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    Enemy/Boss FAQ by theblueottsel

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                   Resident Evil: DS Enemy FAQ
    Ok, this is just a short little guide to the enemies and bosses in
    this game, and how to kill them.
    The Normal Enemies
    Difficulty: Easy
    Appear: everywhere
    Prefered weapon: Handgun/knife
    Description: These brain-dead monsters are the primary enemy in
    the game, and are pretty weak. If you see something staggering
    around with half it's face missing, it's a zombie.
    Attacks: Neck bite, Leg bite, barf
    How to kill: just stay at a distance and shoot them with the
    Handgun. They should fall after 2-6 shots. But, this doesn't
    always mean they are dead. They may just be laying there
    waiting to bite your leg if you come to close. Look under them.
    If you see a pool of blood, they are dead. If you don't, they
    are alive. You should stab them with the knife if they are
    not dead while laying on the ground. Just don't stand in front
    of them, as they will bite you. And if they grab you, just button
    mash to get them off. Anf beware, if they walk to close to you
    they may barf at you.
    Zombie Dogs
    Difficulty: easy-medium
    Appear: Mansion, Courtyard
    Prefered weapon: Handgun/Knife
    Description: Just a normal everyday dog with it's ribcage
    sticking out.
    Attacks: leaping bite
    How to kill: These things are quick, but they don't do much
    damage. Wait until they run at you and shoot them with the
    handgun once. When they are on the ground, run up to them and
    stab them with the knife.
    Difficulty: Very easy
    Appear: Mansion
    Preffered weapon: Knife
    Description: A crow. Flies fast. Pecks.
    Attacks: Peck.
    How to kill: Just wait until they get close, then stab upward
    with the knife to kill them in 1 hit. Or just run.
    Giant Spiders
    Difficulty: easy
    Appear: Guardhouse, Mansion(Later on)
    Prefered weapon: Handgun
    Description: It's a giant spider that likes to crawl on the
    ceiling and drop down at you when you least expect it.
    Attacks: Venom spit, leg wack.
    How to kill: They arn't to hard. Just make sure to keep your
    distance and keep unloading on them with the handgun. They should
    die in only a couple of shots. If you do get hit by their venom,
    it may poison you. So be sure to bring blue herbs when going
    into spider-infested areas.
    Baby spiders
    Difficulty: Very very easy
    Appear: Underground passage
    Prefered weapon: Foot
    Description: Itsy-bitsy spiders.
    Attacks: Bite.
    How to kill: Ok, first off, let me just say the only place you
    will ever see these is right after killing the Queen Spider.
    After she dies, about 10 baby spiders come out of her and go for
    you. Just walk over them and they go SPLAT.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Appear: Underground passage, Courtyard.
    Prefered weapon: Knife/handgun.
    Description: A small skinny snake that likes to jump at you
    and bite you.
    Attacks: Poison bite.
    How to kill: Just point your handgun down and shoot them. It is
    pretty easy to stab them with the knife, too. Either way, they die
    in 1 hit. They are pretty easy to dodge and very small, though, so
    it might be best just to run past them if you encounter them. And
    watch out, they are poisonous.
    Difficulty: N/A
    Appear: Shark Tank Area(Under Guardhouse)
    Prefered weapon: Nothing
    Description: A shark that swims after you and bites you.
    Attacks: Bite.(Very painful)
    How to kill: Don't even try, it's impossible. Just run away.
    After you drain the water in the area, though, you can kill them.
    All they will do then is flop around like a fish out of water.
    Difficulty: Easy-medium
    Appear: Mansion, Courtyard, Underground Passage.
    Prefered weapon: Handgun
    Description: Half man, half amphibian, these mutant freaks
    can run real fast and love to jump on you and bite at you.
    Attacks: Arm wack, bite
    How to kill: Keep your distance and unload on these things
    with the Handgun. Careful though, they can run up to you REAl
    fast. If they get too close, they will likely jump on you and
    bite at you. Just shoot them with the handgun from a distance,
    they seriously die and 2-4 shots.
    Difficulty: More annoying than hard
    Appear: Guardhouse
    Prefered weapon: Handgun, flamethrower
    Description: An annoying hornet that flies around fast.
    Attacks: poison sting
    How to kill: It's really best to just run if you encounter them,
    but if you absolutly have to kill them, roast them with the flame-
    thrower. If you don't have it, then use the handgun.
    Giant Hornet (Rebirth Only)
    Difficulty: More annoying than hard
    Appear: Guardhouse
    Prefered weapon: Handgun, flamethrower
    Description: Similair to the regular hornets, only bigger.
    Attacks: Poison sting
    How to kill: Kill them just like the normal hornets.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Appear: Secret Lab
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun
    Description: Like a Fishman that can crawl on ceilings.
    Attacks: Arm wack, bite, head wack
    How to kill: These things are pretty annoying. First of all, the
    shotgun is your only hope here. They crawl around on the ceiling
    and swinf their arms and claws at your head. If they are on the
    ground, they jump on you and bite you, similar to the Fishmens'
    attacks. If they are on the ceiling, point your shotgun up and
    let them have it. After they fall down, run as far away as you can,
    and when they get back up(Oddly, they are invincible when laying
    down) let them eat shotgun bullets again. Keep it up till they
    are dead.
    Mutant Zombies
    Difficulty: Easy
    Appear: Secret Lab
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun
    Description: These things are all redish in color. They are
    like normal zombies with no clothes or face, and redish skin.
    Attacks: Bite
    How to kill: Ok, first off, these thing will NEVER die until you
    blow their heads off. You can shoot them twice with a handgun to
    knock them down, but as soon as you leave the room, they revive.
    So wait until they get close, aim your shotgun up, and BAM. It
    should take their heads off in 1 shot.
    Well, that is pretty much it for the normal enemies. Now for the
    Giant Snake
    Difficulty: Medium
    Appear: Mansion
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun, rocket launcher, magnum.
    Description: A GIANT snake.
    Attacks: Poison bite
    How to kill: Well, you can't really KILL it yet. First off,
    if this thing bites you, you will be poisoned. But that's what
    you WANT to happen. (Seriously, just listen). After you get
    poisoned, just stay behind it and unload on it with any of the
    weapons listed above. It will retreat before you know it. After
    the battle, grab the moon crest and leave the room. You will
    collape and be rescued by someone why takes you to the infirmary
    and gives you serum.
    Plant 42
    Difficulty: Easy
    Appear: Guardhouse
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun
    Description: A giant plant with a LOT tentacle-like vines.
    Attacks: Vine whip
    How to kill: This thing is easy. All it does is whip you with those
    giant vines, and this does hardly any damage at all. I just shot this
    thing twice with the shotgun and it shriveled up and died. 
    Giant Snake 2
    Difficulty: Medium
    Appear: Mansion
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun, Magnum, Rocket Launcher
    Description: That same snake we fought in the attic earlier.
    Attacks: Poisnon bite(Who cares!)
    How to kill: Remember how I told you to let yourself get poisned
    in the last battle with this thing? Well, here's why. Because of
    the serum your rescuer gave you, you have become completey
    immune to this thing's venom! So all you have to worry about
    it's weak bite attack. Just follow the same strategies as before
    and you will prevail. Just keep in mind, you have slightly less
    room to move around in than before.
    Queen Spider
    Difficulty: easy
    Appear: Underground Passage
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun, rocket launcher.
    Description: Like the giant spiders, only bigger.
    Attacks: Poison spit
    How to kill: Yeeaaahhh...The ONLY attack this thing ever does is
    get close to you and spit venom. Just keep your distance and keep
    blasting away with the shotgun and rocket launcher. After she is dead,
    look out for all the baby spiders that come after you. And she is
    poisonous, so bring 1 or 2 blue herbs.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Appear: Secret Lab
    Prefered weapon: Shotgun
    Description: A giant 10-foot mutated man monster with a giant
    Attaks: Claw Slash
    How to kill: EASY. Just keep your distance and shoot it until with
    the shotgun until it dies. It moves very slow and can only attack
    when right next to you, so just keep your distance and fire away.
    Tyrant Rematch(Final Boss)
    Difficulty: Medium-hard
    Appear: Helipad
    Prefered Weapon: Shotgun, magnum.
    Description: He's back, and he isn't going to let you escape
    the facility that easy!
    Attacks: Claw slash
    How to kill: Ok, he is harder than before, mainly because he
    is really fast now. If you get to far away from him, he will
    charge at you swing those claws at you in a 2-5 hit combo.
    And THAT sucks. You and him have a lot more room than before,
    and that makes it a lot more convienant for him. You only needed
    the shotgun before, but now that he is so fast, you need something
    that can fire fast and is very powerful. So use the Magnum.
    If you don't have it, though, just use the Shotgun. Afte you deal
    some heavy damage, the guys in the helicopter will throw you a
    rocket launcher. So grab it, aim for the Tyrant, say "Bye bye,
    mutant freak!" and let him have it. One rocket will blow him
    all to pieces, and finish the game!
    Well, I hope you all found this useful. 
    (C) 2006, The Blue Ottsel

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