What is the easy way to get the sprites?

  1. Please their too many.

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    cnnp1998 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well there r several sprites easy to get this is how 2 get them:

    1. Participate in 5 festivals (lose or win doesnt matter) 2. Ship 6 Pineapples 3.Ship 6 Bell Peppers
    4.Look in watering hole on ranch 5.Try 2 fish in watering hole (ranch) 6.Use Water Can 100 times 7.Fill water can 10 times
    8.Drink anything at Blue Bar (but water) 9.Ship 100 crops 10.Pet animal with Touch Screen Gloves
    11.Ship something through horse 12.Look in fountain at Romana's 13.Look in Well next to Blue Bar
    14.Look at the back of the orange box on the top floor at the Inner Inn 15.Look in the chimney behind Blue Bar 16.Walk across the bridge to Vesta's place on a rainy Sunday (there is a rainy Sunday in the first week of game)
    Here is the last 1 i can think of but here is the easiest way 2 get it:

    Save on Fall 30th or b4 u walk outside on Winter 1st. When u walk Thomas will ask u 2 give him something if u dont have acess 2 it reload (dont if he wants white grass u can get some outside), but if u do give it 2 him and he will give gold lumber and a the leader sprite of the lumber team will appear.
    *Note: this event will happen every year just without the sprite appearance, but the gold lumber sells for 1millionG!

    User Info: Myinci10

    Myinci10 - 8 years ago 0 1

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