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    Skill Guide by logic_resistant

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    By logic_resistant
    September 11, 2007
    I. Introduction.......................................................[XINTROX]
    II. Skill List........................................................[XSKILLX]
        A. SLASHING.......................................................[XSLASHX]
        B. STRIKING......................................................[XSTRIKEX]
        C. PUNCHING.......................................................[XPUNCHX]
        D. WATER..........................................................[XWATERX]
        E. EARTH..........................................................[XEARTHX]
        F. WIND............................................................[XWINDX]
        G. FIRE............................................................[XFIREX]
        H. THIEF..........................................................[XTHIEFX]
        I. FISHING.........................................................[XFISHX]
        J. COOKING.........................................................[XCOOKX]
    III. Training Tips.....................................................[XTIPSX]
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions..........................................[XFAQX]
    V. Legal Stuff & Version History......................................[XLEGALX]
    VI. Contact Info & Thanks............................................[XTHANKSX]
    I. INTRODUCTION                                                       [XINTROX]
    This guide will primarily cover the active and passive skills in Contact, and 
    will go a little more in-depth on their applications.  It would prove useful as
    a guide to tell you which outfits compliment your personal play-style, and keep
    you from wasting time leveling outfits that you will not use.
    The codes that are located to the right of each entry of the table of contents
    is used to quickly locate the section of this guide that you wish to see.
    On most browsers that means simply pressing CTRL + F and typing in "XFIREX"
    without the quotes will quickly jump you to the section that contains the list
    of Fire skills.
    This is my first guide that I've ever written for the purposes of posting 
    online, but it's far from the first guide I've written.  Hopefully it proves 
    useful to at least a few.
    II. SKILL LIST                                                       [XSKILLX]
    This section will list the skills that can be gained from increasing weapon, 
    element and job skill levels.  I'll also give my own opinions about the skills'
    effectiveness.  Here's a very quick outline on how I'll structure this section:
    LEVEL LEARNED- SKILL NAME (EP COST/PASSIVE):  My own description & any opinions
    I may have about its effectiveness.
    Any contributions and alternate opinions are more than welcome.  See "Contact
    Info" for details.  I've also included simplistic instructions on where to find
    the outfits under its corresponding skill section.  If the locations are
    unclear, refer to a more detailed guide for a clearer explanation.
    Default-  Dual Flash (1EP):  Slash the enemy twice quickly.  Very useful 
    throughout the game for dealing damage and interrupting enemy attacks.
    15- Parry (Passive):  Randomly nullify an enemy physical attack.  Rate 
    increases with higher Agility.
    29- Double Attack (2EP):  Spin around quickly, damaging all enemies nearby.  
    Good for when you're surrounded.  If you can kill four or more enemies with it
    at once, then it will regenerate the EP it costs.
    43- Dexterity Up (Passive):  Dexterity +10%
    57- Drain Blade (3EP):  Deal damage and restore HP equal to damage dealt.  One
    of the game's only ways of restoring HP with EP, although it's an expensive 
    71- Critical Strike (Passive):  Increases critical hit rate.  A noticeable 
    increase, in my opinion.
    85- Sound Flurry (4EP):  Greatly increases attack rate temporarily.  Expensive,
    but fun, enemies rarely even get an attack in while this is active.
    100- Justice (Passive):  Slash damage +15%, Increase Parry Rate.  Not bad at 
    Default- Power Strike (1EP):  Deal double damage.  Nice, but I don't think it 
    can hit critical, unfortunately.
    15- Armor Break (Passive):  Attacks will occasionally lower enemy Defense.  Not
    bad but only effective against enemies that aren't going to die quickly anyway.
    29- Brain Pounder (2EP):  Attack and lower enemy wisdom.  Barely useful.
    43- Strength Up (Passive):  Strength +10%  Nice when layered with Nitro Boost's
    passive skills.
    57- Smash Hit (3EP):  Hit with increased damage and send the enemy flying.  
    Also barely useful, I'd prefer using three Power Strikes or a Megaton Punch.
    71- Stunner (Passive):  Attacks randomly stun enemies, preventing them from 
    moving or attacking temporarily.  Nice when it triggers, especially against 
    powerful enemies.
    85- Megaton Punch (4EP):  Double physical attack damage temporarily.  Very 
    useful for ending painful battles quickly.
    100- Urban Champ (Passive): Strike damage +10%, Armor Break Rate Up, Stun
    Rate Up.
    Default- Body Shot (1EP):  Deal damage to target over time.  Not too hot since
    the total damage it deals before wearing off is less than or equal to the 
    damage of a regular attack.  Only good for interrupting enemy attacks.
    15- Sword Catcher (Passive):  Randomly nullify enemy physical attacks.  Rate
    increases with higher Agility.
    29- Cross Up (2EP):  Temporarily counter all enemy attacks.  Counterattack
    damage is only equal to the damage that was taken from the enemy, so only
    useful against powerful enemies that rely on physical attacks.
    43- Agility Up (Passive):  Agility +10%  Layers well with Agility-raising
    Knuckles and/or the Pilot suit.  Description says adds Speed +10%, just a typo.
    57- Death Blow (3EP):  Instantly kill the target.  Has a decent success rate,
    I'd guess about 50%.  Useful for finishing off big enemies quickly or killing
    enemies that are too strong to fight for real.
    71- Counter (Passive):  Randomly counterattack enemy physical attacks.
    Counterattack damage is equal to the damage taken by the enemy attack.
    85- Rapid Strike (4EP):  Rapidly attack the target.  Fun, and keeps the enemy
    from moving at all while active.  Just really expensive.
    100- Elite Master (Passive):  Punch damage +10%, Sword Catcher and Counter Rate
    Thanks to FemmefromMars for helping with this section.
    LOCATION:  After finding the game's first cell on the Deserted  Island, the
    camera will pan over to show a blue outfit in a hidden room off to the south
    of the room the cell was in.  Walk through the south wall to get to the room
    and obtain the outfit.  The water-based Aqua Shot outfit focuses on 
    maximizing Wisdom.
    Default- Trickle (1EP):  Water skill that can be used from a distance.
    Lv12- Intelligence Up (Passive):  Wisdom +10%
    Lv21- Spirit (2EP):  Summons a small spirit that regenerates your HP over time.
    One of the game's only ways to restore HP with EP rather than items.
    Lv32- Rust (Passive):  Damage to mechanical enemies +10%
    Lv45- Icy Chill (2EP):  Single-target Water skill that can be used from a
    distance.  Much stronger than Trickle, otherwise, nothing too special.
    Lv61- Nullify Cold (Passive):  Guards against "Frozen" status.  Too much work
    for such a lame passive effect.
    Lv80- Whirlpool (3EP):  A huge whirlpool deals damage.  Create a whirlpool
    where Terry is standing that lasts about 3 seconds and hits multiple enemies
    in the area multiple times.  You can walk out of the whirlpool while it's
    active, but you can also be hit out of casting it.
    Lv100- Smartify (Passive):  Wisdom +20%    It does not layer with "Intelligence
    Up" but instead replaces it.
    Thanks to FemmefromMars for the data on the level 100 skill, Metamorph.
    LOCATION:  In Caldoaxa Ruins, at the end of a long dark hallway, 
    you'll find a man digging.  Talk to him and wait around for a few seconds.  
    Talk again and he'll strip down and take a break.  Pick up the outfit and 
    wonder why he doesn't seem to mind you taking off with his clothes.  The earth-
    based Monk focuses on Defense and Stamina, allowing greater staying power in 
    Default- Rock (1EP):  Earth elemental skill that can be used from a short 
    Lv12- Stamina Up (Passive):  Stamina +10%
    Lv21- Stone Armor (2EP):  Decreases damage taken.  (Physical only?)
    Lv32- Defense Up (Passive):  Defense +10%
    Lv45- Boulder (2EP):  Single-target Earth elemental skill that can be used from
    a short distance.  Hits twice, provided the target survives the first hit.
    Lv61- Mother Earth (Passive):  Slowly regenerate HP.  Only seems to regenerate
    2 HP every 2-3 seconds or so.  Regeneration may depend on max HP value.  Useful
    for leveling defensive stats against weak enemies.
    Lv80- Earthquake (3EP):  Damage all enemies with an earthquake.  The kills it
    racks up can regenerate some of its EP cost.  Its a fullscreen attack.  Not an
    impressive animation, but it's more useful than Inferno.  On a side note, it
    will not damage any "passive" targets like villagers or cows.  Then again, it
    might if they're already engaged in battle with you when you trigger it.
    Lv100- Metamorph (Passive):  Become resistant to status changes.  There's not
    too many status changes in the game that are more than a simple annoyance
    anyway.  It's not a bad idea for a skill of course, but to make it the end of
    hours of training, it's just disappointing.
    Special thanks to FemmefromMars for helping out with the data for the last two
    skills, Lightning and Twister.
    LOCATION:  In Ft. Eagle, just after you sneak into the hole in the 
    Fort's gate, head northeast instead of entering the Fort.  In the next area 
    you'll see a scene and have to fight off some enemies for the outfit.  The
    wind-based Pilot outfit focuses on increasing Agility.
    Default- Cutter (1EP):  Wind elemental skill that hits a single target multiple
    times and can be used from a distance.
    Lv12- Agility Up (Passive):  Agility +10%
    Lv21- Cyclone Armor (2EP):  Decreases damage taken and allows counterattacks.
    Lv32- Ground 2 Air (Passive):  Damage to winged enemies +10%
    Lv45- Tornado (2EP):  Wind elemental skill that hits a single target multiple
    times and can be used from a distance.  Much stronger than Cutter.
    Lv61- Sprint (Passive):  Speed +10%
    Lv80- Lightning (3EP):  Call a lightning strike on foes in the area.  The
    description makes it sound like a barrage of bolts will come down, but it's
    actually just one bolt that strikes right next to you.  Expect decent damage,
    Femme reports about 250 damage on level 80 to the Wind God (who probably
    resists some of the damage), but there are better things to use your EP for,
    from a tactical standpoint.
    Lv100- Twister (Passsive):  Always active.  Damage the target and foes nearby.
    Testing with this skill is limited.  Femme was able to get it to activate once,
    but since then it's been tricky.  what the conditions are, if any, are still a
    mystery.  It may just be one of those things that doesn't work like it's
    supposed to.  Not really worth the climb to 100 it seems.
    LOCATION:  In Aegis' village, the shop in the northeast section of town sells
    car parts.  Buy them and take them to the town's western section. Give them to
    the man who is working on his car to obtain the outfit.  The fire-based
    Driver outfit focuses on increasing Strength.
    Default- Flicker (1EP):  Fire elemental skill that can be used from a distance.
    Randomly causes "Burn".
    NOTE: Enemies killed by the Burn effect do not count as enemies killed by Terry
    for purposes of restoring EP.  Enemies killed this way may not count towards
    Fame, Courage or Karma growth either, though this is not confirmed.
    Lv12- Offense Up (Passive):  Strength +10%
    Lv21- Flame On (2EP):  Temporarily adds the Fire Element to the your weapon.
    Lv32- Nullify Heat (Passive):  Grants immunity to the Burn status ailment.
    Lv45- Napalm (2EP):  Deals fire damage to a target as well as any nearby
    Lv61- Embolden (Passive):  Strength +20%  This skill does NOT layer with 
    "Offense Up," it replaces it.
    Lv80- Inferno (3EP):  Roast the area.  Significant Fire damage in a large
    radius around Terry.  Covers about half the screen, radiating from Terry.
    Just like many of the games' skills would be useful if it didn't require hours
    upon hours of training.  Also it's one of the few offensive skills that can be
    activated without having an enemy targeted.  Kills racked up by Inferno do NOT
    count as kills for the purposes of regenerating EP.
    Lv100- Disco Inferno (Passive):  Attack power increases by 50% when HP drops
    below half.  Combine this with the +20% attack increase from the suit's other
    passive skills, and this is the suit with the most power.  It's not too big on
    defense, though, unless you're fighting a fire-based enemy.  Still my favorite
    level 100 skill on the elemental suits, though.
    LOCATION:  Deep in Aegis' Eastern pyramid, look for a room that is accessed
    from a northern entrance and contains a coffin.  Go through the Southern wall
    of this room to find a tub and bed in a secret area.  Continue South to emerge
    on a balcony where a bird will fly overhead.  Tap the bird with the stylus
    to make it drop the Thief's Map.  Sail to Bamboo Island and meet the old man.
    Agree to inherit his skills and he'll send you on a simple quest to 
    deliver a message.  Complete it and return to get the outfit.  The thief's 
    outfit lowers Stamina while equipped but focuses on increased Speed and allows
    you to steal from enemies as well as pick locked doors and chests.
    Default- Snatch (1EP):  Steal an item from the target.  Steal rate depends on
    Thief skill and what the target is.  Targets don't run out of their items, so
    you can keep stealing from the same enemy as long as you have EP to try.  The
    items you can steal from an enemy are identical to the items that the enemy
    will drop.  This is unlike most RPGs, but I don't know of any exceptions.
    8- Lockpicking (Passive):  Allows the picking of Level 1 locks.
    20- Sprint (Passive):  Speed +5%
    38- Thievery (Passive):  Increases Steal Rate.
    55- Stealth (2EP):  Greatly increase Speed, allowing for very quick running.
    Hard to go without this once you use it enough.
    70- Unlock Master (Passive):  Allows picking of Level 2 locks.  With this
    there's nothing you can't pick, giving access to a number of useful treasures.
    85- Tiptoe (3EP):  Temporarily elude enemies.  Makes enemies ignore your
    presence completely, preventing them from attacking you or running from you.
    Enemies you've attacked will not ignore you, however, and in my opnion it's too
    expensive to be useful.
    100- Roguery (Passive):  Increases Steal Rate.  Yeah, that's all it does.
    Thanks to Ipergorilla for helping me with some details of this section.
    And a special thanks to Darklao for letting me rip off his guide for the last
    four skills.  The opinions listed for those skills are his as well, paraphrased
    by me to shorten the entries.
    LOCATION:  In Aegis' Eastern pyramid, a dead-end near the  beginning contains
    a place to dig.  Use the Monk outfit to dig and find a worm.  Take the worm
    to the fisherman on Ft. Eagle to get the outfit.  The fisherman decreases
    Stamina, but allows you to fish in any body of water in the game, from an
    ocean to a sink.
    Default- Lure (1EP):  Deal very minor damage over time.  Only useful for luring
    weak enemies into attacking you for purposes of leveling your defensive stats.
    Requires a Rod.
    10- Fly Fishing (Passive):  Allows level 1 fish to be caught.
    29- Aqua Stalk (Passive):  Damage to water enemies +10%
    43- Fishin' (2EP):  A 100% attack.  Requires a Rod.  It's not even close to
    100% accurate.  It misses constantly and only does 1/2 normal damage when it
    does connect.  Ian Williams discovered that it is more accurate if you use
    "Lure" first, but FemmefromMars reported that it's still not 100% accurate
    even then. The most useless skill in the game, IMO.
    (Thanks to Andi and Ian Williams for providing most of the data on this skill.)
    (Thanks to darklao for letting me use his fishing guide to fill in the rest of
    this section.  This data is all his, formatted to my guide's syntax)
    55?- Dexterity Up (Passive):  Dexterity +10%  Had to be on one of the outfits,
    I suppose.
    71- Fly Fishing+1 (Passive):  Allows level 2 fish to be caught.  You can catch
    any fish with relative ease now.
    85- Bait & Switch (Passive):  Damage the target and nearby enemies.  Nice
    concept, but again it's one of those skills that just comes too late to be
    very useful.  Nice for charging EP though.
    100- Schooling (5EP):  Summon a tuna.  Massive water damage against all enemy
    targets.  A nice fullscreen attack, but requires a lot of training and the EP
    cost is as expensive as they can get.  Not too useful, just cool to have.
    LOCATION:  After finding the game's first cell on the Deserted Island, head
    southeast from the cell room to find a white monkey.  Chase it to find a
    letter in a bottle that will unlock "La Chef Beach."  Once you gain access
    to the SeaNavi, sail there and complete the Naked Chef's quest to obtain
    the outfit.  The Chef's outfit lowers Stamina, but dramatically raises
    Anti-Fire.  It also allows you to cook and combine food items to make other
    food items in the ship's kitchen or at any of the game's other cooking
    Default- Gut (1EP):  Attack three times and has a high probability of turning
    the target into food.  Requires one of the three "cleaver" type weapons to be
    equipped before it can be used.  (Fruit Knife, Cleaver or Ginsu)  Useful for
    obtaining ingredients that can't be bought.  Also good for dealing damage and
    interrupting enemy attacks.  The food that this skill produces is sometimes
    different from any of the targetted enemy's item steals/drops.
    10- Chef Etiquette (Passive):  Allows preparation of Level 1 dishes.  Can 
    finally make Potions (Water + Herbs).
    25?- Hunt (Passive):  Damage to animals +10%
    38- Flambe (2EP):  Burn nearby enemies with a Fire-based attack.  Requires one
    of the frying pans to be equipped.  (Frying Pan, Nonstick Pan)  Despite the
    way the description makes it sound, the skill only hits one enemy.
    55- Kitchen Savvy (Passive):  Allows the preparation of Level 2 dishes.  Can
    finally make Plus Potions (Potion + Orange).  The last of the cooking skills
    that is particularly useful.
    71- Ingredients (Passive):  Increases chances of finding food.  Barely
    noticeable difference.
    85- Meat Cred (Passive):  Allows preparation of Level 3 dishes.  At least now
    you can make whatever you want to... but its not like there's some amazing
    Level 3 dish or anything.
    100- Creamsauce (5EP):  Deals significant fire damage to all enemies on screen.
    Expect damage near or at 1000 per target.  Fun, but considering the effort that
    must be applied to learn it, paired with the cost, can't really call it
    useful.  Requires a Frying Pan.
    III. TRAINING TIPS                                                     [XTIPSX]
    Regardless of which categories you choose, taking them all the way to 100 will 
    always be a chore.  Here are some random tips on how to level up as fast as 
    possible.  First, I'll go over the two basic level-up methods that I'll be
    referring to throughout this section:
    After you've beaten the game, you'll be able to find the supercow (aka the
    Earth God) in the caves of Caldoaxa.  The first time you encounter it, you'll
    need to be in the Shadow Theif outfit.  Go through the caves until you get to
    the first save point and tub.  SAVE.  Enter the next room and head east.  Pick
    the locks you find there.  Now those doors will always be open.  Lure that
    seemingly-harmless cow around to the far north section of this area with the
    L-shaped stairs.  If you have trouble with the enemies in the area, you may
    want to make it part of your routine to kill the ones that may get in your way.
    Once you get to the Northern area, lure him into the area south of the stairs,
    then circle around him quickly and get onto the stairs.  He should now be on
    the ground level and you'll be on the stairs.  Draw your weapon and target him
    then slowly descend the stairs until you take your first swing.  Stand still
    and you'll be able to attack him safely.  Attacking this incredibly strong
    enemy will level up many things quickly, and will be the main method of
    training the outfits in high levels.  To clarify, you get experience for
    attacking it, not killing it, so the longer it takes you to kill it, the
    better you're doing.  If you have trouble circling around him, that's what the
    save was for.  Just load the game and practice.  I was able to do it pretty
    consistently with 30 Speed, but more will make it easier, so see the section
    on training Speed if you want to make it a little easier.
    This method can be used before you beat the game, and is more effective for
    the lower levels of some outfits than the supercow method is.  This method
    utilizes using skills instead of elemental or skill weapons.  Just go to Habara
    and advance to the Racer game, the first "Arcade world" area.  This area spawns
    infinite enemies.  What you'll do for this method is simply kill the cars
    (preferably with the corresponding elemental or skill weapon for the outfit
    you're leveling).  Once your EP is full, use a skill.  I'll specify which skill
    to use for each outfit in the outfit's sections below.  It's basically just
    use skill, kill to renegerate the EP (usually four kills), repeat.  It's faster
    in most cases, but requires constant attention, so it can be rather tedious.
    This one's simple, just kill the supercow over and over with slashing weapons.
    Even on high levels (90+) you'll gain a level and some change before the cow
    This one's pretty similar.  Kill the supercow with striking weapons. The
    problem is that you can't de-activate that passive skill "Armor Break" so 
    the cow will die a little quicker than with swords.  This can be countered by 
    using the Gaia Hammer (a common drop from the supercow) or the Moon Staff (a 
    common drop from the wizards in Akumojo).  These both have elements that the 
    cow is strong against, meaning that they'll do less damage than even the twig.
    This lets you get more hits in, and so you have to successfully dodge that cow
    even less.
    In my opinion, the easiest weapon skill to train, it just involves killing 
    the Red Ogre monsters in Akumojo until they drop a Fire Knuckle.  The Fire 
    Knuckle will deal 1-2 points of damage to the cow per hit for most of the 
    level-up process, and it won't have the Armor Break effect, so only getting 
    higher Punching skill will increase that damage.  You'll level it up a majority
    of the way on your first run.  Of course you can use any knuckle, or just go 
    unequipped and it won't take long either.
    Up to level 21, use Trickle on every other enemy.  After learning Spirit, start
    using that alot to get yourself to 60 eventually, using the F1 Racer method
    once you get closer to 60.  After that, switch to the supercow method.  You can
    use the Ice Sword or the Spray Wand for this one.  The Ice Sword is easier to
    get and it doesn't armor break the cow, so I suggest that one.  Get it as a
    drop from the skeleton enemies that carry blue swords in Akumojo.  They're the
    stronger variety of skeleton enemies.  If you'd rather use the Spray Wand,
    since it will also level your Wisdom as you level Water, then get it as a drop
    from the Blue superworms (aka the Water God) in Ft Eagle.  They're right
    outside the cabin that you find just before the Fort itself.
    Up to level 21, use Rock on every other enemy.  After that, use the F1 Racer
    method with Stone Armor.  Can also be done in any other area with lots of
    enemies.  After 60, you'll need the Gaia Hammer from, guess who, the supercow.
    He drops it relatively often.  Once you get it, bash him over the cranium for
    a few hours with it to get to 100.  Okay, it will take more than a few hours.
    But it's pretty easy to do the supercow method with the Gaia Hammer since the
    supercow is incredibly strong against Earth.
    Up to level 21, just use Cutter on every other enemy.  Then use Cyclone Armor
    with the F1 Racer method, or any other area with lots of enemies.  This will
    get you up to about 60 eventually.  After that, I haven't tested Wind training
    too much.  I'd guess the least tedious method would still be beating the tar
    out of the supercow with the Storm Wand.  Getting the Storm Wand can prove
    annoying, though.  It's dropped by the Superimp (aka the Wind God) in the
    Aegis Deed Pyramid.  So you'll need the Deed, and you'll need to kill the imp
    until he drops it.  Using the Punching Skill "Death Blow" isn't a bad idea.
    For levels up to 21, just use Flicker on every other enemy and it will get you
    there pretty quick.  After that, use Flame On constantly, and the F1 Racer
    method (or any other place with lots of enemies).  Once you're up to the high
    50s, low 60s, that'll start to take too long, so get yourself some Flame
    Knuckles.  They're dropped by the Red Ogres in Akumojo.  Then take em and bash
    the supercow's skull in a few thousand times to get yourself the rest of the
    way, up to 100.  Since the cow's strong against Fire, you won't have to go get
    yourself a new cow quite as often.  You can also use the Moon Staff, which is
    a random drop from the Wizards in Akumojo.  It Armor Breaks the cow, but it
    also raises Wisdom at the same time.
    The best way to level this is to simply go around stealing from every 
    other enemy.  This way you steal from one, then kill it, then kill the next 
    enemy and restore the 1 EP you used to steal so you can do it again.  Again, a
    long process, but not as long as the elemental suits since you're always using
    only a 1 EP move.  This is because it doesn't seem to me that Stealth or Tiptoe
    even give Thief experience.  That makes Snatch and the Thief Dagger your only
    options.  Picking chests is also noteworthy, but since chests disappear after
    you pick them, you'll only be able to do this against Mimics in Akumojo.  Just
    attack them until they're low on HP so they run away and turn into a chest.  
    Then pick them and pray you keep failing.  Failing gets you less experience, 
    but at least they don't disappear afterward.  The Thief Dagger is the only 
    weapon that will raise Thief skill as you attack with it.  It can be found in 
    Aegis' East Pyramid.  Go deep inside, looking for sarcophagus enemies, not to 
    be confused with the King Tut mask enemies.  The sarcophagus enemies will 
    rarely drop the thief dagger, and yes this is the only way to get it.  My own
    personal favorite place to level thievery is just any crowded room in Akumojo.
    This is only because I get lots of money and ? Decals in the process.
    Ok, here we go... I hate fishing with a passion.  Check out darklao's fishing
    guide for detailed training explanation, but from what I've heard, the fastest
    way is probably fishing with the battle rod.  Obtain the battle rod in the
    post-game by collecting all 4 map pieces for the man in the cave on the
    deserted island.  He hangs out in the room the cell used to be in.  You'll need
    Wifisland for one of the Map Pieces.  (The map piece locations can be found in
    the FAQs section of this guide.) It was previously believed that the fishing
    bonus gave an experience bonus to fishing as well, but as far as actually
    fishing is concerned, the battle rod does pull in the most experience.
    Whether or not this applies to attacking the supercow with a rod (another
    popular method of leveling fishing) is untested.  If you don't want to wait til
    post-game to level fishing for some reason, then check darklao's guide for the
    best fishing spots.  Once you hit 71, for all practical purposes you're done,
    but if you want those last two skills, darklao suggests catching pirahna off
    the balcony in Aegis' West Pyramid for the last 29 levels.  But at 71, you can
    catch the King as well as any other fish you may want.
    Just like fishing, there's already a great guide outlining how to train cooking
    as well as anything else you'd want to know on the outfit.  Just cook.  Some
    recipes work better than others.  For the final 15 levels, I used Borscht
    (Tomato + Potato).  Tomatoes can be bought outside Aegis' town, and in the same
    area you buy those you can Gut some really weak worms for potatoes. The best
    part is that they can't run from you, so Gut away.  Most other Level 3 recipes
    consist of using other recipes as ingredients, adding to the workload a great
    deal.  It only takes about 30 Borshts to gain a level, even on the highest
    levels.  I'm not sure how well the supercow method works on cooking.  If you
    really can't stand cooking that much, try it and see if it's faster.  The best
    thing to use in that case would be the Non-Stick Frying Pan or the Ginsu.
    Not actually an outfit, but since it helps you dodge the supercow, I'll mention
    it.  It's best used with higher Speed.  This means that you can equip the
    Thief outfit or just use decals, but neither are required, it will just take a
    little longer without them.  What you'll do is go into the cabin on the ship,
    the room with the SeaNavi, and press the stylus against an area on the bottom-
    right of the screen.  You'll be pressing on an area that Terry cannot actually
    walk to, though he will try.  If you're in just the right spot, Terry will walk
    against the SE wall and will start to blur or twitch.  That's what you want him
    to do.  Now find something to weigh down that spot on the DS screen, plug it
    into the wall and take a nap.  After several hours, Speed will be maxed out.
    You can also just take it up to about 45-50.  That's all the speed you need to
    make it around the supercow without issues.  The question remains however, what
    do I weigh down the spot with?  I used a fork, turned upside-down, with
    something light weighing down the end of it.  One prong of the fork acted as
    the stylus, while the handle of the fork laid on the table.  Thanks to
    godspower for bringing this method to my attention.  If anyone can submit some
    ideas on other, easier things to use to weigh down the screen that they've
    been able to get to work, feel free.  Also, it's worth noting that if Terry is
    too close to the SeaNavi when he starts "twitching," then the rapid-fire sound
    effects created by the SeaNavi's "!" coming on and off actually froze my game,
    so save first and watch out for that if you plan on leaving it on overnight.
    Just make sure Terry isn't anywhere near the SeaNavi.
    RANDOM DISCLAIMER: Although this did NOT damage my screen, I can NOT be held
    responsible for any scratches or damage to your DS touch screen by using this
    method.  I seriously doubt it will since it's Nintendo, and they don't make
    anything that's not durable as hell, but I'm just covering my bases.
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions                                          [XFAQX]
    Here are some made-up questions made by made-up people.  If I get any real
    quesions in the future, I'll add them here, but for now... all fake.
    Q. Is it worth it to level up [insert outfit here]?
    A. Short answer: no.
    Long answer:
    You'll notice how astoundingly difficult it is to level up some outfits.
    First of all, you don't need any of these skills to actually beat the game.
    Most of them aren't even that helpful when trying to go toe-to-toe with the
    elemental gods in the post-game.  That being said, mastering a suit is little
    more than bragging rights or for completionists with alot of patience.  More
    specifically, taking the weapon skills to 100 isn't very hard with use of the
    supercow, so it's all you.  Elemental suits... no you probably won't want to
    take them past 45, maybe 61 if you like the passive skill you'll learn there.
    For any practical purposes cooking really doesn't need to be higher than 55,
    and that's only if you prefer to cook your potions.  It's been confirmed that
    you can catch The King on as low a level as 28 on fishing (Thanks to
    FemmeFromMars), but I'm sure that it's not a common occurence by any means, and
    that's the only practical reason to have a high fishing skill.  As for
    theivery, you'll need to be level 71 to open all the locked chests and obtain
    some of the more advanced weaponry, but it's not like you can't go without it.
    So in summation, no.  Leveling the outfits to exceedingly high levels is
    usually not worth it, but picking one and specializing in it as you progress
    through the game will get it relatively high anyhow... just not maxed out,
    especially if the suit you choose is one of the four elements.
    Q. Why do my stats sometimes change when I walk out of the closet?
    A. This is especially noticeable when changing in or out of the Knuckle Mole
    outfit once you've learned Stamina Up.  The fact is that the passive skills
    that raise your stats (Stamina Up, Agility Up, Embolden, etc) are not
    activated or deactivated until you walk out of the closet with that suit on.
    This means that when you're getting asked the question "Let him go outside
    like this?" that the skills of the suit you're "trying on" are not active yet.
    Example: Let's say you're changing from Thief to Knuckle Mole, and your
    Knuckle Mole outfit knows both Stamina Up and Defense Up.  When you try it on,
    you'll see your stats change and your HP will increase dramatically.  However,
    when you click "Yes" and let him walk out of the closet in the Knuckle Mole
    outfit, the Stamina Up and Defense Up abilities then take effect, increasing
    those stats further.  Also, until you walked out of the closet, you may have
    been getting the added Speed boost from the Thief's "Sprint" ability, even
    though you didn't have it on, so your Speed will drop when you exit the closet.
    It's just an oversight on the part of the developers.
    Q. Where can I find the Weapons that are exclusive for each outfit?
    A. Most (if not all) of these weapons' locations I mention up there in the
    guide somewhere, but smurfiblade suggested it may be easier for some people to
    have all the locations in one spot, so here they are:
     -Normal Dude's Cherry Blade: Appears in your inventory after beating the final
    boss and saving the game (aka "post-game").
     -Knuckle Mole's Gaia Hammer: A common drop from the Supercow (Earth God) that
    appears in Caldoaxa in the post-game.
     -Aqua Shot's Ice Sword: A drop from the skeleton enemies in Akumojo that carry
    the blue swords.  They're a little stronger than the normal skeleton enemies.
     -Aqua Shot's Spray Wand: A drop from the Superworms (Water Gods) that appear
    outside the cabin on Ft. Eagle island in the post-game.
     -Flyboy's Storm Wand: A common drop from the Superimp (Wind God) that appears
    in Aegis' Deed Pyramid in the post-game.
     -Nitro Boost's Fire Knuckles: A drop from the large red ogre enemies in
     -Shadow Thief's Thief Dagger: A rare drop from the Sarcophogas enemies in the
    Aegis Pyramid.  They're pretty deep in there and don't confuse them with the
    King Tut mask enemies.  (I did.)
     -Fisher King's Battle Rod: In the post-game, collect all 4 Map Pieces for the
    Treasure Hunter that is found on the Deserted Island in the room that contained
    the cell.  And because I'm such a nice guy, here are the locations of the Map
       1: Go to La Chef Beach and find the room with the red worms.  There is a
    secret fishing spot at the dead end in this room.  Fish for the map piece.
       2: In Ft. Eagle there is a sink near the save point in the fort.  Get fishin.
       3: Fish in any one of the bathtubs found in the caves of Wifisland.
       4: Aegis' East Pyramid, they say it's the 15th room in that has a secret
    exit off to the west.  You'll find a pool guarded by two spiders.  Fish, then
    hope that you didn't forget the ship decal so you don't have to walk back.
    Hopefully that helps some people out.  I think that's all of them but I just
    made this list from memory so there are bound to be a mistake or five.  Feel
    free to email me any corrections or additions.
    Q. What could possibly be harder than mastering one of these elemental suits?
    A. Not much.  Try activating the Nitro Boost's "Flame On" skill, then jumping
    into a bathtub and explaining the physics of what it is you're seeing in
    realistic, technical terminology via a 100,000 word thesis paper.  Still
    probably easier.
    V. LEGAL STUFF & VERSION HISTORY                                      [XLEGALX]
    This guide is copyrighted to me, logic_resistant, and is only permitted for use
    on the sites I've listed below.  Any other usage is prohibited.  If you'd like
    to use this information for your own site or guide, then please contact me
    first.  I doubt I'll say no.
    Allowed sites:
    -GameFAQs.com  (will have the most recent updates)
    September 11, 2007
    Version 1.0- Added the final skill, Disco Inferno, on Level 100 Fire.  Femme
    gave me the data right after she became the first person on record to get 100
    on all stats.
    September 8, 2007
    Version 0.98- Added the Level 100 Earth skill, Metamorph.  At this point do I
    even need to tell you that FemmefromMars did it for me?  Didn't think so.
    Thanks yet again Femme.  Only one skill left.
    August 31, 2007
    Version 0.97- Added the Level 100 Wind skill, Twister, thanks again to
    FemmefromMars and her infinite patience.  Also made an update to the fishing
    section of the "Training Tips" in Part III.  Seems like the Battle rod is the
    best rod to use for training fishing, despite its complete lack of fishing
    bonus.  For that reason, I also added the location of the Battle Rod and the
    Map Pieces to the FAQs section.  Oh, and some minor formatting changes that you
    won't notice.
    August 24, 2007
    Version 0.96- Added the Level 80 Wind skill, Lightning, thanks to FemmefromMars.
    Also made a correction to the Knuckle Mole section and added another question
    to the FAQs section, both thanks to smurfiblade.  Also made some corrections to
    "Fishin'" thanks to some added research from Femme.
    August 8, 2007
    Version 0.95- Not a new version.  Just updated the entry for the skill
    "Fishin'" thanks to some new data pointed out by Ian Williams.
    July 10, 2007
    Version 0.95- Just fixed the entry for Agility Up on the Punching skills
    section.  FemmefromMars pointed out that the in-game description has a typo and
    actually claims to boost your Speed.
    June 29, 2007
    Version 0.95- FemmefromMars gave me the data to fill in the last Aqua Shot
    skill, Smartify.  Only four left.  Thanks to AAngelMichael too.  He leveled up
    Water at least 20 levels in a single day abd gave me the data on Smartify soon
    after Femme did.  That's called commitment, folks!
    June 27, 2007
    Version 0.94- Thanks to FemmefromMars, I was able to add Whirlpool to the list.
    Only 5 skills left to fill in.
    June 9, 2007
    Version 0.92- Minor update, added some details to the Speed section of the
    Training Tips section, and credited godspower for the glitch that lets you
    level up your speed.
    June 1, 2007
    Version 0.92- Added Earthquake.  Rewrote the Training section.
    May 31, 2007
    Version 0.91- Added some details to Inferno, filled out the Fishing section
    thanks to darklao.  Only 7 incredibly annoying skills left to learn.
    May 29, 2007
    Version 0.86- Added Inferno and Fishin'.  Made a correction to Creamsauce.
    May 25, 2007
    Version 0.83- Added Creamsauce, made some changes to the "Training Tips"
    section, added an FAQ section, confirmed when you learn "Aqua Stalk" thanks to
    May 18, 2007
    Version 0.82- Added more skills (66/80 complete), updated some skill entries &
    combined the outfit locations with the skill list.
    May 17, 2007
    Version 0.76- Added Icy Chill (61/80), added the search codes, and made it
    look all nice and pretty.
    [Sidenote:  Made Wifisland section into its own guide.]
    Version 0.7- Created the guide, completed entries for 61 of the game's 80
    skills.  Created and completed the section for the outfit locations.  About 75%
    complete.  Possbile new sections may include an FAQ section, Stat-training
    section or WiFisland section.
    VI. CONTACT INFO & THANKS                                            [XTHANKSX]
    I can be reached at cyberpenguin82@yahoo.com.  Feel free to contact me with any
    corrections, contributions or criticisms.  Although if you insist on sending me
    a "Your guide sucks" email, please include why or I'll be forced to assume that
    you were just bored and felt like bothering me, at which point you'll likely 
    just be blocked.  Any additions or contributions are more than welcome and will
    be credited to the first person who sends the info in.  As you can see there is
    still a good amount missing, and while I am working on it, anyone who has tried
    knows that it is not a quick process, so please bear with me.
    Thanks to everyone who helped me with the details of this guide, big and small:
    -darklao for letting me rip off his fishing guide for the fishing section.
    -Ipergorilla for some skill details.
    -godspower for telling me about the glitch to level up your speed quickly.
    -FemmefromMars for helping with many of the final skills in the elemental suits.
    -AAngelMichael also for putting forth some effort towards the last few skills
    for the elemental suits.  Anyone leveling those suits that high deserves some
    kind of commendation... seriously.
    -Ian Williams for the added data on the skill "Fishin'".
    -smurfiblade for correcting the mistake in the Knuckle Mole section (had
    Defense Up and Stamina Up switched).
    I'd like to thank all the creators of this game, GameFAQs for making a message
    board that can make connections with total strangers possible despite 
    Nintendo's best effort to do otherwise, and everyone on the boards for 
    answering all my questions no matter how obscure or irrelevant.

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