Review by Leileya

Reviewed: 05/14/07

Ranger: Not Worth The Money

Like many of you when Pokemon came out with the game Ranger I was excited to see the latest entry to the Pokemon Franchise. And like many of you.... I was disappointed with what I saw.

I find Pokemon Ranger to be a rather dull spin-off on the Pokemon gaming franchise. Although it had some good points I found the game easy, boring, worthless, agitating.. amongst other things. I feel that the game could have been better with both the storyline plot as well as the missions. Although I must admit that there were some parts that were rather difficult it didn't take much to overcome them. The most annoying point on this game is the overuse of the Stylus. Continuously using the stylus to capture Pokemon by creating circles around them was ridiculous and rather painful on the hand and wrist.

Another point that I found most agitating on this game is that in order to make it harder for people they had the Pokemon do their attacks to break your stylus line. And seriously some attacks were just.. plain weird. At first using the stylus to capture Pokemon seemed interesting but after using it twice I got angry with it. It hurts to repeatedly circle your Touch Screen to capture the Pokemon. I believe that this eventually will ruin my DS.

And seriously what in the word is with the latest villains Go-Rock? I thought Team Rocket, Galactic, Magma and Aqua were annoying but this team by far I found the most... hilariously annoying. I found myself wondering if they were trying to appeal to a certain fan base by making them musicians and if so.... WHY GIVE ONE OF THEM A BONGO DRUM??? Then again its not like he could have whipped out a set of real drums. *sighs*

The one and only reason to buy this game is to get the Manaphy Egg required for Diamond and Pearl. Overall this game was not worth the money spent for it and I advise people, fans of Pokemon and gaming alike to please Rent before you buy this game. I know many of you will not agree with me and thats fine. I'm just stating my belief and opinion on one of the WORST Pokemon games ever created.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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