"A great buy for all dog lovers"

Well, if you are like me, you don't usually judge a game by it's color. I went the other way though, and looked at the faces of the puppies....they are so cute. Honestly, you can't NOT like the puppies, if you do...well that's just cold on your part. This game is a great game for the Nintendo DS and uses most, if not all, of the capabilities of the Nintendo DS.

Game play- 9/10

The game play is good, but then again it is slightly repetitive in a sense. You can do many things with your dog, such as take it for a walk, go practice for tourneys, ram it with an RC kart (you did not just see that), and there is plenty of stuff you can do WITHOUT your dog, such as go buy stuff, remodel your home, it's all good.You can train your dog to do tricks voice commands and much much more.
You can even go to bark mode with a friend to contact them wirelessly ( another plus of the ds) and trade items and dogs. Everything that this game has is well detailed and nothing is looked over.


It shines in this are of judging folks, the puppies look so realistic, you will swear ( Don't) it's real. The blades of grass are all finely detailed, the dogs fur is so intricately designed, if you are a stickler for graphics, you might as well get this since there is nothing wrong with it except the occasional speck.The backgrounds are somewhat blurry as they are supposed to appear far away ( such as a city when you are walking your dog).But even they are fine since what you are actually focusing on is your dog when you are walking it.


The music is excellent, that is it. The only thing bringing it down is that the dogs bark ( yeah, I know, I should have been expecting this) and that ...is all that is bringing it down. The music is improved by having many..and I mean many..items that make music, not just sounds, real music. Full blown BG music.


You raise your dog, it won't "grow" though and it will not die . You just ...play with it. It is a good concept for those who like simulators, the only sad part is that once you finish training one dog..the rest just becomes...unneeded. The other dogs are just to get aquainted with the breeds and such.


If it doesn't end, it automatically gets a 10 in this section ..no? But you will eventually get bored of feeding your dog, even if you throw the food at it. Everything else is perpetually entertaining, providing many hours of fun. I'd say the game will take ...well I can't say anything since how you train is different for each. I'll just say 20-30 hours. You might get bored of this though eventually, if you have no interest in dogs or anything such as a simulation.

Buy or Rent

Meh...just buy, you'll be attached to that dog for a long time no doubt. Or you could borrow from a friend since you can keep it for longer then(and save them the hassle of feeding). Even if you do get tired of it, nothing relaxes you as much as feeding a dog occasionally.

Age group

- Everyone really, dog deprived, people who DO have dogs, anyone. Even guys play it..I'm a guy...and I play it. Overall, the age you should be when you play it is more than 8, to understand the controls that are in the game, to around the age until you stop playing games, so the range for this game is very large.

Final Score-9/10

Good game in all aspects and is a must have if you have the DS.



+Might get boring after a while of playing the game


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/14/05

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