Review by Skaar6

"I can't feel my hand."

This game is addicting, but not in a good way. It was a very good idea for a game, and I'm sure it would have done a lot better if it had not been for the hand crippling movements it forces you to go through.

Graphics- The game is all nice and shiny. If you were expecting regular Pokemon graphics, be in for a surprise. This game looks and feels (visually) a lot different from the other Pokemon games. Everything in it looks clean and sharp, if a bit boring. There's nothing you will really see that will impress you.

Gameplay- Your ranger is armed with a stylus and is set off to catch dangerous Pokemon. Doesn't sound too smart, does it? Well, it isn't. What you have to do is draw circles consecutively around the Pokemon a certain number of times. This forms a string around the Pokemon. If the Pokemon touches the string, or attacks it, the string breaks and you have to start over. This becomes increasingly annoying the harder the Pokemon become. You can have a certain number of Pokemon follow you around depending on what level you're on. The Pokemon can help you in the field or help you in capturing a Pokemon. Once the Pokemon helps you it runs away. You get one Pokemon that stays with you forever. You don't get to choose it.

Story- You are a young inspiring boy (or girl) who dreams of becoming a Pokemon Ranger. You send a letter and presto! you become one. Almost immediately you run into trouble. Two Pokemon are fighting. And guess who they pick to break it up?

Controls- As I said earlier, this game forces you to push your hand to the limits by forcing it to circle around a Pokemon numerous times. Now, some Pokemon may require only two circles, while some require 20, or 30, or even 99. You walk around either by placing the stylus where you want to go or by using the D-Pad. There are few controls, but the game doesn't feel limited at all.

Should you buy it?- Not unless you are a die-hard Pokemon fan. I guess renting it would be okay to see if you like it, some people do.


+Pokemon, duh!
+Nice graphics
+Interesting concept


-Drab environments leave a lot to be desired
-The game is nearly impossible most the time
-You don't get to choose your starting Pokemon
-Hope you like sore hands

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Pokemon Ranger (US, 10/30/06)

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