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"Calling all Rangers! Fiore Need You!"

I hear you cry, " Surely not another Pokemon game! " . Yes, another Pokemon game, another Pokemon game which provides a revolutionary new way of using the beloved little monsters.

Game Play (8/10)

In the normal Pokemon games, you actually capture the Pokemon in a Pokeball and then after that they are yours to keep. In Ranger you temporarily enlist a Pokemon by meeting it in the wild and then drawing circles around it...yup thats right, circles!

For example; you may be in a cave with some rocks blocking your way, a Hariyama wanders by, you rush up to it and the "capture" begins. The Pokemon will wander round the lower screen, with your stylus you must attempt to draw X circles around the Pokemon, whilst avoiding attacks from said Pokemon. (X varying depending on the power/rarity of the Pokemon). Yes! You caught the Pokemon. You can then use it's ability to smash the rocks away, allowing you to continue.

There are many obstacles like this, the game will give various clues on what needs to be done. (Be warned, can be a little repetitive)

Pokemon you capture stay on your team until you use their ability inside or outside of battle.

When you are not on a mission you are free to wander the world, partaking in mini games which resemble the safari zone from the normal Pokemon games.

You only have one Pokemon as a staple - Plusle or Minun; depending on the sex of the main character, which you choose at the beginning of the game.

Of the 386 current Pokemon (excluding DP Pokes) 210 are available in game.

Graphics (9/10)

Very colorful, the Pokemon are all in proportion to the human characters, wheres in older Pokemon games they would be a single, usually samey, sprite.

Each location in the game gives a unique feel; with Pokemon to match! for instance, in the sewers it is all dark and grey, with sludge around the place; most probably from the Koffings and Grimers living down there!

Lush environments which easily rival Pokemon Square in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Music and SE (6/10)

The music is a tad annoying and repetitive, it didn't make me want to rush out and buy the OST. The Sound effects are all familiar, the Pokemon have all their normal cries from the previous games.

Replay Value (5/10)

There are other areas and secret missions unlocked after the credits, but the main game on a replay would be rather boring and mean you have to erase your current game (1 save per cart as usual!)

Bonus -

It now seems Manaphy IS available without going to an event, the mission is now in game!

So in conclusion this game is WELL worth buying for 3 reasons...
1. It is a great game, easy to get into/learn.
2. Will aid in DP Pokedex completion, when they are released.
3. Something to do until DP is released.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/06

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