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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Brandon_Guerrie

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 03/29/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nintendo DS/ Full FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    By Brandon Guerrie
    Email: brandon_guerrie@yahoo.com
    <C>COPYRIGHT 2006 Gamefaqs,Brandon Guerrie
    -Any questions about posting this guide on a site just e-mail
    me first!
    *Special note to gamefaqs:
    My former contribute name was snk202. I written two faqs in the past,
    but I have a new professional name and like to use this name instead.
    Glad to be back and thank you.
    TABLE   of
       {G}SECRET LAB
    [14]FINAL WORD
    Version 1.0- 3/26/2006: Began the faq. Finished Information,
    version history, mixing herbs, game controls.
    Version 2.0- 3/27/2006: Began the walkthrough, part A, B, and C
    Version 3.0- 3/28/2006: Continued and finished the walkthrough.
    Version FINAL-3/29/2006 Finish everything and fixed
    all the loose ends. Complete.
    -Save Often. There are ton of Ink Ribbons scattered in all
    versions of the game, and I mention quite often when to save
     in the walkthrough. If you complete a number of tasks and go a
     long way through the game and suddenly get sliced by a hunter
    (like i did), you have to complete it all over again.
    -Save Ammo? Not neccessarily. If your playing Rebirth mode,
    ammo is much more abundant then the Classic mode. You will
    be blasting enemies since there are more in the new version. In
    Classic mode, you should be a little more careful with ammunition
    and run past enemies when you can, which isn't that often.
    The new Rebirth mode adds some new elements of gameplay that uses
    the Nintendo DS features. In Rebirth Mode there are more enemies,
    puzzles, ammo, and healing items. Some of the new features include:
    Throughout the game you will encounter a first person view fight that
    involves only the Knife and certain enemies. Use your DS pen to drag
    it across the bottom touch screen and move accordingly. Drag it up
     to slash
    up, down to slash down, left for left and of course right for right.
    To slash straight just "poke" the screen with the pen. You can also
    get *critical hits which does a lot more damage then the normal slash
    in the fight. To perform this you need to attack with the knife right
    before the enemy is about to hit you (like in your face, last minute).
    Here is a quick overview for the enemies in the Knife Fights:
    ZOMBIES: If you up against more then one, slash across the screen for
    multiple damage. Critical hits are easy to perform here, seen they are
    slow in moving. When they go to vomit on you, blow into the Mic to
    give it right back.
    CROWS: Slash straight for a quick stab. They only take one hit to go
    down every time.
    DOGS: The hardest of the bunch, you are forced to get a critical
    attack to take them out. Slash in any direction right after they howl
    and jump at you.
    HUNTERS: Hunters aren't that hard unless your faced with more then one
    on the same screen. To get a critical hit, slash right after they "pose"
     the arm up in the air. Sometimes they do they're deadly jump attack,
     which leads you to slash them right when they get in the screen. You
    will know this if they jump back and do they're annoying scream.
    Most of the puzzles in the Rebirth mode can be solved by the touch
    screen and Mic). They are detailed in the walkthrough.
    3.The DS Mic
    Use the Mic to blow out candles and zombie vomit in the game. Cool,
    The Classic Mode concentrates on the original game
    that came out for the PS1, with standard game play. In Classic mode,
    there are less puzzles, less ammo, and less enemies to worry about.
    For all enemy strategies look in the Enemy Analysis section.
    Just like the original game, you have the choice of playing as Chris
    Redfield or Jill Valentine. Below is a quick overview of the two,
    and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
    -If it's your first time playing the game, you want to choose Jill.
    Her adventure is a heck of a lot easier then Chris'.
    +THE GOOD+
    -More Ammo
    -More Ink Ribbons
    -Has the Lock pick
    -Barry helps her out
    -Gets the Bazooka
    -THE BAD-
    -Takes a lot more damage then Chris
    -Chris is set for the more difficult adventure, and needs to back
    track and mess around more then Jill. Use him if you played Resident
    Evil before.
    +THE GOOD+
    -Has more strength then Jill
    -Rebecca can heal him sometimes
      -THE BAD-
    -Holds only six item slots in inventory
    -needs Small Keys to unlock simple locks
    -doesn't get the Bazooka
    -less ammo
    [3]   GAME
    The controls are pretty much the same from the original version
    of the game. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are a replacement from
    PS1's original controller.
    Move forward/aim up/select up.
    Move backwards/aim down/select down.
    Move Left
    Move Right.
    Fire Weapon/Action Button/Open doors/select item.
    Turn around/cancel.
    Aim Knife.
    Aim Weapon.
    [4]  MIXING
    If you played any Resident Evil game before, you should know
    all about mixing herbs in the game. If you haven't, use this
    below for a reference in what to do with what. A herb heals
    your health (or cures poison), and his beneficial through out
    the game. You can combine certain ones in the
    item menu for a better result.
    1. GREEN HERB: Cures a quarter of your health.
    2. GREEN HERB + GREEN HERB: Cures roughly half your health.
    3. GREEN HERB + GREEN HERB + GREEN HERB: Cures your health
    4. RED HERB: Useless alone.
    5. RED HERB + GREEN HERB: Cures your health %100.
    6. BLUE HERB(x1): Cures any poison status.
    7. GREEN HERB + BLUE HERB: Cures a quarter health and
    8. GREEN HERB + GREEN HERB + BLUE HERB: 50% health and
    9. RED HERB + GREEN HERB x BLUE HERB: Cures all health and poison.
    [5]   COMPLETE
    *This walkthrough covers all versions in the game (Classic,
    Rebirth, Jill & Chris) since all versions are have close
    resemblance. I mention any notifications that relate to the
    exclusive version, and capitalized items and such for noticeable
    *Knife Fights only occur in Rebirth only
    -Head into the Dining Room and enter the door nearby. Look
    around the hall to encounter your first zombie. JILL: Either
    take it out or run back to Barry. Return to the main room and
    search for Wesker. Barry will give you the LOCKPICK). CHRIS:
    Go back to the main room and pick up JILL'S HANDGUN.
    - Pick up the INK RIBBONx3 near the typewriter, then return
    to the zombie hallway. Examine Kenneth's body twice for HANDGUN
    BULLETSx30. From the main room, enter the east double doors.
    (REBIRTH: Here you'll face your first Knife Fight). Grab the
    1ST FLOOR MAP by pushing the corner shelf out of the way and
    the step ladder on the left side of the statue. In the curtain
    hallway to the left, zip past the zombies and take the INK
    RIBBONx3 on the shelf.
    -Return to the main room and go up the stairs. Enter the
    south east door (CHRIS: Pick up the SMALL KEY). Enter the
    door and be faced with Forest from the Bravo Team. (JILL:
    Barry will give you the BAZOOKA). Head back to the main room
    and go through the west door on the second floor.
    -In the upper part of the Dining room, fight off the zombies
    and or crow, and be faced with a simple puzzle.
    Push the statue off the balcony far the open railing part
    so it falls to the first floor. You will pick up this item
    -Open the door on the other side and be faced with some
    zombies and maybe a crow. Walk down the stairs and enter
    the save room nearby (in Rebirth Mode watch the dogs that
    crash through the windows). (CHRIS: Here you'll meet Rebecca
    Chambers of Resident Evil 0 fame. She'll be quite helpful.
    Make sure you say NO when she asks to come with you. Take
    the MANSION SWORD KEY off the bed). (JILL: Take the INK
    RIBBONx3 from the bed). Store some stuff and make sure to
    bring the Sword Key with you if you're Chris. If you're
    playing the Rebirth version, you'll be faced with your
    first Box Puzzle.
    The key here is to highlight the two circle colors in
    the correct order so they match up together accordingly.
    Jill and Chris' are different, so here are both
    1.Select E and D.
    2. B and D.
    3. D and C.
    4. E and A.
             {E}    {B}
              {D} {C}
    1.Select B and D.
    2. D and A.
    3. E and C.
             {E}    {B}
              {D} {C}
    -Exit and go down the hall being cautious of zombies
    or dogs. Open the door at the end and head south
    passed the zombies. Use the Sword Key or the Lock
    picks on the door on the side. Inside, find HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15 on bed. Examine the desk for a zombie to
    come out of the closet. After taking it out, take
    the SHOTGUN SHELLSx7 and the KEEPER'S DIARY on the
    desk. Leave the room and unlock the next door.
    -Track west and unlock the red door next to the double
    doors. Push the shelf in the back of the room to get
    the MUSIC NOTES off the shelf. Use them on the Piano
    to raise a passage on the wall (if you’re Chris,
    Rebecca will come in and practice for awhile, so come
    back after completing the next three puzzles coming up).
    Here you'll be faced with a simple puzzle.
    Find the EMBLEM hanging above the fireplace in the
    Dining room on the first floor. Take it and replace it
    with the GOLD EMBLEM you pick up. This will raise the
    wall back upto let you out.
    -Head back to the dining room and place the Gold
    Emblem where you got the regular for another puzzle.
    Depending on what version you're playing, this situation
    will be different.
    CLASSIC VERSION: Once you place the Gold Emblem, the
    clock will move revealing the SHEILD KEY behind it.
    REBIRTH MODE: Using the touch screen, rotate and set
    the clock to exactly 3 to get the SHEILD KEY.
    -Find the BLUE JEWEL from the broken statue you
    pushed off earlier, then return to the hallway with
    the zombie in the closet. Here you can find a room
    with a tiger statue, and place the blue jewel in one
    of its eyes to obtain the WIND CREST.
    -Go back to the room where you got the map and unlock
    the right door. In the hall, watch out for the dogs that
    jump through the windows. You can find HANDGUN BULLETSx15
    by pushing the second shelf, then open the door at the
    end. Run by the rusty door (you'll come back), and enter
    the first door you see into the bathroom. Take the
    HANDGIN BULLETSx15 in the sink (watch the zombie in
    Rebirth). If your Chris, take the SMALL KEY in the tub.
    -Continue down the hall and enter the double doors
    at the end (the door nearby contains the SHOTGUN,
    but you need to come back with the Broken Shotgun
    to get it). You will encounter another Knife Fight
    if you're laying the Rebirth adventure and zombies
    afterward. Proceed to the door on the far left for
    the next puzzle.
    The key here is to hit the switches on the pictures
    in the correct order. If you screw up, run out and
    renter or else you will be crow meat. Here is the
    correct order:
    1.New Born Baby
    3.Lively Boy
    4.Young Man
    5.Tired-Middle Age Man
    6.Bold Looking Old Man.
    After hit the switch on the picture entitled "end
    of life." Take the STAR CREST.
    *If you're playing as Chris don't forget to return
    back to Rebecca and solve the two puzzles above.
    -Exit and enter the grey door nearby. Shoot the
    zombies; grab the GREEN HERBx1 next to the stairs,
    and enter the save room. Pick up the CHEMICAL on
    the ground and store some stuff. If your playing
    Rebirth, you can solve your second box puzzle.
    1. A and B.
    2. A and E.
    3. D and C.
             {E}    {B}
              {D} {C}
    1. A and E.
    2. D and E.
    3. D and C.
             {E}    {B}
              {D} {C}
    -Head back to the tiger statue hallway with the
    chemical and go into the south east room on the
    other end. Use the Chemical on the water pump to
    kill off the plant fountain, and pick up the
    MANSION ARMOR KEY as well as GREEN HERBx4 and
    RED HERBx2. Afterward, go to the save room
    hallway nearby and unlock the door with the Armor
    and SHOTGUN SHELLSx7 in the desk (Jill will use
    the lock pick, Chris needs a small key).
    -In the main room of the mansion unlock the North
    East door on the first floor. Get the HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15 on the dresser, and unlock the desk
    with the lock pick or a small key for SHOTGUN
    SHELLSx7. Watch the zombie and go through the
    east door. Run past the zombie in this room
    and pick up the INK RIBBONx3 and GREEN HERBx2.
    It's time to head to the east area of the first
    floor (on your way, be aware of
    numerous Knife Fights in Rebirth).
    -Remember the rusty door you past earlier? Unlock
    it now and blast the dogs around here. At the end
    you can find GREEN HERBx6! Back in the hallway,
    unlock the door next to the double set of doors.
    In here pick up the SHOTGUN of the wall and replace
    it with the Broken Shotgun. With both Mansion Keys
    in hand walk up the stairs and pump the zombies full
    of lead. Unlock the south door into the next hall,
    and find the BOTANY BOOK in the west room. Unlock
    the door and you end up back in the hallway. Use
    the Armor Key on the door on the side (sometimes
    there is a zombie in here), and go in the west
    room. Grab the LIGHTER on the shelf, HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15 and RED HERBx1 on the left and right
    of the bed. In the east room(Jill will encounter
    Barry) get RESEARCHER'S WILL on the desk and INK
    RIBBONx3 on the wall. Check out the bug panel and
    hit the switch to drain the water tank. Push the
    water tank right and the other shelf right to find
    -Head out and enter the east end door. Take the
    GREEN HERBx1 and use your Lighter on the stove to
    get the MAP OF THE 2ND FLOOR. Wrap around the next
    hallway (watch zombies) and use the key on the double
    green doors.
    REBIRTH MODE: Use the touch screen to balance the
    jewels on the scale. This is different depending who
    you are playing as.
    Red, Red, Green                         Blue & Yellow
    Blue, Red, Green                        Green & Yellow
    CLASSIC MODE: Push the two statues onto the circle
    vents on the floor so they cover them completely. Then,
    hit the switch on the center tile to open the cabinet.
    -The prize is the SUN CREST. Leave and unlock the South
    door. Take the GREEN HERBx2 and encounter Richard. In
    Rebirth, Jill will have to give him CPR through the DS
    Mic. Just steadily breathe and eventually you will save
    him. Here he'll tell you to set the clock at 8:12(SHOTGUN
    SHELLSx7 is the reward). In Classic, Jill will have to
    head all the way back west save room and grab the CHEMICAL
    off the shelf. Either way, he still dies and it was a
    waste of time or breath. Check out his body for HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15. Open the door next (watch the zombies) and
    pass the bloody door first. In the dark room, Jill can
    pick up an INK RIBBONx3 on the table. There's also HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15 in the corner cabinet. Use the Lighter on the
    candle and find ACID ROUNDSx6 or SHOTGUN SHELLSx7. Use
    the Shield Key on the bloodstained door but don't enter
    without saving and equipped with the Shotgun. Thus you'll
    be prepared to fight the Giant Snake.
    HITS: 4-5 Hits w/ Shotgun
    The best thing to do is shoot the snake, then run across
    the room, then shoot again. Don't be ashamed if you get
    hit, it's hard to dodge its attacks. If you happen to get
    bit, you instantly be poisoned, and you'll watch a scene
    afterward. Jill will have to run all the way back to the
    west save room to use the Serum, and Chris collapse and
    Rebecca will automatically help him out.
    -After the fight, make sure to take the MOON CREST where
    the snake leaves, as well as the SHOTGUN SHELLSx7 on the
    barrel. Take all the Crests to the northwest area on the
    1st floor(in Rebirth mode there will be dogs and crows)and
    place them onthe panel to unlock the door.
    In the shed, push the step ladder towards the shelf
    and find the CRANK up top. Chris can take the SMALL KEY
    on the barrel. Enter the double doors (have a Knife Fight),
    and fight off the dogs and maybe spiders. Pick up RED
    HERBx2, GREEN HERBx2 or BLUE HERBx2. Go west and find the
    MAP OF GARDEN on the wall. In the North gate use the Crank
    to drain the water, letting you cross. Run quickly,
    because small snakes will drip down on you and poison
    you if you make contact (there's a zombie on the ground
    in Rebirth). Go down the elevator and take down
    the dogs. Open the west gate and pick up RED HERBx2 and
    GREEN HERBx2 or BLUE HERBx2. Fight some dogs and maybe a
    crow and go through the door at the end into the
    -Get the GREEN HERBx1 and BLUE HERBx2. In the save room
    on the right, find HANDGUN BULLETSx15 or EXPLOSIVE
    ROUNDSx6, and a FIRST AID SPRAYx1.
    1. A and C.
    2. E and C.
    3. B and D.
    4. D and F.
             {F}    {B}
             {E}    {C}
    1. E and C.
    2. B and D.
    3. A and D.
    4. E and B.
             {E}    {B}
              {D} {C}
    -Equip the Shotgun or Bazooka, and enter the double
    red doors in the hall. Blast the two spiders and
    get the HANDGUN BULLETSx15 on barrel and INK RIBBONx3.
    If your Jill, examine the pool table to find a dial
    clock code: 345 or 1245.
    -Back in the hall, enter the north door (001 room).
    In the bathroom, watch for spiders or zombie and
    unplug the tub for the CONTROL ROOM KEY. Continue
    in the room (there may or may not be zombies in here)
    and take the RED BOOK on the bed and unlock the desk
    with small key or lock pick for SHOTGUN SHELLSx7.
    Chris can find a SMALL KEY in the small cup in the
    corner. When you leave (you'll be treated to a Knife
    Fight) push the statue so it covers the hole on the
    floor and enter the south door. If you’re playing
    Rebirth, there are two super fast zombies in here, so
    take them down fast. Go through the first door you see
    (yes, there's another knife fight), and quickly run to
    the north part of the room and pick up the 002 KEY
    next to the hornet nest. Leave quickly.
    -Use the 002 Key on the north east door (you can push
    the statue for GREEN HERBx2/3. If you’re playing as
    Jill, you will hear Barry talking in the room. Inside,
     go into the bathroom for HANDGUN BULLETSx15 in sink
    (and maybe two zombies). Further in the room be cautious
    if you're playing Rebirth, because there's a zombie and
    a spider in here. You can find PLANT 42 REPORT on the bed,
    and the MAP OF DORMITORY on the wall. Unlock the desk for
    SHOTGUN SHELLSx7. (If you’re in Rebirth Mode, and you’re
    run tight on inventory, be aware that you may encounter
    more knife fights). Push the left shelf straight and the
    right shelf right to reveal a ladder. Descend.
    -Whether there's a hornet and mini spiders or not, you
    will need to push the three boxes around here to create
    a bridge across the water gap. Here's a simple solution:
    1. Push the first two boxes straight into the water.
    2. Push the far box towards where you entered to give
    you room to drag it on the other side of the wall, giving
    you room to push it onto the water.
    -Take the GREEN HERBx2 and enter the flooded double
    doors. Quickly run to the south west room so you
    aren't attacked by the sharks (Jill will actually have
    a cool cinema with this). In Classic mode, just push
    the lever to drain the water. In Rebirth, you'll have
    to solve a simple puzzle after doing so.
    Quickly examine the valve handle right of the lever
    and use the touch screen to rotate it counter clockwise
    until all four red lights turn on to drain the water.
    -After, examine the button panel on the wall. In
    Classic mode, just hit the switch to unlock the room
    next door. In Rebirth, there's a catch:
    On the electro-lock panel, the object is to have all
    numbers add up to 15, 8, and 3:
    [843] [591] [267]
    -In the other room, take the HANDGUN BULLETSx30,
    SHOTGUN SHELLSx14, and most importantly, the 003
    DORMITORY KEY. Before returning to the Guardhouse
    above, enter the East door. Chris can find a SMALL
    KEY in the box next to the plant roots. If your Jill,
    this is where you will place the V-Jolt once you
    create it soon enough.
    -Get the Red Book and 003 Key, and go back to the
    room with the hornet's nest. Unlock the 003 room
    (and be faced with another knife fight), pick up
    the V-JOLT REPORT on the shelf, INK RIBBONx3 in the
    desk, and FLAMEROUNDSx6 or HANDGUN BULLETSx15 in the
    bathroom. Place the Red Book on the bookshelf to reveal
    a door on the wall. Before you enter, save your game
    brings your Shotgun or Bazooka with flame rounds, and
    fight Plant 42.
    ***If you're playing as Jill, you can solve an optional
    puzzle that makes the fight against the plant a lot
    easier. Approach the door in the hornet nest room.
    Check the panel next to the door and enter either: 345
    or 1245 (whatever the code was on the pool table). This
    will unlock the door, leading into your next puzzle.
    Pick up all four EMPTY BOTTLES scattered around the room.
    Here you will have to do a lot of mixing. The two shelves
    contain UMB No. 02 and 04. Follow these instructions.
    1. Fill a bottle with water from the sink.
    2. Put UMB No. 02 in an empty bottle (red) and combine
    it with the bottle of water to make NP-003.
    3. Put UMB No. 04 in an empty bottle (green). Combine
    it with NP-003(purple) to create UMB No.07 (white).
    4. Put UMB No.02 in empty bottle (red) and fill another
    bottle with UMB No. 04(green). Mix the two together to
    make YELLOW-6(yellow).
    5. Combine YELLOW-6(yellow) with UMB No.07 (white) for
    UMB No.13 (blue). 6. Put water in a bottle.
    7.Put UMB No.02 in another empty bottle. Mix it with the
    water for another NP-003.
    8. Finally, mix the NP-003(purple) with UMB No.13 (blue)
    for the V-JOLT.
    -take the V-Jolt to Guardhouse B1 and use it on the
    plant roots.
    BOSS! PLANT 42
    Hits: Bazooka with V-Jolt:
    3-4 Shotgun (Chris):19-23! The only strategy here is
    to stay a good distance and circle around the large
    plant. Shoot it about two or three times then move
    to a new spot (the ceiling leaks acid).
    -Afterward, get the MANSION HELMET KEY from the
    fireplace. With the Shotgun or Bazooka in hand and
    a heal item, head back to the mansion (there will
    some knife fights on the way).
    -When you arrive back you will encounter the most
    frustrating enemy in (Chris will get the RADIO)
    Resident Evil DS, the Hunter. Just blast it (it usually
    takes two hits with the shotgun and bazooka) and nail
    it again once it gets back up. Unlock the door nearby
    and hit the switch on the table to turn the light on.
    Here, grab the MAGNUM ROUNDSx6 on the desk and either
    the MO DISK or RED BOOK1 on the shelf (depending on
    what version your playing). Head to the save room
    near and pick up SHOTGUN SHELLSx7, FIRST AID SPRAYx1,
    and or ACID ROUNDSx6 that Barry or Wesker left. It's
    best to save, and bring a heal item. When you're ready,
    go to the second floor west staircase (invested with
    hunters on the way). Unlock the door near the stairs
    and take the ORDERS, SHOTGUN SHELLSx7, and MAGNUM
    CLASSIC VERSION: Turn off the light switch and use
    the step ladder to reach the RED JEWEL out of the
    buck's eye. REBIRTH MODE: Use the DS MIC to blow out
    the candle and use the same step as above.
    -Proceed down the stairs (Chris has the choice now
    to save Rebecca here or not). Make your way to the
    tiger statue and use the red jewel to get the MAGNUM.
    Make a save and equip your Shotgun and a heal item.
    Head back to where you got the 2nd Floor Map and
    unlock the red door. In Classic mode, just examine
    the piano. In Rebirth, it's a little bit trickier.
    Use the touch screen to rotate the record clockwise.
    Go steadily but somewhat fast. As long as the meter
    stays in the green towards the end, your set.
    Hits: Shotgun, 6-7 hits
    Same as before, just move around and blast with the
    Shotgun. You won't get poisoned this time, but it's
    a good idea to bring a herb or two.
    -Jump down the hole (Barry will help Jill, sort of)
    and be faced with a grave.
    ***OPTIONAL: If you’re Jill and you want the best
    possible ending, read on. After Barry drops the rope,
    wait for him to come back to get another one, and he
    will give you the PASS NUMBER (which unlocks the
    coded door in the west area on the second floor).
     It's a much easier route. Just make sure to take
    the BATTERY in the closet near the elevator on the
    second floor.
    -If you chose to jump down anyways, you'll be faced
    with a somewhat easy puzzle.
    CLASSIC MODE: Just hit the switch on the grave.
    There are six dots you'll have to "stab" between
    your characters fingers. Hit the ones that highlighting
    blue but be quick. Eventually you will have to stab
    all six dots.
    -Descend down the ladder and pick up SHOTGUN SHELLSx7
    and or the FLAMETHROWER if you're playing Rebirth in
    the north east wall. Run past the zombies into the
    west door. Blast some more walking dead and take the
    GREEN HERBx2. In Rebirth, you'll have to use the
    Flamethrower on the panel to unlock the western door.
    -You'll arrive in the kitchen, and Chris can find a
    SMALL KEY on the counter. Take the elevator up in the
    corner (if you're tight on inventory, enter the other
    door for a cool cinema and arrive back on the first
    floor of the mansion). Once you get off the ride; be
    prepared to face either zombies or hunters in this
    area. After taking care of them, find a GREEN HERBx1
    on the floor and enter the double blue doors. You can
    unlock the desk for MAGNUM ROUNDSx6, and then take
    down the zombies in here. Find the SCRAPBOOK in between
    the book cases. Check out the north wall for a simple
    Classic: Just push the shelf out of the way to access
    the door. Rebirth: Yank the sword out of the door with
    the touch screen by moving the DS pen up and down.
    -In this room, grab the HANDGUN BULLETSx15 on the shelf
    and INK RIBBONx3 on the table. Don't bother checking
    out the window, or you might be faced with some annoying
    crows. Next, enter the west door in the book shelf room.
    If you're playing Rebirth, you will see something spooky.
    Hit the button on the white statue on the wall which
    will shine a light onto the corner tablet. Push the
    statue onto the tablet to remove a bookcase, revealing
    -In Rebirth you will encounter more than one "head
    hunter" on the way. It's best to just run away. Back
    in the elevator hallway, go into the closet and pick
    (shoot the spider in Rebirth). You can find a GREEN
    HERBx1 and BLUE HERBx1 in the next hallway if you
    like (just be careful of the zombies and maybe a hornet).
    Return to the Courtyard waterfall with the battery and
    crank. It's good to save now regarding both versions
    of the game.
    *If you're playing Rebirth, you will have to track
    back to the Guardhouse and fight the Giant Snake
    where you fought Plant 42(and also be treated to
    hunters along the way). Make sure to bring a Herb or
    BOSS! GIANT SNAKE *Rebirth Only*
    Hits:*4Critical +plus
    Unfortunatley, you will be forced to fight the snake
    in a knife fight. The real strategy here is to have
    good timing, and try your best to get critical hits
    right before it attacks you. Remember, you can heal
    yourself anytime, and you can have additional hits
    once you get a critical attack.
    -Pick up the DOOM BOOK 1 and check it for the EAGLE
    -Use the Battery in the courtyard on the wall near the
    waterfall to access the elevator. Go up, and then use
    your crank on the square hole again to raise the water.
    Now, take the elevator back down and find a hidden
    passage behind the waterfall.
    -Open the door and take the FLAMETHROWER if you're Chris
    on the wall. If you're Jill and you waited for Barry
    earlier; he will meet up with you here. Lead the way
    when he asks what to do.
    -Go through the left or right door (they both lead to
    same area), and find a F.AID SPRAYx1 and SHOTGUN SHELLSx7
    or EXPLOSIVE ROUNDSx6 on the east generator. Enter the
    South door to meet Enrico and watch a cinema. Check
    out his body for HANDGUN BULLETSx30, and leave to find
    the HEX. CRANK on the ground. Along the way be aware of
    a knife fight and hunters. Chris will need to put back
    the Flamethrower at this point.
    -Go back to where you entered and wrap around the hall
    to find a huge gap on the ground and a hexagon whole.
    Simply use the Hex. Crank three times to create a
    pathway leading into the next area.
    -Playing as Chris will have you pick up the FLAME
    THROWER of the wall. Approach the large boulder and
    run back to the side quick for it to crash into the
    wall (which reveals a new passage). Grab the item
    behind where the boulder was (FLAMEROUNDSx6 or
    MAGNUMx6) and encounter a hunter here. Shoot it
    at a far distance to avoid your head being sliced.
    Enter the new double doors for a boss.
    Hits: Shotgun: 9 / Bazooka with Flame Rounds: 1-2!!!
    If you're Jill, use your Bazooka with the flame
    rounds to take it down fast. With Chris, run
    around the room, shoot with you're Shotgun, and
    then move again. The poison acid it spits can easily
    be avoided as long as you keep moving.
    -After the fight, slash the web with your knife or
    use the flamethrower on the double doors to get
    through (there's also an INK RIBBONx3 on the corner
    barrel that only Jill can get).In the next area, you
    will be faced with either a super fast zombie in
    Rebirth or small Snakes in Classic mode. Avoid
    the snakes as best as possible. Enter the east
    save room and store some of your items here. Pick
    up the INK RIBBONx3, FIRST AID SPRAYx1, and BLUE HERBx1.
    In Rebirth mode you can solve another blue chest.
    1. D and E.
    2. B and C.
    3. C and D.
    4. F and E.
             {F}    {B}
             {E}    {C}
    1. A and C.
    2. F and D.
    3. C and E.
    4. G and E.
             {H}    {B}
            {G}     {C}
             {F}   {D}
    -Save up and bring the hex-crank. Go through the east
    door (Chris will need to place the flamethrower on the
    wall). Go north and find a hex hole the left wall
    for an easy as can be puzzle.
    Jill: Use the hex-crank three times.
    Chris: Rotate the wall twice.
    -If you rotated the wall correctly, there should be a
    left opening passage on the wall. Enter the door here
    for maybe a knife fight and another great puzzle.
    Push the statue so it hugs the wall just right of
    the hex hole, then use the hex-crank twice push the
    statue out. This gives you room now to drag the statue
    onto the discolored tile revealing the DOOM BOOK 2
    (which you check for the WOLF MEDAL).
    -Run up to the boulder like last time and place
    yourself in the left passage to be safe. Behind it are
    the MAP OF UNDERGROUND and a MO DISK. Now go south and
    take the small elevator up to arrive outside. Take the
    GREEN HERBx2 and RED HERBx2, then approach the fountain.
    Place the Wolf and Eagle Medal in their respected slots
    on the sides of the fountain to drain the water. Solving
    this will reveal some stairs and another elevator,
    leading to a secret underground lab.
    -Pass the emergency door (you will return here in a
    little bit) and head down the ladder to the left.
    Store some stuff, and be faced with a puzzle chest in
    Rebirth mode.
    1. F and E.
    2. A and B.
    3. A and F.
    4. D and C.
             {F}    {B}
             {E}    {C}
    1. H and C.
    2. A and D.
    3. D and G.
    4. H and E.
    5. A and F.
             {H}    {B}
            {G}     {C}
             {F}   {D}
    -Head through the door (here you will have a easy
    knife fight), take out the zombies, and take the
    GREEN HERBx2. Find the last MO DISK passed the
    Visual Data Room on the desk and head down the
    stairs. Enter the double doors immediately next to
    you (watch the zombie in Rebirth) and enter the
    first door you see. Turn on the switch, and in
    Rebirth, take down the “turbo” zombie in here,
    and finds the RESEARCHER'S LETTER on desk, HANDGUN
    BULLETSx15 in the box next to the sink, and GREEN
    HERBx1 in front of the picture. Next, you will be
    faced with a puzzle.
    Push the shelf near the desk to find a switch to
    turn on a blue ray light in the room. If you read
    the letter, look at the picture for a hint. The key
    here is to match the symbols with the letters from
    the words on the picture. If you are having trouble,
    the answer is M O L E.
    -Return to the hallway with the stairs (Jill can find
    an INK RIBBONx3 in front of the south wall) and enter
    the north east doors after blasting some zombies.
    Inside, watch the fast zombie in Rebirth, and pick
    up the SLIDES on the ground. Log onto the computer.
    {1}LOGIN: John
    {2}PASSWORD: Ada
    {4}Unlock both rooms on both B2 and B3.
    -Head back upstairs and enter the Visual Data Room.
    There might be a large hornet in here depending on
    the version you are playing. Use the slides on the
    projector for some cool pictures and data. Examine
    the panel on the wall and push the switch.
    Classic: By pressing the switch the pillar will
    automatically move. Rebirth: Chris and Jill will
    have to solve a confusing puzzle, and on top of that,
    the pattern is different between the two. Hit the
    switches in the order given below:
                   []  []  []  []  []
                   1   2   3   4    5
    JILL: 4, 3, 1, 5, 2.
    CHRIS: 2, 5, 4, 1, 3.
    -When it's over, grab the POWER ROOM KEY and find
    the SECURITY SYSTEM FILE in corner shelf. Exit and
    go back downstairs (if you want the best ending, bring
    two Mo Disks with you). It's also a good idea to bring
    the Shotgun as well. Unlock the double doors Southeast
    with the Power Room Key. The next couple of steps are
    optional, but worth it.
    If you head into the first room, you will be faced
    with two boxes and a step ladder. Your goal is to
    have both boxes covering the circle vents on the
    floor first, and then the step ladder onto of the
    middle switch. Here's the solution:
    O Circle vents
    [] Switch
    [A]Box 1
    [B]Box 2
    L Step Ladder
                         {3}- O      []     O-{1}
                             [A]          [B]
    {1}Push Box A straight ahead to cover the circle
    vent on the right.
    {2}Push the step ladder to the right; just enough
    to give you room to push it back from the right
    side (not against the wall).
    {3}With the step ladder out of the way, push Box B,
    push it straight to the side of the ladder. Next,
    push it from the right side and work your way to
    cover the left circle vent.
    {4}Now push the ladder onto the center tile switch.
    -Don't forget to pick up the RED HERBx1 and SHOTGUN
    SHELLSx7, then crawl through the vent from the step
    ladder. On the shelf there is MAGNUM ROUNDSx6 (in
    Rebirth there will be a ton of zombies scattered on
    the floor). Use a Mo Disk on the pass code input
    machine to get PASSCODE 02. Unlock the door arrive
    back in the hall. Continue to the East hall and enter
    the eastern save room (look out for zombies). Here
    snag the GREEN HERBx1, BLUE HERBx2, and either the
    FLAMEROUNDSx6 or MAGNUM ROUNDSx6. Save your game
    and bring a heal item with you. In Rebirth mode,
    you can solve your last puzzle chest in the game.
    The last one is quite different then the rest of
    them in the game, simply because there are four
    handles instead of the average two. One handle
    highlights one color circle, while the remaining
    highlight three color circles.
    1. B, GFE.
    2. F, ABC.
    3. A, FED.
    4. E, HAB.
             {F}    {B}
           {E}       {C}
            {F}     {D}
    1. A, DEF
    2. D, EFA
    3. E, BCD
             {H}    {B}
           {G}       {C}
             {F}   {D}
    -Leave the save room (encounter a knife fight) and
    enter the south room. If you're playing the new
    Rebirth mode, this will be your toughest knife fight
    in the game, since it's so lengthy. Time your attacks,
    the more critical hits the safer.
    -"Heads" up for the head hunters in here, the Shotgun
    is the only resort. Check out the power regulator
    terminal in the southwest part of the room.
    Classic: Just hit the switch and the power will
    automatically restore.
    Rebirth: With the touch screen, you need to draw
    two wires to connect the power. Draw the lines
    marked @ on the diagram below.
        _____      _____       _____
        |   |      |   |       |   |
        |   |______|   |_______|___|
        |   |      |   |       |   |
        |@@@|      |@@@|_______|   |
        |___|      |   |       |   |
        |___|      |   |_______|   |
        |   |      |   |       |   |
       {2}  {3}   {4} {5}     {7} {8}
    -Enter the southwest door from here. If you run
    straight ahead into southeast corner in this area,
    you can place a Mo Disk into the inputer to get
    PASSCODE 03(optional). Be cautious of the head
    hunters, and enter the south door. Blast some more
    crawlers, then examine the terminal.
    Classic: Like before, just hit the switch for to
    get power back on automatically.
    Rebirth: Again, you have to restore the power with
    the touch screen, but this time, it's a little
        _____      _____       _____
        |   |      |   |       |___|
        |   |@@@@@@|   |_______|   |
        |___|      |@@@|       |   |
        |   |      |   |_______|   |
        |___|      |   |       |   |
        |___|______|   |       |   |
        |   |      |   |       |   |
       {5}  {6}   {3} {2}     {4} {7}
    -With the power finally and fully restored to the
    elevator, head back to the save room and SAVE YOUR
    game. Equip the Magnum and a heal item, then approach
    the elevator. Hit the switch on the right to activate
    it. Depending your decisions through out the game,
    Barry or Rebecca will meet up with (if Chris saved
    Rebecca earlier on). Regardless, you will watch a
    cinema and be faced with the Tyrant.
    Hits: 6(with Magnum) or 3(Jill)
    Hopefully you saved up your Magnum bullets for this
    fight. It's pretty simple here, run a long distance
    and shoot away, and when you hit 3-6 shots, he will
    -After the fight, you may be put in one of many
    situations. If you didn't save Rebecca or didn't
    wait for Barry earlier, then you have to take the
    MASTER KEY (JILL) from Wesker's body, then unlock
    the door by the terminal nearby. If you did do
    the actions above, then you can simply leave the
    room without worrying to pick anything up (Jill
    will have to check on Barry if you want the good
    ending and Chris will meet up with Rebecca).
    *Optional: Input the last Mo Disk in the northwest
    room on B3 to get the PASS CODE 01. Now you can
    approach the west double doors and input all three
    codes on the right wall. Blast the zombies around
    here and you rescue either Chris or Jill from the
    jail cell!!
    -Save your game for the last time, and head up to
    the emergency exit doors on B1. Pick up the BATTERY
    on the floor and place it into the slot next to the
    elevator. Here you might watch a cinema, and go up
    the elevator for a possible time limit. Pick up the
    FLARE in the box and use it in the center of the
    helipad to have Brad come in the helicopter. If you
    rescued your secondary characters and Jill or Chris,
    you will face the Tyrant one last time.
    Hits: 8-12 with Magnum, +plus Rocket Launcher
    Don't be in disgrace if you get nailed right away.
    As long as you have plenty of healing items, keep
    a not too far distance and fire away with the Magnum.
    If you run to far, he will knock you down with his
    devastating drag claw attack. After about eight to
    twelve shots, Brad will drop the Rocket Launcher,
    equip it and FIRE!!!!!
    [5]   G   A   M   E
                  E   N   D   I   N   G   S
    All the endings aren't all that different, they only
    include or exclude a character or two.
    *****SOME SPOILERS************
    (1)WORST ENDING: Rescue Yourself
    Don't save Rebecca from the hunter early on and
    forget about Jill in the jail cell.
    What Happens: Chris takes off the helicopter
    alone (not facing the Tyrant).
    {2}2ND WORST ENDING: Save Rebecca
    Make sure to kill the hunter that attacks her
    on the west area of the mansion,
    and ignore Jill and Mo Disks inputs.
    What Happens: Chris and Rebecca take
    off and Chris asks if Rebecca is tired, and
    she says she is.
    {3}MODERATE ENDING: Rescue Jill Only
    Let the hunter slice Rebecca (just run away),
    and complete the Mo Disk input procedure
    to save Jill from jail cell on B2 of the
    What Happens: Chris and Jill take off in the
    chopper, laying on Chris', while both
    are exhausted.
    (4)THE BEST ENDING: Save Rebecca & Jill
    Rescue Rebecca from the hunter and input all
    Mo Disks in the input decoder to get
    access to the jail cell, where you save Jill.
    What Happens: Chris, Jill, and Rebecca get away,
    and Chris smiles at Rebecca who is
    {1}WORST ENDING: Rescue Yourself
    After the second snake fight in the game, Barry
    will drop down the rope, and he says he will be
    right back. Do not wait for him, just go down
    the ladder. Don't bother with the Mo disk sequence,
    just run up to the helipad to the chopper.
    What Happens: Jill takes off alone. (You will
    also get Barry's Picture here).
    {2}2ND WORST ENDING: Save Barry
    Follow the first step above, but instead wait for
    Barry to give you the rope. When you face the
    Tyrant the first time; make sure you check on Barry
    after the fight.
    What Happens: Jill and Barry take off in the
    {3}MODERATE ENDING: Rescue Chris
    Leave Barry when he drops the rope in the hole,
    and complete all three Mo Disk steps to save
    Chris from the jail.
    What Happens: Chris and Jill take off in the chopper.
    {4}BEST ENDING: Save Both Chris & Barry
    Wait for Barry to come back with the rope
    after the second snake fight, and check on him
    once he get's hit by the Tyrant. Input all Mo
    Disks in the inputors and rescue Chris from
    the jail cell.
    What Happens: Jill, Chris, and Barry leave the
    scene and Barry checks out is Colt Magnum
    for some reason.
    [6]   I  T  E  M
                  L  I  S  T
    Here's a quick reference for all the items
    found in the game if you don't feel like
    searching it in the walkthrough.
    Location: Jill: Defualt/Chris: Main mansion room, on floor.
    Use: Weapon
    Location:Dining room(Mansion,1F, above fire place.
    Use:Replace the Gold Emblem in piano room.
    Location: Piano room, Mansion 1F.
    Use: Place it above the fireplace in the dining
    room where you get the Emblem.
    Location: Mansion main room, Barry gives it to you.
    Use: Unlocks simple locks, and Sword carving doors.
    Location: Mansion, Courtyard, Guardhouse.
    Use: Unlocks simple locks, small desks.
    Location: Mansion 1F, west save room.
    Use: Unlocks all doors with a sword carving on it.
    Location: Dining room (Mansion 1F), behind clock.
    Use: Unlocks snake room, Mansion 2F east area.
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, in fireplace (where you
    fight Plant 42.
    Use: Unlocks all doors with a helmet carving.
    Location: Mansion 1F (west area), near plant fountain.
    Use: Unlocks all doors with an armor carving.
    (10)002 DORMITORY KEY
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, near hornet's nest.
    Use: Unlocks 002 rooms (Guardhouse 1F).
    (11)003 DORMITORY KEY
    Location: Guardhouse B1 (near shark room).
    Use: Unlocks 003 rooms in hornet nest area.
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, 001 room bathtub.
    Use: Unlocks control room in Guardhouse, B1
    Location: Lab B1, Visual Data Room.
    Use: Unlocks power room on Lab B2.
    (14)V-JOLT (JILL)
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, near hornet's nest.
    Use: Damages Plant 42.
    Location: Mansion 1F, piano room, behind shelf.
    Use: Use on piano.
    (16)BLUE JEWEL
    Location: Inside statue in dining room (2F)
    Mansion, push it off balcony.
    Use: Use on tiger statue (Mansion 1F west area).
    (17)RED JEWEL
    Location: Mansion 2F (west area), buck's eye.
    Use: Place in tiger statue (Mansion west 1F).
    (18)WIND CREST
    Location: Tiger statue, Mansion 2F
    Use: Place in the panel to gain access to
    (19)MOON CREST
    Location: Mansion 2F, first snake fight.
    Use: Place in the panel to gain access to
    (20)STAR CREST
    Location: Mansion 1F, solve picture puzzle
    in east area.
    Use: Place in the panel to gain access to
    (21)SUN CREST
    Location: Mansion 2F, west double green doors.
    Solve puzzle.
    Use: Place in the panel to gain access to
    Location: Mansion 1F (west)
    Use: Pour it on the water pump to kill off
    plant fountain.
    Location: Mansion 1F (west)
    Use: Replace with Shotgun on the wall on
    Mansion 1F east area.
    Location: Courtyard 1F, in shed.
    Use: Use on the square-hole to drain the
    water in Courtyard.
    Location: Courtyard B1, after talking to
    Use: Use on all hex. holes in the tunnel
    (26)RED BOOK
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, 001 room.
    Use: Take it to 003 rooms and place it
    on bookshelf.
    Location: Get from Richard (Jill), or
    Mansion 1F west area (Chris).
    Use: Hear Brad talk.
    Location: Mansion 1F (west), or Courtyard
    1F (snake knife fight).
    Use: Examine it for the Eagle Medal, use
    on Courtyard 1F fountain.
    Location: Courtyard B1, solve puzzle.
    Use: Examine it for the Wolf Medal,
    use on Courtyard 1F fountain.
    Location: Mansion 2F (west)/Lab 1F.
    Use: Activates the elevator(s).
    Location: Courtyard B1 (tunnel), Mansion 2F
    Use: Place on hooks to unlock doors.
    {32}MO DISKS(x3)
    Location: Courtyard B1, Mansion 2F, 1F.
    Use: Enter in the three input decoders to
    get Pass Codes 001-003.
    Location: Lab B2.
    Use: Use on projector (Lab B1).
    Location: Lab B1 (Wesker's body).
    Use: Unlocks Chris' jail cell, emergency exit.
    Location: Helipad (last area).
    Use: Light it in the middle of helipad.
    {36)1ST FLOOR MAP
    Location: Mansion 1F (east), top of statue.
    Use: Map.
    (37)2ND FLOOR MAP
    Location: Mansion 2F (east). Use lighter on
    Use: Map.
    Location: Courtyard 1F, on wall.
    Use: Map.
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, 002 room.
    Use: Map.
    Location: Courtyard B1, behind large boulder.
    (41)INK RIBBON(s)
    Location: All over.
    Use: Saves your game.
    Location: All over
    Use: Cures all health status.
    [6]   W  E  A  P  O  N
                  A  R  S  E  N  A  L
    Here's a quick overview of all the weapons in the game.
    Location: Default
    Power: Weak
    Info: Good in knife fights, and useful in dogs and crawling
    Location: Default (Jill), main mansion room.
    Power: Weak
    Capacity: 15
    Holds: Handgun Bullets
    Use for: Zombies and dogs.
    Location: Mansion 1F (east).
    Power: Moderate
    Capacity: 7
    Holds: S.Shells
    Use for: Multiple enemies, zombies, dogs, spiders, and
    *giant snake.
    Location: Mansion 1F (west), tiger statue.
    Power: Strong
    Capacity: 6
    Holds: Magnum Rounds
    Use for: Tyrant
    Location: Mansion 2F (northeast), Forest's body.
    Power: Moderate/Strong
    Capacity: 6
    Holds: Acid, Flame, and Explosive Rounds.
    Use for: Use acid/explosive rounds on hunters, flame on
    Plant 42 and spiders.
    Location: Helipad
    Power: Super
    Capacity: 4-*infinity
    Holds: Rockets
    Use for: Tyrant, anything.
    [7]   ENEMY
    If you are having trouble with some enemies in the game,
    use this for some quick help in what to do when
    encountering these foes.
    *HP (Hit Points)
    Location: Mansion, Guardhouse
    Use: Handgun & Knife
    HP: 3-4
    Info: Shoot them down with the Handgun, and then stab
    them with the knife.
    Location: Everywhere
    Use: Handgun/Shotgun
    Info: Up against one is simple: shoot it down or run
    by it. If you’re up against more than one use the Shotgun.
    HP: 4-7
    Location: Mansion, Guardhouse
    Use:Acid/Flame Rounds,Shotgun.
    INFO:Always stay a fairly distance to aviod being
    attacked. They can be easilyavoided as well.
    Location: Courtyard/Underground
    Use: Step on em!
    HP: 1
    INFO: Don't waste your ammo, just run away or on
    them. They do little damage to you.
    Location: Mansion, Courtyard, Lab
    INFO: In Classic mode, they can easily be avoided,
    but in Rebirth they're quite more annoying considering
    they appear with other enemies in the room.
    Location: Courtyard/Underground
    Use: N/A
    HP: 1-2
    INFO: Run when you see these creatures, you're never
    forced to fight these. They do
    poison you if they make contact though.
    (7)HORNETS (small)
    Location: Guardhouse
    Use: N/A
    HP: 1
    INFO: Run, just run!
    (8)HORNETS (large) Rebirth*
    Location: Mansion, Guardhouse, Lab
    Use: Handgun/Knife
    HP: 1
    INFO: It's best to shoot them when you first see
    them at a distance, otherwise it will fly around you
    and be harder to hit. If this occurs, just run away.
    Location: Mansion, Courtyard, Guardhouse, Lab.
    Use: Shotgun/Bazooka (explosive or acid).
    HP: 2-3
    INFO: Toughest of the bunch, you need to unleash the
    Shotgun or Bazooka as soon as you see them. Never
    try to run from them, or your head will be gone. It's
    best to get up close and personal and nail them.
    Location: Mansion, Lab
    Use: Shotgun
    HP: 3
    INFO: Fairly descent, knock them down when they crawl
    on the ceiling and attack when they get back on their
    (11)GIANT SPIDER (Boss)
    Location: Underground area
    Use: Shotgun, Bazooka with flame rounds
    HP: 5-8
    INFO: Shoot it, then run to the side, and shoot it again.
    It poisonous, so make sure you have a blue herb with you.
    (12)GIANT SNAKE (Boss)
    Location: Mansion, Guardhouse
    Use: Shotgun
    HP: 5-8
    INFO: It’s best just to go commando and unleash some fire
    power. It's nearly impossible sometimes to dodge its attack,
    so go back and forth.
    Location: Guardhouse, B1
    Use: Ignore
    HP: 2-3
    INFO: Avoid at all costs.
    (14)PLANT 42(Boss)
    Location: Guardhouse
    Use: Flame rounds, Shotgun
    HP: 5-23!
    INFO: Jill can easily take care of this with some rounds
    of flame explosives. Chris will have to deal with a lot
    of Shotgun fire power. The key is to shoot it close (not
    too close), then move to another position to dodge the
    acid dripping from ceiling.
    (15)TYRANT (Boss)
    Location: Lab B1, Helipad
    Use: Magnum/Rocket Launcher
    HP: 6-8
    INFO: The first battle is easy, stay are far distance
    and pump him with six shots with the Magnum. In the
    last fight, hit him fairly close, and then run away each
    [8]  FILE
    If you're interested in finding all the files, here are all
    their locations.
    *SPECIAL NOTE: You CANNOT pick up all files during one
    scenario, since you get some different files through
    decisions and characters.
    Location: Mansion 1F (west), on desk.
    Location: Mansion 2F (east), library room, on table.
    Location: Mansion 2F (east), room with water tank and bug
    Location: MANSION 2F (west), room near staircase.
    (5)PASS NUMBER (JILL) *OPTIONAL: wait for Barry after
    he drops the rope.
    Location: Mansion 2F (west), second snake fight.
    (6)PLANT 42 REPORT
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, 002 room, on bed.
    Location: Lab, B2 (west) near decoder on shelf.
    Location: Mansion 2F (west), in between book cases.
    Location: Lab B2, Visual Data Room, corner shelf.
    Location: Lab B3 (west), on desk.
    Location: Guardhouse 1F, 003 room, on bookshelf.
    (6)Barry’s LETTER (JILL)
    Location: Lab B1, Barry gives it to Jill if you don't
    wait for him early on.
    Location: Mansion 2F (west), behind bookshelf.
    (1)PASS CODE 01
    Location: Lab B3 (northwest), use Mo Disk on decoder.
    (2)PASS CODE 02
    Location: Lab B3 (southeast), Boiler room, use Mo Disk
    on decoder.
    (3)PASS CODE 03
    Location: Lab B3, solve box puzzle and crawl through vent,
    use Mo Disk on decoder.
    [9]  GAME
    There are plenty of unlockables in Resident Evil DS. Here's
    what I came upon over my numerous completions.
    How to: Get the best ending with either character in any
    mode to get two new costumes for that person. You will
    get the "SPECIAL KEY" which can be used on the northeast
    room of the first floor mansion (you need the Armor Key
    as well). Head into the back to change into some cool new
    Costume#1: Ninja Suit
    INFO: Similar to Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.
    Costime#2: Leather Jacket
    INFO: Cool leather jacket with an angel on the back, with
    some cacks. Going casual yet biker.
    Costume#1: Black Half Shirt, Black Jeans
    INFO: Nice necklace, she looks more like a fighter this
    time around with a bad-ass look.
    Costume#2: Cop Shirt (hardly), short shorts
    INFO: If you want to call this a costume... Jill goes
    Victory Secrets meets bad girl cop.
    Considering you encounter a ton of knife fights and
    more puzzles in Rebirth mode, this one is tough.
    How To? Beat the game no longer then three hours
    with the best ending with your character.
    -Leave a lot of the herbs behind and only use them
    when you need them.
    -Skip cinemas and load times (Select skips most cinemas,
    B skips the door load times).
    -To waste time saving as much.
      (A)Rebecca: Beat Rebirth mode with Chris with the best
      (B)Barry: Beat Rebirth mode with Jill with the best
      {C}Wesker: Score a "B" rank or higher in Master of
    -the rest of the characters are rumored to be unlocked
     in Multi-Card mode.
    [10]  MASTER    of
    Use this chart to help you get through the levels. Remember,
    *critical hits can be performed at the last minute just before
    enemies hit you. It's your guide to win!
    -Max Hit Combo
    -Score Bonus
    -Damage received
    S  T  A  G  E   1
    BOSS! Special Zombie   Hits 3*critical +plus/
    (Chris) 9
    (Jill) 7-8
    S  T  A  G  E   2
    BOSS! Hunter
    Hits: 4 critical* +plus
    S  T  A  G  E   3
    BOSS! Forest
    Hits: 5 critical* +plus (Chris)
    *3 critical hits +plus (Jill)
    S  T  A  G  E   4
    BOSS! n/a
    Hits: 5 critical* +plus (Chris)
    *3 critical hits +plus (Jill)
    S  T  A  G  E   4
    BOSS! Snake
    Hits: 8 critical* +plus (Chris) *4 critical
    hits +plus (Jill)
    -If you're playing as Chris, there's no doubt
    it will take you several tries to beat the snake.
    You need to use quick stabs when he goes for his
    ultimate attack, which is three attacks straight
    in a row.
    [11]  Multi-card
    Here are some general tips and rules that the game
    gives you. For more information and general strategies,
    the instruction booklet gives you a bunch.
    -V  E  R  S  U  S  Mode-
    -"Defeat yellow enemies and your opponents become
    -"Defeat purple enemies and you opponents will be
    unable to run."
    -"Only one person can take items from the blue chests."
    C  0-  o  p  Mode
    -"You and your team share the same life."
    -"enemies share the same life."
    -"when everyone's in the same room get bonus attacks."
    -"only one person can take items from the blue boxes."
    [12]  FINAL
    Resident Evil: Deadly silence is a pure enjoyment for
    Nintendo's handheld system. Although at first glance,
    you may think the game is quite dated (which it is),
    but the new features add some cool new way to play
    the game. Using the DS Mic and touch screen, I had
    a ton of fun playing through this game more than
    five times. If you own a DS, it wouldn't be bad a
    bad idea topick this game up.
    -Brandon Guerrie
    Thanks to gamefaqs for giving me and all the others
    the opportunity to write guides/reviews/codes for games.
    Thanks to Capcom as well.
    any questions, email: brandon_guerrie@yahoo.com.
    Copyright 2006
    end of FAQ.

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