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"Almost As Good As A Real Puppy WITHOUT The Hassle =P"

Nintendogs is truly an amazing game. It make full use of the DS capabilities of using the touch screen and microphone. There are endless possibilities for you to explore in this game. What ever version you chose, you are still able to get all 15 dogs provided that there are people around playing Nintendogs since you get a new breed by interacting with another person dog. Now on to the game play.

Gameplay 9/10

You start off by choosing your first puppy and what colour it should be. After choosing your dream pup, you will have to give him a name using the DS microphone. You have to repeat his name a few times for him to get it. Just like training a real dog! After giving it a name, you be taken to a room with your pup in it. Now you get to explore with it, petting it, scratching it and teaching it new tricks. You have to use your stylus to guide him to do the tricks. He has done a trick, a lightbulb will appear in the top right of the screen. Tap it and you get to tell him what is the trick he has just done. You need to repeat this process for a few times before he finally gets it. SO what are these tricks for? Well, by teaching him these tricks, you are getting him ready for the dog competition. The competition will require you to do various tricks and sometimes even holding a trick for a few seconds. Getting in the top few will earn you money which can be used to buy pet food and other accessories. You can also take your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood exploring different places and unlocking certain events. With such features, Nintendogs has an almost endless gameplay thus I gave it such a high score. The only reason it does not gets a full 10 from me is due to the language barrier. Which could be hard to understand at times but with the guides we have here, I say it will be no problem at all =)

Graphics 10/10

This game has simple stunning graphics, the dogs look really life like and respond to your touch just as what a real dog would do. The background also looks very realistic. Seriously speaking, I think this has to be one of the best graphics we will ever get to see on the DS. SO I give it a perfect score for this section.

Sound/Music 9/10

Your dogs will bark if you call out their names. They will growl in disatifaction and will even whimper when they are hurt. Very realistic sounds of dog. Further more, sounds likes the game eating his food or drinking his water is very realistic as well. All sounds here are really great, the music is really great as it is well-suited to the game.

Replay Value 10/10

Like a said, there are endless possibilities on what you can do on this game. If you ever get tired of a dog, just simply store him at a dog hotel and you get to try out another one. The huge database of items and events that can happen will ensure a very good time =)

Rent Or Buy

I say BUY it now, its really well worth the money. Maybe if you are planning to get the US version, you could rent the Japanese version first to fool around with it before buying the US version. But like I said, this game is really very enjoying despite the language barrier so what are you waiting for? GET IT NOW! =P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/07/05

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