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"Out with the trainers, in with the Rangers!"

When you hear the title of this game, you think of a spin-off to the series we all know and love. When you play this game you'll feel like it's an entirely different look on Pokemon.

Game Play (10/10)

Truly the shining point of this game. Unlike the other series' where you capture the pokemon in pokeballs, you use what is known as a capture styler. Using the stylus, you circle around the Pokemon a specific amount of times (the number will appear over the Pokemons heads as you're circling them). As you progress through the game, there will be a number of obstacles in your way. To get past these, you must use a pokemon with a certain ability (It will show you the symbol when you capture it).

Pokemon will be able to stay with you until you reach a town (this ends once you beat the game). Depending on the sex of your character, you will be given a starter pokemon that stays with you for the whole game (Plusle if you're female, Minun if you're male).

210 of the 386 Pokemon are in this game. (No Diamond and Pearl Pokemon).

Graphics (8/10)

The Graphics give the Pokemon a nice 3-D design while the Trainers are actually tall! Each area is unique and has a variety of Pokemon. If you go on graphics alone than these definitely top PMD's. Overall, it's what should be expected.

Sound (6/10)

Mildly bland. The sound seems like it's coming from the opposite side of where you're sitting at the lowest volume possible. Although there are some tunes that are catchy, this didn't help the game.

Replay Value (10/10)

Moderately High. This game gives you three unique missions to do after the main storyline. Also you'll have to play through it again if you want to catch all the Pokemon. You can also go wherever you want with the Pokemon instead of only having them for a limited amount of time. Plus you want to get as high a score as possible in the capture arena.

As a special bonus, Manphy can be obtained in this game.

So overall tou should buy this game for:
~ Manaphy
~ A filler until D & P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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