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"Pros/Cons--Pokemon Ranger"

If you read the review saying to not buy this game, at all, for Manaphy, then go ahead, don't buy it. But let me say one thing-- trading is not better. To trade for it, some one must HAVE it. To have it, you need to play to get it. But I am not saying, "Get the game only for Manaphy." Manaphy is just a bonus at the end. It isn't that hard, but that is, of course, if you try. So for all sakes, TRY, try your heart out. Sometimes it could be frustrating catching a legendary, like Entei, but don't forget that POKE ASSISTS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.

Another thing, life? Forget it, the maximum is 60, right? Well that's a little too small for me. Something that could help you is an (ADVERTISEMENT AHEAD) Action Replay. It's just something that can help you get 99/90 life. But only outside of battle. In battle, it is like that, but it can go down and you can lose. All it does is give you 39 more bars to live on. Still, that's good.

Another major help -- Walkthroughs that tell you when is the best time to start looping, what the pokemon behaves like, what poke assists are most effective, what they attack with, and how to complete missions step by step (or maybe a tad faster).

So if you find yourself wanting to break your DS in half, just turn off the game, and put the DS out of sight for a while and get back to it later. You'll beat it eventually. Trust me by this, even a total rookie can be this game with the right walkthrough and advice. (Who do I mean? }sarcasm)

Manaphy shouldn't be the only reason to buy this game. (Even though it's a reason.) If that's the only reason you (or anyone else) wants this game, you're a dunderhead because you didn't think about what would happen to this game when you got your little Manaphy. I, for one, would play it. But, hey, if you only buy it for Manaphy, read ahead.

If you buy it cause of Manaphy, what will happen when you get it? Here's a thought. Maybe I will start a new game. Not to get another Manaphy or anything. Just to play. (Is it getting sarcastic in here?) Well, whatever you buy it for (if you buy it), it's yours, so make sure you play it! ;)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/20/08

Game Release: Pokemon Ranger (US, 10/30/06)

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