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"8 or 9? Which one to pick... It's so hard to decide... I'm going to have to go with 8."

The Rub Rabbits. One of those games where you either love it or hate it. I can understand a person that gives it 10/10, but equally enough, I can understand a person that gives it a 3/10 (any lower would just be silly!). As you can tell, I'm more on the ‘love it' side, and I'll explain why.

The original game, Feel the Magic, was a unique title that got me hooked straight away. It was a brand new concept, and had a great and involving storyline, and fun games to go with it. This game does not fall short of this in any way, and if anything, it improves upon it. But unfortunately, the same feeling of surprise is not here again, as it is more of the same, although one thing is finally improved: the length of the game. Though not improved enough.

The storyline of the game is this. You fall in love with a girl that you happen to meet on the escalator, and you must do everything you can, to first get her to notice you, and then to get her to fall in love with you, so that you can have se-, *cough* I mean…so that you can live happily ever after together. But if only it were that easy. At the same time as you; multiple other men also fall in love with this girl, which means you must race against them, and beat them to capture her attention first.

To do this, there are many different minigames you must play through. This ranges from climbing up escalators to give her flowers, throwing her a heart shaped disk, and playing the piano in tune for her. The minigames can prove to be really fun, though sometimes very frustrating.

Gameplay 7.4/10
The whole game works with the stylus, which is extremely great, as it offers a new way to play. The minigames take advantages of this, and have you using the stylus in many different fun ways, just like the original game. However, the games sometimes seem to not respond very well to the stylus, or they respond in weird ways, which can sometimes get annoying, although it shouldn't be much of a problem as it doesn't happen all the time.

Music 9.7/10
Wow. Just wow. The music in this game is absolutely great. The tunes are so catchy, and rally fun to listen to again and again. There is also a sound test mode, which means you can listen to the music all you wish. Better than any MP3 player! Some music in the game is classic tracks, which are remixed. They are the type of tunes that everyone's heard of, from your little brother right up to your great uncle. Other songs fit in with the game really well; a good example of this is in boss battles.

Sound 4/10
I didn't want to put sound and music together in one category, as while one is great, I'm afraid the other just isn't. The sound in this game can prove to be really annoying. Some sounds though do fit in really well, but on the whole a better job could have been done here.

Graphics 9/10
There is not much to complain about the graphics in this game, s it was not made to have brilliant over-the-top graphics in the first place. They do their job well. The characters don't have any faces, which add a different but nice feel to the game. Sort of lets you imagine what the faces could look like. Good job.

Replay Value 6.9/10
Once completed, there isn't much to do really. The sound test might keep you coming back for a while. Or perhaps the fact that you get to collect clothes and dress up the girl, and there are lots to collect. You can customise her top, trousers, shoes and hair, and is a fun little addition to the game. The multiplayer may also keep you playing, although the games don't prove to be extremely fun.

Overall: 8/10 (not an average)
Only buy this game for full price if you absolutely loved the first. Otherwise, I'd personally recommend that you waited for its price to drop a little before purchasing, as there are many other games out there that can prove to be better then this one. Also, chances are, you may not like it as much as I did, so I'd suggest giving it a try first. On the whole, a pretty good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/13/06

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