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    Game Script by akura_integra

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     |   1.Version History    |
     |   2.Intro              |
     |   3.Characters         |
     |   4.Game Script        |
     |     4.1) Main Game     |
     |     4.2) Sisters Mode  |
     |   5.Talk Dialogue      |
     |   6.Encyclopedia       |
     |     6.1)Bestiary Info  |
     |     6.2)Quest Info     |
     |     6.3)Skill Info     |
     |     6.4)Item Info      |
     |   7.Easter Eggs        |
     |   8.Contacts           |
     |   9.Credits            |
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    1. Version Hisory
    ver 0.1 (3 January 2006)  - Started this faq, most of the character
                                dialogue still unfinished
    ver 0.5 (5 January 2006)  - Half of the faq finished. A lot more texts
    ver 0.8 (10 January 2006) - Added the Talk and Easter Eggs section
    ver 1.0 (13 January 2007) - Finished the whole script. Officially complete
    ver 1.2 (14 January 2007) - Corrected many spelling errors in the guide
    ver 1.5 (19 January 2007) - Added the Encyclopedia section
    2. Intro
    This is currently my third faq. I wrote this faq because I love this
    game and wanted to do something during my spare time. This guide will
    contain most of the in-game dialogue you will see when playing the game,
    as well as in-game text and descriptions of all the items, skills, quests,
    and monsters in the game. Take note this faq is obviously loaded with
    spoilers so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    3. Characters
    ----Jonathan Morris-----
    (age 18, male)
    Wielder of the legendary whip, "Vampire Killer". A hot-headed energetic
    young man, but has confidence, poise and a sense of humour. At times,
    this makes him seem like he's not taking things seriously. But when it
    really counts, he can be very clever. His most common answer to most
    things: "No problem".
    ----Charlotte Aulin-----
    (age 16, female)
    Grew up with Jonathan. Intelligent, but is a little too confident in
    her book smarts. Talks a lot, and sticks her nose into other peoples'
    business. She takes a logical approach to everything so she comes off
    as unemotional. Has great magic power, and seen as a potential final
    weapon in the final battle against Dracula. Throughout the game she
    is usually referred to as a child.
    (died at age 50, male)
    The person who teaches skills and gives items to Jonathan and
    Charlotte. He was killed by Brauner and was almost made a part of
    Dracula's castle, but the strength of his soul allowed him to
    retain his consciousness. His soul is trapped within Dracula's
    castle, however, so he cannot move or put his soul to rest.
    (age 21, female)
    The older of the twin vampire sisters. Has a flashy, agressive
    personality. Looks down on humans conescendingly. Is skilled at
    physical attacks. One of Brauner's so-called "daughters"
    (age 21, female)
    The younger of the twin vampire sisters. Her physical appearance
    is a little plain, and she is intelligent, rational and unemotional.
    Looks down on humans, like her sister. Is skilled at magical attacks.
    One of Brauner's so-called "daughters"
    (age unknown, male)
    A vampire who lost his daughters 30 years ago, and had his magical
    powers awakened by Dracula's castle. Revived Dracula's castle by
    collecting the tortured souls of those who died in World War II.
    His goal is to destroy humans, who have yet again started war.
    -----Vincent Dorin-----
    (age 32, male)
    A priest (a very greedy one at that) who acts as your guide.
    Not the courageous type. He runs the store.
    (age and gender unknown)
    Dracula's right-hand man, who was resurrected along with Dracula's
    castle. Lawful evil. Has samurai-like aspects.
    (age unknown, male)
    The true ruler of the castle.
    4. Game Script
    This will cover all the dialogue which are story related. Like I said,
    this section contains major plot spoilers so READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    4.1       Main Game
    The year is 1944. The world is filled with chaos. The second global
    war holds the entire world in it's grip of terror, creatinng hatred
    and fear along with countless numbers of lost souls. The agony and
    hatred of those souls summon the castle of evil. The castle that
    has appeared many times throughout history only to bring terror and
    destruction upon its surroundings, the castle of the dark lord Count
    Dracula... The demonic castle.
                          Outside the Castle
    (a priest walks around looking for someone)
    ???: !!
    (a young man and woman shows up)
    ???: That whip! There's no mistaking it! You're Jonathan Morris!
    Jonathan: Good eye. And you are...?
    ???: Ah, forgive me. I am Vincent Dorin.
    Vincent: By order of the church, I have been awaiting you. To think
             that the master of the legendary Vampire Killer would come
             here! A blessing indeed.
    ???: Too bad he can't actually use it.
    Jonathan: !! Charlotte! can't you even pretend to play along for
    Charlotte: Well, that's the truth, isn't it? You can't lie to a
    Vincent: Wh-What? Are you suggesting that whip is a fake then?
    Jonathan: It's true. I Can't use the Vampire Killer. This whip
              wasn't actually passed down through my family.
    Charlotte: You've heard of the Belmont family, haven't you?
    Vincent: Why of course I have! They've used that whip for generations
             to destroy Dracula. And that family is related to the Morris
             family by blood.
    Jonathan: Been doing your research, huh? Unfortunately, the fact is,
              We're not the true successors. No problem, though. I've won
              every battle till now without the whip. Not one loss.
    Charlotte: Lucky you have me to help you.
    Vincent: Yes, I was wandering about that. And you are...?
    Charlotte: Well, excuse me. If you're from the church, then remember
               this! I am Charlotte Aulin!
    Vincent: Charlotte... I've heard that name before... Charlotte...
             Oh! You must be the great magician everyone's been talking
    Charlotte: Heh-heh... "Great," you say?
    Vincent: U-Unbelievable! To think that she was a mere child--
    Charlotte: !! (has a funny annoyed facial expression)
    Vincent: Oh, well, I mean, such a lovely young lady!
    Charlotte: You heard that? Jonathan! He called me l-o-v-e-l-y!
    Jonathan: ... So anyway, Vincent, you had some business with me?
    Charlotte: !! (has a funny annoyed facial expression)
    Vincent: Oh, yes, yes, I do! I have been ordered to assist you in
             your quest. I've brought potions with me, but, well...
    Jonathan: Well? what?
    Vincent: I'ts a matter of... economics.
    Charlotte: You want us to pay you, right?
    Vincent: Um, well, if you insist...
    Jonathan: Sure no problem. I Think we can take care of that.
    Charlotte: I couldn't care less.
    Jonathan: But more importantly, the castle. Is that really
              Dracula's Castle?
    Vincent: No one has seen Dracula thus far. However, the church
             insists that it is indeed Dracula's Castle.
    Charlotte: No doubt about it. This castle is pulsing with dark
               magical power. I can't imagine it's anything but the
               castle of Lord Dracula that I studied in the books.
    Jonathan: Sounds like fun. Come on, better get going then.
    Charlotte: Right with you.
    Vincent: B-Be careful. I'll search for a safe place. I'll meet
             you inside. Godspeed.
                         Meeting with Wind
    Jonathan: !! Something's here?!
    (a ghost shows up)
    Charlotte: It's not human.
    Jonathan: A Monster?!
    Charlotte: No, wait! I sense no evil from him.
    ???: Ah,... You can sense me.
    Jonathan: Who are you?
    ???: A ghost as you can see. Ghosts have no need for names.
    Charlotte: Impossible! Somehow, he retained his consciousness
               after dying. It must be the castle's magic!
    Jonathan: I don't know about you, but he sure seems shady to me.
    ???: Think what you will. It's your choice. However can you
         truly destroy me with a whip you can't even use?
    Jonathan: Only one way to find out!
    Charlotte: Wait, Hold on! How do you know he can't use the
               Vampire Killer?
    Jonathan: Huh?
    Charlotte: I find it very odd to find a ghost not controlled
               by Dracula's castle.
    ???: A smart girl, compared to this foolish boy. Just before I
         died, I cast a magic barrier on myself, binding my soul to
         this place. I'm free from the castle's control, but I'm
         trapped here.
    Charlotte: But a paranormal entity like you can easily be
               affected by magic! Casting a barrier that repels the
               castle's power is impossible, even for me! Just who
               are you?!
    ???: My name is meaningless, but I suppose you need to call me
    (wind can be heard blowing in the room)
    Wind: Very well. Call me "Wind".
    Charlotte: ... Mr. Wind.
    Wind: Just Wind is fine.
    Charlotte: Alright Wind. What are you doing here?
    Jonathan: Didn't you hear him? He's trapped here, remember?
    Charlotte: I understand that. But if he truly has this much
               power, he could use other methods besides just
               binding his spirit here.
    Wind: My, my, my... You really are a bright little girl,
          aren't you?
    Charlotte: Stop treating me like a child. My name is Charlotte.
    Wind: Ah, I understand. And who is this boy?
    Jonathan: Who you calling a "boy"?! It's Jonathan. Jonathan
    Wind: Hm. The reason I'm here, simply put, is regret. I will
          not rest until the lord of this castle is vanguished.
          I thought I would lend assistance to those who wish to
          defeat him.
    Jonathan: But, if you can't move from here, what do you intend
              to do?
    Wind: In spirit form I am able to grant items and techniques I
          once possessed in life. I think they'll be of great help
          to you.
    Charlotte: In that case please help us.
    Jonathan: No, I've been able to do fine withough any of his
              help so far. So why don't you just--
    Charlotte: Right, "so far". But this is Dracula's Castle.
               Even if you could use that whip, it won't help you
               when you die. Don't you remember your father?
    Jonathan: Enough of my father! Just leave it to me, okay? My
              father's dead. Forget him.
    Charlotte: ... Sorry. But still--
    Jonathan: No, wait, I'm sorry... Guess I got a little
              overdramatic there. You might be right, Charlotte.
              Wind, perhaps we could use your help. Would you help
    Wind: ... If you can complete the tasks I give, only then will
          I help you.
    (Jonathan and Charlotte accepts his task)
    Jonathan: Deal. Let's go, Charlotte.
                   Meeting Vincent in the next room
    Vincent: Oh, well, well! Welcome back!
    Charlotte: Hmpf! So, you're selling your potions here?
    Vincent: There aren't many now, but my stock will increase
             little by little.
    Jonathan: For a price, right?
    Vincent: Yes, I'm afraid so, Master Jonathan.
    Charlotte: Don't try anything shifty. And don't even try to
               lie. Still, it is true that rural churches are
               short on money, or so they say.
    Vincent: Th-Thank you. You're lifesavers. Anyway, please have
             a look.
            Meeting Wind after completing his first task
    Wind: Now you should be able to advance deeper into the castle.
          If you complete the tasks I give to you, I shall teach
          you even more, including magic skills. I may be able to
          entrust you with other items in the future as well.
    Jonathan: Sounds good to me.
    Wind: Oh, one more thing... Regarding this castles's lord.
    Charlotte: You mean Dracula right? I've read books about
    Wind: Dracula isn't this castle's lord.
    Jonathan: What do you mean? That's why they call this
              "Dracula's Castle".
    Wind: It is indeed Dracula's Castle. However, the castle's
          lord is a vampire by the name of Brauner.
    Charlotte: I've heard nothing about that!
    Wind: As one would expect. His identity has been kept secret
          for years, after all. He infuses magic into paintings to
          increase his power. You will undoubtedly come across
          these paintings in this castle. Search for these paintings.
    Charlotte: He's using the paintings to make the castle's power
               his, isn't he? Still, he isn't Dracula, after all, so
               we're safe for now.
    Wind: Be careful. His power grows stronger by the minute.
    Jonathan: No problem. We won't let you be tied down here for
              long. That's a promise.
    Charlotte: trust us. Jonathan might seem unreliable, but he'd
               never break a promise.
    Wind: Heh, that's reassuring. Very well. Best of luck to you.
    Jonathan: All right then. Let's go find those paintings!
                     Finding the first painting
    Charlotte: This painting... Its power is incredible!
    Jonathan: Must be one of those paintings...
    Charlotte: Without a doubt. Hm... I've got it!
    Jonathan: Care to share?
    Charlotte: This paintings function. Brauner is using it to
               control the power of this castle!
    Jonathan: Well then, let's hurry up and rip it to shreds!
    Charlotte: Impossible. Anything we do will be pointless. From
               what I can tell, based on the theory of curse
               amplification, this picture is a multilayer
               quantum-space barrier. A kind of paranormal
    Jonathan: Uh, okay... And what does that mean in human language?
    Charlotte: ... In short, think of it as a series of walls that
               surround the magic controlling Dracula's Castle. The
               painting itself is just the outermost wall. As soon as
               you break it, it'll regenerate. It's unbreakable.
    Jonathan: How convenient. So now what?
    Charlotte: I'll align my magic witht he painting's so we can enter
               it. That'll be the best way to circumvent the castle's
               magic. the risk is quite high though.
    Jonathan: No problem. C'mon, what do we have to lose?
    Charlotte: Okay then. Here we go.
    (Jonathan and Charlotte enter the painting)
    Jonathan: So we're in the painting now?
    Charlotte: The will of the artist is emodied here.
             Meeting with Loretta after first boss battle
    Charlotte: Phew, that monster just now seemed to be the core of
               the magic energy.
    Jonathan: Meaning Brauner can't use the castle's power now?
    Charlotte: No, not quite. His control of the castle's power has
               decreased a bit, but...
    Jonathan: "Decreased a bit"?
    Charlotte: I think there's something else...
    ???: My oh, my...
    (a mysterious vampire woman appears in front of them)
    ???: I knew I smelled something. Seems like some maggots got
    Jonathan: !! A vampire!
    ???: My, My, such attitude... You dare disrespect somebody of
         my caliber?
    Loretta: I am a LADY. Lady Loretta. As you said, your battle just
             now may have weakended us a bit... However, I do have some
             tragic news for you. This wasn't the only one of my father's
    Charlotte: I know that. I can obviously tell by sensing the movement
               of the magical energy.
    Loretta: Heh-heh-heh... What an amusing sight. A child who fancies
             herself an adult!
    Charlotte: !!
    Jonathan: Let's take her, Charlotte.
    Charlotte: Right with you.
    (Jonathan tries to strike Loretta but a strong force stops him)
    Jonathan: !! The whip!
    Charlotte: Jonathan, what are you doing?!
    Loretta: Unfortunately, I have strict orders from father not to
             fight you. Now if you'll excuse me...
    (Loretta vanishes)
    Charlotte: Why did you stop attacking?
    Jonathan: It was like some strange power was... Oh, never mind.
              I'm sure it was nothing. I probably just imagined it.
    Charlotte: Oh, well. Like that vampire said, I sense other
               paintings. I can't pinpoint their exact location, though.
    Jonathan: We'll just have to find them.
    Charlotte: Let's head back to the castle.
                 Meeting with Death at Great Stairway
    Jonathan: !!
    Death: I thought you would appear. the one who imposes upon my
    Charlotte: He's swirling with black magic. I've read about him.
               Dracula's eternal servant... Death.
    Jonathan: Dracula isn't this castle's master anymore! Why are you
    Death: My, what an odd thing to say. This castle belongs to Lord
           Dracula. To him and no one else.
    Charlotte: I get it. You've joined forces with Brauner because
               you're thinking of resurrecting Dracula, aren't you?
    Death: Brauner... Who are you talking about?
    Jonathan: There's no point in playing dumb! We already know the
              current master of this castle is a vampire by the name
              of Brauner!
    Death: Vampire Brauner... Even with my power, I didn't sense that.
           It seems I have been dormant for far too long.
    Jonathan: Don't tell me you didn't know. Well, it doesen't matter.
              You're connected to Dracula. That makes you my enemy!
    Death: Ha! You're no match for me!. Your father was much stronger
           than you. And now he's dead!
    Jonathan: Don't compare me to my father!!
    Charlotte: Calm down, Jonathan! You can't beat him without a strategy!
    Death: Oh, and to think he needs a little child to admonish him!
    (Death flies away)
    Charlotte: !!
    Jonathan: Sorry, Charlotte. Whenever someone mentions my father, I
              just lose it.
    Charlotte: That's alright. It's not like you started hating your
               father just now. But What's the point at getting angry at
               someone who isn't even here?
    Jonathan: It's because he's not here. Listen, My father only taught
              me the basics of fighting. Then he went and got himself
              killed, leaving me the heir to the whip! This whip I can't
              even use. He was always so selfish.
    Charlotte: There must have been a reason. You have to understand the
               truth of why you've had to fight until now without the
               whip's power.
    Jonathan: Maybe so... But now Dracula may be reviving, and I can't
              even use the power that I'm meant to use! Even though my
              father could.
    Charlotte: That's true, but...
    Jonathan: Enough about all this talk about my father. Talking won't
              change a thing. C'mon let's go. When Death makes an
              appearance, Dracula can't be far away.
    Charlotte: Yeah, you're right.       
         Meeting with Brauner, Stella, and Loretta in Sandy Grave
    Brauner: Oh ho. I'm a bit surprised to find you inside of my
    Jonathan: You must be Brauner.
    (a female vampire goes forward angrily, ready to strike)
    ???: How dare you! Show my father some rspect!
    Brauner: Calm yourself, Stella. What could they possibly know
             about respect? They're just humans, after all. Indeed,
             I am Brauner. Master of this castle.
    Jonathan: Are you trying to revive Dracula? What the hell are you
              up to?
    Loretta: Hmpf! Dracula, you say? Sister?
    Stella: Watching these fools get worked up can be so entertaining.
    Charlotte: It seems you have no intention of reviving Dracula.
    Brauner: Why is it necessary to revive Lord Dracula? In the last
             few centuries, he's failed at controlling humanity. I
             will wait no longer. For the sake of my beloved daughters,
             I will take this world from mankind. Humans bring death
             and ruin to everything of beauty.
    Jonathan: If you're not after Dracula, why has the castle
    Brauner: Lord Dracula's power is great. I recognize that. And
             through this castle, that power will allow the world
             to be reborn.
    Charlotte: You only want to use Dracula's power?
    Brauner: ...
    Charlotte: But it shouldn't be possible to separate Dracula
               from his magic.
    Brauner: Oh, but it is! What a clever young lady. So long as I
             possess the power of the painting, I'll have no trouble
             at all.
    Stella: Father, you need not waste your time on such insolent
    Jonathan: What did you say?!
    Loretta: Yes... Allow me to demonstrate how utterly pathetic
             they are.
    Brauner: Well, no need to be hasty, dear. At the moment,
             Dracula's faithful servant is sniffling around MY
             castle. Disposing of him is our first priority.
    Stella: But, father!
    Brauner: You two have nothing to worry about. Please retire
             to a safe place and get some rest.
    Stella: ...
    (Stella and Loretta leave the room via paintings)
    Brauner: You heard me. We can dispose of this trash at any
    (Brauner leaves via painting as well)
    Jonathan: ... Brauner, huh?
    Charlotte: He has incredible power. Just the sight of him
               can drive an ordinary person mad.
    Jonathan: Yep, it would've been messy. If only I could use
              the whip!
    Charlotte: Look, at least we're alive.
    Jonathan: Yeah... But I'll make him regret ever crossing
              paths with us!
               Meeting with Stella in Tower of Death
    Jonathan: !!
    Stella: I've grown tired of waiting.
    Jonathan: Show yourself, vampire!
    Stella: Watch your tongue, mortal!! I held back with my father
            present, but here, you're as good as dead.
    Charlotte: I find it strange you'd come here alone. Well, it
               simplifies things.
    Stella: I alone will take care of you. I'll tear you apart,
            limb by limb, then wring all the blood from your
    (Stella fights you)
    (after the battle Stella is on her knees)
    Stella: What happened to me?!
    Jonathan: You're finished!
    (Jonathan tries to strike Stella but is blocked by icicles)
    Jonathan: !!
    (Loretta shows up)
    Stella: My, my head...!
    (Loretta descends to aid Stella)
    Loretta: Are you alright, sister?
    Stella: I... I'm fine. Loretta...
    Loretta: you were warned not to leave the painting.
    Stella: You may scold me later. These two are a threat to
            father. We must take care of them now!
    Loretta: No. For now, we return. Hear me both of you. If
             you continue to oppose father, we will show you
             no mercy. Oppose us, and we will kill you!
    (Stella and Loretta vanish, leaving a locket behind)
    Jonathan: What's this?
    Charlotte: It's like a locket. There's a photo inside.
    (a photo is shown with Wind, Stella, and Loretta)
    Jonathan: !! This is wind!
    Charlotte: And those two vampire girls!
    Jonathan: What does it mean?
    Charlotte: I have no idea. We should go ask him about it.
    Jonathan: Yeah, good idea.
       If you head to Forest of Doom without showing the locket
    Charlotte: ?!
    Jonathan: What is it, Charlotte?
    Charlotte: There's something about Stella's locket. I can't
               quite put my finger on it, but it bugs me. I can't
               focus like this. I think we should go talk to Wind.
               Don't you?
    Jonathan: Yeah you're right. Let's head back and have a little
              talk with him.
         Conversation with Wind after the battle with Stella
    Jonathan: Wind! What's the meaning of this?!
    Charlotte: Look at this photo.
    (the photo in the locket is shown)
    Wind: !!
    Charlotte: You owe us an explanation.
    Wind: ... Ah, indeed, I do. Let me tell you my real name.
          It's Eric. Eric Lecarde.
    Jonathan: You don't mean... The man who fought by my father?
    Eric: Yes. John was my best friend.
    Charlotte: Then what's your relationship with the two girls
               in the photo?
    Eric: They're my daughters.
    Jonathan: H-Hold on a sec! Aren't they Brauners daughters?!
    Eric: Brauner lost his real daughters in World War One. His
          anger and grief awakened his hidden power, which he used
          to become a vampire.
    Charlotte: So his daughters...
    Eric: He believes the daughters he lost in thw war were reborn
          as my daughters.
    Jonathan: So he kind of just stole them from you?
    Eric: His daughters were his life. Now that he has them back,
          he wants to punish the humans whose war has ruined his
    Jonathan: I see. That's why the whip started acting up in front
              of those two. It's because they carry the blood of
              the Lecarde family!
    Charlotte: Of course! The Vampire Killer!
    Jonathan: Eric, if you fought by Jonathan's father, then you
              must know how to unlock the Vampire Killer's power!
    Eric: yes, I do know. But...
    Jonathan: If you know then tell me! What should I do?!
    Eric: ... In order for the Morris family to use the Vampire
          Killer, you need the power of the Lecarde Family. But
          I can't help you, and of course, now that my daughters
          have been turned to vampires...
    Jonathan: So in the end... This whip is useless. I guess my
              being its heir is just the emptiest, most meaningless
              title of all.
    Eric: ... I was forbidden to tell you this, but I think the
          time has come. The reason your father died...
    Jonathan: I know why he died. They say he was mortally wounded
              when he stopped Dracula's resurrection.
    Charlotte: Even I know that was the cause.
    Eric: You're wrong.
    Jonathan: ?!
    Eric: For one who is not of the Belmont family, to use the
          true power of the Vampire Killer, they must give up a
          part of their own life. That's why my family acts as the
          power's key. So that it can only be used when truly
          necessary. John used the whip too much...
    Jonathan: So what are you saying? You mean my father died
              because of this whip?
    Eric: Exactly. Which is why he didn't want to teach you how
          to use it. he wanted you to develop the strength to
          survive without using the whip. No matter how much you
          hate him for doing that, in the end, he was only looking
          out for you.
    Jonathan: ...
    Eric: You may not yet wield your whip like a Belmont, but that
          power can be yours. I know that John had his reasons.
    Jonathan: Father...
    Charlotte: I know there was a reason. Aren't you glad, Jonathan?
    Jonathan: I just don't get it... Why did the Belmonts give this
              thing to the Morris family?! If not for this, we would
              be spared so much pain!
    Eric: Because the Belmonts cannot touch the whip now. It is
          predicted that Dracula will be revived in year 1999. I've
          heard that the Belmonts must not touch the Vampire Killer
          until then.
    Jonathan: But...!
    Eric: Others have appeared to revive Dracula in the meantime.
          somebody has to stand up and stop them. And only the
          Morris family is able to do that!
    Jonathan: ... Oh, well then. At least I finally know the truth
              about my father and the whip. Still, are you okay with
              this? This job that we have to do is gonna end up
              hurting your own daughters.
    Charlotte: I wonder if there's a chance we can save those two if
               I use some kind of purification spell.
    Eric: The chances are very slim. You should know that. Even I
          never knew how to do it. I appreciate your sentiments, but
          I am resigned to their fate.
    Charlotte: I see...
    Eric: Forgive us, Jonathan. For placing this burden upon you.
    Jonathan: No problem. I'll just do what I can. And if you've
              accepted it, so do I. Let's go, Charlotte.
    Charlotte: Right.
                 Gear Room in the Tower of Death
    Charlotte: You know, that cog we found earlier will probably
               fit here.
    Jonathan: You think?
    (cog is inserted and the gate is opened)
    Jonathan: We can get through now!
    Charlotte: Let's go.
           Conversation with Eric after learning Sanctuary
    Eric: ?! You learned a purification spell?
    Charlotte: Yes. Now I can break the vampire's curse.
    Eric: Indeed you can. But if they become full vampires, it
          may be too late.
    Jonathan: We won't know if it's too late until we try.
    Eric: Yes, that's true. Still... Even if you break the curse,
          please do not tell them about me.
    Charlotte: Why not? I'm sure that they'd both want to see you.
    Eric: My daughters think that I'm dead. The truth is, my body
          is gone. Besides, Brauner comes first!
    Jonathan: But, still!
    Eric: It's alright. It's the fate of my family. My daughters
          have a task they must perform. If I can see them one
          last time before I pass away, that's good enough for me.
    Jonathan: Okay. I gotcha.
    Charlotte: Let's get going. But let's hurry. We have three
               people to meet.
    Jonathan: You're right.
                 Battle with Death in the Tower
    Death: That look you have... I'm assuring you've run into
    Jonathan: That's none of your business! You won't escape
              this time!
    Death: You do realize there's no connection between myself
           and Brauner, don't you? And yet you still challenge
    Charlotte: If my research is correct, you have a strong
               desire to see Dracula revived, correct?
    Jonathan: Even if you're not working with Brauner, you still
              have to be defeated! Challenging me even if you can't
              use the whip...
    Death: How utterly absurd. But I'll play with you anyway.
    (battle begins)
    (after defeating Death)
    Death: Ugh! How can someone like YOU possess such amazing powrs?!
    Jonathan: I may not have the whip's power, but I can still kick
              your ass!
    Death: Hmph, I underestimated you... Still, I have my reasons for
           holding back...
    Charlotte: Is that your excuse? How typical. Now resign yourself
               to your fate!
    Death: Know the limits of your power. You still have tasks to
           perform, so for now I shall take my leave.
    (Death flees and says "We'll meet again!")
    Jonathan: Damn it! He ran away.
    Charlotte: Say, what do you suppose Death meant when he said we
               still have a task to perform?
    Jonathan: Forget it. We can take on anyone. No problem!
    Charlotte: How can you always be so confident?
    Jonathan: I like to think positive, that's all. Look stop
              worrying too much and focus on what we have to do:
              Defeat Death and Brauner, got it?
    Charlotte: Okay, okay. Worrying only makes things worse than
               they really are, right?
    Jonathan: You got it.
              At the barrier blocking the Throne Room
    Jonathan: What the? I can see the way ahead but I can't move
    Charlotte: Hold on a minute... This is the way to the throne,
               but it's spatially segreted.
    Jonathan: And that means...?
    Charlottte: Simply put, there's something  like an invisible
                wall here. Brauner siad he had separated Dracula
                from the castle. This is what he was talking about.
    Jonathan: So, long story short, we can't move from here.
    Charlotte: Exactly. Let's find another route.
         Meeting with Eric before facing the twin sisters
    Jonathan: Say, Eric, there's something I wanna ask you.
    Eric: Sure. What is it?
    Jonathan: Did my father know the Vampire Killer would
              consume his life when he used it?
    Eric: No. We only learned the truth after Dracula was
          defeated. We found out using magic after noticing
          John took so ling to recover.
    Jonathan: I see...
    Charlotte: Jonathan? Why did you ask that?
    Jonathan: Grandfather was already dead by the time I was
              born. I was wandering grandfather gave him the whip
              knowing the truth about it.
    Charlotte: Hm. I wonder...
    Eric: Have no worries. Your grandfather mas exceptionally
          strong, but kind.
    Charlotte: That's good to hear, right, Jonathan?
    Jonathan: I suppose...
              Meeting Vincent after he gets bitten
    Jonathan: Huh? Vincent's not here?
    (Vincent runs into the room)
    Vincent: Um... Um... Um...
    Charlotte: What's wrong? Something bothering you?
    Vincent: There was an attack... A biting.
    Jonathan: Huh?
    Vincent: A vampire bit someone!
    Charlotte: What? Who?
    Vincent: M-M-ME!
    Charlotte: What?!
    Jonathan: Seriously?!
    Vincent: Wh-Wh-What'll I do?! Do something! Do something,
    Charlotte: J-Just calm down! You've still got time before
               you turn into a vampire.
    Vincent: !! Y-Y-Yeah... That's what they say. Purification spells
                are effective in the early stages. I beg of you! Do
                something for me! Get that purification spell!
    Jonathan: Charlotte, can you do something?
    Charlotte: I don't know. I'll just have to try the magic I
               already possess.
    (if you cure him)
    Vincent: (ROARS) Fantastic! You two really are incredible!
    Charlotte: Except it was just me who did it.
    Vincent: Now I can get back to business! You have my eternal
    Jonathan: So how about a freebie as a token of gratitude?
    Vincent: Absolutely not! That has nothing to do with this!
             A man has to earn a living!
    Jonathan: ...
    Charlotte: He really takes this seriously.
              Battle with the twin vampire sisters
    Jonathan: !!
    Stella: We tire of waiting for you. Are you ready to die yet?
    Jonathan: Hold it! You two are being tricked by Brauner!
    Loretta: What a pathetic joke. I have no time to waste listening
             to the words of a despicable human.
    Charlotte: Nothing we say will matter. They're completely under
               Brauner's control. Still, I may be able to do something
               now. Jonathan! Help me out here!
    Jonathan: Leave it to me!
    Stella: Well, for what you have done, we'll play as hard as you
            like! Let's go Loretta!
    Loretta: Yes, Stella!
    (if you defeat them you get the bad ending)
                            Bad Ending
    (the sisters are defeated)
    Jonathan: Forgive me, Eric.
    (Brauner appears from a painting, defending the fallen sisters)
    (Stop it!)
    Brauner: P-Please! Don't hurt my daughters! I beg of you!
    Jonathan: Why are you trying to stop me?
    Charlotte: We know the truth. You aren't really related to each
    Brauner: Family isn't just about blood relations! We are joined
             together by our very souls! Enough! We shall flee the
    Jonathan: What?!
    Brauner: I can't endanger my daughters any further! Destroying
             this castle... That's what both of you want, right?
    (Brauner and the sisters leave via painting)
    Jonathan: Hey wait!
    Charlotte: The castle's crumbling! We have to run!
    Jonathan: Damn you, Brauner!
    (the castle crumbles)
    Jonathan: Damn it! In the end, that monster Brauner escaped.
    Charlotte: Still, we stopped Dracula's revival, so that's
               good enough, don't you think?
    Jonathan: You're concerned how I feel? Well, I guess you are
    Charlotte: After all, I do feel a little responsible for you
               so... Oh by the way! Where's Vincent? You think he
               escaped the castle? Oops. I knew we forgot something!
    (Eric appears)
    Eric: Have no fear. He's just fine.
    Charlotte: Eric! Is that true? Thank goodness! I'm sorry I
               wasn't able to keep my promise to you...
    Eric: It's alright. Now that Dracula's Castle is gone, I'll soon vanish.
          I have one last requet though. My daughters...
    (Eric is vanishing)
    Jonathan: Eric!
    (Eric is disappears)
    Jonathan: ... He disappeared.
    Charlotte: I wonder what he was trying to ask us at the end.
    Jonathan: Beats me. But look, we have to track down Brauner
    Charlotte: You're right. Along with those other two.
    Jonathan: Alright, let's go, Charlotte.
    Charlotte: Right.
    (credits roll)
           If you save them by casting Sanctuary on them
    Jonathan: Is that it?
    Charlotte: The spell was perfect. Now let's see if it was effective.
    Stella: ...
    Loretta: ...
    Stella: I... !! Loretta, are you alright?
    Loretta: ... S-Stella...
    Jonathan: The vampire's control seems to be fading. It's a success!
    Charlotte: Well, of course. "No problem", as you would say.
    Loretta: We... What have we been doing?
    Stella: ... The heir to the Vampire Killer. Jonathan Morris,
            correct? I apologize for all that we have put you through.
    Jonathan: Huh? Oh sure. N-No problem.
    Stella: And Miss Charlotte, thank you so much for setting us
    Charlotte: Sure thing. The curse may be lifted, but you should
               still take it easy.
    Stella: No, I don't think so. Loretta, I think we should stand up.
    Loretta: Stella, are you alright? After what we've been through?
    Stella: I know. But there's a job that we must do now.
    Loretta: But...
    Stella: Remember your dignity! We'll have time to mourn what
            happened when it's all over.
    Loretta: ...
    Stella: I'm sorry you had to see that. Once more, our family
            shares the fate of the Morris family. We are Lecardes,
            after all. I am Stella. And this is my younger sister...
    Loretta: Loretta.
    Jonathan: And we are...
    Stella: We already know. Anyway, we must hurry. We must defeat
            Brauner. The piece he's making now is meant to destroy the
    Jonathan: What?
    Loretta: He said it was almost complete. It's in the studio painting.
    Charlotte: Where's the studio painting?
    Stella: It's in the inner room.
    Loretta: But even for us, entering the picture is impossible.
    Stella: There is one option, however.
    Jonathan: What is it?
    Stella: The studio painting is sealed by four paintings surrounding it.
    Charlott: Meaning we need to break the seal to enter the painting.
    Jonathan: I see. you'll help us right?
    Loretta: W-Well...
    Charlotte: It's no use. I'm amazed they can even talk like this after
               being under such a powerful curse. they can't move.
    Stella: That's true, but that's not all.
    Loretta: The door to the inner room can only be opened by either
             Brauner or ourselves.
    Jonathan: So, you'll stay here and open the door for us. Sure,
              no problem.
    Stella: One more thing. It's about the Vampire Killer.
    Loretta: We can perform a ritual to unlock the power of the whip.
    Jonathan: I know, I know. Using it will consume my soul, right?
    Stella: Please don't forget that. You must use it wisely. If
            you're prepared, then just tell us.
    Charlotte: Listen, about your father...
    Stella: None of that! Once this is all over, then you can tell
            us about him.
    Loretta: Father... Before our own eyes...!
    Stella: Loretta!
    Loretta: I... I understand.
    Stella: Let's all do what destiny had intended for us...
    Jonathan: Right. No problem.
    (Stella reveals a secret passage)
         If you decide to unlock the Vampire Killer's power
    Stella: Are you prepared to unlock the power of the Vampire
    < "Yes, I am." >
    < "Wait, not yet." >
    (if you pick "Wait, not yet")
    Stella: When you're ready, you can ask us at any time.
    (if you pick "Yes, I am.")
    Stella: You will have to face this challenge alone. Are you
            sure about this?
    < "No problem!" >
    < "No, hold it." >
    (if you pick "No, hold it." you will get the same message as above)
    (if you pick "No problem.")
    Stella: I understand. Loretta, begin preparations.
    Loretta: Right away, Stella.
    Stella: Miss Charlotte, please stand back.
    Charlotte: Right.
    (Charlotte leaves the room)
    Loretta: All right, then. I shall now incarnate the last memory of
             the Belmonts inhabiting the whip.
    Stella: Fight the memory and defeat it to make the whip recognize
            you as its rightful owner. Once you do that, You'll be able
            to trigger the whip's true power.
    Jonathan: I see. No problem. Let me have it.
    Stella: Ready, Loretta?
    Loretta: Yes, Stella.
    (Jonathan fights Richter, the whip's memory)
    (if you lose the battle)
    Stella: Sorry, it was a little tougher than expected, wasn't it?
    Jonathan: Yeah... I guess so.
    Loretta: Don't worry. There will be other opportunities.
    Charlotte: Indeed. The whip is important, but for us, there are
               other things that have even greater importance.
    Loretta: Plus there may be some items that can give you upper hand.
    Stella: We're sure the time will come when you'll be able to wield
            the true power of the whip. Just be patient and remain
    Jonathan: You're right.
    (if you talk to the sisters again after you lose)
    Stella: Another attempt, I see. Loretta, are you ready?
    Loretta: Yes, Stella.
    (if you lose the battle again)
    Charlotte: It seems fate was not on our side this time.
    Stella: There's no reason to warry. We'll akways be here
            to help.
    Loretta: Come back again anytime.
    (if you win and defeat the whip's memory)
    Charlotte: Ah, you've returned.
    Stella: You seem to be in one piece.
    Charlotte: Well, how did it go? How's the Vampire Killer?
    Jonathan: Hey, no problem. It's power is pretty scary though.
              looks like the legends about it weren't lying.
    Loretta: But, um...
    Jonathan: I know. Don't overuse it, right? Well, I'll try my best.
    Charlotte: I'll be with you so relax. You'll be fine.
        Conversation with Eric after curing the vampire twins
    Jonathan: Eric! We lifted the curse from your daughters!
    Charlotte: Thanks to my magical genius.
    Eric: You were in time?! I don't believe it. It's a miracle!
    Jonathan: They said they won't ask about you until this is all
    Eric: That's good. If they knew what I've become, it would only
          upset them.
    (if you haven't unlocked the Vampire Killer yet)
    Eric: Now you can unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer.
    Charlotte: That's what they said.
    Jonathan: I'll give it a try if I feel like it.
    Eric: Well, then. Now that you know how John Felt, perhaps
          that will be enough.
    (if you already unlocked the Vampire Killer)
    Eric: Hm? You already unlocked the Vampire Killer?
    Jonathan: Yep.
    Eric: If you understand how your father felt, then it's best
          not to use the whip after this battle ends.
    Jonathan: Well, I'll do what I can. I prefer not to die young.
      Conversation with Vincent if you still haven't cured him
    Vincent: Umm, excuse me...
    Jonathan: What is it?
    Vincent: A little bird told me that you two had lifted the
             vampire's curse, so... If it's true, can you cure me?
    Jonathan: Oh! (I forgot.)
    Charlotte: R-Right. It's a piece of cake for a genius such as
    Vincent: P-Please! I beg of you!
     Talk with Vincent before the battle with Brauner when cured
    Vincent: Ready to face the castle's lord? Do your best,
             Master Jonathan. Miss Charlotte.
    Jonathan: Sure, no problem
    Charlotte: Nothing's impossible for me.
       Conversation with Eric before the battle with Brauner
    Eric: All that is left now is Brauner.
    Jonathan: I haven't forgotten my promise to you. I swear
              by it.
    Charlotte: And I'll be there with him.
    Eric: Right, I believe you. Still, don't do anything foolish.
    Jonathan: No problem.
                       Battle with Brauner
    (Jonathan and Charlotte enter the studio painting)
    Brauner: Stella, Loretta. I told you not to come here.
    Jonathan: Hey! Hey! Who are you talking to? They're busy
              following orders!
    Brauner? You! You two! What have you done to my daughters?
    Charlotte: Sadly for you, they've regained their senses. Thanks
               to my magic.
    Brauner: How can this be?! How could you two understand? Those two
             are the reincarnations of my dead daughters!
    Jonathan: I don't care! being a family means being connected by
              heart. Ties of blood and soul is insignificant. When I
              learned why my father did what he did, I understood. You
              used a curse to manipulate your "dear daughters"! now THAT'S
    (Brauner angrily destroys his cane)
    Brauner: And now I must suffer the loss of my daughters to humanity
             again. I'll show you how that feels. And then I'll make those
             girls my daughters once more!
    Jonathan: Now THAT'S a problem. Sorry, can't let you do that.
    Brauner: Behold, the power of my painting!
    (battle starts)
    (after brauner is defeated, he is on his knees)
    Brauner: Damn you, humans... You selfishly start wars and despoil the
             earth. Perhaps justice wasn't on my side but I will never
             admit that it was on yours.
    Jonathan: Fine either way. After all, "justice" is just a matter of
              perspective. The fact is, you're just a coward who couldn't
              face the truth. You couldn't accept your fate, so you just
              abandoned humanity to get what you wanted.
    Brauner: I just... I just wanted to protect my family.
    (Death appears above Brauner following a slash)
    Death: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    Brauner: (screams)
    Jonathan: !!
    Death: Well done! Now the interloper is no more!
    Jonathan: What?
    Death: The studio painting was cutting off the throne needed to revive
           Lord Dracula. A clever plan. Alas, now my lord can be revived!
    (Death flies away and Brauner dies)
    (Jonathan and Charlotte enter the painting to the throne room)
    Charlotte: I sense terribly powerful magic up ahead.
    Jonathan: Meaning Dracula's that way, restoring the castle's
    Charlotte: Without a doubt. This is what Death was after.
    Jonatahn: Come on, we can't just sit around and let this happen.
              Let's go Charlotte!
    Charlotte: Hold it! Our enemy is a legendary monster! This won't be
    Jonathan: You're right. Maybe we should check our supplies first.
          Conversation with Eric before the final battle
    Eric: This power! Has Dracula been revived?!
    Jonathan: Afraid so.
    Charlotte: Brauner was sealing Dracula away, so when we destroyed
    Eric: Strange Even Brauner's seals would be easily Broken by
          Dracula's power, and yet--
    Charlotte: !! Perhaps Dracula still hasn't revived completely!
    Eric: Perhaps.
    Jonathan: Either way, our only choice is to defeat him. And I'd
              prefer the easiest way to do that.
    Charlotte: Alright, let's go.
    Eric: This is your final battle. Don't do anything foolish
          and get killed, you hear?
    Jonathan: ... Let's go!
         Conversation with Vincent before the final battle
    Vincent: Master Jonathan, is it true that Dracula has been
    Jonathan: Yeah, it's true.
    Vincent: Oh. Oh... What'll we do?
    Charlotte: Calm down. It'll ba alright. We'll handle it somehow.
    Jonathan: Yeah, no problem.
                 Final battle with Dracula and Death
    Jonathan: Dracula...
    Charlotte: I can't believe this power. No wonder he's called
               the Lord of darkness!
    Dracula: ...
    Jonathan: Oh, so you're ignoring me? Turn and face me!
    (Jonathan tries to strike Dracula, but death blocks him)
    Death: You will not touch Lord Dracula! This time, let's fight
           for real!
    (Dracula throws his wine glass to the floor)
    Dracula: Enough with this sideshow. Why don't we show him our
             combined power?
    Charlotte: ?! A Death and Dracula joint attack? That was never
               mentioned in any book I've read!
    Jonathan: Well, there's two of us. So I guess that makes it even.
              No problem, bring it on!
    (battle starts)
    (When halfway through the battle, death combines his power with Dracula)
    Death: My power! Use my power!!
    Dracula: Soul Steal!
    (Dracula turns into a huge winged demon)
    (when Dracula is defeated, he is on his knees)
    Jonathan: Too bad pal. As long as were here, you won't be revived.
    Charlotte: Still, that was an impressive display of impromptu
    Dracula: Say what you will. But I can see it... One day, my power
             will be fully revived!
    Jonathan: fully or not, you're never, ever going to win.
    Dracula: I look forward to seeing who will have the last laugh.
    (Dracula perishes in the sunlight)
                             Good Ending
    (the castle crumbles and everyone is seen outside)
    Jonathan: It's all over.
    Charlotte: Yeah...
    Stella: We sure caused a lot of trouble.
    Loretta: How can we make up for it?
    Stella: As the older sister, I accept full responsibility. With
            that, I must ask a favor of you two.
    Loretta: No, you can't take all the blame!
    Stella: Loretta, be silent, please.
    Jonathan: Look, it's all settled now. If we keep quiet, there's
              no problem, right?
    Charlotte: I... I suppose...
    Stella: I can't allow that.
    (Eric appears in front of them)
    Eric: Well done, both of you.
    Jonathan: Eric... Well, I did make a promise.
    Loretta: Father?! Is it truly you?
    Eric: Yes, my dear.
    Stella: ...
    Eric: Forgive me, Stella, you seem to have worried the most in all
    Stella: No, father. It's an older sister's duty to.
    Eric: Yes, but still... Don't overdo your role, okay?
    Stella: ...
    Loretta: ...
    Eric: I'm truly glad I could see you both at the moment of my
          death. Live for all you're worth. And you, Jonathan.
          Charlotte... I truly am grateful.
    (Eric is disappearing)
    Loretta: Father!
    Stella: Don't go!
    (Eric passes on and Stella falls to her knees)
    Stella: Father! FATHER!!!
    Jonathan: He passed on...
    Charlotte: Thank you, Eric... For everything.
    Loretta: Stella, forgive me. You tried so hard for my sake.
    Stella: (SOBS)
    Loretta: I'm going to become stronger. I'll try hard so that
             you'll never have to worry again. You need not always
             work so hard.
    Jonathan: That's right. Eric said that himself, didn't he?
              Whatever you do, don't overdo it.
    Charlotte: Jonathan, for you, trying harder might be a good
    Jonathan: Ha-ha-ha! Sure, no problem! Why can't you learn to just
              let things be? I mean, a kid like you...
    Charlotte: !! (has that funny angry look in her face again)
    Loretta: Excuse me... You two...
    Stella: Forgive me. All of you. I can see I've caused you all a
            lot of worry. ButI'm alright now.
    Jonathan: ...
    Charlotte: Oh no, I forgot!
    Jonathan: What?
    Charlotte: About Vincent.
    Jonathan: Uh-oh. Quick, we gotta find him! Charlotte!
    Charlotte: Right!
    (Jonathan and Charlotte go look for Vincent)
    Stella: Loretta, let's help them.
    Loretta: Yes, Stella.
    (Stella and Loretta help in their search)
    (Vincent appears out of nowhere)
    (if you cure Vincent)
    Vincent: Huh? Wait a second! Hey! I'm over here!
    (Vincent chases them)
    (credits roll and the game ends)
    (if you don't cure Vincent, he runs after you)
    Vincent: I want to be purified too!
    (credits roll and the game ends) 
    4.2     Sisters Mode
    There are only two scenes in this mode with any dialogue,
    one in the beginning and the other for the ending scene.
    Take note this is a prologue to the main game.
                      Outside the Castle
    (Stella and Loretta fly to the castle entrance)
    Stella: Father must have come to this castle.
    Loretta: Stella, Father said we weren't to come here, no
             matter what.
    Stella: I know that, but he's never been so late coming
            back before. You're worried too, aren't you?
    Loretta: Well, yes, but.. But I'm scared!
    Stella: So am I. But we have to go!
    Loretta: !! I just sensed Father's power.
    Stella: !! He's alive! Let's hurry!
    Loretta: Right.
                            Ending Scene
    (Stella and Loretta enter Brauner's painting)
    Stella: !!
    Loretta: Father!
    (Stella walks over to Eric, who seems to be injured)
    Eric: S-Stay back!
    Stella: But you're hurt so badly!
    Eric: !! Brauner!
    (Brauner appears behind Stella)
    Stella: !!
    (Brauner takes a bite and sucks Stella's blood)
    Loretta: Stella!
    (Brauner moves over to Loretta, who falls to her knees)
    Brauner: Have no fear. I shall grant you a world of peace,
             my beloved daughters...
    Loretta: ...
    Eric: Stop it... STOP IT, PLEASE!!!
    (The screen fades with Eric grasping his hand towards Brauner)
    (game ends)
    Yes, a very sad ending, but a very good ending follows during
    the main game. 
    (all events from the main game then follow afterwards.)
    5. Talk Dialogue
    The talk command in the menu screen can give various hints on how
    to play the game. Some of them only appear when certain conditions
    are met, then disappear after some point in the game which is why
    I listed them down for those who may have missed them. There may be
    more that I missed so be sure to notify me in case you find something.
    1) Charlotte: Objects outlined in blue, when stepped on, will trigger
                   some sort of reaction.
        Jonathan: I see.
    (You can only see this conversation at the start of the game, in the bridge) 
    2) Charlotte: You can attack enemies with physical or magical
                  attacks. When the enemy takes damage and flashes
                  blue, it means the attack had little effect.
       Jonathan: Thats good to know. So matching the right attack to
                 the right enemy is the key to success.
    3) Charlotte: An abnormal status penalty doesn't seem to affect
                  your partner.
       Jonathan: Oh. So by switching players, you can let the unharmed
                 one take up the slack.
    4) Charlotte: Fighting as a pair is reassuring, but some attacks just
                  can't be avoided. If that ever happens, you need to be
                  brave enough to fight alone.
       Jonathan: Okay got it.
    5) Jonathan: Hey, your magic is weaker than I thought, isn't it?
       Charlotte: Well, excuse me! If I have enough time to recite an
                  aria, my magic'll be stronger. As the gauge builds up
                  higher and higher, the power will increase.
    6) Charlotte: If you call your partner and touch the lower screen,
                  did you know that they'll move there?
       Jonathan: Really? That's handy.
       Charlotte: Since it's hard to touch while controlling things,
                  that move's aimed at advanced players.
    7) Charlotte: You can unpetrify your partner by attacking them.
       Jonathan: I see.
       Charlotte: You can't be on alert while petrified, so watch out.
    8) Charlotte: When your partner takes damage, the MP level goes
       Jonathan: You need MP for strong attacks, so that can be a
                 big problem.
       Charlotte: If the MP level reaches zero, you'll have to fight
                  alone. You have to be careful of this.
    9) Charlotte: It seems the trick to deploying a command is to hold
                  the last direction and press the button.
       Jonathan: I see. I'll have to try that.
    10) Jonathan: Hit up + X in co-op to unleash an unstoppable attack.
       Charlotte: This really eats up your MP, so wait for the best
                  time to use it.
    11) Charlotte: Hey Jonathan. Don't you think the sub-weapons are
                   a little underwhelming?
        Jonathan: Yeah, they're not as powerful as I thought they'd be.
                  On the other hand... It does feel like they get more
                  powerful the more we use them.
        Charlotte: Maybe if we continue to use them, we'll be able to
                   unlock their full potential...
        Jonathan: Yeah, I'm sure of it.
    12) Charlotte: If something is troubling you, it is important that
                   we talk.
        Jonathan: I can handle things myself. I prefer it that way. Let's
                  just both do our best.
    13) Charlotte: I wonder if Vincent's all right.
        Jonathan: He's weak, but he is a priest. He should be okay for a while.
        Charlotte: You're right. He still has his sanity, so he's safe for now.
    This talk conversation occurs once Vincent gets bitten and disappears once
    he gets cured. Thanks to H Hog for pointing this one out!
                          Boss Talk Dialogue
    You get different dialogue during specific boss fights and tips
    ideal for defeating that boss. These are also one-time shots for
    you to know what their specific talk conversations are so here's
    a list for all the bosses in the game.
    -----------------When running away from Behemoth------------------
    Charlottte: Huh?! Something's after us!
    Jonathan: This doesen't look good! Let's run for now!
    Charlotte: It's head is totally immune to attacks!
    Jonathan: So we aim for the body, right?
    Jonathan: We had to run before, but here we can fight back!
    Charlotte: But how?
    Charlotte: With this monster, keep hitting the pot to make it
               appear. According to the book, it's weak spot is it's
    Jonathan: Hmm, in that case, we better work together on this one.
              Also, it looks like we'll need to move the pot.
    Jonathan: ... So beautiful...
    Charlotte: Jonathan! What are you looking at? Don't lose your
    Jonathan: Ewwwww, gross! I don't wanna touch that!
    Charlotte: What are you saying?! If you don't beat them, you'll
               end up joining them.
    Jonathan: Damn vampire! Coming here alone!
    Charlotte: Getting too cocky can be fatal.
    Charlotte: Aim for the head!
    Jonathan: There's two! Which one do we attack?
    Charlotte: Go for the one that gets damaged!
    Jonathan: If we let him do what he wants, he'll definitely revive
              Dracula. We've got to stop him right here!
    Charlotte: Gotcha. Still, he's a tough one. We have to be extra
    ---------------------Stella and Loretta Battle-------------------
    Charlotte: If we could break the vampire's curse, we might be able
               to save them.
    Jonathan: Your magic's up to it. I'll keep them occupied.
    ---------------------------The Creature--------------------------
    Jonathan: A lighting attack does'nt seem to work on this one.
    Charlotte: Relax. This magical genius can use more spells than
               just lightning attacks.
    -----------------------------Mummy Man---------------------------
    Jonathan: Check out bandage man here! How can I seriously fight
              a guy who's already hurt?
    Charlotte: Don't get all wrapped up trying to go after the mummy!
    Charlotte: It's so fast!
    Jonathan: Watch out for it's dash attack!
    Jonathan: Petrifying eyes?! This is gonna be a pain!
    Charlotte: Don't look directly at her! Turn around! That will
               protect you!
    Jonathan: I promised Eric. Now time to carry it out.
    Charlotte: Right. Together, we can do this.
    --------------------Battle with Dracula and Death----------------
    Charlotte: I never expected Dracula and death to fight together.
    Jonathan: But this is the only chance we'll get to defeat Dracula!
    Charlotte: You're right. If we combine our powers, I'm sure we can
    ---------------------Final battle with Dracula-------------------
    Charlotte: What amazing power! Is this the true power of Dracula?
    Jonathan: No problem. His back's against the wall. let's finish him
              off! Now!
    Charlotte: Right!
    6. Encyclopedia
    This section will cover descriptions of all monsters, items, skills,
    and quests in the game. I have also listed the "Monster Dialogue" in the
    bestiary section for those who want to know what the monsters actually
    say. Note that this section only has the descriptions of them, so don't
    look forward for any strategies, where they can be found, or any other
    information (refer to the other FAQs.)
    6.1 Bestiary Info
    001 [Zombie] 
        Desc: An animated corpse.
    002 [Bat]
        Desc: A bloodsucking bat that lurks in the castle.
    003 [Skeleton]
        Desc: A skeletal corpse controlled by magic.
    004 [Axe Armor]
        Desc: A zombie warrior in heavy armor, equipped with a devastating axe.
    005 [Death Mask]
        Desc: A demon who flies about, wearing the face of a dead human.
    006 [Zacchino]
        Desc: A stylish and sociable demon who is quite attentive to the ladies.
        Monster Dialogue:
        When using Charlotte, he will say "I love you!" but when
        using Jonathan, he will shout "Die!" and try to stab you.
        He'll also propose his love to you when using the sisters
        Maria, and strangely enough, Old Axe Armor. If you turn
        away from him when he does this however, he'll say "Oh no!"
        or "Don't reject me!".
    007 [Student Witch]
        Desc: An immature witch who's still learning her spells.
        Monster Dialogue:
        If you kill her she says "Noooooo..."
    008 [Slinger]
        Desc: A skeleton that attacks by throwing his own ribs.
    009 [Mini Devil]
        Desc: A small demon who makes up for his size in ferocity and malevolence.
    010 [Mud Man]
        Desc: A figure made of mud, imbued with a tormented soul.
    011 [Merman]
        Desc: Half fish, half man, and all monster. It hunts prey near the water.
    012 [Une]
        Desc: An eerie plant that feeds on blood.
    013 [Skull Archer]
        Desc: An archer made of bone.
    014 [Ukoback]
        Desc: A burning demon who likes to play with fire.
    015 [Forneus]
        Desc: A demonic sea-creature from the oceans of the underworld.
    016 [Peeping Eye]
        Desc: A creature that keeps watch in the castle.
    017 [Skull Bartender]
        Desc: His Bloody Mary is to die for. Just ask Mary.
        Monster Dialogue:
        Once you enter his room, he says "Welcome!". If you
        wait until he makes his cocktails, he'll shout "This
        one's for you!" and throw it towards you.
    018 [Wight]
        Desc: A powerful undead being, born from a rotting zombie.
    019 [Frozen Shade]
        Desc: A wraith that can freeze the air.
    020 [Andras]
        Desc: A demon who rides a wolf and carries a flaming sword.
    021 [Invisible Man]
        Desc: A magician who gained invisibility, but gave up his soul in return.
    022 [Golem]
        Desc: A powerful golem created by infusing special stones with magical
    023 [Persephone]
        Desc: The count's demonic maid. She seems to have bought a new vacuum
        Monster Dialogue:
        Once she see's you, she will say "Welcome" and walk towards
        you. Once near enough, she will say "Here I am" and try to
        attack you.
    024 [Mimic]
        Desc: A creature that disguises itself as treasure, then awaits its prey.
    025 [Larva]
        Desc: A spirit with the head of a man and the body of a worm.
    026 [Lerajie]
        Desc: An evil hunter. Uses ricocheting bullets to kill from afar.
        Monster Dialogues:
        She will say "I see you!" when in contact with you and
        will shout "Fire!" once she shoots her rifle.
    027 [Spittle Bone]
        Desc: A four-legged skeleton that crawls on walls.
    028 [Ghost]
        Desc: A small spirit doomed to wander the castle grounds for all eternity.
    029 [Red Skeleton]
        Desc: A skeleton warrior that has absorbed blood. It can regenerate.
    030 [Armor Knight]
        Desc: An armored zombie warrior who carries a spear.
    031 [Ectoplasm]
        Desc: A substance created by souls who cannot find rest.
    032 [Bone Pillar]
        Desc: The skulls of dinosaurs, animated by a demonic force.
    033 [Fleaman]
        Desc: A sinister little man who leaps about as if he were a flea.
    034 [Great Armor]
        Desc: A heavily-armored knight who commands other armored warriors.
    035 [Catoblepas]
        Desc: This ox-like beast's breath turns living things to stone.
    036 [Slime]
        Desc: A creature made of a slimy gel. Resistant to physical attacks.
    037 [Mummy]
        Desc: A mummified warrior, buried in a tomb to protect his king.
    038 [Dragon Zombie]
        Desc: A zombie dragon. It lost its magic, but has become mindlessly
    039 [Killer Clown]
        Desc: A murderous clown who's popular at demon birthday parties.
        Monster Dialogue:
        He'll raise a few cards in the air and say "Let's play!" before he
        sends them towards you.
    040 [Coppelia]
        Desc: An acrobat from hell that entertains demons.
    041 [Hanged Bones]
        Desc: A skeleton that sways like a swing.
    042 [Flying Skull]
        Desc: A skull that flies through the air.
    043 [Sand Worm]
        Desc: An enormous worm that lurks in the ground to snare its prey.
    044 [White Dragon]
        Desc: The bones of a long-necked dinosaur, animated by a demonic force.
    045 [Amphisbaena]
        Desc: A double-headed snake. Its name means "able to move in both
    046 [Elgiza]
        Desc: A guardian of treasure.
    047 [Great Ghost]
        Desc: An enormous phantom.
    048 [Devil Wheel]
        Desc: A demonically-possessed wheel that is obsessed with speed.
    049 [Crossbow Armor]
        Desc: An armored warrior equipped with a crossbow and exploding bolts.
    050 [Lilith]
        Desc: An enchanting demon who deludes her victims with mystifying beauty.
        Monster Dialogue:
        When using female characters she will call you a "Filthy Cow". From time
        to time she will either say "Do you wish to die?" or "You insolent!".
        Once you kill her, she'll say "So lonely..." Sometimes, she will also
        say "I'll play with you!".
    051 [Skeleton Flail]
        Desc: A skeleton warrior armed with a flail.
    052 [Skeleton Gunman]
        Desc: A skeleton warrior armed with an old musket.
    053 [Hill Guard]
        Desc: An armored warrior who specializes in fighting on uneven ground.
    054 [Imp]
        Desc: A tiny demon who loves mischief.
    055 [Harpy]
        Desc: A vicious bird-like creature with the head and torso of a woman.
    056 [Corpseweed]
        Desc: A grown Une that bears the face of the human it fed on.
    057 [Medusa Head]
        Desc: A monster created in great numbers from the head of Medusa.
    058 [Skelerang]
        Desc: A skeleton that expertly hurls boomerangs.
    059 [Gaibon]
        Desc: A demonic knight who serves Death. It can spit fire while flying.
    060 [Slogra]
        Desc: A demonic knight who serves Death. It fights on the ground with a
    061 [Flying Armor]
        Desc: A sinister cape-clad figure who flies through the air wielding his
    062 [Blue Crow]
        Desc: The spirit of a crow that continues to fly, even after death.
    063 [Frog]
        Desc: A frog of ill omen.
    064 [Killer Doll]
        Desc: A cursed doll that wanders in search of living flesh.
    065 [Killer Bee]
        Desc: A bee with a stinger that can easily pierce and kill.
    066 [Dogether]
        Desc: A magical being created by a forbidden spell.
    067 [Bee Hive]
        Desc: A hive of killer bees. Highly prized among demons as a delicacy.
    068 [Moldy Corpse]
        Desc: A human consumed by evil after eating a cursed mushroom.
    069 [Tombstone]
        Desc: A gravestone that rattles around violently.
    070 [Treant]
        Desc: An ancient tree animated by a malevolent will.
    071 [Red Axe Armor]
        Desc: An armored warrior powered by blood. It cannot be killed.
    072 [Maneating Plant]
        Desc: A carnivorous plant that grew and developed a taste for human flesh.
    073 [Skeleton Blaze]
        Desc: An elite skeleton warrior armed with two swords.
    074 [Razor Bat]
        Desc: A bat that attacks with razor-sharp blades.
    075 [Wyvern]
        Desc: A winged beast related to dragons.
    076 [Malachi]
        Desc: A pagan being from ancient times who strikes fear in anyone near him.
    077 [Spin Devil]
        Desc: An evil blade possessed by a demented demon.
    078 [Succubus]
        Desc: A demon that assumes the form of a beautiful maiden to drain
        Monster Dialogue:
        She'll talk and sound basically the same as Lilith.
    079 [Flame Demon]
        Desc: A fire-wielding demon born in the molten pits of the underworld.
    080 [Dead Crusader]
        Desc: A zombie warrior bearing a sturdy shield.
    081 [Heavy Armor]
        Desc: An armored zombie warrior with great strength; he swings a steel
    082 [Malphas]
        Desc: A black demon that is accompanied by crows.
    083 [Final Guard]
        Desc: An elite warrior chosen to guard key areas of the castle.
    084 [Glasya Labolas]
        Desc: A demonic dog with large, powerful wings.
    085 [Ghoul]
        Desc: A foul creature that feeds on the flesh of the dead.
    086 [Ruler's Sword]
        Desc: A sword controlled by an evil will. Causes poltergeist phenomena.
    087 [Witch]
        Desc: A spellcaster who rides an enchanted broomstick.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She'll shout "Energy light!" whenever she tries to attack you.
    088 [Skeleton Tree]
        Desc: A skeleton that grows like a tree.
    089 [Buster Armor]
        Desc: An armored warrior who specializes in long-range attacks.
    090 [Armored Fleaman]
        Desc: A little Fleaman armed with an axe and protected by armor.
    091 [Amalric Sniper]
        Desc: A fallen angel who is now a fearsome archer.
    092 [Old Axe Armor]
        Desc: A veteran zombie warrior wearing antique armor.
    093 [Gorgon]
        Desc: A monstrous bull that breathes clouds of toxic gas.
    094 [Jack O'Bones]
        Desc: A skeleton who specializes in throwing attacks.
    095 [Tanjelly]
        Desc: A poisonous creature made of a slimy gel. Resistant to physical
    096 [Dead Warrior]
        Desc: A dead knight whose spirit still lusts for battle.
    097 [Toad]
        Desc: The result of a demonic ritual gone wrong.
    098 [Aliorumnas]
        Desc: Witches banished by the Gothic king Filmer.
    099 [Dodo]
        Desc: An extremely rare bird. It is rather cowardly, and runs away quickly.
    100 [Vice Beetle]
        Desc: An insect with crushingly powerful jaws. Crawls on the ceiling.
    101 [Alura Une]
        Desc: An Une fattened with copious pools of blood.
    102 [Lightkeeper]
        Desc: A demon who lights magical torches on graves.
    103 [Black Crow]
        Desc: An evil crow that has developed a taste for human flesh.
    104 [Mandragora]
        Desc: Those who hear its scream know madness.
    105 [Wakwak Tree]
        Desc: A nasty tree that produces Fleamen.
    106 [Guillotiner]
        Desc: A demon who has executed countless victims in its bloody guillotine.
    107 [Nyx]
        Desc: The master of night.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She'll lunge at you and say "Medicine time...". In case she injects you,
        she'll say "Don't you feel better now?".
    108 [Minotaur]
        Desc: A creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man.
    109 [Mothman]
        Desc: Half moth, half man--he sprinkles poisonous dust wherever he goes.
    110 [Laura]
        Desc: Carmilla's servant.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She will walk towards you and say "Here I am!".
    111 [Yorick]
        Desc: A skeleton that ceaselessly chases its own skull.
    112 [Dragonfly]
        Desc: An insect that spits burning liquid.
    113 [Quetzalcoatl]
        Desc: A reincarnation of the ancient snake god.
    114 [Ripper]
        Desc: A fiend who takes great pleasure in slaughtering people with knives.
    115 [Poison Worm]
        Desc: An enormous worm, poisonous to the touch.
    116 [Ghost Dancer]
        Desc: The spirits of nobles; they dance endlessly in aristocratic abandon.
    117 [Demon Head]
        Desc: An ancient devil that only has a face and six wings.
    118 [Lesser Demon]
        Desc: A demon who wields powerful magic.
    119 [Ghoul King]
        Desc: The rarely-seen king of the ghouls.
    120 [Vapula]
        Desc: A demon with a lion's body and a griffon's wings.
    121 [Iron Golem]
        Desc: A golem imbued with a powerful magic spell.
    122 [DoubleAxe Armor]
        Desc: An elite Axe Armor warrior who wields two axes with deadly precision.
    123 [Demon]
        Desc: An inhabitant of hell, set free by dark magic.
    124 [Bone Ark]
        Desc: A mobile Bone Pillar. Considered an innovative breakthrough.
    125 [Skeleton Farmer]
        Desc: A skeleton with a green thumb. Even hell could use a plant here and
        Monster Dialogue:
        He will throw seeds while saying "Prey my beauties!".
    126 [Alastor]
        Desc: A sword possessed by the souls of slain warriors, driven by revenge.
    127 [Gold Skeleton]
        Desc: A skeleton made of a hard, unknown material similar to gold.
    128 [Cave Troll]
        Desc: A blood-sucking beast that extracts the entrails of cows with its
    129 [Amducias]
        Desc: A demon in the form of a unicorn. One of the best musicians in hell.
    130 [Balore]
        Desc: A demon whose very gaze induces terror.
    131 [Gergoth]
        Desc: A once-gentle beast, warped by magic and driven mad by imprisonment.
    132 [Zephyr]
        Desc: A demon who has mastery over time.
        Monster Dialogue:
        Once he does his time stop special, he'll shout "Be still!".
    133 [Aguni]
        Desc: A primitive god of fire, captured by Dracula's magic.
    134 [Abaddon]
        Desc: A master of pestilent locusts from the deep abyss of the underworld.
        Monster Dialogue:
        Sometimes when summoning the locusts, he'll say "Fortissimo!" or "Now to
        play you a requiem!".
    135 [Doppelganger]
        Desc: A demon who assumes the form of its intended victims before killing
    136 [Fake Trevor]
        Desc: A zombie disguised as Trevor Belmont.
    137 [Fake Grant]
        Desc: A zombie disguised as Grant DaNasty.
    138 [Fake Sypha]
        Desc: A zombie disguised as Sypha Belnades.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She'll say "Fire!" when doing her fire spell and "Break!" when doing
        her stone spell.
    139 [Dullahan]
        Desc: A beheaded knight who carries his severed head.
    140 [Behemoth]
        Desc: A beast who rebelled against heaven; it fought on even after it was
    141 [Keremet]
        Desc: A demon that lives in small, enclosed spaces.
    142 [Astarte]
        Desc: A woman of irresistable beauty. No man can defy her will.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She will say "Come hither" at the start of the battle. When doing her
        tornado attack, she will shout "Take this!". She'll say "Temptation!"
        when doing her charm attack and in case your character gets charmed,
        she'll say "Fight my love!".
    143 [Legion]
        Desc: The one who is many.
    144 [Dagon]
        Desc: A creature of the swamp.
    145 [Death]
        Desc: Dracula's confidant.
        Monster Dialogue:
        If you get caught with his chained strike attack, he will say "I see it.
        I see your...Death!"
    146 [Stella]
        Desc: Loretta's twin sister. She's a skilled swordmaster.
        Monster Dialogue:
        During the first battle with her, she will occasionally shout "Sacred
        Furious Wave!". She will also say "Please observe!" followed by "Crescent
        Moon!" when doing this attack. In rare situations, she will say "It's
        During the battle with her and Loretta, she will call "Loretta!" when
        doing a certain attack. In their Blizzard Sword attack, she will say
        "Ready, sister!" followed by "I shall kill you!."
    147 [Loretta]
        Desc: Stella's twin sister. She's a powerful witch.
        Monster Dialogue:
        She will say the names of the spells she casts namely "Freeze Bite",
        "Blizzard Storm, and "Icicle Drop". In another attack, she'll create
        a huge chunk of ice and say "Say your prayers!". When doing their
        Blizzard Sword attack, she will say "Sister!" once the sword is formed.
    148 [Brauner]
        Desc: An artist who became a vampire and renounced humanity.
        Monster Dialogue:
        During the battle he will say "This is art!", "A painting of the soul!",
        "Blood Art Technique!", "What?!" and "I'll make you my masterpiece!".
    149 [The Creature]
        Desc: An artificial being created by a mad scientist.
    150 [Werewolf]
        Desc: A cursed man who transforms into a ferocious beast when the moon is
    151 [Medusa]
        Desc: A monster who turns her victims to stone. One of three Gorgon
        Monster Dialogue:
        She'll shout out "Petrify!" when doing her Petrify Beam attack. In
        case you get petrified, she'll say "Filthy Humans!".
    152 [Mummy Man]
        Desc: A member of a royal family who became a mummy in search of
              everlasting life.
    153 [Whip's Memory]
        Desc: A memory of the last Belmont to wield the Vampire Killer.
        Monster Dialogue:
        If you defeat Richter, he'll say "I'm counting on you..."
    154 [Dracula]
        Desc: The true master of the castle.
        Monster Dialogue:
        When fighting him in his first form, he'll say "Bat Moon" when doing
        his bat attack and rarely will say "This ends now!".
    155 [True Dracula]
        Desc: The true master of the castle.
    6.2 Quest Info
    1. Preparations 
    Description: The priest should have some useful things for you in the next
                 room. Get the potion and map.
    2. Supersonic Punch
    Description: Go to the butcher in town and mince some meat to get "Ground
    3. Ghosts of the Desert
    Description: There is a room in which many ghost gather. Defeat the Great
                 Ghost that appears there.
    4. Defender of the Stairs
    Description: Go defeat 10 Hill Guards.
    5. The Spinning Art
    Description: Jonathan, let's see you enter this command: (not shown here)
    6. Art of the Zephyr
    Description: Jonathan, perform the "Spinning Art" in front of me three
                 times in a row.
    7. Find the King of Birds
    Description: Find the rare Dodo and defeat it.
    8. Overcome the Curse
    Description: Go, and come back when you've been cursed.
    9. The Statue's Tear
    Description: Find the "Statue's Tear" buried under the rubble and bring it 
    10. The Martial Art
    Description: Jonathan, let's see you enter this command: (not shown here)
    11. Holy Appearance
    Description: Charlotte, I'll teach you a healing spell. Come back wearing
                 three nun items.
    12. Number of Fortune
    Description: I'll teach you a lucky spell. Come back when the last 3 digits
                 of your money are 777.
    13. Mental Training 1
    Description: Go reduce your MP, then come back.
    14. Mental Training 2
    Description: Go find the "Thick Glasses". That should make you look a little
    15. The Spear of Legend
    Description: Become a master of the "Javelin". I will then bequeath you my
    16. Mental Training 3
    Description: Go raise your INT to at least 100, then come back.
    17. Nest of Evil
    Description: When 888% of the map is filled, the path to the "Nest of Evil"
                 will open at the castle gates.
    18. Defeat the Ghoul King
    Description: Go and defeat the "Ghoul King."
    19. Abandon Greed
    Description: You lack desperation. Come back when you have no money.
    20. A Rank Hunter
    Description: Defeat a total of 1500 enemies. As a reward, I'll give you
                 a new weapon.
    21. Mental Training 4
    Description: Go raise your MND to at least 100, then come back.
    22. S Rank Hunter
    Description: Defeat a total of 3000 enemies.
    23. The Gambler
    DESCRIPTION: Collect five cards.
    24. Hands of the Clock
    Description: Come to me when the short hand of the great clock points 12.
    25. Poison vs. Poison
    Description: If you want a poison sword, bring me "Moldy Bread", "Amanita"
                 and a "Long Sword."
    26. Build Your Strength 1
    Description: You should be able to find a "Beehive" somewhere. It should
                 help you build your strength.
    27. Build Your Strength 2
    Description: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Go find the "New York 
                 Steak" and bring it here.
    28. The Lonely Stage
    Description: There's a ghost that hopes to hear a performance in a classroom
                 in the underworld. Grant his wish.
    29. Build Your Strength 3
    DescriptionN: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Go and find five different
                  kinds of cakes.
    30. Pray Before the Cross
    Description: Pray before the cross in the church under the cover of darkness.
    31. Build Your Strength 4
    Description: You must always be able to fight to your full potential. Go 
                 raise your CON to at least 100.
    32. Lost Page
    Description: Bring me "Tome of Arms p1" and "Tome of Arms p2". They're 
                 missing from my Tome of Arms.
    33. The Hundred Tasks
    Description: Defeat 100 different kinds of enemies.
    34. Master the Holy Power
    Description: Master these three moves of holy power: "Cross", "Holy Water"
                 and Bible.
    35. Almighty
    Description: Jonathan, the time has come for you to learn all of the vampire
                 hunter's skills.
    36. The Great Sage
    Description: Charlotte, the time has come for you to learn all of the great
                 sage's spells.
    37. Kill Gergoth
    Description: Charlotte, use the Blank Book to put Gergoth out of his misery.
    6.3 Skill Info
                       Jonathan's Subweapons
    1)  Knife
        Desc: A throwing knife used by hunters.
    2)  Axe
        Desc: A throwing axe that is especially effective against targets overhead.
    3)  Cross
        Desc: A holy cross that dispels evil.
    4)  Holy Water
        Desc: Blessed water that wards off evil.
    5)  Bible
        Desc: A book containing words that exorcise evil.
    6)  Javelin
        Desc: A throwing spear that sticks into the ground.
    7)  Ricochet Rock
        Desc: A weapon that bounces back after hitting walls.
    8)  Boomerang
        Desc: A throwing weapon that returns to the thrower in an arc.
    9)  Bwaka Knife
        Desc: A throwing knife used by the Bwaka people.
    10) Shuriken
        Desc: A throwing blade used by ninjas.
    11) Yagyu Shuriken
        Desc: A refined throwing blade used by the deadliest ninjas.
    12) Discus
        Desc: A round disc with razor edges.
    13) Kunimitsu
        Desc: A short sword with a beautifully-crafted blade.
    14) Kunai
        Desc: A ninja's knife; it is also a deadly throwing weapon.
    15) Paper Airplane
        Desc: Not terribly intimidating, but just might put someone's eye out.
    16) Cream Pie
        Desc: A throwing weapon aimed at an enemy's face for psychological damage.
    17) Crossbow
        Desc: A ranged weapon that fires bolts.
    18) Dart
        Desc: Does extra damage if it hits the center of the target.
    19) Grenade
        Desc: Explodes 1 second after the pin is pulled, Fire attribute.
    20) Steel Ball
        Desc: A very heavy steel ball.
    21) Stonewall
        Desc: A defensive, stationary stance passed down in the Morris family.
    22) Offensive Form
        Desc: A stance that emphasizes offense.
    23) Defensive Form
        Desc: A stance that emphasizes defense.
    24) Taunt
        Desc: Draws enemy attention to you.
    25) Wrecking Ball
        Desc: Swing a steel ball with devastating destructive power.
    26) Rampage
        Desc: Flying fists of fury.
    27) Knee Strike
        Desc: A jumping knee strike inspired by legendary martial artists.
    28) Aura Blast
        Desc: A technique that converts mental energy into a shockwave.
    29) Rocket Slash
        Desc: Dash at the enemy and perform a lightning-quick slash.
                          Charlotte's Spells
    1)  Toad Morph
        Desc: A shapeshifting spell that turns the caster into a frog.
    2)  Owl Morph
        Desc: A shapeshifting spell that turns the caster into an owl.
    3)  Sanctuary
        Desc: An advanced spell that cures status abnormalities for all within.
    4)  Speed Up
        Desc: A spell that speeds up your movements.
    5)  Berserker
        Desc: Increases strength, but you're limited to attacking only.
    6)  Eye for an Eye
        Desc: A spell of vengeance that shares damage received with enemies.
    7)  Clear Skies
        Desc: A defensive spell that neutralizes ranged attacks.
    8)  Time Stop
        Desc: A high-level spell that stops time.
    9)  Heal
        Desc: Healing magic. Restores HP.
    10) Cure Poison
        Desc: A spell that neutralizes poison.
    11) Cure Curse
        Desc: A spell that dispels curses.
    12) STR Boost
        Desc: Boost STR temporarily.
    13) CON Boost
        Desc: Boost CON temporarily.
    14) INT Boost
        Desc: Boost INT temporarily.
    15) MIND Boost
        Desc: Boost MIND temporarily.
    16) LUCK Boost
        Desc: Boost LUCK temporarily.
    17) ALL Boost
        Desc: Boost all status attributes temporarily.
    18) Gale Force
        Desc: Tear through enemies with raging winds.
    19) Rock Riot
        Desc: Dump rocks onto your enemy.
    20) Raging Fire
        Desc: Fire a burst of flame.
    21) Ice Fang
        Desc: Summon a sharp, fang-like pillar of ice.
    22) Thunderbolt
        Desc: Call thunderbolts down from the sky.
    23) Spirit of Light
        Desc: Strike enemies with concentrated light.
    24) Dark Rift
        Desc: Open a hole into a dark dimension.
    25) Tempest
        Desc: Summon a storm of violent winds.
    26) Stone Circle
        Desc: Grants the protection of spirits of stone.
    27) Ice Needle
        Desc: Launch cutting shards of ice.
    28) Explosion
        Desc: Cause an explosion near the enemy.
    29) Chain Lightning
        Desc: Create a chain reaction of lightning bolts.
    30) Piercing Beam
        Desc: Fire a concentrated beam of powerful light.
    31) Nightmare
        Desc: A concentrated mass of fear and agony born from the darkness.
    32) Summon Medusa
        Desc: Summon Medusa and activate the eye of petrification.
    33) Acidic Bubbles
        Desc: Create poisonous bubbles.
    34) Hex
        Desc: Incant a powerful curse.
    35) Salamander
        Desc: An ancient fire spell that summons a powerful fire lizard.
    36) Cocytus
        Desc: Call forth the frozen winds of hell to create a fearsome blizzard.
    37) Thor's Bellow
        Desc: An ancient lightning spell that creates a ball of lightning.
    38) Summon Crow
        Desc: Summon a Crow to use in battle.
    39) Summon Ghost
        Desc: Summon a Ghost to use in battle.
    40) Summon Skeleton
        Desc: Summon a Skeleton to use in battle.
    41) Summon Gunman
        Desc: Summon a Skeleton Gunman to use in battle.
    42) Summon Frog
        Desc: Summon a Frog to use in battle.
    1)  Rush
        Desc: A basic combination where both partners take turns attacking.
    2)  Holy Lightning
        Desc: Summon lightning in the shape of a cross.
    3)  Axe Bomber
        Desc: A combination attack from both sides.
    4)  1,000 Blades
        Desc: Attack with a hail of knives.
    5)  Volcano
        Desc: Summon an erupting volcano.
    6)  Meteor
        Desc: A powerful spell that summons a meteor.
    7)  Grand Cruz
        Desc: A secret technique of the Belmont family that releases holy energy.
    8)  Divine Storm] 150 MP
        Desc: Create an intense rain of holy water.
    9)  Dark Gate
        Desc: Open the gates of darkness.
    10) Greatest Five
        Desc: Summon four legendary warriors to join the battle.
    6.3 Item Info
                            Usable Items
    1)  Potion
        Desc: Restores 80 HP.
    2)  High Potion
        Desc: Restores 200 HP.
    3)  Super Potion
        Desc: Restores all of your HP.
    4)  Tonic
        Desc: Restores a little bit of MP.
    5)  High Tonic
        Desc: Restores a lot of MP.
    6)  Super Tonic
        Desc: Restores all of your MP.
    7)  Anti-Venom
        Desc: Cures poison.
    8)  Uncurse Potion
        Desc: Neutralizes curses.
    9)  Beef Jerky
        Desc: Restores 29 HP.
    10) Tasty Meat
        Desc: Restores 290 HP.
    11) New York Steak
        Desc: A juicy, mouth-watering steak.
    12) Rice Ball
        Desc: A rice ball with tasty salmon inside.
    13) Mushroom
        Desc: A deliciously appetizing mushroom.
    14) Corn Soup
        Desc: A creamy soup made from fresh yellow corn.
    15) Curry
        Desc: Delicious curry from a nearby Indian restaurant.
    16) Ramen Noodles
        Desc: Ramen noodles in a flavorful pork broth.
    17) Mint Sundae
        Desc: Mint chip ice cream topped with whipped cream. Yum!
    18) Cream Puff
        Desc: Soft, fluffy, and sweet, with a cream and custard filling.
    19) Milk
        Desc: Helps build strong bones!
    20) Coffee
        Desc: Extra strong. For the vampire hunter with a busy night ahead.
    21) Tea
        Desc: Sip slowly and relax.
    22) Pudding
        Desc: A savory pudding, flavored with caramel.
    23) Strawberry
        Desc: Large, freshly picked strawberries.
    24) Melon
        Desc: A melon of the finest quality.
    25) Grapes
        Desc: Bursting with flavorful juice.
    26) Hamburger
        Desc: A greasy little burger.
    27) Fried Chicken
        Desc: Crispy-fried, golden brown goodness!
    28) Hot Dog
        Desc: Delicious! Just don't ask what's in it.
    29) Pumpkin Pie
        Desc: A flavorful autumn favorite.
    30) Pancake
        Desc: It's nothing without maple syrup.
    31) Tinned Spinach
        Desc: May give the illusion of increased muscle mass.
    32) Foie Gras
        Desc: One of the world's three great delicacies: duck liver paste.
    33) Caviar
        Desc: One of the world's three great delicacies: sturgeon eggs.
    34) Truffle
        Desc: One of the world's three great delicacies: a rare mushroom.
    35) Paella
        Desc: A veritable cornucopia of seafood, Spanish style.
    36) Spaghetti
        Desc: Served al dente.
    37) Ice Cream
        Desc: A rich, fattening vanilla ice cream.
    38) Meuniere
        Desc: A seafood dish flavored with curry powder.
    39) Boiled Starfish
        Desc: Has a firm-yet-slightly-elastic texture.
    40) Wheat Roll
        Desc: A healthy treat made from whole wheat.
    41) Sachertorte
        Desc: A rich Viennese chocolate cake fit for a count.
    42) NY Cheesecake
        Desc: Cheesecake with a thick, rich taste.
    43) Mille-feuille
        Desc: A sweet dessert with many layers of pastry.
    44) Tarte au Poire
        Desc: A French pear tart.
    45) Gateau Fraise
        Desc: A shortcake with large, fresh strawberries.
    46) Kugelhopf
        Desc: A sophisticated cake made with almonds and brandy.
    47) Green Tea Cake
        Desc: A chiffon cake flavored with green tea.
    48) Gateau Marron
        Desc: A cake topped with chestnuts.
    49) Langues de Chat
        Desc: A long, thin, crisp cookie named "cat's tongue."
    50) Financier
        Desc: A French pastry with an irresistable buttery aroma.
    51) Tropical Sundae
        Desc: A parfait filled with exotic tropical fruit.
    52) Pudding Bucket
        Desc: A bucket full of pudding. Don't worry, the bucket is new.
    53) Piyoko
        Desc: A Japanese confection shaped like a bird.
    54) 1000 Year Egg
        Desc: A duck egg preserved in clay.
    55) Jamon Iberico
        Desc: One of the finest hams in the world.
    56) Spicy Shrimp
        Desc: A hot Chinese dish with plump shrimp.
    57) Peking Duck
        Desc: A Chinese delicacy served with scallions and sauce.
    58) Pasta Carbonara
        Desc: The sauce is made with fresh eggs, cream, and bacon.
    59) Penne Arrabiata
        Desc: A short pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.
    60) Powdered Milk
        Desc: Perfect for supplementing calcium intake.
    61) Rotten Durian
        Desc: Has introduced you to a whole new world of unpleasant odors.
    62) Ground Meat
        Desc: Handmade minced meat.
    63) Noodle Bun
        Desc: Stir-fried noodles wrapped in a bun.
    64) Touch & Pop
        Desc: A popular candy from a few years ago.
    65) Moldy Bread
        Desc: Someone left it on top of the fridge and forgot about it.
    66) Penters Natural
        Desc: Candy that's been popular for generations.
    67) Birthday Cake
        Desc: Happy birthday!
    68) Magical Ticket
        Desc: An enchanted ticket that will transport you to a safe place.
    69) Beehive
        Desc: Apparently, it can be used to make some sort of food.
    70) Amanita
        Desc: A toxic mushroom that induces hallucinations.
    71) Rotten Meat
        Desc: A slab of rotting, fetid beef. It smells terrible.
    72) Spoiled Milk
        Desc: Its expiration date is from three years ago.
    73) Rusty Food Tin
        Desc: Are you brave enough to open it?
                      Important / Key Items 
    1)  CASTLE MAP 1
        Desc: One portion of the castle's floor plan is written on it.
    2)  CASTLE MAP 2
        Desc: One portion of the castle's floor plan is written on it.
    3)  CASTLE MAP 3
        Desc: One portion of the castle's floor plan is written on it.
    4)  Tome of Arms p1
        Desc: A page ripped from the Tome of Arms
    5)  Tome of Arms p2
        Desc: A page ripped from the Tome of Arms
    6)  Spade
        Desc: A playing card.
    7)  Diamond
        Desc: A playing card.
    8)  Heart
        Desc: A playing card.
    9)  Club
        Desc: A playing card.
    10) Joker
        Desc: A playing card.
    11) Record Player
        Desc: Lets you listen to records.
    12) Record 1
        Desc: Crucifix Held Close
    13) Record 2
        Desc: Sandfall
    14) Record 3
        Desc: In Search of the Secret Spell
    15) Record 4
        Desc: Iron Blue Intention
    16) Record 5
        Desc: Simon's Theme
    ??? Cog
        Desc: A cog from the clock tower.
    ??? Statue's Tear
        Desc: A miraculous tear, fallen from the eye of a divine statue.
    ??? Konami Man
        Desc: 5000 points
    ??? Twin Bee
        Desc: 5000 points
    ??? Vic Viper
        Desc: 5000 points
    ??? Vampire Killer
        Desc: The legendary whip wielded by the Belmont family.
    1)  Leather Whip
        Desc: Made from leather. A weapon for a warrior with panache.
    2)  Steel Whip
        Desc: A whip fashioned from steel.
    3)  Rose Stem Whip
        Desc: A thorned whip that requires great skill to use.
    4)  Medusa Whip
        Desc: A whip that can turn its targets to stone.
    5)  Nebula
        Desc: A chain that binds and destroys evil.
    6)  Flame Whip
        Desc: A whip imbued with the power of flames.
    7)  Jet Black Whip
        Desc: Jet black whip imbued with the power of darkness.
    8)  Undead Killer
        Desc: A holy whip that can kill even the undead.
    9)  Knife
        Desc: A cheap pocket knife.
    10) Combat Knife
        Desc: A knife designed for close-quarters combat.
    11) Baselard
        Desc: A dagger with an I-shaped haft.
    12) Katar
        Desc: A dagger from India.
    13) Cinquedea
        Desc: An elaborate dagger encrusted with jewels.
    14) Short Sword
        Desc: A sword with a short blade.
    15) Cutlass
        Desc: A short sword used by sailors.
    16) Long Sword
        Desc: A common long sword.
    17) Gladius
        Desc: A sword used in ancient Rome.
    18) Milican's Sword
        Desc: A sword that sometimes turns those it strikes to stone.
    19) Rahab's Frost
        Desc: An icy blade made from the fang of the water-dragon Rahab.
    20) Agni's Flame
        Desc: The flaming blade of Agni, the god of fire
    21) Assassin Blade
        Desc: A poisoned blade preferred by assassins.
    22) Heaven's Sword
        Desc: A demon-slaying sword once wielded by an angel.
    23) Bakatwa
        Desc: A simple, effective sword that is easy to wield.
    24) Jagdplaute
        Desc: A deadly, yet elegantly crafted sword.
    25) Stellar Sword
        Desc: The blade of the legendary swordsman Maxim Kischine.
    26) Damascus Sword
        Desc: A superior sword that never loses its razor-sharp edge.
    27) Claymore
        Desc: A large Scottish blade.
    28) Falchion
        Desc: A Norman sword with a wide, crescent-shaped blade.
    29) Great Sword
        Desc: A massive sword designed to smash through its targets.
    30) Zweihander
        Desc: A German two-handed sword.
    31) Royal Sword
        Desc: A two-handed sword of kings.
    32) Dragon Slayer
        Desc: A sword forged to slay dragons.
    33) Final Sword
        Desc: The sword used by the Final Guards
    34) Holy Claymore
        Desc: An enormous sword shaped like a cross.
    35) Spear
        Desc: A standard spear.
    36) Partisan
        Desc: A polearm fitted with a broad blade.
    37) Halberd
        Desc: A polearm ending in a wide axe blade.
    38) Lance
        Desc: A spear used by cavalry knights.
    39) Trident
        Desc: A three-pronged spear.
    40) Long Spear
        Desc: A spear with an especially long haft.
    41) Couse
        Desc: A polearm fitted with a large, curved blade.
    42) Sarissa
        Desc: A Macedonian long spear.
    43) Alucard's Spear
        Desc: A spear with ties to Alucard. Once used by Eric.
    44) Axe
        Desc: A heavy single-edged axe.
    45) Mace
        Desc: A large metal club.
    46) Battle Axe
        Desc: A double-edged axe designed for combat.
    47) Morning Star
        Desc: A club with a vicious, star-shaped head.
    48) Bhuj
        Desc: A heavy war axe.
    49) Great Axe
        Desc: A huge war axe. It is exceptionally heavy.
    50) Voulge
        Desc: An axe with a hooked blade.
    51) Bullova
        Desc: An axe with a crescent-shaped blade.
    52) Golden Axe
        Desc: An axe, crafted from gold, with astounding destructive power.
    53) Brass Knuckles
        Desc: A metal knuckle weapon that adds sting to your punches.
    54) Cestus
        Desc: Hard knuckle guards worn by ancient boxers.
    55) Whip Knuckles
        Desc: Enable the wearer to throw whip-snap punches.
    56) Bahg Nahk
        Desc: A handheld weapon whose name means "tiger claw."
    57) Bullet Punch
        Desc: Enable the wearer to throw punches at the speed of sound.
    58) Illusion Fist
        Desc: Throw punches faster than the eye can see.
    59) Kaiser Knuckles
        Desc: Knuckles imbued with divine rage.
    60) Encyclopedia
        Desc: One of Charlotte's favorite books.
    61) Blank Book
        Desc: A book so frightening the words ran away, leaving it blank.
    62) Tristan&Isolde
        Desc: The love story of a noble knight.
    63) Don Quixote
        Desc: The story of a man who thought himself a gallant knight.
    64) Book of Death
        Desc: A papyrus tome entombed with the dead.
    65) Tome of Arms 1
        Desc: An encyclopedia of weaponry. (Volume 1 of 3)
    66) Tome of Arms 2
        Desc: An encyclopedia of weaponry. (Volume 2 of 3)
    67) Tome of Arms 3
        Desc: An encyclopedia of weaponry. (Volume 3 of 3)
    68) Tome of Arms X
        Desc: The secret lost volume, banned for its destructive secrets.
                              Body Armor
    1)  Casual Clothes
        Desc: Clothes worn regularly.
    2)  Hobo's Clothes
        Desc: Ragged, worn clothes. Your mother would be ashamed.
    3)  Houppelande
        Desc: A roomy robe with large, hanging sleeves.
    4)  Poncho
        Desc: A simple piece of clothing; a blanket with a hole on top.
    5)  Combat Fatigues
        Desc: A standard-issue military uniform.
    6)  Adrenaline Gear
        Desc: Makes time appear slower when taking damage.
    7)  Kalasiris
        Desc: A translucent robe worn by ancient Egyptian nobility.
    8)  Feather Gear
        Desc: Magical lightweight clothes. Get knocked far back when hit.
    9)  Tailcoat
        Desc: Just an everyday coat. Stylish, but offers little protection.
    10) Biker's Jacket
        Desc: A jacket with protective padding.
    11) Justaucorps
        Desc: Extravagantly decorated 17th century coat.
    12) Tuxedo Coat
        Desc: The finest of formalwear (in classic black, of course).
    13) Battle Jacket
        Desc: Made from a special fiber resistant to slashing attacks.
    14) Surcoat
        Desc: A garment bearing a noble family crest.
    15) Leather Cuirass
        Desc: Body armor made of leather.
    16) Copper Plate
        Desc: A breastplate made of copper.
    17) Iron Plate
        Desc: A breastplate made of iron.
    18) Silver Plate
        Desc: A breastplate made of silver.
    19) Gold Plate
        Desc: A breastplate made of gold.
    20) Lorica
        Desc: Armor with a muscular design. Worn by Roman officers.
    21) Platinum Plate
        Desc: A breastplate made of platinum.
    22) Samurai Plate
        Desc: Traditional body armor worn by samurai warriors.
    23) Holy Mail
        Desc: Armor that reduces damage from holy attacks.
    24) Berserker Mail
        Desc: Armor that increases damage dealt out and received.
    25) Ancient Armor
        Desc: Any damage reduces HP by 10% of maximum HP.
    26) Healing Mail
        Desc: Armor that heals HP as the wearer walks.
    27) Mirror Cuirass
        Desc: Mirrored armor that protects the wearer from petrification.
    28) Spiked Mail
        Desc: Armor covered with sharp spikes. Wear with caution.
    29) Scout Armor
        Desc: Defense improves as more of the map is uncovered.
    30) Heavy Armor
        Desc: Cumbersome armor. High defense, but slows down the wearer.
    31) Impervious Mail
        Desc: Armor that completely blocks some attacks.
    32) Leather Corset
        Desc: A corset made of leather.
    33) Jade Corset
        Desc: A corset decorated with jade gems.
    34) Amethyst Corset
        Desc: A corset decorated with bright amethysts.
    35) Emerald Corset
        Desc: A corset decorated with sparkling emeralds.
    36) Ruby Corset
        Desc: A corset decorated with fiery rubies.
    37) Sapphire Corset
        Desc: An elaborate corset decorated with sapphires.
    38) Lilith Corset
        Desc: A corset worn by a Lilith.
    39) Platinum Corset
        Desc: A corset made of platinum.
    40) Diamond Corset
        Desc: A corset blazing with the hard sparkle of diamonds.
    41) Kirtle
        Desc: A plain, long dress.
    42) Miko Dress
        Desc: Clothes worn by priestesses of Shinto shrines.
    43) Cotton Apron
        Desc: The maid who owned this obviously quit a long time ago.
    44) Silk Negligee
        Desc: A silk garment designed for comfortable sleeping.
    45) Bathrobe
        Desc: A soft, luxurious terrycloth robe.
    46) Frilly Camisole
        Desc: A camisole with cute frills.
    47) Sequined Dress
        Desc: A dress covered with glittering sequins.
    48) Clown Shirt
        Desc: A cheerful-yet-horrifying clown shirt.
    49) Nun's Robes
        Desc: Clothing worn by nuns.
    50) Cocktail Dress
        Desc: A dress perfect for an elegant-yet-fun night on the town.
    51) Dancer's Blouse
        Desc: A light blouse favored by dancers.
    52) Cotehardie
        Desc: A tight, form-fitting dress for the well-dressed lady.
    53) Wedding Dress
        Desc: A pure-white bridal dress.
    54) Europa's Dress
        Desc: A beautiful one-piece dress blessed by a goddess.
    55) Dalmatica
        Desc: A garment with wide sleeves, worn by religious orders.
    56) Princess Coat
        Desc: A coat with an ornate, feminine cut.
    57) Robe Decollete
        Desc: An elegant dress for the most formal of events.
                              Head Gear
    1)  Eye for Decay
        Desc: Enable the wearer to see breakable walls.
    2)  Gambler Glasses
        Desc: Enable the wearer to see enemy item drop percentages.
    3)  Sunglasses
        Desc: Stylish eyewear that protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays.
    4)  Thick Glasses
        Desc: A pair of glasses with very thick lenses.
    5)  Glasses
        Desc: Make you look older and wiser.
    6)  Monocle
        Desc: A lens for one eye. A favorite among distinguished gentlemen.
    7)  Goggles
        Desc: Protective eyewear that provides safety.
    8)  Combat Beret
        Desc: A standard-issue military beret.
    9)  Uraeus
        Desc: An Egyptian royal crown decorated with a golden cobra.
    10) Royal Crown
        Desc: A crown encrusted with precious jewels from all over the world.
    11) Head Guard
        Desc: Protects the head from impacts.
    12) Bandana
        Desc: A piece of cloth to protect the forehead.
    13) Iron Helmet
        Desc: A helmet made of iron.
    14) Stone Mask
        Desc: A creepy mask used in ancient rituals.
    15) Viking Helmet
        Desc: The distinct two-horned helmet worn by Viking warriors.
    16) Ballroom Masque
        Desc: A mask worn by nobles at formal dances.
    17) Fedora
        Desc: A fashionable hat that just feels right with a whip.
    18) Porkpie Hat
        Desc: A felt hat with a small brim.
    19) Silk Hat
        Desc: The hat of a true aristocrat.
    20) Traveler's Hat
        Desc: A wide-brimmed hat perfect for the well-traveled man.
    21) Attica Helmet
        Desc: A helmet with a feathered crest.
    22) Samurai Helmet
        Desc: The traditional helmet of samurai warriors.
    23) Shogun Helmet
        Desc: A helmet worn by the tyrant shogun Nobunaga.
    24) Skull Mask
        Desc: A frightening mask patterned after a skull.
    25) Velvet Ribbon
        Desc: A fine ribbon, soft to the touch.
    26) Witch's Hat
        Desc: The traditional pointy hat of the well-dressed witch.
    27) Mourning Veil
        Desc: A black veil of sadness.
    28) Nun's Habit
        Desc: Head covering worn by nuns.
    29) Open Veil
        Desc: A headcovering that frames the face.
    30) Holy Veil
        Desc: A veil imbued with hidden power.
    31) Clover Tiara
        Desc: A tiara made of flowers from a meadow.
    32) Pearl Tiara
        Desc: A tiara adorned with pearls.
    33) Diamond Tiara
        Desc: A tiara encrusted with diamonds.
    34) Princess Tiara
        Desc: A tiara covered with brilliant gems.
    35) Muse's Tiara
        Desc: A tiara blessed by a goddess.
    36) Midnight Tiara
        Desc: A tiara with jewels shining in a black background.
    37) Arachne Hennin
        Desc: A beautiful hat created by Arachne the weaver.
                              Leg Armor
    1)  Sandals
        Desc: Comfy-looking sandals made of leather.
    2)  Engineer Boots
        Desc: Sturdy boots with steel plating in the toes.
    3)  Royal Sandals
        Desc: Sandals decorated with precious gems.
    4)  Combat Boots
        Desc: Boots with a knife pocket. Designed for combat.
    5)  Moonwalkers
        Desc: Boots that enhance the ability to dash backwards.
    6)  Slick Boots
        Desc: Boots that enhance sliding ability.
    7)  Spiked Boots
        Desc: Boots that deal extra damage when kicking.
    8)  Mercury Boots
        Desc: Boots that allow the wearer to move faster.
    9)  Winged Boots
        Desc: Boots that enable you to run like the wind.
    10) Hiking Boots
        Desc: Heavy, thick-treaded boots.
    11) Oxfords
        Desc: Thick-soled leather shoes.
    12) Wingtips
        Desc: For the fashionably-dressed vampire hunter.
    13) Iron Leggings
        Desc: Leggings made of steel.
    14) Silver Leggings
        Desc: Leggings made of silver.
    15) Gold Leggings
        Desc: Leggings made of gold.
    16) Steel Greaves
        Desc: Steel armor for the legs.
    17) Platinum Leggngs
        Desc: Leggings made of platinum.
    18) Samurai Leggngs
        Desc: Leggings worn by a samurai.
    19) Enamel Pinheels
        Desc: Shiny enamel pinheels.
    20) Inuit Boots
        Desc: Boots made of seal fur.
    21) Succubus Boots
        Desc: A pair of boots worn by succubi.
    22) Glamorous Pumps
        Desc: Gorgeous high-heeled shoes worn by celebrities.
    23) Silent Sandals
        Desc: Shoes with an unusual sole that lets the wearer walk silently.
    24) Artemis Shoes
        Desc: Shoes blessed by a goddess.
    25) Nun's Shoes
        Desc: Shoes worn by nuns.
    26) Glass Shoes
        Desc: An impractically fragile pair of shoes.
    27) Prima Shoes
        Desc: The ultimate toe shoes, reserved for prima ballerinas.
    28) Diamond Shoes
        Desc: A pair of sparkling, diamond-encrusted shoes.
    ??? Magus Ring
        Desc: A ring that boosts MP restoration speed.
    1)  Studded Choker
        Desc: A choker with metal studs for the rebel in you.
    2)  Charm Necklace
        Desc: A necklace that resists curses.
    3)  Stella's Locket
        Desc: A locket with a picture of the twins, along with...
    4)  Astral Ring
        Desc: Consume HP instead of MP when using magic.
    5)  Engagement Ring
        Desc: Consume HP instead of MP when your partner takes damage.
    6)  Gold Ring
        Desc: A ring that increases luck with money.
    7)  Shaman Ring
        Desc: A ring that increases the experience you earn.
    8)  Miser Ring
        Desc: A ring that boosts attack damage according to current wealth.
    9)  Sage Ring
        Desc: A ring that boosts MP restoration speed.
    10) Thief Ring
        Desc: A ring that increases the chances of finding rare items.
    11) Pearl Ring
        Desc: A ring adorned with a pearl.
    12) Tough Ring
        Desc: A ring that shortens recovery time after taking damage.
    13) Master Ring
        Desc: A ring that increases the mastery received.
    14) Skull Ring
        Desc: A ring that curses the wearer.
    15) Immunity Ring
        Desc: A ring that neutralizes poison attacks.
    16) Blessed Ring
        Desc: A ring that neutralizes curses.
    17) Hercules Ring
        Desc: A ring that lets you ignore blows like a mighty god.
    18) Cape
        Desc: A sturdy cape.
    19) Hero's Cape
        Desc: A flashy velvet cape.
    20) Blue Cape
        Desc: A beautiful blue cape.
    21) Elven Cape
        Desc: A cape that provides special protection against magic.
    22) Assassin's Cape
        Desc: A stealth cape favored by assassins.
    23) Invisible Cape
        Desc: A cape that renders the wearer invisible.
    24) Holy Mantle
        Desc: A long cape worn by high-ranking clergymen.
    25) Paludamentum
        Desc: A Roman general's cloak.
    26) Blessed Ankh
        Desc: Increases the effectiveness of recovery items.
    27) White Corsage
        Desc: A corsage of small, snowy white flowers.
    28) Orchid Corsage
        Desc: A corsage fashioned from fine materials.
    29) Rose Corsage
        Desc: A corsage fashioned from high-quality, delicate materials.
    30) Sorceress Crest
        Desc: Shortens the time required to incant magic spells.
    31) Forget-Me-Not
        Desc: A necklace patterned after a beautiful flower.
    32) Crystal Necklet
        Desc: A necklace containing pure, cold winter air.
    33) Platinum Chain
        Desc: A platinum necklace with a Victorian design.
    34) Heart Brooch
        Desc: Increases the likelihood of getting hearts.
    35) Astral Brooch
        Desc: Taking damage will restore MP.
    36) Laurel Brooch
        Desc: A valuable antique brooch.
    37) Abalone Brooch
        Desc: A brooch made from shells from the Mediterranean Sea.
    38) Diamond Brooch
        Desc: A brooch with the blinding glare of a 100-carat diamond.
    39) Moon Brooch
        Desc: An elegant brooch that shines with the light of the moon.
    40) Venus Brooch
        Desc: A brooch blessed by Venus, goddess of love and beauty.
                              Relic List
    1)  Change Cube
        Desc: Switch main player character with [X].
    2)  Call Cube
        Desc: call partner with A. Press again to send partner away.
    3)  Skill Cube
        Desc: Call partner to use their skill or magic with [R].
    4)  Wait Cube
        Desc: Call partner with [Down + A] to have partner stand still on the spot.
    5)  Acrobat Cube
        Desc: Spring off partner's shoulders to jump again in midair.
    6)  Push Cube
        Desc: While pushing an object, call your partner to help you push.
    7)  Lizard Tail
        Desc: Slide into narrow spaces with [Down + B].
    8)  Stone of Flight
        Desc: Double-jump in midair.
    9)  Griffon Wing
        Desc: Jump higher with [Up + L].
    10) Strength Glove
        Desc: Increase pushing power.
    11) Spinning Art
        Desc: Perform a spinning evasion move with [Right, Down, Left, Right + Y].
    12) Martial Art
        Desc: Perform a jumping knee kick with [Up, Left, Down, Right + Y].
    13) Critical Art
        Desc: Use your weapon's critical move with [Right, Right + Y].
    14) Whip Skill 1
        Desc: After attacking with the whip, hold [Y] to let it drop.
    15) Whip Skill 2
        Desc: While jumping use [Down + Y] to attack diagonally downward.
    16) Book of Spirits
        Desc: Display the names of enemies when you attack them.
    7. Easter Eggs
    Extra Dialogue with Vincent
    When holding up for your character, he or she will do
    their own pose. Doing it in front of Vincent will make him
    talk about Jonathan and Charlotte, and that he's jelous.
    The dialogue is in sound clips, so you have to listen to
    the conversation. Take note after each conversation you
    have to leave the room and come back to hear another one.
    You can also listen to them in Sound Mode.
    ----------When Using Jonathan and no Charlotte----------
    Vincent: Don't tell me that girl was...
    Charlotte: Ohh Vincent!
    Vincent: you're still here? But I thought...
    -----------When using Charlotte and no Jonathan---------
    Vincent: They-They killed jonathan?
    Jonathan: Nah, I'm still around.
    Vincent: You're still here? But I thought...
    Obviously, Vincent thought that the other partner died and
    is probably sad because he won't sell as much anymore.
    -----------When using Jonathan with Charlotte------------
    Vincent: Even so... The two brave vampire hunters...
             I envy you...
    Jonathan: She's like my kid sister!
    Charlotte: Jonathan! Stop treating me like a child!
    -----------When using Charlotte with Jonathan------------
    Vincent: Hmm... The perfect couple! I am slightly jelous.
    Jonathan and Charlotte: Vincent, you're scaring me!
    He refers the two as a couple and is jelous probably because
    no one loves a greedy priest.
    Extra Dialogue with Astarte
    When fighting with Astarte, Have her charm Jonathan with her
    temptation attack. Jonathan will be unable to fight for the
    rest of the battle and he will keep on attacking Charlotte.
    Defeat Astarte using only Charlotte and she will yell out
    "You're asking for it!" and Jonathan will say "Sorry".
    This can also be done in Boss Rush mode in course 2.
    In this one, Charlotte scolds Jonathan for falling for
    Astarte. Jonathan apologizes in the end.
    8. Contacts
    Feel free to contact me for any errors or suggestions.
    My e-mail is carlo_yaman@yahoo.com
    All contributions will be credited, of course
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     |  Copyright 2006 Olrac / Carlo Buenaventura  |
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    9. Credits
    Thanks to:
    Myself, for creating this faq
    Gamefaqs, for a wonderful site
    Konami, for another wonderful Castlevania title
    H Hog for pointing out talk conversation #13 that I missed
    Matt Reusch, for correcting a few errors
    those who find this faq useful

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