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"PUPPIES! Puppies everywhere!!"

What could be better than having your own puppy? How about three? I thought so, you bastard dog hater, go away now and stop reading this if you don't like little puppies, because I can tell you now this game's not for you. And for the rest of you that are still here, hi, my name's Chris. <_< This is getting side-tracked...

So.. dogs... I like em, I also liked this game. Connection? Maybe. I think that anyone who feels the same about dogs will find a good time in this game.

Basic backround... well... this game doesn't have one, you start out with $1000 which you use to buy your first puppy and things to take care of it. After you've been together with your dog long enough you can enter him or her in contests to make more money, which you can use to buy another puppy, more supplies, or even a nicer house.

Gameplay - 10/10
The biggest turn on in the game is easily the gameplay, it's a wonderful system of interaction between you and your dog. I love the way they use the mic and touch screen as ways to interact with the puppies. You actually call them by name to get their attention. All the things you can train them to do, and all the items you can find to increase the bonding between you and your dogs really makes this a beautiful game for dog lovers of any age. It's simple enough so that anyone who wasn't played games before could pick this up and learn quite easily. One of the most fun features, in my opinion, is that you can have multiple dogs. It's incredibly fun watching them interact with eachother, playing around, or fighting for a chew toy. Although it does become a hassle when it's time to train them. I love being able to raise my own puppy through this wonderful sim, and although it's not a perfect sim, it comes incredibly close to being a perfect game.

Graphics - 9/10
Very nicely done, the puppies sometimes look real. Definitely not it's greatest feature, but also a very nice point of the game. The graphics should never get in your way as you play the game, but I doubt there will be times when you're simply awed by them. I like the way the puppies look and move, they act just like real puppies. The only thing that is off are the ways the puppies interact, often times, when one goes to nibble on the other's ear, it'll "slip" and look like it's chewing the air next to it's neck. Although it's not something that will affect the gameplay at all.

Sound - 8/10
I love the music in this game, it's very soothing and fun to listen to, the only problem is that there's not enough of it. My favorite music in it is the song that plays just as you turn it on... The first time I really noticed it I was having a few problems with someone important to me, now whenever I hear that I'll remember it and how happy I was afterwards... I got off topic again, dammit! OK... The sound... Yes... Well, the sound effects are very well done, the bark from the puppy doesn't sound exact, but fairly realistic. Sound is another thing in the game that will make it enjoyable, but not hinder it.

Replay - 6/10
Not too great... Although the wonderful thing about this game is that it doesn't need replay, it's always new, but if you do choose to start over, it's a pain in the ass. Although some people may enjoy reteaching a dog everything and winning all those competitions again, I find it tedious and annoying. So, if that's your thing, great, but it wasn't mine.

Overall - 10/10
A great game for anyone who likes dogs, no matter how old they may be. If you happen to see a copy, pick it up immediately, I couldn't find any for awhile, and I happened to get the last copy at the store I went to. The gameplay, combined with the nice graphics, cute puppies, and nice sounds make this game almost immediately enjoyable. And don't think that I may just be some fanboy for dogs since it seems like a dull game from my review, I barely touched the surface of the deepness you can find in it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/05

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