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"Thinking of buying Pokemon Ranger for Manaphy? DON'T!!!!!"

This game drives me up the wall. I bought it thinking I'd breeze through it in a week and get Manaphy for my Diamond/Pearl game. Well, I was very sadly mistaken.

The game starts off with a simple, pretty generic storyline, easy at first. Well, I've gotten so annoyed with this game that I've bit myself.

You need to make circles around pokemon without lifting the stylus, while the pokemon try to break your circles by running through them or firing something at your lines.. "What's so hard about that?" you ask? Well, you start getting things like.. Multiple pokemon at once, each running around, breaking your lines, each firing crap in every possible direction. Then, you have pokemon that RUN OFF THE SCREEN. Yes, you're making circles, it's going fine, then the pokemon runs off the screen. What can you do? Absolutely nothing. Wait for the thing to come back, while your circle is broken.

I'm not saying this game is impossible, after about 10 tries you can probably defeat any boss, but it ain't easy. It's incredibly annoying.

Another aspect of Pokemon capturing is.. After you capture a wild pokemon, you can use it in battle to assist you in some way. This is extremely helpful, and probably the only way to finish this game without breaking your DS in half. Each pokemon has a type that they can help you with, and they'll perform it according to their type and the power of the pokemon. Fire types can make fires that cause pokemon to stop moving for a certain amount of time, ground ones make little cracks in the ground, and so on.

When you're not capturing pokemon, you're exploring. You can use the pokemon I mentioned above that help you with capturing other pokemon to break natural obstacles, such as rocks from a rockslide, a big bale of hay (which wouldn't be too hard to get through without burning it to ash anyway), small trees, and stuff like that.

The game's storyline is pretty forgettable. You have a group of bad guys called the Go Rock Squad, who aren't as scary as they are irritating. They play music and throw confetti too. Terrifying. You have to capture pokemon by using the circle-method because they're either in "pain", because the Go Rock people pissed them off or they charge you for absolutely no reason.

So, the game has some good points when the battles are somewhat fair, but.. unless you really feel like hurting yourself, you can get a manaphy from trading much, much easier than by finishing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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