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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EpsilonKillerX

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          ******                      **                       **  
         **////**                    /**                      /**  
        **    //   ******  *******  ******  ******    *****  ******
       /**        **////**//**///**///**/  //////**  **///**///**/ 
       /**       /**   /** /**  /**  /**    ******* /**  //   /**  
       //**    **/**   /** /**  /**  /**   **////** /**   **  /**  
        //****** //******  ***  /**  //** //********//*****   //** 
         //////   //////  ///   //    //   ////////  /////     //  
                     FAQ/Walk through for "Contact" on Nintendo DS
                           Copyright 2006 Jonathan Powers
                             Released October 19, 2006
    _SECTION 1: Required stuff______________________ [res]
    1) Introduction [1.1]
    This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough ever on gamefaqs, so I will probably mess up.
    This FAQ is search compatible, which means you can get to stuff right away.
    Open up your find window and type in whatever number is next to section you're
    looking for. Example: You want to find Tips and Tricks section. Open you find
    window and type in [tat]. It will then take you there. Hope my FAQ helps!
    2) Table of Contents [1.2]
    Section I: Required Stuff [res]
    1. Introduction [1.1]
    2. Table of Contents [1.2]
    3. Legal Stuff [1.3]
    Section II: Game play [gap]
    1. Controls [2.1]
    2. Screen display/how to fight [2.2]
    3. Decals [2.3]
    4. Techs [2.4]
    Section III: Costumes [cos]
    Section IV: Tips and Tricks [tat]
    Section V: Walk through [wkt]
    1. Deserted Isle [6.1]
    2. Caldoaxa Ruins [6.2]
    3. Ft Eagle [6.3]
    4. Aegis [6.4]
    5. Habara [6.5]
    6. Rizo Island [6.6]
    7. Akumojo Castle [6.7]
    Section VI: Hidden stuff [hns]
    1) Girlfriends [7.1]
    2) Elemental gods [7.2]
    Section VII: Side quests [sdq]
    1. La Chef Beach [7.1]
    2. Caldoaxa Ruins [7.2]
    3. Ft Eagle [7.3]
    4. Aegis [7.4]
    5. Bamboo Island [7.5]
    Section VIII: Frequently Asked Questions [aqf]
    Section IX: Special Thanks/Credits [stc]
    Section X: Conclusion [c
    3) Legal stuff [1.4]
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. If you find errors, suggestions, or want to ask 
    permission if you can put it on a web site, please E-Mail me at 
    SECTION II: Gameplay [gap]
    1) CONTROLS [2.1]
    Control Pad=Move Terry, Move Cursor
    L button: Switch Targets, Toggle between menu pages
    R button: Open Trick Decal Menu, Toggle between menu pages
    Start & Select button: No use
    B button: Enter/Leave Battle Mode, Cancel
    A button: Confirm, Talk, Examine
    X button: Open the Menu Screen
    Y button: Open the Tech Menu
    2) GAMEPLAY [2.2]
    Contact is a Real-Time RPG Game that is filled with a lot of fun things. An
    example of this is a lot of the quirky humor. Anyway, onto the main section.
    This game is also commonly compared to the SNES game, Earthbound.
    TOP SCREEN: On the top screen, the professor will be in his lab (ship)
    doing whatever, like going on his computer, reading a book, etc. Make sure
    you look up there occasionally, because he will occasionally mention some
    tips on where to go and the like. Also, for some boss fights, this screen
    will be involved.
    TOUCH SCREEN: This is where the real action goes on. On the top left is your
    health and technique gauge. Your technique gauge tells you how much EP
    you have. On the top-right is the decal icon. If you are using the 
    stylus, tap that to go to the decal screen.
    HOW TO FIGHT: Really, really simple. Just go into battle mode, and
    stand close to your enemy and every couple seconds, he will attack. It sounds
    really easy right? Most of the time it is, but if your enemy attacks during
    yours, it can really screw up your whole fight. Personally, when this happens,
    I just run away (exit battle mode) for a few split seconds, then I come back.
    It can be really frustrating when on a boss when he/she interrupts your attack
    and you have trouble attacking. Also, to use items, go to the menu(X) and it
    is the second tab. ***IMPORTANT TIP***: If you even think you are in danger of
    dieing, use a recovery item immediately. The reason being you can only go to
    the menu when you can hit them. Example: I'm fighting enemy that does 18s.
    I have 30 hp left. It hits me down to 30 hp. This is the important part; it
    could score a critical 18, becoming a 36, thus killing me and sending me 
    back to the ship, BUT, after he hits, I use a recovery item, saving me 
    from annihilation if he does score a critical. This is FINALLY the end of
    3) DECALS [2.3]
    It's a neat concept, though you have to use the stylus for them, and you can
    only use them once before you must return to the professor to refill them.
    To use a decal, press R or touch the green icon in the top right of the
    screen. Next, you touch the top right corner of the decal and peel it off,
    like you would in real life. Then, tap some spot on the map to place it.
    Finally, roll the top right corner up, so you can set the decal. After that
    is when the effects kick in.
    1-? Decal: Transforms almost any enemy into some sort of animal
    2-Mochi Decal: EXTREMELY useful decal if you know how to use it. At first,
    the decal will be HORRIBLY weak, but as you play with mochi, it will grow
    stronger. To make it strong, whenever you sleep, slide you stylus over Mochi
    slowly. He will roll over, and you can repeatedly tap him for a rain of
    smileys. It will take a LONG time before you get it to do massive damage.
    3-Ship Decal: Sends you back to the ship instantly. DO NOT USE UNTIL YOU GET
    THE CELL!!!! Even if you are about to die. If your HP is depleted, you will
    just be sent back to the ship, but you won't lose all your progress since the
    last time you save. Basically all that happens is you is you are sent to the
    beginning of the area.
    4-Cell Decal: Just put on the cell to capture it.
    5-Constellation Decal: Heals you.
    6-Balloon Decal: Blow into the DS microphone to blow up balloon, causing
    damage to enemies.
    7-Sun&Moon Decal: Random effect; Puts enemies to sleep or damages them.
    8-UFO Decal: Eliminates any enemies on the screen. Go to grandpa's grave and
    sometimes at RANDOM, the ufo will appear. Go to Bamboo Island and check. If it's
    not there, then go to another island and come back. It WILL come eventually. 
    4) Techs [2.4]
    To use techs, press the Y button when within range of an enemy. To level up
    techs, keep using one type of tech. Keep in mind that fighting with an elemental
    weapon will raise your tech levels also. Alternatively for the weapon specific
    techs use the type of weapon they require. Example: for sword techs, use a
    saber or cherry sword or something like that. The best place to level up is
    Caldoaxa after beating the game. Also, you will get a new tech every 10 or so
    After you beat it, go to the fourth to last room in the Caldoaxa ruins. It's
    two rooms before where you fought Lester. On the left side of this room, there
    are 3 gates that are locked. Open the first with a key and the other two with 
    the shadow thief costume. Once you open them, there will be a brown cow. This
    cow is normally referred to as the supercow. It is also an elemental god.
    First, clear the room of enemies except the supercow. Next, make the supercow
    follow you to the end of the room where the stairs are. Go up the stairs and
    try to get it trapped on the bottom of the stairs. If you can get close enough
    to it without it attacking, you're doing it right. Just keep attacking it for
    like 5-10 minutes. You can actually just set the game down and let Terry kill
    it. By fighting this, you will get an INSANE amount of stat level ups. Maybe 20
    level ups, maybe more. This is the best way to level up in the game, so repeat
    this until you get desired results.
    I will also rate their usefulness out of 5 stars next to the tech's name. The
    usefulness applies only to after you get all the techs for the section.
    *: Useful only against mostly weak enemies or early in the game.
    **: Sometimes good to use against average enemies.
    ***: Average tech. Good to use anywhere.
    ****: Pretty good tech. Really helpful most of the time.
    *****: Extremely useful tech. Not much else to say...
    ||    Sword techs:                                ||  
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Dual Flash * (Lvl 8)                        ||
    ||    Uses 1 EP                                   ||
    ||    Quickly slash twice in a row.               ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Double Attack ***                           ||
    ||    Uses 2 EP                                   ||
    ||    Spin around and hit surrounding enemies.    ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Drain Blade *****                           ||
    ||    Uses 3 EP                                   ||
    ||    Strike hard to absorb enemy HP.             ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Sound Flurry ***                            ||
    ||    Uses 4 EP                                   ||
    ||    Temporarily slash at high speed.            ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Parry ****                                  ||
    ||    Always active.                              ||
    ||    Completely nullify a foe's attack.          ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Dexterity Up *                              ||
    ||    Always active                               ||
    ||    Dexterity +10%                              ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Critical Strike **                          ||
    ||    Always active.                              ||
    ||    Increase probability of critical hits.      ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||    Justice ****                                || 
    ||    Always active                               ||
    ||    Awarded to blade masters.                   || 
    ||    Slash damage +15%                           || 
    ||    Increases parry rate.                       ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||            Striking techs:                     ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Power Strike ** (lvl 8)                    ||
    ||     Uses 1 EP                                  ||
    ||     Deal double damage.                        ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Brain Pounder ***                          ||
    ||     Uses 2 EP                                  || 
    ||     Scrambles enemy brains, lowering their     ||
    ||     wisdom.                                    ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Smash Hit **                               ||
    ||     Uses 3 EP                                  ||
    ||     Dispatch foes with one massive strike.     ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Megaton Punch *****                        ||
    ||     Uses 4 EP                                  ||
    ||     Temporarily doubles your attack power      ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Armor Break **                             ||
    ||     Always active.                             || 
    ||     Reduces a foes defense.                    ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Strength Up ***                            ||
    ||     Always active.                             ||
    ||     Strength +10%                              ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Stunner *                                  ||
    ||     Always active                              || 
    ||     Can knock foes out                         ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Punching Techs                             ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Body Shot *** (lvl 5)                      ||
    ||     Uses 1 EP                                  ||
    ||     Goes straight to the liver and continues   ||
    ||     to inflict damage steadily.                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Cross Up ****                              ||
    ||     Uses 2 EP                                  || 
    ||     Temporarily counter all physical attacks.  ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Smash Hit ***                              ||
    ||     Uses 3 EP                                  ||
    ||     Dispatch foes with one massive strike.     ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Megaton Punch *****                        ||
    ||     Uses 4 EP                                  ||
    ||     Temporarily doubles your attack power      ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Raid Strike ***                            ||
    ||     Uses 4 EP                                  ||
    ||     Unleash a flurry of fast punches           ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Sword Catcher ****                         ||
    ||     Always active.                             ||
    ||     Catch foes attack, nullifying it.          ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Agility Up **                              ||
    ||     Always active                              || 
    ||     Speed +10%                                 ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||     Elite Master ***** (Lvl 100)               ||
    ||     Always active.                             ||
    ||     Awarded to karate masters.                 ||
    ||     Punch damage +10%                          ||
    ||     Sword catcher rate up.                     ||
    ||     Counter rate up.                           ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    ||                                                ||
    SECTION III: Costumes [cos]
    Alright. This is the section for you if you want to find out how to get each
    and every costume. To change costumes, go to your room in the ship, and in the
    back is a dressing room. Here you can access your hard-earned costumes.
    1-(Normal Dude) This is the basic costume. This is the one that you start with.
    2-(Knuckle Mole) To find out where the guy is; refer to the Caldoaxa section of
    the FAQ. There is a miner just mining a wall. Anyway if you talk to him he
    will say like "Five minutes to lunch" or something. Wait and he will take off
    his clothes, so pick them up.
    3-(Aqua shot) In the Deserted Island where you first capture a cell, there is a
    secret passage in the south end of the wall. All you need to do is just walk
    through the wall. At the end is a costume on a coat-hanger-thing; just press A
    to get this costume.
    4-(Nitro Boost) This one is easy. Go to the Bazaar (where all the stalls are)
    , and on the top right is a guy in a stall (he is the one with a dog) he is 
    selling car parts for 500 I think. Buy the parts and in the west side of town,
    there is a woman with a car. Anyways, go over and talk to her and she will ask
    for the parts. Give them to her and she will hand over her racing clothes.
    5-(Flyboy) Personally, I don’t think this could be much easier.
    Just go to the FT Eagle base. Don't go in. There should be a soldier a little
    ways away from the door. Kill him or run past him or whatever, then go north
    into a new area. There will be some idiots pretending to be airplanes. DON'T
    BE DECIEVED!!! These guys aren't horribly strong, but they did present a
    small challenge to me. Once you kill them all, one will give you their clothes
    (ugh...is this all people in this game do?), and TA-DA! You now own the 
    Flyboy costume! (use the cloud sword to do tons of damage to the idiots)
    6-(Fisher King) Go to Aegis's 2nd pyramid (the one where you place the emblem).
    In the second room after where you placed Felio's emblem, at the end of this
    room is a hallway with two other hallways on the same side. Go in the farthest
    one and at the end, you can dig up a Big Worm. Next, go to
    Ft. Eagle and in one screen, there is someone trying to catch a huge fish.
    All they need is bait, which you just got. Give it to them and they will
    "catch" the fish, but it eats them and spits out their clothes. Grab them to
    get the Fisher King costume.
    7-(Mr. Cuisine) On the Deserted Island, there is a cave that leads to the top
    of the Isle. Travel northwest to another cave and in the south exit in THAT
    cave, there is a beach. On the beach is a note in a bottle (this will only 
    appear once you've beaten this place). Pick it up and you can now go to Le chef
    beach. Go there. On the beach, you will meet the "Naked Chef"(I don’t need to
    tell you what he looks like :). He will ask you to chase a monkey who took
    his clothes. Just keep going north, chasing the monkey, until you find him
    in a corner. Proceed with caution, as you have to fight a crazed animal.
    Don't worry too much, he's not that tough. Anyway the monkey will follow you.
    Take him back to the chef, and he will let you keep his clothes.
    8-(Shadow Thief) In the same place as number 6, there is a room with coffins &
    other enemies. The bottom of the room looks like this:
    |                     |
    |     ---------- **** |       ****: Area you're supposed to go in
    |     |        | **** |       ****
    |-----|        |------|
    Go into the room on the right. Go look in the room and there
    will be a secret passage. There is a grave in there and go behind it to find
    another path. Keep heading south till you exit the pyramid. You should see
    a weird flying bird thing, then hit it (on your touch screen)
    it will drop a map that opens Bamboo Island. Go there and finish the mini-
    quest for the island and you will get the Shadow Thief costume. For the first
    part, go to caldoaxa ruins. In the ruins, go right when you enter and go up
    until you see a guy blocking a door. Kill him and follow the path to the end
    and you will see two bugs glowing blue. STAY AWAY FROM THESE AT ALL COSTS!!!
    They are EXTREMELY strong. On the left of that room, there is a spice cabinet.
    Inside it are cloves. Take them back to the old man. For 2nd part give letter
    to the lady in Aegis that doesn't want you talking with her daughter.
    (Later in the game when you're stronger, you can come back; they'll be a lot
    easier to beat.
    Section IV: Tips and tricks [tat]
    This section is to give you tips and stuff. All of these
    were contributed by people on the boards, whose names I will mention in
    "Special Thanks".
    "You can kill the weapon store owner in Aegis [and Habara] over and over and
    he randomly drops an item from his store, which sell for alot! Definatly need
    to have this tip in there."
    "Almost any NPC is attackable (Not all are though)"
    "Here’s something I noticed that you could add to the tips/tricks section of
    your FAQ: If enemies are following you, they can usually continue even if you
    enter a new area. If you enter that new area, then turn around and 
    immediately go to the previous area again, and then the following enemies will
    "I’m not entirely sure about this but, the UFO at grandpas grave comes at a
    specific time of day. I waited all day yesterday for it but it never showed
    up. It wasn't until around 10 o'clock that the ufo appeared again. I remember
    reading some were that said that certain events happen during a specific time."
    "In Caldoaxa, after the Golem battle. Buy 99 herbs, and a bunch of bread (I
    bought about 40). Save the game. Then after talking to the chief/mayor 
    (whatever his title was) you can do the mini mission where you rescue the spice
    house proprietor from the room where he is locked in with the two grub looking
    insect enemies. These enemies are MUCH stronger than the other enemies available
    to fight at the time. If you keep fighting them (running away if your HP get
    too low) you will gain stats VERY rapidly. Once you get to a point where you
    start killing them relatively quickly; you can also make some decent cash off
    of the weapons they drop (I believe the name was armor breaker or something to
    that effect) they sell for aprx 460 bucks. I did this trick half mindedly while
    watching television and my guy dose nearly 500 damage to the bats in the same
    location now."
    "Hi, I noticed a little something you may want to add to your contact guide. 
    On the Caldoaxa ruins place, there is a strong monster you can kill to 
    bypass alot of early game grinding. Similar to the super cow or golden cow 
    people talk about; its one of the black bugs in the room with the man you 
    have to rescue, know the ones I'm talking about? They hit for a good 45 dmg, 
    but the good thing is you only need to tank 1 hit from them. Go in the room 
    and get one to chase you, and then run him out of the room and down the hallway 
    to the left, then get him stuck on the set of stairs (keep in mind to keep 
    in strait on there because he does a rolling attack that will allow him to 
    get free, not that it’s hard to get him stuck again.) To do this I suggest 
    using the knuckle costume and even using some BBQ chicken to raise your HP 
    until its high enough to tank without them, I used this when I did very 
    little leveling up, when I began I only had about 110 hp with knuckles form 
    and this raised me up very high, it does wonders. well I'm sure you want to 
    test it for yourself, but if you do use it in your guide can you credit me 
    in the thank you's section, using the name Scottied. Thanks for the great 
    game guide and keep on gaming. (also e-mail me back if it's not too much 
    trouble, I'd like to know what you think of my trick.)"
    Section V: Walk through [wkt]
    Finally... the section you came on here to get (probably).
    Deserted Isle [5.1]
    When you decide to start a new game, the introductory sequence will play
    along with the awesome background music. Right in the first part of it, the
    professor will be typing on his computer. To advance the scene, you have to
    tap him on the touch screen. He will ask you if you can hear him. Hit him
    again. He will ask you a few things to input. These are only used for
    "online' Contact. First, he will ask you YOUR name. Then, he will want the
    name of the planet you live on. After that, put in your hobby. NEXT, he wants
    your favorite food. Then least favorite food. Just put in a secret about
    yourself for his last question. After a few minutes, you input the main
    character's name (default is Terry). The next part will play and the
    professor will "kidnap" you. Someone will be shooting at the professor’s ship
    from space.
    One shot hits them and they crash land on the planet you named earlier. Terry
    will be lying on the ground and the professor will start talking. When he's 
    done, you have to tap Terry on the touch screen a few times. He will wake up,
    and finally, you can start the game. To get to the ship (where you save and
    do all that other stuff), go south, then east, then north. Also, refrain from 
    fighting these guys till you get a weapon; they can kill you easily right now
    (you might be able to kill a few worms before your HP gets too low). When you
    go north; there will be an entrance to a cave with some worms in it. In the
    cave; there is an exit with a lot of light coming through it. Go through it to
    find your ship. To enter your ship, go left through a door on the deck. You
    should now be inside of you ship. There are 3 doors here. The one on the bottom
    right that leads to the kitchen (once you get Mr. Cuisine, you can use it).
    The one on the left is the professor’s room. Go in there and the professor
    will explain your objective and give you your room. Go into your room. There
    will be 4 things there. A bath that heals you, a bed that is a save point, a 
    globe in the corner called "SeaNavi" that you learn about later, and a 
    dressing room in the back. Go save and heal and stuff, then go back to where
    there is a south path (little bit after where Terry woke up). On the way 
    there, the professor will stop you 2 times and tell you a little about 
    fighting and Techs. Go down the south path until you come to a purple
    seashell. Move past it and look in the tree. There should be some fruit there.
    Tap the fruit to knock it down. Pick it up and it will serve as a recovery
    item when you use it via the menu. Keep going and enter the cave and the
    professor stops you yet again to explain decals. Go up and left, then down
    through the exit. Open the chest with A, and a rusty knife will fly out.
    Open the menu with X, and place the cursor over the knife and press A 2 times.
    You have now equipped your first weapon! There is nothing else except a purple
    seashell to kill. Do whatever, but don't try to kill it yet. Then you can go
    back into the cave.
    Back in the cave, travel in an arc to the opposite side of the cave, and go
    down through the exit. Also, in the middle, there is a chest that contains an
    HERB. Be sure to kill bats and stuff as you proceed, as you will get a ton of
    bonuses leveling up here for a couple times. Outside, you should be in a very
    grassy, green area. Just go northwest to ANOTHER cave. If you head south in
    there, you should reach a shore. Other then the start of the MR. CUISINE
    COSTUME QUEST after you clear this island (See costume section), there is
    nothing of interest there. From either entrance go up and left to the next
    exit. In the next area, there will be a Red worm a little north. Unless you
    have leveled up a lot, avoid this thing. He has like somewhere between 50-100
    hp and his attacks do 3’s! That means only about 10 hits at full hp! Do what
    you want, and then continue north until the professor stops you. He will tell
    you to use your Cell Decal (the one that had the red hand on it before). Place
    it right on the cell, and flatten it. He will then tell you to go back to the
    ship. If you want the Aqua Shot costume, go back to the costume section.
    Now you gotta travel ALL the way back on foot; don't worry though,
    soon you will get a decal that lets you return to the ship right away. BTW now
    you can go get the bottle for the MR CUISINE costume. Once in the ship, go
    talk to the professor. Then go use the SeaNavi, set the course to Caldoaxa
    Ruins, and take a nap.
    Caldoaxa Ruins [5.2]
    When you awake, the professor will tell you about the ruins. After he shuts
    up, go out into the ruins. Keep heading into the ruins, and a scene will
    occur. Go down and you will see a rock spire with an entrance. Go down into it
    and you will find the shop. If you can spare it, pay 100 coins to turn your
    rusty knife into a normal knife. The shop also has some pretty good stock.
    Buy stuff, upgrade your knife, or do whatever. When you're finished, leave and
    go inside the ruins. Head right once you enter the ruins. Kill the guy at the
    second table for the ~Chicken Bites~ recipe. Go back and go into the left
    corridor and go all the way through it until you come across a locked door.
    The professor will start talking yet again! Now go all the way back to where
    you can go right, straight, or left. Go straight. Talk to the old guy and go
    back to the gate. On your way, a guy will block your path and there will be
    another scene. He will ask you if you want to come. Tell him yes.
    He will then open the locked door at the end; go through it. Keep going right
    until you come to a wheel/switch. Try to clear the room of enemies the best
    you can. Once you find the wheel, turn it. Run back to the beginning of the
    room, only go north at the beginning. The Demon's Gate will be almost closed,
    and you will barely make it through. Go through the next room till you find an
    exit with bright light shining through. To get the KNUCKLE MOLE costume and 
    the Mage's Rod, go right instead of going through the previously mentioned
    door. Before the stairs at the top, there is a chest with the Mage's 
    Rod. Go down the stairs and follow the path all the way to the end. Here you
    can get the Knuckle Mole costume (refer to the costume section). Back at the
    room with light, there is a bath & bed. Kind of odd for them to be in ruins..lol
    Save and heal, then proceed to the next room. You will have to fight a
    skeleton here. They aren't too tough, so don't worry. Take the left path and
    you will have to fight a couple more skeletons along with a mage. Continue up
    the stairs to find a chest with a key. You can go back and unlock the locked
    chest you just found to get a club, or you can go take the right path and
    unlock one of 3 doors. Pick one, and go into the next room. There is a TON of
    whatever-the-heck they ares(look like mud men or voodoo dolls).go past them and
    in between the next set of walls there is a bath and bed hidden in the bottom
    of the chamber. There is another hidden room (sort of) in the bottom of that
    room. It's a shortcut to the beginning of the area. Just keep passing all
    the rest of the enemies unless you want to level up. The reason is because you
    have to fight a boss really soon. Just keep going until you see a small, pink
    demon. The hall it's guarding is where you want to be. Go up it until the
    professor talks again. After a few seconds of running, you will meet up with
    Lester Sprawl. Only this time, he isn't here to talk.
    BOSS: LESTER_SPRAWL                                                           |
    HP: 300                                                                       |
    Difficulty: 4/10                                                              |
    My Description: A crazed archeologist trying to kill you.                     |
    My Strategy: This dude is HARD if you didn’t level up enough. It's really     |
    essential to have 5 on your Tech Gauge. If you have been treating Mochi really|
    good till now, he will help you so much. The tech I would recommend would have|
    to be either Dual Flash or Power strike. Anyway, other than this stuff, to    |
    kill him; just beat him down until you get to about 30 hp. Then use healing   |
    items until your health is full. Also, for this fight, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A   |
    LOT OF RECOVERY ITEMS! I can’t stress this enough! Make sure you are a high   |
    level, too. If you lose to him, level up for about 15 minutes, then go fight  |
    him again. If you need recovery items, go back to the shop. All of the above  |
    applies only to those who didn't level up. To know if you have, you should    |
    have about 120 hp with the knuckle mole costume on. If you do, you will       |
    only need a few recovery items.                                               |
    After you kill Lester, you will learn something about him, and the            |
    professor will start talking again. For winning, you get the CLOUD SWORD.     |
    After the scene, go up to the door and open it. There are tons of pink demons |
    in the next room. Just run through it to avoid unnecessary health loss,       |
    because you have to fight another boss when you leave this new room.          |
    BOSS: GOLEM                                                                   |
    HP: Right Arm: 280    Left Arm: 280   Head: 600                               |
    Difficulty: 6/10                                                              |
    My description: The only huge boss in the game.                               |
    My strategy: Really Easy. Just keep attacking either arm until he raises it.  |
    Run away for a few seconds until he hits the ground, then run back and attack.|
    Keep doing this until both arms are destroyed, and his body will crumble,     |
    enabling you to target his head. Also, to avoid the boulder(s) that fall from |
    the top screen, run from one end of the stage to the other to make them fall  |
    in that direction, then run back the other way. Once you are fighting the     |
    head, fight with caution, as he can summon little black orbs from the top     |
    screen that drain your hp and give it to the boss. These are very dangerous,  |
    even though they don’t do "massive damage". They do still cause quite a bit of|
    damage, though, but not massive. Anyway, just focus on attacking the head     |
    because there isn't anything that the head itself can do to damage you.       |
    Once this moderately tough boss fight is over, the cell will appear, so use   |
    your cell decal to capture it and head back to the ship. Talk to the          |
    professor, set the SeaNavi for Ft Eagle, and take a nap.                      |
    Ft. Eagle [5.3]
    When you wake up, the professor will tell you about Ft. Eagle and tells you
    about where he thinks the cell is. Head out into Ft. Eagle and continue along
    the path until you come to an old man (Apt.) & his dog. He will think you're
    with the army and he will tell you about how the army wrecked his life.
    The professor will speak to you and tell you that it seems the government has
    a secret agenda. He'll tell you about himself and he wants you to escort him
    to his house, but you will once again be stopped by... you guessed it, the
    professor. He will receive a sos of a little girl who is shivering with fear
    inside a house. The old man+dog will follow you and want to stop by his house
    first. To get to the next area, follow the path and go up.
    In this new area, if you head left, you will find a guy who sells Potions,
    Elixers (antidotes), Bottles, and a potion recipe. To me, this is the most
    helpful guy in the entire game. Buy the largest supply of potions you can
    afford, and if you want, buy a few elixers. Be sure to keep an eye on Apt,
    because if there's even the smallest thing in his way, he will get stuck,
    forcing you to go back and get him from where you first meet him if you move
    onto the next area without him. When you're finished shopping, kill the snake
    a little north of him and open the chest nearby for a BUTTERFLY KNIFE. Go
    back to where you entered and go up until you see some demented blue sheep and
    a chest. Open it for an ELIXER, and continue to the west into a new place
    with tons of slimes (enemies). There is a chest with a MALLET a little north
    from the entrance. Continue west again till you see a snake. Kill it and go
    down from there to reach his house along with a nasty little surprise (you can
    continue west from the place where you just turned to reach some cows and a
    fisher for the FISHER KING costume. At the bottom on the right, there is a
    chest with a ~fancy soup~ recipe.
    BOSS: ARMY_SOLDIERS x4; ARMY_COMMANDER x1                                     |
    Potions recommended: 1-3                                                      |
    HP: Army soldiers: 35-40    Commander: 300-330                                |
    Difficulty: 2/10                                                              |
    Description: A squad of 5 soldiers.                                           |
    Strategy: Take out the soldiers first, then the commander, as he is the       |
    strongest and you wont have to deal with 4 enemies while fighting him.        |
    Once he's out, the rest is a breeze. Just attack the soldiers, then the       |
    commander.                                                                    |
    After all 5 are killed, they will retreat and you will go into the house to   
    find the little girl. She will tell you a bit about her, and the old man will 
    want to talk to you and so will the professor. In the bottom corner of the   
    room is an article about the CosmoNOTS which will raise you intelligence if   
    you read it. On the top right is a stove where you can cook if you have the   
    Mr. cuisine costume on. Leave the house when you're finished and go down into 
    the next area.                          
    There will be some more soldiers here, though no commander. They have a lot
    more hp than the ones you just fought did, so be careful. On the bottom left
    of this area, there is a chest with some money. Head east into the next area
    once you're done here. When you reach the army base, go all the way down and
    up, and watch out for the chain guns, because they can hit you at long range.
    Move through the area by staying close to the edge, and you will eventually
    come to a safe in front of the fence. Push it out of the way (this safe
    doubles as a shop) and go left for a chest with a KEYCARD. Go the opposite way
    to get to the entrance of the base and to the north is the FLYBOY costume.
    Enter the base to find a blue army commander. Kill him or go past him, and
    there is another one guarding a chest with a potion. Continue up the north
    path to find another one. Kill him and continue on to the next area.
    Go either on the top or bottom path to get to the next part. At the next part
    there is a chest on the left containing a STEAK. On the right path here, there
    is a room with a chest which holds an ELEMENTAL STAFF. Continue down till you
    come to another room. There are 2 blue soldiers and a red commander, so be
    careful. Go on either side; you’ll end up in the same place. Head right in this
    room for a bed and bath (FIHNALLY!!). You should level up here for a while,
    because you have to fight a LONG boss fight if you are a low level. On the
    top left, there is a door blocked by beams. There is a machine on the wall
    next to the door. If you got the KEYCARD earlier, you will have access to 3
    chests, though for 2 of them you'll need a key (buy them from the safe outside)
    for the other one, you’ll need the shadow thief costume.
    Press on through the other path that is unexplored. A ton of scientists will
    come out panicking. Head through that same door to find the cause.
    BOSS: SNAKE                                                                   |
    Potions recommended: 5-9                                                      |
    HP: 550                                                                       |
    Description: ........ a snake.                                                |
    Difficulty: 7/10                                                              |
    Strategy: Straightforward, but tough. Just bring a few potions and use them   |
    when your health gets around 30. Keep doing this and you'll win.              |
    When he is dead, open the chest on the right for an ELIXER. In the new area,  |
    head left until you reach a lot of green and black things. Use your ? Decal   |
    on them if you still have it. Either way, just keep pressing forward. On the  |
    bottom right, there is a ? DECAL (personal decal) in a chest. When you reach  |
    a walkway with a silver floating cube, run straight through the next room.    |
    These cubes are pretty strong and there's like 4 in the next room. When       |
    you run through there, there is a familiar face in the next room.             |
    BOSS: LESTER_SPRAWL 2                                                         |
    potions recommended: 7-12                                                     |
    HP: 700                                                                       |
    Difficulty: 7/10                                                              |
    Description: A HARD crazed archeologist trying to kill you.                   |
    Strategy: Just fight and bring a lot of potions.                              |
    Unfortunately for you, Lester calls on Mint to start up the Plasma Cannon.
    Leave the area and head left in the next one and you will finally meet Mint.
    UGH! Another boss fight.
    BOSS: COMPUTRON_6000/SOLDIERS x infinite                                      |
    Potions recommended: 6-10                                                     |
    HP: 750                                                                       |
    Difficulty: 3/10                                                              |
    Description: A weird machine that spawns infinite soldiers (three at a time). |
    Strategy: This is an interesting fight. To distract the scientists, press one |
    of the + or - buttons on the touch screen. To damage this thing, you need to  |
    have no soldiers on the field at all. Start the fight by hitting all the      |
    soldiers until they have almost no health left. Then, hit the + and - buttons |
    until on the TV the pink channel is playing. Kill the soldiers as fast as you |
    can and run over to the computron and start using techs on it and go all out. |
    Eventually, the scientists will lose their interest in the TV and go back to  |
    spawning the soldiers. Just repeat until it is dead. Tip: DON’T CHANGE THE TV |
    CHANNEL WHILE THE FLOOR IS RED!!!                                             |
    Floor colors:                                                                 |
    Red: Damages you                                                              |
    Light Blue: Nothing                                                           |
    Dark blue: Can’t attack (you can't)                                           |
    Green: Slows you down                                                         |
    When the Computron is destroyed, the cell will appear for you to capture with
    your cell decal. Provided you still have your ship decal, use it and teleport
    back to the ship. Talk wit the professor to learn about the next cell.
    Aegis [5.4]
    After you rest and set the seanavi and stuff, get off the ship and go into
    aegis. The professor will give you the constellation decal before you leave.
    Leave the ship and go up into the next area. Turn left and go into that area.
    In THAT area, go north to find a village/town/bazaar. Outside, where you enter
    is a guy in a stall selling fruits and veggies. When you enter the town, there
    will be another scene with Terry just walking around. He'll eventually go into
    a stall and will see two people talking. Then some guy named Bull takes the
    guy away and they leave. You can get Blue Eyes V. 11 by killing the guy at the
    entrance. There is a cosmoNOTS article in the shop that is next to the weapons
    shop. When you're done here, go right and up and you will initiate a scene
    with two girls.
    On the top right here you can buy car parts for the NITROBOOST costume. You
    can also buy the Deed for the pyramid that is vacant. Go through the exit on
    your left and keep going up into another pyramid. Keep going straight until
    you come to a yellow door. Examine it and the professor will start talking
    again. Leave the pyramid and go back to the right side of the town where 
    there is another pyramid. Outside of it is an archeologist. Talk to him and he
    will ask you to take him into a secret room in a pyramid. Tell him yes and go
    into the pyramid right in front of you.
    Go through the first room and into the second. Go all the way around the room
    until you get to the middle on the opposite side and go down. You will feel 
    air coming through the wall. Tell the archeologist, and he will discover a
    hidden door. Go through it and go up all the stairs into another chamber.
    The archeologist will explore the room and will give you a ROYAL DAGGER as a
    reward. Go through the right wall and into the next room. In this room, there
    are a lot of panels on the ground. Step on one while wearing the appropriate
    For the fist symbol, equip a punching weapon. For the sword (obviously), use
    a sword. For the hammer symbol, use a hammer. Each time you step on a panel,
    you will get a skill or stat increase. After all of them are gone, the door
    will open. Go through it. In this room, you have to make them disappear by
    wearing the correct costume. Just step on a panel while wearing Flyboy, Nitro
    Boost, Aqua shot, and Knuckle Mole. After you step on these panels, the door
    will open. Head into the next room and open the chest at the top of the room
    to get Felio's emblem. Remember the locked door you found a little bit ago?
    Now you can open it.
    Once you get there, place Felio's emblem in the door and go through it. Go
    straight through the room and into the next one. Be careful of the floating
    things; they can summon other enemies. There are also a couple other new
    enemies, but deal with them as you would with most enemies. Go up the stairs
    and up and again. If you go down from there, you'll reach a hidden passage
    with a chest and a Big Worm (I think) for the Fisher King costume. Go through 
    the door to the north. Go up all the stairs in this room and go to the next
    room. If you go down, you will get to a chest with a POTION inside. Go down
    the left set of stairs and go to the south wall by a sarcophagus (lol bad
    spelling). There should be an indent in the wall. Go through it and follow it
    all the way to the end and you will see a scene with the two people you saw
    earlier. They reveal themselves as Bull Beatnix and Nadia Krall. And
    unfortunately, they are CosmoNOTs, and as you found out in Caldoaxa, CosmoNOTs
    aren't friendly.
    BOSS: BULL_BEATNIX                                                            |
    Potions recommended: 1-3                                                      |
    HP: 900                                                                       |
    Difficulty: 5/10                                                              |
    My Description: Uhh... A member of the cosmoNOTs?                             |
    Strategy: Just bring lots of potions. He isn't that strong. You're in good    |
    shape if you can hit around 50 or 40s. Just keep hitting him until he loses.  |
    He will sometime make some sort of pose, which means he is about to do a      |
    charging attack.                                                              |
    He will drop the BEAT KNUCKLE once he's finished, and will retreat. Pick up
    the weapon, and go up the left stairs. In that room is a bed and bath, so rest
    and heal, and then continue on. Go up the stairs to the top and go through the
    door. If you want a ~Rice Pilaf~ recipe, go down the opposite set of stairs.
    The next room is just a long series of corridors. Go into the door at the end
    and you will have to fight four mages to open the door to the next room. For
    the most part, just try your best to avoid their spells. When they're dead, go
    into the next room. There is treasure in here, but you will get trapped by a
    ton of Sarcophaguses. If you want the treasure, you should return here later.
    Once you go through the next room, you will witness a scene where the CosmoNOTs
    are under a mini-pyramid. Terry will wander around until the scene is over.
    When it is over, go up the left stairs for a SWANKY SOUP, or go up the right
    ones to advance through the pyramid. When you go up either set, there will be
    another scene. There is a bed and bath ahead of you; when you're finished,
    enter the final room.
    BOSS: PYRAMID                                                                 |
    Potions recommended: 10-15                                                    |
    HP:?????(5 hits)                                                              |
    Difficulty: 7/10                                                              |
    My Description: Weird floating pyramid.                                       |
    Strategy: Before you can fight it, you have to kill 4 sarcophaguses. When all |
    are dead, you will be sucked up inside the pyramid. Four green figures will   |
    appear once you enter the pyramid. One of them is real and will damage the    |
    pyramid when hit. Each fake will have an effect if you hit it. Oh, and a      |
    little green ball will bounce around, damaging you if it hits you.            |
    Trap: Does 1 damage you, and cant move for a bit                              |
    Damage: Umm... duh                                                            |
    Disappears: The figure will vanish                                            |
    Attack the right figure 5 times (total) to destroy the Pyramid.               |
    The cell will fall from the sky, so capture it and go back to the ship. Talk
    to the professor and he will tell you about an SOS from the CosmoNOTs. Watch
    it and the professor will decide to help them on one condition. They agree and
    tell the professor what he wanted, and he releases them. Once they do, the
    professor will give you the Balloon Decal. Set the SeaNavi to Habara,
    go to bed, and take a bath.
    Habara [5.5]
    Once you're done talking with the professor, leave the ship once again and
    set foot on Habara. Outside, walk right and enter the shop. Go up the
    stairs. Go right to find a shopkeeper selling only one thing. Blue Sky March.
    It's expensive (10,000), but you need it for the next area. If you don't
    have the money; repeat the Aegis trick in the Tips and Tricks section, only
    do it in Habara, 1st floor. You can also kill the nerds for tons of money.
    When you're finished, go up the stairs. On the second shelf here, there is a
    CosmoNOTs article. Ignore the treasure chests for now, unless you have a key
    and shadow thief clothes. Continue up the stairs and a guy should stop you,
    asking if you want to buy an electromagnetic shield apron. The lights will
    start to flicker and the professor will start to break up. He will disappear.
    A couple feet from where he was, 2 refrigerators will attack you. Keep going
    up the stairs until you reach another dark room with a bath and bed. Bathe and
    sleep, and then keep going. In the next room there are several sets of stairs,
    but just keep going until you see an arcade machine along with a nerd.
    Press A at the machine to play the game. This is a racing game that isn’t that
    hard. Leave the starting point and go north. Continue to follow this path.
    You will eventually come across a place with 2 paths. Go down and you will
    find another intersection. At this one, go left to find a pile of cars.
    Destroy the cars and you will get first place. Step down and cross the finish
    line to get to the next room. Save and take a bath and continue upwards. Go
    left to a dead end. There is a hidden path at the top of this wall, so go
    through it to find yet another arcade machine in the next room. Go in. This
    stage is pretty linear, so I don't need to guide you through it. At the end
    is a bath and a bed. Again, go up the stairs. There will be a concert starring
    none other then the CosmoNOTs. Tons of nerds will start flooding in (ahh
    nerd invasion!!^_^)
    Everyone will start "Booing" Terry, and he will go onstage. Lester throws 
    Terry against the wall and Mint will ask the audience for the cells, and
    they will give them to her. They will then leave and the professor will
    talk (again!). He tells you that Terry is in bed and stuff. The rest of
    this incredibly long scene will play and the professor will give you 
    the Sun & Moon Decal. Go set the seanavi to Akumojo castle and sleep.
    Akumojo Castle/Rizo Island [5.6]
    Akumojo castle is too stormy, so set the SeaNavi to Rizo Island and
    rest again. (You will need a key for this area which you can get at Ft. Eagle)
    This place is really short. Enter Nadia's house and open the door with a key.
    Go through the cave and avoid or kill the turtles. At the end you will find
    Nadia playing her keyboard. Wait until she moves, then go over and put
    "Blue Sky March" into the keyboard. It will clear the storms around Akumojo
    castle. You can now enter Akumojo castle, so go set your SeaNavi for
    Akumojo castle after talking with the professor.
    <>><><><><><>                  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
    <><><><><><>>  AKUMOJO CASTLE [5.7]  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>  
    <>><>><<><><>                  <><><><><><><<><><><><><>><<>
    The final mission. Get off the ship and into the castle.
    I would recommend bringing a lot of potions. I don't know if I was just
    really weak, but I had to use a lot potions in Akumojo castle. Anyway, once
    you're inside, go straight down the hall into the next room. In this room, go
    left and up. Go forward from here to get to a bed and bath. This is an 
    EXTREMELY good room to level up in. Go right and follow the path all the way
    around the room into the next. You will eventually run into a monkey. Don't
    follow it or else you will have to fight an ogre.
    Don't go through any extra doors, because most don't really have anything
    except enemies. Go through this hall to get to find a bed. In the room after
    this one you will encounter Nadia. She will distract you so Bull can capture
    you from behind. He does. He will take him prisoner and chain him up on a
    wall. A huge demon will come and start beating you up. Advance the scene
    quickly, because he does damage you. And you will have to wake him up by
    tapping him. After the unexpected rescue, go take a bath on the right side,
    and continue on the left side.
    Continue through the hall till you come to a square room with 4 exits. Go 
    through the top right one. From there, go up,right,up, up,right,down,right,up,
    to find a bath and bed. Onto the series of bosses leading up to the end of the
    game. But first, you have to get past a lot of enemies plus a giant demon. 
    Keep going through a ton of halls until you find a bath and bed. When you're
    done here, proceed into the final part of the castle.
    BOSS:RED_DRAGON                                                              <>
    Potions recommended:5-20                                                     <>
    HP:2000                                                                      <>
    My Description:  Ancient dragon brought to life by the cosmoNots using the Mu<>
    control system.                                                              <>
    Difficulty:6/10                                                              <>
    Strategy: The RD will try to attack you right away, so move. When ever the RD<>
    stops, run away because it will probably attack you. He'll eventually start  <>
    making tornadoes that push you back to the wall. Occasionally, RD will fly   <>
    up into the top screen and shoot giant fireballs everywhere. Just stay in one<>
    place. Always make sure you have at least 100 hp, because the RD will grab   <>
    you, fly up to the top screen, and throw you down. He will also fly up to    <>
    send thunderbolts everywhere. Just stay away when he breathes fire, because  <>
    that hits a lot of times. If you stay there, he will inflict massive damage. <>
    Once you deal 2000 damage to him, you will have to fight another boss.       <>
    BOSS:LESTER_SPRAWL 3 & BULL_BEATNIX 2                                        <>
    Potions recommended:2-10                                                     <>
    HP:    Lester:600  Bull:700                                                  <>
    Difficulty:7/10                                                              <>
    My Description: Two cosmoNOTs?                                               <>
    Strategy: Not much strategy involved. Just take out one of them before the   <>
    other. Get ready to fight another boss.                                      <>
    BOSS:RED_DRAGON                                                              <>
    Potions recommended:10-25                                                    <>
    HP:2000                                                                      <>
    My Description: Ancient dragon brought to life by the cosmoNots using the Mu <>
    control system.                                                              <>
    Difficulty:8/10                                                              <>
    Strategy: Pretty much the same as the RD you fought a little bit ago, except <>
    when he breathes fire, he will breathe it in all directions at once, and he  <>
    will attack a lot more.                                                      <>
    FINAL BOSS:(C                                                                <>
    Potions recommended:2-10                                                     <>
    HP:1200                                                                      <>
    My Description: The final boss.                                              <>
    Difficulty:7/10                                                              <>
    Strategy: The final boss will constantly will use the same attack a lot, but <>
    it will sometimes stun you. Just keep exchanging hits until it's dead.       <>
    Congrats on beating the game Contact. In the ending, you need to "fight"     <>
    Terry. Just keep hammering on him on the touch screen until he loses.        <>
    Section VII: Hidden stuff [hdn]
    I copied all of this onto my FAQ. jgesner1 let me copy all of this.
    Caldoaxa Ruins: +30 Courage - Likes Flowers
    Ft. Eagle: +36 Wisdom - Likes Bugs.
    La Chef Beach: +30? (unsure of needed #) Fame - Likes Gems
    Habara: -51 Karma - Likes Video Games
    Getting the items they want:
    Killing those weird blue things on Ft. Eagle will get you Flowers.
    The best place to farm insects is Caldoaxa. The spiders and pill bugs in the
    regular dungeon drop Grasshoppers and Beetles, and the pill bugs in the store
    room of the spice shop drop Beetles, Stag Beetles, and Ladybugs. I think you
    have to actually give at least one of each type of item that the girls like to
    get them to move onto your boat; I'd given a lot of insects to the girl on Ft.
    Eagle's isle, but she didn't agree to come aboard until after I'd finally given
    her a Grasshopper.
    The monsters inside the pyramids in Aegis drop gems.
    The people on the first 2 floors of Habara drop Video Games.
    On Ft. Eagle, there is a pond by the convenience store dude, and its jam packed
    full of gems.
    If you want to fish for Video Games there's a semi-hidden bathtub in Habara you
    can fish to get them. After the car race "mini-game," go up from the save area
    and to the right to find the tub. So far I've caught nothing but video games.
    Losing Karma
    The fastest way is to rob stores by opening their chests. However, since there
    are only a few in Habara and one in Caldoaxa, that's not a great option.
    What I did was run around the first 2 floors of Habara knocking out customers
    and using the Snatch skill to steal from them. It's effective, it raises your
    thief skills at the same time, and you can get TONS of money from all the
    weapons you'll be getting from the vendors. It's also a great way to stock up
    on video games for her and the guy out front that wants one of each.
    (But keep in mind only the enemy people up above drop Terry the Kid.)
    2)Elemental Gods [7.2]
    The elemental gods are inasanely strong creatures that lok like normal enemies,
    but are different colored
    Earth god: The 2nd to last room from where you fight Lester 1. 
    Water & Ice gods: By Apt's house in Ft. Eagle
    Fire God: Fire god - Habara
    In the first videogame you enter (racing cars), it can be found south near a
    what looks like a storage building.
    Wind god: Buy the deed in Aegis to get your own pyramid. In the center of it
    is a hidden room with the Wind god in it.
    Earth God: Gaia Hammer, Meat, Milk, 10 Ton Hammer
    Fire God: Flame Knuckle, Unknown 
    Water and Ice Gods:
    Wind God:
    Section VII: Sidequests [sdq]
    1. La chef beach [7.1]
    Once you obtain the Mr. Cuisine costume, you can come back to Le Chef beach to
    get the girlfriend here. In order to make her your girlfriend, you need to fill
    the requirements. For this girlfriend, the requirements are 30 fame and a lot
    of gems. The best place to get gems would be at the pond in FT. Eagle. There is
    a convenience store dude there, and there's a pond next to him. Once you get
    the Fisher King outfit you can fish in this pond to get a lot of gems. 
    Refer to the costumes section.
    2. Caldoaxa [7.2]
    For this girlfriend, you will need 30 courage and flowers. The place where I
    usually go flower-hunting is in Ft. Eagle. Those slime things drop flowers,
    so that's where you should go to look for flowers.
    coming on my next playthrough
    In the ruins when you go straight from the entrance you will see an old guy,
    the mayor. When you beat Caldoaxa, he will tell you that he had something a
    long time ago called "Soo-shee". What he is talking about is Carp Sushi. If you
    give him some carp sushi, he will offer a whopping 20,000 for the Masumune.
    Beware, you can only get this item once, and you cannot get it again.
    3. Ft. Eagle [7.3]
    Coming soon!
    In the beginning part of the forest, keep
    Coming soon!
    Coming Soon!
    Go to Apt's house after getting the Ft. Eagle cell. Dolly will be missing, and
    Apt wants you to find her.
    Section VIII: Frequently Asked Questions [aqf]
    Q:I can't hit the computron 6000's + and - signs! Help!
    A: Are you using the stylus? If you're not, notice that there is a Touch screen
    on your Nintendo DS. That's where you’re aiming for.
    </joke> Use the stylus to hit them.
    Q: I can't find all the stone pieces in Aegis!
    A: Relax! On my next playthrough I will update it and put it in sidequests.
    Until then, just look through the pyramids with the knuckle mole costume on for
    ! points. There are also a few real hidden rooms. In one of them, there is a
    darker wall that you can walk through to get to another room, so keep looking.
    Section IX: Special Thanks/Credits [stc]
    This section is devoted to the people who contributed to my guide and stuff. I
    had a ton of people help me only because everyone on the message boards was
    complaining, so a lot of people offered to help. Also sorry for so many thanks,
    but a lot of people kept flooding in suggestions.
    CNET networks: same as gamefaqs thanks
    Gamefaqs: For hosting my Guide
    Atlus: For making the best game ever!!(except earthbound)
    Ixador: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    jgesner1: for letting me copy a huge section (Girlfriends)
    SwordOfZork: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    TheoW593:For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    smarttman: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    Midgetboy: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    Heronblade: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    Housemonkey: For contributing to my faq (Tips and tricks)
    AliasIsAwesome: For noticing an error in my guide.
    Dohsimpson:for telling me what the UFO Decal does & where fire god is
    Scottied:For giving me another helpful hint for my tips and tricks section.
    toMatto:for contributing to my techs section.
    AND YOU: For reading my guide.
    Section X: Conclusion [cnl]
    Hey guys. Sorry for the REALLY bad faq. It's my first one. Mostly I just
    kept overusing words. I'm really sorry for my over usage, but I couldn't think
    of any other way to put it. Well, anyway, it's a guide. And it works (I hope).
    If it doesn't, E-mail me at Wars1star@aol.com. Try not to give me too much
    criticism. Oh well. See ya!

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