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    FAQ/General Guide
    Version: 1.0
    By Romiress <Romiress(at)gmail.com>
    Guide is for use by www.gamefaqs.com and 
    http://thedigifarm.proboards88.com/index.cgi only.
    i) The Basics/Miscellaneous
    ii) Wifi
    iii) Hatchable Digieggs
    iv) Armor Digieggs
    v) Specific Digimon
    vi) Raising Digimon
    vii) Contact
    viii) Credits
    i) The Basics/Miscellaneous 
    Is this game like Pokemon?
    This is a firm and resounding no – this game has a detailed digivolution 
    system, and focuses more on raising your monsters and less on mindless
    What are the starters?
    Koromon, Tsunomon, and Tanemon. Koromon’s main digivolution is Agumon, 
    Tsunomon’s main digivolution is Gabumon, and Tanemon’s main digivolution is 
    Which starter should I chose?!
    This is a matter of opinion, since there is no ‘best’ starter. However, both 
    Koromon and Tanemon can be found in the wild early on, while you can only get 
    Tsunomon's digivolutions very late in the game.
    Why won’t my digimon level up any more?!
    When you become a silver ranked tamer, you will get a chip that will allow you
    to degenerate – Which will let you return to previous stages, and raise your
    aptitude, which is your ‘max level’.
    Farms are useless!
    Not so. Farms play a very important role in this game – They are the only way
    to hatch digieggs, and can still raise stats on digimon that have maxed out
    their level. Also, it’s the only way to get quests, as well as the only way to
    change the stress of your digimon (An element in digivolution).
    Is there a difference between a digimon with scan data 100% and 999%?
    The higher the scan data, the higher the stats. It has been determined through
    testing that this is not random, but how it is distributed is not the same.
    How can I find out at what level my Digimon learns a new technique?
    Press "Select" in the Technique screen of the Digimon.
    What are quests?
    Quests are small missions your digimon will send you on. They give you 
    friendship with that digimon, tamer points, and sometimes item rewards.
    Why aren’t my digimon giving me quests?
    For your digimon to give you quests, you must fulfill requirements. Go to 
    ‘Quests’ on the main menu, then hit select to see the requirements to get the 
    What are tamer points?
    Tamer points are points collected by doing quests. If you talk to Mr. Gure in 
    the city, he will reward you at certain milestones. You can also get tamer 
    points by leveling digimon. For example, if you raise a digimon to level ten, 
    you get half that number in trainer points, so 5 total.
    What are the tamer point rewards?
    100 points: Scale
    200 points: Tooth Scmt (Water Weapon)
    600 points: 100% Dorimon Scan data
    1200 points: Ice Robe Beta
    2300 points: Holy Bell
    4400 points: 5000 bits
    6400 points: Courage Egg
    11000 points: Irataka Sword
    18000 points: Huge Tree
    25000 points: 100% Scan data for AKabutarimon [Note, this is an ingame typo,
    part of a translation error. You get AlturKabuterimonBlue scandata, but the
    Japanese name for that is ‘Alturkabuterimon’, thus ‘Akabuterimon’.]
    41000 points: Godess Statue
    68000 points: Rose Rapier, Rose Flower, Tiphereth
    84000 points: Digimon lab
    137000 points: Dramonkillr, Dramon Armor, and Dramon Ring
    Where is the underwater drive?
    In hard mountain, pipes will take you from land to the underwater drive.
    How do I get the ‘Demon lords quest’?
    First, beat the game. Then, have fifteen diffrent mega digimon in your farm, 
    don't be doing any quests active, and go to your farm.
    What is the secret password?
    The secret passwords were found by Prototype U.
    20000630 will give you 100% scandata for DotAgumon.
    10407002 will give you 100% scandata for DotFalcomon.
    42016002 will give you Ultimate Equipment.
    All these passwords have been tested and proven to work
    What is the ultimate equipment?
    The ultimate equipment is 'Ultimate Sword' which is useable by all digimon
    types at level 20+, and gives them +100 attack, critical rate +3%, and
    accuracy +5%. 'Ultimate Barrier' is an armor that gives +91 defense and +3%
    dodge rate. 'Ultimate Ring' gives +30 attack, defense, and spirit, as well as
    +15 speed. All this equipment is VERY good, and useable from a low level.
    ii) Wifi
    What’s this FC everyone is talking about?
    FC stands for Friend Code, which is what you need to go online.
    How do I get my FC?
    In order to get your friend code, you must first go to Gatomon, and connect to
    wifi through her. You will NOT FIND ANYONE TO CONNECT WITH. This is normal.
    Then, save and return to the main menu. After that, go ‘Wi-Fi Settings’,
    ‘Confirm Friend Code’, ‘Confirm Friend Code’. It will then display a 12 digit
    number. This is your friend code – write it down so you don’t have to look it
    up every time. It is common practice to separate your FC into three groups of
    four digits, so as to make it easier to read. For example, 1933 5776 4947 is
    easier to read then 193357764947.
    I have my FC and have entered a friends FC, but how do I get online?
    In digicentral, head into the building where you are given your main
    missions. Then, head to the right of the screen to find a counter with a
    Gatomon behind it. Talk to her to set up some matching.
    Can I match by myself?
    Sorry, but no. Unless you have two DS’s and two copies of the game, your out
    of luck, and will need to use Wi-Fi.
    What digimon can only be gotten through matching?
    Omnimon (Once befriended, can Digivolve MetalGreymon to it)
    ChaosGallantmon (Once befriended, can Digivolve Antylamon to it)
    How can I battle online?
    Sadly, you cannot battle online – you can only match, which is a process that 
    lets you get digieggs by breeding one of your digimon and your friends.
    plz can u match with me heres my fc
    No. I know plenty of veteran members of the board who won’t match with you
    unless you are polite, and speak in full sentences. This isn’t to be rude or
    anything, but there are lots of players out there, and often they are less
    demanding and more nice about it.
    Help! No one will match with me!
    There's probably a good reason for this - either you are posting at a bad 
    time (Middle of the night for north America, where most players are) or you
    are being rude. Talking in full sentences will get you everywhere, as will
    good spelling. Be sure to be polite, especially if looking for a rare monster.
    These people are doing you a favor, and are not obligated to match with you.
    iii) Hatchable Digieggs
    What do I need to do to get XXX digiegg?
    Here is a complete egg list, compliments of LupinBeast.
    No.01 Red Digi Egg
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Guilmon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.02 Brown Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Goblimon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.03 Blue Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Otamamon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.04 Sky Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Patamon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.05 Green Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Wormmon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.06 Grey Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Gotsumon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.07 Purple Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Impmon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%) 
    No.08 Peach Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Tapirmon (20%)
    --Numemon (80%)
    No.09 Fever Spotted Egg
    -Dragon Digimon+Dragon Digimon
    --Guilmon (100%)
    No.10 Fang Spotted Egg 
    -Beast Digimon+Beast Digimon
    --Goblimon (100%)
    No.11 Sea Spotted Egg 
    -Water Digimon+Water Digimon
    --Otamamon (100%)
    No.12 Cloud Spotted Digi Egg 
    -Bird Digimon + Bird Digimon
    --Patamon (100%)
    No.13 Forest Spotted Egg 
    -Insect/Plant Digimon + Insect/Plant Digimon
    --Wormmon (100%)
    No.14 Mecha Spotted Egg 
    -Machine Digimon + Machine Digimon
    --Gotsumon (100%)
    No.15 Evil Spotted Egg 
    -Dark Digimon + Dark Digimon
    --Impmon (100%)
    No.16 Holy Spotted Egg 
    -Holy Digimon + Holy Digimon
    --Tapirmon (100%)
    No.17 Dragon Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 120 Attack + Dragon Digimon
    --Tyranomon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.18 Beast Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 400 HP + Beast Digimon
    --Ogremon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.19 Water Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 350 MP + Water Digimon
    --Seadramon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.20 Bird Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 120 Speed+Bird Digimon
    --Muchomon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.21 Bug Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon over level 30 + Insect/Plant Digimon
    --Kuwagamon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.22 Machine Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 120 Defense + Machine Digimon
    --Raremon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.23 Darkness Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 120 Spirit + Dark Digimon
    --Pico Devimon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
    No.24 Holy Digi Egg 
    -Any Digimon with over 30 Aptitude + Holy Digimon
    --Renamon (70%)
    --Numemon (30%)
     No.25 Serpent Egg 
    -Digimon with over 300 Attack and an Obedient Personality + Dragon Digimon
    --Chibomon (80%)
    --ExVeemon (20%)
    No.26 Nature Egg 
    -Digimon with over 1400 HP and an Energetic Personality + Beast Digimon
    --Dorimon (80%)
    --DoruGreymon (20%)
    No.27 Deep Egg 
    -Digimon with over 1000 MP and a Lazy Personality + Water Digimon
    --Gomamon (80%)
    --Zudomon (20%)
    No.28 Wind Egg 
    -Digimon with over 300 Speed and a Scared Personality + Bird Digimon
    --Hawkmon (80%)
    --Silphymon (20%)
    No.29 Jungle Egg 
    -Digimon over level 70 and with a Prissy Personality + Nature Digimon
    --Tentomon (80%)
    --MegaKabuterimon Red(?)* (20%)
    No.30 Metal Egg 
    -Digimon with over 300 Defense and a Cool Personality + Machine Digimon
    --Pawnchessmon White (80%)
    --MetalMamemon (20%)
    No.31 Nightmare Egg 
    -Digimon with over 300 Spirit and a Wild Personality + Dark Digimon
    --Kuramon (80%)
    --Infermon (20%)
    No.32 Busters Egg 
    -Digimon with over 70 Aptitude and a Graceful Personality + Holy Digimon
    --Kudamon (80%)
    --Quilinmon (20%)
    No.33 DB-Half Egg
    -Dragon Digimon + Bird Digimon
    --Flare Lizamon (40%)
    --Muchomon (40%)
    --Numemon (20%)
    No.34 BI-Half Egg 
    -Beast Digimon + Insect/Plant Digimon
    --Armadillomon (40%)
    --Alraumon (40%)
    --Numemon (20%)
    No.35 WH-Half Egg 
    -Holy Digimon + Water Digimon
    --Tapirmon (40%)
    --SnowAgumon (40%)
    --Numemon (20%)
    No.36 DM-Half Egg 
    -Dark Digimon + Machine Digimon
    --Lopmon (40%)
    --Pawnchessmon White (40%)
    --Numemon (20%)
    No.37 Golden Egg
    -Omnimon + Imperialdramon FM
    --Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (100%)
    No.38 Silver Digi Egg
    -Level 99 Digimon + Level 99 Digimon
    --Gallantmon Crimson Mode (100%)
    No.39 Olympus Egg 
    -Digimon over Level 60 + Digimon over Level 60
    --Neptunmon (100%)
    No.40 Rainbow Egg 
    -Any Digimon + Any Digimon
    --Bantyo Leomon (10%)
    --Numemon (90%)
    No.41 Normal Egg 
    -Digimon with the same nickname + Digimon with the same nickname 
    --Digitamamon (100%)
    No.42 Chaos Egg 
    -BlackWarGreymon + BlackMegaGargomon
    --ChaosGallantmon (100%)
    No.43 Pile Egg 
    -ExVeemon + Stingmon
    --Paildramon (100%)
    No.44 Omega Egg
    -MetalGreymon over level 60 + MetalGarurumon over level 60
    --Omnimon (100%)
    No.45 Baby Egg*
    -Digimon whose previous generation was the same class + Digimon whose previous
    generation was the 
    --Koromon (34%)
    --Tsunomon (33%)
    --Tanemon (33%)
    No.46 Hero's Egg *
    -Digimon who had the same class 2 generations ago + Digimon who had the same
    class 2 generations ago
    --Agumon (34%)
    --Gaomon (33%)
    --Raramon (33%)
    No.47 Angel's Digi Egg
    -MagnaAngemon + Angewomon
    --Salamon (50%)
    --Patamon (40%)
    --Gallantmon (10%)
     No.48 Saber Egg*
    -Digimon who had the same class both one and two generations ago
    --RiseGreymon (34%)
    --MachGaogamon (33%)
    --Lilamon (33%)
    *Baby Egg- At least 1 Parent in the lineage of both Digimon Matching has to be
    the same Digimon.
    *Hero Egg- At least 1 Grandparent in the lineage of both Digimon Matching has
    to be the same Digimon. The Parents in the lineage of both Digimon Matching
    has to be different Digimon.
    *Saber Egg- At least 1 Parent and 1 Grandparent in the lineage of both Digimon
    matching has to be the same Digimon.
    How can I get digieggs if I can’t go online?
    You can use wireless matching to get digieggs from nearby friends.
    iv) Armor Digieggs
    What is an armor digiegg?
    Armor digieggs are items found throughout the game which let you digivolve
    your digimon into rare forms. An example would be the digiegg of courage.
    Where can I find the digieggs?
    A brief list:
    Digiegg of Courage: Talk to Mr. Gure at 6.4k tamer points.
    Digiegg of Miracles: Found through story progression.
    Digiegg of Kindness: Found in Packet Swamp in a chest (Available at Silver
    Digiegg of Sincerity: Anquillamon will send you on a quest for this when you 
    have 60+ befriended digimon.
    Digiegg of Light: Ankylomon will send you on a quest for this.
    Digiegg of Friendship: Chest in the lower right of Hard Mountains.
     v) Specific Digimon
    What digimon are found where?
    A list, however incomplete, has been made by asdgaw. Many thanks for his 
    hard work. Keep in mind that not all of the digimon will be available your
    first time through an area. Also note that the EXP types listed beside the
    area name are predominant types of exp for those areas, and bosses and quest
    monsters will not be found here.
    Date Forest - Dragon, Water
    --- Enemies - (Rookie form of your starter), Betamon, Goburimon,
    (Your starter), Ogremon, Poyomon
    Training Peak - Dragon, Bird, Machine
    ---Enemies - BlackAgumon, DarkTyrannomon, Gotsumon, Guardromon,
    Kotemon, Patamon, Tapirmon, Tokomon, Aquilamon, Aquilamon, BlackWeregarurumon
    Sheer Valley - Dragon, Holy
    ---Enemies - DinoHumon, Guilmon, Monzaemon, Renamon, Tyrannomon, Airdramon,
    Starmon, Cannondramon
    Ancient Canyon - Dragon, Beast
    --- Enemies - Apemon, Babamon, Growlmon, Jijimon, Leomon, Minotarumon,
    Reptiledrmon, Seasarmon, Triceramon
    Steamy Jungle - Insect/Plant, Beast
    ---Enemies - Arukenimon, FloraMon, Grizzmon, Kuwagamon, Lopmon, Roachmon,
    Terriermon, WgarurumonBk, Wormon
    Drain Tunnel - Water, Dark
    ---Enemies - Devimon, Dragomon, Gizamon, Hagurumon, Hookmon, Ikkakumon,
    Otamamon, PltSukamon, Seadramon, Sukamon Raremon
    Chrome Mine - Dark, Machine
    ---Enemies - Bakemon, PwnChessmonB, Impmon, Vilemon, DemiDevimon, DLizardMon,
    Meteormon, Myotismon, Wizardmon
    Packet Swamp - Water, Insect/Plant
    ---Enemies - Blossomon, Crabmon, Gekomon, Stingmon, Veggiemon, Togemon,
    Junk factory - Machine, Holy
    --- Enemies - Megadramon, ToyAgumonB, Sorcerymon, Garbagemon, SprStarmon,
    Mamemon, Puppetmon, PrinceMamemon
    Mangrove Woods - Bird
    ---Enemies - Deramon, Kiwimon, Kokatorimon, Parrotmon, Penguinmon, Kamemon,
    Birdramon, MegaSeadramon
    Sky Palace - Holy, Bird
    ---Enemies - Unimon, Diatrymon, Piximon, Angewomon, Taomon, Phoenixmon
    Hard Mountains - Water, Machine/Mutant
    ---Enemies - Icemon, MetalMamemon, Andromon, Zudomon, Machinedramon,
    Tropical Isles - Beast, Bird
    ---Enemies - Etemon, Silphymon, SaberLeomon, Rapidmon, Eaglemon
    Lava River - Dark
    ---Enemies - LadyDevimon, Cyberdramon, Mummymon, BlkRapidmon, BlkWargrowlmon,
    Piedmon, Creepymon
    Undersea Drive - Aqua
    ---Enemies - Divermon, Whamon, MarineAngemon, Gigaseadramon, Plesiomon,
    Core Field - Dark, Machine/Mutant
    ---Enemies - Yatakaramon, Ghoulmon, HiAndromon, Diaboromon, Parasimon,
    BlkWargreymon, Kazuhamon
    Your list said I could get ?????? at ??????? but they aren’t there! Where are
    The list above counts digimon that only appear after you have beaten the boss
    of an area. When you have beaten the boss, that monster will appear.
    Where can I get Veemon?
    You must breed an obedient dragon with 300+ attack with a normal dragon.
    Where can I get Paildramon?
    Breed an Xveemon with a Stingmon.
    Where can I get Omnimon?
    Breed a Metalgarurumon and Metalgreymon, and both must be over level 60.
    Why do I keep getting Numemon from my eggs?
    Numemon is pretty much useless. I suggest deleting them until you get 999% 
    scandata, then producing that one, since you need one for a quest.
    vi)Raising Digimon
    How many farms can I get?
    Unfortunately, you will only ever get four.
    What do farm upgrades do?
    They can increase your XP, food production, or the number of digimon and farm
    goods you can hold. For a full chart, see here: 
    What does a digimon's personality do?
    The long and short of it: Next to nothing. Personalities only affect what 
    digimon say in the farm, and what quests they can give.
    Why won’t my digimon obey me?
    More then likely, you are raising a digimon whose rank is too high for you. 
    Normal tamers can only raise rookie, bronze can raise champion, silver can
    raise ultimate, and gold can raise mega.
    How do I degenerate/digivolve?
    To degenerate, you need the degeneration chip, found through story play. Then,
    you go to the form you want and hit X to open the menu. Then, select either 
    ‘digivolve’ or ‘degenerate’ and accept.
    What’s the strongest digimon?
    There is no strongest digimon – each digimon can be repeatedly degenerated to
    get stronger and stronger. It’s really a matter of opinion.
    Should I digivolve/degenerate my digimon right away?
    No. Digimon will end up much stronger if you wait for them to cap out before
    you do anything to them. Simply compare their aptitude with their level to
    find out if they have maxed out yet.
    Why would anyone ever delete their digimon?!
    I original thought this too - however, after you've matched a few time, you
    will have way too many digimon. You'll have doubles of doubles - in this case,
    compare all the digimon until you figure out which one has higher
    aptitude/stats. Delete all digimon except this one. If you have enough, you
    can even delete them all, get 999%, and produce that one.
    vii) Contact
    For additional help, check out:
    To contact me, feel free to email me at:
    Be sure to include 'Digimon World DS' in the title, or it will get picked
    up by spam filters.
    viii) Credits
    My thanks go out to:
    - JagamanX for helping me write the earliest stages of this FAQ.
    - Gel5 for a tip on trainer points.
    - War Raichu for a tip about starters.
    - Prototype U for finding all three passwords.
    - asdgaw for a list of which digimon are found where.
    - Crystal Link for a list of tamer point rewards, and a correction in the
    egg list.
    - BitZero for farm upgrades.
    - CyberAngelEXE for info on AlturKabuterimon.
    - Various other boardmembers for bumping up the topic.
    - Neo_x_Gamer for egg-exclusive digimon, and tips on getting three special
    - LupinBeast for a revised egg list, using English names.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide is copyright 2007 Robin Pugh.

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