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Reviewed: 06/05/06

Its Just like a real dog, At first its exciting, then after 10 minutes your bored.

It truly is just like a real dog, you play with it for ten minutes and then your bored, however, it still is quite a good game as it has its good points, that only the DS can have because of its touch screen, microphone and its dual screens.

Game play 7/10
The game play is pretty average, as you can’t really do that much with the dogs, take them for a walk, play ball, enter a contest or two, then feed it, and then your basically done. If you do keep playing though, it will be pretty boring. It does get better as you get better items, and I was surprised at how many items there were in the game, some are useless but others can have some great uses, which means there is more to play with. When your dog gets dirty, you will have to wash it to, shampoo it then rinse it, as basic as that sounds it does have some fun in it, and sometimes if you do a dodgy job, it’s as if you didn’t even wash the dog. One of the best things that you can do in the game is going out to the park, or the shops or even the doggy gym. But the real game play winner is the way you teach your dogs with your voice using the microphone. But the microphone does have its down sides because sometimes it doesn’t pick up your voice properly because you spoke a bit differently or the dog can take ages to learn the one trick.

Graphics: 10/10
the graphics in this game are absolutely awesome, I didn’t think the DS could pull of graphics likes this but I have been proven wrong. The puppies look really good and the items look just as good. But the graphics don’t really improve the game play that much but it is still nice to see that it has used a great graphics technique.

Sound: 7/10
the sound is this game is pretty much dogs barking, a simple tune, and the sound effects of toys. These sounds are pretty basic but what makes it so good is that it is very clear, and very realistic. This helps immerse yourself in the game. The good sound also helps the microphone functionality.

Replay value: 5/10
Even though it has those interactive and fun things, it gets boring to quickly, and might end up sitting on the self for a month or two before you pick it up and play it again. When you do re play it thou, it will be fun for half an hour, then it will go back on the shelf. The best way to keep yourself playing is buying new dogs, or you have no other games to play.

Overall: 6/10
this game has got some really fun things in them, but just get boring to easily as the dog might have some troubles understanding. If you’re considering this game you must really like dogs, or you have played it before and liked it. Also, rent it first, just for a day so you can see all its good and bad points, and see if you do get bored of it easily.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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