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    Cooking Guide by darklao

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    Cooking Guide
    Version Final
    November 17, 2006
    by "darklao"
    1. Introduction
    2. Outfit Acquisition/Controls
    3. Skills and Training
    4. Weapons
    5. Food List
    6. Basic Ingredient Locations
    7. Recipe List/Locations
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Contact/Copyright
    This guide may contain information that could be considered spoilers. I will
    try to avoid giving any information that is related to the plot (and really,
    that should be possible), but, you know, caveat emptor.
    Outfit Acquisition/Controls
    Pick up the bottle from the beach on Deserted Island on the way back from the
    crystal room. You'll be able to access La Chef Beach on the world map. Head
    over there and go through the short quest to catch the monkey.
    When you're wearing the cooking outfit, you'll be able to hit the ! symbol in
    the southeast room on the ship or at various locations around the game. Once on
    the cooking menu, just select one or two ingredients to add to the pan (d-pad
    and A or stylus tap), then move up to the pan and hit A or tap to start
    cooking. If you have entered a combination of ingredients that cannot be made
    into something, the game will tell you and cancel the job (no ingredient loss),
    if he can't cook it yet, it is either a level 2 or 3 dish and you'll have to
    raise your cooking skill before you can make it. You get the skill to create
    level 2 dishes at level 55 and level 3 dishes at 85.
    Training and Skills
    Cooking is one of the most straightforward skills to raise. You can raise it
    by fighting in the Mr. Cuisine outfit with a weapon that boosts cooking skill,
    or by using the combat skills, but by far the fastest way is just to cook
    The best experience seems to come from the highest level dish you can make that
    has more than one ingredient, although cooking comes with a hefty price tag if
    you're buying ingredients, so you might as well cook all the stray fish and
    meat that comes your way. Also, if you have the patience to cook your potions
    as you play the game, it will save you money and train your cooking quickly.
    To get from level 5 (that you get with the outfit) to level 10, where you can
    begin to cook level 1 dishes, mix Tropical Fruit and Water to make Fruit Juice.
    Tropical Fruit is free on Deserted Island, you can Gut crabs for Water. It
    shouldn't take more than a handful of Fruit Juices. They level you very
    quickly before level 10.
    Some great level 1 dishes:
    Potion = Water + Herbs (useful!)
    Any Meat + Spices = Kebab (cheap ingredients, good exp)
    Salad = Lettuce + Tomato (buyable ingredients, good exp)
    Hamburger Steak = Meat + Wild Game (plentiful drops, good exp)
    Building Hamburger Steaks is great for setting up for the next gap. You should
    also save your Chicken (unless you're maxed out on it), to use for Chicken
    Bites, rather than burn them on Kebabs (use Rotten Meat for that).
    From level 55 to 85, same deal, except with level 2 dishes. Also, you can cook
    the last three basic fish BBQ recipes (Pirahna, Tuna, Swordfish). If you've got
    your fishing up to a level where you can catch Pirahna, you can level your
    fishing by catching them, level your cooking by cooking them, and then sell
    them for 200 a pop to fuel the rest of your cooking skill training.
    Great level 2 dishes:
    Orange + Potion = Plus Potion (useful!)
    BBQ Pirahna = Pirahna
    Cheeseburger = Hamburger Steak + Bread
    Chicken Bites = Chicken + Flour
    Thai Curry = Coconut + Spices
    After 85, there's no really easy choice. Your best bets are Borscht (Tomato +
    Potato) and Mystery Herbs (Mystery Meat + Herbs). Both of these contain one
    buyable ingredient and one you'll have to grind for. For potatos, I recommend
    the screen right before the town with the 5 worms, as you can pop in and out of
    both sides to respawn the worms. The Gut skill will force the potato drop, so
    you can use that with a knife to speed the process up, or you can work your
    Shadow Thief to steal the potato if you need to train it. For Mystery Meat, I
    recommend using Gut on the purple bugs in the desert at Aegis.
    The other level 3 dishes either require far too much useless cooking (Bass
    Stuffing), or multiple rare ingredients (Tuna Sushi, Jambalaya, Steak), or
    both (Loco Moco). Definitely make them if you have the stray ingredients, but
    although many of them give better experience than Borscht, the investment in
    time and button presses stops it from being worthwhile.
    Cooking Skills in Menu Order:
    Uses 1 EP
    Strikes Thrice and may result in some food.
    Requires a cleaver.
    Comments: This is a nice skill, both for combat during the game, as it hits
    rapidly three times for good damage, and for forcing drops. It seems to force
    a drop of the highest priority foodish item. Usually meat, but in special cases
    other things (Crabs and slimes drop Water, Refrigerators drop Egg). "Requires
    a cleaver" means that you must be wielding one of the chef-only slashing
    weapons: Fruit Knife, Cleaver, or Ginsu. Great skill.
    Uses 2 EP
    Burn nearby enemies.
    Requires a frying pan.
    Comments: Not bad, but no Gut. Does decent damage. Requires one of the two pans
    in the game--Frying Pan, or Nonstick Pan. Pretty much outclassed by the 1 EP
    Gut in every way.
    Uses 5 EP
    Pour on the hot sauce.
    Requires a frying pan.
    Comments: Level 100.
    Chef Etiquette
    Always active.
    Allows the preparation of level 1 cuisine.
    Comments: ZZZzzzZZZzzz... Eh? Whazzat?
    Always active.
    +10% damage against animals.
    Comments: Free damage, yayz.
    Kitchen Savvy
    Always active.
    Allows the preparation of level 2 cuisine.
    Comments: Good stuff. They really balanced the cooking nicely compared to the
    fishing. At level 55 it's a little bit of a grind, but not bad at all.
    Always active.
    Increases the chances of finding food.
    Comments: Not sure I ever really noticed the difference, but at least it does
    something to increase the rate of your food loots.
    Meat Cred
    Always active.
    Allows the preparation of level 3 cuisine.
    Comments: Hooray... but it's too bad all the level 3 cuisine is kind of boring.
    Anywho, at level 85 it's not too far to climb, and now you can complete that
    food screen.
    Fruit Knife (Slashing)
    Offense: 5
    Chefs only.
    Cooking + 10%
    A small knife used to slice fruit.
    Location: Caldoaxa shop.
    Cleaver (Slashing)
    Offense: 16
    Chefs only.
    Critical hit +12%
    Useful for chopping up meat and fish.
    Location: Aegis shop.
    Ginsu (Slashing)
    Offense: 19
    Chefs only.
    Cooking + 20%
    A light, rustproof modern knife.
    Location: Treasure chest, Habara.
    Tenderizer (Striking)
    Offense: 19
    Chefs only.
    Tenderizes even tough cuts of meat.
    Location: Aegis shop.
    Frying Pan (Striking)
    Offense: 12
    Chefs only.
    Cooking +15%
    Steel frying pan cooks up the tasty dishes.
    Location: Ft. Eagle Vending Machine, Old Lady by the door to the Caldoaxa
    underground (steal/kill).
    Nonstick Pan (Striking)
    Offense: 31
    Chefs only.
    Cooking +25%
    This heat-conducting prototype is rare.
    Location: Treasure Chest, Caldoaxa (requires level 2 lockpicking)
    Food List - Screen Order, Ingredients
    1-01  Chicken
    1-02  Meat
    1-03  Wild Game
    1-04  Mystery Meat
    1-05  Rotten Meat
    1-06  Killifish
    1-07  Carp
    1-08  Catfish
    1-09  Salmon
    1-10  Pirahna
    1-11  Sardines
    1-12  Bass
    1-13  Red Snapper
    1-14  Tuna
    1-15  Swordfish
    2-01  Lettuce
    2-02  Tomato
    2-03  Potato
    2-04  Herbs
    2-05  Coconut
    2-06  Apple
    2-07  Orange
    2-08  Strawberry
    2-09  Melon
    2-10  Grape
    2-11  Tropical Fruit
    2-12  Water
    2-13  Milk
    2-14  Flour
    2-15  Rice
    3-01  Egg
    3-02  Spices
    3-03  Coffee Beans
    3-04  Juice            = Habara vending machine (beach)
    3-05  Cola             = Habara vending machine (beach)
    3-06  Canned Coffee    = Habara vending machine (beach)
    3-07  Canned Stew      = Habara vending machine (beach)
    3-08  Dough            = [1] Flour + Water
    3-09  Butter           = [1] Milk
    3-10  Ham              = [1] Meat + Coal
    3-11  Steamed Rice     = [1] Rice + Water
    3-12  Bread            = [1] Dough
    3-13  Pie              = [2] Dough + Butter
    3-14  Hamburger Steak  = [1] Meat + Wild Game
    3-15  Coal             = [0] Any Cooking Failure
    4-01  BBQ Chicken      = [0] Chicken
    4-02  BBQ Meat         = [1] Meat
    4-03  Savory BBQ       = [1] Wild Game
    4-04  Mystery BBQ      = [0] Mystery Meat
    4-05  Rotten BBQ       = [1] Rotten Meat
    4-06  BBQ Killifish    = [1] Killifish
    4-07  BBQ Carp         = [1] Carp
    4-08  Cajun Catfish    = [1] Catfish
    4-09  BBQ Salmon       = [1] Salmon
    4-10  BBQ Pirahna      = [2] Pirahna
    4-11  BBQ Sardines     = [1] Sardines
    4-12  BBQ Bass         = [1] Bass
    4-13  BBQ Snapper      = [1] Red Snapper
    4-14  BBQ Tuna         = [2] Tuna
    4-15  BBQ Swordfish    = [2] Swordfish
    5-01  Cheeseburger     = [2] Bread + Hamburger Steak
    5-02  Mystery Herbs    = [3] Mystery Meat + Herbs
    5-02  Steak            = [3] Meat + Butter
    5-04  Croquette        = [2] Potato + Ham
    5-05  Fancy Soup       = [1] Potato + Milk
    5-06  Chicken Bites    = [2] Chicken + Flour
    5-07  Coconut Milk     = [1] Coconut
    5-08  Strawberry Milk  = [1] Strawberry + Milk
    5-09  Apple Pie        = [2] Apple + Pie
    5-10  Fried Egg        = [1] Egg
    5-11  Ham n' Eggs      = [2] Egg + Ham
    5-12  Rice Pilaf       = [2] Rice + Butter
    5-13  Bass Stuffing    = [3] Bass + Pie
    5-14  Raisin Bread     = [2] Grapes + Dough, Grapes + Bread
    5-15  Melon Bread      = [2] Melon + Dough, Melon + Bread
    6-01  Jambalaya        = [3] Rice + Tomato
    6-02  Potion           = [1] Herbs + Water
    6-03  Elixir           = [?] Potion + Coal
    6-04  Plus Potion      = [2] Potion + Orange
    6-05  Swanky Soup      = [2] Fish + Flour
    6-06  Loco Moco        = [3] Hamburger Steak + Steamed Rice
    6-07  Borscht          = [3] Tomato + Potato
    6-08  Tuna Sushi       = [3] Tuna + Steamed Rice
    6-09  Carp Sushi       = [2] Carp + Steamed Rice
    6-10  Salad            = [1] Lettuce + Tomato
    6-11  Kebab            = [1] Meat + Spices
    6-12  Coffee           = [1] Coffee Beans + Water 
    6-13  Thai Curry       = [2] Coconut + Spices
    6-14  Latte            = [1] Coffee + Milk
    6-15  Fruit Juice      = [0] Tropical Fruit + Water
    Basic Ingredient Locations
    For the sake of brevity, I will generally list only the easiest locations.
    Apple - Purchase in Aegis, Ghosts in Caldoaxa
    Bass - Ocean, Docked Ship (fishing)
    Bottle - Docked Ship (Required for free water)
    Carp - Ft. Eagle, Aegis (fishing)
    Catfish - Ft. Eagle, Aegis (fishing)
    Chicken - Bats in Caldoaxa, Birds in Aegis
    Coconut - Shake from trees in Aegis desert
    Coffee Beans - Caldoaxa Spice Shop
    Egg - Any bird type monsters, Refrigerators in Habara
    Flour - Aegis shop
    Grapes - Aegis shop
    Herbs - Caldoaxa Spice Shop, Aegis shop
    Killifish - Aegis  (fishing)
    Lettuce - Aegis shop
    Meat - Good animal types (cow, sheep, goat, etc.)
    Melon - Ft. Eagle guards, Aegis shop
    Milk - Cows, Refrigerators in Habara
    Mystery Meat - Bug type monsters
    Orange - Aegis shop
    Pirahna - Ft. Eagle, Aegis (fishing level 2)
    Potato - Green worm type monsters
    Red Snapper - Ocean, Deserted Island (top), La Chef Beach (beach)
    Rice - Ft. Eagle guards
    Rotten Meat - Undead type monsters
    Salmon - Ft. Eagle, Aegis (fishing level 2)
    Sardines - Ocean, Docked Ship (fishing)
    Spices - Caldoaxa Spice Shop
    Strawberry - Aegis shop
    Swordfish - Ocean (fishing level 2)
    Tomato - Aegis shop, red worm type monsters
    Tropical Fruit - Shake from trees on Deserted Island
    Tuna - Ocean (fishing level 2)
    Water - Caldoaxa/Aegis wells (requires bottle), crab and slime type monsters
    Wild Game - Evil animal types (e.g. Snakes at Ft. Eagle or Aegis)
    Recipe List/Locations
    Chapter references point to specific information contained in my full guide at:
    5-01 ~Hamburger~        = Buy from Ft. Eagle Vending Machine
    5-02 ~Steak~            = Steal/Drop red monster, Aegis secret room (Chap 5)
    5-03 ~Croquette~        = Akumojo treasure chest (Chap 9)
    5-04 ~Fancy Soup~       = Ft. Eagle treasure chest (Chap 4)
    5-05 ~Chicken Bites~    = Steal/drop Caldoaxa old lady by underground entrance
    5-06 ~Apple Pie~        = Steal Aegis old lady by palm tree
    5-07 ~Rice Pilaf~       = Aegis treasure chest (Chap 5)
    5-08 ~Jambalaya~        = Caldoaxa treasure chest (Chap 6)
    5-09 ~Potion~           = Buy from Ft. Eagle outdoor convenience shop dude
    5-10 ~Swanky Soup~      = Steal from Naked Chef, La Chef Beach
    5-11 ~Loco Moco~        = Steal from Naked Chef, La Chef Beach
    5-12 ~Borscht~          = Akumojo treasure chest (Chap 9)
    5-13 ~Carp Sushi~       = Steal/drop Habara vacuum
    5-14 ~Salad~            = Steal/Drop Caldoaxa old lady by weapon shop entrance
    5-15 ~Thai Curry~       = Aegis treasure chest (Chap 5)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: Okay, but what does all the food do?
    Answer: Generally speaking, all you really need to know is that potions cure
    80 HP and have negligible consumption times, Elixirs cure poison, Water cures
    burn. Everything else, well... some foods boost stats in small ways. Might be
    slightly useful during a boss fight, or the very very early game... but I
    doubt it.
    Question: Are you going to write down all the food descriptions and stats?
    Answer: Probably not, but possibly. As it's not really hugely relevant to the
    game play, it's not really a priority.
    Question: Is there a recipe for the canned liquids you buy in that vending
    machine in Habara?
    Answer: It's possible, but who knows? If you find one, let me know.
    Question: What is the difference between, say, DEF +10 and DEF^ +10?
    Answer: If a food says "DEF +10," it seems to boost your DEF by 10 during its
    consumption time... as for the "DEF^ +10" and similar, I have no idea. It
    could be a bonus to experience (although I tested this a bit, and either my
    levels were already too high for a handful of the food to register, or it does
    something else), or it could be a modifier to the routine that governs what
    you can gain experience from. I've tested a few things and never seen it do 
    anything, so... who knows, man? Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be very
    Contact and Copyright
    Contacting Me;
    If you have any corrections or additions to this guide, please do let me know.
    Send a note to darklao@gmail.com for inclusion in the next revision.  Please
    include the phrase "Contact cooking guide" or something in the subject line so
    I don't just toss it.
    If you find a recipe for the canned drinks, let me know.
    Of course any meaningful contributions to this guide will be credited in an
    obscure bit at the end of the guide that nobody will read anyway. Like right
    here.---> Special thanks to FemmeFromMars and lostmuted for nailing down some
    of the recipe levels. And to Spadgos for finding the elixer recipe and sending
    it to me.
    If you have other questions about the game, please feel free to ask them on the
    board at: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=930222
    You stand a much better chance of getting help there than by mailing me.
    Copyright Notice:
    This document is Copyright 2006 Matthew "darklao" Pattison. It may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs. It may not be distributed
    electronically outside of the GameFAQs web site, and it may not be distributed
    otherwise at all.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public format is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All
    trademarks and etc. blah blah blah belong to their respective holders.
    Thanks to Marvelous Interactive, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc., Atlus, Nancy
    Edelson, GameFAQs, CJayC, and all of the GameFAQs staff, my wife, my son,
    Nintendo, and YOU! (Not really.) Peace. (Really.)

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