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    Tricks/Dog Contest FAQ by arieneko

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                    Trick and Dog Contest FAQ
    Copyright: 2005 Annissa Wong
    Author: Annissa Wong aka arienai
    Date: April 30th
    Any questions, suggestions please send to: arella@gmail.com.
    1. Basic Tricks
    2. Dog Contest
    3. Advanced Tricks
    4. Miscellaneous Tricks
    Why do tricks and enter the dog contest? Because they're fun!
    Nothing like watching your Nintendog do a backflip when you tell 
    him, "Just do it!"
    The dog contest can be a pain in the rear-end (ahem), but if you
    master them, you will never complain about how you don't have cash
    to buy another dog or where to get the yen to upgrade the dog room.
    At the time of writing this, I am over 7 million yen so far, 
    working towards a 10 million yen upgrade.
    This is half a translation of the tricks and dog competition books
    that can be found in the Dog Care section of the Items. The other
    half consists of advanced tricks which are NOT listed in the trick
    book found in the game. If you find any more advanced tricks, please
    e-mail me and I can include it in this guide.
    You will need to have Japanese text encoding activated to see some 
    of the Japanese text in this guide.
    From Medwaypvb of GamesFAQ:
    "To see Shift-JIS Japanese correctly, make sure you have Japanese 
    support installed, then:
    Choose the "View" menu in your browser
    Choose the "Encoding"/"Character Coding" entry
    (or similar, depends on browser)
    Find and select "Japanese (Shift-JIS)", you may have to look 
    through a few sub-menus.
    Now this FAQ should display Japanese characters correctly."
    You can only teach your dog 3-4 tricks a day, and he can only
    remember a maximum of 15 tricks (less if there are more difficult
    tricks). If you train your dog diligently, you could theoretically
    pass the Beginner Class of the dog contest in the first day, since
    there are only 3 "required" tricks in the game.
    Also, there is no SIT command listed in this book because SIT is
    the first trick that the AUTOMATIC tutorial that the game make
    you teach your dog.
    You can find the Trick Book しつけの本 in the Dog Care section of
    your item list.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't have to teach the dog exactly what the
    book says to, its often easier to get the dog to understand the
    trick if you teach a long phrase. It won't get confused as easily.
    Page 1
    It is very important for your dog to be able to hear your voice
    clearly so you can communicate with it. There are certain things
    you have to be careful of.
    The most important thing is to speak clearly, and say the full
    word to the last syllable.
    Page 2
    To make sure that your dog doesn't get confused about the name of
    the tricks, make sure that you don't use the same name for different
    Say the trick in the same voice all the time to make sure that your
    dog can hear it clearly.
    Page 3
    About the ? Mark
    When you have a red ? mark, your dog wasn't able to hear your voice
    When the blue ? mark shows up, your dog is confused about the same
    name applied to a different trick.
    Page 4
    Touch your dog's front paw and hold it, and you will be able to lift
    his front leg.
    Once you've lifted his leg, touch the Training Button and teach him "HAND".
    Page 5
    Get your dog to sit, then touch his head, and then draw a line straight
    down and he will crouch down.
    Touch the training button and teach him "DOWN".
    Page 6
    Have your dog sit, then get him down onto his belly (DOWN), then touch
    your dog and draw a straight line horizontally. You dog will go onto his side.
    Page 7
    Once your dog is on his side, then touch your dog and draw a straight line up.
    He will then show his belly (facing up).
    Touch the training button and teach him "ROLL OVER".
    Page 8
    Touch and hold your dog's tail and he will start to run in circles.
    Touch the training button and teach your dog "RUN IN A CIRCLE".
    Page 9
    If your dog is wiggling his butt, it is a guesture to show that he
    wants you to play with him.
    At this time, touch the space above your dog's head and he'll jump.
    Touch the training button and teach him "JUMP".
    Page 10
    When your dog is standing on all four legs, touch your dog and draw a
    straight line up from buttom to top and he'll stand on his hind legs.
    Touch the training button and teach him "STAND".
    Page 11
    However, STAND is a very difficult trick for a dog.
    If your dog doesn't like you very much, then he won't do STAND for you.
    Page 12
    This book introduced the basic tricks, but there are many other tricks
    that you can teach your dog.
    While you're living with your dog, try to find these tricks on your own!
    If you teach your dog to offer his left paw in HAND, you can also teach 
    another version offering the right paw. Mirror moves are considered
    different tricks, so it could be very easy to fill up the 15 slots
    available for tricks.
    Don't forget to PET YOUR DOG every time he completes a trick! In the
    beginning, pet him every time he completes a trick you told him to do.
    He should give off shiny sparkles of happiness. As you progress, it
    might be a good idea to give him a few commands to complete, then pet
    him afterwards so that he can get used to doing one trick after another
    like he would need for the Dog Contest.
    Petting your dog is also a sign that you're done with a particular set
    of tricks. If you want him to do advanced tricks, you should NOT pet him
    in between commands. Please read Advanced Tricks for more info.
    These tricks will get you through the dog contests through to Expert stage.
    Having some extra tricks for the Free Performance time wouldn't hurt either.
    If you want to get through Master or Champion stage, I suggest you also read
    through the advanced trick section of this guide.
    This is a translation of the dog contest. To get pass the dog contests, it
    requires a little bit of studying so you can recognize the Japanese
    characters so that you can know right away which trick they want your
    dog to do.
    Yes, its time to study. Here's what you need to know:
    おすわり - SIT
    おて     - HAND
    ふせ     - DOWN
    ゴローン - ROLL OVER
    おまわり - RUN IN A CIRCLE
    ジャンプ - JUMP
    チンチン - STAND
    -- を 3秒間  - HOLD -- FOR 3 SECONDS
    OK, down to the book:
    You can find the Dog Contest Book ドッグコンテストの本 in the Dog Care
    section of your item list.
    Page 1
    The Dog Contest is the place toshow off your dog's tricks and his beauty.
    Within the designated time, perform the tricks designated perfectly.
    Page 2
    For the performance, there are a series of designated tricks and you will
    also have some time for a Free Performance.
    Once your dog has cleared all the tricks, the judges will judge on a scale
    of 10 (10 for perfect).
    Page 3
    The judges not only judge on the performance, but they also judge your dog's
    Before you go to the Dog Contest, make sure your dog is presentable.
    Page 4
    1) Beginner's Class
    おすわり - SIT
    おて     - HAND
    ふせ     - DOWN
    2) Open Class
    おすわり - SIT
    おて     - HAND
    ふせ     - DOWN
    ゴローン - ROLL OVER
    おまわり - RUN IN A CIRCLE
    Page 5
    3) Expert Class
    おすわり - SIT
    おて     - HAND
    ふせ     - DOWN
    ゴローン - ROLL OVER
    おまわり - RUN IN A CIRCLE
    ジャンプ - JUMP
    チンチン - STAND
    Page 6
    If you train your dog to do the tricks many times, he'll become
    accustomed to the tricks and then he will be able to do them for longer.
    Once your dog has done the trick, be sure to praise your dog and you'll
    get better results.
    TOO BAD...
    If you fail to place at the top 3 in a certain class, then you are sent
    back down one class. For example, if you are attempting your Master class,
    but you fail to place, then the next time you go for a Dog Contest, you
    will be automatically placed in the Expert class.
    This works even if you have already won your Championship. If for
    whatever reason, your dog fails to place in the Championship, you will
    be sent back to the Masters class.
    Because of this, they will keep track of how many times that you have 
    consecutively won the Championship.
    If you have managed to pass Expert class, big congrats! I'm sure you
    know all about those "Hold for 3 Second" requirements. Well, from Master
    class on, it's another level all together.
    For the Master and Champion Stages, they will require you to 2 basic
    tricks for a longer time period (10 & 15 sec for Master; 15 & 20 
    sec for Champion). It is random each time which trick is picked, but 
    some of the tricks that you might train your dog to hold for longer 
    To get the dogs to increase their endurance for these tricks is very 
    simple, get them to do the trick, then pet continuously them while 
    they are doing it. Except for RUN IN A CIRCLE, you are able to 
    encourage your dog while they are doing the trick. In the case of 
    the CIRCLE move, you will just have to pet the dog after they are 
    done. Repeat as necessary.
    The prize money from the Dog Contest at some levels are more than DOUBLE
    what's offered in the other two contests.
    I've forgotten to write it down, but here are what 1st place at the higher
    levels can get you:
    Expert level, 1st place - 250,000 yen
    Master level, 1st place - 500,000 yen
    Championship            - 1,000,000 yen
    Compared to the disk competition which gets you 300,000 yen for the
    Championship, the Dog Contest is well worth your time.
    Once you get the championship, you can go back and do it again for another
    cool mil. You'll never lack money.
    Here comes the fun (and sometimes impossible, really) part.
    Advanced tricks are exactly that, advanced and sometimes hard to teach
    depending on your breed of dog. For those people who want an easy time of
    it I definitely recommend the Shiba breed. It only took me about 6 days
    of leisurely play to train my Shiba so that he brought home the Dog
    Contest Championship.
    The most important thing is to CATCH THE TRAINING BUTTON! The dog can get
    disinterested VERY quickly once he does an advanced trick.
    It is also useful to think up of a name for the move you are teaching
    before you try to teach it. If you are caught by surprise by the dog
    actually doing this trick, you could end up teaching the the trick as,
    "OMG, what do I do now?"
    It is really up to you what you want to call these tricks. As long
    as you can remember it for the Dog Contests.
    Oh, and be patient. Nintendo was amazing in how realistic they made 
    these dogs. If the dog doesn't like you, or they're tired, they won't
    do the trick, no matter how much you poke the stylus at them.
    FLIP INTO THE AIR FROM BACK (for lack of a better name)
    Necessary commands: ROLL OVER & JUMP
    Make sure your dog knows how to roll onto his back and jump first.
    Command him to be on his back, but DON'T PET HIM, and immediently command
    him to jump. If your dog is well fed and watered, then he'll have a better
    chance of doing this.
    The important thing is DON'T pet him when he is on his back, or else he'll
    think the trick is over. Be patient, because if he doesn't feel like it,
    then he's only going to get up on all fours to jump.
    Necessary commands: SIT & JUMP
    Same principle as the flip from being on his back.
    Command him to sit, then command him to jump right away. It'll take a few
    tries, but he'll get it soon enough. Make sure you have your stylus ready
    to push the trick bubble, cuz he looses interest fast after he does it.
    Necessary commands: DOWN & STAND
    Now have your dog lie on his belly, then tell him to stand, and he'll do a
    hand stand on his front 2 paws!!!
    Alternative way: While your dog is crouching and shaking his rear-end in
    the air in the play position, you can draw a straight line down to up and
    he might do a handstand. This way, you don't need to teach him the
    necessary commands, but it all depends on if you can get him to do it while
    he's in a playful mood.
    Necessary commands: STAND & RUN IN A CIRCLE
    Make sure your dog knows how to stand, and run in a circle.
    Command him to stand, then to run in a circle.
    Don't pet him or give him any time in between.
    Necessary commands: STAND
    Teach your dog how to stand, then take a paw, and help him up so that he's
    only on his hind paws and steady him. Then let go of his front paws and he
    should start fidgeting (It looks like dancing, so I named it "Shall we dance?")
    Necessary commands: DANCING & JUMP
    Tell your dog to do the dance move, then command him to jump, he should 
    start to hop like a bunny.
    Different from the normal jump, its a higher jump and depends on your dog's
    mood. Follow the same teaching as for a normal jump. If he's really hyper,
    he might jump until he can touch your hand (stylus).
    Necessary commands: ROLL OVER & RUN IN A CIRCLE
    Tell your dog to roll onto his back, then to run in a circle. He should 
    spin on his back (like breakdancing).
    That's all the advanced tricks my dog knows at the time of writing. No
    doubt there are some other tricks that I haven't been able to get yet.
    If you find anything, please email me so I can update the FAQ!
    If you filled your dog's head with too many of the miscellaneous tricks
    listed below, you might want to delete them so you can teach the
    advanced tricks.
    To delete a trick, from the Home screen (the saving screen) touch the
    spot with your dog's name, and it lists your dog's current statistics.
    There are 2 buttons on the bottom. Pick the left one and it should take
    you to a list of all the tricks that your dog remembers so far. Pick the
    one you want him to forget, then press yes (はい). He'll forget it and
    you'll have more space for extras.
    If your dog confuse the name of a trick with another one, it might be a
    good idea to delete it and teach it again. It'll take some time, but it'll
    ensure that you don't mess up during the contest.
    As the title of this section implies, this is a section for all those
    tricks that aren't actually that hard, but not really in the book
    If you're just starting off with your dog, you might want to teach
    him these tricks to use in the Free Performance part of the Dog
    Contests in the Beginner and Opening Class to net yourself a few
    more points.
    As you teach your dogs the advanced tricks though, you might want to
    delete these, as the advanced tricks give a lot more points in the
    Dog Contests.
    If you touch the dog's nose at any time, he'll sneeze. Touch the
    training button for an easy trick to teach.
    When your dog is happy and hyper-active, he'll come to you and stick
    his butt in the air, shaking it. He can shake it at you or away from
    you, there's 2 tricks right there you can teach him.
    This one depends on circumstance. While you're playing with your dog
    sometimes, an ambulance/ police car may pass, and your dog MAY howl at
    its passing. You just have to catch the trick bubble fast enough.
    Thanks to all the great people at the GameFAQ Message Boards!
    Thank you to AngelBrain for the Breakdance move!
    Thank you to Medwaypvb for instructions for how to view Japanese font
    You can also see this guide with Medwaypvb's awesome Japanese gifs
    if you don't want to install Japanese fonts:
    UPDATE 0.2:
    Fixed Title and Opening message.
    Fixed missing category in Page 5 of the Dog Contest translation.
    Added information about Class Levels and Holding Basic Tricks in 
        Dog Contests.
    Added information to Advanced Tricks.
    UPDATE 0.25:
    Added instructions for viewing Japanese fonts.
    Added Breakdance to advanced moves.
    Fixed mistake in category in Page 5 of the Dog Contest translation.
    Added Medwaypvb's website links.
    UPDATE 0.5:
    Added info, Mirror Moves, and Encouragement section in Basic Tricks.
    Added Alternative way to teach the Handstand in Advanced Tricks.
    Added Deleting Tricks to Advanced Tricks.
    Added Miscellaneous Tricks section, relocated Howling/Singing.
    Fixed Credit Section.

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