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This great Pokemon game will not let you down! 09/26/06 Boozaka
You're a pokemon this time? SWEET! 09/22/06 conicsonic5
Nice game, but... 04/06/07 Cyndaquazy
Aqua's Review-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team 07/07/08 Dammia93
Best spin-off ever!! 11/27/07 Elementalninjam
An intresting turn for Pokemon...and I like it! 09/19/06 Flygon
A decent Pokemon spin-off, for once. 09/26/06 gnawingtreebark
Surprising for DW2's cheap copy 11/08/06 Hades_Warrior
This is not a pick-up and play game. 09/25/06 hockeystealth13
A game you don't want to miss 10/10/06 hoodboy_tails
Finally, something different that isn't crap 10/27/06 J_Nics
A Great Game with few problems 04/28/08 Jolteon_fan
A beautiful dungeon crawler, just turn down the volume a bit.... 09/21/06 LastElixir
Anyone over the age of 10 is going to have a hard time liking this game 04/12/10 lzakharo
A New Look at the Pokemon Franchise 10/16/06 Mairuzu
A Whole New Take on Pokemon 10/13/06 MallowNinja
A well created spin-off Pokemon game, with good story. 09/26/06 Nin_6444
A cool game that will keep you hooked. 09/25/06 Nived200
Becoming a Dungeon Master: Worth the Work! 09/25/06 pocnib
Great Game, Great Story 07/21/10 Pseudo_dino
It's a mystery how a game can be this good. 10/24/06 royishere
A time-consuming, pleasant addition to the Pokemon world. 05/04/09 Sailorfan13
A big let down (review from a long-time Pokemon fan) 10/17/06 SenorCactaur
Wait... Pika, Pika... Wha? Could You Repeat That? 12/04/06 SnowKhir
I know I came in this dungeon for something? 11/15/06 solidsnake0928
Seriously Disappointed 10/02/06 The_Taco_Vender
A great game for Dungeon Crawler lovers, or pokemon fans! 04/21/08 umi2222
A nice change of pace from the old classic we all know. 10/02/06 VyseGuy999

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