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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Trogdorocks

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Table of Contents                                
    The numbers in brackets are search codes, almost necessary for any guide! To
    use them, press Control+F, type in the code, hit Enter twice, and voila!
    1. FAQ [A001]
    2. Starting [A002]
      a. Which Dog? [A002a]
      b. Name Your Pup [A002b]
      c. The First Trick [A002c]
    3. The Menus [A003]
      a. Main (Home) Menu [A003a]
      b. Supplies Menu [A003b]
      c. Dog Status Menu[A003c]
      d. Go Out Menu [A003d]
    4. Caring for your pup [A004]
      a. Feeding [A004a]
      b. Drinking [A004b]
      c. Bath Time!!! [A004c]
      d. Brushing [A004d]
    5. Trick List [A005]
      a. Basic Tricks [A005a]
      b. "Top Screen" Tricks [A005b]
      c. Advanced Tricks [A005c]
      d. The One...SPECIAL TRICK!!! [A005d]
    6. Money and Trainer Points [A006]
      a. Earning Money [A006a]
      b. Earning Trainer Points [A006b]
    7. Walking [A007]
      a. Plot Your Walk [A007a]
      b. Manipulating the Leash [A007b]
      c. (Hidden) ? Blocks [A007c]
      d. Park, Gym, and Discount Shop [A007d]
    8. Contests [A008]
      a. Disc Competition [A008a]
      b. Agility Trial [A008b]
      c. Obedience Trial [A008c]
    9.  Bark Mode [A009]
    10. Unlockables, glitches, etc. [A0010]
    11. Item List [A0011]
       a. Sports [A0011a]
       b. Toys [A0011b]
       c. Accesories [A0011c]
       d. Care [A0011d]
       e. Music [A0011e]
       f. Clocks [A0011f]
       g. Etc. [A0011g]
    12. How to get certain Rare Items [A0012]
      a. Pair of Star Sunglasses [A0012a]
      b. Fireman's Hat [A0012b]
      c. Jack Russell Book [A0012c]
    13. Rumors [A0013]
    14. Version History [A0014]
    15. Legal Junk [A0015]
    16. Contact Info [A0016]
    17. Credits [A0017]
    18. Closing [A0018]
    1. FAQ [A001]
    Note: These questions are just made up by me, but you're free to submit 
    questions, and if they get asked 10 times I'll add them.
    Q: Which version should I get?
    A: Ahh, this is a common question. It all depends of the kind of dogs you want 
    to start out with. See section [A002a] to see the starting dogs.
    Q: How do I increase my chances of getting rare items?
    A: There are rumors, such as wearing a Lucky Collar or using a Clover Clock. 
    However, it is completely random.
    Q: Can my dog breed?
    A: No, all Nintendogs are puppies, therefore cannot breed. However, a rumor
    has been going around that unlocking EVERYTHING (all items, dogs, 1st place
    in every contest; championship) will allow your puppies to breed...despite
    the fact that they're puppies. But I do not believe this rumor.
    Q: Will my dog live forever?
    A: Yes! All Nintendogs are permanently stuck in the puppy stage of life.
    Q: I sent you that information for the guide! How come I'm not in the credits?
    A: Someone beat you to telling me this info, and I couldn't reply to you.
    Q: How can I permanently delete a used game's data?
    A: I've been getting this question a lot, yet neglected to add it here...meh.
    Anyways, upon clicking the game on the main menu, hold in the buttons
    (L, R, A, B, Y, and X) simultaneously and you should be prompted to delete it.
    Of course, I don't see any reason to do this unless you are a heartless, hollow
    shell of a person or if you bought a used copy.
    2. Starting [A002]
    -Getting a Dog- [A002a]
    So, you're walking up to the kennel and it asks you to knock. Just tap the door
    a few times. You'll then enter the kennel and have two options: Buy and look. 
    Look lets you do just that: Look at and interact with dogs. Buy is obvious. 
    Each version has a different list of starting dogs:
    Labrador and Friends
    Description: Originating in England, this breed is highly intelligent, kind in
    nature, and great as assistance dogs.
    Miniature Pinscher
    Description: This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.
    Toy Poodle
    Description: French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and physically 
    capable. They make excellent show dogs.
    Miniature Schnauzer
    Description: Originating in Germany, this breed carries itself with dignity. 
    Its beard and eyebrows define the breed.
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Description: This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by English 
    royalty. It has stamina on par with larger breeds.
    Shiba Inu
    Description: A breed originating in Japan, its small, muscular body and curly 
    tail are its best features.
    Dachshund and Friends
    Miniature Dachshund
    Description: Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short legs of
    this breed give it a comical air.
    Description: This breed originated in ancient China. Its wrinkly face and curly
    tail are its identifying features.
    Shih Tzu
    Description: This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favoured by
    Chinese royalty for its refined posture.
    Description: Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a
    densely muscled frame.
    Golden Retriever
    Description: This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely, wavy
    coat and a fine temperament.
    Siberian Husky
    Description: Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls its ancestor, the
    wolf. Its trademark are power and stamina.
    Chihuahua and Friends
    Description: The world's smallest dog originated in Latin America. Its
    sparkling pupils and large ears give it its charm.
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Description: This English breed is commonly called a Yorkie, and is also
    nicknamed the "walking jewel."
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Description: Thought to be oldest breed in all of Britain, the cavalier is a
    knight among dogs.
    Shetland Sheepdog
    Description: Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired coat
    and kind face make it a popular breed.
    Description: A valiant German breed, the boxer's muscular frame was used to its
    advantage as a fighting dog.
    German Shepherd Dog
    Description: This herder hails from Germany. Its high intelligence makes it a
    good rescue dog, among other things
    Dalmation and Friends
    German Shepherd
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Golden Retriever
    Now that you've picked your dog, it's time to take it home. Since this is a new 
    home, pet it and let it sniff around so it gets accustomed. After awhile, your 
    dog will adjust (that was quick). Now it's time to...
    -Name Your Pup- [A002b]
    You'll now be prompted to name your pup. Two of the MOST IMPORTANT rules:
    Speak clearly. You don't want to sound scratchy, like "fzzzzsitzzzz" You want a
    clear "sit."
    Use the same intonation each time. Obviously, a sharp "sit" is a lot different 
    from wailing "SIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIT" like you're about to die.
    Soon, sparkles will fly everywhere and a little jingle will play. Your dog now 
    has a name! Now that he has a name, the game will take you to...
    -The First Trick- [A002c]
    It's time for your dog to learn a trick, and why not start off small? The game 
    will take you through teaching the sit trick. After a while, the sparkles will 
    fly and that same jingle will play. Your dog knows its first trick! Now the 
    game will suddenly stop helping you and you'll have to find stuff out for 
    yourself. Now's when I come in!
    3. The Menus [A003]
    Nintendogs has four menus. They are:
    -The Home Menu- [A003a]
    This menu has your dog's/dogs' status, a large button with a dog face and a
    hand, and buttons for the save, supplies, and going out. Here is what those
    buttons do:
    Your dog's status menu is viewed by clicking on its name below its picture. By 
    clicking on its picture, the camera will zoom to the dog you chose.
    The large middle button is used to call your dog so you can interact with it.
    The supplies list button brings up... your supplies list.
    The go out button brings up a menu of what you can go out and do (more on that 
    The save button is obvious.
    -The Supplies List- [A003b]
    The supplies list is yet divided into seven categories:
    The sports list holds Flying Disks, Bones, Balls, Blocks, and a few other odd 
    The toys list holds Karts, RC Copters, the Bubble Blower, Jump Rope, Balloons, 
    the Pull Rope,the Model Shuttle, Talking Bird, and Windup Toy.
    Accessories list holds collars, ribbons, hats, and pairs of glasses ^_^.
    Care list holds everything you'll need to care for your dog (food, water, 
    shampoo, and help books).
    Music list holds your records, music boxes, and keyboards.
    Clocks list holds your clocks.
    Etc. list holds everything from worthless tissue boxes to 99.9% pure gold bars. 
    You can throw the stuff at your dog, but you wouldn't do that, right? Heh heh...
    -Status List- [A003c]
    This shows your dogs' name, breed, trainer, time together, cleanliness, hunger, 
    thirst, and the last thing eaten. There are two more menus that can be viewed 
    from here: The Trick List, and the Contest results. The Trick List shows the 
    current tricks your dog knows. Contest Results shows the three types of 
    contests, what rank your dog is in in each, and how it placed in each.
    -The Go Out Menu- [A003d]
    This menu has four options; all involve leaving your house. They are:
    -Bark Mode-
    This is where you and a friend can have your dogs interact and exchange items 
    (very useful for version exclusives).
    There are five different shops: The Supply Shop, the Secondhand Shop, the 
    Kennel, the Interior Decorator, and the Dog Hotel. The Supply Shop lets you buy 
    whatever you need for your dog(s). The Secondhand Shop lets you sell stuff you 
    don't need. The Kennel is where you buy your dogs. The Interior decorator lets 
    you change the look of your house (changes take 24 hours to come into effect,
    by the way). The Dog Hotel lets you keep up to 5 dogs in  a hotel, or Donate a
    Dog, which is really just a nice way of saying, get rid of a dog... you cruel
    person =P.
    There are certain contests your dogs can participate in; see section 8.
    You can take your dog for walks; see section 7.
    This shows your information throughout the game. They include: Trainer Info, 
    Friend List, Trainer Accomplishments, and System Settings. Trainer Info shows 
    your name, birthday, comments (message), Trainer Points, and the dogs you have
    at home. Friend List is a list of everyone you met in Bark Mode. Trainer 
    Accomplishments shows the contests, what rank you're at, what dog first got to 
    that rank, and how they placed. System Settings shows the Battery Save Settings
    (don't know what this does); the Mic Sensitivity, whether or not you want the 
    clock displayed, and you can toggle your Pictochat search settings.
    4. Caring For Your Pup [A004]
    -Feeding- [A004a]
    Feeding is very easy in this game. You simply open the Supplies List, open the 
    Care list, and click on your food. There are three types of food: Dry food (not
    very good), Dog Food Can (Nice, healthy food), and All-Natural Food. This is
    the God of dog food. No bad stuff in it; it puts your dog in a great mood for
    contests, teaching, or playing! Of course, as with all good things, there's a
    catch: 10,000 Trainer Points are needed for the excellent stuff. You can do it!
    To know how hungry your dog is, open the status menu and look at hunger. This
    is the amount of hunger, least hungry to most hungry:
    Full -> Normal -> Hungry -> Famished
    If your dog is Hungry, FEED IT! Do not wait until it's Famished.
    -Drinking- [A004b]
    Giving your dog a nice drink is also easy. Open the Supplies Menu, Open the 
    Care Menu, and click the drink. There are two types of drinks: Milk and Water.
    Water is your general drink, pretty good for a dog, while milk is easier on a
    dog's stomach, puts them in a better mood, and fills 'em up more. To know how
    thirsty your dog is, open its status menu and check thirst. This is the amount
    of thirst, least thirsty to most thirsty:
    Quenched -> Normal -> Thirsty -> Parched
    If your dog is thirsty, do not wait until it's Parched; give the poor thing a 
    -Bath Time!!!- [A004c]
    Quick Note: Brush your dog after shampooing it; it'll stay beautiful a lot 
    longer. Buy brushes and shampoo at pet supply, or the discount shop if you want
    to save some money (see section 7d). Also, before shampooing, open the
    status menu to check your dog's coat. If it has short hair, buy short-hair 
    shampoo and rubber brush. If it has long hair, buy long-hair shampoo and wire
    Bathing your dog is just a small, miniscule bit more complicated than feeding. 
    To bathe, open the supplies menu, and tap your shampoo. If you only have one 
    dog, you'll be brought to a screen asking if you want to bathe your dog. If you 
    have two or more, you'll be prompted to pick which dog, and then get a 
    confirmation message. Now you'll be brought to a sauna-type room with a sponge 
    in front of you. To wash your dog, rub the sponge along its body. After a 
    while, you'll hear a "beep-beep-beep" and the shower head will flash with a
    yellow border. This signifies that your dog is as clean as clean gets. So, in
    the upper right-hand corner, tap the shower head and move it along your dog's
    body. Soon, a message comes up saying "Someone looks beautiful!" This means
    you're done bathing, so onto...
    -Brushing- [A004d]
    After bathing, it's good to brush your dog's fur because doing so makes it stay 
    beautiful a lot longer. Brushing is basically the same thing as bathing. Open 
    the supplies menu, then open the care menu, then tap the brush. If you have 
    only one dog, you'll then be asked, "Brush <dog's name>'s fur?" If you have two 
    or more, you'll be asked which dog you want to brush, and then get the 
    confirmation message. You'll be taken to a room with your puppy and a brush. To 
    brush your dog's fur, simply move the brush along the dog's body. Soon, the 
    same message, "Someone looks beautiful!" will come up. That's it for brushing!
    5. Trick List [A005]
    There are four different types of tricks: Basic, "Top-screen," Advanced, and 
    one Special Trick. Basic Tricks are tricks that can be performed by making a 
    motion with the stylus. Top-screen tricks are tricks your dog performs on the 
    top screen (to teach these, go to the home menu and zoom into the dog you want 
    to learn the trick.) They randomly do top-screen tricks. Advanced tricks are 
    awesome tricks done by saying one trick after another, NO PETTING in between. 
    The one Special Trick is Sing. It's special because it's customizable.
    PLEASE NOTE: You are not bound by these names! Be creative; make trick names
    very different from each other so your dog is never hesitant! Pick a long name;
    I replaced "Jump" with "To the Sky" and "spin" with "360!" Think outside
    the box!
    -Basic Tricks- [A005a]
    Description: Your dog sits. Dur...
    To perform: Rub the stylus along the dog in a downward direction.
    Comments: Remember, your first trick?
    Description: Ummm...your dog lies down.
    To perform: A double sit. That is, while in sit position, rub the stylus in a 
    downward direction.
    Comments: None
    Description: Your dog chases its tail.
    How to perform: Grab the dog's tail. After a bit, your dog will chase its tail.
    Comments: Jeez, your dog can hold this for over 20 seconds and not get dizzy!
    Description: Your dog extends its paw to shake hands... paws... hand and paw?
    How to perform: Grab your dog's hand and pull it up. If your dog pulls the paw 
    away from you, try again.
    Comments: This is a mirror move (can be taught on both sides as two different 
    Description: Your dog lies on its side.
    How to perform: When in Lie Down position, slide your stylus across its back.
    Comments: Not really a worthwhile trick. Just teach roll over.
    Description: Your dog lies on its back.
    How to perform: When in Play Dead position, slide the stylus across its belly.
    Comments: Looks like a more dramatic, horror movie-esque version of play dead.
    Description: Your dog shakes its butt as if eager to play.
    How to perform: Just stare at your dog. It decides to do it, not you!
    Comments: Another mirror move (shakes it at you; away from you.)
              It's a pretty worthless trick; only good for teaching Jump.
    Description: Come on. Your dog jumps.
    How to perform: When your dog does Play, tap the air above it to get it to 
    Comments: There is a Hyper Jump; more on that in Advanced Tricks.
    Description: Your dog bends its bottom legs outward, and puts in paws in front 
    of it as if begging for something.
    How to perform: When your dog is on four paws, slowly slide the stylus up its 
    Comments: Kind of looks like a sumo...
              This trick is tough for dogs to perform. Don't get frustrated if your 
              dog doesn't perform the trick soon after you buy the dog.
    Description: Your dog bites that magic hand.
    How to perform: Grab your dog's paw as if performing Shake. Hold it there for 
    awhile. Your dog will start to growl, and then it'll lunge at you and bite you.
    Comments: Not a really well-known trick... if it even truly is one... It worked
              for me!
    Description: Your dog sneezes.
    How to perform: Simply tap your dog's snout.
    Comments: This can also be a bite, from the looks of it.
    Description: Your dog scratches its ear.
    How to perform: Grab your dog's ear and hold it. Your dog will scratch it.
    Comments: None
    Description: Your dog slaps you.
    How to perform: Tap your dog's paw.
    Comments: None
    Description: Your dog puts his hand in the air as if ready to give a high-five.
    How to perform: Grab your dog's paw as if performing shake, but drag it up a
    little higher until your dog stands up halfway.
    Comments: None
    Description: Your dog shakes his leg.
    How to perform: Tap your dog's back leg.
    Comments: None
    -Top Screen Tricks- [A005b]
    NOTE: The "How to Perform" section will not be in these; they are randomly 
    performed by your dog.
    Description: Your dog digs...or attempts to.
    Comments: Wonder what it's looking for...
    Description: Your dog sniffs the ground.
    Comments: Sniff sniff sniff
    DOGGY DRIER (thanks to whitishredfloyd1 for that catchy name)
    Description: Have you ever seen a dog dry itself off by shaking its body (and 
    then water flies everywhere)? That's what this trick is.
    Comments: Where's the water?
    Description: One dog will lie on another dog, trample it, tackle it, etc.
    Comments: Aww, look at them play!
    Description: Occasionally, a siren will pass by, and your dogs will howl at it.
    Comments: You'll be waiting a long time for this trick.
    -Advanced Tricks- [A005c]
    NOTE: Between tricks, DO NOT pet your dog; their little puppy minds will think
    the trick's over.
    Requirements: Sit and Jump
    Description: Your dog does a backflip.
    How to Perform: Tell your dog to sit, and then to jump.
    Comments: They stumble on landing. =P
    Requirements: Roll Over and Jump
    Description: Your dog does a frontflip.
    How to perform: Tell your dog to Roll Over, and then to Jump.
    Comments: Looks like a wrestler (or whatever) recovering from a fall.
    Requirements: Beg
    Description: Your dog stands on two erect legs, and steps back and forth; left 
    and right.
    How to perform: When in Beg stance, pull its paw up and wait for two seconds. 
    Then, he'll dance!
    Comments: None
    Requirements: Dance, Jump, Your dog being in a good mood
    Description: Your dog hops a few times on two erect legs.
    How to Perform: Tell your dog to Dance, and then to Jump.
    Comments: Your dog will only do this if it's in a good mood.
    Requirements: Your dog being in a good mood
    Description: A jump to the top of the Touch Screen!
    How to perform: The same as Jump.
    Comments: Your dog MUST be in a good mood to perform this.
    Requirements: Beg, Spin
    Description: Your dog spins on two bent legs.
    How to Perform: Tell your dog to Beg, and then to Spin.
    Comments: Not a very cool trick, in my humble opinion. Still kinda like it
    though =).
    Requirements: Roll Over, Spin
    Description: Your dog spins on its back.
    How to Perform: Tell your dog to roll over, and then to Spin.
    Comments: One of my favorite tricks.
    Requirements: Lie Down, Beg
    Description: Your dog stands on its front paws.
    How to Perform: Tell your dog to Lie Down, and then to Beg.
    Comments: I like this one too.
    -The One...SPECIAL TRICK!- [A005d]
    Requirements: A Keyboard (See section 7d.)
    Description: Your dog barks a tune up to 15 notes.
    How to Perform: While playing the keyboard, you'll notice a camera on the left 
    side. Tap the camera and it will zoom in on your dog. Now just play your tune, 
    and it'll bark along!
              My dog barks the Nocturne of Shadow! Pwn'd!
    6. Money and Trainer Points [A006]
    -Earning Money- [A006a]
    There are two ways two earn money: selling items at the Secondhand Shop and 
    winning Contests (see section 8). Another quirky way I don't truly recognize is
    the breaking of a Piggy Bank.
    -What are Trainer Points?- [A006b]
    Trainer Points are points you get when you do something that benefits/raises 
    your dog. They indicate how good a trainer you are. They also unlock different 
    things (see section 9).
    -Earning Trainer Points- [A006c]
    There are several ways to earn Trainer Points. One is to feed your dog at the 
    same time every day. For example, if I were to feed my dog at 7:30 AM and 5:30 
    PM every day, I would earn Trainer Points. Another way is to take your dog on 
    walks. You get bonus Points if your dog befriends a dog on the walk (see next 
    section). Yet another way is to win contests. The higher you place, the more 
    you get.
    7. Walking [A007]
    -Plot Your Walk- [A007a]
    Before you take a walk, you need to plan it out, right? Nintendogs has a simple 
    way of doing this. First, I'll explain what that little yellow bar in the 
    lower-left hand corner is. This is your dog's stamina. The more walks you take, 
    the more stamina your dog gets. When you start, you can probably only go for a 
    small little circle. However, after awhile of playing, your dog can travel 
    across the whole entire town! Now, I'll explain how to actually PLAN the walk. 
    It is very easy. All you do is draw the path! Simple, yet effective use of the
    touch screen! Sometimes, though, your brush gets a little sensitive and will
    highlight a square you probably only touched the corner of, so it might take
    several times to get a perfect path. When  you like your path, connect it to
    your house door, and it will ask you if you want to take the walk. Also, be
    sure to get as many ? blocks as possible (more on that a bit later). If you
    made a tiny mistake, touch a previous part of the path, and the game will erase
    the line up to that point.
    -Manipulating the Leash- [A007b]
    You can't go for a walk without a leash, right? Well, a simulator is no 
    exception. The leash is easy to manipulate. To get your dog to run, tug the 
    leash to the right. If you want your dog to stop, tug it to the left. You can
    make your dog do a running jump by making it run, then tug the leash upward.
    You can finally make your dog roll over and drag him along the cement (but 
    would you really do that?). I'm not sure how to do that, though; it's usually
    "luck" for me...
    -? Blocks- [A007c]
    You might be wondering, "What are these blocks on the map?" These can be one of
    two things: items, or other dogs. The items can be anything from meteorites to 
    racing karts to sticks. As I said earlier, try to get as many as possible.
    There are also hidden ? blocks. They appear where the regular ? blocks would
    be, but are not present on this walk. For example, pretend X is a regular
    ? block:
    Now, Z is where a hidden ? block MIGHT be when X is not present:
    If X wasn't occurring in the second map, there would be a ~50% chance of Z 
    Sorry if that was confusing, but I tried as best as I could.
    -Park, Gym, and Discount Shop- [A007d]
    There are also three areas you can visit while on a walk! They are the Park, 
    the Gym, and the Discount Shop.
    The park is a large, open area to play with your dog. You can play Frisbee, 
    Catch, and any other game you can't play in the very limited house. This is an 
    excellent place to train for Disc Competitions [see section 8a]. There are two 
    parks, one will always be empty. How you tell if the park is empty: On the 
    plotting map, look at the park symbol. There will be dog symbols if it's 
    The Gym is a nice outdoor gymnasium. This is where you train for Agility Trials
    [see section 8b]. There are obstacles from the Agility trial, see section 8b
    for an in-depth description.
    The Discount Shop is a shop that has the same items as Pet Supply, but the 
    items are cheaper! And, as an added bonus, there are exclusive items! They are: 
    The Balloons, the Jump Rope, Pull Rope, the Dog Biscuit, Jerky Treat, and...
    The KEYBOARD, WHICH TEACHES THE SPECIAL TRICK (cue dramatic music)! Now, there
    are different discounts at different times; see the great "Discount Shop" guide
    on GameFAQs.
    8. Contests [A008]
    There are Dog Contests in Nintendogs; three to be exact. They include different
    classes, quirky commentators, and of course...prizes! The five classes are:
    -The Disc Competition- [A008a]
    The Disc Competition is most likely the easiest of all contests. You throw a 
    disc and your dog catches it. The farther it goes, the more points you get if 
    it's caught. You also get a bonus point for a jumping catch. The scoring system
    is as follows:
    Color of land
    Points for normal catch-Points for jumping catch
    Light Green
    Big Fat ZERO!
    Try to find your best spot, and stick with it. Always shoot far, and if you 
    don't make it, try going a little weaker. Also, use a disc that's lucky for 
    you. To use a certain disc in the competition, make sure that it's the last 
    disc you play with. For example, if I wanted to use a Life Ring, I would play 
    with the Life Ring in the house right before the competition. The prizes for 
    winning are organized into this nice little chart:
    | The Disc Competition!   |   First      Second      Third   |
    | Beginner                |   $100        $50         $30    |
    | Open                    |   $200        $100        $60    |
    | Expert                  |   $300        $150        $90    |
    | Master                  |   $400        $200        $120   |
    | Championship            |   $600        $300        $150   |
    -Agility Trial- [A008b]
    The agility Trial is, in this game, another name for Obstacle Course. There are 
    4 types of obstacles, one has two variations. I will tell you what they are and 
    how to get past them:
    Simply tap the hurdle, and when your dog is in front of it, tap it again and 
    your dog will jump.
    *IMPORTANT*: Make sure your dog is running straight toward it, because if you 
    don't, there's a higher than you think chance that your dog will miss! With the 
    Double Hurdle, it is literally impossible for you to make the jump if your dog 
    is not running straight!!! 
    Double Hurdle
    Tap the entrance of the Tunnel, and when your dog is at the entrance, slide the 
    stylus along the Tunnel, following the direction it's in (i.e. if the tunnel is 
    curved left, I would move the stylus in a forward-left direction to guide my 
    Seesaw (the most annoying)
    This thing is a hard obstacle (possibly harder than the slalom). Tap the end of 
    the Seesaw near you dog. When your dog gets on it, tap the other end to get 
    them to move off the Seesaw. Also, if your dog is too far on the Seesaw, tap 
    the end it started on to get it to stop.
    This is not very hard. To get through it, tap the first pole, and then slide 
    your stylus slowly through the poles in a zigzag pattern. SLOWLY is the key 
    In Beginner Class, there are Hurdles and Tunnels. In the Open Class, there are 
    now Double Hurdles and Seesaws along with the Hurdle and Tunnel. In expert and 
    up, there is every obstacle including slaloms.
    The scoring system is: Better rank for less errors made. If you tied with 
    someone, whoever has the lowest time wins.
    Again, a winnings chart for your viewing pleasure!
    | The Agility Trial!      |   First      Second      Third   |
    | Beginner                |   $100        $50         $30    |
    | Open                    |   $200        $100        $60    |
    | Expert                  |   $300        $150        $90    |
    | Master                  |   $600        $300        $150   |
    | Championship            |   $1,000      $600        $300   |
    -Obedience Trial- [A008c]
    The Obedience trial is arguably the hardest contest in the game. Your dog must 
    perform tricks within a given time. The first and third sections are sections 
    in which your dog simply performs the given tricks. The second and fourth 
    sections are sections in which your dog must hold the given trick for X amount 
    of time. The fifth section, and my favorite section, is Free Performance! In 
    the perform section, the first has two tricks, and the second perform section 
    has three tricks. The first hold section has a lesser time, and the second hold 
    section has a longer time. The Free Performance Section is just that: Free
    Performance! If you know any Advanced Tricks or the Special 
    Trick, this section can really rack up points. It can also save you if you 
    bombed on one section. These are the difficulty...settings?
    Tricks: Sit, Lie Down, Shake
    Times for Hold Sections: First Section has 2 seconds; second section has 3.
    Tricks: Sit, Lie Down, Shake, Spin, Roll Over
    Times for Hold Section: First Section has 3 seconds, second section has 5.
    Tricks: Sit, Lie Down, Shake, Spin, Roll Over, Jump, Beg
    Times for Hold Section: First Section has 5 seconds, second section has 10.
    Tricks: Same as Expert.
    Times for Hold Section: First Section has 10 seconds, second section has 15.
    Tricks: Same as Expert.
    Times for Hold Section: First section has 15 seconds, second section has 20.
    Another chart, if you please:
    | The Obedience Trial!    |   First      Second      Third   |
    | Beginner                |   $100        $50         $30    |
    | Open                    |   $200        $100        $60    |
    | Expert                  |   $600        $300        $150   |
    | Master                  |   $1,000      $500        $300   |
    | Championship            |   $2,000      $1,000      $600   |
    That's it for the contests! And so we move onto...
    9. Bark Mode [A009]
    Bark Mode is multiplayer Nintendogs. You and your friend can bring your dogs
    and have them interact with each other. Remember, what you do in one screen
    stays in one screen. In other words, if you attack your friend's dog, it 
    won't be attacked in the other screen. There are a few extra features of
    Bark Mode:
    1. You can bring a gift for your friend! Will you get one? It all depends on
    how nice you were to them, eh?
    2. The first time you meet a new friend, if you bring a dog in that they don't
    have, the breed of dog you brought in appears in their kennel. Very helpful if
    you each have two different versions!
    That's it for Bark Mode. Moving on to...
    10. Unlockables, Glitches, etc. [A0010]
    -Unlockables- [A0010a]
    These Unlockables are for LAB VERSION. I need a few more Dachshund and 
    Chihuahua ones. I also need more Lab unlockables. Still need Interior Decora-
    tors for Chihuahua and Dachshund.
    ------------                        -------------
    Dalmation                           Find a Fireman's Hat while on a walk
    Jack Russell Terrier                Find a Jack Russell Book while on a walk
    Labrador Unlockables                How to Unlock
    --------------------                -------------
    Pug                                 Earn 2,000 trainer points
    German Shepherd                     Earn 4,000 trainer points
    Desktop (Interior Decorator)        Earn 6,000 trainer points
    Shih Tzu                            Earn 8,000 trainer points
    Boxer                               Earn 10,000 trainer points
    Seaside (Interior Decorator)        Earn 12,000 trainer points
    Beagle                              Earn 14,000 trainer points
    Shetland Sheepdog                   Earn 16,000 trainer points
    Outer Space (Interior Decorator)    Earn 18,000 trainer points
    Golden Retriever                    Earn 20,000 trainer points
    Cavalier K.C. Spaniel               Earn 22,000 trainer points
    Ranch House (Interior Decorator)    Earn 25,000 trainer points
    Siberian Husky                      Earn 30,000 trainer points
    Yorkshire Terrier                   Earn 35,000 trainer poitns
    Northern European (Interior Dec.)   Earn 40,000 trainer points
    Dachshund                           Earn 45,000 trainer points-Thanks to Nelson
    Chihuahua                           Earn 50,000 trainer points-Thanks to Nelson
    Chihuahua Unlockables               How To Unlock (Thanks to Gucci Gucci)
    ---------------------               -------------
    Pinscher                            Earn 2,000 T.P.
    Siberian Husky                      Earn 4,000 T.P.
    Toy Poodle                          Earn 8,000 T.P.
    Golden Retriver                     Earn 10,000 T.P.
    Miniature Schnauzer                 Earn 14,000 T.P.
    Beagle                              Earn 16,000 T.P.
    Welsh Corgi                         Earn 20,000 T.P.
    Shih Tzu                            Earn 22,000 T.P.
    Shiba Inu                           Earn 30,000 T.P.
    Pug                                 Earn 35,000 T.P.
    Labrador Retriever                  Earn 45,000 T.P.
    Dachshund                           Earn 50,000 T.P.
    Dachshund Unlockables (Thanks to Chris)     How to Unlock (Thanks to Roxasora)
    ---------------------                       -------------
    Yorkie                                      Earn 2,000 T.P.
    Shiba Inu                                   Earn 4,000 T.P.
    Cavalier K.C. Spaniel                       Earn 8,000 T.P.
    Welsh COrgi                                 Earn 10,000 T.P.
    Shetland Sheepdog                           Earn 14,000 T.P.
    Miniature Schnauzer                         Earn 16,000 T.P.
    Boxer                                       Earn 20,000 T.P.
    Toy Poodle                                  Earn 22,000 T.P.
    German Shepherd                             Earn 30,000 T.P.
    Miniature Pinscher                          Earn 35,000 T.P.
    Chihuahua                                   Earn 45,000 T.P.
    Labrador Retriever                          Earn 50,000 T.P.
    Dalmation Unlockables (Thanks to Alice)     How to Unlock (Thanks to Alice)
    ---------------------                       -------------
    Sheltie                                     Earn 4,000 T.P.
    Chihuahua                                   Earn 8,000 T.P.
    Shiba Inu                                Find a Japanese Print Collar on a walk
    That's all the Unlockables.
    -Glitches- [A0010b]
    I'm not too fond of glitches; in a game like this I prefer to play the right
    Infinite Walks/Easy Items. 
    The way to perform this glitch is simple. You go on a walk, obtaining as many ?
    blocks as possible. After you get them, stop at the park. When at the park, 
    change your dog's accessory. The game will save. You can turn it off and then 
    turn it back on, and you will have the items you found, and you can go on 
    another walk! Be aware that you do NOT get Trainer Points.
    Easy Trainer Points and "Touch Time"
    I don't know if this is a glitch, but anyway.
    Go to your supplies menu and use the Brush. PUT YOUR DS ON THE CHARGER!!!
    Now, just let the brush sit on your dog. For every minute, you get a Trainer
    Point and, obviously, more "Touch Time." I recommend you do this trick while
    asleep. One last note: You can't close your DS. Doing so will initiate sleep
    mode, thus nothing will happen. I kind of like this glitch, but not too much. 
    Makes stuff too easy. And, that poor dog sits there for hours...
    Infinite Contest Entries
    If you've reached your 3 contest per day limit, go to the DS's settings, set
    the date to yesterday (if it's 1/20/07, set it to 1/19/07) and the time to
    23:59 (11:59 P.M.). Now, wait a minute and you should be able to do contests
    That's all the glitches I know.
    -Secrets- [A0010c]
    Eating a bone and a...lightbulb?!
    To eat the bone, pet your dog and make it very happy. After a while, an
    outline of a bone might appear. Touch it and drag it to your dog's mouth.
    To eat the lightbulb, teach your dog a trick. If it understands you, a
    lightbulb will appear. Touch it and drag it to your dog's mouth. Silly puppies!
    11. Item List [A0011]
    These are all of the items that I know of and their selling prices.
    Sports [A0011a]                                     Selling Prices
    ---------------                                     --------------
    ? Block                                             $6.00
    Bark Ball                                           $3.00
    Bicolor Rubber Bone  (Lab Exclusive)                $1.60
    Blue Camo Disc                                      $4.00
    Blue Flying Disc                                    $2.40
    Blue Rubber Bone (Chih. Exclusive)                  $1.60
    Broken Clock (Chih. Exclusive)                      $2.00
    Dartboard (Dach. Exclusive)                         $10.00
    Dice Cushion                                        $5.00
    Green Sponsor Disc                                  $5.00
    Khaki Camo Disc                                     $4.00
    Life Ring (Flying Disc) (Lab Exclusive)             $2.00
    Pink Aerodisc                                       $6.00
    Pizza Disc (Chih. Exclusive)                        $10.00
    Red Flying Disc                                     $2.40
    Red Rubber Bone (Dach. Exclusive)                   $1.60
    Rubber Mushroom                                     $4.00
    Shower Cap (Dach. Exclusive)                        $2.00
    Soccer Ball                                         $6.00
    Tennis Ball                                         $2.00
    Terry Cloth Cube                                    $4.00
    UFO (Flying Disc) (Lab Exclusive)                   $10.00
    White Aerodisc                                      $6.00
    White Rubber Bone                                   $1.60
    Yellow Flying Disc                                  $2.40
    Yellow Sponsor Disc                                 $5.00
    Toys [A0011b]
    Balloon (300 Trainer Points required)               $0.10
    Bowser Kart (Chihuahua Exclusive)                   $100.00
    Bubble Blower                                       $1.00
    Combat Copter                                       $300.00
    Jump Rope (300 Trainer Points required)             $4.00
    Mario Kart (Dachshund Exclusive)                    $100.00
    Peach Kart (Lab Exclusive)                          $100.00
    Pull Rope (300 Trainer Points required)             $3.20
    RC Helicopter                                       $200.00
    Talking Bird (10000 T.P. required)                  $16.00
    Windup Toy (10000 T.P. required)                    $12.00
    Accessories [A0011c]
    Beret                                               $10.00
    Black Leather Collar                                $4.00
    Blue Leather Collar                                 $4.00
    Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon                               $7.00
    Camo Collar                                         $10.00
    Checked Ribbon                                      $4.00
    Crown (Chih. Exclusive)                             $30.00
    Denim Collar                                        ???
    Dot Collar                                          $10.00
    Fireman Hat                                         $30.00
    Flower Collar                                       ???
    Graduation Cap (Dach. Exclusive)                    ???
    Green Hat (known by fans as "Luigi Hat")            $20.00
    Green Leather Collar                                $4.00
    Green Pearl Ribbon                                  $18.00
    Hibiscus Flower                                     $10.00
    Japanese Print Collar                               $10.00
    Knit Hat                                            $10.00
    Lily                                                $10.00
    Lion's Mane                                         $20.00
    Lucky Collar                                        $10.00
    Newsboy Hat                                         $16.00
    New Year Tiara                                      $12.00
    Pair of 3-D Glasses                                 $9.00
    Pair of Business Glasses                            $12.00
    Pair of Huge Sunglasses                             $15.00
    Pair of Party Glasses                               $7.00
    Pair of Scholar Glasses                             $9.00
    Pair of Sport Sunglasses                            $19.00
    Pair of Star Sunglasses (Haylie Duff Item)          $9.00
    Party Hat (Chih. Exclusive)                         ???
    Pirate Hat                                          $24.00
    Platinum Collar                                     $10.00
    Pumpkin Leather Collar                              $4.00
    Purple Leather Collar                               $4.00
    Purple Pearl Ribbon                                 $18.00
    Rack of Deer Antlers (Lab Exclusive)                $30.00
    Rainbow Collar                                      $10.00
    Rainbow Wig                                         $20.00
    Red & Blue Cap                                      $8.00
    Red Hat (known by fans as "Mario Hat"               $20.00
    Red Leather Collar                                  $4.00
    Red Polka-Dot Ribbon                                $7.00
    Red Ribbon                                          $2.40
    Rose                                                $10.00
    Santa Hat                                           $18.00
    Sombrero                                            $10.00
    Spiked Collar                                       $10.00
    Straw Hat                                           $9.00
    Striped Ribbon                                      $4.00
    Ten-Gallon Hat                                      $14.00
    Tiara (Dach. Exclusive)                             $30.00
    Top Hat (Lab Exclusive)                             ???
    Tricolor Ribbon                                     $10.00
    Viking Hat                                          $40.00
    Woven Collar                                        $10.00
    Yellow Cap                                          $8.00
    Yellow Ribbon                                       $2.40 
    Care [A0011d]
    Agility Trial Book                                  N/A
    Bark Mode Book                                      N/A
    Disc Competition Book                               N/A
    Dog Biscuit                                         $0.10
    Dog Care Book                                       N/A
    Dog Food Can                                        $1.20
    Dog Training Book                                   N/A
    Dry Food                                            $0.80
    Jerky Treat                                         $0.20
    Long-Hair Shampoo                                   $0.70
    Milk Carton                                         $0.40
    Natural Dog Food Bag                                $2.00
    Obedience Trial Book                                N/A
    Rubber Brush                                        $12.00
    Short-Hair Shampoo                                  $0.50
    Water Bottle                                        $0.20
    Wire Brush                                          $16.00
    Music [A0011e]
    "Chow" Record                                       $5.00
    "Colonel Bogey" Record                              $9.00
    "Dictionary" Box                                    $20.00
    "Dog's Theme" Box (Dach. Exclusive)                 $6.00
    "Flower Waltz" Record                               $9.00
    "Friendly Whiff" Record                             $5.00
    "Giant Socks" Record                                $10.00
    "Growler" Record                                    $5.00
    "Mario's Theme" Box (chih. Exclusive)               $6.00
    "Modest Decor" Record (Chih. Exclusive)             $10.00
    "Naptime" Record                                    $9.00
    "Nintendogs" Record                                 $9.00
    "Puppy Waltz" Box (Lab Exclusive)                   $6.00
    "Shredded Fur" Record (Lab Exclusive)               $10.00
    "Smilin' Dog" Record                                $5.00
    "Street Marker" Record                              $5.00
    "Surprise" Record                                   $9.00
    "Toreador" Record                                   $9.00
    "Waves" Record                                      $10.00
    Keyboard                                            $80.00
    White Record                                        N/A
    Note that Keyboard and White Record are below every other item in my list
    because the others all begin with quotation marks. Just thought I'd clear that
    Clocks [A0011f]
    Clover Clock                                        $16.00
    Cube Clock (Chih. Exclusive)                        $16.00
    Marble Clock                                        $16.00
    Marine Clock                                        $16.00
    Modern Clock                                        N/A
    Silver Clock                                        $16.00
    Smart Clock (Dach. Exclusive)                       $16.00
    Wall Clock (Lab Exclusive
    Etc. [A0011g]
    Black Boot                                          $6.00
    Diamond Ring                                        $1000.00!
    Disposable Camera                                   $2.40
    Dog Photo                                           $2.00
    Fine Vase (BREAKABLE)                               $100.00
    Globe                                               $20.00
    Gold Bar                                            $2000.00!!
    High Heel (Lab Exclusive)                           $6.00
    Jack Russell Terrier Book                           $3.20
    Juice Bottle                                        $0.80
    Leather Shoe (Dach. Exclusive)                      $6.00
    Lisa Doll                                           $30.00
    Meteorite                                           $150.00
    Moai Statue                                         $100.00
    Piggy Bank* (BREAKABLE)                             $2.00
    Promise Ring                                        $1000.00!
    Pump (Chih. Exclusive)                              $6.00
    Shuttle Model                                       $50.00
    Stick                                               $0.50
    Stuffed Bear                                        $60.00
    Stuffed Dog                                         $50.00
    Tissue Box                                          ???
    Vase (BREAKABLE)                                    $20.00
    Very Fine Vase (BREAKABLE)                          $200.00
    Weird Alien                                         $600.00
    White Boot                                          $9.00
    *The Piggy Bank can be broken to get more money than you would if you sold it!
    12. Rare Items [A0012]
    -Pair of Star Sunglasses- [A0012a]
    This Accessory can only be obtained through one of those maddening Nintendo
    Events. In certain game stores, there will be a Bark Mode booth which
    contains the item. If you are the first one there, you get the item and a
    White Record message from the lesser-known of the two Duffs (Haylie) saying
    something like "Nintendogs are cool, what breed do you like?" If you are not
    the first one there, you get the item the last person traded. For example, if
    someone traded a RC Helicopter for the glasses, and I followed that person, I'd
    get the Copter. Which sucks. Royally.
    -Fireman Hat and Jack Russell Book- [A0012b]
    The two infamous items that unlock some cool breeds are very elusive and
    hard to get. It could take 2 weeks; it could take half a year. There is
    a logical rumor about how to get the Fireman Hat. After you hear a siren,
    go on a walk and you might get the Fireman Hat! Get it? Huh? Siren? Fire
    Truck? Once again, the Lucky Collar/Clover Clock might give you a better
    chance of finding both. Another strategy that works for me, and a few
    people asking me about these, is a New Year Tiara, a Clover Clock, and as
    with all rare items, happiness. And a max-size stamina bar would help.
    Another rumor that Ashley told me about is that wearing something red 
    (i.e. Mario Hat) on a walk gives you a good chance of finding the Fireman Hat.
    All of these may or may not be connected to finding the items...you decide.
    13. Rumors [A0013
    Yeah, I hate the things. But, as it is only man's nature to gossip and spread
    rumors, they do exist. Here's a list of all the rumors I, personally, have
    1. MY DOG CAN BREED!!!
    *sigh* No. Just no.
    2. Wearing a Rose on a walk makes a dog mate with the first dog of opposite
    gender it meets, as the description claims the rose "sets a romantic mood."
    See rumor 1.
    3. Lucky collars, clover clocks and the like made me lucky!
    *deep sigh* Here's a tough one. This rumor is totally relative, and more of a
    placebo than anything. The nature of the human mind makes us believe this rumor
    once we've heard it, and we may be prone to overestimating the value of items
    and creating patterns which do not actually exist; indeed, we fool our minds
    into making this rumor a truth. It can be disproven in technological terms; the
    game programs random items to appear. But, this is one that cannot be proven or
    disproven in terms of human beliefs, as there will ALWAYS be someone out there
    who may believe they get lucky. </existentialism>
    4. I threw a frisbee at the crowd in the Competition!
    5. I unlocked a Dog Race, and my dog is the champion!
    I dunno how my friend came up with this'n. It doesn't exist.
    I will be documenting more as they come along!
    14. Version History [A0014]
    November 7 '05 V 0.25: Finished Section 1 and 2.
    November 8 '05 V 0.5: Finished Section 3; fixed a few errors in 2.
    November 12 '05 V 0.75: Finished Sections 4, 5, 6, and 7. FAQ is just about
    done! I also added a few things to 2 and 3.
    November 14 '05 V 0.85: Finished Section 8.
    November 18 '05 V 0.9: Finished half of Section 9.
    November 20 '05 V 1: Finished the whole guide and am reviewing it for
    November 22 '05 V 1.01: Apparently, my FAQ got screwed up, so I fixed it.
    November 23 '05 V 1.06: Added some items to Etc. List, added a new accessory,
    let Neoseeker use my guide, and found 3 new Unlockables due to playing forever.
    December 2 '05 V 1.16: Added selling prices and a new section, Rare Items.
    Also got a few new item names from Elena, and found a new unlockable.
    Added 3 new tricks to the Tricks section.
    December 11 '05 V 1.20: Added some new items/selling prices from Brendan,
    Xander, and Karen. Let supercheats use my site and posted my guide on my site.
    Added a new unlockable.
    January 21 '06 v 1.35: BIG update. Added a few new items, starting dogs for all
    versions, Chih. Unlockables, Bark Mode section, and possibly other stuff I 
    don't remember.
    June 20 '06 v 1.5: Fixed some grammar / spelling errors, added Dachshund 
    Unlockables, and changed some prices, and a few other things (Changing Model
    Shuttle supplies group, adding Juice Bottle, etc.) Also added www.1UP.com to my
    list of sites permitted to use my guide. Added Ctrl+F search codes!
    June 25 '06 v 1.51: Found three Lab Unlockables and was emailed the last two by
    January 19 '07 v 1.6: Removed the "thanks to" bits in item section because they
    are listed in "Special Thanks" and because there's just no room on that list. 
    Added a few new items (note that between school, after-school stuff and
    malfunctioning e-mail, my inbox has become flooded, so those who gave info may
    have been beaten to it. Your contributions are appreciated nonetheless!)
    January 20 '07 v 1.75: Gave the Item List an extremely-needed alphabetizeation.
    The item you're looking for on the list should be much easier to find.
    January 5, '08 v 2.0 Wow! 350 days since a major, notable update... anyways,
    did a big grammar/spelling cleanup, updated MUCH old, possibly wrong info, and
    added the "Rumors" section. I haven't forgotten you, my beautiful creation!
    15. Legal Junk [A0015]
    This guide is (c) 2005, Michael Macarevich. It may NOT be reproduced without my
    permission under any circumstances. However, if you ask me, give a good reason
    why, and PROPERLY CREDIT ME, I'll let you use my guide. If you see this on any
    website beside the ones below, notify me ASAP and I will contact the owner of
    the site. If they do not remove it, I will take legal action. These are sites
    permitted to use my guide:
    16. Contact Info [A0016]
    Want to give me info? Want to use my guide on your site? Got feedback? E-mail
    me at m-i-k-e-0-7-2-8 [at] p-t-d [dot] n-e-t. Delete the hyphens and change
    the words in brackets to their symbols. I did this because I'm sick of getting
    emails about Viagra and Wondercum from spambots... *shudders* 
    I will accept:
    Info I don't know
    Asking me to use my guide as long as you CREDIT ME PROPERLY.
    I will not accept:
    Spam, Porn, etc.
    Hate Mail
    Flooding my Inbox. Try to put all your thoughts into one message.
    Pointless/Irrelevant Questions (Why is the sky blue?)
    Incidentally, the sky is blue because blue is the wavelength of light that is
    scattered the MOST by air particles, thus overtaking other wavelengths and
    covering the whole atmosphere.
    17. Credits [A0017]
    NOTE: For privacy reasons, anyone who does not use a nickname or have
    a well-known name (owner of a site, etc.) will only have their first name
    Credit goes to:
    Me for writing this guide (Narcissism?)
    My brain for sending little signals to the nerve endings in my fingers and
    arms, allowing me to type
    You for reading this guide... when you could be doing something important =P
    CJayC for making gamefaqs... why'd you have to go, Ceejus? =(
    Leo Chan for making Neoseeker.
    Dennis for making Supercheats.
    Dave for making CheatCodeCentral.
    Nintendo for making this awesome game
    Elena for providing me with 6 item names:
    Marine & Marble Clocks, Globe, Stuffed Dog & Bear, and Lisa Doll.
    Brendan for providing me with selling prices for the UFO, Mario/Bowser/Peach
    Karts, Rack of Deer Antlers, Dictionary Box, and corrections on the Black Boot
    and Stuffed Bear.
    Xander who also provided me with a selling price for Rack
    of Deer Antlers, along with Brendan.
    Ashley for...whoa...I don't know where to start...Chih. and Dach. starting
    dogs, among lots of other stuff (item prices, etc.)
    Gucci Gucci for the Chih. Exclusive
    hyperdude99 for Lisa Doll and Fireman Hat selling prices
    Sasha for Santa's Hat info.
    Jordan for correcting me on Tissue Box price.
    Josh for the JRT Book prices.
    Chris for Dachshund Unlockables.
    JBJcool for providing me with the name of a new Item, "Pump" and a Stuffed Dog
    price fix.
    Kieren for giving me a Stick price fix.
    Libby for a lot of help on the item list, namely sections "accessories",
    "clocks," and "etc."
    Patrick for giving info on 5 items.
    Ashu for giving info on the item "crown".
    Alice for starting out my Dalmation and Friends info.
    Ryan for giving info on the item "smart clock".
    Kevin for giving info on the item ""Mario's Theme" Box".
    Austin for giving info on the item ""Dog's Theme" Box".
    Alister for giving info on the item "Rainbow Wig".
    "Mr. Mee" for the glitch "unlimited contest entries".
    Rebecca for giving price on the item "Viking Hat". 
    Haiiro for the information on the starting dogs of Chihuahua & Friends and
    Dachshund & Friends versions.
    Halden for correcting my admittedly embarrassing price error of Jack Russell
    Terrier Book...$3.20, not $3000.00!!!
    whitishredfloyd1 for the catchy name "Doggy Drier" for the trick previously
    known as "Dry Off".
    Dsdude for: White boot price correction; Juice Bottle; Confirming the fact that
    the Cube Clock is a Chih. Exclusive, correction of which supply group the Model
    Shuttle belongs in, and Pizza Disc price.
    Nelson for the final two Lab Unlockables: Dachshund and Chihuahua.
    Anyone who provides me with info I don't know.
    18. Closing [A0018]
    Well, that was fun! This is my first guide and despite that, it only took a
    moderate amount of time to write... I just have a knack for writing! I thank
    you a lot for reading my guide and I hope you liked it! Thanks to every person
    who corrected me and added to my guide! Thanks, also, to everyone who gave me
    feedback! Maybe you'll see me later...? But for now, I bid you adieu!

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