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"Roll over. ROLL OVER! I SAID ROLL OVER! ...Why's everyone staring at me?"

As you've probably guessed from the name, Nintendogs is a dog raising simulator. And it's very realistic.

There isn't really a story. You're just a guy who buys a dog from the kennel. You can buy more, if you can earn some money. When you're on walks, if you go to certain places, you can meet people who have a conversation (more like they say a sentence then walk off) with them, so that's a.... very short story.

Earning money isn't that hard. It's just time consuming. The two main (and only, as far as I know) ways to make money are finding things when you're on a walk, or winning competitions. The latter usually nets you more. But while you're at home, you can do lots of things. You can teach your dog tricks using the microphone, which might make you look like a nutter if you do it in school (hence the review title). But it's still fun.

Of course, as in raising a real puppy, it's not all fun and games. You have to clean up its poop, and the main reason for getting money is so you can but food and water for it. You have to clean it and make it trust you by petting or rubbing its head or chin, or it won't play with you or anything. Of course, some dog toys are also available. :) They make it easier to befriend your dog.

In each version, there are six breeds to pick from at the beginning. When you do some things, like win competitions, you can choose from different breeds. Eventually, you can unlock almost 20! The two "secret" breeds, Dalmatian and Jack Russell Terrier, are unlocked by finding rare items on walks, the Fireman hat and Jack Russell book.

There are a lot of items that you can find on walks. Mostly it's rubbish like broken cameras or tissues that you can sell in the shopping center. But I hear there are a few expensive things, like Gold bars. Speaking of the shopping center, there's five places. The supply store, which sells water and things. The stores on the walk map are cheaper though. There's the second hand store, you can sell things there. There's also the Doggy Hotel, where you can leave your dogs so you can have more in your house. You can donate them, but it's sad to do that. There's the Interior designer, who can change the way your house looks. As far as I know, this is completely pointless. And of course, most importantly, there's the Kennel, which is where you start, and where you get your first dog, and get more if you want.

This game has wireless, so you can have your dog play with your friend's dog. Unfortunately, in the park where you do this, you can only have 2 dogs at a time, so no dog parties!

Overall, the gameplay is quite good, but in the beginning, when you're trying to teach the dog its name, it can get extremely tedious and annoying, because you have to say it SO MANY TIMES!

The graphics are also quite good. The dogs look very realistic, and on walks, you walk past some buildings, which also look very nice. The colors are bright and the pixels are tiny, so it's not chunky or anything.

The sound is also great. It sounds just like a real dog! They must have recorded a real dog barking and stuff. Each dog has its own personality and bark. The barks are most noticeable by breed, because some are bigger then others, although the dogs are always puppies, so they're not that much bigger.

The reason I took a point off is that you can't play for long periods at once. You can only enter tournaments 3 times a day, and you have to wait about half an hour in between walks, and if you try to teach your dog stuff a lot, it gets bored and won't play with you for a while, leaving you with nothing to do besides play with the display dogs at the kennel, who seem like they have no personality. However, when you are playing, it's almost always really fun, so I recommend this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/06

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