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    Makuhita Dojo Guide by Dalent

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/13/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    0 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Resucue Team
    0 System: Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS
    0 US Release Date: 18.September.2006
    0 Rating: E-Mild Cartoon Violence
    0 Created By: Dalent
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction [intro]
     1a. Version History
    2. Maze Basics [basic]
    3. Basic Mazes [maze]
    4. Team Mazes [team]
    5. Special Maze [!*!*!]
    6. Contact info [mail]
    7. Special Thanks [thanx]
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Makuhita Dojo Guide. This Guide is
    for both versions of the game. I will most likely only have one realease,
    because I have all the maze details.
    This is my 4th FAQ, so I think I got the hang of things now. Mazes
    will be displayed like this (in abc order):
    Maze Name
    Strategy (for dungeon and bosses)
    For bosses, I will list them with the lowest HP on the left, and the
    most HP on the right. This is preferably the reverse order to defeat
    them in.
    Also, I am saying this here and now:
    likely deny all other request to host my guide.
    (If you read this and my Item FAQ, you will notice ALOT of similarities
    up to this point.)
    1a. Version History
    Version 1.1 - Edited Contact Info (13.February.2007)
    Version 1.0 - Submitted to GameFAQs (07.October.2006)
    2. Maze Basics
    The mazes at the Makuhita Dojo are not really hard, especially if you
    beat the game (I have a Lv. 61 Charizard, and I can take out everything,
    even the bosses, with one basic hit). It's mainly a place to train lower
    level Pokémon, or train if you can't seem to beat a dungeon. Each maze
    is only 3 floors; the first two being a dungeon and the last one being
    the bosses. When the game starts, there are six dungeons. You get 15
    more as you go through the game, totaling for 21 dungeons total.
    The dungeons each specialize in a type, and basic Pokémon of that type
    will appear in the dungeon. So best to take a Pokémon with an elemental
    advantage to clear it faster. 
    After you beat the 16 basic mazes, Makuhita gives you a Bonsly statue
    to put in front of your team base. Also, you get a Ginseng for clearing
    the first 17 mazes. You also get a Ginseng for each of the Team Mazes 
    you complete.
    Considering these dungeons are short, you don't need any good items,
    and don't worry about PP. The dungeons are so short, that you'd want to
    get the extra EXP form using your real attacks (you get twice as much
    EXP if you use just one real move than only using the normal attack).
    As a last note: you will not find ANY items in the mazes, and you can't
    recruit anyone.
    3. Basic Mazes
    Wow...jsut an inverse of the last section. Anywho, these are your
    basic mazes. To find a specific one, just search. They are not presented
    in the order you unlock them (because I went once when I first started
    to see the first 6, and once after I beat the game to see all 21), but
    rather in the order they are shown in the menu
     -Normal Maze [norm]
     -Fire Maze [fire]
     -Water Maze [water]
     -Grass Maze [grass]
     -Electric Maze [elec]
     -Ice Maze [ice]
     -Fighting Maze [fight]
     -Ground Maze [ground]
     -Flying Maze [fly]
     -Psychic Maze [psych]
     -Poison Maze [pois]
     -Bug Maze [bug]
     -Rock Maze [rock]
     -Ghost Maze [ghost]
     -Dragon Maze [dragon]
     -Dark Maze [dark]
     -Steel Maze [steel]
    Normal Maze [norm]
    |Lv. 5    |Lv. 10    |Lv. 14|
    |HP: 25   |HP: 40    |HP: 72|
    Raticate's Hyper Fang is powerful, so best avoid it. Other than that,
    a Fighting-type can dominate the area. But when you get to the bosses,
    the fighting type is in trouble, because Farfetch'd knows Peck. 
    Furret's Fury Swipes can deal consecutive damage, and if you don't have
    alot of HP, it's a lethal attack. I advise taking Furret out first.
    Fire Maze [fire]
    |Magby |Slugma|Ponyta|
    |Lv. 17|Lv. 16|Lv. 30|
    |HP: 64|HP: 66|HP: 75|
    Well, these Pokémon certainly got a power boost from the last maze.
    Water-types will be needed here, and maybe an Insomniscope to stop
    Slugma from putting you to sleep with Yawn. A Pecha Scarf will help 
    too, since Magby can use Poison Gas and poison you.
    Water Maze [water]
    |Poliwag (x3)|
    |Lv. 10      |
    |HP: 40      |
    Ya for Poliwags! These are the only things I even saw in this maze.
    An Insomniscope will stop them from putting you to sleep with Hypnosis.
    Also, Bubble is a long ranged attack, so make sure you don't stay in
    their range for too long, or you'll get hit continually, and your 
    movement speed may even be lowered.
    Grass Maze [grass]
    |Lv. 1  |Lv. 1    |Lv. 9    |Lv. 13|
    |HP: 12 |HP: 12   |HP: 35   |HP: 52|
    Good lord, this maze made me realize why I despise most Grass-types.
    These guys will either paralyze you (making it so you can't attack,
    but can still move or throw items), or put you to sleep. Then they'll
    use Absorb and drain your HP. Not cool. Burn them with Fire-type moves
    to ensure a fast victory. Stay as far away when you kill them as
    possible, to make sure they can't Paralyze you or put you to sleep.
    Electric Maze [elec]
    |Voltorb (x2)|Electrike (x2)|
    |Lv. 3       |Lv. 12        |
    |HP: 20      |HP: 53        |
    Persim Bands and ranged moves are nice here. Your foes will try and
    paralyze you and then just damage you. If you have ranged moves,
    use those too, as Electrike's Static ability may paralyze you if you
    come into contact with it. Defintly use Ground-type moves and Pokémon.
    That way, the attacks do alot less damage to you, and you can do alot
    more to them.
    Ice Maze [ice]
    |Lv. 8 |Lv. 16   |Lv. 20 |
    |HP: 35|HP: 75   |HP: 70 |
    Yes, it doesn't follow the normal flow. But most of these guys don't
    even have Ice-attacks. They mainly have Normal-, or even Ground-type
    attacks. Snorunt has Powder Snow though, which can hit everyone (a 
    very nice move if you're using it. Not so nice for the receiving end).
    Keep all Grass-types at their Friend Areas so they don't get killed
    from one hit of Powder Snow. Fire- and Steel-type FTW!
    Fighting Maze [fight]
    |Lv. 6  |Lv. 6   |Lv. 22   |
    |HP: 30 |HP: 30  |HP: 65   |
    Until you beat the game, your Flying- and Psychic-type attacks will
    be limited. Take out Hitmonlee first with ranged attacks or items.
    3 tosses of a Gravelrock will take him down to 5HP (they do a set 20
    Damage per hit). But he's powerful, so try and get him down fast. The
    other guys...meh, they're no threat. Meditite has Psychic-type attacks
    though, so be expecting that.
    Ground Maze [ground]
    |Diglett (x2)|Phanpy (x2)|
    |Lv. 20      |Lv. 14     |
    |HP: 57      |HP: 55     |
    Magnitude. An evil attack. It's one that Diglett has too. It damages
    everyone in the room (even Diglett's teammates) with a random power.
    If you're unlucky, you'll take a hard blow and fall immediatly. Take
    both of the moles out so you can focus on the mini-elephants.
    Flying Maze [fly]
    |Pidgey|Doduo |Farfetch'd|
    |Lv. 1 |Lv. 14|Lv. 10    |
    |HP: 10|HP: 50|HP: 40    |
    Take your really low leveled Pokés here. Doduo has Pursuit (which
    counters any attacks back at full power if you don't kill it) and
    Fury Attack (a fatal multi-hit attack). Long ranged moves are best
    Psychic Maze [psych]
    |Wobbuffet (x3)|
    |Lv. 30        |
    |HP: 100       |
    Wobbuffet. The only Pokémon who can't say anything other than his name,
    even when you are a Pokémon. What? When Wynauts evolve, do they lose
    their brain or something? Anywho, these guys are annoying. Here's how 
    to fight them:
    If they use Mirror Coat-Use physical attacks
    If they use Counter-use special attacks
    If they use Destiny Bond-Get a 1-hit kill, or don't attack.
    Poison Maze [pois]
    |Nidoran F (x2)|Nidoran M (x2)|
    |Lv. 4         |Lv. 12        |
    |HP: 14        |HP: 52        |
    Pecha Berries and Scarves are wonderful here. Both Nidorans have the
    Poison Point ability, which can poison you if you use physical attacks.
    Likewise, they cannot be poisoned. So either take them out fast, or
    from a range.
    Bug Maze [bug]
    |Lv. 8 |Lv. 10  |Lv. 6 |
    |HP: 31|HP: 55  |HP: 30|
    Weedle can use String Shot, which can slow you down from a range,
    and allow Beedrill to pepper you with Fury Attacks. Take out Beedrill
    to prevent this, then Weedle. Pinsir...what Pinsir?
    Rock Maze [rock]
    |Lv. 5  |Lv. 7    |Lv. 17 |
    |HP: 30 |HP: 35   |HP: 66 |
    Rock-types have a naturally high defense, so take advantage of Special
    Attacks here. Long ranged attacks like Bubble and Razor Leaf are great.
    Sudowoodo won't move until you get close, so take him out last. Beware
    Ghost Maze [ghost]
    |Gastly (x3)|
    |Lv. 23     |
    |HP: 74     |
    Gravelrocks are a must here, as they can go over (and through) walls.
    Same with attacks that hit entire rooms like Heat Wave. In the boss
    battle, the Gastly trio starts behind a wall, and moves through it.
    Dark- and Psychic-types can win easily here.
    Dragon Maze [dragon]
    |Bagon (x2)|Shelgon (x2)|
    |Lv. 16    |Lv. 19      |
    |HP: 51    |HP: 66      |
    Your basic Special Attacks (Water-, Electric-, Grass-, and Fire-types)
    are no good here, as Dragons are resistant. Ice- and Dragon-type attacks
    are needed for easy victory. Besides that, these guys aren't tough, and
    are worth a good bunch of EXP.
    Dark Maze [dark]
    |Poochyena (x2)|Murkrow (x2)|
    |Lv. 3         |Lv. 14      |
    |HP: 28        |HP: 48      |
    Yay for dark-types! Poochyena is a wuss, so it runs when it gets to low
    HP. Toss stuff at it to get your EXP Points. Murkrow can use Pursuit,
    which counters any attack damage. Throw items at it or kill it in one
    Steel Maze [steel]
    |Aron (x2)|Beldum (x2)|
    |Lv. 6    |Lv. 5      |
    |HP: 26   |HP: 24     |
    Yay for steel-types! These guys have high defenses, so Fire- and 
    Fighting-types are great here. But don't think about Poison-types;
    they're immune. Beldum only knows Take Down. So if he dies from his
    own recoiled damage, you get no EXP. That means take him out!
    That's the end of the normal mazes. Complete them all and collect your
    4. Team Mazes
    These mazes are sorta like the previous ones, except with Lv. 15-Lv. 30
    Pokémon, and thier Rescue Teams to boot. The teams are as follows:
     -Team Shifty [shift]
     -Team Constrictor [const]
     -Team Hydro [hydro]
     -Team Rumblerock [rumbl]
    Team Shifty [shift]
    |Nuzleaf (x2)|Shiftry|
    |Lv. 10      |Lv. 20 |
    |HP: 68      |HP: 95 |
    We remember this guy! He got PWN'D by Zapdos! Sucker....
    Anywho, these guys are Dark/Grass-types, so Fire is your best bet here.
    Shiftry's Nature Power can paralyze, so either take him out fast, or
    make sure your teammates can attack if you get Paralyzed.
    Team Constrictor [const]
    |Lv. 33    |Lv. 30   |Lv. 45 |
    |HP: 125   |HP: 150  |HP: 160|
    No! Their HP has hit triple digits! YOu'll need Grass- and Electric-
    types to conquer these guys. At the start of the battle, Tentacruel and
    Octillery can use Bubblebeam and Octazooka to strike you from a range.
    But you don't want to get too close to damage them, or else they will
    use Confuse Ray or Constrict.
    Team Hydro [hydro]
    |Lv. 38   |Lv. 32    |Lv. 37  |
    |HP: 153  |HP: 100   |HP: 168 |
    Blasoise here can use Protect, making him immune to damage for a few 
    turns. If you can, use Electric and Grass attacks like Shock Wave and
    Razor Leaf. Bullet Seed is also very good. Once you take out Blastoise,
    take out Swampert because his Mud Sport can weaken your Electric attacks.
    Feraligatr is no threat.
    Team Rumblerock [rumbl]
    |Graveler (x2)|Golem |
    |Lv. 22       |Lv. 15|
    |HP: 77       |HP: 84|
    Magnitude and Seldestruct are powerful and dangerous moves here. Ranged
    attacks Like Bubblebeam and Bullet Seed will take them out in one shot,
    so do that before they get lucky with a high leveled Magnitude and wipe
    you out.
    Each of these mazes rewards you with a Ginseng. Take it and hold onto it
    for your favorite (or most used) Pokémon.
    5. Special Maze
    To get this maze, you need a Nintendo DS, and both Red Resuce Team and
    Blue Rescue Team. Both games must be in the DS at the same time. Upon
    starting the game, select "Receive Team." The active team will become
    bosses in a new maze. This maze is not needed to get the Bonsly statue
    and is totally optional. The dungeon has low leveled Poké lying around,
    but the team is exactly how the other game had it.
    To get an active team other than your leader, first go and select your
    team members, and save the game. That way, you can have four Pokémon 
    instead of just one against the other Pak.
    6. Contact Info
    Well, this is also my closing. If you have any info I can use,
    or have any questions about the game, you can e-mail or IM me. If you
    e-mail me, put the game name in the subject. If you IM me, the first
    thing you should say is that you're from GameFAQs and are asking
    about the game or some such. I do not read e-mails with no subject.
    Do not e-mail me asking for a rescue, as I have lost my DS and my
    game. I will buy new ones soon, but until then do not ask me for a 
    rescue. Thank you.
    E-mail: DalentXP@aol.com
    MSN/Windows Live Messenger: DalentXP@aol.com
    7. Special Thanks
    Special thanks to the guys below:
    GameFAQs/GameSpot-For hosting the guide.
    Nintendo/Pokémon Company-For making the game.
    My friend Will-For giving me the means to get the game.
    Well...happy Dungeon Exploring!

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