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"The Good, the Bad, the Digi"

Introduction~ - Terrible pun, I know :P

Over the years, I have played almost each Digimon World, from the first to the 3rd, as well as Digimon World DS. This game has a lot of the pieces mixed in from each game I've played (1 through 3), but adds it's own originality.

Gameplay = 8/10~ The game plays a little bit like Pokemon, except your team follows behind your sprite. Random encounters can get a little annoying, and the fact that you can only see enemy opponents in battle takes away the big feeling. Fights have little to no strategy, but it manages to redeem itself with AMAZING Sprites to back it up, but attacks are very plain. Farms is a new function which I like a lot, which is like a Daycare in Pokemon, but you can do MUCH more, from installing equipment to making the farm bigger. Harvested crops are budgeted at the end of a Digi Day, and you get a farm report from Calumon.

If you have ever played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, then this game will instantly feel familiar. You have a base, basically, at digi central, and from a Warp Point you go to various dungeons. It takes the Digimon's life and Friendship from the first Digimon World, the exact battle style from Digimon World 2, as well as the dungeon crawling, and takes the sprite style and walking/following Digimon from Digimon World 3. The Wi-Fi for getting eggs is a nice features. Although, I was a bit let down to notice that matching eggs was the ONLY thing you could do on Wi-Fi.

If anything, it would have been better if it was an actual world, much like Digimon World (the original) was, not dungeon to dungeon. And maybe instead of random encounters, a battle system like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, where the enemy Digimon will walk around and have AI. Other than that, there's not much I can improve gameplay wise.

Story = 7/10~ There's... not really a storyline, it's meant to be open ended, providing you with a way to get HUNDREDS, I mean HUNDREDS of Digimon and utilize Wi-Fi to get more, so they focus more of giving you a slight storyline to get you interested so you can get into the flow of things and begin training your Digimon. But, the game revolves a lot around 'Friendship', in a nutshell, or 'community' among Digimon. The moral of the story is humans and Digimon alike can coexist.

Graphics/Sound = 9/10~ There's a good and a bad. The good thing is the environments are AMAZING pixel art, and the enemy battle sprites look as if they were drawn on real paper and brought to life with movements like breathing and an attack pose. The bad is... well, the game has little diversity in the Digimon's overworld sprites. Each Digimon has their own sprites, but it disappoints you a little when your massive MetalGreymon (in battle) is the same size as Koromon while walking. It's something easily gotten over though when you're anxious to use them in battle, though.

The sound is quite good, lots of sound effects reminiscent of Digimon World 1, and you'll find yourself humming the Inventory Screen music, as well as Digi-Centrals music all day. Other than that, the music is decent, but not to repetitive. Most dungeons have their own music, and some of them are REALLY catchy. Your farm has one of the best songs in the game, real peaceful.

Play Time/Replayability = 10/10~ I've seen some people with over 400+ hours clocked in. This game is addicting, and you'll find your self picking it up, then putting it down due to lack of features. But all of a sudden, you'll go into a spree and be half-way addicted. Well, that's how it happened for me at least; late night 'till 4:00 a.m. maxing stats!

But, like Pokemon, this game has no true re playability. Being open ended, it has no ending, so it would be pointless to end it when there's hundreds of Digimon to be gotten. And I hear the sequel (Dawn/Dusk) has hundreds more~

Final Recommendation ~~ This game, unlike Digimon World 1, reaches out to the Digimon fans, really. Hardcore rpg'ers won't really have much fun, as it lacks the quality of one, but anyone with the slightest love for those Digital Monsters (like me) will become addicted to this game and want more. I do recommend, though, buying Dawn and Dusk INSTEAD. The gameplay improves on the current on (as Dawn/Dusk is a 'sequal'), and offers much more Digimon, so it'll be more worth your time, as well as Wi-Fi on the net. But, that's another review for the future ;)

For people who aren't fans of Digimon, but are fans of Virtual Pets and maybe even Pokemon, I reccomend renting it, because it may end up at the bottom of your drawer if you lose interest. Digimon fans, though, should buy this. it's a fun game, great music, awesome graphics, and hey: who doesn't like Agumon?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/18/07

Game Release: Digimon World DS (US, 11/07/06)

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