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    Multiplayer FAQ by JLP

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/15/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Multiplayer (Co-op) FAQ
    Copyright 2007 Jake Lackner
    email me at bloodketchup13@yahoo.com or aim me at feenixnine if 
    you have questions, concerns, or comments. If you want to use my 
    guide on your site, let me know, and IÕll probably accept.
    Table of Contents:
    00. Notes                       (NOTES)
    01. Version History             (VRHIS)
    02. Introduction                (INTRD)
    03. Gametypes                   (GMETY)
    04. Characters                  (CHRCT)
    05. Weapons/Items/Health        (WPITH)
    06. Enemies/Bosses              (ENMES)
    07. Stages/Walkthroughs         (STGES)
    	+Mansion                   (MNSON)
    	+Guardhouse                (GRDHS)
    	+Laboratory                (LBRTY)
    08. Strategies and Tips  		 (STRTI)
    09. Knife Fights                (KNFFG)
    10. My Thoughts                 (THGTS)
    11. Thanks                      (THANX)
    << 00. Notes (NOTES) >>
    +RE:DS multiplayer is multi-card only. No single card or wifi play 
    is available.
    +When I talk about specific rooms (like the Main Hall or Pool 
    table/Bar room),
    I assume youÕre somewhat familiar with the single player game. The 
    stages are pretty straightforward though, so, in most cases, just 
    go to
    whereverÕs unlocked and youÕll be fine.
    +As of 8/15/07, this guide should only be posted at Gamefaqs.com
    << 01. Version History (VRHIS) >>
    7/19/07: Started the guide. Completed intro and gametypes 
    sections.  Finished
    basic info for most characters. 
    7/21/07: Did more work on characters. Completed weapons. Started 
    8/10/07: Added more to the stages and characters section. Finished 
    first draft,
    combined Weapons, Items, and Health
    8/11/07: Submitted guide. Changed format from Multiplayer to Co-op 
    Combined Enemies and Bosses. Added Knife Fights. Added 
    8/15/07: Old guide got accepted (first FAQ on Gamefaqs, awesome!) 
    Combined the Stages and Walkthroughs sections. Added a few more 
    tips. Added My Thoughts section. Added Notes section. Updated 
    Thanks section.
    8/12/07: Finished walkthroughs.
    << 02. Introduction (INTRD) >>
    When I first heard about Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (RE:DS), I 
    was intrigued
    by the fact that it would offer a new multiplayer mode. 
    Unfortunately, the
    multiplayer doesn't support wi-fi, which limited its popularity. 
    As a result, I
    haven't seen any guides that focus on this aspect of the game 
    (most don't touch
    on it at all.)
    Because RE:DS is one of my favorite games, and my girlfriend and I 
    had a great
    time playing multiplayer together, I thought I would write this 
    guide. If you
    ever do get a chance to play this game with other people, it can 
    be a blast. 
    << 03. Gametypes (GMETY) >>
    Like many multiplayer games, RE:DS gives you a few gametypes (ways 
    to play the
    game) to mess around with. In this title, there are two:
    The first is VERSUS. Unlike many adversarial games, Versus in 
    RE:DS doesn't
    have players directly attacking each other. Instead, the 
    characters try to get
    the highest score (mainly by killing enemies), while escaping from 
    the level in
    the allotted time. 
    	+Special yellow enemies can be killed to make your opponents 
    face harder foes.
    	+Special purple enemies can be killed to make your opponents 
    lose the
    ability to 	 run.
    	+Only one person can take items from special blue storage 
    The second is COOPERATIVE. In Co-op, everyone works together to 
    try to get to
    the goal together. 
    	+All players share the same life bar.
    	+When all players are in the same room, your weapons are 
    	+You can swap items with item boxes
    	+Only one person can take items from the special blue storage 
    The guide is written for the Co-op mode. Many things in this guide 
    will apply
    to Versus, but there are definite differences. 
    << 04. Characters (CHRCT) >>
    Note: No matter what character your teammates pick, they will 
    always appear as a colored star on your screen. 
    Unlike in single player, you have more than Chris Redfield and 
    Jill Valentine to play as in multiplayer. You can select any 
    operative from the STARS Alpha and Bravo teams (although you have 
    to unlock every character besides Chris and
    Jill.) They all have a different special strength.
    Jill Valentine
    How to unlock: Unlocked by default.
    Game description: "Large item capacity"
    Chris Redfield
    How to unlock: Unlocked by default
    Game description: "Good with handguns"
    Barry Burton
    How to unlock: Beat Jill's game in Rebirth Mode.
    Game description: "Skilled magnum user"
    Rebecca Chambers
    How to unlock: Beat Chris' game in Rebirth Mode
    Game description: "Great at first aid"
    Forest Speyer
    How to unlock: Beat Jill's game in Classic Mode
    Game description: "Good with heavy weapons"
    Kenneth J. Sullivan
    How to unlock: Beat Chris' game in Classic Mode
    Game description: "Masterful knife expert"
    Albert Wesker
    How to unlock: Beat Master of Knifing with a B or higher rank.
    Game description: "Master of Firearms" 
    Enrico Marini
    How to unlock: Beat all levels of Co-op
    Game description: "Above average stats"
    Richard Aiken
    How to unlock: Beat all levels of Versus
    Game description:
    Notes on characters: 
    + When the game tells you that a character is good with a weapon 
    descriptions above), it means they do more damage with it. For 
    example, Barry
    can usually kill a hunter in one shot.
    + Rebecca's healing powers mean that a normal green herb from her 
    heals 50% of
    health, rather than the normal 25% (and so on.) 
    + Jill and Forest have 8 inventory slots. Everyone else has 6. 
    + Every character starts with a handgun (except in the lab.)
    + When you're picking a character, weigh your options carefully. 
    For example,
    picking Forest Speyer might sound good, because an upgraded 
    grenade launcher
    sounds awesome, right? However, the grenade launcher isn't as 
    common as a
    handgun, meaning you might not be able to take advantage of his 
    abilities as
    much. On the flip side, picking Chris Redfield (good with 
    handguns) might get
    you a good advantage at the start of the game, but you won't have 
    extra to look forward to. 
    Ultimately though, picking the best character for the job won't 
    mean anything
    if you don't know how to make a good herb combination or when to 
    use a shotgun.
    That isn't to say whom you pick is meaningless, but it should be 
    compared to learning how to play properly. 
    << 05. Weapons, Items, and Health (WPITH) >>
    Note on items: Every player has their own set of items in the 
    stage. Meaning,
    if you pick up the magnum, I can still retrieve it from that same 
    spot later.
    This is true for every weapon, key, and health item, with the 
    exception of:
    	+Items in blue boxes (the treasure chests in rebirth mode)
    	+The dormitory key in the Guardhouse stage)
    	+Items in the storage box.
    If you are strategic, you can stockpile lots of ammo for each 
    player (if you
    spread out the weapons.) If you have one guy get the shotgun, and 
    everyone else
    trades him his or her shotgun shells through the item box, he can 
    have a lot of
    ammo. So, onto the items:
    Weapons are your first key to survival (the second are health 
    items.) The
    weapons you can carry in RE: DS vary in different aspects, but all 
    have their
    unique purposes. Knowing what weapon is appropriate is vital for 
    your survival.
    If you use a handgun on a chimera or a magnum on a zombie, you can 
    yourself, either in the long or short run. 
    (I only list weapons found in multiplayer, so no flamethrower or 
    rocket launcher).
    Location: N/A
    Ammo capacity: N/A
    Notes: Every character has the knife. It's a weak melee weapon, 
    but it doesn't
    require an inventory slot and has infinite ammo. 
    Location: In inventory in Mansion and Lab stages.
    Ammo capacity: 15 handgun bullets.
    Notes: Good for killing small numbers of zombies (1-3), crows, and 
    Location: Shotgun room in single player (Mansion)
    Ammo capacity: 7 shotgun shells.
    Notes: A great gun for killing zombies (aim up when they get 
    close), hunters,
    and more. While it isn't as flashy as some of the other weapons, 
    it gets the
    job done. 
    Grenade Launcher
    Location: In the blue box in under the stairs (Mansion), in blue 
    box in the
    chemical room, (Guardhouse), in blue box outside the jail cell 
    Ammo capacity: 6 explosive rounds
    Notes: A powerful weapon that you usually donÕt get a lot of ammo 
    for. Usually
    kills in a few hits.
    Location: In the bar/pool table area (guardhouse), in the blue box 
    in the
    recreation room (Lab)
    Ammo capacity: 6 Magnum rounds
    Notes: Absolutely lethal, killing almost anything in 1-3 shots. 
    Ammo can be
    scarce, but use it when you need to. 
    In the game, you'll need keys to unlock different areas. Every 
    player must pick
    up quest items. 
    Mansion Items:
    Mansion Key-found in the large room with the painting puzzle in 
    single player.
    Used to unlock the room leading to the twisting hallway.
    Guardhouse Items:
    Small Key: Found in a couple of different rooms. Used to unlock 
    the desks to
    get magnum rounds. 
    Guardhouse Key: Found by the pool table, in the chemical room, on 
    the bed by
    the ladder to the basement, and by the puzzle you need the red 
    book for in
    single player.
    Each player needs to get one. Used to unlock the double doors 
    leading to the
    room where you fight Plant 42 in single player.  
    Master Key: found by the fireplace in the boss room. Used to 
    unlock the exit
    back by the start. 
    Lab Items:
    Lab Key: Found in the room with the computer. Used to unlock the 
    double doors
    that lead to the next area of lab rooms (the area that has the 
    save room and
    the power rooms with the chimeras. 
    In Resident Evil, you have five health states:
    Fine (Green): 100-75% of health.
    Fine (Yellow): 75-50% of health
    Caution (Orange): 50-25% of health
    Danger (Red): 25-0% of health
    Poison (Purple): Can be added to any of the four states above, 
    constantly drops. 
    Health can be recovered by using health items, which primarily 
    consist of
    herbs. Herbs can be combined to form better combinations. Health 
    items are as
    First aid spray: Recovers 100% of health
    Green herb: Recovers 25% of health
    Green herb + green herb: Recovers 50% of health
    Green herb + green herb+ green herb: Recovers 100% of health
    Blue herb: Cures poison
    Green herb + blue herb: Recovers 25% of health, cures poison
    Green herb + green herb + blue herb: Recovers 50% of health, cures 
    Green herb + red herb: Recovers 100% of health
    Green herb + red herb + blue herb: Recovers 100% of health, cures 
    Remember that Rebecca Chambers heals more than other characters. 
    << 06. Enemies/Bosses (ENMES) >>
    Note on enemies: Like items, each player has their own "set" of 
    enemies in the
    stage. Meaning, you might lure a zombie out of the way, while your 
    friend has
    them still coming toward her. The good news is, the monsters share 
    health, so
    if I kill a zombie, theyÕll be dead on your screen too. 
    The monsters in Resident Evil garner more attention than almost 
    everything else
    because they define the experience. How often do you get tense 
    because you
    think a puzzle might be around the next corner, or worried that 
    you won't pick
    up every file? The enemies in multiplayer are just as important as 
    in single
    player, as they can kill you very quickly if you aren't careful. 
    Be on your
    guard at all times. 
    + Grab and bite -low to medium damage.
    + Vomit -low damage. 
    Found everywhere. Use the handgun or the shotgun (aim up.) 
    Anything else is
    excessive. Be careful though, as they can take a chunk out of your 
    health if
    you mess up. 
    + Jump and bite -low to medium damage
    + Tear throat -only done when on low health, kills instantly. 
    Use the handgun on them. When they run at you, shoot once. Wait 
    till they get
    up and start running again, and shoot again. Repeat until dead. 
    + Peck/Sting -low damage
    More of an annoyance than anything. One handgun bullet will kill 
    them if you
    decide to bother.
    + Slash -low to medium damage. Can also be done after they jump at 
    + Decapitate -kills instantly, only done when on low health. 
    Some of your toughest foes, use your strongest weaponry on them. 
    Shotguns can
    work (keep shooting every time they get up.) If they slash you, 
    run away to get
    to a better point to hit them, as they can keep slashing you 
    (without letting
    you get an attack in.) 
    + Bite -low damage
    + Poison spray -poisons.
    Spiders are slow and stupid, so it's better to run away from them 
    instead of
    going for the kill. Getting poisoned sucks. 
    + Slash -low to medium damage
    + Pounce -low to medium damage, knocks you over.
    Notes: These guys are agile and very deadly, inhabiting the power 
    room portion
    of the Lab. They constantly jump around the environment looking 
    for prey. Use
    your most powerful weaponry on them if you decide to fight, but I 
    would advise
    you to run.
    Just like in the main game, the multiplayer portion features 
    bosses youÕll have
    to face off with to finish the stage. 
    TYRANT (Mansion)
    The Tyrant is fought in the main hall. This battle is harder than 
    the other
    boss fights because of your crappy weaponry. At best, youÕll have 
    six grenade
    rounds and a shotgun with a good supply of shells. Even then, he 
    can take a lot
    of punishment. Just keep hitting him and moving. DonÕt forget 
    about the first
    aid spray in the blue box on the other side of the hall.
    BLACK TIGER (Guardhouse)
    The lamest boss from the single player mode is back (in the room 
    where you
    usually fight Plant 42), and is significantly less lame. She takes 
    lots of
    punishment, considering youÕre likely unloading magnum and grenade 
    rounds at
    her. She can move fast and poison you, so try to kill her as quick 
    as possible.
    TYRANT (Lab)
    Just like in single player, you have to face the Tyrant twice, 
    this time in the
    power room where you flip the second switch for the elevator. 
    Simply hit and
    run with your magnum or grenade launcher, and youÕll be alright.   
    << 07. Stages/Waltkthroughs (STGES) >>
    There are three stages in multiplayer, which make up most of the 
    territory you
    cover in the single player game. They are, in order: the mansion, 
    guardhouse, and the laboratory. As opposed to the section 
    following this one,
    section 08 gives you quick overviews of the levels, as opposed to 
    a longer
    Start point: Exit room (to the guardhouse) with moveable staircase 
    and crank in
    single player.
    End point: Front doors of main hall
    Key items: Mansion key
    Blue box items: Grenade Launcher, First Aid Spray.
    Additional weaponry: Shotgun (where it is in single player)
    Typical enemies: Zombies, Dogs
    Boss: Tyrant.
    +Push the stairs against the wall, pick up the handgun bullets.
    +Enter the covered path. You and your partners should make short 
    work of the dogs. 
    +Enter the Dark Hallway. Kill the Zombies and enter the painting 
    +Be careful, because thereÕs a Hunter in here. With everyone 
    firing at it, your
    handguns should suffice. Pick up the Mansion Key it was guarding.
    +From the dark hallway, enter the study and get two handgun clips 
    (you may want
    to do this before the Hunter)
    +From the dark hallway, enter the east save room hall. Kill the 
    three zombies,
    and have one player get the grenade launcher from the blue box. 
    Another should
    enter the save room to get a first aid spray from the item box.
    +Unlock the double doors in the dark corridor. In the twisting 
    hallway, kill
    the first zombie, and enter the shotgun room.
    +Kill the three zombies. Try not to get mauled by Forest. Pick up 
    the shotgun
    and box of shells. 
    +Back in the twisting corridor, there is an iron door leading to a 
    with two dogs (and two boxes of shotgun shells), as well as a 
    small room with a
    bathroom and handgun clip. Enter those rooms if necessary, if not, 
    go to the
    door leading to the L-shaped hallway. 
    +Finish the knife fight, and dispatch the two dogs. You can push 
    over the
    dresser to get a handgun clip. Enter the blue room at the other 
    +You can push the stairs by the statue to get a handgun clip, and 
    push the
    dresser out of the way to get to an area with two zombies and a 
    box of shotgun
    shells if you want. When youÕre ready, make sure everyone has 
    loaded weapons.
    The person with the grenade launcher should have it equipped and 
    hopefully full. 
    +Enter the main hall, and face the Tyrant. The grenadier should 
    move in close
    to make sure all six grenades hit. Another person should run over 
    to the other
    side of the room to pick up the first aid spray from the blue box. 
    should pump him full of shells until he dies. Exit through the 
    front door.
    Start point: Save room
    End point: Door that exits to the garden in single player.
    Key items: Dormitory Key, Master Key.
    Blue box items: Grenade Launcher
    Additional weaponry: Magnum (Lounge with spiders and pool table)
    Typical enemies: Hunters, spiders.
    Boss: Black Tiger.
    +There are two clips of both Magnum rounds and Handgun bullets in 
    the item
    chest, as well as handgun bullets on the bed. You may want to 
    divide the ammo
    up so you have a magnum specialist and a handgun/grenade one if 
    youÕre playing
    with two people. Exit to the hallway.
    +There are blue herbs on the left by the exit. Anyone that wants a 
    should go through the red doors. 
    +In this room, you can find a magnum, magnum rounds, handgun 
    bullets, and a
    first aid spray. Avoid the spiders. There may be a key by the pool 
    table. If
    so, pick it up. 
    +Everyone should regroup back in the first hallway, and enter the 
    door to the
    main hallway.
    +After the knife fight, work on killing the three hunters here. Go 
    down to the
    end of the hallway. There are three green herbs and the door to 
    room 002. 
    +In room 002, work on killing the Hunters. There may be a key on 
    the bed. In
    the bathroom, there is a hunter as well as a small key for the 
    desk, which
    holds magnum rounds. Get everything, then go back down the hallway 
    and enter
    the door to the Hornet room.
    +In the Hornet room, one player should go in the chemical room, 
    kill the
    spider, and get the grenade launcher (especially if this player is 
    without a
    magnum.) There are also magnum rounds and possibly a key in here.
    +Meanwhile, another player should be running from the bees around 
    the obilisk.
    When they do so 9 times, the room 003 will be unlocked.
    +In room 003, there will be one hunter, as well as possibly a key. 
    In the
    bathroom, there will be another Hunter and a red herb. (There also 
    is a desk
    that you can use a small key, found by the bee hive, on to get 
    magnum rounds.)
    +Everybody should be prepared. If you got poisoned, run back to 
    the start to
    get a blue herb if you donÕt have one. 
    +When everyone has a key, they should use it on the double doors 
    in the hornet
    +Black tiger time! Try to stay away from the poison spit. Use all 
    the magnum
    rounds you have, and donÕt forget about the grenade launcher. When 
    itÕs dead,
    pick up the Master key from the fireplace. Everyone needs one.
    +Run to the goal, which is right near the start point. The only 
    thing that will
    bother you are new swarms of bees. Get to the door and use the 
    master key to exit.
    Start point: Jail cell.
    End point: elevator to the lab with the tyrant in single player.
    Key items: Lab key
    Blue box items: Grenade Launcher, Magnum
    Additional weaponry: N/A
    Typical enemies: Zombies, Chimeras, Hunters.
    Boss: Tyrant.  
    +Everyone should pick up the green herb, and then exit the jail 
    +One player should pick up the grenade launcher from the blue 
    chest and finish
    off the naked zombies. Then, enter the closet door to the 
    recreation room.
    +After the knife battle, kill the naked zombies. Another player 
    should get the
    Magnum from the blue box. Everyone should pick up the 2 boxes 
    grenade rounds.
    +Go back out to the hallway and enter the researcher room. 
    Everyone should pick
    up the two Magnum rounds after killing the dog. Then, go back to 
    the hallway
    and go through the double doors.
    +Run forward (not to your right) to get to the PC room. Kill the 
    Hunter and
    take the Lab Key, red herb (combine with the green one from 
    earlier), and
    grenade rounds.
    +Go back out to the main room, and run to the double doors that 
    you can unlock
    with the lab key. YouÕll likely have to kill a hunter.
    +In this room, you can head to your left to get to the medical 
    room (with the
    push the staircase against the wall puzzle) in order to get to a 
    room with
    Magnum rounds, but it isnÕt necessary. Instead, go forward, kill 
    the Hunter,
    and enter the save room. 
    +Pick up the green herb. Everyone should pool their ammo in the 
    ammo box so
    that the player with the grenade launcher and the player with the 
    Magnum has a
    lot of ammo. 
    +Now, itÕs time for the power room. If you have four people, have 
    one wait at
    the elevator. If you have any inexperienced people, you might want 
    to have them
    do the same.  Enter the power room.
    +Finish the knife fight. If you have three people in the power 
    room, have one
    of them (the one without weapons) activate the switch. (if not, 
    one of the
    weapon-users should do it) The ones with weapons should advance to 
    the second
    power room. Everyone without weapons should retreat to the 
    elevator (exit)
    +Run through the second power room, past the chimeras, and make it 
    to the third.
    +The Tyrant should go down easy if you have the magnum and the 
    grenade launcher
    attacking it. Even if you donÕt, one or the other should suffice. 
    Activate the
    power switch.
    +Anyone by the elevator should press the blue switch and exit. 
    Those in the
    power room should run for it. There are zombies, dogs, and even a 
    spider in the
    power room instead of Chimeras. Kill them if necessary.
    +When youÕre out of the power room, youÕre safe. Run to the 
    elevator at the end
    of the hall, flip the switch, and leave. 
    <<  08. Strategies and Tips (STRTP) >>
    +If every player is in the same room, you get a firepower bonus. 
    As such, stick
    together (unlike every character in single player) to survive 
    +All players share the same life bar, so recklessly running off 
    can doom you
    and your teammates, especially if you're a beginner. Again, stick 
    +You can trade items with item boxes. In most cases, only do this 
    if one player
    is badly wounded, because trading every weapon can slow you down. 
    +Have the more advanced players lead the way, with new players 
    covering from behind
    +If you do split up, regroup as soon as possible. Only go into 
    smaller rooms
    with one exit, instead of everyone permanently taking different 
    +Try not to get hit, as the shared-life factor can ruin your whole 
    team if you
    get reckless.
    +Have your team be familiar with the stages. TheyÕre pretty much 
    the same as
    single player, and if you can guide people to landmarks, youÕll be 
    able to move
    much quicker. 
    +Even if you arenÕt using a particular weapon, collect ammo for it 
    (if a
    storage room is nearby.) Giving the player who will need it that 
    ammo can be a
    big boost. 
    +Constantly talk to each other in real life. Because this game is 
    played with a
    local connection, that shouldn't be too hard. Tell each other if 
    you need ammo
    or health items, or where you want to go. 
    +Don't hog weaponry. If you take all the ammo, you're just putting 
    your team in
    +On that note, decide who gets what gun, and let that person have 
    all the ammo
    for it. Having a dedicated grenade launcher user who gets all the 
    nades is
    better than a couple people who have all the grenades spread 
    between them. 
    +If you can, try to kill enemies together. A couple of people 
    shooting a hunter
    with handguns can be even more effective than one person shooting 
    him with a
    shotgun. If you do engage in this strategy, make sure that you 
    don't get
    ambushed by enemies while you're busy. 
    << 09. Knife Fights (KNFFG)
    If youÕve played the rebirth mode of the game, youÕll be familiar 
    with these.
    You use your touch screen to stab enemies with the knife. Try to 
    get a critical
    hit (stab right when the enemy is about to attack.
    + Dog hallway: 3 or so zombies, 1 dog. 
    + Long hallway (connecting to hornet room, room 002): 3 zombies.
    + Room 003 (three zombies)
    +First MO Disc Reader room: 2 zombies, one naked zombie
    +Power Room 1: 2 zombies, 1 Hunter.
    +Remember that you can access your inventory during knife fights. 
    This may seem insignificant, but it does mean you can heal.
    +Go for slashes (dragging your stylus across the screen) instead 
    of stabs (poking the screen). Slashes do more damage.
    +Go for the critical hit (attacking right before the enemy does). 
    If you do it right, the enemy will die instantly, which is very 
    useful for enemies like Hunters. 
    << 10. My Thoughts) (THGTS) >>
    (This section is kind of a review of sorts, but only for the 
    multiplayer portion of the game)
    All in all, IÕm kind of undecided about RE:DS multiplayer. On one 
    hand, I thought it was a great addition to the game, and made the 
    cartridge a better value. On the other hand, a lots of the design 
    seemed sloppy (making teammates appear as stars, characters all 
    having the same inventory), a meaningless time limit, etc. These 
    kind of factors donÕt ruin the experience, but they do get
    kind of aggravating. 
    And, like I said in the beginning, no wifi made experiencing 
    multiplayer a rare occurrence, even though it sold pretty well. I 
    think though, that if for a RE:DS 2, Capcom ironed out some of the 
    kinks and made it so you could play through wireless networks, you 
    would have an awesome game on your hands, instead of a pretty good 
    << 11. Thanks (THANX) >>
    Thanks to CJayC for creating and running gamefaqs for so many 
    years, and to SBAllen for doing a great job so far. 
    Thanks to Capcom for making this wonderful game and making a great 
    version for the DS. 
    Thanks to Shannon, my girlfriend, for buying this game for her DS 
    and playing way too many rounds of multiplayer with me. 
    Thanks to all the writers of the guides that used when making this 
    one, as well as when I was stuck with the game. I canÕt remember 
    all of them, but off the top of my head, I remember using NakianÕs 
    outstanding walkthrough for some item locations, as well as using 
    DEngelÕs maps (you can find them on the page for the PS version.) 
    Great job guys!
    Thanks to you, the reader, for taking the time to look at this 

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