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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ForteXXGS

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Naruto RPG 2: Chidori VS Rasengan
    By: ForteXXGS
    1. Legal Information
    2. Versions
    3. Basic Storyline
    4. Controls
    5. Walkthrough
         5a. Forest Area
         5b. The Hidden Village of the leaves: Konoha
         5c. Plains and Cave
         5d. Snowy Mountain
         5e. Plains and Tanzukigai
         5f. Itachi Returns
         5g. Mission! Bring Back Sasuke!
         5h. Showdown! Naruto VS Sasuke
         5i. Final Area, Orochimaru's Home
    6. Secrets
    7. Characters
    8. Kumite Dojo Missions
    9. Credits
    1. Legal Information:
    This FAQ/Walkthrough should only be found on Gamefaqs and
    http://www.cheatcc.com as of now. If you see any of my info copied on any other
    site without my permission, or want to use some of my information, e-mail me @:
    ForteXXGS@gmail.com or ForteXXGS@hotmail.com that is all.
    2. Versions
    This is just to show what versions I have put up and added on. Keep in mind
    this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough ever written, so please bear with me!
    3. Basic Storyline
    For all you Naruto fans out there, you should probably know the basic story
    from the title, but if you don't, I'll try my best to explain.
    Naruto is a story about a 12 year old boy named Uzumaki Naruto who has a Nine
    Tailed Demon Fox inside of him. The fox was attacking the Village of Konoha,
    causing destruction and mayhem. This was until the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his
    own life to defeat this fox. He sealed it inside Naruto, and wanted him to be
    seen as a hero. This however did not happen. Naruto grew up with no parents and
    the village people hated him and thought of him as a monster, which made Naruto
    want all of the village to awknowledge him, which made his dream to become
    Hokage. After he graduated from ninja academey, he was teamed up with Haruno
    Sakura, Naruto's crush, and Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto's rival. Sasuke and Naruto
    both had a bad past, Sasuke is far different. His older, brother, Uchiha Itachi
    killed all of his own clan, except Sasuke. This made Sasuke also live without
    any parents. He has sworn to kill his brother though, and avenge his clan,
    which made him decide he would do anything for power. Unlike Naruto, Sasuke was
    awknowlegded by all the kids in the ninja academy, but due to his desire of
    revenge, he was just annoyed by them. One of the kids happens to be Haruno
    Sakura. She is Naruto's other teammate, and has a major crush on Sasuke. Their
    sensei or teacher, Kakashi raises them. The team had completed various missions
    and participated in a chunnin exam. After the war during the exam, the game
    starts to take place...
    4. Controls
    The controls for this game are really basic to be honest:
    Field Controls:
    A: Talk to people or examine chest or signs
    B: Cancel or hold the button down to run
    Y: Nothing
    X: Access menu
    Start: Access Menu
    Select: Save Game
    L & R: Nothing
    Control Pad: Move around
    Menu Controls:
    When you enter the menu, you have 6 different options:
    Inventory |    Jutsus
    Equipment |   Current Stats
    S. Battle Pos. |  Cell Members
    Here you can use your items, throw them away, or just examine your key items.
    Certain characters can use some jutsus out of battle, such as healing or taking
    you to the map. Naruto can use the kuchiyose no jutsu here.
    You can change your characters weapons, armor, or boots/shoes here.
    Current Stats:
    Examine your characters equipment and their stats for each section. Those
    -Stamina: Treat this like your HP, try to keep it high, and when it hits 0,
    your character is out for the battle unless you revive him/her
    -Chakra: Treat this like MP, it is needed to use specials, when this is lower
    than your jutsu chakra cost, the jutsu becomes unavailable
    -Attack: Basically, the higher this is, the more damage you will give in battle
    -Defense: The higher this is, the less damage you will take in battle
    -Speed: The higher this is, the faster your characters turn will come
    -Ninja Power: Imagine this like Magic Attack; this calculates how much damage
    your jutsus will do
    -EXP: This shows how much EXP you have overall (It still goes up after you pass
    level 99, my Naruto's is 7153437, and it’s around 4200000 for level 99)
    -EXP to Next Level: This shows how much EXP you will need to level up; the
    highest I think I've seen is 280000 or so.
    Starting battle Positions:
    This is basically where your characters will start at during battle. You have a
    3 x 4 area, 3 horozontial, 4 vertical to set your team at. It looks something
    like this (Please try to keep up with my horrible diagrams):
        |        |        |        |
        |        |        |        |
        |        |        |        |
        |        |        |        |
    Yea, ignore how horrible that is please. *Ahem* Moving on. As you can tell,
    there is a front row (to the left) middle row and back row (to the right). The
    front row makes you deal high damage, but take more damage. The middle row
    about evens out your damage dealing and taking, and the back makes you deal
    less damage, but you take less damage. And if the character in the back has a
    fan equipped, they can attack all enemies! Characters with high attack probably
    wanna stick in the front or middle, and characters with low Stamina and defense
    are best stuck in the back.
    If your team consists of 2 attackers, such as Naruto and Sasuke, and one
    healer, such as Sakura, You're gonna wanna keep Sakura at least 2 places below
    the attackers, like this:
        |  N     |        |        |
        |         |  S     |        |
        |        |        |        |
        |        |        |  Sa    |
    N = Naruto
    S = Sasuke
    Sa = Sakura
    This will allow the healer to take less damage for being in the back row, and
    allow her to avoid attacks, such if you were fighting a boss who would attack
    in a 3x3 range, unless he targeted Sakura, he would miss her no matter what.
    That allows the healer to be able to concentrate on healing teammates, not
    Cell Members
    Your cell can consist of a total of six members, all of which gain experience
    and you can use in battle. The remaining members however, are stuck off to the
    side where do not gain experience and you cannot use them in battle. Your
    starting team should be in the first 3 slots, then your back-up in the 4, 5 and
    6 slots. Please note you cannot use more than 3 members for Kumite Dojo
    missions. Keep the party you want to level up in the first 6 slots, and just
    abandon the rest. ;)
    Menu controls:
    A: Access current menu
    B: Cancel/Exit menu/Back out
    Y: Nothing
    X: Nothing
    Start: Nothing
    Select: Nothing
    L & R: Switch between characters or items
    Control pad: Move around on options
    Battle Controls
    This is where the fun part is... The battles! When battling the controls are
    somewhat similar to the items menu
    Battle Controls
    A: Confirm/Access current menu
    B: Cancel current option
    Y: Move character
    X: After pressing X, press A to defend
    Start: Nothing
    Select: Nothing
    L: Skip through Jutsus/jutsus
    R: Skip through Items/jutsus; also switches members when not in any other menus
    Control Pad: Allows moving around on options, and selecting jutsus
    Here Are the options in order:
    Attack | Defend | Jutsus | Use Items | Run
    Attack: Pushing this then targeting the enemy will attack the opponent
    Defend: This will reduce your characters damage for the turn. If you have all
    your characters defend though, it will go back to them 3 or 4 times again until
    you decide to attack or if it just wants to move on.
    Jutsus: These are like spells, some just are used, while others you have to use
    the touch screen for. The functions will be explained below some...
    Use Items: This will allow you to use item to heal your party or possibly use
    some scrolls to damage the enemies. At least learn the kanji to the items that
    heal all your Stamina, Chakra, and both, it will help greatly in Kumite Dojo
    Run: You can attempt to flee, but sometimes it will fail, causing your
    characters to have their speed reduced. You're better off using the jutsu that
    automatically makes you escape, I believe its called Shadow Dance, and it only
    wastes 2 chakra!
    Touch Screen Functions:
    The touch screen is used in battle often, so be ready to use it. Here are some
    functions for the touch screen:
    Tapping characters: Allows you to then touch the enemy and attack them. Or just
    tap an empty square without touching your character to move him there.
    Red Circle/Oval: You see that red circle/oval with kanji in it? Tapping that
    will move the top menu over one space, and then tapping your character will
    allow you to use that function. When using items or jutsus, you have to tap it,
    and it will only move down, not up, so for Kumite Dojo missions I just suggest
    using the D-Pad and buttons
    Jutsu Type #1: Rubbing to fill up the meter:
    Basically, you're gonna wanna rub the screen as fast as you can, so the bar
    will fill up. Making the bar go all the way to the right will be impossible at
    the beginning of the game, so don't think you're doing it wrong. The higher the
    bar fills up, the more chakra your jutsu consumes, yet the more damage or more
    effective it will become.
    TIP: While rubbing the screen, push the A button non stop too. This will fill
    up the jutsu bar even faster than before, allowing you to execute it in less
    time and allow it to get more powerful early on in the game.
    Jutsu Type #2: Rubbing to keep the bar in the square:
    This one is slightly easier in some ways. You gotta rub the screen to the point
    where the bar stays inside the small square. There's a catch though; the bar
    will constantly drop, so you have to rub fast enough to keep it up.
    One more thing about battles that I will explain here are the effects, such as
    poison, ect.
    Poison: After your character takes his/her turn, he will take either the first
    or the first 2 digits in his/her HP. For example, If Naruto is poison and his
    total HP is 388, he will take 38 damage after attacking. or if he only has 57
    HP, he will take 5 damage. The same applies for enemies, but some will
    eventually take 999 damage per turn because of poisoning.
    Confuse: This is a really bad effect. Your character will do one of the
    A. Attack the enemy: this has a very low hit rate if it does hit, it will do a
    major amount of damage.
    B. Lower their own speed: this will make them slow themselves down, making
    their next turn take even longer
    C. Attack themselves: This will do a huge amount of damage to yourself, but
    knocks you out of confusion
    Seal: This prevents you character from using most of their jutsus. Some
    exceptions are Naruto Rendan and Shi Shi Rendan.
    Sleep: Your character will fall asleep, and not wake up until hit by a physical
    Blind: Your characters accuracy will be greatly reduced.
    Stun: Your character will be unable to move for a certain amount of time
    I'll add more to this if I see anymore... Now, for the fun part, the
    5. Walkthrough
    First off, all you people who don't know kanji probably wanna know the menu for
    when you start. When you select the game off the DS menu, either Naruto, Sasuke
    or Sakura will appear, say something, and a bunch of images appear. The music
    then starts (which is awesome might I add). This is when you press start, then,
    you should only start off with one option is you have a new and unused game. If
    you got a used one like I did, the menu starts off like in this order (From
    highest to lowest): Continue, New Game, Delete File, Sound Test. Sound test
    becomes available after completing the game. You're gonna wanna pick new game
    for now.
    Now, starting off...
    5a. Forest Area
    When you start a new game, you go through a loooong cinema. It starts off with
    the elder villagers talking, then to Naruto trying to find a cat in the forest.
    Sasuke then finds it, and Naruto gets mad. Sakura then comes, as the 3 chat for
    a bit. Kakashi will come as Naruto starts yelling at Sasuke, and it will lead
    to a small clash between the two, it's just a tutorial battle, so don't worry
    about winning:
    Event Battle: Sasuke
    HP: 150 (Don't worry, you don't take all of it away)
    EXP: 0
    This is just a tutorial battle, so I suggest getting used to the system. I
    would start off with using Onara (Fart), so it poisons Sasuke. He will take 15
    damage a turn, which makes his HP 150. Just basically attack, move around, and
    after 5 or 6 turns, Sasuke will use Katon: Goyukakku no Jutsu, doing 999 damage
    to Naruto, making him win.
    After the fight, there will be some more talking, then you will gain control of
    If you played the first RPG, you are gonna probably know your way through this
    area, but I'm gonna explain it step by step so people can get all the treasures
    Start off by going up, and run into the house behind you. Talk to the guy in
    there if you want, but get that chest. Now, go back outside, go to the right,
    and get the chest up above too. The item in this chest heals some stamina, so
    write that kanji down if you don't know it yet. Now, go down until you hit the
    brown flooring, the trail leads tot he next area. In this area, You'll see an
    up-high chest, a man, and a flashing Konoha mark. You're gonna wanna stay near
    that mark; it heals you to your m, and you'll wanna walk around and fight until
    you get to at least level 5, okay? The fights in this game are rather hard at
    first, so you'll probably need to use Sasuke's special, Katon: Goyukakku no
    Jutsu. Now, after you get to level 5, talk to the dude if you want, and start
    off by going down right under the Konoha Mark. Get the chest, and go back up,
    then go to the left. Step over the rocks, and then after walking to the left
    for a bit, go down. Then after walking down, you'll see a path that goes to the
    right, and another that goes down. We want the right path as of now. After
    going right for a bit, you'll see a path that goes up. Go up and get the chest,
    then continue going right. After going right, go up to where there is one low
    chest. Get that, it heals some chakra, so write that kanji down too. You can't
    get that chest that is high up right now, so we're just gonna back track some.
    Go down in the path that we saw before, which leads to another area. Go down
    until it's a dead end, then head left. When you can't head left anymore, go up
    some. Go to the left, then go up to where there is a small ledge, get the chest
    by it. Now head down, then to the right to yet another area. Go to the left,
    then up and you'll be in a kind of large circle shape. Continue going up, then
    to the right for another chest. You'll get 400 ryo from it. Go to the right for
    a bit, then go down, then once again to the right. Go to the left now, then go
    down when you see a path. Now you're gonna wanna head down for a bit, then
    start  heading right for another chest. Now go back, and cross the bridge
    nearby. Go down, which will lead to another area. Here, get the chest that is
    in the grass right at the beginning. You'll get 300 ryo. Go down until the
    trees stop leading down. Go to the right, past the trees, and head up. You'll
    see a chest nearby. Get that, and go up, you'll be in the previous area, but
    with 2 chests and some water nearby. Get both of those, and give the boots to
    either Naruto or Sakura. Go back to the previous area. Head down some for
    another chest, near a rock and surrounded by some trees. That's another item
    that heals some chakra. Now head to the left then down. You're now outta this
    Now, before you go to Konoha, I suggest going to the arena and getting the
    items there. Also go to the Training grounds, there are some items there, and
    you can level up there if you want. You'll get some armor, so give it to
    Sakura. In the next area with the 3 logs, there is a fan near the bottom, so
    get that and also give it to Sakura. Now, before going to Konoha, level your
    characters up to level 10, so they can be on the same level as your new member.
    When you're ready, go to the village of Konoha.
    5b. The Hidden Village of the leaves: Konoha
    When you come here, the team chats for a bit. Naruto isn't feeling well, so he
    tells them he'll catch up. You now have to get to Naruto's house in one minute.
    I really suggest talking to the villagers, since they will give you items. When
    you have around 20 seconds left, you can head to Naruto's house. His house is
    the huge one to the north where the stairs lead to. I don't know what makes the
    difference if you don't make it in a minute... Just talk to the villagers some,
    then go to his house.
    After some more chat, you gain control of Naruto again. Head up to the next
    area, and keep on going straight, into the school. Take some time to explore
    around here, getting the items and stuff around. After that, head back to the
    entrance, and I'll guide you now. Start off by passing all the pillars, then go
    through the door around the stairs (the first floor door).Go up some, and go in
    the first path you see. There, talk to the old man, a cut scene will happen.
    You'll get 350 ryo for completing the mission.
    After the cut scene ends, exit the room you are in, and go back to the main
    part of the school. Now go up the stairs to the right, and go into the hall to
    the right. Now go up the stairs in the next hall. Now, go into the next room,
    and go to the front of the class. There Iruka and Ebisu will be standing, talk
    to either one of them to once again trigger another cut scene. The two will be
    arguing, as Naruto will use Harem no Jutsu on the two, making them faint.
    Sakura will punch Naruto, and after a bit, they'll wake up and give you a key
    item. After the cinema, begin to exit the school. As you enter the main
    entrance, Kiba and his team will have a chat with you, and Kiba will then join
    your group, yay! Replace him with Sakura, trust me, you'll need 3 attackers for
    a while now. Kiba will have better stats than Naruto for a bit, but not as good
    as Sasuke's. Naruto will pass him soon though, don't worry. Anyways...
    After you get Kiba, I suggest going to the weapon store. Get 2 swords for
    Naruto and Sasuke, so they can both get better attack. You can buy some boots
    for the team, and make sure you sell the old stuff, so you can at least attempt
    to get better armor, you probably only have around 3000 ryo as of now... Sell
    the item that has "HAPPY"  in the title, you won't need it and it gives you a
    good 500 ryo. After you're done with shopping, go to the world map, and select
    the new place, the plains.
     5c. Plains And Cave
    When starting here, go up and then to the left. Go get the chest over to the
    left. Now go up and to the left in the next area, since it's the only place you
    can go as of now. In this next area, start off by going left until you see the
    purple ground. Stepping on that will drain some of your HP, so avoid it for
    now... Or just lose some HP and get the chest. Anyways, go up, then to the
    right for a bit. You will then be able to go up or down, we're gonna go up.
    You're gonna see a man and a ledge to the right. Go past the ledge for a chest.
    Go up to the path, and go into the next area. You can now access the cave area!
    Okay, first go up some, and go to the left to hit the Konoha mark. Level up
    some, the enemies are hard here, and it's almost as long as the forest, or
    possibly even longer. I would recommend level 18 or 20. Once you do that, if
    you haven't already, get the chest right above the konoha mark. Now, this may
    take a bit to get through this cave so please try to bear with me...Start off
    by going in the opening between the two hill thingies.. Go through the door,
    and you'll be teleported to a small area with two chest. You'll get a Sword,
    and some boots. Equip them, and head back. Now, go to the right, and step on
    the scroll there, it will teleport you up to a higher level. Just find your way
    around stepping on each scroll, it's really not hard. Anyways, after you get
    into the next area after teleporting around with the scrolls, go into the
    opening you see. Inside, you will get the second kyuubi scroll. You'll want
    that for later, trust me. Anyways, exit that small area, and step on the
    scroll. Get the chest nearby and cross bridge, then go up into the next area.
    Okay, here, you can do the following:
    A. Keep on running up, and fall down a hidden trap
    B. Go to the right as much as you can and avoid the hidden trap.
    I suggest falling down, so you'll get the chest down there. Push A when you are
    in front of the rope to climb up. You will now be to the far left of the area.
    Okay, now go up by the bandit in dark yellow clothes, walk right under him to
    the right so you won't fall back down the pit. Now run up and into the black
    hole. You will now be down in a new area. First go to the right then down and
    walk by the water to get a chest in the lower right of the area. Now go up for
    the rest of this area, past the bandit in blue, and climb up the rope. This
    next area isn't too hard to find out, go up, and then run to the left for a
    bit. Now go down, and fall into the hole. As you go up, a cinema occurs. The
    team meets up with Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino. After some chat, both Chouji and
    Shikamaru join your team! Then you see 2 people, anime watchers will recognize
    them as Jiroubou and Kidomaru. Anyways, Shikamaru and Chouji are only level 15
    though, so they'll probably be behind for a bit. Anyways, after the cut scene
    is, you're almost done with this cave.
    Anyways, head up and go right for 2 chests. Then head to the left and climb up
    the rope. When you are up, head down and fall down into yet another hole. Head
    down for a chest, then once again head up the rope. Don't worry about the rocks
    under water for now, we'll come back here later for that. Now, in the next
    area, head down and go left for 750 ryo. Then head back up and go left. Go up
    and once again fall in a hole. Go up here, and there are 2 ropes. The one on
    the right takes you to 2 chests, so go on that one first. After you get the
    items, head up the rope on the left, and go into the next area, step on the
    Konoha mark to heal. Now, before you leave this area, level up to at least
    level 21 with all characters. Why 21? Because Sasuke learns Katon: Ryuuka no
    Jutsu at that level and Kiba learns Gatsuuga then. If you really don't want any
    trouble up ahead, get to level 25. Once your ready, actually save your game if
    you haven't for a while. Now, exit this are on the upper path, and head up to
    the Snowy Mountains on the map...
    5d. Snowy Mountain
    Here, The gang decides to check out the snow. Naruto and Sasuke have a small
    snow ball fight, as 2 strange men (Jiroubou and Kidomaru) will summon a puppet,
    and you're team has to fight it! Your first boss fight!
    Boss: Puppet
    HP: 1500
    EXP: 18000 (3000 EXP for each member)
    This is your first boss fight, and it isn't really that easy. The puppet will
    probably start off attacking either one member, or all of your party. He can
    also confuse your team, so be aware of that happening. Anyways, your team is
    probably going to consist of Sasuke and two other members. I suggest Naruto,
    Sasuke and Kiba. Naruto because he can use Kage Bunshin and attack for some
    good damage, and he has a lot of stamina, so he can at least last for a bit.
    Sasuke is just a no-brainer, since Ryuuka no Jutsu can pretty much do a little
    over 200 damage sometimes. Kiba can use Gatsuuga for a good 120 + damage.
    Shikamaru can't really do anything, since he doesn't have any real damaging
    jutsus. Chouji can use Nikoudan Sensha for a small amount of damage. Sakura
    should only be used to heal, since she can barley do any damage. Anyways, just
    basically waste all your jutsus, and when you run low on chakra, either switch
    your character or just use some items to heal your chakra. Just be concerned
    about him confusing a team member. If they attack themselves, heal them as
    quick as you can, since it really takes their stamina away. This fight is kind
    of long, considering it's high HP, but hey, it's more fun than the way too easy
    boss fights from the first one right? Oh, and after you beat this boss, write
    down the item you gets kanji. It completly heals ALL stamina and chakra to
    Yeah, okay, after the fight, the gang will talk for a bit, and then Jiroubou
    and Kidomaru chat and leave. The gang then passes a man who tells the team they
    have 5 minutes to find there way through here. After a little more chat, you
    gain control again. I suggest heading to a konoha mark first, since you're
    probably weak from the previous boss fight. After you heal, head back here, and
    prepare for a short area, seriously.
    First off, the fights here aren't all that bad. None of them are really hard,
    so don't worry about really needing to heal that often, and if you do, just use
    some of Sakura's chakra to heal. Anyways, first head up past the signs, into
    the next area. Step on the scroll and get the chest up on the hill. Now step
    back on the scroll, and go up on the lower level, and go to the left for 900
    ryo in the chest. Go up, read the tombstone if you want, then head down to the
    previous area, we'll come back here later. Now go to the right of the previous
    area, you'll be in a field with cats, dogs, and igloos, along with various
    snowman. Now, there is a pattern with the snowmen, but I don't know it, but I
    do know which ones to go in between, anyways, first, get the chest in this
    area, it’ll be in the igloos. Anyways, after that, go to the upper snowmen,
    I'll make a small graph, so try to bear with me:
         R      G        R      R
             G       R       B      R
                  R       G      Y     B
                       B      R -   Y     Y
                  R      Y      G      Y
                       B     R       Y
    R = Red Snowman
    G = Green Snowman
    Y = Yellow Snowman
    B = Blue Snowman
    - = Where you want to walk in between
    Yeah, the - will take you to the next area. Ignore going to the right here, and
    just go up the small set of stairs. Go up the next flight of stairs, get the
    boots from the chest, and step on the scroll. Head to the right, and go up,
    stepping on the scroll. Get the chest, and ignore the rocks for now. After
    getting the chest, head past the rocks, go down, then to the right, head up the
    stairs, and talk to Jiraya.
    After a kind of long chat, you will see Orochimaru in pain (he moves his arms
    though, why he can control them is out of my question). After him, Kabuto, and
    the sound four chat for a bit, you'll be back on the map. You'll notice there
    is no new area. You're probably wondering where to go next. Well, the only
    place you haven't fully explored is the plains because of the rocks right?
    Well, now they are gone, so you can access more of the area. So... Yeah, head
    5e. Plains and Tanzukigai
    This area is kinda straight forward, but it's kind of long, so bear with me
    when I try to navigate you through this area, okay? First off, this place is
    really easy to level up on, so you should probably level up a bit, I would say
    to 35 for now, so you don't get too bored fighting non-stop. If you really
    want, go to 40, it'll probably work out better, but if you're like me, you'll
    get bored around 35.
    Anyways, lets get this area over with... for now. First off, head to the lower
    right path. Pick up the chest right in the beginning of the area. Really write
    down the kanji of that item, it fully heals ALL your Stamina. After getting
    that, head back and go to the upper right path. There's a lot of people in this
    area, so talk to them if you want. Anyways, keep heading to the right for a
    bit. Head over the small bridge, and continue going right. Ignore that upper
    path for now. Keep going straight until you see the Konoha mark up ahead. Step
    on it, and level up there for a bit. After leveling up, head past the female
    ninja, and head into the next area.
    First off, don't head up right away, there are poison panels there, so avoid
    them for now. Head to the right, and go up and then once again go higher for a
    chest. Head back down and go right, and you'll see a bandit and a woman. Head
    past the woman some, then go down and right for another chest. You'll get 1500
    ryo. Now head back up, and go to the right to hit Tanzukigai!
    Okay, this area is rather small, and it's not hard to really navigate, so I
    probably won't be as straightforward with this town. Anyways, as you enter, the
    team chats for a while, and you can piss Chouji off and make him hit Naruto...
    Anyways, after some chat, you once again gain control. First off, go down and
    step on the Konoha mark, then save your game. Now if you talk to the people
    around, they all ask for items, weird. Anyways, head to the upper left of the
    area, and talk tot he bandit in the blue, he sells stuff, so upgrade your
    characters with new weapons and armor. But don't worry about anything for
    Sasuke, it'll be a waste, really. You can if you got plenty of money, but first
    buy things for the other 5, and if you got money, buy stuff for him if you
    want, he doesn't really need it though, and anime lovers will know another
    reason why not to buy it for him...
    Anyways, after talking to all the people in the town, go to the upper right,
    and a cutscene will appear. Tsunade and Shizune will be having a chat with
    Jiraya. Tsunade later on punches him, knocking him out. After the 2 leave, the
    gang will try to wake Jiraya up. Naruto will use Oroike no Jutsu and wake him
    up. After some more chatting, you once again gain control. Head down near the
    entrance (after going up the stairs) and head into the building with a blue
    sign on the entrance. Another cut scene will take place, but it will end up
    leading with Naruto picking a fight with Tsunade.
    You are automatically taken to the plains, and you have time to get ready to
    fight her. Once your ready, talk to her and select the bottom option...
    Event Battle: Tsunade
    HP: ??? (You can't exactly calculate her HP since it's a timed battle)
    EXP: 0
    You gotta lose this battle, no matter what. You really shouldn't be able to
    touch her, but if you use Naruto's move that uses 40 chakra, the explosion will
    damage her. And If you learned Bunta's Sword Slash already (He gets it at level
    41), then you will do over 200 damage to her, but she will instantly knock you
    out. You gotta wait around 3 rounds before she knocks you out, unless you use
    Bunta's move...
    After Naruto loses, he will attempt Rasengan, but Tsunade will stop him, thus
    declaring her the winner of this short clash. After the cut scene, you are set
    back to the map, once again select Tanzukigai. Here, go into the building with
    a white sign with red kanji on it. Talk to the man, and go into the first room
    inside the building. Inside, there is another cut scene. Shizune talks to
    Naruto for a bit, then Tsunade and Jiraya. Then once again Naruto and Shizune.
    After the talk, he then says he's going to train. After the cut-scene, head to
    the plains, go left for a bit, and talk to Jiraya. He will then teach Naruto
    the Kuchiyose No Jutsu. You can now summon Gamachi, and he takes you up those
    high cliffs now, by pressing A when you're up against it. So after the cut
    scene, if you want, go find all the cliffs as of now, and get the chests, it's
    optional, but I would recommend it. Just keep in mind there are some in the
    forest, the plains, and the snowy mountains, so get all the treasures there if
    you want. After you finish training, leveling up or whatever you wanted to do
    now, go back and talk to Shizune. Select the first option, and yet another cut
    scene will happen. Except a lot of these for a bit right now okay? Anyways,
    yea, Naruto faints, and Tsunade and Shizune talk, and Tsunade then ends up
    knocking her out. The next day Naruto wakes her up, and Jiraya also enters.
    After a talk, you will gain control again, head back to the plains.
    Once again there is another cut-scene, so just watch as Tsunade goes all crazy
    on Orochimaru and Kabuto. Anyways, once you gain control, head back an area,
    passing the old man, and head into the next area, you know, with the female
    ninja and the bandit. At the sign a little ahead, head up the trail, the rocks
    are now gone, which leads you to the next area, once again triggering a cut
    scene. Here, they notice how Tsunade went wild, and chased after Kabuto and
    Orochimaru. After some talk, you will once again gain control. So head left,
    get the chest, which that my friend, is what we call a sannin weapon, and this
    one is a shuriken. It raises all stats, so be sure to equip it, I suggest to
    either Shikamaru or Sakura, since they both are probably meant for the back
    row. After getting that, head up into the next area.
    Here, you should first go up and get the chests on top of the cliff. Anyways,
    go to the right, and go up the stairs. Now, from here you have two ways to go,
    they are both very straight-forward even. I suggest going up the stairs first,
    since it seems to get you to the Konoha mark faster. All you have to do is run
    up the stairs, use Gamakchi's power, and run up the next stairs, and you're
    there. After you hit the konoha mark, go up the stairs past the poison area,
    then go left, down the stairs, and go on the poison area and get the chest
    there, you'll get the Sannin needles or whatever there. Those ones suit Sakura
    better, so give them to her. Now go back to the Konoha mark, and level up to at
    LEAST 40. If you really don't wanna have a rough time with the following
    fights, go to 45, or even 50 to make the fights almost a joke. Anyways, I
    suggest 45 for fun factor. Once your ready, heal, save and go up into the next
    Here Kabuto and Tsunade are fighting, and everyone interrupts. Kabuto then puts
    blood on Tsunade, and knocks her back. Shizune then catches her. After some
    talk, Naruto dashes at Kabuto, time to fight!
    Event Battle: Kabuto
    HP: ??? (1600)
    EXP: 0
    You're probably wonder why he has a ??? then 1600 HP right? That's because you
    have to take away 1600 before he beats your team, I calculated it myself, so it
    may be a bit off, maybe by 100 or 200, but not by much. Anyways, yeah, he's not
    too hard. He has a move where he can stun/confuse a team member, so watch out
    for that. He can even summon a samurai or something, so take it out fast when
    he does. He can also heal himself, so when he does that, you know you're almost
    there. Your team will probably be Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba here. Have Sasuke
    activate his sharingan, but don't use Chidori, it does hurt Kabuto, but it
    drains chakra like hell at this level. Stick with Ryuuka no Jutsu and Shi Shi
    Rendan. For Kiba, just have him constantly use Gatsuuga. Naruto is probably
    best off using Kage Bunshin and attacking in the front. This fight really
    shouldn't take long if you use this team. After you take his 1600 HP, he will
    wipe out all the team.... Yeah, sucks huh?
    Kabuto now kicks Naruto, and knocks him back. Jiraya then attempts Kuchiyose,
    but Gamakchi comes out. Naruto then tries, and Gamatasu comes out, you now have
    a new summon, I'll explain that later. Kabuto then goes to beat up Tsunade, as
    Jiraya and Orochimaru then begin to fight. Kabuto once again hits Naruto, as he
    then goes for Tsunade. After Jiraya and Orochimaru talk, Naruto steps in and
    attempts Rasengan, but misses. Kabuto talks for a bit, and Naruto gets back up,
    and once again fights Kabuto!
    Event Battle: Kabuto
    HP: ??? (2400)
    EXP: 0
    Okay, he just got 800 more HP you have to take away, so this one is obviously
    gonna be harder. He has no new attacks, just a load of more HP. So just
    basically do the same thing as last time. You  may need to switch members in
    the fight, so they can damage the enemy too. Just try to hang in there, it's
    not too hard. When you take away 2400 HP, he will once again knock out the team.
    Naruto is once again knocked down, but he gets back up. He uses Kage Bunshin,
    and Kabuto dashes at him. The real Naruto holds Kabuto as the Kage Bunshin get
    the Rasengan ready, he passes it on to the real Naruto, and Naruto hits Kabuto,
    congrats, you now know the deadly Rasengan to use in battle! But before that,
    Naruto faints after using Rasengan, and Tsunade then heals him. Orochimaru
    tries to kill Naruto, but Tsunade gets in the way, and Orochimaru slices her up
    a couple of times. She then punches him and heals herself, as the 3 Sannin use
    Kuchiyose no Jutsu! After some talk with the summons and sannin, a battle
    Boss Battle: Orochimaru
    HP: 3000
    EXP: 0
    Yeah, you only got Tsunade and Jiraya for this fight, and it's fun, yet kind of
    easy. Anyways, Orochimaru has many attacks. He can use Kuchiyose Manda, which
    damages both your members for a little over 200. Keep Tsunade in the back row,
    she's your healer. Heal when your down to 300 HP. The jutsu wastes 80 chakra.
    It completly heals you both though. Jiraya should probably nail Oro with
    Rasengan when they are both in the front row. Tsunade should use Rock Breaking
    Fist (wastes 65 chakra) every here and there; make sure you have a good amount
    of HP and go in the front row when you do though. He can use an attack that
    takes your HP down to 1, but it misses a lot, so don't worry too much, just
    heal immediatley after getting hit by it if it works. This fight is fun, and it
    shouldn't be hard.
    After you win, there's some more talk, then Oro and Kabuto leave. After some
    more talk, you'll be at the restaurant again. Naruto and Tsunade once again
    pick a fight. Anyways, you'll gain control, so you're probably gonna wanna
    save. Anyways, head outside and talk with Tsunade. She'll kiss him on the head,
    telling him to become a good man, and in her mind, a great hokage. After some
    more chat, you'll be back on the map, head to Konoha. There Tsunade becomes the
    fifth hokage. Yeah, whatever. You hear cheers and stuff. Then two men come to
    town. They kill the guards, and walk in...
    5f. Itachi Returns
    The Jounin Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai will be in for a chat, when there is a
    earthquake like thing. They will then all warp out, and Kakashi will be in a
    weird colored Konoha. He'll try to look around to see if anything changed, and
    then try to dispell the genjutsu. Nothing. You will then gain control of
    Kakashi. First off, there are a lot of chest, so find them and get the items,
    after you find them all in this area, head to the east part of Konoha. First
    off, save. You're probably gonna run into the boss fight without knowing it, so
    first save, then walk around and get the treasures. When ready, head to the
    upper left part of the village...
    Here, Kurenai and Asuma are fighting Itachi and Kisame. Kakashi will step in,
    some talk will commence. Then he takes on both Itachi and Kisame!
    Boss Battle: Itachi and Kisame
    HP: 1500 (Kisame), 1800 (Itachi)
    EXP: 0
    You got Sharingan active right away, but kill Kisame first. Itachi is
    invincible until you take out Kisame. Kisame will either use the shark missile
    for a little over 100 damage, but you'll counter it. He can also use an attack
    that drains both Stamina and chakra, so watch out for that. Just use Raikiri
    twice on him. Itachi will then either attack, throw shurikens at you, make a
    kage bunshin explode, or use Sharingan. He's not too hard, since you'll copy
    the shuriken he throws, for even more damage. Itachi suprisingly had low HP, so
    this battle is rather easy. After you win, you get the item that heals all your
    Stamina and Chakra, and 10000 ryo!
    After the fight, Itachi uses Mangekyou Sharingan on Kakashi, and weakens him
    greatly. you figure out Itachi and Kisame are after the kyuubi in Naruto, and
    as Kisame attempts to slay Kakashi, Gai comes in. Then Itachi and Kisame leave.
    Kakashi then faints, as you are then taken to his house. The jounin will talk,
    as Sasuke then enters. They try to keep Itachi coming a secret, but then a
    ninja comes in and asks if Itachi returning was really true, and if he was
    really after Naruto. Sasuke then freaks out, and runs out to find Naruto.
    You will now gain control of Sasuke. Save, then go into the ramen building (You
    know, the one you always see when you first go through the gates, with the
    white sign with a buncha red kanji.) There, Sasuke will look for Naruto, as you
    see Naruto and Jiraya talking. A girl will then come, and Jiraya will take off
    with her. Naruto will be in his house, as Itachi and Kisame walk in. Sasuke
    comes in not much later, and claims he will kill Itachi. You are then taken to
    a roof top, where Sasuke runs at Itachi!
    Event Battle: Itachi
    HP: ???
    EXP: 0
    Enjoy using Sasuke here, it's your last time using him in battle for a while.
    Anyways, Sasuke here intends to kill Itachi.... which doesn't exactly happen.
    Anyways, kick it off with Sharingan, and just use Chidori on him. When you run
    out of chakra, just attack. After 5 turns, Itachi will knock out Sasuke.
    Sasuke will then attempt to beat up Itachi, as he is pushed back, twice. Itachi
    will then use the Mangekyou Sharingan on him, and Jiraya will come not that
    much later. Itachi and Kisame will once again escape shortly. After some talk,
    you'll then be in Naruto's house, and Sakura will then ask Naruto to visit
    Sasuke with her. Sakura is now your lead here. Keep it like that for now.
    Anyways, go to the north area, and to the hospital which is to the left. Go to
    the right, up the stairs, then into the room with the open door on the second
    floor. There, Tsunade just healed Sasuke. Her and Shizune will leave as Naruto
    and Sakura go inside. Sasuke will then challenge Naruto to a fight. After some
    talk, Sasuke will go up to the hospital roof, so follow him up there. Save
    before talking to him, and Naruto and Sasuke will talk, then a clash!
    Boss Battle: Sasuke
    HP: 500
    EXP: 5000
    One on One, Sasuke VS Naruto. Oh Goody! And what better way to use Rasengan
    then no other on him? Anyways, this fight is way too easy. Kick it off with
    Kage Bunshin, then pull off Rasengan. It should do 350-600 damage, depending on
    your level. If he still is alive, just attack or use Naruto Rendan and he's
    Anyways, Sasuke is on the ground. He then gets up as they both get ready to
    clash with Chidori and Rasengan. They dash at eachother, as Sakura runs in
    between to try to stop them. Kakashi then stops them both, as Sasuke leaves not
    too much later. Kakashi and Jiraya talk, as Naruto tells Sakura not to
    interfere. She then tells him to meet her at the bench in the east of Konoha
    (or something like that) because they need to talk. You will now gain control
    of Shikamaru. So go to the east of Konoha, and go to the right, until you see
    Sakura. So go ahead and talk to her. After some talk with the two, you will
    then see Sasuke in the forest. He will then fall, as Kakashi ties him to a tree
    and talks to him. After that lecture ends, Kakashi leaves. Sasuke thinks to
    himself for a second, as the sound four surround him. They then beat him, then
    talk to him and tell him to abandon his friends, and go to Orochimaru for
    power. After some talk, they once again leave. You will now be in his house,
    and you'll gain control of him. This is the last time you will be using him for
    a while, so enjoy it while you can, if you want. Anyways, head outside, and
    Sasuke and Sakura will have a chat. She will try to make him stay in Konoha,
    but she fails, as he puts her to sleep. You then see him with the sound four.
    They talk for a bit, and they leave Konoha...
    5g. Mission! Bring Back Sasuke!
    Sakura wakes up the next morning, and goes to Tsunade, telling her what
    happened. Tsunade then calls for Shikamru, who is assigned the mission to try
    to retrieve Sasuke. He then says he should probably get Naruto and Chouji, so
    first head to Naruto's house. Naruto will then freak out, and join the group,
    so I recommend making him the leader, since Shikamaru isn't exactly that
    strong. Now, go to the place with a green sign with white circles on it. Here,
    talk to Chouji. After the cut scene, you will be back outside. Talk to Kiba
    then. He will also decide to join the group. Now, exit Konoha and head to the
    training grounds. You gotta use the stylus for it though, since you can't go
    down there with the d-pad. Anyways, go to the right, and head to the next area.
    Here, Rock Lee and Neji are training, so there will be another cut-scene. After
    the talk, head back to Konoha. Once again, there is another cut scene, and
    Sakura will join the group at the last moment. You will now be in the world
    map. You'll notice a new area, but first go back to Konoha and talk to Tsunade
    for kuchiyose Ton Ton, that pig can break rocks you know! Anyways, now go to
    the weapon shop, but just buy new armor for now, you'll be getting some awesome
    weapons soon, trust me. Once your ready, head to the new area...
    Okay, prepare for some boss battles, and be ready for some pretty hard fights
    here, this area isn't easy. First off, pick a team. Mine is usually Naruto,
    Kiba and either Neji, Rock Lee or Chouji. It's totally up to you though.
    Anyways, once you got your main team figured out, get your 3 other members
    picked, and one character isn't gonna be able to level up at all. Knowing most
    people it's gonna be the one with the lowest stats. *Cough*Sakura*Cough*. After
    you get your team assembled, either you can fight until you get to level 50 by
    going back to Konoha or somewhere to heal often, or you're gonna run through
    this short area to the konoha mark, and level up there.
    I recommend running through the area, since it's rather short.
    When you start here, go left and then down. Go to the right, then up and get
    the sword out of the chest. Give it to Shikamaru, since he is really meant for
    attacking. Now, head back some, and go in the narrow path down and step on the
    scroll. Get the chest, and go to the left, leading to the right of this area
    (Like in Pac Man!). Anyways, go up and step on that scroll. Run down, to the
    Konoha Mark, and get Ton Ton. Have the pig crush the rocks by pressing A near
    THE SCROLL. I honestly recommend going to 53 or 55. This next boss fight is not
    easy. Once your ready, step on the scroll, and go to the left some...
    Jiroubou is here, as the other 3 and Sasuke went on. After some chat, he goes
    Curse Seal Stage 2, and attacks the team!
    Boss Battle: Curse Seal Stage 2 Jiroubou
    HP: 4000
    EXP: 60000 (10000 each)
    Okay, this boss battle will be kind of wild, and you're probably gonna lose
    some members in this fight, so be ready for a pain in the ass boss. He can do
    only four different, things; attack one member, attack all members, boost his
    own attack, and throw a huge rock that easily will do over 100 damage, and it's
    range is insane, so you'll most likely get hit. If he boosts his attack, move
    all your characters to the back, no matter what! If he attacks a member in the
    front row with his attack boosted, it's gonna be 300 + HP down the drain,
    seriously. And to make this fight a real pain, he has a very high attack. He
    also will use the rock move quite frequently. I suggest Naruto for Kage Bunshin
    and Rasengan, Kiba for Garoga, and Chouji for Chou Baika no Jutsu. These are
    all the hardest hitters you should have as of now, especially Rasengan. You can
    use Neji or Rock Lee, but Neji's Stamina and Chakra honestly just suck as of
    now. Rock Lee could work out, it's just he can't pull off Omote Renge that much
    as of now, and he shouldn't know Ura Renge yet. Sakura here would probably be
    stuck healing every round, if she doesn't die instantly from this fight,
    considering her HP won't even be 300 by then most likely. This fight should
    take a good 5 minutes or more, depending on your level.
    Side Note: Don’t you think it's weird how only Chouji is supposed to fight this
    dude in his CS 2 form, while everyone is there anyways? I think Tomy could have
    at least made you fight his human form, then have Chouji fight his CS 2 form
    one on one, that would have been cool...
    After winning that boss fight, you're gonna wanna heal most likely, so you
    should probably go back and get to the Konoha mark really fast. When you're
    ready, go down past where Jiroubou's fight was, and head down into the next
    Now, this area is kind of big, and can get confusing at times, so please try to
    bear with me. You will also be getting some weapons along the way here, so it's
    recommended to get the chests here. Start off by going down and hit the scroll.
    Get the chest up on that cliff. That's the Sannin Fan, give it to Neji or
    Sakura, prefrebly Neji. and head back. Head into that Tree Stump right there.
    Head down, get the two chests, and save that sannin weapon for later,
    seriously. Someone else will need it, you'll see. Step on the scroll now. Head
    down here, and head through the hole to the left. Now, you'll see rocks under
    the water, so summon the yellow frog, Gamatasu. He can walk over those. Yeah,
    get that chest, then go down, and have Ton Ton crush the rocks. Get those two
    chests. You'll get the Sannin Sword and Sannin Armor. Give the Sword to Naruto,
    and give the armor to him too, trust me, you're gonna wanna use him from now
    on. Head back to where you first entered the tree hole. Now, head to the right
    there, and step on that scroll. Now, head down, head down and exit the tree.
    Head down more, and go to the left. Go up, past the next tree stump and get the
    chest. Now go into this tree stump. Here, get the chest to the right. That's a
    sannin claw. Give it to Kiba or Rock Lee, whichever one you use more. Now, head
    up, step on the scroll, and head up to the next tree hole. SAVE BEFORE GOING
    THROUGH, THERE IS ANOTHER BOSS FIGHT. Heal your team the best you can, try
    getting to at least level 53 for this fight. Then head through the hole...
    Here, the team sees the other sound 3, and the exclusive Sasuke in a barrel
    resting. Now, they plan to sneak up on them, which totally gets ruined.
    Kidomaru will tell Sakon and Tayuya to go on, since he'll take care of us.
    After some chat, he also goes CS2, and fights the team!
    Boss Battle: Curse Seal Stage 2 Kidomaru
    HP: 4000
    EXP: 63000 (10500 each)
    Okay, he's a tad bit easier than Jiroubou at times. He can attack your whole
    team, attempt to stun you in a diamond shape, throw the needles at you in a +
    shape, he can even summon a spider to fight with him. His most deadly attack is
    probably where he shoots his arrow, and it can possibly take you down to 1 HP,
    so heal when that happens. Due to the fact he has a lower defense than
    Jiroubou, and you got new weapons, he should be easier. Rasengan to him in the
    front row can even do over 900 damage now! Just basically do the same thing you
    did against Jiroubou, and he's finished fast.
    After you win, he talks for a bit, Neji then tells him something, as he then
    dies like Jiroubou did. After some chat, you once again gain control. Head into
    the tree stump quickly, and hit the Konoha mark in there. Save, and head down
    into the next area.
    Here, Tayuya and Sakon are resting, as we've already caught up! Things seem to
    be going well right? After some chat, they both go CS2, and fight you...
    Event Battle: CS2 Tayuya, CS2 Sakon
    HP: ??? (2500)
    EXP: 0
    Yeah, you gotta lose here, but you have to damage Sakon quite a bit before you
    lose. Ignore damaging Tayuya, she can't trigger the attack to knock your team
    out. Just concentrate on damaging Sakon, and don't worry about dying, since you
    just gotta damage them, and you won't lose any exp if one of your members dies.
    Don't worry about their attacks right now, I'll explain them in a bit... Just
    try using attacks like Rasengan, Garoga, Chou Baika no Jutsu, ect. After a bit,
    Sakon will knock out the team.
    Yeah, so the team lost, does that mean it's over? Hell no. Elsewhere, the
    infamous Gaara, Temari and Kankurou are coming to help us! Anyways, they chat
    for a bit, as you then gain control of Gaara. These three are only on level 45
    (one of my favorite numbers), so you're gonna have to train them for a bit.
    Remember the sannin weapon that I told you not to equip earlier? Give it to
    Kankurou, he'll need it. Start off by going to the left for a Combi Henge
    scroll. Then head back, and down the hill. Now head down the narrow path, and
    hit the scroll. Head down and to the left here, then go up and hit this scroll.
    Now, go down and to the left again for yet another scroll. In case you haven't
    noticed, this is where we fought Jiroubou. Anyways, head down into the next
    area. Head into the tree stump and head straight for the scroll. Now go down,
    and right for a bit to exit this tree. Now go down and up into the next tree.
    Head up, hit the scroll and continue up to once again find the exit to the
    tree. Now head down some, and go to the right, then back up into this tree. Go
    down to the Konoha mark, and try to catch up with your other characters with
    levels. Once your ready, go down, and you will see a cut-scene where the sand
    shinobi come to save you! After some chat, you'll gain control again. Make a
    new party if you want. Once your ready, talk to Tayuya and select the bottom
    option... After some more talking, she'll go CS2, and fight you!
    Boss Battle: Curse Seal Stage 2 Tayuya
    HP: 4000
    EXP: 66000 (11000 each)
    She's not all that hard. First off, she can use Mugen Onsa, which can stun some
    of your party, but that's not too bad. She can attack normally, which isn't bad
    either. She can also use an attack where she summons and hits you for some good
    damage, so watch out for that. Her worst attack though, is the one where she
    summons the white ghost, it drains both Stamina and Chakra in a + shape.
    Basically, just stick to hard hitting attacks. Rasengan can possibly do 999
    damage to her now if you're at least level 52. Kankurou's Dark Arts jutsu can
    do up to 600 damage sometimes, so if you are using him, that can be good. Just
    use strong attacks, and you should be good for this fight.
    After you win there is some more talk, as the Shinobi of the Sand officially
    join you to help get Sasuke back! Now, you will once again gain control. Head
    to the right, get the chest. That item heals all stamina and chakra, you should
    have around 6 by now. Now head up, get the chest there, and step on the scroll.
    Head down, and once again step on another scroll. now go to the right, and get
    the scroll in the chest. That my friends, is the 4th Kyuubi scroll. Head down,
    but save and heal before going into the next area. This next boss fight is
    rather hard, so be prepared. Once ready, go down into the next area. Sakon is
    there, and Sasuke will awaken from his nice comfortable barrel... He has the
    curse seal over half of his face, so he looks kind of weird. He takes off to
    the left (Which is weird because we wanna head down next). After some chatting,
    Sakon will go CS2, and we have to also fight Ukon in his CS2 form! Lets fight!
    Boss Battle: Curse Seal Stage 2 Sakon & Ukon
    HP: 3500 each
    EXP: 78000 (13000 each)
    Okay, these two, not easy. They have some pretty deadly moves, but there HP
    isn't so high, it's just the fact there are two of them. First off, Sakon can
    use mach punch, which hits 3 times to 3 squares vertical, that can do up to 150
    damage sometimes. Ukon can use Cell Disrupt/Fuse, which makes you attack
    yourself for around 250 damage, so really watch out for it. I recommend killing
    Ukon first, he's more dangerous. Ukon has the strange arm and leg on his right
    side, as Sakon on his left. Use wide range attacks to try to hit them both,
    such as Garoga sometimes, Rasengan, Konoha Dai Senpu, or all screen hitting
    specials, such as Garra and Temari's moves. Just heal when needed, and prepare
    yourself for a kind of hard fight...
    After you win, Sakon will talk, then die, like all the other sound 3. After
    some talk, you will gain control, step on the konoha mark now. Now, head up and
    to the left. Summon Gamatasu, and cross the water. Get that chest. I think it's
    either Hinata or Shino's belonging, so that's important as of now. Anyways,
    before you leave this area, level up to 55, I highly recommend it... Once you
    are ready though... head down, and you'll be back on the map, head up, to the
    next area...
    5h. Showdown! Naruto VS Sasuke
    Yeah, for my Walkthrough, I decided this section deserves it's own part, even
    if it is just two battles... Anyways, there is a loooooooong cinema, as you see
    Naruto finally confront Sasuke. They talk, Naruto punches him, they talk,
    Naruto punches him again, they talk, Sasuke punches Naruto, they talk, Sasuke
    activates Sharingan and gets ready to fight, Naruto gets ready to fight, and
    they clash!!!
    Boss Battle: Sasuke
    HP: 3000
    EXP: 48000 (8000 each)
    What the hell is this? All your members are fighting Sasuke? It's supposed to
    be one-on-one, Sasuke VS Naruto! SHANNARO! Heh, yeah, that pissed me off... :D
    Anyways, Sasuke isn't too hard... Yet... This fight he just basically will use
    attack such as Shi Shi Rendan, the Katons, and Chidori. He's not too hard. I
    would poison him with Naruto, so he constantly loses 300 HP. Don't wastes all
    your jutsus and stuff here, you're not done yet....
    After this fight, Naruto goes Kyuubi, and hits Sasuke, Sasuke yells at him,
    puts his head band/forehead protector on, and goes CS2, now, here is the hard
    Boss Battle: CS2/Juuin Sasuke
    HP: 5000
    EXP: 0
    Yeah, didn't see this coming did you? Actually, you probably did, so forget I
    said that. Anyways, he'll probably start off with his new attack, Juuin
    Chidori. This Black Chidori does some killer damage in a 3x3 area. You can even
    tell how powerful it is, since he has to charge it up, at least I did when he
    took out all my team when I first fought him. Yeah, that's his only new attack,
    but he has loads more HP, and his Goyukakku will do at least 70 damage now.
    Other than that, nothing new. You however, have something new with our buddy
    Naruto, he has Kyuubi Chakra running for all of this fight. It gives him
    infinite Chakra, and boosts all his stats. So you're probably gonna be spamming
    this fool with Rasengan non-stop. Anyways, just use what suits you best for
    this fight. Make sure Sakura is two spaces lower than all your other team
    though, since Juuin Chidori will literally take her out in one hit. Just heal
    when needing, keep Naruto alive at all costs, and keep on laying down major
    damage, and this fight will be done in no time.
    After this fight, the screen will pause, as Naruto and Sasuke are left alone
    (So.... How the hell does everyone disappear like that? Another reason it
    should be a one-on-one people!!!). Sasuke will talk to him, as many flashbacks
    happen, and the two clash will their strongest attacks (What? Why didn't we get
    Kyuubi Rasengan? He got Juunin Chidori, no fair...). Anyways, after the clash,
    Sasuke wins, and he walks off. The group happens to meet up again somehow, as
    Naruto is asleep. After some chat, he wakes up, and then some more talk
    happens. After that, you'll gain control. Leave this area, and you'll notice
    there is yet another new area. Go to Konoha first, and talk to Tsunade. She
    will give you Kuchiyose Katsui, and now you can head for the new area...
    Orochimaru's Home....
    5i. Final Area, Orochimaru's Home
    Okay, this is the last area in the game, so be ready for it. It's not too hard,
    it's just to get all the items you'll need to side track some. First off, some
    of the enemies here can be a pain, such as the Samurai with the purple skin. He
    can do some major damage, and the experience they give you is really crap to be
    honest. You'll still be fighting the snakes and spiders for a bit, along with
    the tigers and sound ninja. A new version of those Red Genjustu girls are here,
    just attack the purple ones, since the green ones are summoned. So yeah, I'll
    explain the other enemies later on, since they don't appear for a bit.
    Anyways, Start off by heading up, and summoning Ton Ton to break those rocks.
    Then get the chest. Oh, you can open those green gates by going up to them and
    pressing A. Anyways, head left, open that first gate, don't go in there though,
    there's nothing there. The second one has 2 chests though. You'll get new boots
    and an item that heals all stamina to oen character. Equip those boots, and
    exit the square area and head up. Have Ton Ton once again crush the rocks. Head
    up, open the gate, and head through the lower left to get that chest. You'll
    get a tag, and if I'm right, you'll need that for later. Head to the right, and
    open the gates if you want. After heading to the right, go up to the next area.
    This area isn't so hard either, just some walking to do. Head up, then left,
    and head up for a while. After you can't go up anymore, head to the right for a
    bit. Then head down until you see the scroll. Step on it, and go up and break
    the rocks above the next scroll. Get that chest for, uh, an SP item with a very
    long name... Now step on the scroll to be taken to the lower area. You're
    probably gonna wanna go right to step on the Konoha mark, so do that. Head down
    though afterwards. Get the chest to the left. You'll get some needles... Yeah,
    those weapons suck. Summon Gamatasu and cross the water and get the chest. That
    Kunai is pretty good, just not so high of an attack power, so equip it if you
    want. Head back up and step on the Konoha mark. Level up to at least 58, and
    open the door above by pressing A on it. Save, and head through....
    The group walks in and talks for a sec, as Kimimaro finally appears. They talk
    for a bit, as Akamaru realizes this guys power. Naruto also gets pissed, but
    not to the point of being able to activate the Kyuubi's chakra it though...
    After some more talk, Kimimaro goes CS2, and attacks the team!!!
    Boss Battle: CS2 Kimimaro
    HP: 4500
    EXP: 78000 (13000 each)
    Allright, due to no Kyuubi Chakra, this fight is way harder than CS2 Sasuke's.
    Also the fact that Kimimaro can do some major damage, it may actually be a good
    idea to have Sakura here, but I can manage without her, so you should be able
    to too. Anyways, Kimimaro is no joke. He can do this attack that does around
    150 damage, and can even stun you. He also can hit one row sometimes with his
    bones from his fingers for around 90 damage. He also has this attack where it's
    like a checkered ranged attack that hurts like hell. So obviously you're going
    to be taking some damage this fight. First off, get Gaara in there. Have him
    have Shukaku Wo Tate active, so his damage intake is low, and he can heal with
    items and use some jutsus every here and there. Also have Naruto. Rasengan is a
    good attack, also being able to attack with kage bunshin afterwards is good
    too. You can have any 4 other members then, I would recommend characters with
    high damaging jutsus, such as Rock Lee's Ura Renge, or Neji's 128 hit thing.
    Chouji's and Kiba's sometimes work out, not really with Kiba though. Kankurou's
    can be good at times too. Just basically stay in the back row until you use
    your attacks and jutsus, keep that HP over 150, which is hard, and hang in
    there, you'll be done in no time.
    After the fight, Kimimaro dashes in to attack the team, as he then dies as he
    jumps in between them. The team talks more, as there are around 10 doors
    waiting for you ahead.... After the cinema, go heal at the Konoha mark, and
    prepare for some investigating. But first off, there's going to be a new enemy
    through the doors, an ANBU member. They have I believe exactly 999 HP, and they
    are not easy. They can summon, and they even have a move that can take you out
    in one hit. So take them out as fast as you can, especially before they use
    Bunshin/Kawarami no jutsu. Sometimes it's just better to run, but they do give
    some good EXP.
    Moving on... Okay, follow my lead here, since I want to make you get all the
    items and stuff here, and not make it so you gotta back-track often. So we're
    gonna start by going in the door that's the next to the last one to the left.
    Summon Katsui or whatever so you can cross the poison areas now. Head up, and
    go to the left, ignoring the scroll. Head up, also ingnoring the lower path,
    and get the chest on the normal land. It's a Combi Henge scroll I believe. Now
    go step on the scroll. Continue to head up into the next area. Here, head up
    and fall down the hole. Down here, head up some, and summon Gamatasu to cross
    the small rocky water path to the left. Now go down, and summon Ton Ton to
    crush those rocks. Then summon Gamachi to head up the cliff and get the chest.
    It's a good Shuriken, so equip it if you want, but I really don't like
    Shurikens. Head back down the cliff and climb the rope. Here, head down into
    the next area, you'll be on a poison area, so summon Katsui again and go down
    to get the chest. It's a tag, which I think may be the one you need to get
    farther in the last area, but I may be wrong. Now, go back the way you came
    into that door room. When there, skip the next door to the right, it's a empty
    room. Also skip the next door, we'll go back to it later. Go into the next one
    though. Head up some, then to the right to get the chest sitting on the poison
    area. It's an item which I do not know of, so yeah. Now head down to the lower
    area to be in the last door. Go to the door to the left of this one now. Get
    the chest for some good boots/shoes. Give them to someone who needs them, I
    would give them to Naruto or Gaara. Now go into the door I told you to skip, or
    the one that Kimimaro came from, or to make it simple, the middle door. Head up
    in there and step on the scroll. Head down more, then to the right once again.
    That path will lead to yet another scroll. So step on that one too. Now head up
    again, and to the right some, then up again to the next area. Here is where
    it's gonna get kind of confusing, since we're gonna be exploring some here, so
    try to bear with me. Head up, to the right, up some more, ignoring that right
    path down the hole, it's a dead end. Head, up, also ignoring that next hole to
    the right some for now. So head to the left, getting the chest for an item.
    Step on the scroll that is up some next, then head up there to get a tag in the
    chest, Now head down some and to the left. Drop down the stange shaped hold
    there. Get the two chests; one is a tag, and the other an item that heals all
    your parties stamina and chakra. Now head back up the rope, and go back to the
    second hole I told you to ingore, and fall down it. Head across the small
    bridge to the left when you first enter. Head up and get the item in the chest.
    Now head down and summon Gamatasu to cross the water. You'll get some good
    armor. Equip it to whoever needs it, I gave it to Naruto. Noe head back up, and
    summon Gamachi to get up that cliff. Now summon Ton Ton to break the rocks, and
    step on the scroll. Here, head up getting the chest to the right, and summon
    Gamachi again to get up the cliff, and enter the door. Step on the Konoha mark
    now, you probably need it. Now, level up to at least 65, that is needed,
    seriously, I would go to 70 to be on the safe side, so you can have some good
    stats and your jutsus will be easy to bring out their max potential. Once
    ready, head up to the door, press A to make it vanish, and head up, and be
    ready for the 2 final fights of the story....
    Here Orochimaru is telling Sasuke he is his chosen one, as Sasuke just tells
    him to give him power. Kabuto tries talking to Sasuke, but he raises his Chakra
    at Kabuto at a high level. As Sasuke walks up to Orochimaru, Naruto and the
    gang get there just in time. Sasuke then stands next to Orochimaru, as he
    summons the sound 5, yep, all 5 (tachnically 6) of them. Now, they all go CS2
    and attack you! Be ready for a crazy fight!!!
    Boss Battle: The Sound 5 (or 6)
    HP:  Jiroubou: 2000   Kidomaru: 1600   Kimimaro: 3200   Sakon: 1500   Ukon:
    1500    Tayuya: 1200
    EXP: 255000 (42500 each)
    Okay, this fight is just crazy. You'll start off by fighting Jiroubou, Kidomaru
    and Kimimaro, and after you beat them, Sakon, Ukon and Tayuya will pop up. So
    the first wave is probably going to be the harder one. You'll probably want to
    kill Jiroubou first, since he'll be spamming that stupid rock move non-stop.
    Then I would go for Kimimaro, since he still has loads of HP, unlike the rest
    of the sound 4. then go for Kidomaru, since he really doesn't pose too much of
    a threat. When the next wave comes out, go for either Ukon first, since his
    move can hurt like hell, or Tayuya, since her HP is very low. Either way,
    you're gonna wanna kill whoever poses more of a threat. Tayuya does because she
    can stun your team, or drain your chakra, so it's up to you really. Sakon can
    do some damage, but he's not a total threat. Just spam all your moves, such as
    Rasengan, Garoga, Chou Baika No Jutsu, Ura Renge, ect. You'll probably need to
    heal after the first round, and don't mind using items, just don't waste them
    all, you still got one match left...
    Side Note: My HP estimations may be off for these guys, since all my attacks
    did rather high damage, and there HP isn't so great, so they may be off some,
    but it should be around their HP level.
    After this fight,  Shikamaru heals everyone, as we take on the real deal,
    Orochimaru himself... Before they fight though, Naruto says he'll kick his ass,
    so he's serious about this... Be ready for a long, hard fight...
    Final Boss: Orochimaru
    HP: 10000
    EXP: 120000 (20000 each)
    Yes, that's right, 10000 HP. He'll start off the fight by talking as he summons
    Manda, and stands on his head, with his neck extended and kusungai (his sword)
    sticking out of his mouth. He'll probably start off the fight by using
    Kuchiyose Manda too. This will probably do around a mere 60 to characters with
    high defense, or a massive 190 to characters with a not so high defense, so be
    careful with this move. He also can stun all the group, which means you may be
    screwed if he gets all 3 of you. He can also use the kusungai to take you down
    to 1 HP, and he may be cheesy and use Kuchiyose Manda right after that so you
    can't heal and you'll get killed. So be careful when fighting him. He'll start
    haling himself when he's down to around 2000, it only heals for around 230 HP
    though. He's always in the middle row, on the middle panel, no matter how much
    he moves, which means you can't execute extremly high damaging attacks, so be
    aware of that. I would just blast off all of your moves, no matter what. Make
    sure you can heal with items, so you won't have to rely on Sakura, because she
    could just waste a members spot, I really don't use her. Rasengan should be
    used in front of him for a possible 999 damage, but if your not level 70 yet,
    you may only be able to pull it off once without healing. Other high damaging
    attacks can work too, such as Garoga, Chou Baika no Jutsu, 128 hits, ect. Just
    use all your members for this fight, and do what suits you best, don't die, and
    you'll be done before you know it.
    After you win, everyone is tired, as he gets back up like it was nothing and
    knocks out the team. Him, Kabuto and Sasuke all go to the back room, which
    means the mission is a failure... Kakashi and Pakkun come not too much later
    and take you back to Konoha. Watch the rather long ending, and watch the
    credits, after them you'll be in Konoha again. Now you can do all the fun stuff
    for the game, but that's for later. :P
    6. Secrets
    Kyuubi Scroll Quest:
    This is the one quest which is asked about the most, and I know all the
    locations besides the first one totally. Here they are:
    1. I believe in a chest in the Forest area
    2. In the caves, you'll find it easily
    3. Also in the caves, summon Gamatasu to cross the water rocks and get it from
    the chest on the small island.
    4. Sasuke's Pursuit, a little after beating Tayuya I believe
    5. Talk to Shizune in Tsunade's place after beating the game.
    Now, after getting all of them, go to the right in Tsunade's place, and press A
    on the book shelf which should cause it to fade. Go examine that huge ass
    scroll and the 5 scrolls will interact with it and give you the Kyuubi no
    Chakra jutsu for Naruto!
    Kuchiyose Game:
    This is another game that can only be played after beating the game, and you
    gotta go all the way to the top of the school and talk to Konohamaru to do it.
    Basically, there is an imaginary 4 horozontial, 3 vertical range panels, and
    you gotta tap 4 of them, and sometime you'll get an item or even a jutsu, or
    possibly some characters! Here are some of the codes:
    Kyuubi Rasengan Jutsu:
    Juuin Chidori Jutsu:
    Character Uchiha Itachi:
    Character Orochimaru:
    Kuchiyose Pakkun:
    Dojo Mission Sannin's Challenge:
    Dojo Mission Uchiha Memories:
    A Good sword (Dunno the name):
    The Fourth's Cape:
    The Fourth's Sword:
    Iruka's Bath Ticket:
    Akamaru's Bath Ticket:
    Secret Characters
    Believe it or not, this game has plenty of characters to get back/unlock,
    however, most people won't be able to get four of them :(.... After getting
    their tags, go to your items and press A on the tags you have, the chatacters
    voice will be heard, and you now have that character! (You can only get them
    after beating the game) Here they are:
    Uchiha Sasuke:
    How to get: Go to his house in the right area of Konoha. There, examine the
    picture to get his tag. He'll be at the level you last had him (Probably 40).
    How to get: Get a Jounin Rank on the Kumite Dojo mission where you fight
    Kimimaro and Rock Lee. He'll aslo be at the level you left him at (maybe 65).
    How to get: Get a Jounin Rank on the Kumite Dojo mission where you fight her
    with Shikamaru. She'll also be at the level that you left her at.
    How to get: Get a Jounin Rank on the Kumite Dojo mission where you fight Sakon
    and Ukon with Kiba (This may be hard sometimes). He'll be at the level you left
    him at.
    Aburame Shino:
    How to get: Get his belonging item, and give it to him, the only problem is, I
    forgot where to find him at. O.O You should have his item though if you
    followed my walkthrough. He'll be at level 1.
    Hyuuga Hinata:
    How to get: Get her belonging and give it to her at the main school part.
    She'll be at level 1.
    Ten Ten:
    How to get: Get her belonging and give it to her at the weapon shop. She'll be
    at level 1.
    Yamanaka Ino:
    How to Get: Get her Belonging and give it to her at the weapon shop. She'll be
    at level 1.
    Note: You can only choose 2 of the 4 above, so choose wisely.
    How to get: Beat the Kumite Dojo mission where you fight her alone. She will
    not have a level.
    How to get: Win 50 VS Matches with a friend. He will not have a level.
    How to get: Kuchiyose Mini Game. He will not have a level.
    Hatake Kakashi:
    How to get: Win 20, yes 20, not 25, VS Matches with a friend. He will not have
    a level.
    Uchiha Itachi:
    How to get: Kuchiyose Mini Game. He will not have a level.
    The Bath:
    This is a place where you can make up to 5 characters take a bath together in
    the hot spa. Some character combos will trigger cut-scenes, and build up
    partnership, which I think triggers the very rare now Dobule attacks more often
    and builds power for partner attacks. Just to go Iruka and talk to him to go to
    the character options and to make the scenes. I don't know the true purpose of
    this though...
    Kuchioyse No Jutsu:
    This will allow you to summon a small partner who has cetain abilities which
    you will get throughout the game. There are a total of 5, here they are:
    Gamachi: You can climb up hills by pressing A in front of it.
    Gamatasu: You can cross the rocks in the water.
    Ton Ton: You can Crush the boulders that you see by pressing A in front of them.
    Katsui: You can cross poison panels without taking damage.
    Pakkun: This is a secret summon that reduces that rate of fighting enemies.
    Would be very nice through the game, not after you beat it though :P
    7. Characters
    This is probably the section I was looking forward to most. This explains the
    characters, their jutsus, and some partner attacks. Sorry if I miss some, those
    sometimes are kind of hard to find!
    Uzumaki Naruto:
    Naruto starts off as a not so good fighter. Over the game though, his stats
    start to improve, as he later on has higher Stamina and Chakra than EVERY other
    character. He good at Attack, okay with Defense, and sucks with Speed and Ninja
    Power. His specials can be very weak to overpowering (He does have the
    strongest attack in the game you know!). Overall, he's someone you should stick
    Max Stats (Without equipment):
    Stamina: 919
    Chakra: 973
    Attack: 322
    Defense: 280
    Speed: 269
    Ninja Power: 480
    My Naruto's Stats:
    Stamina: 923
    Chakra: 999
    Attack: 462
    Defense: 400
    Speed: 342
    Ninja Power: 500
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Range: 3x3 plus one up or down the middle.
    Effect: Farts on the enemy for a possible chance of poison
    My Opinon: This special will probably be ignored until you do Kumite Dojo
    missons. It's not so great, and doesn't hit too often.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Oroike No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 5
    Range: 3x3 plus one up or down the middle.
    Effect: Turns into a girl with a bathing suit to possibly confuse enemies.
    My Opinon: Okay, this one will be ignored even more than Onara. This one barley
    hits, and it just sucks honestly.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Kage Bunshin:
    Chakra Cost: 7-35
    Range: Naruto
    Effect: 1/2 Naruto's attack, but make him attack the enemy 3 times.
    My Opinon: One of Naruto's best moves. With Kyuubi No Chakra, the damage of 3
    hits can add up to even over 1000! A really good move indeed.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Harem No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Must have Kage Bunshin active to use. Attempt to confuse all enemies.
    My Opinon: A Oroike No Jutsu with a little more range, bleh....
    My Rate: 1/5
    Naruto Rendan:
    Chakra Cost: 25-70
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: A strong damaging attack to one enemy
    My Opinon: This is a good attack with a good damage rate.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Naruto Nisen Rendan:
    Chakra Cost: 55-100
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Must have Kage Bunshin active to use. Naruto Rendan to all enemies
    My Opinon: Good for enemies and Kumite Dojo missions, sucks for bosses.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Uzumaki Tackle (I don't know the exact name):
    Chakra Cost: 40-80
    Range: One enemy, 3x3 range for last hit
    Effect: Hits the enemy twice for your attack, then an explosion for very low
    damage hits in a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: This one is good until Naruto starts getting a good attack and the
    explosion becomes weak.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Kuchiyose Bunta:
    Chakra Cost: 140-200
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Bunta slashes his sword in one row for medium damage.
    My opinon: This one is good when all enemies are in a line. It does around 330
    My Rate: 3/5
    Combi Henge:
    Chakra Cost: 200-260
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Naruto summons Bunta, who transforms into a fox for screen damage.
    My Opinon: This attack will barley do 200 damage most of the time. Your better
    off with Kage Bunshin then Naruto Nisen Rendan.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Chakra Cost: 300-360
    Range: Uh, one panel in front, then a 2x3 range behind them...
    Effect: Must have Kage Bunshin active to use. Massive Damage with a good range.
    My Opinon: This is a very good move, but a high cost of chakra when you get it.
    It's damage is incredible though.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Kyuubi No Chakra:
    Chakra Cost: 500-650
    Range: Naruto
    Effect: Boosts all of Naruto's stats and give him infinite chakra.
    My Opinion: Very powerful move. He has infinite Chakra and boosted stats, so he
    gets really good when he gets this.
    My Rate: 5/5
    Kyuubi Rasengan:
    Chakra Cost: 500-600
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Must have Kyuubi No Chakra active to use. FREAKING INSANE DAMAGE IN A
    3X3 AREA!!!!!!!!!
    My opinon: Very strong attack, it's almost guaranteed to do 999 damage. And
    with Kyuubi No Chakra, you can spam it for a good time too.
    My Rate: 5/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Note: I do not know any of the names to the specials, so i mainly mixed the
    attack names up :/
    How to Get: Have Kage Bunshin and have Sasuke with Sharingan active, and use
    Chakra Cost: 300
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: A Rasengan followed up by Chidori
    My Opinon: Probably the second strongest attack in the game, this move does
    some good damage.
    My Rate: 5/5
    Onara Sakura:
    How to Get: Have Inner Sakura active and use Fart.
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Range: Vertical 3 panels.
    Effect: Fart Followed up by Inner Sakura pound.
    My Opinion: This one is actually good, since it has a good chance of poisoning.
    The damage is a letdown though.
    My Rate: 3/5
    I think that's all the ones he uses, if I see more, I'll add them.
    Uchiha Sasuke:
    Sasuke starts off as the typical power house of this game. His stats exceed
    everyone elses for the longest time. The catch is though, he leaves the game
    1/2 through the game, and you can't get him back until after beating it. He's a
    fairly good character, he doesn't lack in anything and can do some good ranged
    attacks. He eventually lacks in some specials though as they get weaker (The
    Katons and Fuuma Shuriken), but he does get some good other skills, and
    Sharingan just owns in this game. Sasuke can also be a good character to have
    at times.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 752
    Chakra: 751
    Attack: 339
    Defense: 271
    Speed: 333
    Ninja Power: 674
    My Sasuke's Stats:
    Stamina: 752
    Chakra: 751
    Attack: 459
    Defense: 361
    Speed: 413
    Ninja Power: 689
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: Sasuke
    Effect: Gives him the sharingan eye, which counters most physical
    attacks/jutsus, and even some element ones such as the Katons and other basic
    My Opinon: Yeah, Sharingan sucked in the first one, but they improved it here,
    it's far better and makes it worth using.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Shi Shi Rendan:
    Chakra Cost: 16-36
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Does a rolling kick animation to one enemy for large damage.
    My Opinon: This one really got stronger since the first one too. It does up to
    700 damage to very strong enemies even! Worth using.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Katon: Goyukakku No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 10-60
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Small damge to a 3x3 range
    My Opinon: This move rules at first, but it's really useless later on in the
    game because of the low damage.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Katon: Housenka No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 20-64
    Range: One Column
    Effect: Small damage to one Column
    My Opinon: This is similar to Goyukakku, but with a different range and a
    little more damage. Good at first, but rendered useless later on in the game.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Katon: Ryuuka No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 30-75
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Medium damage to one row
    My Opinon: This one has an okay range, but can exceed 200 damage. Once Chidori
    is gotten though, it sucks....
    My Rate: 2/5
    Fuuma Shuriken:
    Chakra Cost: 13-33
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Small damage to one row
    My Opinon: CRAP! Chidori and Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu beat it easily. It won't
    even do 100 damage later on in the game.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Chakra Cost: 150-215
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Must have Sharingan active to use. Large Damage to one Row
    My Opinon: Pretty good. It does some awesome damage, and it doesn't waste too
    much chakra. Probably one of Sasuke's best Jutsus.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Juuin Chidori:
    Chakra Cost: 400-500
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Must have Sharingan active to use. INSANE  DAMAGE  IN A 3X3 AREA!!!!
    My Opinon: Remember that Black Chidori Juuin Sasuke used on you? Here it is.
    The downside, it drains almost all your chakra. You don't have to go Juuin
    though, because it's not even in the game... :(
    My Rate: 4/5 (Due to Chakra Drainage)
    Partner Attacks:
    Fuuma Kage Shuriken:
    How To get: Have Kage Bunshin active and use Fuuma Shuriken
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: One Row
    Effect: A shuriken flies and hits the enemy, as Naruto strikes the enemy(s)
    My Opinon: Good damage for a low chakra cost, but it's not that great...
    My Rate: 2/5
    Curse Seal Possesion:
    How To Get: Have Sharingan active, place Orochimaru directly behind Sasuke and
    use Chidori.
    Chakra Cost: 200
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Orochimaru takes over Sasuke and makes him use Juuin Chidori
    My Opinon: This special is cool, it's not as powerful as a regular Juuin
    Chidori though, still cool though.
    My Rate: 4/5 (For Coolness :P)
    Haruno Sakura:
    Sakura actually is probably the only character who really got worse from the
    first game. She still has many jutsus, but they're not nearly as damaging and
    as cool as in the first one. Her Stamina really went down, as her Chakra did
    too. She can raise defense though, and Inner Sakura is still there, it's just
    not as cool anymore. Her level ups aren't good at all for all of the game,
    until she hits the 70's, but even then.... She isn't nearly as good as she used
    to be, and she can die very fast later on too. You can use her to heal, but I
    can manage without her...
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 542
    Chakra: 706
    Attack: 271
    Defense: 268
    Speed: 285
    Ninja Power: 662
    My Sakura's Stats:
    Stamina: 542
    Chakra: 706
    Attack: 391
    Defense: 368
    Speed: 338
    Ninja Power: 662
    Exploding Tag Trap (Dunno Name):
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: all around one enemy
    Effect: If an enemy ends his/her turn on a panel with a trap set, they will
    take dmage in a 3x3 area.
    My Opinon: Uh, this is okay.... It doesn't really work for the smart computer
    in the Kumite Dojo missions though...
    My Rate: 2/5
    Inner Sakura Hit:
    Chakra Cost: 14-34
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium Damage to one enemy, then boost all stats
    My Opinon: Level 99 + This move, = 350 + damage. It's okay, the stat boost is
    good though.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Inner Sakura Pound:
    Chakra Cost: 41-61
    Range: Random enemies
    Effect: Inner Sakura Hit with 1/2 attack 3 times, then boost all stats
    My Opinon: Sakura's most damaging move, and it can do up to 300 damage per hit,
    and the stat boost is good.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Inner Sakura Heal:
    Chakra Cost: 47
    Range: All of your team
    Effect: Must have Inner Sakura active to use. Heals around 250 HP and cures
    stat effects.
    My Opinon: Uh, it's okay... I never really use it though, since I don't really
    get stat effects.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Inner Sakura Explode:
    Chakra Cost: 39
    Range: Random
    Effect: 3 explosions damage 3 times to random enemies.
    My opinon: This rocks when you first get it with 60-70 damage a hit, but then
    just starts to suck and takes too much time to use.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Great Shield (Dunno Name):
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: Team 3x3
    Effect: Boost defense to members affected.
    My Opinon: A good special, can really help in painful situations.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Sealing Technique (Dunno Name):
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Attempt to seal all enemies
    My Opinon: We got Neji for a reason you know. Don't bother with this one, the
    accuracy is like Naruto's Oroike no Jutsu.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Shuriken Barrage (Gee... I dunno a lot of the names):
    Chakra Cost: 19-39
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Small damge to all enemies
    My Opinon: Sucks, don't bother with it.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Katon Shurikens:
    How to get: Have Sharingan active with Sasuke and use Shuriken Barrage
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Light damage to all enemies
    My Opinon: Uh, it's.... cool looking? Damage once again sucks.
    My Rate: 2/5 (For cool look)
    Something with IQ in it <.<:
    How to get: Have Sakura above or below Shikamaru, have Inner Sakura active and
    use Great Shield.
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Range: All of team
    Effect: Boost all of your parties stats.
    My Opinon: This one is a good one, but both Sakura and Shikamaru aren't too
    My Rate: 4/5
    Great Healing Technique:
    How to get: Have Inner Sakura active, place Sakura in front of Tsunade, and use
    Inner Sakura Heal
    Chakra Cost: 60
    Range: All of team
    Effect: Heals all of your team to full Stamina, I dunno if it does anything
    My Opinon: ...You can just use the jutsu that wastes 80 chakra instead of
    My Rate: 3/5
    How to get: Have Inner Sakura active and Sharingan active with Kakashi, and use
    Inner Sakura Explosion.
    Chakra Cost: 45
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: 3 quick explosions for 150-200 damage.
    My Opinon: It's actually an okay move for a screen damage, only hits once
    My Rate: 3/5
    Inuzuka Kiba:
    Kiba is a good character at first with his good ranged attacks, but his level
    ups start to get weak ad he gets past 50, with his Stamina and Chakra not
    increasing at all, making him lag behind some. He's fairly fast and his jutsus
    have some good ranges and decent attack power. He's proficient with claw
    weapons, so give him those, it seems to give him a bonus to his attack. He's
    someone you should have for random fights, and boss fights such as Sakon and
    Ukon's case. Overall, he's a decent character.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 701
    Chakra: 531
    Attack: 328
    Defense: 281
    Speed: 294
    Ninja Power: 542
    My Kiba's Stats:
    Stamina: 701
    Chakra: 531
    Attack: 438
    Defense: 371
    Speed: 364
    Ninja Power: 542
    Beast Henge (Yeah, I forgot the name, I really don't like Kiba anyways):
    Chakra Cost: 7-22
    Range: Kiba
    Effect: Boost his speed
    My Opinon: Yes, his speed only... Bleh....
    My Rate: 2/5
    Dynamic Air Marking:
    Chakra Cost: 13
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Akamaru.... takes a piss.... on the enemy for a possible blind and
    My Opinon: It's just.... wrong.... If it works, it's good though
    My Rate: 2/5
    Chakra Cost: 14-34
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Dashes through one row for small damage
    My Opinon: Does around 95 damage, good at first, but starts to suck later on.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Chakra Cost: 36-72
    Range: Uh, One Row and one Colum, like a +, the row is where the enemy is, and
    the column is the column the enemy is in....
    Effect: Small damage in a + Shape
    My Opinon: Better than Tsuuga, but it's confirmed it's set damge is around
    My Rate: 3/5 (For Range)
    Chakra Cost: 150-190
    Range: Refer to Gatsuuga
    Effect: High Damage in a + Shape
    My Opinon: Like Gatsuuga, but can do up to 700 damage, good indeed.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Team Specials:
    Naruto Resuuga:
    How to Get: Have Kage Bunshin active and use Gatsuuga
    Chakra Cost: 39
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Gatsuuga followed by Naruto Rendan
    My Opinon: Uh, Gatsuuga damage rate, Naruto Rendan range.... Yeah, sucks
    doesn't it?
    My Rate: 1/5
    Nara Shikamaru:
    Shikamaru is a not so good character. He only has 4 personal jutsus, all of
    which cannot do any damage, and it's just like it's previous version, but with
    a 3x3 range. He is a good attacker, but his low stamina kind of ruins it. He's
    not really all that good, but he can be used effectivley if you can pull off
    his moves. His level ups don't get better or worse, they stay the same. He's
    okay.... I just think he's really not that good....
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 613
    Chakra: 811
    Attack: 292
    Defense: 274
    Speed: 242
    Ninja Power: 711
    My Shikamaru's Stats:
    Stamina: 613
    Chakra: 811
    Attack: 422
    Defense: 384
    Speed: 305
    Ninja Power: 721
    Exploding Tag Trap (Dunno Name):
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: all around one enemy
    Effect: If an enemy ends his/her turn on a panel with a trap set, they will
    take dmage in a 3x3 area.
    My Opinon: Uh, this is okay.... It doesn't really work for the smart computer
    in the Kumite Dojo missions though...
    My Rate: 2/5
    Kage Mane No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 15-45
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Possible chance of Stun
    My Opinon: ....It's good if it hits, kind of low accuracy for strong enemies
    My Rate: 2/5
    Ninpou: Kage Mane No Jutsu (I know it's not the name, I dunno it though):
    Chakra Cost: 34-64
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Kage Mane to a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: Kage Mane, but better range.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Kage Kubishibari No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 26
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: 25 % Chance of instant death
    My Opinon: Uh, if this works, it's cool, it won't work on most "still" enemies
    My Rate: 3/5
    Ninpou: Kage Kagekubishibari No Jutsu (Once again, name thing):
    Chakra Cost: 64
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: 25 % chance of instant death in a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: ....Uh... Yeah....
    My Rate: 4/5
    Team Specials:
    Kage Onara:
    How To Get: Have Kage Bunshin active and use Kage Mane No Jutsu
    Chakra Cost: 32
    Range: 3 panels up and down
    Effect: Can greatly reduce enemies' speed
    My Opinon: This one I don't use.... It's okay though, I just hate Shikamaru in
    this game....
    My Rate: 2/5
    Akimichi Chouji:
    Chouji is a rather odd character. First off, he's slow as hell, but that's only
    excepted from this fat ass. His stats also start to lack as he levels up at
    first, but when you are venturing through the second half of the game, his
    stats just get better and better. His stamina even rivals Naruto's then, and
    his attack will start to rise to a good level. He will also be getting all his
    good jutsus around then. His speed is a draw back, but his attack can make up
    for it. He's a good character, but just the fact of his speed.... I keep him
    around here and there, but he's not a member of my main teams....
    Max stats:
    Stamina: 861
    Chakra: 659
    Attack: 367
    Defense: 286
    Speed: 216
    Ninja Power: 632
    My Chouji's Stats:
    Stamina: 861
    Chakra: 659
    Attack: 472
    Defense: 396
    Speed: 269
    Ninja Power: 632
    Bar B Q Potato Chips:
    Chakra Cost: 9
    Range: Chouji
    Effect: Boosts his attack.
    My Opinon: For 9 chakra it's not bad, none of that butterfly chakra though D:
    My Rate: 3/5
    Nikudan Sensha:
    Chakra Cost: 21-41
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Small damage in a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: Good at first, crap at end....
    My Rate: 2/5
    Nikudan Hari Sensha:
    Chakra Cost: 39-69
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Medium damage in a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: They didn't even try for this one, same as Nikudan Sensha, just a
    little more damage :(
    My Rate: 3/5
    Bubun Baika No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 53-93
    Range: The target, and one panel to the left or right (If in middle column it
    can be a 1 row hitter)
    Effect: Large damage in a small area.
    My Opinon: Actually, this one can do up to 700 sometimes, it's really not all
    that bad.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Chou Baika no Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 130-190
    Range: 3x3
    Effect: Very Large damage in a 3x3 area
    My Opinon: You know a jutsu is good when it does more than 800 damage in a 3x3
    My Rate: 5/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Seriously, none that I know of, maybe with Ino, but I do not know.
    Rock Lee:
    Lee... He was probably the best one upgraded from the first one. He doesn't
    suck anymore! First off, his speed is just.... Wow sometimes. His attack is
    good too. His draw back though, his low amount of chakra. He can pull off his
    best move twice. Only twice. Yeah, he does have 6 jutsus, which is pretty good,
    since most of these other not-so-main character get a limit of 3-5 only. But
    yeah, I use him sometimes for Kumite Dojo missions, it's just his Stamina and
    Chakra just drop so fast... He's good, but I dunno about always using him.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 858
    Chakra: 546
    Attack: 326
    Defense: 283
    Speed: 367
    Ninja Power: 447
    My Lee's Stats:
    Stamina: 858
    Chakra: 546
    Attack: 421
    Defense: 378
    Speed: 437
    Ninja Power: 452
    Konoha Reppu:
    Chakra Cost: 15-33
    Range: One row
    Effect: Low damage to one row
    My Opinon: Lee.... Why do you know this move?
    My Rate: 1/5
    Konoha Senpu:
    Chakra Cost: 19-46
    Range: One Column
    Effect: Low Damage to one column
    My Opinon: This is like Housenka with a little more damage and less chakra.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Konoha Dai Senpu:
    Chakra Cost: 36-63
    Range: Refer to Gatsuuga
    Effect: Medium Damage in a + like shape
    My Opinon: Uh... This is sort of like a little stronger version of Gatsuuga.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Gate Openings:
    Chakra Cost: 14-50
    Range: Rock Lee
    Effect: Raise all his stats like hell, but recive a poison effect until it
    wears off.
    My Opinon: When you use this, do not waste your turns, you'll be losing HP like
    crazy. It's good though...
    My Rate: 4/5
    Omote Renge:
    Chakra Cost: 42-62
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Heavy damage to one enemy.
    My Opinon: This move is like a more powerful Shi Shi Rendan, good indeed.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Ura Renge:
    Chakra Cost: 150-190
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Must have the gates open to use. INSANE DAMAGE to one enemy.
    My Opinon: This is like a Juuin Chidori with less range and the same damage.
    My Rate: 5/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Shi Shi Renge:
    How to Get: Have Sharingan active with Sasuke and use Omote Renge.
    Chakra Cost: 75
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Shi Shi Rendan follwed up by Omote Renge.
    My Opinon: Does some good damage, a good partner attack.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Shuriken Senpu:
    How to Get: Have Shukaku wo Tate active with Gaara and use Konoha Senpu.
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Range: One Column
    Effect: Gaara uses Suna shuriken followed up by Konoha Senpu for low damage.
    My Opinon: ....Gaara doesn't even know Suna Shuriken as a normal move, what the
    My Rate: 2/5
    Konoha Dai Rendan:
    How to Get: Have Kage Bunshin active with Naruto and use Konoha Dai Senpu.
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Range: A + Shape.
    Effect: Konoha Dai Senpu followed up by Naruto Rendan for low damage.
    My Opinon: Don't even bother with this one, Dai Senpu is better as it is.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Konoha Hakke Hyaku:
    How to Get: Have Byakugan active with Neji and use Konoha Reppu.
    Chakra Cost: 36
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Konoha Reppu followed by Neji's Hakke Hyaku Nijuu Hachi Shou.
    My Opinon: Uh, as cool as this one sounds, it's damage sucks, but it can seal
    an enemy.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Hyuuga Neji:
    Neji is a fairly good character, but not until his later levels. His Stamina
    and Chakra just suck when you first get him for the longest time, but they get
    better and better and go up as he gets to high levels. He has a good defense,
    and his ninja power is okay. His specials can seal some enemies sometimes, and
    Kaiten is just awesome, since it deflets physical attacks. His specials can do
    some damage. but they don't have much of a range. His stats are okay, he can
    get some good evasion, and he can become fairly strong. Overall, he's an okay
    character to have.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 787
    Chakra: 749
    Attack: 301
    Defense: 330
    Speed: 297
    Ninja Power: 704
    My Neji's stats:
    Stamina: 787
    Chakra: 749
    Attack: 421
    Defense: 430
    Speed: 350
    Ninja Power: 704
    Chakra Cost: 17
    Range: Neji
    Effect: Increases Accuracy and Evasion.
    My Opinon: For the chakra cost, it's worth it, and it activates his cool moves,
    good indeed.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Chakra Cost: 22
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: A normal attack damage, but with a possible chance of sealing the enemy.
    My Opinon: I barley use this one, since it doesn't really seal...
    My Rate: 2/5
    Chakra Cost: 26
    Range: Neji
    Effect: Must have Byakugan active to use. Deflects all physical attacks.
    My Opinon: This move = kick ass. 'Nuff said.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou:
    Chakra Cost: 64-104
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Heavy Damage to one enemy.
    My Opinon: It does some good damage for only that much chakra, so it's pretty
    My Rate: 3/5
    Hakke Hyuaku Nijuu Hachi Shou:
    Chakra Cost: 150-190
    Range: One Row
    Effect: Insane damage to one row.
    My Opinon: This > Chidori
    My Rate: 4/5
    Partner Attacks:
    None that I know of...
    Gaara is a fairly built character. His stamina is kind of low, but his awesome
    defense makes up for it. He also can only use his fist or the sand for a
    weapon, no matter what. His ninja power is alos the highest in the game. His
    jutsus aren't meant for a lot of damage, but they are fairly effective. Like
    Shikamaru, he has 2 one hit KO jutsus, but they can have a better range, and
    his chakra is fairly well too. I use him sometimes, since he can be a good item
    user, and he can one hit KO many enemies sometimes. Overall, he's a good
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 672
    Chakra: 854
    Attack: 284
    Defense: 400
    Speed: 288
    Ninja Power: 747
    My Gaara's stats:
    Stamina: 672
    Chakra: 854
    Attack: 379
    Defense: 510
    Speed: 358
    Ninja Power: 762
    Sabaku Sou Sou:
    Chakra Cost: 17
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Poosible chance of one hit KO.
    My Opinon: I don't use this too often, but it can be useful.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Sand Needles:
    Chakra Cost: 14-34
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium damage to one enemy.
    My Opinon: This kind of sucks when you get the Sand Wave, but it's good later
    on when you hit only one enemy with it, since it's damage is good closer up.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Sand Wave:
    Chakra Cost: 51-71
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Medium damage to all enemies.
    My Opinon: This is a good special, it even looks cool.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Sand Hand:
    Chakra Cost: 90
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Chance of one hit KO to all enemies.
    My Opinon: This one is good... if it works.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Shukaku Wo Tate:
    Chakra Cost: 59
    Range: Gaara
    Effect: Freaking raises Gaara's defense to an unbelieveable level.
    My Opinon: Uh, holy crap, less than 10 damage is just.... awesome.
    My Rate: 5/5
    Partner Attacks:
    None that I know of.
    Uh, she's okay.... she only has 3 personal jutsus, and only 2 of them actually
    do good damage. She can rid of all stat boosts though. Her stats are okay, her
    stamina and chakra aren't so great though, and her other stats really don't
    make up for it. She should probably always have a fan equipped, since she's
    probably gonna be in the back row. One good thing about her is that she can
    boost anyones attack, so she can be good for that. She's an okay character, I
    don't really use her though, since she isn't too great to me.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 665
    Chakra: 654
    Attack: 308
    Defense: 276
    Speed: 300
    Ninja Power: 594
    My Temari's stats:
    Stamina: 665
    Chakra: 654
    Attack: 423
    Defense: 351
    Speed: 350
    Ninja Power: 594
    Kamitachi No Jutsu:
    Chakra Cost: 29-56
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Medium damage to all enemies.
    My Opinon: This one's fairly good, the damage is good for it's low cost of
    My Rate: 3/5
    Kuchiyose Kirikri Mai:
    Chakra Cost: 150-190
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: This is like the latter, but a little more damage for a lot more chakra.
    My Opinon: It has a cool effect, no weasel though :(
    My Rate: 4/5
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: Light damage to all enemies, and remove all stat boosts.
    My Opinon: I don't use this, but it'd be good for VS mode.
    My Rate: 2/5
    Partner Attacks:
    None that I know of.
    Kankuro is an okay character... Like Temari, he has a whopping 3 jutsus, and
    only 2 actually do some damage, and they only hit one enemy. His stats aren't
    all that great, and I don't reallt use him. His strongest jutsu can only do up
    to 600 damage sometimes, since the damage is set, so he isn't all that great. I
    don't use him really at all, since I think he's only as good as Shikamaru
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 732
    Chakra: 577
    Attack: 293
    Defense: 309
    Speed: 277
    Ninja Power: 647
    My Kankuro's Stats:
    Stamina: 732
    Chakra: 577
    Attack: 398
    Defense: 389
    Speed: 362
    Ninja Power: 652
    Poison Gas:
    Chakra Cost: 7
    Range: A diamond shape
    Effect: Possible chance of poison.
    My Opinon: This.... sucks, seriously, I ignore this fool anyways.
    My Rate: 1/5
    Puppet Trap:
    Chakra Cost: 26
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium damage with a chance of stun.
    My Opinon: Kage Mane with damage, this one isn't bad.
    My Rate: 3/5 (Due to the stun with damage)
    Karakuri Engeki Kuro Higiki Ippatsu:
    Chakra Cost: 150-190
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Heavy Damage to one enemy.
    My Opinon: It has a set damage of 450-600, so it can't get all that better, so
    it's not all that great.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Shukaku Guard:
    How to Get: Have Shukaku wo Tate active with Gaara, and use Kankuro's poison
    gas Jutsu.
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Range: All your team
    Effect: Raises parties defense and cast kawarami no jutsu on them.
    My Opinon: This is just kick ass, the problem is I hate Kankuro...
    My Rate: 4/5
    Aburame Shino:
    Shino is a fairly balanced character, well, somewhat. All his jutsus look the
    same though. He can cause multiple stat effects, and he can heal almost all his
    chakra with one move if you use it often. He's one of those characters you have
    to choose from though, out of the 4. I would go with him, since he isn't all
    that bad and can actually make a good healer... to himself only though. I keep
    him in my main team, but that's just so I can have all of Kiba's team  and
    Naruto's team at once.
    Max Stats:
    Stamina: 650
    Chakra: 712
    Attack: 292
    Defense: 294
    Speed: 291
    Ninja Power: 704
    My Shino's stats:
    Stamina: 650
    Chakra: 712
    Attack: 392
    Defense: 404
    Speed: 354
    Ninja Power: 714
    Poison Bugs:
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium damage to one enemy with a chance of poisoning.
    My Opinon: This one can be good at times actually.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Stun Bugs:
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium damage to one enemy with a chance of stunning.
    My Opinon: 'Nother Kage Mane with damage, kick ass!
    My Rate: 3/5
    Seal Bugs:
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Range: One enemy
    Effect: Medium damage to one enemy with a chance of sealing.
    My Opinon: This is like Jyuuken with less chakra.
    My Rate: 3/5
    Draining Bugs:
    Chakra Cost: 180
    Range: All enemies
    Effect: 3 attacks to random enemies, and drain their stamina and chakra to make
    it your own.
    My Opinon: You can heal around 160-170 stamina/chakra each time you use this,
    but the damage per hit is kinda low, and I've never seen you gain back over
    180. It's really good for him though, especially on a one-on-one fight.
    My Rate: 4/5
    Partner Attacks:
    Once again, none that I know of :(

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