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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BlueEyesZombie2

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    N    NN I N T E N D O G S 
    A Guide For Nintendogs...
    By Blue Eyes Zombie 2
    To quickly zoom through this guide, you can use the find (Ctrl+F) action to 
    zoom to the part you want by typing the random code next to the section.
    Chapter Name                           Search Code
    Part 1: Legal Stuff                    LGLS
    Part 2: The 3 Versions                 3VRS
    2-1: Different Breeds                  BRED
    2-2: Different Items                   ITEM
    Part 3: First Moments                  FMOM
    3-1: The Kennel                        KENN
    3-2: Giving The Dog Trust              TRST
    3-3: First Trick                       TRCK
    Part 4: The Menus                      MENU
    4-1: The Home Menu                     HOME
    4-2: Dog Status Menu                   DOGS
    4-3: Your Supplies                     SUPP
    4-4: Go Out Menu                       GOUT
    4-5: The Shopping Menu                 SHOP
    4-6: The Information Menu              INFO
    Part 5: Caring For Your Nintendog      CARE
    5-1: Feeding                           FEED
    5-2: Washing                           WASH
    Part 6: Going For A Walk               WALK
    6-1: Walking                           CTRL
    6-2: Blue Dots                         DOTS
    6-3: The Gym                           GYM
    6-4: The Park                          PARK
    6-5: Bark Mode                         BARK
    Part 7: The Contests                   CTNS
    7-1: Agility Trials                    CTN1
    7-2: Obidence Trials                   CTN2
    7-3: Disc Competitions                 CTN3
    Part 8: The Trick List                 LIST1
    8-1: Basics                            BASIC
    8-2: Advanced, Combo Tricks            COMBO
    8-3: Top Screen Tricks                 ^SCRN
    8-4: Singing                           SING
    Part 9: The Item List                  LIST2
    9-1: Sports                            SPORT
    9-2: Toys                              TOYS
    9-3: Accessories                       HATS
    9-4: Care                              CARER
    9-5: Music                             MUSIC
    9-6: Clocks                            CLOCK
    9-7: Etc.                              OTHER
    Part 10: Beginners Tips                TIPS
    Part 11: Unlockables                   LOCK
    11-1: Chihauha Version                 LCK1
    11-2: Daschund Version                 LCK2
    11-3: Labrador Version                 LCK3
    11-4: All Versions                     LCK4
    Part 12: A Very Handy Tip              MAPS
    Part 13: Version History               HSTY
    Part 14: Nothing Follows               END
    Part 1: Legal Stuff                                                       LGLS
    This guide can only be used on GAMEFAQS and GAMESPOT only. If I find anyone 
    using this guide without my permission, I'm calling my lawyers after looking
    at files.
    I will accept tips for Part 10 at my personal message area at GAMESPOT. Just
    sign up and look around.
    Part 2: The Three Versions                                                3VRS
    Welcome to Nintendogs! You have just bought the best game in ancient history.
    You take one of the six breeds of dog you currently have in your version, and
    take him home and help it around. You take it for walks and hit the comps for
    money and accessories.
    Now, in the three versions, there are two major differences. First...
    The Different Breeds                                                      BRED
    All 20 breeds of dog are unlockable, so don't worry. But, you start with only
    six, and you have to get trainer points (Beginners Tips) and unlock them, +
    the two hidden breeds, stated in Unlockables. The six breeds of all versions
    will be listed here. 
    And here they are...
    Chihauha and Friends:
    - Chihauha
    - German Shepherd
    - Boxer
    - Cavalier King Charles Spainel
    - Yorkshire Terrier
    - Shetland Sheepdog
    Daschund and Friends
    - Miniature Daschund
    - Golden Retriever
    - Beagle
    - Pug
    - Siberian Husky
    - Shih Tzu
    Labrador and Friends
    - Labrador Retriver
    - Miniature Schnauzer
    - Toy Poodle
    - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    - Miniature Pinscher
    - Shiba Inu
    As I said earlier, all breeds, plus 2 hidden ones, are unlockable in every
    version, so don't get mad at yourself.
    Now, the second major difference is...
    The Different Items                                                       ITEM
    In all of the versions, there are exclusive items that you can buy, and the
    other versions can't get them. So if you have a friend who is going to get
    Nintendogs, tell them to get a different version thatn yours, and you'll be
    able to exchange items via Bark Mode. More on that later.
    Here's the complete list:
    - Pump
    - Blue Rubber Bone
    - Broken Clock
    - Pizza Disk
    - Crown
    - Party Hat
    - Mario's Theme Music Box
    - Modest Decor Record
    - Cube Clock
    - Bowser Kart (I want this.)
    - Sandal
    - Red Rubber Bone
    - Shower Cap
    - Dartboard
    - Tiara
    - Graduation Cap
    - Dog's Theme Box
    - Waves Record
    - Smart Clock
    - Mario Kart  (not the game, the actual kart.)
    - High Heel
    - Bicolor Rubber Bone
    - Life Ring
    - UFO
    - Rack Of Deer Antlers
    - Top Hat
    - Puppy Waltz Box
    - Shredded Fur Record
    - Wall Clock
    - Peach Kart
    Those are all the version exclusive items and dogs. Try and get yourself and
    two friends with different versions of the game and trade items.
    Part 3: First Moments                                                     FMOM
    These are your first moments in the game of Nintendogs after purchase. If you
    want to do this again, hold A,B,X,Y,L,R while the game's loading. This will
    delete all progress in the game. But be careful! If you want to start all
    over again, Nintendo is not responsible for any lost data.
    Time to go to the kennel!
    3-1: Kennel                                                               KENN
    Now, you are walking towards the kennel. When you get to the door, tap it a
    couple of times and you will go in. For first timers I recommend Look at these
    two buttons here, because I say you interact with dogs first.
    The first of my many mini sections that weren't good enough to make the
    contents list. To interact with a dog, simply look on the screen. Touch
    the dog you want to play with and give it a pat. It's as easy as that.
    Now, to select your species...
    Here's what the game has to say about all the breeds...
    Chihauha and Friends
    Chihauha: The world's smallest dog originated in Latin American.
    It's sparkling pupils and large ears give it it's charm.
    German Shepherd: This herder hails from Germany. It's high intelligence
    makes it a good rescue dog, among other things.
    Boxer: A vailiant German breed, the Boxer's muscular frame was used
    to it's advantage as a fighting dog.
    Cavailier King Charles Spaniel: Thought to be the oldest breed in Britan, the
    cavailer is a knight among dogs.
    Yorkshire Terrier: This English breed is often called a Yorkie, and is also
    nicknamed the walking jewel.
    Shetland Sheepdog: Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired
    coat and face make it a popular breed.
    Dachshund and Friends
    Miniature Dachshund: Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short
    legs of this breed give it a comical air.
    Golden Retriever: This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely,
    wavy coat and a fine temperament.
    Beagle: Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a
    densley muscled frame.
    Pug: This breed originates in ancient China. Its wrinkly face and curly tail
    are identyfying features.
    Siberian Husky: Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls it's ancestor,
    the wolf. Its trademarks are power and stanima.
    Shih Tzu: This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favored by
    Chinese royalty for its refined posture.
    Labrador and Friends
    Labrador Retriever: Originating in England, this breed is highly intelligent
    ,kind in nature, and great as assistance dogs.
    Miniature Schnauzer: Originating in Germany, this breed carries itself with 
    dignity. Its beard and eyebrows define the breed.
    Toy Poodle: French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and 
    physically capable. They make excellent show dogs.
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi: This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by 
    English royalty. It has stamina on par with larger breeds.
    Miniature Pinscher: This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.
    Shiba Inu: A breed originating in ancient Japan, its small, muscular body
    and curly tail are its best features.
    DID YOU KNOW: In Japan it was Shiba and Frineds and not Labrador and Friends?
    When you unlock these two dogs, they will be in the kennel.
    Jack Russel Terrier: Another breed from England, these dogs hide in their 
    diminutive frames the speed and energy of a horse.
    Dalmation: A Croatian breed, the Dalmatian has been used for military, 
    hunting, security, and firefighting purposes.
    Back to the Kennel. Anyway, you are looking at the six breeds and you
    have to pick a breed. Then, when you select the breed, you will be
    shown three dogs (all the breed you picked,) and you will see some buttons
    down the bottom. Tap them to get one of the dogs statistics. If you
    don't like the look of it, tap back and select it again for new dogs.
    If you like it, press buy, and you are whisked back to your place.
    3-2: Giving The Dog Trust                                                 TRST
    When the poor thing arrives at home, it is scared of the change of location.
    It'll walk around the room, shivering itself to death.
    To pat your dog, (or dogs), simply tap them.
    There is a hand on the touch screen. Press it to get your dog to come to you
    and when both screens turn white, you can interact with your dog. Your
    dog will come on the bottom screen. Pat it until it sparkles. It is now
    comfy with you.
    Now, it will tell you to name your dog.
    The small hole in the DS to the bottom left is the special built-in microphone
    used in the game. Hold it six inches away from your face for best use. Make
    sure there is no background noise.
    The game will tell you to name your dog. Tap Begin Audio Input and get ready.
    Say your dog's new name into the microphone. You may need to do it several
    times. If it heard you, you just named your new puppy! Now type in the
    good dogs name on the touchboard. (My word for keyboard on the touch screen.)
    3-3: First Trick                                                          TRCK
    Now, the game will tell you to rub the stylus down the dog's head. Easy. Do
    that, then your dog will sit into a sitting position. Now, a timer will appear
    on one of the screens. Say the codeword for Sit there, and if it heard you, 
    (if you hear your own voice, it's okay, the game does that.) the victory
    music will start and your dog's head will sparkle. You just taught it its
    first trick! If question marks appear, try again.
    Well, now you're on your own. The ame guides you through the part I call
    First Moments, but you can also use this guide.
    Part 4: The Menus                                                         MENU
    HOME MENU:                                                                HOME
    This is where all the other menus meet and you do everything in the game.
    We'll start with the Home Menu...
    In the middle of the screen is a circle button with a hand held out to a dog.
    If you tap this, your dog(s) will be called. If you are zoomed in on a dog,
    only that one will come.
    In the top right, bottom right and top leeft corners are the zoom buttons. If
    you only have one dog, two will be shaded black. One if you have two dogs.
    You tap this and it will zoom in towards that dog. Tapping the picture again
    will make it zoom out. You may also tap the dog to zoom in on it.
    Next to  the Zoom Buttons are the dog's names with a ? after it. Tap this for
    the dog status menu. More on that later.
    There is a book with the word "Save" next to it. Tapping this will save your
    There are a button that say "Go Out" menu on it. Click on these to go to 
    that menu.
    DOG STATUS MENU:                                                          DOGS
    This is the Dog Status menu. This is more of a list, telling you about your
    dog in these ways...
    Your name...
    How much you've interacted with your dog...
    How clean your dog is...
    How hungry your dog is...
    How thirsty your dog is...
    And the last thing your dog ate.
    At the very bottom are two buttons. The Trick List button will bring up all
    the tricks your dog knows, and you can delete tricks from the list. You
    may also go to the Contest Results, which lets you see how well your dog
    has done in competitions.
    YOUR SUPPLIES:                                                            SUPP
    The Your Supplies menu contains everything you have. There are 7 categories
    of items...
    Sports: Balls, flying discs and other items for doggy sport.
    Toys: Toys mfor your Nintendog like bubble blowers.
    Accessories: Clothes, hats, you get the idea.
    Care: Food, water, cleaning stuff, and six help books are here.
    Music: Music Boxes, records and the keyboard. You only have the White Record
    at first. See the mini part on Bark Mode.
    Clock: This changes the look of your clock. You only hav the Modern Clock
    Etc: Everything else. Things like disposable cameras. (???)
    GO OUT MENU:                                                              GOUT
    There are 5 different buttons here.
    BARK MODE: Activates Bark Mode. More on that later.
    SHOPPING MENU: This takes you to the Shopping Menu. Soon.
    CONTEST: This is where you enter in contests. More on that later.
    WALK: Walk your dog. More later.
    INFORMATION MENU: Exactly that.
    SHOPPING MENU:                                                            SHOP
    There are 5 facilities here.
    PET SUPPLY: This is the main shopping area, but it costs more.
    SECONDHAND SHOP: You can sell items here. I suggest keeping all version
    exclusive items and rare items you find, though.
    KENNEL: Get a new dog. See "First Moments."
    DOG HOTEL: You can have 8 dogs. But you can only have three at home. Where
    do you keep the extra 5? The Dog Hotel. You may also Donate A Dog. But,
    if you do, you will never see this dog again.
    INTERIOR DECORATOR: This will change the style of house you have. Buy a new
    look and in a day you will have a new design. PS: Extras are unlocked. Go
    down to Unlockables.
    INFORMATION MENU:                                                         INFO
    This has four buttons.
    TRAINER INFO: You may edit your trainer info such as icon, name, birthday
    and comment. You also view your trainer points from here. (Trainer Points
    are in Beginners Tips.)
    Part 5: Caring For Your Nintendog                                         CARE
    It's easy to care for your dog. To feed it is simple. To give it a drink is
    simple. To give it a wash is simple. Everything is simple.
    Part 5-1: Feeding                                                         FEED
    It's simple to feed your dog. You go into the Your Supplies menu and you pick
    the food you want your dog to eat. The dog will eat it, and you'll have fed
    your dog. To clean up leftovers, simply tap them using your Touch Pen. It
    couldn't be more simple!
    The Dog Status Screen will tell you how hungry your dog is. You might want
    to keep an eye on this. Here is a chart of the four types of hunger and how
    to treat them.
    FULL: It doesn't want any more food, it's stomach is full.
    NORMAL: You can feed your dog treats and such to fill it up.
    HUNGRY: Give it a decent meal to get it up a notch.
    STARVED: Poor thing. Give it 2 meals if you have to.
    It's nearly exactly the same with water.
    QUENCHED: Full water.
    NORMAL: Not full, not empty.
    DRY: Give it a drink.
    PARCHED: Water! (cough) Water!
    Part 5-2: Washing                                                         WASH
    Washing couldn't be more simple. You check the Dog Status Screen to see how 
    filthy your dog is and how long it's hair is. Then, you go and buy the right
    shampoo from the Pet Supply and/or the Discount Shops. Select the shampoo,
    then select which dog you wish to wash.
    A sponge will appear in the middle of the screen. Tap it and rub it across
    all over your dog's body to soap it up and turn it into a bubble monster
    of puppy-size proportions. When you do, a shower head will appear on screen.
    Simply run it all over your dog to get all the soap off and return it to a
    puppy of dog-sized proportions.
    It will tell you your dog is beautiful. You have one more thing to do, though.
    You need to brush your Nintendog's hair. Simply get the brush from your
    supplies, (you have to buy a good brush, like the shampoo) and simply use
    it on a dog and brush away.
    It should tell you that your dog is beatiful. This will make your dog more
    beautiful for a longer amount of time. That's this section done, let's move
    to the next.
    Part 6: Going For A Walk                                                  WALK
    There are many things you have to do while walking your dogs. I'll explain
    them all here.
    The prepping isn't that hard! When you go to the Go Out menu, tap the walk
    button, select your dog, and draw a path from your house, as far as you
    can go, back to your house. A meter to the left tells you how much 
    farther you can take your Nintendog. When you're done, you'll be taken
    to the walk screen (which is a dog on a leash being held by someone 
    invisible lol) and you can start walking your dog!
    WALKING YOUR DOG                                                          CTRL
    This couldn't be any simpler. Well it could, actually. The game could just
    walk your dog and you don't have to do a thing. lol. Anyway, for your dog
    to move, simply put your stylus to the left or right of the screen. Using
    the Touch Pen to the right will make your dog walk. Yank it for a stronger
    pull. If you want to stop (or see a present, later), simply yank back on
    the Touch Screen. This works, trust me.
    THE BLUE DOTS                                                             DOTS
    Occasionally on your walks, your dog will relieve itself. If it does a 1,
    you're fine to go on, but if your dog does a 2, tap the dung to pick it up,
    because if you don't you could lose trainer points. Anyway, a blue dot
    is where your dog has relieved itself. If it's not flashing, your dog
    will probably renew their onwership.
    However, if it's flashing, you've got trouble. Another dog is there, and
    your dog will fight to defend it. When the two dogs come together, they
    will go around and play with each-other, (the game'll say), but if they
    get into a muddle, it will say they're having a fight, you yank your leash
    to get your dog away and continue on your walk.
    THE GYM                                                                   GYM
    On the map while prepping, you'll see a gym. To practise in the gym, simply
    pass it on your way. You can train for the Agility Trials here. You have 
    some time inside the gym to practise up on this comp., but after a 
    certain amount of time, you'll be told to continue on your walk.
    THE PARK                                                                  PARK
    The park is exactly the same as the gym, only that you train for the Disc
    Competitions instead. There are two parks on all maps, one that has no dogs
    and one that does. I prefer the one with dogs, but be careful in that park,
    because the other dog could go after it as well. Practise your throws and
    you should be okay.
    BARK MODE                                                                 BARK
    This is how you communicate with other Nintendogs owners. You activate Bark
    Mode from the Go Out Menu and when another Nintendog user comes into range,
    your game will make a sound using the preferred one from the Info Menu.
    You can give your dog an item to carry. When both players meet and their dogs
    do, their White Records (explained later) will play to the other person,
    and their dogs will do an animation, like with the blue dots. If they play
    with each-other or not, you possibly get the item the other one could be
    holding, and, you get that breed for your Nintendogs game!
    Get all three versions of Nintendogs with three users. Get all the breeds in
    that version (if you have the Jack Terrier and Dalmation would be good.) Get
    them to put version-exclusive items with their dogs. Then, keep meeting in
    Bark mode with different items and breeds every time. Soon enough, you should
    have all 18 breeds, possibly the other 2, and all of the version exclusive
    Part 7: The Contests                                                      CTNS
    Before We Start:
    The training arenas are the park and gym. There are two judges, Ted and
    Archie. Ted is a very helpful person and always gives tips. Charlie is
    a L00NY. The Disc and Agility competitions at their highest dollar
    earning is $1000.
    The Obidence trials give you $3G.
    There are 5 types of class. Beginner, Open, Expert, Master and 
    Championship, in that order. Winning takes you up a class, losing takes you
    Contest 1: THE DISC COMPETITONS!                                        CTN1
    The Disc Competitions are the backbone of disc throwing. I'll explain the
    Disc Competitions are simple. You throw the disc using the touch screen.
    Your dog goes and catches it. You gain points. You need points in 60
    seconds to win. But, now we move on to how to get points...
          LIGHT GREEN
    BLUE: Jump Catch: 10 Points. Normal Catch: 9 Points.
    To beat nearly every class, you have to make good throws to the blue. If
    your dog can catch this here, you've got nearly no problem.
    RED: Jump Catch: 8 Points. Normal Catch: 7 Points.
    This is fairly good for the first few classes. But why wouldn't you want
    to throw it all the way in the early classes?
    ORANGE: Jump Catch: 6 Points. Normal Catch: 5 Points.
    This is not good in most later classes. The only thing it's good for is
    the 6 hit technique. A couple of these would get you the prize, though
    in the earlier classes.
    YELLOW: Jump Catch: 4 Points. Normal Catch: 3 Points.
    Och! You don't want to hit this too many times. You must be a bad thrower
    or something if you keep hitting this,
    LIGHT GREEN: Jumping Catch: 2 Points. Normal Catch: 1 Point.
    Ah, crud. If you keep hitting this, practise your throwing more at the
    GREEN: 0 Points, no matter what.
    If you drop your disc, even if your dog catches it, it will give you
    zero points. Try to avoid this if at all possible.
    At the park, train your dog to get to the disc faster, bring it back
    to you, and give it back to you with no frustration. If the dog
    chews the disc at your feet, it will be a problem. Train it to
    give the disc back with no hussle, train its ability to catch the
    disc in the air, and your dog is all set. Don't defy yourself training
    for your throws though, you need them. That is the training schedule
    for the Disc Competitions.
    The score you need to get is low. Just a couple of good throws will
    result in you winning this round.
    This takes small amounts of points more than the beginner class,
    but, it should still be easy. If you lose, just try again and
    practise more.
    You need to be able to at least throw into the red. You'll need
    a fairly good dog, and make it jump for points. (Not treats,
    Your dog should be fully trained in catching the disc and
    giving it back. This should take some time to win, so if
    you can't get a win, at least keep high to keep at this grade.
    YEEOWCH! You will need to be VERY GOOD at this to actually do
    it. Make sure all your training is complete, get your best
    dog, get out there and do your best!
    CONTEST 2: The Obiedience Trials                                          CTN2
    Let me explain the rules...
    This is very, very simple. You train your dog at home. You teach it tricks.
    You teach it to hold them. You go in the comp. Your dog does tricks in a
    time limit. It does awesome moves in the free section. You are rated on
    your tricks. You win. Or lose.
    It couldn't be more easier. Tell your dog to do tricks in the first, then
    stuff the free section with advanced moves. Let's move on.
    You must teach the dog tricks at home. It should know these tricks...
    Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Spin, Roll Over, Jump, Beg
    and should be able to hold them for around 20 seconds for the best class.
    Then, you may want to teach....
    Breakdance, Backflip, Recover, Handstand
    to stuff in the free section.
    To teach them is in the Trick List.
    BEGINNER: Tricks: Sit, Shake, Lie Down
    If you know these, you can win easily. Then, stuff the free section to
    the limit. I know someone who got a perfect 10.
    OPEN: Added Tricks: Spin, Roll Over
    Don't forget to add these to the beginner class stuff. It should be
    a little bit harder. If you lose, practise your tricks.
    EXPERT: Added Tricks: Jump, Beg
    This will now get harder. Make sure your dog can hold the tricks for
    around 12 seconds. If you do that, and have some advanced tricks,
    you should be okay.
    MASTER: Added Tricks: None
    No new tricks, just get your dog to learn to hold your tricks for
    15 seconds, or don't bother entering.
    CHAMPIONSHIP: Added Tricks: None
    Your opponents have scores of over 9.5, so get ready to get a
    big whooping if you can't hold the tricks for 20 seconds. Also,
    you can screw up, ONCE, and still win with really good tricks
    stuffed into the free section. Good luck!
    CONTEST 3: The Agility Trials!                                            CTN3
    The Agility Trials. You get points by going through obstacles. You lose
    points by going the wrong way. Simple.
    You have to teach your dog to go through all the obstacles by using
    the Touch Pen to guide it through. All obstacles should be completly
    destroyed in terms of learned. After that, it should be easy to
    win. Just remember to train in the gym.
    Hurdles: Simply jump over.
    Tubes: Go all the way through.
    Seesaws: Get on one side, walk to the other, wait for it to fall,
    and cross!
    Double Hurdles: Double the hurdles.
    Slaloms: They're like gates. Walk through the side with a marker
    on it, then exit through the other side.
    BEGINNER: Hurdles, Tubes
    Fairly easy. Memorize the order, then follow through. If you lose,
    YOU SUCK! Didn't mean that. Just try again.
    OPEN: Added Obstacles: Seesaws, Double Hurdles
    Make sure your dog isn't scared of the falling seesaw. And, make
    sure your dog goes straight at the Double Hurdles, cause on an
    angle, it may miss.
    EXPERT: Added Obstacles: Slaloms
    Your dog should know how to go through these. Just, be careful
    not to confuse your dog, though.
    MASTER: Added Obstacles: None
    Get less mistakes and go through quicker.
    CHAMPIONSHIP: Added Obstacles: None
    Get less mistakes, train more and go through quicker. Good Luck!
    Part 8: The Trick List                                                   LIST1
    There are heaps of tricks your dog can do. I'll list them here.
    Part 8-1: Basic Tricks                                                   BASIC
    Recommended Command: Sit/ Sit Down.
    Your dog lowers it's butt and well, sits down.
    My Tips: The game guides you through this one, I shouldn't have to tell you
    what to do. Just, don't delete it, it's one of the most important ones to
    learn for combo tricks.
    Recommended Command: Lie Down, Lay, Lay Down
    Your dog lays on its belly and all fours.
    My Tips: Make your dog sit, then rub it's head from top to bottom. It's
    like Sit, only you do it twice.
    Recommended Command: Shake/Paw/Shake Paw
    Your dog sits and sticks it's paw into the air.
    My Tips: Make your dog sit, then grab one of it's paws. Lift it into
    the air. I'd use Paw as my command word, there's too many S words.
    Recommended Command: Roll Over
    Your dogs lies down, then rolls onto it's back.
    My Tips: Make your dog lie down, then pat the side of it's head to
    get it to roll sideways, then, rub it's side from bottom to top.
    I like "Do A Barrell Roll!" as my command word. lol.
    Recommended Command: Chase Tail
    You dog chases it's tail.
    My Tips: Grab your dog's tail till it starts the trick.
    Recommended Command: Play
    Your dog sticks it's butt in the air.
    My Tips: Do nothing. It should do it on the Touch Screen.
    I like "Kiss My Butt!" lol.
    Recommended Command: Jump
    Your dog jumps. Gagagoogoo.
    My Tips: When your dog does play, simply tap above it's head.
    May not work perfectly, though.
    Recommended Command: Beg.
    You dog sits and sticks out it's front paws.
    My Tips: Rub upwards on your dog's head.
    What you did for Sit, only reverse.
    Recommended Command: Dance
    Your dog jumps in the begging position.
    My Tips: I can't remember how to do this one. Maybe I'll get a guide...
    Recommended Command: Sneeze/ Bite
    Your dog sneezes or bites the air.
    My Tips: Tap it's nose.
    I like "Atchoo!" as in a sneeze.
    Recommended Command: Scratch
    Your dog scratches behind it's ear.
    My Tips: Hold your dog's ear, BUT DON'T PULL!
    I like "got fleas?".
    Part 8-2: Combo, Advanced Tricks                                         COMBO
    These tricks are done by combining the Basic Tricks together.
    BACKFLIP: Sit, Jump
    Recommended Command: Backflip
    Your dog backflips.
    My Tips: Call this one "dodge". One of my fighter moves.
    BREAKDANCE: Roll Over, Spin
    Recommended Command: Breakdance
    You dog "gets down with it!"
    My Tips: Call this "spin kick". One of my fighter moves.
    ROTATE: Beg, Spin
    Recommended Command: Spin, Rotate
    Your dog Rotates in the beg postion.
    My Tips: Call this "spin punch". One of my fighter moves.
    BUNNY HOP: Dance, Jump
    Recommended Command: Bunny Hop
    Your dog stands on it's hind legs and hops.
    My Tips: Call this "jump kick". One of my fighter moves.
    HANDSTAND: Lie Down, Beg
    Recommended Command: Handstand
    Your dog does a handstand.
    My Tips: None. This may take some work.
    RECOVER: Lie Down, Jump
    Recommended Command: Recover
    Your dog jumps from it's back to it's feet, like in the movies.
    My Tips: Call this "recover kick." One of my combat moves.
    Part 8-3: Top Screen Tricks                                              ^SCRN
    To do these tricks, you have to wait on the top screen for them to happen.
    There is hardly any "My Tips" here, cause I usually say how to do the trick.
    Recommended Command: Dig
    Your dog scratches the ground.
    "Scooby Doo! You smell a clue!"
    "Ro Raggy! Rust Rooby Racks!"
    Recommended Command: Track/ Sniff
    Your dog sniffs the ground.
    "Scooby Doo found another clue!"
    "Ro Raggy. Rust Rore Rooby Racks!"
    Recommended Command: Shimmy/Dry Off
    Your dog shakes itself up.
    "Rooby Ret Rfter Rive!" (shimmies)
    Recommended Command: Howl
    Your dog howls. A siren has to go past your house, though.
    "Rooby Rooby Roo!"
    Recommended Command: Yawn
    Your dog yawms.
    My Tips: Call this one "Ahhhh." as in Yawn.
    Part 8-4: Singing                                                         SING
    You buy a Keyboard from a Music Shop. When you do, you play notes on it and
    your dog will howl to the notes you play. Do a little bit of training and
    your dog'll be able to howl a tune on cue!
    Recommended Command: Sing/Many others
    Your dog barks a tune.
    My Tips: Try and teach it Yankee Doodle Dandy or Jingle Bells!
    Part 9: The Item List                                                    LIST2
    I will list a quick description of every item, the price, and the sell price.
    Part 10: Beginners Tips                                                   TIPS
    Need a quick refresher of Nintendogs? Here are some basics...
    Trainer Points are very valuable to this game. They unlock different breeds
    and stuff. To earn Trainer Points you have to teach your dog new tricks,
    give it treats, feed it, take it for walks, win comps, feed and clean it,
    and heaps of other things. The Eat A Lightbulb trick doesn't give you
    Trainer Points either.
    2: TRICKS
    Tricks are simple to teach. When your dog does a trick it hasn't learned,
    a lightbulb will appear in one of the corners. Quickly tapping it will result
    in a Begin Audio Input box appearing. Tap it and say the trick to the dog.
    If it hears you, congrats! It learned the trick! You may need to do this
    several times, though.
    3: MONEY
    You win money by putting your dog in competitions and earning money. You
    buy items from the Pet Supply (accessible in the main menu) and the Discount
    Shops on walks. They give you lower prices for items.
    4: ITEMS
    Items couldn't be more simple to use. After obtaining them, simply press
    Your Supplies on the Home Menu and tap the item you want to use in
    one of the 7 categories.
    5: WALKS
    You go on a walk by pressing the appropiate button on the Go Out menu.
    You select your dog, and trace a path on the map from your house to
    your house. Pass through as many ? boxes as you can. A more detailed
    explanation is in the walks section.
    You put your dog in three different competitions. Disc Competitions,
    Obiedience Trials and Agility Trails. More detailed explanation
    in that chapter.
    More as I think of them. ;)
    Part 11: Unlockables                                                      LOCK
    Labrador and Friends unlockables:
    Beagle: 14,000 Trainer Points
    Boxer: 10,000 Trainer Points
    Cavailer K.C. Spaniel: 22,000 Trainer Points
    Chihauha: 50,000 Trainer Points
    Daschund: 45,000 Trainer Points
    German Sheperd: 4,000 Trainer Points
    Golden Retriever: 20,000 Trainer Points
    Husky: 30,000 Trainer Points
    Pug: 2,000 Trainer Points
    Shetland Sheepdog: 16,000 Trainer Points
    Shih Tzu: 8,000 Trainer Points
    Yorkshire Terrier: 35,000 Trainer Points
    Going to the kennel after reaching the Trainer Point amount will
    allow you to buy these puppies.
    Desktop: 6,000 Trainer Points
    Northern European: 40,000 Trainer Points
    Outer Space: 18,000 Trainer Points
    Ranch House: 25,000 Trainer Points
    Seaside: 12,000 Trainer Points
    Using the Interior Decorator, you can change your house.
    Chihauha and Friends Unlockables:
    Beagle: 14,000 Trainer Points
    Dachshund: 50,000 Trainer Points
    Golden Retriever: 10,000 Trainer Points
    Labrador Retriever: 45,000 Trainer Points
    Miniature Schnauzer: 14,000 Trainer Points
    Pinscher: 2,000 Trainer Points
    Pug: 35,000 Trainer Points
    Shiba Inu: 30,000 Trainer Points
    Shih Tzu: 22,000 Trainer Points
    Siberian Husky: 4,000 Trainer Points
    Toy Poodle: 8,000 Trainer Points
    Welsh Corgi: 20,000 Trainer Points
    Desktop: 6,000 Trainer Points
    Ranch House: 40,000 Trainer Points
    Seaside: 12,000 Trainer Points
    Space: 18,000 Trainer Points
    Urban Living: 25,000 Trainer Points
    Daschund and Friends Unlockables
    Boxer: 20,000 Trainer Points
    Cavalier K.C Spainel: 8,000 Trainer Points
    Chihauha: 50,000 Trainer Points  (geez!)
    German Sheperd: 30,000 Trainer Points
    Labrador Retriever: 40,000 Trainer Points
    Miniature Schnauzer: 16,000 Trainer Points
    Miniature Pinscher: 35,000 Trainer Points
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 10,000 Trainer Points
    Shetland Sheepdog: 14,000 Trainer Points
    Shiba Inu: 4,000 Trainer Points
    Toy Poodle: 22,000 Trainer Points
    Yorkie: 2,000 Trainer Points
    Desktop: 6,000 Trainer Points
    Northern European: 25,000 Trainer Points
    Outer Space: 18,000 Trainer Points
    Seaside: 12,000 Trainer Points
    Urban Living: 40,000 Trainer Points
    Dalmation: Find the Fireman's Hat on a walk.
    Jack Russel: Find the Jack Russel Terrier book on a walk.
    Windup Toy: 10,000 Trainer Points. It should show up in the Discount 
    Shop from time to time.
    Eat A Lightbulb
    When your dog performs a trick in the game a lightbulb will appear. Click 
    and drag this lightbulb to your dog and he will eat it. You can also eat 
    bones that appear above your dog as well.
    Way to prevent missing presents
    Sometimes when you're on a walk, you'll notice a present go across the 
    screen at seemingly random times, and there's a chance you won't get it 
    because you weren't paying attention. To prevent this, simply watch the 
    map on the upper screen.
    Whenever your dog stops moving on the map, it will either stop to go to 
    the bathroom, or sniff at a spot it previously went to the bathroom at. 
    However, sometimes the dog will not stop on the lower screen, which means 
    that something that isn't marked on the map is about to appear. It will 
    either be some garbage, or an unmarked ?-Box is about to appear.
    Basically, if the dog stops moving on the map, but is still moving on the 
    touch-screen, get ready to tug at the dog's leash so that you can pick it 
    Part 12: A Very Handy Tip                                                 MAPS
    COPY and PASTE this into your address bar:
    You'll be taken to a page with Japanese text. Turn on Nintendogs and match
    the map with yours on the page using the numbers in the four corners. Then,
    take your dog for a walk and pass through as many of the question mark
    boxes as you can. When you do, there is a chance to find an item!
    Part 13: Version History                                                  HSTY
    VERSION 1:
    First Update. Legal Stuff 100%. The Three Versions good enough to be finished,
    but more may be added. First Moments 100%, but may be updated. Beginners Tips
    started. Version History started. Unlockables started.
    Current percentage: Around 20%.
    VERSION 2:
    Second Update. A Very Handy Tip complete. Unlockables complete. Beginners
    Tips continued. Menus started. Ready to move on.
    Current percentage: Around 30%.
    VERSION 3:
    ALMOST DONE! S 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,14 complete!
    Current Percentage: Around 80%-85%
    Part 14: Nothing Follows                                                  END
    My thanks to...
    God: For making everything
    My mother and father: For getting me my DS
    My Big W store: For Nintendogs
    My cousin: For helping me with Nintendogs
    My next door neighbours: For my first DS game
    Nintendo: For such a great console and game
    CJayC: For making a great site
    Jeffery Marzec: Some of my info came from his guide

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