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"What do you get if you take a puppy and place it into the DS?"

Hello, I am Conchris, I just wanted to review this because of how cute it is, how tedious the competitions are and how good the graphics are. I review this in different sections, of course, one of them isn't what the others are, cuteness is a special section used to evaluate the area in which is masters in. Each section is split into different scores:

Graphics: On a scale of 1 to 10
Difficulty: 1 to 10
Game-play: 1 to 10
Cuteness: 1 to 10
Variety: 1 to 10

Overall: 1 to 10

Ah yes, the graphics are great, Puppies are adorable enough, although, there are some graphical problems, like the dog on the other dog's back's jaws going into the other dog's back but it really isn't annoying. Some of the graphics are bad, but good. At least it survived enough to get a 9.


When you first start the game, it can be very frustrating to let your dog learn its name, after many attempts, your dog learns it and doesn't forget it, its the competitions that make up the difficulty, the disc competitions require severe disc throwing, Agility Trials forces you to walk to the Gym over and over until you get to the Championship level, the Obedience Trials are the most annoying, you have to learn your tone of voice when you teach your puppies tricks. 10 being easy, 1 being hard, this gets a:


This is where it gets repetitive, since your puppies can't die, they won't mind if you sneak in a little Mario Kart DS playing or maybe an hour long session of Advance Wars DS. Of course, their hunger and thirst levels decay EVEN IF THE GAME IS OUT OF THE DS, there's no escaping... Of course, on a regular basis, all you do is Walk, buy stuff, walk, wash, do competition, walk, walk, do stuff, all that stuff. Also, when you get past the dog stuff, you'll find that this turns into a "COLLECT ALL ITEMS!!!LAWL!" game but the variety of toys and all the useless junk you can get on walks are cool. This gets a:


The puppies cuteness levels are very high and can appeal to the younger gamers, other gamers can play this game long enough if they can handle it. So, compared to new DS games, it stands little to no chance against them but its cuteness can make people keep coming back, until it gets too tedious.


Repetitions kills some points for Variety, but the large range of dogs and the dogs that can be unlocked with "Trainer Points" vary each game. So you basically start with the dogs for the version and as you progress you unlock more, if you get a special item, you can unlock the two "special item un-lockable" dogs. Also, the ability to change your home with the money you have earned in the game also adds points to variety.


This is a good game and all, but the competitions and the puppies learning new tricks and only respond to the same tone of voice knocks a few points off the overall, but it gets a 9, any lower and I would've wasted my time reviewing this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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