump up onto the top of the
    large platform on the right by way of the glowy purple platforms only visible
    in the Shadow Realm. At the top ignore the pair of Periscopes and just transfer
    back to the real world. On the left of the main part of this platform you'll
    find the Fresh Boll Weevil. In the normal chests up here you'll find a Dragon
    Egg and a key. In the locked chest you'll find a crystal.
    Jump back down and head over to Moneybags and Merton to the right of Maxwell.
        [Power up the conveyors for Merton]
    Go up north a little to where a Dimension Portal is and switch the two switches
    there to on. Go back down and through the path you created earlier with the
    stone blocks. Use the Move Spell on the next stone block and take it out of the
    gutter and out of the way of the gutter. Jump up and pick up the Tasty Boll
    Weevil, then smash the vase and baskets here, the top one has a Dragon Egg
    inside. Switch the two switches up here as well.
    Drop down to the left and talk to Moneybags again. He'll give you a relic for
    your efforts and then walk off, never to be seen again. Go talk to Maxwell and
    finish his quest. You can now use the shops that you've seen abandoned and
    others across the world. With Bear Forest now complete, it's time to leave.
    You'll probably have levelled up so head back to the Dojo to get your new
    skills. Sensei will teach you how to perform the Chi Wings move, useful as it
    will allow you to break through stronger protective shields which you haven't
    yet encountered. Choose any other skill you like, I recommend either upgrading
    your General Magic with Tomas to get more range on your teleport spell or to
    get the Unstoppable Super Charge from Titan, they're both good.
    Also with the shops open, now is a good time to head back to Dragon Shores and
    finish the Laird quest if you haven't already. In Dragon Shores is the newly
    opened Marshall Moneybags' Miniporium where you can buy a larger wallet which
    will be necessary for completing the game. Purchasing Keychains/Mushroom
    Bags/Butterfly Bottles is also recommended but not necessary ever really.
    Anyway, back on through to the five road metting point, head north to Wizard
    Peak, or the Mountain of Magic as it's known.
            [020106]~|-[WIZARD PEAK]-|~[020106]
        [Rescue 5 wizards]
    As usual you'll see a brief glimpse at the trapped Wizards upon entering the
    area. Walk along and work your way to the top of the platforms where you'll
    probably want to transfer to the Shadow Realm. Straight away you'll spot
    Panthanitis being guarded by three Long Legs and a Shelly. Transfer back to the
    real world, smash the boulder coving the updraft and kill the Yeti at the top.
    Go through the rooms in the cliff ahead where you'll find four Dragon Eggs in
    total as well as an Eyeball Potion Quality inside the room second from the
    right (you'll need a key as it's inside a locked chest). Jump back down and
    transfer back into the Shadow Realm once again.
    Go left after freeing him and to an updraft (active the teleport pad first
    though) and kill the Long Legs. Jump onto the smaller platform north of you
    (beward of the gap inbetween) and jump up to the left.
    Kill the Periscope using your new Chi Wings attack then turn around and kill
    the Shelly as well. Go further north and jump again, kill the Shelly and Long
    Legs and then at the northern end jump and glide to the right, kill the Shelly
    and the wall will vanish which is all good and well but you don't need to go
    that way just yet. Jump down below you and step onto the floating platform on
    the right. Use the Move Spell to get it closer to the Aviary (or just glide
    over, it's easy enough) and head inside.
    You'll see the trapped wizards Longorin and his friend Pastemolle. Wipe the
    ground floor of creatures; Tail Whacks, Lookouts and Long Legs and the barrier
    will amazingly disappear just like every other time. Jump up towards the
    wizards on the lefthand side, kill the Lookout and free them. Transfer back to
    the real world and you'll teleport to a meeting on the floor of the Aviary. You
    probably won't have spotted them up in the righthand corner just now but you'll
    meet Pullosin and Midian.
        [Help Pastemolle cast a spell]
    You'll be asked to relight some heating crystals, you'll have seen them when
    you rescued Panthanitis. Head outside and jump down to the plateu below where
    you'll see the heating crystals and a Goat. Light them (and kill the Goat) and
    go back to the Aviary again. Talk to Pastemolle (the green one) to complete the
    quest. You'll get a relic for your troubles.
    Talk to Pullosin (yellow).
       [Find eyeball for Pullosin]
    He'll ask you to get an eyeball from his home which you should already have
    picked up, if not head back there and grab the eyeball from inside the locked
    chest in the second room from the right, I don't think there's actually a time
    limit to worry about. Head outside and talk to Longorin.
        [Free minidragons for Longorin]
    He wants to help the fairies and free the minidragons. Use the platform on the
    left to get over to an updraft, use it to get higher and then kill the goat.
    Use the platform to jump the gap and kill another Goat. Smash the boulder
    coving another updraft and go right (left to get an egg first though if you
    want), kill the Goat, jump the gap, kill the Yeti, kill the Goat and flip the
    two switches to turn off the shield infront of the Aviary.
    Go inside the Aviary and transfer to the Shadow Realm so as to avoid the guard,
    Midian. Jump up on the left and transfer back to the real world to flip the
    switch. Then glide over the cauldron and flip the second switch. You'll get a
    crystal for your troubles.
    All done in Wizard Peak, time to leave. And upon leaving the area you'll see a
    series of story advancing images and text. Time for Cliff Town! Take the
    lefthand road at the five-way meetup, you'll want to make sure that you have
    learnt the Chi Wings move if you haven't yet, it's quite necessary here.
            [020107]~|-[CLIFF TOWN]-|~[020107]
        [Rescue 5 armadillos]
    Walk over the teleport pad on the left and glide down to the left. Charge into
    the boulder blocking a hole in the ground and enter that very same hole. Walk
    to the left, kill the Yeti and transfer into the Shadow Realm. Walk left beyond
    the barrier and use your Chi Wings attack to destroy the Long Legs' forcefield
    allowing you to actually hurt it. Continue upwards and up the ladder.
    Smash the large boulder up here and pick up the Wriggling Worm before killing
    the three Long Legs guarding Pablo. Move to the far left end of this area and
    jump around the end barrier to where a Knight is standing, a guard of Sofia.
    Kill the Knight and Tail Whack to free her. Go to the left end of this area and
    glide south to a platform below with several Shadow creatures on it.
    Kill the two Long Legs (Chi Wings required of course) and free Isabel. Jump
    down to the right and go further right. Smash the medium boulder here to pick
    up a Plump Grub. Then of course, you know, kill the three Long Legs and the
    Knight to free Bandit. One more armadillo to go. Head further right and over to
    the Dimension Portal in the corner, the game will show you where to leap over
    the water so do so to reach Fransisco, a Knight and a Tail Whack. Jump back
    over the water and return to the real world.
        [Escort Bandit to Dragon Village]
    After the conversation Bandit will ask you to escort him to Dragon Village,
    he'll then wander off to the right so follow him. Keep following him and some
    Yetis will attack as you pass a large boulder. Kill them and Bandit will move
    on right through to Dragon Village. Follow him into Dragon Village and listen
    to the converstation. Afterwards go back to Cliff Town (teleport if you're
    lazy) and talk to Bandit again.
        [Deliver letter to Ember for Bandit]
    He'll give you a Letter to Ember From Bandit so run on back to Dragon Village
    and deliver the letter to Ember who is to the left on the middle layer of the
    village. Even though she says to tell him something, you don't need to and you
    don't get anything for talking to him when you go back, but go you should
    though on the way stop off at Maxwell's shop and purchase the Boll Weevil Juice
    for 500 gems. Go back into Cliff Town and jump down to the left and talk to
    Sofia and Isabel to the left of the cave to the cliffs.
        [Get 3 ingredients for Isabel]
    You should already have the three items required as you should have picked them
    up whilst freeing the armadillos, the grub and worm are underneath medium
    boulders outside and on the cliff and the juice is for sale at Maxwell's store.
    And you get a nice free Relic for the three items. Jump up to the left, kill
    the new enemy, a Monkey, and then go into the cave here to talk to Pablo and
        [Find digging tools for Pablo & Francisco]
    They'll ask you to find them some digging tools, this won't be completed for
    quite a long while yet so you can conveniently forget all about this for now.
    Head out of Cliff Town (get any new spells and such if you've levelled up, like
    Tomas I won't mention it again but I recommend getting either both the Chi
    moves or upgrading your fire breath to full in order to be able to smash locked
    chests without a key) and go northwest to the ferry, the Sea Dragon, which is
    currently still frozen in place.
    Jump up to the building on the left and unlock it which will use two of your
    five relics up. Then press again to open the door and go into the boss fight.
    You might need to walk away from the door and go back or be in the real world
    in order for it to work properly.
            [020108]~|-[BOSS: ICE MINION]-|~[020108]
        [Defeat Shadow Minion]
    The Ice Minion will arrive as soon as Spyro walks inside so get ready! Each
    time you die in here Tomas will give you a hint as how to defeat the Ice
    Minion, you don't need to die to get advice off me though. Run around it until
    he smashes his sword into the ground and it sticks, use your flame breath on it
    towards his hand constantly until he lifts his hand up without the sword any
    Run over to the left and transfer into the Shadow Realm. Double jump and glide
    over his shadow claw attack and he'll drop his hand down to the ground. Attack
    it several times with your charge/horn/tail attacks and he'll collapse on the
    floor. Again smash into his body with your attacks and he'll get up then
    explode, defeated. Walk into the floating blue icon and you'll earn Ice Breath,
    an attack that you probably won't use often. Walk towards the door to exit.
    Congratulations on saving the Dragon Realms. Onto Avalar now (as long as you
    have 300 gems that is)!
                                 |                  |
                                 |                  |
    You'll arrive on the shore of Savannah, the cheetah's home. Kill the new enemy
    on the left, a LizHard, which requires you to avoid its tounge and use a Chi
    attack if it has curled up into a ball. To the left you'll find an egg then
    turn around and go right. Jump over the water, kill the LizHard and then onto
    the main part of Savannah where you'll get the glimpse of the cheetahs you've
    been waiting for.
        [Rescue 5 cheetahs]
    Just to the left is a Dimension Portal for you to use. Go to the left and kill
    the Shellys via the usual method and then the Knight. Use your new Ice Breath
    on the small puddle of water and jump up to the platform above. Kill the
    remaining Shelly and free Adama. Freeze the puddle just beyond him and jump up
    to where Tomas will give you a gliding hint, that you can glide further in the
    Shadow Realm. Glide to where he indicated and then again further left to where
    you'll find the trapped cheetahs Akello and Kasi. Kill the two Shellys and
    Jump down to the south and kill the Shelly. Go past some stone blocks and free
    Neema from her cage. Then go right a bit to the teleport pad which you'll want
    to activate and then north to where Hunter is trapped. Kill the two Shellys and
    three Knights guarding him. You'll then be transported to the real world and a
    meeting of the cheetahs.
        [Get Hunter out of jail]
    After that conversation you'll be thrown in jail. Luckily you can use your Move
    spell to move the stone block and then use the cave to escape. Jump down to the
    left and run over to where Hunter is being held. He'll give you a note to give
    to his dad.
        [Deliver note to Akello]
        [Talk to Neema]
    First things first, go down to the left and talk to Neema, she'll first ask you
    to move the blocks so as to let her reach the ground easliy. Use you Move spell
    to put them in the right places and she'll walk down. Talk to her again and
    she'll ask for proof of Hunter really sending you. Go back to Hunter, give you
    Hunter's Arrow, now go back to Neema again. She'll go distract Kali for you. Go
    to the other side of the Savannah, freeze the puddle, freeze the next puddle,
    transfer into the Shadow Realm and glide to the left twice before transfering
    back into the real world again. Talk to Akello. He'll ask for some medicine
    from Adama.
        [Deliver medicine to Akello]
    Switch back to the Shadow Realm, glide right twice and switch back to the real
    world again. She wants some Sulfur Powder, Pine Needles and Mercury.
        [Find medicine ingredients for Adama]
    To get these jump down and go to the caves in the south of Savannah. You'll
    find the Vial of Mercury in the far left cave (you'll need to burn the weeds to
    get in first). The Pine Needles are inside the top locked chest in the cave
    behind the medium boulder. And the Sulfur Powder is in the third from the left
    cave, you'll need to be in the Shadow Realm in order to get in properly. Smash
    the basket and pick it up.
    Before going back to Adama go talk ot Neema again, who once again will require
    you to get Hunter's Arrow from him to prove he sent you. Do that and then talk
    to Adama to complete her quest. Transfer to the Shadow Realm, glide left twice,
    transfer back and talk to Akello. And you'll earn the area's Relic for finally
    finishing the quests here.
    Jump down to the left (smash the chest for an egg) and exit the Savannah by
    smashing the boulders. In this wilderness you'll see Stranger again before he
    teleports off.
        [Defeat Shadow Minion]
    Kill the LizHard and the Moth here before talking to Marvin and purchasing his
    Kerfuffle Leaf for 1000 gems, you'll need this in a little bit. Transfer into
    the Shadow Realm using the portal above the shop, kill the Long Legs to the
    left and continue on west and into Treetops, home of the fairies (quite why
    Treetops is in Avalar rather than in the Dragon Realms I don't know but there
    you are).
        [Rescue 4 fairies]
    Glide left and use the updraft there. Kill the Knight, use the next updraft to
    rise high and then glide to the left where you'll want to go north. Kill the
    Long Legs and then you'll see Zoe trapped. Kill the three Long Legs + one
    Knight to send her back to the real world. Also activate the teleport pad as
    you go past it. Go south again and use the updraft on the left to get to where
    Trina is being held. Kill the Long Legs and Shelly that are required, free her,
    and kill the Shellys past her.
    Amp next, kill the rest of the shadow creatures around here, that's another
    Shelly, Long Legs and a Knight. And use the updraft to reach Aqua above.  With
    Aqua free you've saved all of the fairies. Jump down and transfer back to the
    real world again.
        [Find medicine leaves for fairies]
    Give your current Kerfuffle Leaf to Zoe right away as for some reason you can
    only carry three of them at a time and now's as good a time as any. Use the
    updraft on the left then to the far end of this platform, use the updraft here
    to get up to where Aqua was being held and step onto the updraft here. Glide to
    the right and you'll land on the first of the three remaining Kerkuffle Leaves.
    Jump back down to the left and switch to the Shadow Realm. Use the updraft to
    get again back to where Aqua was and glide to the right where the Kerfuffle
    Leaf was. Glide again to the right and switch back to the real world and pick
    up the second Kerfuffle Leaf.
    Jump down to the right and then into the updraft. Jump a little to the right
    and then switch to the Shadow Realm. Jump right and then glide right and again
    switch back. Pick up the final Kerfuffle Leaf and return to Zoe and the
    fairies. Talk to Amp south of you, Aqua aabove the updraft on the right and
    Trina on the left.
        [Retrieve Zoe's wand for Amp]
        [Put out fires for Aqua]
        [Find ice cream for Trina/Zoe]
    You won't be finishing that third one for a little while. Use the updraft on
    the left to go left. Put out the first fire here with your Ice Breath, then
    move along the path and put out the second one. Transfer into the Shadow Realm
    and kill the mob of Shellys and the Knight. Once they die you'll be transfered
    to the real world and a locked chest will appear. Open it and you'll find Zoe's
    Magic Wand inside.
    Jump down to the left and put out the fire there as well as picking up a dragon
    egg. Use the updraft to get back up and head back towards the fairies again.
    Use the righthand updraft and you'll reach the fourth fire to put out. Kill the
    monkey and jump to the right to put out the fifth and final fire. Now go back
    to the fairies and talk to Aqua who'll give you a dragon egg. Talk to Amp next
    and she'll give you a Relic in reward.
    That's this place done for now, head east out of Treetops and then north into
    Skelos Badlands.
            [020203]~|-[SKELOS BADLANDS]-|~[020203]
        [Rescue 4 cavemen]
    Pick up the key infront of you and open the chest to the right for a free
    crystal though a better use for the key would be for a chest you're about to
    find. Walk up a little and then glide to the right onto a rib bone, glide
    further right and jump to where there is a locked chest with a Booga-Booga Mask
    inside (well, under but whatever) which you'll need later. Portalise into the
    Shadow Realm but not before picking up the skull to the right, Large Bone.
    Kill the Knight and glide up to the left where you'll find Ooga trapped by a
    Lookout and two Knights. Head back to the start of the level after freeing him
    and go right, through the barrier to where they are keeping Gronk captive. Jump
    up to the right now and continue jumping over the small platforms till you get
    to another crop of Knights. Kill them all, activate the teleport pad and free
    Use the updraft on the left to get up to a dimension portal and an elevator at
    the top. Don't bother attempting to use it as although it is possible to you'll
    end up with a messed up world map as the quests up there will remain on your
    map forever. Anyway, jump down to the left onto another updraft and use it to
    glide far to the left where the last of the cavemen is being held. Kill the
    Lookout and two Knights to free Dirt. Return to the real world.
        [Find mask for Gronk]
    A simple challenge if you picked the mask up earlier to the left of the
    entrance in a locked chest. Talk to Gronk above you and you'll set Lumpy free.
        [Rescue Professor]
    Not right now though. Pick up the Large Bone on the left and go help Lumpy
    cross the laval.
        [Help Lumpy Across Lava]
    Use your Move spell to move the stone platforms into place so Lumpy can pass.
    Turn around and use the updraft to get to the other updraft on the other side.
    Glide over the large gap (yes, in the real world) and pick up the Large Bone.
    Go back to the very start of the level and go right. Flame the two torches to
    open the barrier and talk to Dirt on the other side.
        [Build altar for Dirt]
    You'll need the three Large Bones you've picked up around Skelos Badlands to
    complete this. Talk to him again and he'll give you a Dragon Egg. It's time to
    do that Professor rescuing now. Go to the elevator up near the teleport pad.
    Lumpy will then appear and give you a Relic. Step on to the elevator now.
    Jump forwards and talk to the Professor who's trapped behind a barrier. Unlock
    the door to the boss and head inside.
            [020204]~|-[BOSS: FIRE MINION]-|~[020204]
    Much like his weakling brother after two swings of his sword it'll stick into
    the ground. Use your ice breath to attack his hand. Once his sword has
    vanished, go into the Shadow Realm and stand back from his mace attack. He'll
    get tired so smash into him as before. This one will fall to the ground as well
    so smash him up as fast as you can to defeat him. Pick up the Cyclone Spell
    from the middle of the room, practise it and then exit.
    The Professor is now free and will help you get to the third main area, the
    Forgotten Worlds. Switch to the Shadow Realm on the right and go up the steps
    on the right. Kill the two Long Legs and switch back again to the real world.
    Go right (left will lead to a dragon egg in a locked chest) and talk to the
    Professor in his airship.
                            |                            |
                  [020300]~-|~-~-~[FORGOTTEN WORLDS]~-~-~|-~[020300]
                            |                            |
            [020301]~|-[LOST FLEET]-|~[020301]
    Whatever you do, don't teleport out of here before standing on the teleport pad
    on your right or you'll never get back again.
        [Rescue 4 bunnies]
    Go forwards and then left, past the updraft and over the small break. Go south
    to where you'll see Stranger teleport off again. Jump to the right and pick up
    the Piston for Pump that's lying there before jumping to the Dimension Portal
    on the ship.
    Wander north a little and kill the Long Legs gathered around the bunny Teresa.
    She won't be free just yet though as there's one still on the roof (unless you
    can coax it down that is). Move on left and kill the Long Legs and Knight
    beneath another rabbit. Turn around again and use the updraft. Go left to meet
    a new enemy, a Brain. To kill it just use a Chi attack and then smack it
    repeatedly whilst it's down and repeat until it's dead. You've freed the first
    of the four; Lucia.
    Turn around again and go to the right. Kill the Long Legs, Knight and the Brain
    on the roof to free Bianca. Then kill the Long Legs on the roof to free Teresa.
    Go to the right, kill the Long Legs and Knights to free Bruno, the last of the
    rabbits. Transfer back into the real world and talk to Lucia over by the
        [Zap chickens for Lucia]
    Then talk to Bruno.
        [Drain fields for Bruno]
    Empty the field of chickens like Lucia asked and smash the boulders in the way
    of the drainage ditch. Talk to Bruno and he'll give you a Relic. Talk to Lucia
    and she'll give you a Dragon Egg. One more task before leaving though, go down
    to the place where the airship brought you and go to the right on the pier.
    You'll see Teresa standing out on a tall platform.
        [Help Teresa down]
    Use your Move Spell on the platform to rescue her, with that done you can
    safely head off to Moleville north of Lost Fleet. The exit is up at the end of
    the drainage ditch.
        [Rescue 3 moles]
    The Professor will talk to you as you enter the area and emplore your help in
    Moleville. First you'll probably want to purchase an Ice Cream from Merton to
    go back and finish the last fairy quest as well as a new wallet if yours is
    full, though go for the Ice Cream first and come back later for the wallet as
    you can't afford both at the same time.
    Once you've talked to Trina and gotten your XP reward, head back here and go
    into Moleville via the large mound in the top righthand corner of the
    wilderness north of Lost Fleet.
    Kill the Moth and transfer into the Shadow Realm straight away. Go past the
    barrier and into the main part of Moleville. Activate the teleport pad down
    there and you'll see Blink up above. Clear the floor of the Longs Legs and
    Knights all over the place and switch to the real world using the portal on the
    right. Use the now active updraft in the north to get to a dimension portal to
    switch back to the Shadow Realm again. Go free Blink.
    Drop down and go to the left (not up the stairs) where you'll find a Knight.
    Kill him and then take the Magic Detector Grip from the chest that appears
    afterwards. Go back out and jump down south over some water and onto a small
    island. Jump again to get to another Knight and a Magic Detector Transducer
    when you beat him. Jump back to the main part and go down the bottom right-hand
    path. Kill the two Periscopes using a Chi attack and then kill the four Knights
    still guarding Willard.
    And again back out to the central area and go to the north path destroying the
    boulder blocking it to get by. Kill the Long Legs and four Knights guarding Sis
    to set her free. That's the last of the moles so go back to the real world
        [Find magic detector for Sis]
    Give Sis both of the pieces of the Magic Detector that you've collected.
        [Find Bianca]
        [Defeat Red]
    Go through to where Sis was being held and pick up the Digging Gloves there. Go
    talk to Willard afterwards.
        [Get Sunglasses for Willard]
    Give him those sunglasses you've been holding for most of the game. And now go
    down to where Blink went. Bianca will tell you to use your Shock spell on him,
    you should do what she says. Hit him twice to defeat him. It's time to learn
    about the Sorcerer (or Sorceror, they can't quite decide). Red will now also
    teach you a new spell, Banish.
        [Defeat the Sorceror!]
    You'll be given the final relic now. Now is also a nice time to go finish off
    the last two remaining quests other than to defeat the Sorcerer. Take the
    Digging Gloves back to Pablo and Fransisco in Cliff Town and if you've got over
    30 Dragon Eggs go and talk to Kaitlin in the Dragon Village to earn the Secret
    Spell which transforms you into an egg.
            [020303]~|-[SORCERER'S LAND]-|~[020303]
    Once you think you're ready, teleport to the Sorcerer's Land. You'll meet
    Stranger who'll teleport off after the conversation.  Kill the Long Legs and
    Shellys and you'll be able to move on to the next part of the island as a
    barrier blocking a stepped platform will vanish.
    In this next area you'll find a load of Knights. Kill them all to progress up
    to the left. Up here you'll find a couple of trios consisting of two Knights
    and a Brain. Concentrate your attacks on the Brain primarily as that can do the
    most damage, the Knights will probably end up dead as a result of attacks on
    the Brain anyway. Once both parties are dead move on right where you'll meet up
    with Stranger again. It's time to decide between saving the world and becoming
    the most powerful dragon ever. Either choice will do though as there's no story
    splitting in this game you'll be forced to be good.
    When you're finally ready to fight the Sorcerer once and for all, put your five
    remaining Relics in the door and enter.
            [020304]~|-[BOSS: THE SORCERER]-|~[020304]
    The Sorcerer will reveal himself to be a huge purple and red dragon. Get ready
    for the fight. He'll cast a spell that sends a ball of energy at you. It's slow
    enough for you to cast Banish on it and send it back to him (make sure to cast
    it on the spell rather than him). Once you cast Banish cast Move and use it to
    raise the platform in the centre of the room. Use that platform to leap over to
    the Sorcerer and kick him whilst he's down. He'll start to get back up again so
    race back to where you were before and get ready for the next part.
    He'll send another energy ball at you, reflect it using Banish and then he'll
    send another, reflect it again and use move to raise the platform again. GLide
    over to him and attack with your horns repeatedly. Repeat again but this time
    with three banishes before going over to him and hitting him. This is the final
    time, Sorcerer defeated.
                                      END CREDITS
    There's nothing more to do in the game now, you can level up to 25 and get any
    spells you haven't yet earned but there's no more story I'm afraid.
    [030000]--------------------------DRAGON EGGS--------------------------[030000]
    Collect 30 of these beasties and you'll be able to learn a brand new magic
    spell which will turn you into an egg.
                     |-[DRAGON DOJO]-|
     1 - Inside the Dragon Mouth Cave by the first Dimension Portal.
     2 - Inside a flammable chest on a platform north of the second Dimension 
        Portal in the Dragon Mouth Cave.
     3 - Inside the Dragon Mouth Cave next to the third Dimension Portal.
     4 - Outside Sensei's house on a platform off to the right in the south part.
     5 - In the Dragon Dojo area, light four torches on a small island to the 
         north-west of the Dojo itself.
     6 - Inside a jar which is inside Elder Titan's house in the Dragon Dojo area.
                     |-[DRAGON VILLAGE]-|
     7 - On the roof of a building in the Dragon Village to the right of the lowest 
         set of stairs.
     8 - In a chest on top of the high platform on the island at the top of Dragon 
                     |-[DRAGON SHORES]-|
     9 - In a locked chest in the cave at the north of Dragon Shores, at the end of 
         the left portion of it.
    10 - Just outside the cave at the north of Dragon Shores.
    11 - Laird will give you an egg for bringing him his Suntan Lotion.
    12 - On the desk in the righthand room in the inn.
    13 - In the island section of Dragon Shores glide to the far left across 
         several small islands to a the egg on the ground.
    14 - Glide north of the previous island to one with a pair of crabs on. Smash 
         the chest to get the egg.
                     |-[BEAR FOREST]-|
    15 - In the Big Forest maze from the wilderness entrance go right, down, right 
         to find a vase with a Dragon Egg inside.
    16 - In Bear Forest in the second from the left chest on the high platform.
    17 - In Bear Forest in the north-most basket in the Distribution Center with 
         conveyor belts.
                     |-[WIZARD PEAK]-|
    18 - Inside a vase in the second door from the right in the cliff in the 
         Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
    19 - Inside a vase in the third door from the right in the cliff in the 
         Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
    20 - Inside a vase in the fourth door from the right in the cliff in the 
         Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
    21 - On the floor in the fourth door from the right in the cliff in the 
         Mountain of Magic (Wizard Peak).
    22 - Inside a locked chest on the far right of the inside of the Aviary.
    23 - Inside a locked chest on the top lefthand platform of the Mountain of 
    24 - Inside a chest at the lefthand side of the very top-middle platform in the 
         Mountain of Magic.
                     |-[CLIFF TOWN]-|
    25 - Inside a locked chest beind some ice barriers near the entrance to Cliff 
    26 - Inside a chest at the far right end of the cave which leads to the top of 
         the cliffs.
    27 - On the most far left roof in Cliff Town on the high up cliffs.
    28 - Inside a basket in the south caves right before the first barrier.
    29 - On the shore of Savannah to the left of where the Sea Dragon is.
    30 - On top of a platform in the eastern part of Savannah, use some movable 
         stone blocks to get there.
    31 - Inside a chest down to the left of where Akello is. A Monkey seems to 
         guard it.
    32 - On a platform right of the updraft location next to the teleport pad in 
    33 - At the lower left end of Treetops, inside a basket.
    34 - Given to you by Aqua for putting out the five fires in Treetops.
                     |-[SKELOS BADLANDS]-|
    35 - In a chest on the level below and to the left of the elevator in Skelos 
    36 - Dirt will give you an egg for building his altar.
    37 - On the far left of the top layer around where the Fire Minion is located 
         in Skelos Badlands.
                     |-[LOST FLEET]-|
    38 - Inside a basket to the left of the leftmost house in Lost Fleet.
    39 - Lucia will give you an egg for killing all of the chickens on the farm.
    40 - On the floor in Moleville  in the southern area where you found part of 
         the Magic Detector by defeating a Knight.
    Required to open the boss doors, you earn these magical items by completing
    certain quests for certain people.
     1 - Old One Horn gives you it for opening the gate to Dragone Shores by
         switching all of the switches on.
     2 - Fonsworthy will give you this for finding the Fountain Talisman in the 
         cave and getting the fountain working again.
     3 - Moneybags gives you this for turning the distribution center back on.
     4 - Pastemolle bestows upon you this relic for relighting the heating crystals 
         for the cauldron.
     5 - Find the three items for Isabel in Cliff Town (Plump Grub, Wriggling Worm 
         and Boll Weevil Juice).
     6 - Free Hunter from the jail by giving Akello his medicine.
     7 - Find Zoe's Magic Wand and give it to Amp, she'll give you the relic in 
     8 - Lumpy the Caveman will give you this as you approach the elevator after 
         doing the tasks in Skelos Badlands.
     9 - Bruno the Bunny will give you this in thanks for fixing his drainage 
    10 - Bianca gives you this after you 'defeat' Red in Moleville.
    You can carry five different crystals at any one time but only one of each 
    variety. The Shimmering variety of crystal lasts forever and won't wear out so 
    buying them from shops is a worthwhile investment, just don't drop them.
    Crystal of Strength - 2900 (Maxwell - Dragon Realms)
      Increases max HP (Worthless at max level)
    Crystal of Intelligence - 2800 (Maxwell - Dragon Realms)
      Increases max MP
    Crystal of Fortuity - 3500 (Marvin - Avalar)
      Chance to find more gems
    Crystal of Power - 3500 (Marvin - Avalar)
      Increase spell damage
    Crystal of Shadow - 4500 (Merton - Forgotten Worlds)
      Increase damage vs shadow enemy
    Crystal of Ferocity - 4400 (Marshall - Dragon Shores)
      Additional melee damage
    Crystal of Dragonskin - 4500 (Merton - Forgotten Worlds)
      Protect agains melee atks
    Crystal of Elusiveness - 2700 (Marvin - Avalar)
      Reduces melee damage taken
    Crystal of Luck - 2500 (Marshall - Dragon Shores)
      Reduces falling damage
    Crystal of Duckfeathers - 2500 (Marshall - Dragon Shores)
      Less damage from water
    The world is full of little items that are just begging to be picked up, but 
    what are they all? And what are they for? And where is it?
    Well here they are...
    Plush Octopus Toy
     - On the roof of the far left house on the second layer of Dragon Village.
     - Used to complete the quest 'Find Zinc's Octopus' in Dragon Village.
     - On the roof of the far left house on the second layer of Dragon Village.
     - Used to complete the quest 'Get Sunglasses for Willard' in Moleville.
    Party Invitation from Brigid
     - Brigid gives you this at the start of her quest after freeing her.
     - This is used to finish the quest 'Deliver invite to Mrs Funderlic from
    Fountain Talisman
     - Found inside a locked chest to the far right in the cave at the north of
       Dragon Shores.
     - Completes the quest 'Find fountain talisman for Fonsworthy'.
    Delicious Boll Weevil
     - Found in the open area in front of the door of the house in Bear Forest.
     - With two other Boll Weevils it is used to complete the quest 'Find
       bolweevils for Maxwell'.
    Fresh Boll Weevil
     - On top of the largest platform only reachable using the Shadow Realm in Bear
       Forest, it's on the left side.
     - With two other Boll Weevils it is used to complete the quest 'Find
       bolweevils for Maxwell'.
    Tasty Boll Weevil
     - On the highish area with the conveyor belts, to the right on the ground.
     - With two other Boll Weevils it is used to complete the quest 'Find
       bolweevils for Maxwell'.
    Suntan Lotion with Moisturizer
     - On the cabinet in the far left room in the Dragon Arms Inn.
     - Completes Laird's quest 'Retrieve lotion from Laird's room'.
    Eyeball Potion Quality
     - In a locked chest in the room second from the right in the cliff in the
       Mountain of Magic.
     - Completes the quest 'Find eyeball for Pullosin' given to you by Pullosin in
       the Aviary of the Mountain of Magic.
    Wriggling Worm
     - Found underneath a medium sized boulder on top of the cliffs in Cliff Town.
     - Along with the Plump Grub and the Boll Weevil Juice this completes the quest
       'Get 3 ingredients for Isabel'.
    Plump Grub
     - Found underneath a medium sized boulder in the middle of Cliff Town.
     - Along with the Boll Weevil Juice and the Wriggling Worm this completes the
       quest 'Get 3 ingredients for Isabel'.
    Letter to Ember From Bandit
     - Bandit gives you this to take to Ember after you've escorted him to Dragon
     - Completes the quest 'Deliver letter to Ember for Bandit'.
    Boll Weevil Juice
     - Purchase off Maxwell at his shop for 500 gems.
     - Along with the Plump Grub and the Wriggling Worm this completes the quest
       'Get 3 ingredients for Isabel'.
    Note from Hunter for Akello
     - Hunter gives it to you whilst he's in jail.
     - Completes the quest 'Deliver note to Akello'.
    Hunter's Arrow
     - Hunter gives you this to prove he is really asking for help from Neema.
     - Allows you to complete the quest 'Talk to Neema'.
    Vial of Mercury
     - In the far left cave of the four caves in the south of Savannah.
     - Along with Pine Needles and Sulfur Powder this completes the quest 'Find
       medicine ingredients for Adama'.
    Pine Needles
     - In the second from the left cave behind a boulder in the south of Savannah.
       It's in the top locked chest.
     - Along with Vial of Mercury and Sulfur Powder this completes the quest 'Find
       medicine ingredients for Adama'.
    Sulfur Powder
     - In the third from the left cave in the south of Savannah. It's inside a
     - Along with Pine Needles and Vial of Mercury this completes the quest 'Find
       medicine ingredients for Adama'.
    Blindness Medicine
     - Adama will give you this after you get her the ingredients for it.
     - Completes the quest 'Deliver medicine to Akello' which also completes 'Get
       Hunter out of jail'.
    Kerfuffle Leaf
     - Purchase off Marvin in Avalar for 1000 gems.
     - With three other Kerfuffle Leaves it completes the quest 'Find medicine
       leaves for fairies'.
    Kerfuffle Leaf
     - Found high up in the trees in Treetops.
     - With three other Kerfuffle Leaves it completes the quest 'Find medicine
       leaves for fairies'.
    Kerfuffle Leaf
     - Found high up in the trees in Treetops.
     - With three other Kerfuffle Leaves it completes the quest 'Find medicine
       leaves for fairies'.
    Kerfuffle Leaf
     - Found high up in the trees in Treetops.
     - With three other Kerfuffle Leaves it completes the quest 'Find medicine
       leaves for fairies'.
    Zoe's Magic Wand
     - Defeat a certain quartet of shadow enemies in Treetops and a locked chest
       will appear with this inside.
     - Compeletes the quest 'Retrieve Zoe's wand for Amp'.
    Booga-Booga Mask
     - Inside a locked chest to the left of the entrance to Skelos Badlands.
     - Completes the quest 'Find mask for Gronk' in Skelos Badlands.
    Large Bone
     - At the bottom end of a platform to the left of the entrance to Skelos
     - Along with two other Large Bones this completes the quest 'Build altar for
       Dirt' in Skelos Badlands.
    Large Bone
     - On the ground next to the teleport pad in Skelos Badlands.
     - Along with two other Large Bones this completes the quest 'Build altar for
       Dirt' in Skelos Badlands.
    Large Bone
     - On the ground on the high up platform to the left of the elevator in Skelos
     - Along with two other Large Bones this completes the quest 'Build altar for
       Dirt' in Skelos Badlands.
    Piston for Pump For Draining Water
     - On a tiny wooden island down on the right side of the piers in Lost Fleet.
     - Completes the quest 'Drain fields for Bruno' in Lost Fleet.
    Ice Cream Cone Butter Ripple
     - Purchase from Merton Moneybags' Miniporium in the Forgotten Worlds for 800
     - Completes the quest 'Find ice cream for Trina/Zoe' in Treetops.
    Magic Detector Grip
     - Inside a chest that appears after defeating a Knight in the south-west
       corner of Moleville.
     - Along with the Magic Detector Transducer it is used to complete the quest
       'Find magic detector for Sis' in Moleville.
    Magic Detector Transducer
     - Inside a chest that appears after defeating a Knight in the southern area of
     - Along with the Magic Detector Grip it is used to complete the quest 'Find
       magic detector for Sis' in Moleville.
    Digging Gloves
     - On the floor in the north-east part of Moleville where Sis was being held.
     - Used to finally complete the quest '[Find digging tools for Pablo &
       Francisco' in Cliff Town.
    You won't get far if you don't know how to kill the bad guys.
                               |                      |
                     [070100]~-|~-~-~[REAL WORLD]~-~-~|-~[070100]
                               |                      |
      A small blue, white and red crab that runs around on beaches. Very low health 
      and a simple charge will kill it.
      A large simple creature that is stopped in its tracks by a flame attack 
      whereas other attacks may let it continue its belly flop attack.
      It looks like a goat. Melee attacks are ineffective until you hit it with a 
      flame attack but chi attacks are usually quick despatchers of this creature.
      A tall lizard who attacks using its tounge rapidly. If approached it will 
      curl up into a ball which your melee attacks won't hurt it. Use a Chi attack 
      if it is in this state or a flame attack to paralyse it if it is standing 
      A blue monkey that throws things at you. Very little trouble should be caused 
      by this as all attacks harm it.
      A flying enemy. These like to hang around caves and fire projectiles at you. 
      Use tail attacks, flame attacks or chi attacks to kill it. They have quite 
      high HP but are quickly taken down by chi attacks.
      Looks exactly like a sheep funnily enough. Has no attacks and dies in one hit 
      to give a butterfly.
      Much like the sheep this looks like a chicken and has the same fodder 
                              |                        |
                    [070200]~-|~-~-~[SHADOW REALM]~-~-~|-~[070200]
                              |                        |
    Long Legs
      The most basic of Shadow creatures. It's mostly made up of legs and a small 
      head. These just require repeated hits with melee or one or two chi attacks.
      Heavily armoured creature but has a significant weakness. Flip it over using 
      your horn attack and then destroy it in one hit with the tail attack.
      A shadow enemy like no other. It stands stationary at its prescribed location 
      and will pop out of the ground to attack. Too quick for melee attacks, use 
      your chi attacks to kill them fast.
      An armoured cyclops. Smash its shell with a tail attack to open it for easy 
    Tail Whack
      A blob like creature who's tail will cause a lot of damage if it. Jump to 
      avoid their tails and melee or chi attack them.
      A tall humanoid shaped creature with a sword and shield. Even more armoured 
      than Shelly this creature requires his armour to be destroyed first with a 
      tail attack before you can do real damage.
      A psychic creature that casts spells. It looks sort of like a floating brain. 
      Hit it with a chi attack then melee it to death as it lies helpless on the 
      ground. Take out as soon as possible as their attacks cannot be dodged and do 
      significant damage.
                                 |                  |
                                 |                  |
    Ice Minion
      The first boss of the game. Destroy its ice sword with your fire breath and 
      then attack it with your horn attacks when it gets tired of swinging its 
      shadow claw around.
    Fire Minion
      The second boss. As with the Ice Minion you defeat it by using Ice Breath on 
      its sword when it gets stuck and then attack with your horns once he gets 
      tired of swinging the mace around.
      A large red dragon, not really a boss, more of a small obstacle. Attack him 
      twice with the Shock spell.
    The Sorcerer
      The final boss of the game who turns out to be a huge purple dragon much like 
      Spyro himself. Reflect his spells back at him using Banish and then attack 
      him with your horns when he's down.
    Version 1.01 - 24th of September 2006
    Altered the wording of the 'Escort Bandit to Dragon Village' quest part.
    Version 1.0 - 11th of September 2006
    The first version of the guide is complete. Hopefully everything is in and 
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                            dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    I'll try to answer any and all questions asked but if you don't get a response
    within a week I'm afraid your email was either ignored for some reason, or I
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