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"An entirely set of Eternal Puppies"

I thought this game is clueless but no.... It has lots of flaws. So much for buying this anyway unless your a collector or an addict in the series. As I said in the title, this game has a set of entirely eternal puppies which don't die....... too bad because its just a video game. Try raising a puppy in real life and see the difference.

Telling you about the game, it entirely concentrate on the puppies and its needs. This game is fine but not great because the fact that:

EVERY PUPPY IS AN ETERNAL ONE, which means that, even if you die, this game will still go on with your puppy still young and you, about 80 yrs., will about to die. So much for realistic factors.

PUPPIES DON'T DIE WHEN THEY ARE NOT FED, which, in turn, states that puppies will get hungry and for your carelessness, will just RUN AWAY, which is not true.

PUPPIES IN THEIR YOUNG AGE CAN'T DO STRENOUS THINGS LIKE FRISBEE, which just letting the fact of eternal living gets negative. Puppies in real life must be fully grown to be trained like this because they will die.

Looking at the positive side of this game, eventhough I said that this game is fictional, it has real functions like the examples below:

PUPPIES FIGHT EACH OTHER, is specially true, like a Labrador fighting a Chihuahua. Fighting dogs are normal in their entire life, which strengthens the fact that this game is realistic. In real life, this is territorial domination and in this game....... just for fun!

PUPPIES MUST BE FED, which is really self explanatory. Common sense.

PUPPIES ARE FAST LEARNERS, which is quite right because puppies has fresh memory unlike older ones that always forget what they had been teached. K9 are good examples of fast learners but unfortunately, they're not on this game.

PUPPIES ARE ALSO FORGETTERS, totally true to a puppy, which applies when you teach them a trick and don't practice it frequently with their masters.

PUPPIES ALSO TIRE, which, in all living things are true. This also test your puppy's stamina and your surely win if your puppy has a high stamina.

Some very realistic game factors:

MONEY is very important here. You can't buy anything if you don't have money.

PRIZES are won whenever your dog will be the winner.

Finally, I recommend buying this game for pre-starters who want to raise a real dog but always remember that everything here is just a game. It's gonna be an experience to raise your own dog.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Nintendogs: Lab & Friends (US, 08/22/05)

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