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    Boss FAQ by theblueottsel

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                            Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Bosses.
    1. Legal
    2. Main Game Bosses
    3. Nest of Evil Bosses
    1. This guide is (C) to me, The Blue Ottsel. You may not reproduce this guide
    for profit, in part or in whole. Any game site can host this guide, as long
    as you follow the rule above. Host it, do NOT sell it. All boss names in this
    guide are (C) Konami.
    2. Here come the bosses. Note I am not listing them in the order they are
    fought, but in the order they appear in the Bestairy.
    Boss 1: Dullahan
    HP: 600
    Strong: Ice
    Weak: Axes, whips, lightning
    Dullahan is not too hard. Do not try to attack the head, go for the body.
    Dullahan has several attacks. He will jump up in the air and come slamming
    down a little ways ahead, sending blades out in front of him. Slide under
    him when he jumps tp avoid this attack. When he leans back a bit, run away,
    as he is about to lunge at you with his polearm. Lastly, he will put his hand
    in the air and his head will latch onto his body, then several spirits will
    come out of him and fly at you. Just watch them carefully and jump to avoid
    them. After sending out 4-6 of them, he will fire out many small ones. Use
    the whip to deflect them. Use the Leather Whip you found earlier to damage
    Boss 2: Behemoth
    HP: 800
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Swords, fire, holy
    Behemoth is a simple boss. He has 4 attacks, and they are easy to dodge.
    If he opens his mouth, run away as he is about to vomit his...er...intestines
    out at you. They go back in shortly after. In his second attack, he will
    paw the ground for a bit and then charge at you. Jump onto one of the
    platforms at either end of the room to avoid this. He will go off screen
    for a few seconds then come back. Third attack, he will make a growling
    noise and blood will appear around his mouth, then he vomits chunks of
    guts at you. These can be destroyed, but I recommend just keeping your
    distance. Finally, for his last attack, he will hunch down a bit and then
    leap at you, running off the screen when he lands. Slide under him when
    he jumps to avoid this. Use the spear you get right before the fight, it's
    pretty effective.
    Boss 3: Keremet
    HP: 666
    Strong: N/A
    Weak: Lightning, ice, fire
    This is a funny battle just because there is one cheap, cheap way to win.
    First off, push the cauldron that contains Keremet over in front of one
    of the sets of ledges on each side of the room. Call out Charlotte in front
    of the cauldron, oposite the ledge side. While she attacks it, quickly get
    up to the top ledge. After 5 hits Keremet will rise, facing Charlotte. Now
    just unload on it's face until it dies. It will just keep firing balls
    of green goo at Charlotte that miss 80% of the time, and it will not even
    turn toward you, so you won't take 1 damage!
    Boss 4: Astarte
    HP: 1500
    Strong: Holy, dark, lightning, ice, fire
    Weak: Axes, whips, swords
    If you have 1000 Blades, use it. She will die in only 2 or three of them.
    If not, go get it in Sandy Grave. If you are too lazy, just endure a lengthy
    battle with the Steel Whip. Astarte has several attacks. If you are close
    to her, she will try hitting you with her cape. She also has a close-range
    attack where she jumps up in the air and fires green energy out in a half-U
    shape. Just don't jump and this'll miss. She can also stick out her wand
    and fire a tornado at you, jump to avoid it. Finally, she has an attack called
    "temptation", where she fires out hearts. Switch to Charlotte when she does
    this and make sure Johnathan isn't out, as if he gets hit by the hearts, he
    will become possessed and start attacking you.
    Boss 5: Legion
    HP: 2000
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Swords, fire, holy
    Not too hard. First off, Legion will not do anything. Many bodies will just
    fall from him and then walk toward you, just whip them or stand on the plat-
    forms to avoid them. There are 8 sections of Legion you must destroy. As
    the sections fall off, a tentacle will arise from where that section once was.
    This will fire a laser if you are in it's path, so avoid them. I recommend
    breaking the top sides, then the middle, then bottom. This makes it easier
    to avoid the lasers while doing your work. After all 8 sections have been 
    destroyed, you will fight the core.The core only has 2 attacks. In one, 3
    tentacles will open and start blowing fire, then the core will rotate. Just
    run the way it is turning to avoid this. Eventually it'll start turning the
    other way, so you do the same. In another attack, it will fire white lasers
    out of the tentacles in a clockwise manner, so just stand between 2 of the
    bottom tentacles to avoid it. To beat Legion, just stay on the ground and
    keep throwing Axes up at it. It'll fall in a short time.
    Boss 6: Dagon
    HP: 1800
    Strong: Dark, ice
    Weak: Holy, lightning
    This thing is easy. First of all, the lizard head is invincible. You must
    attack the frog head to damage it. All this thing does is suck in water, then
    blast it out at you. When it starts to blast out the water, try to keep at
    it's surface and keep swimming to avoid the stream below. Watch out for the
    small things Dagon releases from it's head, they hurt if touched. THey can
    also be destroyed. Just whip the Frog, or throw axes at it. Have Charlotte
    use Lightning attacks on it if you can aim them right.
    Boss 7: Death
    HP: 4444
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: N/A
    Death is tough if you don't come prepared, and don't understand his attacks.
    Death has several attacks, he can strike at you with his sythe if you are too
    close. For the most part of the battle, Death will create a cage around
    himself, then throw his sythe. It will randomly bounce off the  walls of the
    cage. You are perfectly safe outside of the cage, but this is when Death
    is most vulnerable, as all he does is hover around and let his sythe do the
    work. Use Duel attacks on him in the first part of the battle, like Holy
    Lightning, and Volcano. Keep in mind you can destroy the cage by attacking
    the hands that join it together. Death has another cage attack where he makes
    4 portals appear in the corners of the cage. Hands will randomly shoot out
    of the holes, and if one grabs you, 3 more will grab on as well. Call Charlotte
    out and pray she can cause enough damage within the next few seconds, as
    Death will pull off a sickeningly powerful attack that does almost 350 damage
    to you, even if you have the best armor up to that point. Make sure your health
    is at full when he grabs you, just to be safe. Finally, small sythes will 
    sometimes fly at you, these can be destroyed. After enduring some damage,
    Death will change from blue to grey. This means he has become weak to physical
    attacks, so start unloading on him with whip attacks and axes. If you think
    you can do it, you can try to get up into an alcove on either side of the room
    and pull off 1000 blades. The best, and only time you should do this is when
    he is hovering around during the cage attack. It's a tough fight, but you'll
    win if you keep up the punishment. Also note that toward the end of the
    fight, Death will start rapidly changing between blue and grey forms, so be
    Boss 8: Stella
    HP: 2500
    Strong: Ice
    Weak: Whips, swords, fire, lightning
    Stella is not too hard. She has some pretty high defense, but her HP depletes
    quicker than you may expect. Note she flys most of the battle, so you will
    be jump-whipping a lot. When she screams "Hurricane!" duck to avoid a blast
    attack. If she is at your level, jump to avoid it. When she screams Furious
    Wave, run-jump away to avoid a ground-shockwave. She can also use Secret
    Strike, where she slashes you at close range. When about half defeated, she
    will start using Crescent Moon, an attack where she flys around the room
    "drawing" 4 half-moons, which fly at you like Death's mini-sythes. Thats
    pretty much it for Stella.
    Boss 9: Loretta and Stella
    HP: 2500(Both)
    Stella Strong: Ice
    Loretta Strong: Ice
    Stella Weak: Whips, Swords, Fire, Lightning
    Loretta Weak: Whips, Swords, Fire
    First off, I should mention that you are NOT SUPPOSED TO KILL THEM. USE
    SANTUARY. Santuary can be found in Sandy Grave, after getting Toad Morph.
    If you really want to kill them and get the bad ending, go ahead. I suggest
    targetting Loretta, as she has lower defense. Stella and Loretta mainly
    use combination attacks. If Loretta says "Sister" then Stella says "Ready
    sister!" get behind Stella, as she is about to hit you with a massive Ice
    Sword that does more damage than Death's ultimate attack. Sometimes
    Loretta causes a big ice crystal to move around the room. You can avoid
    it by ducking, but I suggest running and slidding, because Stella will
    eventually shatter it into a bunch of pieces that fly everywhere, hurting you
    if you get hit. She also causes a portal to appear on the ceiling and
    follow you around, dropping icicles. You must attack Lorreta several times to
    stop this attack. Finally, Loretta may use Freeze Bites, where she opens
    a portal and several icy lion heads fly at you. The best thing you can do
    here is just slide, or get behind her. If you want to actually pass this
    fight and move on with the game, place Charlotte somewhere near the sisters
    and have her cast Santuary. It takes forever to cast, so keep the sisters'
    attention toward Johnathan by using Taunt. Alternativly, you could just
    wait until they start their ice-sword attack. Stella does this three times,
    and if you can keep her turned away from Charlotte as she does the attacks,
    Charlotte should be 2 seconds from casting Santuary just as the third ice
    sword hits. Good luck.
    Boss 10: Brauner
    HP: 6000
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Holy
    I got mixed feelings about this guy. Most of his attacks are quite easy
    to dodge, but he is completely random in what he does. First off, you
    should have the True Vampire Killer before attempting this fight, you
    can get it by fighting an optional boss(See Boss 15). It has a holy
    element, so it should do 100+ damage each hit. Brauner's attacks are all
    very...artistic. Most of the time he will say "Bloodart technique!" and
    draw blood lines on a small painting in the room. Shortly after, these
    bloodlines appear in the room in the way he drew them. The different shapes
    are X,>, and =. You can cut through them with your whip. Try to cut through
    them and get some hits on Brauner now, he is somewhat vulnerable at this
    point. He has 4 other attacks. He will often throw 1 or 2 paintings
    out in fromt of himself. 3 attacks can occur from them. sometimes 2 large...
    figures...appear, one upside down, the other rightside up. The one on the
    ground will move toward you first, so jump over it as it starts moving. The
    other one will only hit you if you jump into it. Try getting hits on Brauner
    now as well, he is quite vulnerable here, as he just stands there laughing
    to himself for a few seconds. His second painting attack makes 2 large
    heads with fanblades come out and move in oposite directions, from the center
    of the room outwards. The only way to avoid this is to run toward it and
    try to get under it by timing your movements between blades. Note this
    poisons you if you get hit. His third attack causes many blue heads to
    fly toward you, whip at them to hold them back and destroy them. Finally,
    Brauner can turn himself into a painting and fly around the room, trying
    to ram you(Note he can be damaged in this form as well). Keep up the
    punishment and he'll fall after some time.
    Boss 11: The Creature
    HP: 4000
    Strong: Lightning
    Weak: Whips, Swords
    The creature is pretty easy. Use the True VK if you have it. The Creature has
    5 attacks. Sometimes his elbow will open and a machine gun will pop out. At
    this point, he starts firing a stream of bullets, down toward the floor and
    then back up. You can deflect them with your whip, but I recommend jumping
    over him or using the owl morph to get behind him, then use a 1000 blades
    while his back is turned. He has another attack where he shoots a missle
    out of his elbow. You can tell it's a missle because it will be red, right
    before it's launched. Jump to avoid, and stay away from the explosion.
    In the third attack, he will try to jump on you. Just run or slide behind
    him when he does this. He can also fire lightning at you in 2 patterns.
    If you are close to him, he'll shoot it right out in front him. If you are
    at a distance, he will fire an arc of lightning that travels across the 
    ceiling and middle of the room. Crouch right in front of him to dodge his
    close lightning, and just slide to dodge the long-range lightning. You can
    tell when he is about to do lightning because he sticks out his arms.
    In his last attack, he will grab you and blow you up, causing big damage.
    He can't use this unless you are very close. Just keep up the punishment
    and strike when he leaves himself open and he'll fall.
    Boss 12: Werewolf
    HP: 4500
    Strong: Axes
    Weak: Whips, swords, fire, holy
    Once again, True VK is good. I kill this thing so fast I am not even sure
    if I have all his attacks, but I'll list what I've seen. He sometimes
    picks up a lamp post and throws it at you like a spear, just slide toward
    him when he throws it to avoid. He can also pick you up and bite you
    for about 100 damage. He can also charge at you and slash with his claws.
    Lastly, he will howl and call in 3 or 4 wolves that charge you, just jump
    them. This guy's attacks are really weak, so I recommend just spamming
    1000 blades and using the True VK on him. You'll take some hits, but it's
    nothing major.
    Boss 13: Medusa
    HP: 3500
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Holy
    Yet again, True VK is the way to go. It's all you need actually, just
    keep jumping and whipping at her until she dies, which will be soon. Her
    attacks...Well, sometimes she will send out a large number of gold Medusa
    Heads that petrify you if they hit you. Just destroy them with the spin-
    whip technique. Also, if the place gets shakes, get ready, because she is
    about to worm her body all throughout the floor. Basically, her body
    will pop up in an arc in 4 or 5 places, just stand between them and you'll
    be fine. Try to stand between the ones near her head and whip her over
    and over until the attack is finished. She also will some times scream
    "Petrifty!". At this point, face AWAY from her. You will petrify if you don't.
    Shortly after this attack, she'll turn into a snake and lunge at you. Just
    run away jumping to avoid, or slide under her and hug the wall behind her.
    You'll most likely evade it. Lastly, if you are too close to her, she will
    try to bite at you with a snake-hand. If you see her rear back a bit and 
    put one arm back, run away before she strikes. That's it.
    Boss 14: Mummy Man
    HP: 4500
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Holy, swords, fire
    Forget the True VK, all you need to beat this guy is 1000 blades. He only
    has 3 attacks. In one, he will fire out some bandages that follow you around.
    Just run away. In another attack, he will create 3 blocks that try to press
    you against a wall and spike you. Just jump over them. Now is a good time
    to use 1000 blades on him. He also pulls out 5 blocks from the wall in the
    room and they will either circle around you, or form into an arc across
    the top of the room. Soon after he fires them at you, run and jump to avoid
    them. Red blocks are about to come at you. Lastly, he teleports around the
    room. That's about it.
    Boss 15: Whip's Memory(Optional)
    HP: 5000
    Strong: Holy
    Weak: Dark
    This guy can really be a pain, unless you have one of 2 subweapons: The
    Cream Pie or a mastered Shuriken. Trust me, they work. The cream pie is
    dark-based, so it is fairly effective, doing around 60-68 damage, and they
    can be thrown really fast if mastered. The mastered Shuriken is good as well,
    though. If your Shuriken is mastered, then you will throw 4 upon each use.
    If all 4 hit WM, then you will be doing upwards of 120 damage. As for his
    attacks, he does the classic belmont stuff. He will whip you, throw crosses,
    throw knives, throw axes, throw holy water, and use Grand Cross. Try
    to keep your distance to avoid his whip, and just jump to avoid the Holy
    Water, knives, and crosses. Also make sure you are wearing the Holy Armor
    you get after beating Mummy Man, as this greatly lessens the damage of his
    holy attacks.
    Boss 16: Dracula and Death
    HP: Dracula: 6666 Death: 4444
    Dracula Strong: Dark
    Dracula Weak: Holy
    Death Strong: Dark
    Death Weak: N/A
    Okay, before you throw your DS out the window for the insane HP of them
    both, you do NOT have to kill both of them! After reducing one of them
    to 0, the true last fight will begin. Still, this is not an easy fight.
    The True VK is all you need here. I suggest attacking Death, as he has
    lower defense and is easier to hit. Dracula has 4 attacks. He's got the
    classic fireball, where he shoots out 3 waves at you. The first is 3,
    the second is 5, and the last is 3 again. All can be destroyed or jumped.
    In his second attack, he fires out 4 large fireballs. These cannot be
    destroyed, and must be jumped or ducked. After a certain ammout of time,
    Death and Dracula will come close together and use an attack called Bat
    Moon. Dracula turns into a large swarm of bats and flies at you. Just
    hug the ceiling with Griffon Wing to avoid this. After awile, they will
    do a second combo attack. Death will cause a line of many small sythes to
    appear in the room, and slowly go to Dracula. Dracula will use these to
    blast out a MASSIVE ammount large fireballs in front of him. You can
    eaither try to destroy them before Dracula has a chance to use them, or
    jump behind him to avoid the attack. As for Death's attacks, he will try
    to slash you with his sythe as before. He can also split into several copies
    that slash downward with their sythes, just stand between them to avoid.
    As for his most used attack, death will constantly follow you throughout
    the fight, and when he gets over you head, he will slash downward at you,
    and disappear, then re-appear from the top of the room. Just keep on the
    move to avoid this. After causing enough damage to either one, Death will
    give all his power to Dracula, and Dracula transforms into a huge demon.
    (Note, I found another attack they do. If you wait too long to complete
    the fight, Death and Dracula will do a third combo attack. A sythe appears
    in the air, then it slams into the ground, causing a massive explosion. Just
    get as far away as you can from it, it dies off soon)
    Final Boss: True Dracula
    HP: 6666
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Holy
    You guessed it, True VK is all you need! True Dracula is not too hard if you
    have plenty of food and potions. Just whip at him constantly to damage
    him, every hit should do over 100 damage, since True VK has a holy element.
    As for his attacks, if you are too close to him, he will try to slam down
    on you. This is easy to avoid.(Sometimes this seems to be all he ever does,
    so you may get lucky). Sometimes he will start to slowly hover across the
    room, and 8-10 fireballs will constantly fall. Note that even though he is 
    moving, the fireballs fall in the same places, so it's not too hard to
    avoid. He also throws large sythes at you. When a large sythe appears
    above his head, run away jumping. It'll get thrown at you, hit the
    ground and then fly up at the ceiling and disappear. The same goes for the
    other sythes he throws afterwards, but oddly enough, they won't even come
    close to you, they just get thrown out in front of him and then go to the
    ceiling. In his final and most devastating attack, True Dracula will leave
    the battlefield and cause 2 massive walls of spikes to start closing in
    on you. Call out Charlotte and have her attack one wall, while you whip out
    at the other to hold them back. If one wall starts to shake, be sure to attack
    that one quick, as it is getting too close. Eventually Dracula will give up
    his attack and come back to attacking range, but if you fail to knock the
    walls back, they will slam in on you and do 500+ damage, then cause about
    150 more. It's a tough fight, but you'll fell him eventually. Sit back and
    enjoy the ending.
    3. In Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, there is a secret dungeon called the
    Nest of Evil, where several of the major bosses from the previous game,
    Dawn of Sorrow, dwell. Keep in mind that ALL of the following bosses are
    optional, and it's a big spoiler if you haven't completed DoS.
    Nest Boss 1: Balore
    HP: 3000
    Strong: N/A
    Weak: Swords
    Forget strategy, forget the Vampire Killer, this is an all out brute strength
    fight. Just equip a heavy weapon like the Golden Axe or Alucard's Spear,
    both are highly effective against Balore. His attacks mostly involve punching
    and knocking you around. If his first leans back and down a bit, run away
    as he is about to punch toward the ceiling. If it goes back a ways, a straight
    punch is coming. Sometimes he punches twice in a row, just run and jump to
    avoid and spam the critical of your weapon(-> -> X). He can also shoot a laser
    out of his eye, just duck when you see energy gathering around it.
    Nest Boss 2: Gergoth(AKA Mr. Foreskin)
    HP: 3800
    Strong: N/A
    Weak: Whips, Swords, Fire
    Oddly enough, Vampire Killer is not too effective against this guy. I suggest
    a weapon like Alucad's Spear or Golden Axe. Gergoth has several attacks you
    want to watch out for. First off, do you see his open chest? Well, when he
    kinda squats and shakes, get back because he'll blow either grey or purple
    gas out of it. The grey petrifies you, and the purple curses you. You can
    push the mist back by attacking it. He also sometimes tries to jump on you,
    just slide under him to avoid. Now for the attacks that got him his nickname.
    Quite often, the skin over Gergoth's head pulls back, and he will do one
    of 2 things: He will either fire a big white laser at you, when can be avoided
    by crouching directly in front of him, right under the chest(You'll know he's
    doing this because white balls of energy will be gathering at his mouth). In
    his second attack, he will try to suck you toward him, then chomp at you.
    Hug the top corner of the room with Griffon Wind to avoid this. That's
    pretty much it, keep it up till you beat this giant...er, nevermind.
    Nest Boss 3: Zephyr
    HP: 3210
    Strong: N/A
    Weak: Whips, Swords, Fire
    Just spam the Vampire Killer's critical on this guy and he'll go down in
    no time. Zephyr doesn't do too much. He usually jumps toward the ceiling,
    then jumps off of it, throwing a knife at you and hitting the ground. Just
    run the opposite direction he jumps to avoid. He may also stop time for
    a few seconds, then charge you. Just jump to avoid. Sometimes he stops time
    and flys over your head, putting out several daggers in the air. They come
    down after a few seconds, so stand between 2 of them to avoid. That's it.
    Nest Boss 4: Aguni
    HP: 4000
    Strong: Fire
    Weak: Ice
    For this guy, have Charlotte use Ice Fang and Ice Needles and have Johnathan
    whip him while he is stationary. Aguni is fairly easy, his attacks are easy to
    dodge. When he flys up off the screen, wait for a bit, then when he appears,
    run either direction to avoid his attack. Watch out of the fire pillers that
    appear afterward. He also 3 rows of fire at you, just dodge them by jumping.
    Finally, he may try to smash you with his hands, just run back and forth
    to dodge it.
    Nest Boss 5: Abaddon
    HP: 5000
    Strong: Dark
    Weak: Swords, Holy
    Remember how much you hated this guy from Dawn of Sorrow? Well, you probably
    won't hate him so much this time. Just spam the True Vampire Killer's critical
    on him over and over, he'll die in 15 seconds, as every hit should be doing
    300+ damage. He only attacks with locusts. Just watch the direction and shape
    he swings his baton to know where they will fly from and to. For the U shape,
    try hugging the ceiling with Griffon Wing, in the center of the swarm. If
    he swings it straight, use the whip to block them, and don't jump. Finally,
    if he swings it overhead...well, just try your best to dodge it. Locusts will
    come down like a waterfall everywhere, and you may be able to stand in one
    spot and swing the whip overhead to kill them in that spot. You may take some
    damage, but don't worry too much over it, just bring healing items.
    Nest Boss 6: Fake Trevor, Fake Grant, Fake Sypha
    HP: 3800(Trevor) 3500(Grant) 3200(Sypha)
    Strong: Trevor: Holy, Whips. Grant: N/A. Sypha: Fire, Ice, Lightning
    Weak: Trevor: Swords. Grant: Swords. Sypha: Swords.
    ...Yeah. Obviously, Vampire Killer is a no-no here. Use the Golden Axe's
    critical to beat this guys, trust me, it's all you need. Trevor will run
    around whipping you, Sypha will cast Fire and Break spells at you(And sometimes
    create a zombie version of one of her allies if you kill them, don't worry,
    it dies in 1-2 hits.) All Grant does is crawl across the ceiling throwing 
    knives at you. Start by taking out Trevor, as he is the biggest threat.
    Then, go for Syphia. She flys, so just run behind her, critical attack, run
    behind her when she turns toward you, etc. After she is dead, just jump-
    attack Grant. He will keep falling down and then jumping back up whenever
    you hit him, it's kinda funny. He won't even get a chance to attack if you're
    Nest Boss 7: Doppleganger
    HP: 2000
    Strong: N/A
    Weak: Swords.
    First, the most important rule about the Doppleganer: He begins the fight with
    the exact same weapons and armor that you have equipped. However, he cannot
    change his equipment even if you change yours in-battle. If you want a really,
    really cheap way to beat this guy, then go in with Johnathan and Charlotte
    completely un-equppied. (Note that the Doppleganger will randomly be Charlotte
    or Johnathan). All it will be able to do is a 1-damage punch! Now, just equip
    all your strongest armor and weapons and break out on this thing. It'll just
    keep throwing weak punches. That's all you have to do.
    That pretty much covers every boss in this game. Good luck, young demon slayers!
    (C) 2007

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