Review by giant_flying_weasel

Reviewed: 07/03/07

I hate this game.

I'll be simple. This is not a good game. It has a weird storyline, an odd way of battling, and so-so graphics. It only has 200 something Poke's, rather than the whole 386, which was bad. So, my job here is to stop you from buying this game unless you need it for your Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Pokedex, in which case, I say go ahead. That's what I'm doing.


The graphics in this game aren't too bad, but they could have been a lot better. Your character is easily seen to be pixelated, and looks to be stretched. Pokemon actually are animated pretty well, and some of the textures are pretty good, but overall, they aren't all that great. They could have done so much more.


Sound is the best thing in the game, just because it is. Everything is clear, all the Pokemon sound like they should, and basically they just did good. Kudos to you, developers.


This is where it gets horrible. Gameplay downright stinks. You run into the same Pokemon over and over, it's hard to avoid them, and then the battles are...ugh. You have to capture Pokes by circling them with your Styler (or stylus) a certain number of times, which in itself is a hassle, because if the Pokemon touches the Capture line or attacks it, you have to start over. Pokemon that run a lot or attacks frequently are extremely hard to catch. You can make it easier by using Poke assists, though.. For these, you select a Pokemon out of your team (your Plusle or Minun, or any Pokemon you capture and keep in your team) and that Pokemon will use an ability to help capture the Pokemon. These range from paralyzing the foe to levitating him/her off the ground. You can also use party Pokemon to destroy obstacles, much like the Hms of the original games. Here's the horrible part, though. Once you use a Pokemon for anything, it leaves. Forever. The only one you don't lose is the Plusle or Minun you get when you start your game. I think that's enough about the gameplay.


Same old, same old. A team of bandits (the Go-Rock Squad, as it were) want to capture all Pokemon and take over the world. 'nuff said.


The replay is bland and boring. they are all just extra missions. The only one you aught to do is the Save the Manaphy Egg! one, because if you beat it, you can transfer the egg to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and get the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy. That's about it.


Basically, do not get this game unless you're aiming for a completed Diamond/Pearl Pokedex. If not, just stay away. I've played three Pokemon spinoff series (Gale of Darkness, Mystery Dungeon Blue, and Ranger) and I hate them all. You can stop reading now.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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