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    Richiter Mode FAQ by akura_integra

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/30/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       /   /           Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin              \   \
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       |  |                    Richter Mode                        |  |
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        |  |                      By: Carlo                       |  |
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    This is copyrighted material and may only be used for fellow game players.
    Use of this guide in any other site without permission is prohibited.
    Alright as of now this is my second faq that I have been working on.
    Feel free to correct me for errors by e-mailing me. Since there was no
    faq about this I decided to make one myself. Take note that like most extra
    modes from previous games this mode does not have any storyline so no spoilers
    here :)
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     |   Contents:            |
     |                        |
     |   1.Version History    |
     |   2.Intro              |
     |   3.Characters         |
     |   4.Abilities          |
     |   5.Strategies         |
     |     5.1)Bosses         |
     |     5.2 Nest of Evil   |
     |     5.3)Leveling Tips  |
     |     5.4)Survival Tips  |
     |   6.Glitches           |
     |   7.FAQ                |
     |   8.Contacts           |
     |   9.Credits            |
     |                        |
    1. Version Hisory
    ver 0.1 (9 December 2006)  - Started this faq, most strategies and abilities
    ver 0.5 (15 December 2006) - Added most strategies and abilities for
                                 Richter and Maria 
    ver 0.8 (27 December 2006) - Finished most of the guide. Only left is the
                                 Nest of Evil
    ver 1.0 (7 January 2007)   - Added a few more facts including the Nest of
                                 Evil. Officially Complete
    ver 1.2 (11 January 2007)  - Added strategies and tips submitted to me by
                                 other gamers. Corrected a few typos
    ver 1.5 (18 January 2007)  - Added the Glitches section
    ver 2.0 (30 July 2007)     - Added the FAQ section and some more useful
                                 information, corrected a few errors
    2. Intro
    If you loved Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, then you'll love this game mode.
    You basically play the game as the dynamic duo, Richter Belmont and 12 year old
    Maria Renard. Richter mode is one of the three unlockable modes when finishing
    the game. To unlock this mode, You must get the good ending in Jonathan mode by
    casting sanctuary on the vampire sisters when fighting them both. After the
    battle they will offer to unlock the vampire killer's true power within. Simply
    defeat the boss afterwards and finish the game. Richter mode will now be
    First of all no, there are no more item crashes for you to use in this one
    (which is a little disappointing) so you'll have to rely on your normal
    attacks and use of subweapons to survive. Subweapons are already selectable
    from the start and no longer needs finding. Basically this is similar to Julius
    Mode from Dawn of Sorrow.
    In Richter mode (Yes, RICHITER that's how it's spelled in-game, one of the many
    typo's found in the US release. Apparently, this was fixed in the PAL version
    of the game) You control both Richter and child Maria both from Rondo of Blood
    and Symphony of the Night. Like Julius mode in Dawn of Sorrow and Sisters mode,
    You cannot get any items in the game but you can still find HP max ups and MP
    max ups scattered across the castle. You can get hearts which recover MP. You
    will also gain experience and level up by defeating enemies. Like Jonathan and
    Charlotte, you can summon your partner to aid you in battle. Both of them are
    limited to a few abilities. Using subweapons also cost MP. By pressing select,
    You are able to switch subweapons and abilities. You can also use your
    partner's current sub weapon by pressing R. Take note that both characters can
    still be inflicted with status ailments. You can also play this in hard mode
    with all three level caps. Only after you have over 888% map percentage or
    defeat all eight bosses from the eight portraits including castle bosses
    (someone please confirm this) will the Nest of Evil be unlocked near the
    entrance to the castle.
    It turns out, the Nest of Evil opens only after defeating Brauner and the
    percentage won't matter like with the main game. Thanks for Seele, for
    confirming this.
    Basically since there is no plot in this mode, all you have to do is go reach
    the top of the castle and defeat Dracula by defeating the bosses in each
    portrait since the throne room will only be unlocked once you clear all 8
    portraits (excluding the NoE) and defeat Brauner. The final battle is quite
    hard, but not that much. I advise you to go through the all the areas and
    defeat as much enemies as you can to gain a few levels.You must rely on your
    timing skills and keep in mind the boss patterns in the game. Since the only
    way to heal is via save point, HP max ups (which are limited) and Maria's
    special attack, the game can be very challenging at certain points, most
    especially in the Nest of Evil and the final boss battle. This actually makes
    the game more fun, because a lot of gamers prefer to have a challenge. Keep in
    mind this is nowhere as hard as Old Axe Armor Mode.
    Since you probably already know your way around the castle, I will only be
    explaining strategies to easily go through the game. This mode is pretty much
    straight-forward and there are no quests or items to collect aside from HP
    and MP max upgrades. For a list on where to find them throughout the castle,
    refer to the other FAQs for this game.
    Controls are almost the same as Jonathan and Charlotte mode so you should
    easily get used to them.
    D-Pad   : Move your characters
    Start   : Pause the game
    Select  : Switch current subweapons
    L       : Backdash
    R       : Perform partner's subweapon
    X       : Switch main characters
    Y       : Attack
    A       : Summon/Dismiss current partner
    B       : Jump, press again while in the air for a double-jump
    Up + Y  : Perform current subweapon
    Down + A: Summon your partner to stay put in an area
    Down + B: Do a slide that can damage enemies
    Touch the touch screen to move your partner manually
    3. Characters
    ------------Richter Belmont-----------
    The last of the Belmonts to wield the legendary Vampire Killer, he is also the
    one Jonathan fights to unlock the Vampire Killer's true power within. Richter
    has a higher attack damage and physical defense compared to Maria. Richter has
    an array of subweapons, typical vampire killer stuff like previous Castlevania
    games. He has a long range of attack due to his whip and fast running speeed.
    Richter also has the super jump. Richter retains most of his subweapons except
    for the stopwatch and also gains the Grand Cross ability similar to Julius from
    Dawn of Sorrow. Like in SotN, Richter can still brandish his whip. Overall,
    he's pretty average, but very useful in certain situations.
    --------------Maria Renard------------
    Child Maria returns from Rondo of Blood. Isn't she cute? Believe it or not,
    this 12 year old girl is a very powerful vampire hunter. Maria is as strong as
    ever just like in RoB and can easily overpower Richter. She has weaker physical
    defense compared to Richter but makes up for her higher magic defense. Her
    attacks consist of hurling different types of animals to enemies. These attacks
    are spammable making her ideal for bosses. Her different subweapons also have
    elemental properties. Unlike Richter, she has no super jump but can fit through
    small areas. In PoR, her attack range has widened, and can now be done in rapid
    succession (she's typically a walking crissaegrim!) though she can no longer
    attack while walking around. Her MP regeneration speed is worth mentioning, as
    her's is even faster that Charlotte's! She's more powerful than Richter, that's
    for sure.
    Here is the summary of the pros and cons of Richter and Maria
    +strong against holy attacks
    +higher STR
    +long range of attack
    +attack does holy damage
    +higher defense
    +faster speed
    +can super jump
    +can jump slide
    +super jump causes damage
    -weaker magic defense
    -attacks don't cause multiple hits
    -wont fit on small places
    -slower MP regeneration speed
    -slower and shorter slides and backdashes
    +strong against holy attacks
    +higher magic defense
    +long range of attack (slightly upward)
    +spammable attacks
    +attacks cause multiple hits
    +subweapons with different elemental attributes
    +can fit on small places
    +faster MP regeneration speed (even faster than Charlotte's!)
    +faster and longer slides and backdashes
    +she's quite short, meaning easier to dodge attacks
    -lower defense
    -lower STR
    -lower speed
    -does not have super jump
    Basically I prefer Maria over Richter when fighting bosses. Her subweapons
    are very useful when dealing with mobs. Due to her attacks having multiple
    hits she can really overpower Richter and her normal attacks are ideal for
    destroying enemy projectiles. I usually use Richter when I'm speeding through
    the castle and for transportation purposes using his super jump.
    4. Abilities
          Richter Belmont
    Richter, as a vampire hunter uses subweapons as seen in previous games. All of
    these subweapons are pretty much the same as what Jonathan uses.
    1)Throwing knives: Throw three knives at foes. Goes through targets. Can hit up
                       to three times.
    2)Axe            : Throw an axe upwards. Use it to kill hard-to-reach enemies.
    3)Bible          : A bible will circle around the area, both damaging and
                       absorbs enemy fire. Can cast two at once. Does holy damage.
    4)Holy Water     : Throw a bottle of holy water on the ground. Hits multiple
                       times. Does holy damage.
    5)Cross          : Throw a cross forward. May hit multiple times. Can cast two
                       at a time. Does holy damage.
    6)Grand Cross    : Summon the grand cross, dealing multiple holy damage. During
                       the animation, Richter will be invincible. Sucks and absorbs
                       enemy projectiles. Costs a lot of MP.
          Special Attacks
    Richter now has two additional attacks for him to use, the Spin Kick and Combo
    Attacks, which weren't available in previous games.
    Brandish Whip    : If you hold the Y button after attacking and press the
                       directional buttons, you can control the movement of your
                       whip (along with some cool special effects) Useful for
                       destroying enemy projectiles.
    Forward Slash    : Richter will do a quick slash forward. Hits twice.
                       ( up, left, down, right + Y )
    Jump Slide       : When sliding, pressing the jump button lets Richter slide
                       in an upward direction damaging enemies.
    Back Hop         : While jumping, pressing down + L lets Richter jump further
                       to the back. Use it to avoid certain attacks.
    Spin Kick        : Richter performs a spinning kick damaging nearby foes.
                       ( right, down, left, right + Y )
    Combo Attack     : Richter performs a series of combo attacks.
                       ( right, down, left, up, right + Y )
           Maria Renard
    Unlike in Rondo of Blood, Maria no longer has her Song Book and Egg subweapons
    (They were pretty much useless anyway) She uses her four main animal friends as
    her subweapons. Take note that these are spammable.
    1)Dragon         : Hurls a dragon. Goes through targets. Deals ice damage. 
    2)Red Bird       : Red Birds fly above you, dealing fire damage.
    3)Cat            : Throw a cat, dealing lightning damage. Goes through targets.
    4)Turtle         : Maria will hide in a shell, her CON and MIND increased.
                       Use it to avoid powerful attacks.
          Special Attacks
    Dark Ego Attack  : Maria still has her alter ego attack. Unfortunately, it's
                       not as strong as ever compared to her RoB version. Maria
                       will have a double of herslef attack in front of her.
                       This attack actually asorbs HP from the enemy, which is the
                       only way to heal aside from save points. Short range.
                       ( up, left, down, right + Y )
    Extra pose       : Hold up as Maria for a few seconds. She will do a cute
                       twirling pose which is actually her item-crash stance in
                       RoB. Brings back memories.
    5. Strategies
    Basically if you go on with the game like Jonathan and Charlotte mode
    and finish all the areas you probably won't have a difficult time with
    all the bosses due to the levels you gained so far. If you rush on things
    however and have a difficult time you may want to level you characters
    more. Basically I used Maria most of the time due to her rapid attacks.
    Also, since you most probably finished the game with Jonathan and
    Charlotte, these bosses should be familiar with you so they shouldn't
    be too much trouble.
    5.1  Bosses
    The City of Haze     
    | Dullahan                            |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  600                           |
    |  EXP: 500                           |
    |  SP:  40                            |
    |  ATK: 20                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: Strike, Whip, Thunder  |
    |  Strengths: Ice                     |
    |                                     |
    "A beheaded knight who carries his sevred head."
    He shouldn't be much of a problem. He will frequently try to stab you
    with his lance. Avoid it by ducking. If you see him kneel down a bit
    it means he is about to jump towards you with his lance, causing a tremor
    where he is facing. Immediately jump to the other side when he does this
    and hack away since he will be stunned for a short period of time. If his
    head flashes he will hurl dark balls towards you which you can avoid by
    jumping around with no problem. The following attack he will throw his head
    and you will be showered by smaller balls of darkness. Use Maria for this
    fight and use her cat subweapon since it deals electric damage he should go
    down in no time.
    |  Behemoth                           |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  800                           |
    |  EXP: 1000                          |
    |  SP:  45                            |
    |  ATK: 36                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: slash, fire, holy      |
    |  Strengths: dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "A beast who rebelled against heaven; fought on even after it was killed."
    This is the one from eariler. It has several attacks  which can be
    easily avoided if you know it's pattern. If you see it snort and
    stomp it will try to ram you simply jump over it. It will run over
    to the other side and eventually come back out from the side it came
    into. If you see it growl it will throw bloody balls at you. Sometimes
    it will raise its head upwards a little which means it's about to jump
    at you. Simply run to the other side. If you see it open it's mouth it
    will try to hit you with bloody tentacles. Use Richters subweapons since
    most of them deal holy damage. Maria's fire bird subweapon might not be
    a good idea beceause it hits in an upward direction. Another easy win.
    The Great Stairway
    |  Keremet                            |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  666                           |
    |  EXP: 2000                          |
    |  SP:  50                            |
    |  ATK: 39                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: fire, ice, electric    |
    |  Strengths: none                    |
    |                                     |
    "A demon that lives in small,enclosed spaces."
    First have Maria attack the pot, since Keremet will only come out when
    hit a certain amount of times and since her attack hits rapidly. I
    used Maria's dragon subweapon for this one. Keep attacking the pot when
    Keremet goes back in. He will constantly be summoning green slimes in
    the battle but they should not be a problem. Keremet's only attack is to
    hurl a big ball of darkness in the top area. Since you can only attack it
    in the top be careful not to be hit by it. Eventually it will go down.
    The Sandy Grave
    |  Astarte                            |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  1500                          |
    |  EXP: 3000                          |
    |  SP:  50                            |
    |  ATK: 48                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 50                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Strike,Whip,Slash,Holy |
    |  Strengths: fire,ice, electric,dark |
    |                                     |
    "A woman of irresistible beauty. No man can defy her will."
    She is strong against elemental attacks so Maria is best used for
    support only. Her attacks include a normal lunge, which can be
    avoided by staying away from her or by jumping. She will also jump
    and shower green lightning in front of her. She also has a tornado
    attack that she will do from time to time, which can be avoided by a
    double jump. Her most dreadful attack is Temptation where a number of
    hearts will appear near her and and try to charm Richter in case he's
    on the screen. Since Richter is best used for this fight, simply remove
    him from the screen once you hear her say "temptation" and switch to
    Nation of Fools
    |  Legion                             |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  2000                          |
    |  EXP: 4000                          |
    |  SP:  50                            |
    |  ATK: 51                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: Fire,Slash,Holy        |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "The one who is many."
    A classic Castlevania boss. Anyway, Maria is best used for this fight.
    start out by destroying its outer core. Maria's red bird subweapon is
    very effective in this fight since it deals fire damage and attacks
    directly above her. Have Richter as support so he can kill the naked
    bodies on the floor. From time to time it's tentacles will shoot a beam
    which can be avoided by staying in between the tentacles. Once the outer
    core is fully destroyed it will start using another attack where it will
    shoot out fiery beams in all directions while rotating. Avoid this by
    always staying in between the tentacles while rotating. It will die
    Tower of Death 1
    |  Stella                             |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  2500                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 102                           |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses:Fire,Slash,electric,whip|
    |  Strengths: Ice                     |
    |                                     |
    "Loretta's twin sister. She's a skilled swordmaster."
    Unlike most enemies, colliding with her doesn't take damage at all.
    Stella uses a varriety of wind techniques. Her Hurricane attack will
    send forth a wave of air towards you. Avoid this by double-jump. Another
    attack is where she shouts "Furious Wave". This is a larger version that
    moves toward you on the ground. Once she takes enough hits, she willl use
    Crescent Moon. Basically she will spread the room with crescent-shaped
    projectiles which will home in towards you. Double-jump to avoid and slide
    when neccessary. She's quite strong and hard to hit against magic so
    Richter may be the best choice here. Have Maria as support and keep
    whipping her to death. She will go down eventually.
    Forest of Doom
    |  Dagon                              |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  1800                          |
    |  EXP: 6000                          |
    |  SP:  55                            |
    |  ATK: 60                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 20                            |
    |  Weaknesses: electric,Holy          |
    |  Strengths: Ice, Dark               |
    |                                     |
    "A creature of the swamp."
    This boss only has a few moves. It will jump from side to side
    from time to time. Immediately run to the other side. When it starts
    sucking all the water, it is about to blow it all out slowly towards
    half the screen and then down again. To avoid this, keep jumping
    in the water until the water is full. It will also release seed-like
    pods which float in the water. They do quite amount of damage. destroy
    them when necessary. Take note that only it's upper head is vulnerable
    to attacks. Use Maria for this fight. She will take less damage from
    the water spitting than Richter. Her Cat subweapon is also best used
    against it. Keep tossing cats over its head and you will win the fight.
    Tower of Death 2
    |  Death                              |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  4444                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 66                            |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 70                            |
    |  Weaknesses: none                   |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "Dracula's confidant."
    During the fight he will keep switching his weakness from magical to
    physical attacks. When he is silvery white in color, he is weak against
    physical attacks. keep attacking him in this form. When he is in his
    normal dark color, he is weak against magic. He will occasionally try to
    slash you with his scythe. His position is a clue on how to avoid his
    When he's floating above you, he is about to slash you vertically. If he
    slashes. is floating beside you, he is about to slash you horizontally.
    During the fight small scyhtes will also be spread across the room. Destroy
    them to avoid getting hit. He has another attack where he will lock his
    scyhte in a chain-like cage, with will be spinning across the cage. The
    scyhte is easily avoided with a double-jump. If you happen to break the
    chain, he will stop this attack. He has one attack that can be quite
    damaging if not taken care of. Four voids will appear in the screen, after
    which a chain will burst out and try to grab you one by one. If you happen
    to get caught, simply use your partner to try and break the chains. If not
    in time he will lunge at you with his scythe dealing massive damage. If
    you know his attack pattern he shouldn't be too hard.
    Master's Keep
    |  Stella                             |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  2500                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 102                           |
    |  DEF: 60                            |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses:Fire,Slash,whip,electric|
    |  Strengths: Ice                     |
    |                                     |
    "Loretta's twin sister. She's a skilled swordmaster."
    |  Loretta                            |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  2500                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 102                           |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 60                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Fire,Slash,whip        |
    |  Strengths: Ice                     |
    |                                     |
    "Stella's twin sister. She's a powerful witch."
    You fight both twins in this fight. No need to worry about using sanctuary
    because you have to defeat them in this fight. Stella is strong in both
    defense and strength but weaker to magic. Loretta is strong in magic and
    defense but weaker to physical attacks, you get the idea. You will also not
    take any damage when colliding with them. Stella will only occasionally slash
    you while Loretta casts her ice spells. During the fight you should focus more
    on Loretta. She has three spells. During blizzard Storm, She will call forth
    a storm of ice towards you. You can avoid taking any hits by attacking as it
    will be blocked. During Freeze Bite, She will summon wolves made of ice and
    will rush towards you. Avoid this by a slide and double-jump. During Icicle
    Drop, she will summon icicles to fall towards you. This attack can only be
    interrupted once Loretta gets hit at least times.
    They also have co-op attacks. One is where Loretta will form a huge chunk
    of ice above you which will then be destroyed by Stella. Avoid this by
    running from side to side. Take note that the ice particles damage you.
    Another attack is when Loretta will be surrounded with ice meaning she is
    forming a blizzard sword for Stella. This attack can be quite damaging but
    easy to miss. Stella will try to smash you with her blizzard sword three
    Again, I used Maria for this fight because you will most likely be hit by
    Loretta's magic. You can go for Loretta and keep hitting her multiple times
    or you can go for Stella and use Maria's Cat subweapon which sould deal a
    decent amount of damage.
    Dark Academy
    |  The Creature                       |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  4000                          |
    |  EXP: 5000                          |
    |  SP:  60                            |
    |  ATK: 100                           |
    |  DEF: 25                            |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: whip,Slash             |
    |  Strengths: electric                |
    |                                     |
    "An artificial being created by a mad scientist."
    He shouldn't be a problem. Use either Richter or Maria for this one.
    Both their subweaponds do decent damage. His attacks include a lightning
    attack where he will raise his hands and lightning will form out of them.
    To avoid this, stay near him and duck because it attacks from afar. If he
    raises one hand, he is about to grab one of your characters. Simply back
    away from it. If he raises his elbow he will either shoot a missile which
    does a decent amount of damage or spread the area with machine gun-like
    bullets. Both can be easily avoided by jumpting to the other side as soon
    as you see him raise his elbow. He'll go down before you know it.
    Forgotten City
    |  Mummy Man                          |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  4500                          |
    |  EXP: 5000                          |
    |  SP:  60                            |
    |  ATK: 100                           |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 50                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Fire,Slash,Holy        |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "A member of a royal family who became a mummy in search of everlasting life."
    This has got to be the most ridiculous boss in the game, mostly because
    of it's name. Just keep attacking him, really. His attacks are pretty easy
    to avoid anyway. He has an attack where a homing bandage follows you. Pretty
    easy to avoid becasue it moves slowly. Another attack is where he will send
    forth tablets that will rush towards your character. He also has an attack
    where three tablets will push you to one side then get impailed by spikes.
    Simply jump over the tablets as they push you towards the side. Keep attacking
    him and soon you'll win the battle.
    13th Street
    |  Wherewolf                          |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  4500                          |
    |  EXP: 6000                          |
    |  SP:  60                            |
    |  ATK: 110                           |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: Fire,Slash,Holy,whip   |
    |  Strengths: strike                  |
    |                                     |
    "A cursed man who transforms into a ferocious beast when the moon is full."
    Another easy boss. His attacks include throwing one of the lamp posts in
    the background, easily avoided by crouching. He will frequently lunge at you
    with his claws and can be avoided by backing away. He will also rush towards
    you dealing an uppercut. Sometimes he will summon wolves to aid him in battle.
    Destroy them since they only take a hit. Use Richter for this battle because
    of his holy elemental attacks and have Maria as support and hack him to death.
    Burnt Paradise
    |  Medusa                             |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  3500                          |
    |  EXP: 6000                          |
    |  SP:  50                            |
    |  ATK: 150                           |
    |  DEF: 0                             |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: Holy                   |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "A monster who turns her victims to stone. One of three gorgon sisters."
    Use Richter for this fight and Maria for support since most of his
    attacks deal holy damage. Her attacks include the trademark Stone
    Gaze where she will shout "Petrify". To avoid turning to stone, turn
    your back against her. She will also giggle and then have her body
    slither into most of the ground which can be avoided by staying in
    between them. She will also turn into a snake head which means she
    is about to bite you and can be avoided with a simple double-jump.
    If you see her raise her hands prepare for a lunge attack with her
    snake-like hands. Occasionally, she will also cover her face and
    summon medusa heads that can petrify. Keep hitting her and she's
    dead. In case you get petrified, switch to your partner and hit the
    petrified partner to remove him/her from stone status.
    |  Brauner                            |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  6000                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 93                            |
    |  DEF: 44                            |
    |  MND: 66                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Holy                   |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "An artist who became a vampire and renounced humanity."
    Defeat all the bosses in the previous paintings and you can enter his
    painting. As an artist, he uses deadly art techniques to you. He will
    yell "Blood Art Technique" which he will have the sreen painted with
    blood. The paint will stay in the screen and can damage you when touched.
    Remove the paint by attacking it to make the battle easier. He will eventually
    yell "A painting for the Soul!" where in a fountain of blood surrounds him.
    Avoid this attack by staying out of range within the fountain. When he yells
    "I'll make you my masterpiece!" Either a swarm of petrifying heads will rush
    towards you which can be destroyed easily with Maria's attack, Two large
    demons will head straight to you which can be avoided by jumping over the
    first demon or two large poisonous fan-like demons will rotate in the screen.
    The latter is quite hard to dodge but can be avoided by staying in between
    the blades. Brauner will also turn into a painting from time to time which
    sweeps across the room. He will usually charge towards you and can be avoided
    by paying attention to his movements. This is your opportunity to damage him
    the most as his attacks are easy to dodge. I used Richter and had Maria for
    support. Eventually he will go down for good.
    Final Battle
    |  Dracula and Death                  |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  6666                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 130                           |
    |  DEF: 44                            |
    |  MND: 99                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Holy                   |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    |  True Dracula                       |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  6666                          |
    |  EXP: 0                             |
    |  SP:  0                             |
    |  ATK: 140                           |
    |  DEF: 66                            |
    |  MND: 66                            |
    |  Weaknesses: Holy                   |
    |  Strengths: Dark                    |
    |                                     |
    "The true master of the castle."
    This battle rquires a little bit of luck. I suggest leveling up to at
    least level 50 before facing the final boss. This battle is quite hard
    especially due to the inability to heal. During the fight with Dracula
    and death, Dracula will be teleporting throughout the room while casting
    fire and dark balls at you and Death will be floating across the room,
    trying to slash you with his scythe downwards. You will have to attack either
    one of them since they share the same HP while having to dodge the balls and
    slashes. To dodge the fireballs, have Richter attack with his whip and circle
    it around to absorb any projectiles. To dodge the dark balls simply jump over
    and duck and repeat. If you see death raise his hands above you it means he is
    about to slash you downwards.  Dracula will sometimes yell "Bat Form" where in
    he will charge as a swarm of bats dealing massive damage if nearby and can be
    avoided by using the super jump.
    They both have a co-op attack and only use it when their HP has been reduced
    enough. Death will spread the screen with a lot of smaller scythes. Destroy
    them quickly or Dracula will turn them all into dark balls and spread them
    towards you dealing wide-spread damage. Another deadly co-op attack is where
    Death will turn himself into a large scythe and Dracula will strike it in the
    ground causing a massive explosion dealing multiple damage. This is an instant
    K.O. attack because you wont be able to take enough hits to survive.Immediately
    after Death turns into a scythe, run to the far end of the room to avoid
    instant death.
    I highly reccommend using Grand Cross when both Dracula and Death are nearby so
    that they will both take damage. You can also use it as a life saver in case you
    are in a dire situation. Keep whipping Dracula and dodge Death as well.
    Fortunately, Dracula's second form is much easier than the fight with Death.
    After taking enough damage Dracula will absorb Death's power and become True
    Dracula. If he closes his wings he is about to lunge towards you. Super jump
    to the other side to avoid this. If he starts flapping his wings twice, he is
    going to shower the room with fireballs. During this attack slowly move towards
    him and keep whipping him as you stay in between the fireballs. He also has a
    knee attack where in he will charge towards you. He will also smash the ground
    with his fists causing moderate damage. His most devastating attack is when he
    will fly to the middle of the room and claws will surround you. Have Richter
    attack one while Maria attacks the other. If unable to stop his attack it's
    an instant K.O. Keep using Grand Cross at him and have Maria as support and
    attack him until he goes down. Beware of his other attack, where he will hurl
    a scythe-like object towards you which is pretty damaging. Be sure to avoid
    them by doing a super jump. Hopefully, you should be able to beat him.
    Take note that I am sure that there are better strategies for this battle.
    Feel free to contact me for an easier way to defeat these two. You will be
    credited, of course.
    Here is an alternate strategy courtesy of Jai:
    This is the strategy I used to beat Dracula/Death and
    True Dracula:
    First thing I did was to dismiss Richter.  While he
    hits harder, the fact that Maria's special move hits
    just as hard and gives her back life outwieghs
    Richter's strength.  When Dracula appears in the
    corner and throws either the three fireballs or the
    lightning ball, time your strike so that when he
    throws the second volley, she'll go through it and get
    in two quick hits.  When he appears in the middle of
    the screen, lure Death over to one side so he'll waste
    an attack and try to jump over Dracula so you can
    attack him freely from behind.  
    When Dracula does his Bat Form attack, time it so that
    right as he finishes saying, "Bat Form" Maria does her
    special.  Dracula will fly right through you and
    she'll rack up at least five hits and get a good chunk
    of your life back if you've made any mistakes.  
    When you see Dracula appear in the middle of the room
    and Death hovers above him, Death will call a large
    amount of scythes together in an "S" pattern.  The
    more of them that you destroy, the less of the
    lightning balls that Dracula will call out by opening
    his cape.  If you choose, you can switch to Richter
    and attack them from a distance otherwise, Dracula
    will smack you good with his cape as he opens it.  
    When their life gets low, Death will move to the
    middle of the throne room.  This is your chance to
    quickly run to whatever side the Draula isn't.  Death
    will turn into a large scythe and fly to Dracula's
    hand.  He'll then shout out, "This ends now!" and the
    screen will fill with a large explosion.  If you can
    see Dracula when he says that, get ready to go to the
    game over screen.  Their deathbomb attack will fill
    all but a small portion of the throne room.
    Keep this up and they'll both go down. Leaving you
    only to deal with True Dracula.
    Quickly switch back to Maria and dismiss Richter, you
    won't be needing him for a while.  Dracula has five
    attacks in this form.  
    1.  He'll dash at you which he'll telegraph by
    crossing his arms.  Slide under this and counter with
    Maria's special attack.  
    2.  He'll try to land on you with a ground pound. 
    Backdash or simply back away and when he's recovering,
    counter with Maria's special attack.  You should be
    able to attack him twice when he does this.  Once
    before and once after.  
    3.  He'll flap his wings and will rain fireballs down
    on you.  If you can get to the outside of them, then
    just stay ahead of them.  If not, they're easily
    dodged by standing inbetween them.  
    4.  He'll turn his arm into a large scythe and swing
    it at you three times.  The first time, it will go
    along the ground and arc up at the last minute.  Avoid
    this by double jumping towards Dracula.  The next two
    will go too high to bother you.  Just make sure that
    you stay on the ground.
    5.  He'll move into the background and will open his
    wings.  The claws will come onto the screen and
    attempt to crush you.  Switch to Richter and attack
    the claws as fast as you can.  If you finish them in
    time, then the claws will retract and Dracula will go
    back to his ground pound.  If not, have Grand Cross
    ready and time it so that you'll have something to
    protect you from it.  Otherwise, it's back to the game
    over screen.  
    Keep hacking away at him and he'll go down.  Be
    patient and victory will be yours.  
    5.2 Nest of Evil 
    You probably know this already but I'll explain it anyway. The Nest of
    Evil is a straight-forward area similar to a arena full of powerful
    monsters and bosses. Some monsters only appear in the Nest of Evil and
    most bosses here were all from Dawn of Sorrow. The dungeon is composed
    of six "courses" with one boss at each the end. At the end of a course
    there will be a warp point giving you a chance to heal and save at the
    top. At the end of the dungeon is the doppelganger, the 7th and last
    boss in the whole dungeon. You don't get any reward at the end though
    but it's still an accomplishment. All enemies and bosses in this area
    may be fought multiple times.
    Course 1: The enemies are quite easy but watch out for the skeleton
              arks because their energy balls deal large amounts of
              damage. You fight balore at the end.
    Boss    : Balore will occasionally swipe you with his fists which
              easy to dodge. He will also shoot a large beam from his
              eye which you can avoid by crouching. Just hit and avoid
              those attacks and he'll go down before you know it.
    Course 2: The enemies are slightly harder, but still easy to kill.
              Be careful about the cave troll. They have a muliple
              shockwave attack that can be an instant kill when hit.
              For the iron golem, use Maria's subweapons because it's
              weak against elemental attacks. You fight Gergoth at the
    Boss    : Use Maria for this fight. Crouch in front of him and
              start attacking. If he jumps towards you, do a quick
              slide to the other side. He has a beam attack that can
              be avoided by crouching really close to him. He also
              releases petrifying gas which can deal decent amounts
              of damage when petrified. You can destroy it by hitting
              it with Maria's normal attack. He'll should die sooner
              or later.
    Course 3: Monsters are still quite easy. Take note of the golden
              skeletons. They are strong against elemental attacks so
              just whip them as Richter. In the room with a swarm of
              double-axe armors, use Maria's cat subweapon against
              them. You fight Zephyr at the end.
    Boss    : Zephyr will usually swipe you with his scissor hands.
              Avoid it by jumping. He will also throw daggers at you
              from different angles which you should avoid by not
              staying in place. If he stops time and showers daggers
              above you quickly stay in between them. He will also
              stop time to do a quick swipe at you. Keep attacking
              him. He Shouldn't be too hard.
    Course 4: The course is much harder than the previous floors.
              Things to take not of is Amducias. He has quite an
              amount of HP and deals massive damage with his shock
              attack. He's weak against ice so use Maria's dragon
              against it. There are also golden skeletons and bone
              arks in further rooms. Avoid their attack as much as
              possible. You fight Aguni at the end.
    Boss    : Aguni is a fire monster so use Maria's dragon against
              it. He will usually glide towards you so crouch when
              near him to avoid collision and taking damage. He'll
              also spit flames which flow in the ground. Avoid them
              by jumping in between them. he will also fly above
              and try to dive towards you. Be sure to move to a
              different spot away from where he went up. One last
              attack is when he will usually claw you. You can
              avoid this by sliding to a different spot. Keep
              hurling dragons at him and he should die.
    Course 5: This is probably the most difficult floor in the
              entire dungeon. You fight two "The Creatures"
              just in the first room. To make things worse, you
              fight a swarm of cave trolls waiting in the next
              room. To make things easy, kill only one at a time.
              You fight Abaddon in the end.
    Boss    : All Abaddon will do is summon swarms of locusts
              towards you. Take note of the way he conducts to
              know the next formation of locusts. When hit by
              a swarm, you get hit multiple times so try to
              avoid this by hitting the swarms and destroying
              them. He'll go down much faster if you spam
              Maria's normal attack against it.
    Course 6: Much easier than the previous floor, but take
              note of the Amducias and cave trolls in further
              rooms. You fight the trio from Symphony of the
              Night, Fake Trevor, Grant, and Sypha in the end.
    Boss    : Take out Trevor first to make the battle much
              easier. All he can do is whip you anyway. Grant
              will stay in the ceiling most of the time hurling
              daggers at you when in place while Sypha will be
              casting spells that aren't quite strong and easy
              to dodge. She will also summon zombies for help.
              I reccommend to take Sypha out for second. If
              you keep spamming attacks on her, her spells can
              get interrupted easily. Once both of them are
              gone go for Grant. Fighting all three at once
              may be too difficult so always focus one at a
    Here is an alternate strategy courtesy of Michael Scott:
    When fighting the zombie trio, have only maria out then run to 1 side.
    Wait for Trevor to follow. After he is all the way on one side run to
    the other wall then spam the cat (or electro neko, as I call it), then
    when Trevor gets close, jump over and repeat. If you run out of magic,
    just do the same without using using magic, you'll get the magic back
    soon enough. Sypha stays in the middle, so I fight her last, but she is
    simple just spam the axe, if you hit her enough she just stops and takes
    it. For Grant it is best to use the phoenix, if you hit him twice with
    the phoenix he will drop and won't attack.
    In the last floor there is a save point and a warp point.
    You fight Doppelganger in the next room.
    |  Doppelganger                       |
    |                                     |
    |  HP:  2000                          |
    |  EXP: 2000                          |
    |  SP:  99                            |
    |  ATK: 130                           |
    |  DEF: 30                            |
    |  MND: 0                             |
    |  Weaknesses: Slash                  |
    |  Strengths: None                    |
    |                                     |
    "A demon who assumes the form of its intended victims
     before killing them"
    He can mimic both Richter and Maria in the start of the fight.
    Before the fight, try equipping subweapons which are quite
    weak and easy to miss as the doppelganger will use the current
    subweapon of the one he mimics. You can fight him multiple
    times as long as you leave the portrait and come back. He's
    much more easier when he mimics Richter instead of Maria since
    Maria's attacks are spammable. You may want to keep resetting
    until you get him to mimic Richter. The doppelganger's attacks
    are quite damaging but take note that he only has 2000 HP. He
    should fall within a couple of hits.
    5.3 Leveling Tips
    If you find the last boss difficult or the Nest of Evil too challenging
    you better come back at a higher level. Still, it is possible to complete
    those tasks at a very low level. Here are some tips on how to level up:
    1) Go over the whole castle
    If you aim for 1000% completion then you must go all over the castle,
    killing everything in sight. You should gain a lot of levels this way.
    2) The Ripper Room
    The famous leveling spot in the 13th Street. You need to break a few
    walls to reveal this room full of Rippers. Use Maria and spam her
    Dragon subweapon across the room. Try to time your shot so that you
    are able to kill the Rippers before they start spreading across the
    room. Since Maria has fast MP regeneration, you shouldn't worry about
    running out of MP. 
    There are other methods to level up quickly like killing Minotaurs
    in the Dark Academy or Burnt Paradise but the latter is much faster
    in my opinion.
    5.4 Survival Tips
    1) Take note of your surroundings. Sometimes it's better to use a
       different character depending on your location. Maria, for example
       is better used when going through the fiery ring traps in Nation of
       Fools because she has higher magical defense.
    2) If you can't find a nearby save point to heal, you can always use
       Maria's special attack which absorbs HP. This is very risky during boss
       fights so only do it on weaker enemies.
    3) When going through swarms of enemies, it's best to use Maria because
       most of her subweapons pass through enemies hitting them further.
       Take note that these have elemental attributes. You can easily defeat
       enemies by using the right kind of attack.
    4) If your'e running out of MP switch to Maria because she has a higher
       MP regen than Richter. Hearts also restore MP so keep looking for
       breakable candles, etc.
    5) During Richter's Grand Cross animation, he will be invincible for a
       short period of time. All enemy projectiles will also be sucked in
       by this attack. Useful for avoiding damage taken. Use this for your
       advantage. Take note it costs a lot of MP so only use when neccessary.
    6) Maria's Turtle shell subweapon greatly increases her CON and MIND
       much like Jonathan's stonewall ability. Use it to lessen the damage
       taken from those "hard to dodge" attacks.
    7) If one of your characters get inflicted with status ailments,
       switch to the other character to avoid the harmful effects.
       If he or she gets petrified, attack your partner to remove
       them from stone status.
    6. Glitches
    Because of numerous e-mails I recieved, I decided to add this section.
    This section will cover the glitches that can be done in Richter Mode.
    These glitches can be used as an advantage in certain situations. Feel
    free to contact me in case there are more exploitable glitches out there
    and I will add them in this section of the FAQ. Take note that all of these
    glitches were done in the US version of the game, and MAY NOT work in the
    PAL versions due to some bug fixes.
    1) The Maria-Only Mode Glitch
    This glitch makes you play the game as Maria and her alone, with no ally.
    To play Maria Only Mode, finish the game with Old Axe Armor mode unlocked
    and have a free save slot. In a clear file, save the game as Charlotte then
    go to the main menu and select new game+ for that file. When choosing the
    difficulty for that file, cancel the game and select a new file choosing
    Old Axe Armor mode. When starting the game, you will be playing as Maria,
    but with no Richter. This glitch is for fun only and cannot be finished
    due to Maria's lack of the super jump.
    2) Enhanced Stats and Map Coverage at the Beginning of the Game
    This glitch can actually be done in all modes. It takes advantage of the
    status bonuses when completing hard mode and adding them in another file,
    making you more powerful. It will also retain all the HP max and MP max
    upgrades you recieved in Jonathan mode, as well as map coverage and
    percentage. Gold will also be transferred.
    To do this glitch, have a cleared hard mode file ( Lv.1 cap recommended )
    in Jonathan Mode. Select new game+ for that file and when asked to choose
    the game difficulty, cancel by pressing B. Then, pick a free slot and choose
    the mode of your choice. All HP and MP upgrades will be transferred to the
    new file as well as gold and map percentage. Depending on the hard mode file
    in Jonathan mode that you used, if you used a Lv.50 cap file you get an instant
    +50 to your LUK. If you used a Lv.25 cap file, you get +50 to your INT and if
    you used a Lv.1 cap file, you get all status bonuses at once plus a +50 bonus
    to your strength. When starting your new file, you will notice Richter and
    Maria's attacks being much stronger compared to a normal new game file.
    3) Jump up to Four Times
    This glitch can also be done in Jonathan mode. Since Richter already has the
    super jump, this glitch seems useless in this mode but here's how anyway.
    Have your partner double jump above by tapping the touch screen. Once high
    enough, press X to switch to the partner above. If timed correctly, you
    will be able to do an additional jump or two after switching characters.
    4) Easily Skip the Battle with Two "The Creatures" in the Nest of Evil
    A lot of people have had a hard time defeating the two creatures in this
    mode mainly because their attacks are quite damaging and hard to miss.
    Fortunatley, I received an e-mail regarding a way to skip this battle.
    First of all, this can only be done in the room with two The Creatures, so
    don't even think of trying it out in other rooms. Have Maria as your main
    character and head to the door to the left. Once there, use her turtle
    subweapon and wait until one of those creatures try to smack you. When
    hit, Maria will be sent flying to the next room instantly skipping the
    5) Use the Grand Cross as Maria
    This glitch is quite useful, not only can you do it while moving, it
    sucks enemy projectiles as well. Since Richter is stationary when
    using this subweapon, you can use this glitch as Maria to damage
    enemies while moving.
    First, have Richter's Grand Cross subweapon selected, then switch to
    Maria. Press R to let Richter do his Grand Cross attack. During the
    animation, press A and the Grand Cross will transfer to Maria. While
    Maria has the Grand Cross, she is free to move around, attack and
    even use her subweapons. There is one drawback, however. When using
    the Grand Cross as Richter, he is invincible during the animation.
    As for Maria, she can still be damaged by attacks so take note of
    6) The Backdash Cancel Trick
    This isn't really a glitch but it does make most of Maria's subweapons
    spammable. This trick was first introduced in DoS where Soma is able
    to spam his bullet souls. Luckily, you can still do the same here.
    Simply backdash, use your current subweapon, backdash and repeat. You
    will notice that the skill delay will be removed, allowing spammable
    attacks. This must be done repeatedly and quickly after doing a backdash
    or else it won't work. This can also be done with some of Richter's
    subweapons but it will be more difficult since he will most likely do a
    super jump instead of using his subweapons.
    7. FAQ
    1) Why did I make this FAQ?
    I made this FAQ because I love the Castlevania series. Playing RoB for the
    first time also inspired me to write a FAQ about it.
    2) I can't access Richter mode! I'm sure I got all requirements to unlock it!
    Like all other modes, you must select a new file in order to play Richter mode.
    3) It says RICHITER mode, not RICHTER. What gives?
    If you've already noticed, the US version of the game has numerous typos
    (Charotte, for instance) All of these were fixed in the PAL version.
    4) What's up with Maria and her animals?
    These were her animal friends in Rondo of Blood. They actually represent the
    four Chinese animal gods, Suzaku the Red Phoenix, Genbu the Black Turtle,
    Byakko the White Tiger and Seiryuu the Blue Dragon. Why a 12-yr-old French
    girl has power over them is beyond my idea.
    5) Why is the Whip's Memory Richter?
    If you look at the official CV timeline, you'll notice that Richter was the
    last Belmont to use the Vampire Killer before it was passed down to the Morris
    6) What's all this I hear about Rondo of Blood?
    Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, commonly known as Rondo of Blood, is the
    direct prequel of SotN for the PC-Engine. The game is regarded as one of the
    best in the series, along with SotN, for its excellent music, multiple endings,
    anime-style cutscenes and gameplay. Unfortunately, the game never made it
    outside of Japan. A similar game for the SNES was released called Dracula X.
    The game was a huge disappointment (Maria was no longer a playable charactr)
    A remake is coming for the PSP, along with the original and a port of SotN
    called the Dracula X Chronicles.
    7) Where can I get a copy of the game?
    The game can reach a price of 100$ or even more in most online stores. Your
    best bet would be to wait for Dracula X Chronicles to come out for the PSP,
    sometime by fall, 2007.
    8. Contacts
    Feel free to contact me for any errors or suggestions.
    My e-mail is carlo_yaman@yahoo.com
    All contributions will be credited, of course
     |                                             |
     |  Copyright 2006 Olrac / Carlo Buenaventura  |
     |                                             |
    9. Credits
    Thanks to:
    Myself, for creating this faq
    Seele, for confirming the Nest of Evil
    Michael Scott, for your tips and strategies with the trio
    and regarding Richter's Grand Cross attack which absorbs
    enemy projectiles
    Jai Polidore, for your alternate strategy in the final battle
    Colin Petersen, for pointing out that Death's weakness was the
    other way around
    Gamefaqs, for a wonderful site
    Konami, for another wondeful game
    those reading this faq right now who find it very helpful

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