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    Quest Guide by Nyst

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruins (Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth)
    Version 1.00 (10 December 2006)
    Unpublished Copyright 2006 Nyst
    This Quest guide written for both the US Castlevania: Portrait of Ruins
    and the Japanese Akumajo Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth. 
    I have used the english and japanese names accordingly for the two
    different versions.
    In order to display the Japanese text properly you need to set your browser
    or text editor to Shift JIS encoding.
    I hardly have time to update this guide, so it may take some time 
    for a newer version to be put up.
    This guide is FULL OF SPOILERS!!!!
    Version History
    ver 1.00 (10 December 2006) - Added the english names, descriptions and 
                                  corrected some info.
    ver 0.95 (22 November 2006) - Added some of the Japanese text and corrected 
                                  some info.
    ver 0.9  (20 November 2006)  - First Quest guide written.
    General Quests Information
    Quests are something new in he Castlevania series. Once you meet Wind, 
    he will give you various "quests" that you can choose from when you talk to
    At any one time, the Wind's Quest menu will only show a maximum 5 quests. 
    If you accepted all of the current 5 quests, you have to complete at least 
    one of them before a new quest will show up.
    Completing quests will get you various items and spell rewards. Some quests
    are related and you need to complete the first one before the next one will 
    appear. An example of this is quest no. 13, 14, 16 and 21. You have to 
    complete quest 13 before 14 will appear, even if you have less than 5 quests 
    on Wind's Quest menu.
    When you finish a quest it will tell you you clear a Quest unless you 
    already cleared it before you even activate it or you are at the main menu 
    screen when the quest is cleared.
    IMPORTANT : After clearing the quest ALWAYS go back to talk to Wind for your
    rewards. If not you will not get the reward.
    Keep at least one copy of each item and if you have only one of it, DO NOT
    USE or SELL it, because some of the items are needed to complete the quests.
    If you sold or used any of the quest required items, you have to buy them
    from others through the online wifi shop mode or beat the game and get the 
    items on the next playthrough.
    The first quest (Preparations) must be done in order to progress 
    through the game. The rest are OPTIONAL.
    Quest Lists
    The quest numbers listed below are based on the one found in 
    Main menu -> Guides -> Quests. 
    The quests are described in the following manner:
    DESCRIPTION: The in-game text for the particular quest.
    HOW TO     : Known method(s) to complete the quest.
    REWARD     : The reward you get for completing the quest.
    The japanese names are in brackets.
    1. Preparations (旅の準備)
    DESCRIPTION: The priest should have some useful things for you in the next
                 room. Get the potion and map.
    HOW TO     : Buy the CASTLE MAP 1 and Potion(if you don't already have it)
                 from Vincent in the room right of Wind's room.
    REWARD     : Lizard Tail relic 
    2. Supersonic Punch (音速のパンチ)
    DESCRIPTION: Go to the butcher in town and mince some meat to get "Ground
    HOW TO     : Go to the "Meats" room in City of Haze which is the top,
                 leftmost room of the City of Haze map. PUNCH the meats 
                 hanging there. You can just unequip your weapon and punch them.
                 You can also use a Hammer type weapon(e.g. Mace).
    REWARD     : Bullet Punch weapon (マッハパンチ) 
    3. Ghosts of the Desert (さばくのだいぼうれい)
    DESCRIPTION: There is a room in which many ghost gather. Defeat the Great
                 Ghost that appears there.
    HOW TO     : The room is found in Sandy Grave, at the upper portion, right
                 most room. It contains only Ghosts. Just keep on killing Ghosts
                 and don't exit the room. Wait for more ghost to appear and kill
                 them. Eventually the Great Ghost will appear, then kill it.
    REWARD     : Bible subweapon skill
    4. Defender of the Stairs (階段の守護者)
    DESCRIPTION: Go defeat 10 Hill Guards.
    HOW TO     : Hill Guards are located in the Great Stairway portion of the
                 main castle. Kill 10 of Hill Guards, 
                 Monster No. 53 (スラントガーダー)
    REWARD     : Whip SKill 2 relic
    5. The Spinning Art (旋回の奥義)
    DESCRIPTION: Jonathan, let's see you enter this command: (not shown here)
    HOW TO     : Use Jonathan to perform the command 
                 Forward, Down, Backward, Forward + Y button. 
                 Notice I did not use left and right. So just face which ever 
                 direction and perform the command accordingly.
    REWARD     : Spinning Art relic
    6. Art of the Zephyr (疾風の奥義)
    DESCRIPTION: Jonathan, perform the "Spinning Art" in front of me three
                 times in a row.
    HOW TO     : Perform Spinning Arts 3 times continuously.
    REWARD     : Rocket Slash subweapon skill
    7. Find the King of Birds (幻の鳥の王をさがせ)
    DESCRIPTION: Find the rare Dodo and defeat it.
    HOW TO     : Go to Forgotten City. The area with the Dodo is just LEFT of 
                 the area where you fight the Poison Worm. Enter that area and
                 wait for 5 seconds. If a running bird appear(Dodo), kill it 
                 quickly before it flees. I use Chain Lightning spell to kill 
                 it quickly.
    REWARD     : Thief Ring accessory
    8. Overcome the Curse (呪いに打ち勝て)
    DESCRIPTION: Go, and come back when you've been cursed.
    HOW TO     : Talk to Wind after you get a Curse status. If the Curse status
                 wears off before you reach Wind's room, the quest is not 
                 completed. There are 2 ways to do this. 
                 First method go to the TOP MOST room of the tower where there
                 are pulleys with water carrying boxes in the main castle. There
                 is a Crossbow Armor and a Killer Doll there. Touch the doll 
                 monster to get curse and QUICKLY use the Warp Point just a level
                 below and to the right, to warp to the warp room near the room 
                 where Wind is and talk to him to complete the quest. 
                 Second method is to get the Skull Ring(item drop) from Lesser 
                 Demon(Monster No. 118) and equip that accessory which will give
                 you the curse status. Lesser Demon can be found in Forgotten 
                 City and Dark Academy.
    REWARD     : Blessed Ring accessory
    9. The Statue's Tear (聖母像の涙)
    DESCRIPTION: Find the "Statue's Tear" buried under the rubble and bring it 
    HOW TO     : The statue is found in the BOTTOM LEFT MOST corner of the Nation
                 of Fools map. Press UP at the statue to get the "Statue's Tear"
    REWARD     : Holy Water subweapon skill
    10. The Martial Art (炸裂の奥義)
    DESCRIPTION: Jonathan, let's see you enter this command: (not shown here)
    HOW TO     : Use Jonathan to perform the command shown
                 Up, Backward, Down, Forward + Y button
    REWARD     : Martial Art relic
    11. Holy Appearance (神聖なる姿)
    DESCRIPTION: Charlotte, I'll teach you a healing spell. Come back wearing
                 three nun items.
    HOW TO     : Equip Charlotte with 3 "Nun" Items and Wind will teach her a
                 healing spell.
    Nun's Habit (シスターフード) - Main Castle. Located at the 
    BOTTOM LEFT MOST corner of the big room which is near the 
    SAVE ROOM that is near the SANDY GRAVE PORTRAIT room.
    * - Nun's Habit
    |        |  
    |        |---|-------|
    |*             Save  |
    ---------|   |-------|
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
       |-----|   |--------|
       |Warp      Portrait| (Sandy Grave)
    Nun's Robes (シスターローブ) - Main Castle. In room RIGHT of the Nation of 
    Fools room, hit the left portion of the CEILING. There is a hidden room on
    top that contains the Nun's Robes.
    * - Nun's Robes  
                    | Hidden  | 
                    | Room    |
                    |         |
                    |    *    |
    |---------------|-   -----|------|
    | Nation of                 Save |
    | Fools Portrait            Room |
    |---------------|         |------|
    | Warp Room               |
    |---------------|------   |     
    Nun's Shoes (シスターシューズ) - City of Haze. RIGHT MOST PORTION of the 
    map with the Save and Warp Room, at the lower part there is a big room.
    On top of that big room is a hidden room which has the Nun's Shoes.
    * - Nun's Shoes
                        |-  -|----|    
                        |     Save|
                        |     Room|
    |--------|          |    |----|
    | Hidden |          |     Warp|
    | Room  *|          |     Room|
    |-  -----|----------|-  -|----|
    |                        |
    | Big    |----------|----|
    | Room   |
    |        |
    REWARD     : Heal spell
    12. Number of Fortune (幸運の数字)
    DESCRIPTION: I'll teach you a lucky spell. Come back when the last 3 digits
                 of your money are 777.
    HOW TO     : Get the last 3 digits of your Gold amount to be 777.
    REWARD     : LUCK Boost spell
    13. Mental Training 1 (精神力の鍛錬1)
    DESCRIPTION: Go reduce your MP, then come back.
    HOW TO     : Use up ALL(or until you cannot use a subweapon or spell) your 
                 MP and go talk to Wind BEFORE your MP replenishes.
    REWARD     : Maximum MP Increased
    14. Mental Training 2 (精神力の鍛錬2)
    DESCRIPTION: Go find the "Thick Glasses". That should make you look a little
    HOW TO     : The Thick Glasses (ビンぞこメガネ) can be found in the City of 
                 Haze. Top Right portion where there is a room entered from the 
                 right. In the middle of the room there is a wall with a small 
                 hole that only a frog or owl can go through.
    REWARD     : Maximum MP Increased
    15. The Spear of Legend (伝説のャリ)
    DESCRIPTION: Become a master of the "Javelin". I will then bequeath you my
    HOW TO     : Master the Javelin Subweapon skill. Find a place where you can
                 repeatedly kill the monster(s) and recover your MP at a Save
                 Point. A good place would be the room below the 2nd warp room
                 of Dark Academy. That rooms has 2 minotaurs. Each minotaurs is
                 worth 10 sp. Hit the 2 minotaurs with the Javelin then proceed
                 to kill the minotaurs with your preferred weapon. The subweapon
                 only needs to hit the enemy ONCE to get the sp when the enemy
                 is defeated.
    REWARD     : Alucard's Spear weapon
    16. Mental Training 3 (精神力の鍛錬3)
    DESCRIPTION: Go raise your INT to at least 100, then come back.
    HOW TO     : Talk to Wind when you have 100 INT. The INT Boost spell also
                 helps in this quest.
    REWARD     : Maximum MP Increased
    17. Nest of Evil (悪魔の巣窟)
    DESCRIPTION: When 888% of the map is filled, the path to the "Nest of Evil"
                 will open at the castle gates.
    HOW TO     : Have 888% or more in Total map percentage. Talk to Wind and
                 the final secret area that contains another portrait will open
                 below the Entrance where the Call cube relic is.
    REWARD     : Access to Nest of Evil
    18. Defeat the Ghoul King (グールキングを倒せ)
    DESCRIPTION: Go and defeat the "Ghoul King."
    HOW TO     : 13th Street has places with ghouls. Just keep on killing the
                 Ghouls and DO NOT LEAVE the room. The Ghoul King will appear
                 (its blue and it moves faster than normal ghouls). QUICKLY
                 KILL IT if not it will go back to the ground and you have to
                 exit and re-enter the room to try again. 
                 The Ghoul King has 444 hp.
    REWARD     : Immunity Ring accessory
    19. Abandon Greed (無欲となれ)
    DESCRIPTION: You lack desperation. Come back when you have no money.
    HOW TO     : Spend all your money till 0 gold.
    REWARD     : Miser Ring accessory
    20. A Rank Hunter (A級ハンター)
    DESCRIPTION: Defeat a total of 1500 enemies. As a reward, I'll give you
                 a new weapon.
    HOW TO     : Have a Total Kill of 1500 or more. Can be the same monster.
    REWARD     : Royal Sword weapon.
    21. Mental Training 4 (精神力の鍛錬4)
    DESCRIPTION: Go raise your MND to at least 100, then come back.
    HOW TO     : Talk to Wind when you have 100 MND. The MND Boost spell also
                 helps in this quest.
    REWARD     : Maximum MP Increased
    22. S Rank Hunter (S級	ハンター)
    DESCRIPTION: Defeat a total of 3000 enemies.
    HOW TO     : Have a Total Kill of 3000 or more. Can be the same monster.
    REWARD     : Undead Killer weapon
    23. The Gambler (ギャンブラー)
    DESCRIPTION: Collect five cards.
    HOW TO     : Collect the whole set of Poker cards. 
    Joker Card   - Monster No. 39  (Killer Clown, Found in Nation of Fools)
    Diamond Card - Monster No. 40  (Coppelia, Found in Nation of Fools)
    Club Card    - Monster No. 70  (Treant, Found in Forest of Doom) 
    Heart Card   - Monster No. 107 (Nyx, Found in 13th Street) 
    Spade Card   - Monster No. 111 (Yorick, Found in Forgotten City) 
    REWARD     : Gambler Glasses head gear
    24. Hands of the Clock (時計の針)
    DESCRIPTION: Come to me when the short hand of the great clock points 12.
    HOW TO     : When the clock tower's short hand points to 12, talk to Wind.
                 The clock follows the DS clock time. So you can just adjust the
                 DS time and complete this quest.
    REWARD     : Time Stop spell
    25. Poison vs. Poison (毒をもって毒を制す)
    DESCRIPTION: If you want a poison sword, bring me "Moldy Bread", "Amanita"
                 and a "Long Sword."
    HOW TO     : The location of the 3 require items are as follows:
    Moldy Bread  - Found in Forest of Doom, in a 2 square room at the left 
                   portion of the map.
    * - Moldy Bread
                                        |----|------------------|-   --------|
                                        |    |------------------|            |
                                        |                     * |            |
                                        |-  -|------------------|------------|
                                        |                                    |
    -----------|------|-------------|---|----|------------------|            |
    | Portrait   Warp
    Amanita      - Moldy Corpse in Forest of Doom drops them.
    Long Sword   - City of Haze, upper right corner of the very high room near
                   the third warp room. 
    * - Long Sword
                          |      * |
                          |        |
                          |        |
                          |        |
                          |        |---------|
                          |        |
    -----|------------|---|        |-  -|----|
    -|---|-- -|-------|---|--------|---------|
     |        |
     |- -|----|
     |    Warp|
     |   |----|
     |   |                     |---|----------
     |   |                     |
    -|- -|----|----------------|- -|----|-----
    REWARD     : Assassin Blade 
    26. Build Your Strength 1 (体力増強1)
    DESCRIPTION: You should be able to find a "Beehive" somewhere. It should
                 help you build your strength.
    HOW TO     : Find a Bee Hive creature in the Forest of Doom and get 
                 its Beehive (item drop)
    REWARD     : Maximum HP Increased
    27. Build Your Strength 2 (体力増強2)
    DESCRIPTION: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Go find the "New York 
                 Steak" and bring it here.
    HOW TO     : The item can be found in Dark Academy. At the LEFT MOST ROOM 
                 just before the Save Room where there are platforms, the 
                 quest item is hidden inside one of the platforms. Hit it with
                 your weapon to break it. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, equip the Eye for
                 Decay head gear which will let you see breakable walls when
                 searching for the quest item. Peeping Eye (Monster No. 16)
                 in City of Haze, drops the Eye for Decay.
                 The Gorgon Monster in Burnt Paradise also drops the New York
    REWARD     : Maximum HP Increased
    28. The Lonely Stage (孤独な演奏会)
    DESCRIPTION: There's a ghost that hopes to hear a performance in a classroom
                 in the underworld. Grant his wish.
    HOW TO     : The ghost is found in Dark Academy, in the room which has a
                 piano. The room is at the IMMEDIATE RIGHT of the 2nd warp room
                 in the Map. You have to go around the corridors and enter the
                 piano room from the right entrance. Wait a while in the room
                 and the Ghost will appear. You might have to stand at the music
                 stand to wait. 
    REWARD     : Record Player item
    29. Build Your Strength 3 (体力増強3)
    DESCRIPTION: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Go and find five different
                  kinds of cakes.
    HOW TO     : Cakes(ケーキ) can be found in the secret room in City of Haze and
                 a similar secret room in 13th Street. There are also other 
                 places which has cakes.
    REWARD     : Maximum HP Increased
    30. Pray Before the Cross (十字架の祈り)
    DESCRIPTION: Pray before the cross in the church under the cover of darkness.
    HOW TO     : The Cross is located in 13th Street. In a room at the left 
                 portion of the map. The room is entered from the ceiling. Press 
                 Up at the Cross.
    REWARD     : Cross subweapon skill
    31. Build Your Strength 4 (体力増強4)
    DESCRIPTION: You must always be able to fight to your full potential. Go 
                 raise your CON to at least 100.
    HOW TO     : Talk to Wind when you have 100 CON. The CON Boost spell also 
                 helps in this quest.
    REWARD     : Maximum HP Increased
    32. Lost Page (失われたページ)
    DESCRIPTION: Bring me "Tome of Arms p1" and "Tome of Arms p2". They're 
                 missing from my Tome of Arms.
    HOW TO     : Both items can be found in the Nest of Evil. "Tome of Arms p1"
                 is found before "Tome of Arms p2". "Tome of Arms p2" is found 
                 on level 6 with the Fake Trio bosses.
    REWARD     : Tome of Arms X.
    33. The Hundred Tasks (百戦錬磨)
    DESCRIPTION: Defeat 100 different kinds of enemies.
    HOW TO     : Kill 100 or more DIFFERENT monsters.
    REWARD     : Sage Ring accessory
    34. Master the Holy Power (聖なる力の熟錬者なれ)
    DESCRIPTION: Master these three moves of holy power: "Cross", "Holy Water"
                 and Bible.
    HOW TO     : MASTER Cross, Holy Water and Bible subweapons. See quest no. 15
                 (The Spear of Legend) for the place to master subweapon skills 
    REWARD     : Grand Cruz dual crush
    35. Almighty (オールマイティ)
    DESCRIPTION: Jonathan, the time has come for you to learn all of the vampire
                 hunter's skills.
    HOW TO     : LEARN(no need to Master) all Jonathan subweapon skills.
    REWARD     : Stellar Sword weapon
    36. The Great Sage (大賢者)
    DESCRIPTION: Charlotte, the time has come for you to learn all of the great
                 sage's spells.
    HOW TO     : LEARN all Charlotte's Spell skills.
    REWARD     : Sorceress Crest accessory
    37. Kill Gergoth (ゲーゴスにとどめを刺せ)
    DESCRIPTION: Charlotte, use the Blank Book to put Gergoth out of his misery.
    HOW TO     : Kill Gergoth with Charlotte's Blank Book weapon which can be
                 bought from Vincent. Charlotte just needs to deal the LAST blow.
    REWARD     : Cocytus spell
    After you have completed ALL the quests, you will get the Chaos Ring 
    accessory. It is in the room just before you enter Wind's room.
    Thanks to:
    Sinye for some of the later half of the quest list.
    Childboy329 for the Quest.
    U1 for quest 9.
    ottov for later quest.
    arkrex for the Dodo location.
    EXZX for some corrections.
    sarcasteak for the quest reward english name.
    And many other PoR Message Board Members that I missed out. (Sorry~)
    Last, but not least I thank Konami, IGA and his team for creating such a 
    wonderful game. THE BEST CASTLEVANIA SO FAR!!

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