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"Cute, Cuddly, and Addicting"

I'd have to say, I'm glad I got this game. I'm highly impressed with what this game has to offer, and I've actually gotten addicted to playing with the lovable virtual puppies. I find myself coming back to my Nintendo DS every day now to play with my puppies, after watching it collect dust over the past few months.


Shortly after starting up the game, you'll be taken to the local puppy kennel to choose one of the available breeds to take home and become your new companion. Once home with your new friend, you will be prompted to give your little puppy a name and teach him or her to sit down. After going through the steps of each task, you'll be on your own with the cute and cuddly creature, for you to raise in a whole virtual world.


The graphics are incredible, and the puppies even look real. Your puppy's facial expressions change smoothly from one to the other, giving the game a great feel when teaching him/her or watching your puppy interact with other puppies. As for the backgrounds, even though they can get a little repetitive, they look great nonetheless.

Music and Sound

There isn't much of a variety for the background music, but the music compliments the game and its style. For the sounds, there is an unbelievable amount of different noises you will hear. From hearing the soft thump of a tennis ball bounce across the floor to your puppy barking at a passing car, there's a wide range of sounds that keep every session of playing the game interesting and extraordinary.


The controls are simple, you just use the touch screen and the microphone to interact with your puppies. Nintendo has most certainly set the bar for such excellent use of the pair.


Raising your own puppy is a whole new experience and can provide hours of fun. With such a wide variety of ways you can interact with your companion, it's hard to actually pick out just a few as examples. You can bathe your puppy, take it out for walks, feed it, teach it a wide selection of tricks, plus much more. All pulled off with the simplistic controls.


This game may not be a challenging adventure game packed with puzzles, but the amusement you can get out of this game makes up for the low difficulty level in all aspects. It can get frustrating at times when your puppy doesn't quite meet your expectations in a competition that you had long been training for, but overall, the difficulty level can satisfy anyone of any age group.

Replay Value

After playing the game once, I found myself just coming back for more. There's so many items that you can find, tricks you can teach your puppy, and breeds to unlock, it's hard to just put the game down. Personally, I'm actually addicted to the game.


Quite a unique game that just about anyone can find enjoyment out of, and definitely worth the $30 I paid for it. This game alone was capable of bringing me back to my DS, which I now play daily just for this game. And to be honest, I enjoy every minute of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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