Where can I find (the secret square of land )?

  1. I am playing harvest moon ds cute and i need to find the secret square of land to find my last sprite. where do i find that.

    User Info: kellos84

    kellos84 - 9 years ago

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  1. From Cherubae's Sprite Location's FAQ (Harvest Moon DS):

    There are 3 of the Watering team sprites hidden in the ground on other crop fields in the valley. Each person's game has these 3 points randomly generated, so it will be different locations for everyone who plays HMDS. The "secret square" sprites are not located on your own farmland, in the basements, or behind the waterfall.

    To find a secret square sprite you must clear the field of debris, till the
    soil, and then use your watering can on the fresh soil. If a sprite is
    hidden on that spot then it will appear. There are 12 valley-located fields
    to till up and sprinkle water on. You don't have to plant any seeds, just
    water the dirt. The secret squares will not move from day-to-day so there
    is no need to backtrack and water a field you have already covered.

    It's easier to find the secret squares when you have high level tools. It
    takes less effort to clear, till, and water the fields when you can swing
    and cover 30 squares at one time.

    User Info: Ezuiel

    Ezuiel - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. It is a randomly generated square of land somewhere on a plot. If the have an upgraded watering can, equip either the Kappa Earrings or Harvest Goddes earrings, then go on a watering fiesta!

    User Info: gift_of_the_sun

    gift_of_the_sun - 8 years ago 1 0

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