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"Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are champions!"

Pokemon fans may simply disregard Digimon as a game that has its own unique style and fighting system, but actually, one who enjoys the Pokemon games should try Digimon. With many side quests and various Digimon encountered in the game, Digimon is a game worth investing upon.

Story: (5/10) So basically you choose a gender, enter the world of Digimon, and go through various maps in the game to help out the digital world by defeating evil monsters and finding various side quest items that your Digimon tells you to find. The plot is not very surprising at all and there is not much to say on this topic.

Gameplay: (9/10) The battle system in this game is like Pokemon except it shows you who will be able to attack next and in addition, you can have up to three Digimon attacking at the same time. In addition, you select your Digimon to be placed on a 5 space grid, such as seen in Final Fantasy games in which characters are placed in either front or back row. This allows you to choose which Digimon to be next to each other thereby maximizing the benefits that the Digimon give such as strength boost to its neighboring Digimon. Digimon are not caught however. They are obtained through a series of random encounters and you collect a percent of scan data during each encounter. With enough encounters, your scan data will be 100% or more allowing you to obtain the Digimon by simply selecting an option called Digiconvert. There is no frustrating beat down of Digimon to a low health level and the frustrating throwing of Pokeballs to catch it. You can simply just encounter the Digimon and flee and with enough scan data you can obtain the Digimon. Also, there is a thing called Digifarm that allows you to raise the stats of your Digimon even more through training facilities you buy for the farm as well as through time spent in the game. You can own up to four farms and they can all be upgraded.

Multiplayer: (10/10) The multiplayer system was very well done! The system allows you to generate Digimon offspring through combinations with other players over the internet via WiFi. It also allows you to battle other players across the WiFi so training your Digimon after you beat the game has even more meaning to it.

Graphics: (8/10) Aside from the tiny graphics when you walk around in the world map, you are able to see full scale versions of the Digimon when you battle them as well as when you look at them in your party. In addition, the top screen displays your Digifarm that shows you what your Digimon are doing.

Sound/Music: (6/10) The music changes about as you travel the world but I personally didn't find anything really catchy. The sound effects are useful however as it makes a noise when a day has passed in your farm.

Replay: (10/10) Due to the multiplayer mode, after beating the game, you would probably continue playing to train your Digimon to maximize their stats and try out all the Digievolutions they have. I know I have.

Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/08/07

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