Review by Blue Man

"Wow spyro's turned to an RPG"

Game play 9/10

This isn't like any other spyro games, this spyro is an RPG. The controls are awesome, they are swift, quick and do the job well. It's level based like most RPGs are, you kill enemies for experience points and those experience points increase you level. You also have two realms, in these realms you can see different things, some things are hidden only to be seen in one realm. But as you level up spyro can do more things, and learn new powers. These powers come in handy in various places.

Graphics 6/10

They are good graphics, but they are not very bright. They are so dull and boring. They are 64 bit, but are not very good. I would be ashamed to play this on a ps1 comparing it to the ps1 spyro games. On the positive side they are very clear and they suit some of the darker places you go to, and the background is pretty detailed.

Storyline 9/10

Actually believe it or not this game has a great storyline. You are a dragon named spyro, and you have to save the dragons by finding them in the shadow realms. In these shadow realms they are nasty places which spyro must go in to. You will meet so many villains. There is as well so many dragons, who will help you on your quest.

Sound 6/10

Very dark and gloomy, spyro's attacks sound very realistic. But there is little else to talk about in sound because the music is exactly the same.

Replayability 9/10

There is so much to play through you want to stop. There are so many activities to do, so much to collect. Loads of quests to go through. After you have finished, you'll just want to play it again.

Features 7/10

There is not really any extra modes, but oh well it's an RPG all the extra fun is within the game. You can play through the extra quests, so there is little modes.

Overall 8/10

If you are looking for an RPG buy a Final fantasy game, if you are a spyro fan buy this. It's not the best of all spyro games. But certainly not the worst. I recommend it to spyro and some RPG fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/02/06

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