Review by sideath

Reviewed: 06/15/05

Definetly Recommended

It's been reported that around 70% of people that read a review will glance at the score first - and around 30% of them will only look at the score - and then close the window/magazine/webpage. So - yes, go ahead, scroll down and look at the score - but then let me explain myself.

If you're reading this review, you probably know what Nintendogs is - it's Nintendo's 'killer app' for the Nintendo DS - proving that you can sell hardware not necceserily with a roar - but with a whimper. You look after up to three 'Nintendogs' - you feed them, bathe them, love them, pick up their poo, etc. This is all good and addictive etc, the animation is excellent, as is the sound and graphics etc, and it does add a specific degree of immersion with the stylus (although I suggest you use your finger) - it's great fun, and there truly is a feeling of happiness the first time your Nintendog responds to your voice [deep breath here].

Yes - so Nintendo have hit the above targets square on. But there are other targets that Nintendo have missed completly. The only 'game' you can have with your dog are three 'competitions' involving frisbees, an assault course and running. These games get boring quickly and easily - although there is a sense of pride the first time your dog completes an assault course without your help. However - this is as deep as the game gets. Your nintendog can't die, and if you leave it for say a week, it won't die, but it'll get grumpy. Five minutes with it later, then it'll be as happy as the first time you played it... definetly not a sign of depth.

There's not really no sign of progression - your Nintendog doesn't age or grow or die, although you only start with one, gaining another one after a while. You can also buy items for the 'house' in your Nintendogs, but you cannot interact with them.

But still, Nintendogs is a genuinely inspiring title. Witty, imaginative, and addictive. Still, it could've been so much better. Perfect for the casual gamer, it shows really what Nintendo are best at - making games only they can make. It's piddle-deep - look beyond the suface, and there's not much left. But still, definetly recommended.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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